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The first chapter we discussed how Sarah Walker became afraid of what kind of machine Chuck Bartowski was turning into with the latest version of the Intersect. 2.0 enabled Chuck to perform just as well as Casey and Sarah, and the truth was Sarah didn’t like it.

There is a reason why, and this chapter we will dig deep into the changes Sarah was struggling with, and it has nothing to do with Hannah. Sarah has been down that road before. The change that bothered her most was the man she fell in love with was fading as she feared would happen the night she witness Chuck take on five guys by himself. Let’s begin

For two years, Chuck was the kind of man Sarah saw herself settling down with. It may have not occurred right away, but over time Sarah become more and more invested with Chuck and her future beyond spying . She was learning to admire his willingness to give rather than take.

The Calm Before the Storm


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She was used to a man who stood by principle and no matter what would rather help someone then for personal gain. She had two educational moments that best describes His need to protect those that matter most to him which were his friends and family.

The job  taught her missions was her first priority. Do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. Everything else is secondary. The job was willing to sacrifice civilian life in order to prevent a mission from going south. However, Chuck did not agree with that notion. For Sarah, she learned a valuable lesson not once but a few times. Chuck was willing to die for those he cared about.

When Sarah feared Chuck died in the car explosion. She showed the results of the experience. She held his hand in public. She wasn’t letting go because the thought of losing Chuck in any capacity was torture enough. Through these experiences Sarah fell for this man.

However, what happened after downloading 2.0 was a change not only in his skills, but his personality as well. The spy training was consuming him, and it made her fall to the background. She was watching the old Chuck disappear, and say what you want. Chuck changed.

In Prague, he broke her heart, but when Operation Awesome comes about, Sarah returned home. All was forgiven, but what happened next comes with not accepting the change in the man. Especially when she warned him about different identities. She also told him nothing was real, what they had was real.

There is Sarah of old
Sarah was happy to be home.

However, everything was changing. Chuck was changing, and it was all happening too quickly. Sarah not only struggled with getting use to the Intersect 2.0, she now had also deal with his personality change, and Sarah was not prepared for that change.

Shaw took Chuck under his wing to make him what Graham made Sarah his personal enforcer, Shaw was molding Chuck into his vision. A killer. The first thing Shaw wanted him to  do was shoot him as fellow commentator Sean pointed out. His reluctance was something Shaw was going to change, but more on that later.

After trying to get Chuck to use a gun, Shaw’s next step was to break the shackles Sarah and Casey put around Chuck’s ankles. Shaw wasn’t happy how they kept Chuck in the van and he wasn’t having it. He sent Chuck on his first solo mission, which put Sarah in a bind and she didn’t hold her opinion on it in very Agent Walker tone asked Chuck not to go, but Shaw said, he’s going.

Sarah would tell Chuck he needed more time, but was it  really more time or her not being there with him the issue. As I said, Sarah loved working with Chuck. She acted like a person who was told to stay home. It won’t be the last time either.

Doesn't want him to go to parisHe's going

After the mission, Chuck’s ego started to lift. He was successful with the help of his team, and things started to change within Chuck. Shaw continued his manipulation of Chuck and the Intersect, and  Sarah stood in the background and watched as she felt more and more uncomfortable with change of the man she fell in love with.

A Sample of Lying

When Sarah first met Chuck, she assumed it was going to be a piece of cake, but it became hard because she liked him right off the bat. What was interesting was Chuck’s response. He asked “Why, was it hard?”

Sarah thinking about how she fell for him
They thought we could connect.

Sarah was thinking about the day she met Chuck, whick put a smile on her face, but it won’t last long because they were preparing him to use an asset Meanwhile, Ellie found a ticket to Paris, and when she asked him about it. We get the first scene in which Sarah became uncomfortable with Chuck 2.0

Sarah knows family and friends matter to Chuck, and hearing him lie to Ellie put Sarah into an uneasy feeling, but the uneasy feeling will begin to escalate  shortly.

Sarah not comfortable with Chuck lying to EllieSarah didn't like what she saw

Sarah is not an angel, and she has her share of lies, but the lies were more like parenting lies. For example, mom will tell her child she would get them ice cream if they clean their room, but with Sarah there are truth behind her lies.

In the beginning of season two, she in different ways she wanted to be with him. She did it in a way she couldn’t get in trouble, but like most men, Chuck missed the signals. They aren’t lies when she told him these.

These two scenes are examples of Sarah admitting she wants Chuck. This version of Chuck. Look at her eagerness to find the cipher,

ITs a lie and truth

This isn’t a woman, who is lying in sense of trying to hurt Chuck. She doing as I describe. The plead is both a lie and truth. Look at the line then back at her expression to understand her motive.

Sarah: Okay, look, the sooner we get the Cipher back, the sooner you can have the Intersect removed, and the sooner you can be free to live whatever life you choose with whomever you choose

ITs a lie and truth
She just kissed him for real, and will admit later his charms have worked on her. So, in essence the Intersect part is a lie, but to be with who ever he choose was his.

People will argue than why  she would claim him just as an asset. For obvious reasons, she was on the job and working with an agent she didn’t know. If she admitted to Roan he was right, and it got back to Beckman. It was too much of a risk however Roan saw through the facade.

I can counter with this, while Sarah was trying to keep the government out of their personal business and doing fine until she decided to voice her opinion in Chuck vs The Predator,  Chuck lies were more crippling from her perspective.  Trust is not a one way street. She told him to trust her, and he did, but where Chuck was wrong and it affected Sarah was not telling her about his brain condition.

Gary, I understand his reasoning for not telling her, but one of the vows in marriage is In sickness and health. If she was willing to blow her career to protect him. She would of been there for him. Look at her concern in the Tooth,

As his gf

One of the things that drives a couple apart is not letting the other in. Let her decide  No matter how bad the situation is. If she would of said, I can’t deal with this and walked out. Chuck would know she wasn’t wife material.  Except she was at the Doctor’s house trying to see him.

Sarah trying to see Chuck

Sarah: Doctor, I know that there has to be something more to his condition. He can’t just be deteriorating in this way.

Dreyfus: Why? Because you care about him?

Sarah: No. You don’t understand. He’s not like other people.
He is Incredibly special.

Dreyfus: Especially to you, I gather.

Sarah: He needs to be okay. I- I need him to be okay.
I’d like to go to the hospital tonight and talk to him, try and figure this out, and then help him somehow, you know? Please.
I love him.

Dreyfus: Ever tell him that?

Sarah: Please, Doctor, I’m begging you

When Sarah found out about his real condition, she fought for him. She was by his side. Chuck’s girlfriend and protector at the doctor’s house in the middle of the night. Proclaiming her love for him. It waters my eyes while writing this.

However, Chuck’s lie was not the issue, it’s how she found out. Trust works two ways.

finding out through someone else
Sarah: General, how is Chuck doing? Beckman: At the moment, Dr. Dreyfus believes Chuck’s condition is worse than originally diagnosed. Sarah: Originally diagnosed? I- I don’t understand. Beckman: I’m sorry, but the doctor believes the Intersect is overwhelming Chuck’s brain. His mental deterioration may be unavoidable. He told me he was fine.

This was the first lie, than he did it again later after she told him she loved him. After what she said, he should of told her the truth.

Sarah: It shouldn’t have taken me this long to say it, but I’ve never felt this way.
Before you, the only future that I could think about was my next mission.
And now all I can think about is a future with you.
I love you, Chuck.

If that’s bad, it gets worse.

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All a woman wants is to feel included. She wasn’t asking for the world. If we are going to say lying about her relationship with Bryce was terrible, which I don’t. Sarah finding out through a third party was not the ideal way for her to learn about his brain condition. What makes it  worse, Shaw the man who tried to kill her told her the truth. The move Chuck made destroys relationships.

While she is watching Chuck struggle, she forces him to tell her like a wife would. She cares Sarah has always cared about Chuck’s well being.

I know because the Board of Directors ended a friendship with someone because she found out her friend’s dad died through a third party. As I said, It’s a noble gesture by Chuck, but you need to trust Sarah will be there to help him.

Wasn’t she also there for him to find his dad, and the night he was going to be extracted. why wouldn’t she be there for him with his condition.

 Most of her lies were to cover for missions, and it hurt her  to lie to Chuck. It’s not like she woke up in the morning and said, how do I screw Chuck today.It’s why when she found out Carina told Chuck the truth about Bryce she felt worse than actually lying. She had to do it a few times to get him to perform on missions, but personally Sarah was very truthful by other means.

So while watching Chuck lie to his sister, she was taken back by it as if he was lying to her.  Sarah would also get worried about how Chuck burned Manoosh. Sarah couldn’t burn Chuck because she fell for him.

It’s why she said, it became harder not because she couldn’t do it, but because she didn’t want too. She realized Chuck wasn’t a threat and didn’t deserved to be burnt. She also fell for him. Remember Chuck was her first handler/asset assignment, and here is the difference really.

First, Sarah did what she did best, which was seduce Manoosh, but she didn’t sleep with him. She made him believe they did. After Sarah returns to the darkroom. Sarah taught Chuck the best thing about burning an asset was to forget about it.

Sarah teaching Chuck about assets
Chuck: Just don’t think about it, Chuck. It makes being a spy a lot easier.

Chuck and Sarah both have a heart, and hurting people especially people like Manoosh often leads to remorse in what they do, but Chuck saw the dangers in letting Manoosh go just like Casey did.

However, as we discussed before what Sarah says  doesn’t translate into how she truly feels about something.  She showed concern and angst when watching Chuck burn his asset. It goes back to the beginning.

Chuck burned Manoosh despite feeling terrible about doing it, but he knew he had too. However, Sarah doesn’t look like she is happy with what she was seeing from Chuck.  While it was hard for Sarah to burn Chuck. Chuck was able to burn his first assignment.

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Watching the scenes of this episode, I realize Sarah didn’t like burning people. It was the heart inside of her that hated this part of the job. Sarah’s expressions  as Chuck told Manoosh he wasn’t his friend, and that he was a spy. Hit home for Sarah. She felt like Chuck lost apart of himself here, and already began to worry if the spy world was the right move for Chuck and most specifically herself because she didn’t like this Chuck she was watching on the monitor.

Chuck from S1 or S2 wouldn’t of burnt Manoosh. In fact, he let Jill escape because he didn’t want to be like the agency, but this new version of Chuck was able too, and Sarah didn’t like it.

This episode really got the ball rolling in Sarah’s jealousy of this version of Chuck because it wasn’t her Chuck she fell for. However, she took a step back because she didn’t want to ruin his happiness for the benefit of herself.

Sarah; I don’t want you to give up something you want for yourself.

She may not like or want Chuck to become a spy, but a great woman supports her boyfriend/husband’s decisions. If they fail she can be their to pick him up. A woman will only step in when the changes are changing the core within. Manoosh was the second red flag. The first flag was Chuck lying to Ellie.

Unmasking The Fake Name

While I want to save some of the following for the episode articles, Sarah really was a pawn in this portion of the story. She was manipulated and coerced to do Shaw’s bidding. I am firmly on board with that theory, and it was all predetermined.

Let’s take a look at Shaw’s mastery of getting Sarah to do his bidding while getting the Intersect in his possession. one screen cap gives the theory water. The scene I am talking about  comes at the end of The Mask.

Sarah fell under Shaw’s spell here, but as you can see Sarah still had resistance as she felt guilty about allowing another man touch her. Shaw now can continue to work on his ultimate mission getting his hands on the Intersect. He had Chuck’s woman under his thumb.

Shaw’s expression in the last screen shot doesn’t show a man with feelings. He has a evil intention look. As if he was able to break through Charah.

The reason I claim it to be a spell was because earlier in the episode Sarah didn’t like Shaw’s advances. In fact, she felt relief seeing Chuck had to work with her.

Sarah didn't like Shaw's idea Sarah normally wouldn't mind her partner being a little aggressive

I see these advances by Shaw as a sign of sexual harassment. Boss taking advantage of his coworker. Sarah displayed an uncomfortable feeling when Shaw kissed her neck.  Agent Walker knew the drill, but Sarah the girlfriend doesn’t

It was like Chuck saved her
Sarah’s knight and shinny armor was Chuck

While Sarah was being harassed by Shaw, Chuck was seduced himself by Hannah, and while this article isn’t about her because she isn’t a factor. Sarah didn’t like Chuck pointing out Shaw bringing her coffee every day. Sarah countered with Hannah’s come on, and the bickering little school girls were back on.

The wedge was created. Shaw saw it as opportunity and did so by bringing Casey coffee to throw Sarah off the sent. He apologizes for hitting on her, but with her cooped up in gas for a long period of time made Sarah willing to say anything. She leaned on Shaw’s chest in the museum in a weaken state from the exposure. She didn’t do it because she wanted too. Shaw only capitalized on this. A wolf in sheep’s clothing for sure.

I have seen a woman lean like that on fire fighter, does that mean the woman is into the fire fighter, no. When they were saying there pleasantries at the end of mask about  being happy with the other person, but it was Sarah’s expression watching Chuck walk off that proved her lying again, but not to Chuck. She was lying to herself to make herself feel better about everything of late.

Don't worry Chuck I still love you
Don’t worry Chuck I will always love you

Cuhck's happiness still matters Sarah's expressions doesn't tell me she is into Shaw

Chuck was alright with Sarah dating Shaw because Chuck had Hannah waiting upstairs, but when things with Hannah goes south. Here is Chuck wondering back to Sarah, but the time Chuck realizes he was with the wrong woman.  Sarah was under the complete control of Shaw. A master at work here. I compare Shaw mastery to President Logan in 24.

We think Shaw was a lap dog. A government special gift. A gift to all women, but he really was working the team. Notice how he didn’t mingle with Casey too much? He picked the weakest links Sarah and Chuck its what predators do.

With Sarah backing Shaw, he could train Chuck to become the weapon he wanted. First test was an alias, he has one as Charles Carmichael, but this was different. He had to be the mark. Mannerisms and all. He had to be Rafe Gruber.

However, Sarah makes it a point to let Shaw know this isn’t happening. She was going to stop mixing her professional and personal lives together. She still has Chuck in her heart and still wanted to be with Chuck.

I don't want to be with you eyesSarah cooling Shaw's jets Unfortunately the rest of the episode will send Sarah spiraling. What she experienced was far worse then Prague, women and the numerous “fake” break ups. it was a combination of Chuck 2.0 and Hannah invading her home.

The team discussed using Chuck as the alias as the Intersect was working. Everyone was fine with it, but as I mentioned before Sarah’s verbal communication didn’t match with her expressions and body language.

Sarah feeliings on Chuck being a spy
Sarah lost the battle in Chuck becoming a spy.

Professionally Sarah had come to terms with him wanting to be a spy despite not agreeing with it, but she wasn’t going to get in the way  anymore.  The morning isn’t going to get any better for Walker. She found out Hannah had sex in her bed, which was the spark in her spiraling, but it didn’t affect her as much because she didn’t see it.

Sarah hearing about him sleeping with Hannah

First, Chuck arrived to Castle chipper, smiling and even joking with everyone. Casey knew Chuck went on a date with Hannah and she stayed over. Casey made sure that got out, and notice Sarah’s reaction to that.

Chuck  has slept with other woman before, He slept with Jill in season two, but the difference was the location of said intercourse.  Jill was at a hotel, whereas Hannah was far more closer to heart for Sarah.  Look at her reaction to hearing Chuck slept with Hannah in the apartment.

We have to understand Sarah essentially put roots down in the apartment. She spent the last three years mingling with Chuck and his family which means by default it was home for her. She had the opportunity to sleep in bed with Chuck, but it lacked the intimacy she wanted.

Sarah voiced her concerns to Shaw about the mission, she thought the mission was too much for Chuck, but it was the complete opposite Chuck 2.0 was marveling in it.

Living the lieWhen does the job end

Where is Sarah in this frame? She is in the van with Shaw, She doesn’t seem happy being in the van, but most importantly Sarah is reaching the crossroads of everything.

In her mind, she settled for Chuck’s decision in becoming a spy, but hearing Chuck mastering the mission. It would send Sarah into the cross hairs of whether she had lost Chuck. Remember this was a guy, who always came to her for help with missions. Now he doesn’t need her anymore, and with that change Sarah feels more left out then every before.

She still was not showing any signs that she was into Shaw yet.

Does this two look like they were a couple

If there was every a definition of a cover relationship this would be ideal for a illustration. They were talking, but more about the mission. Sarah and Shaw don’t look at each other. Then we get the truth behind Sarah feelings.

Shaw: You okay, Walker?

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, it’s just this alias thing.
It must be a lot for Chuck. He’s not a very good liar.

He isn't a very good liar
No Sarah, your not a good liar. Your masking your feelings behind your own trepidation

She said, it was too much for Chuck. He is not a good liar, but it’s too much for Sarah.  She is opening up, but instead of speaking to the source of her feelings. It’s coming out to Shaw. It gives the impression she is confiding i Shaw, but she is speaking freely.

Shaw: Listen to him. He’s completely living the lie.

Sarah: I know, but he’s not like you and me.
We’re both used to living somebody else’s life.

Again, Sarah speaking  for herself through Chuck’s training . She is weakening by the minute. All signs of spiraling.

Sarah is miserable
She is miserable…

She is speaking her feelings on the issue with another person, who is all about the mission. Carina, Casey and Shaw all are about the job.

Shaw: That’s the job.

Sarah: Yeah, but where does the job end? I can barely remember who I am anymore.

Sarah was the one, who was living a lie. She couldn’t find it in herself to confess on how she truly felt about Chuck becoming a spy. However, It’s what Sarah has always done.  It continues to go south for Sarah.

Chuck taking Casey's tooth outSarah reminding Chuck he had to live the lie

He knocked out all the officers with his flash. While Chuck escaped, we saw the real person living a lie. Spiraling continuing.

Sarah really not comfortable with the changes to Chuck

for the final part of this chapter we will talking about the dinner scene.

For a few minutes Sarah was alive again, she was in her home making a meal for Chuck. It reminded me of this scene.

Cooking breakfast Sarah

As I said, Sarah’s dream was to be a wife with a home. She wanted the Betty Crocker experience and she had it with Chuck. For a brief moment, Sarah let the day’s events rest for a minute as she prepared dinner.

Reality struck indeed, hearing Chuck and Hannah’s voice approaching. Sarah was forced to leave her home, and watch from the sidelines. She was forced to watch another woman eat the meal Sarah cooked. The spiraling process complete not only for Sarah, but for Chuck and Shaw.

Chuck realizes he made a huge mistake, but this time there is a lasting affect on Sarah. Gary, this was far worse then Prague. It sent Sarah into a maze that she couldn’t recover from in her mind Chuck moved on. Chuck 2.0 took everything away from her.

Sarah realized when she said she was fine here, living a lie had reached its boiling point.

Cuhck's happiness still matters

She was ready to cry, she completely broke down here, I will conceive that Prague doesn’t compare to this one.

She wants to cry

Shaw’s mindset was simple, plan c would have to come into affect. More on that in the next chapter.

Final Thoughts

Sarah’s jealousy is more of being sent to the background by Chuck. His training was move fast and steady. He was able to burn an Asset and live the lie.

Sarah couldn’t handle the change. She dealt with a boss who was harassing her, but was able to fall under his spell. Shaw’s plan was to completely break down Team Bartowski. His choice was to prey on Sarah’s emotions as she was spiraling watching Chuck 2.0 take over Chuck’s personality and actions.

Living a lie will do that. Especially, when you haven’t moved on. Being forced to leave her home will turn the story into a ugly road to recovery.

Chuck will learn fixing this mess won’t be so easy this time around.  Stay tuned for Chapter three to this latest edition of Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker.


  1. Pretty good.

    A couple of things…can you please point out some of Chuck’s lies that kept them apart ?

    You didn’t mention the big lie….Sarah’s lie to Chuck about why they should run …that’s a biggie.

    Sarah and Shaw slept together the night of the museum rescue…the same as Chuck and Hannah. (Look at their body language and mannerisms, plus what Sarah said to Shaw about having to STOP mixing her personal and private life…i.e.- she had already mixed the 2 with Shaw the night before.)

    • I’ll just restate the evidence ( as I see it ) regarding the Sarah / Shaw affair. I understand that most will not agree with it. Just putting it out there.

      “The morning after the museum rescue, Sarah and Shaw are sharing a brunch. They are mirroring each other in position, which means they’ve made a connection. Shaw is eating Sarah’s dessert, saying , ” I want YOUR dessert”. Co-workers don’t do that …feeling totally comfortable sharing Sarah’s dessert means he’s already helped himself to a piece of Sarah’s custard pie the night before.

      Sarah backs away and says, ” I’ve got to stop mixing my personal and professional life.” That means she has already started something that she now has to stop. If not, she would have said, ” I don’t want to start mixing blah blah blah…AGAIN.” So she’s already done something with Shaw…he took a dip with the only female in the office pool.

      The next day, Sarah goes to Shaw’s hotel room. How did she know where he was staying if she hadn’t been there before? No one else knew about the room from the team. Shaw wasn’t expecting her, so she didn’t call beforehand, but he’s not surprised to see her or asking her how she found him. As a spy, she was not casing the room as she walked in, so she was already familiar with the room. Shaw is comfortable half naked in front of her, and she is too, until she wants to say something very intimate and serious… so she removes the physical attraction by asking him to put some clothes on. Then she shares some extremely intimate details of her life, which she never did with Chuck, because THEY had never been intimate, like her and Shaw.”

      • I can see your side of the coin, but i also see Sean’s side as well. if Sarah and Shaw slept in Castle as you say, Chuck and Hannah were having sex at the same time. Doesn’t that cancel one out over the other. The writers wanted us to see how life would be like through the other’s eyes. Sarah saw Hannah and Chuck having dinner in Chuck’s apartment. In Sarah’s mind, Chuck moved on. Except she misread it. She didn’t see Chuck’s expression as Hannah said “I am where I am supposed to be.” It clicked in Chuck’s mind, “This is all wrong.” Except he was too late. Sarah moved on with Shaw.

        Meanwhile, Shaw was using Sarah as a Mark. He had no interest in her, but by any means get the mark to do what you want. Except Sarah was the pawn not the mark. Chuck was the mark. Sarah had no other recourse or outlet if you will. Every time Shaw saw the opportunity he made Sarah do things she normally wouldn’t do. Side against Chuck, or Chuck using a real gun. It’s interesting to see the story in a different perspective.

        Gary, take what Sean said and go back to S3. it makes a lot of sense.

      • I think they probably had their little tryst in Shaw’s hotel room the night before capturing Rafe…the night of the museum rescue. Look at the mirroring and the leaning into one another over the table. Plus they are within the 16″ personal space, face to face. They were most definitely intimate…..

        It’s not about who slept with who first etc. It’s that they were both to blame. But yes…it was Shaw’s doing…he was driving the wedge. Chuck was not sophisticated enough to understand what was going on, and he was blinded by his goal to make something out of himself. Sarah should have…after all, she was the one who was usually suspicious of everyone around her. She let her guard down with Shaw. But Shaw needed her to push Chuck to the final test …using a gun. And that was Sarah’s final test, too. I mean, Shaw asks her after it’s over, “Do you still love him?” Weird thing for your boyfriend to ask, don’t you think ?

        Chuck definitely took his eyes off the prize… I mean, why would he continue his quest to be a spy if he wasn’t planning on being with Sarah? She was the ultimate goal, and one of the main reasons he wanted to be a spy. Hannah just damaged him beyond repair.

      • Yes, why would a boyfriend be alright with his girlfriend loving another man. unless of course Shaw’s motive wasn’t as a boyfriend

        I think of Carina and Karl in that case

        Hannah was the damaging part, as I mentioned in the article Prague isn’t an issue anymore. The story was complete with that incident. However, how can you not feel for Sarah watching another woman in her home and eating the meal she prepared to be on the sidelines.

        Chuck realized it was a mistake too late. Sarah was kissing Shaw by the end of the episode when she thought Chuck moved on.

      • I know the Hannah storyline sucked, but don’t you think Sarah would have suffered too much viewer backlash if she slept with Shaw without Chuck sleeping with Hannah ?

        I do think Sarah and Shaw slept together that first night …. why else would she share such intimate details of her life if she wasn’t intimate with him ? The writers seemed to go to great pains to mirror Chuck and Sarah’s misadventures…so the Shaw/Sarah tryst at the same time as the Chuck / Hannah tryst is not out of reason.

        Remember, the 4 days were :
        1) Museum heist ( first touches by the “interlopers” )

        2) Rescue at the museum (Chuck sleeps w Hannah that night, probably Sarah sleeps with Shaw )

        3) Capture Rafe Gruber ( Sarah / Shaw at brunch ; Hannah at dinner at Chuck’s place )

        4) Shaw & Sarah at the hotel room / Chuck breaks up with Hannah

        Am I missing something here ?

      • That’s why it’s a journey through the other person’s eyes.

        Both misread the situation by thinking the other had moved on when they clearly didn’t

  2. Chris
    “I can see your side of the coin, but i also see Sean’s side as well. if Sarah and Shaw slept in Castle as you say, Chuck and Hannah were having sex at the same time.”

    That’s the beauty of the show ….we never see exactly what happens, so we are free to interpret the action, the conversation and the facial expressions anyway we want. A lot of it has to do with bias and previous experience. The Shaw / Sarah tryst the night of the museum rescue is a feeling I get by looking at everything the next day as a whole. Taking one small gesture or conversation out of context, you can explain it totally another way. Sean sees Sarah and Shaw as never having slept together, and because we actually don’t see them in bed together, that is within the realm of possibility. But you could go the other way and say we don’t ever see Chuck and Hannah in bed together, so “sleeping together” can be taken as meaning just that, since Chuck and Sarah “slept together” a number of times without ever having sex. It’s really just a matter of probability vs possibility. And we THINK Sarah was hurt more by Hannah at the dinner table than in Chuck’s bed anyway. If we knew exactly what was going on, then what would we really have to write about !!! LOL

    • Its what I love most about Chuck. In my life watching television shows. I never seen a show that can blend in all emotions within a scene before. Maybe you have, but I come from the generation in which shows are dictated by ratings and revenue.

      I totally understand that notion, but it’s also doesn’t give a show the chance to thrive. Chuck would of been on for 10 years in your day because those executives believed in letting the show take a life on its own

      How else does 90210 last for a decade or The Cosby Show last for the same amount of time.

      People like myself missed out on a great show, but thankfully Netflix I was able to watch this show. I always will love Chuck because of the blending of emotions.

      I can’t get through some scenes even though I know they are coming without watery eyes. The same can be said about Home Alone. How many times have we seen Joe Pesci put his hand on the knob or get his head blow torched. All classic scenes that delivered.

      Season 3 for me delivered the story I enjoy because its how a man becomes a spy with trying to maintain the love he has for a woman,

      Remember when I told you Shaw challenged Chuck. He did and he was able to get Chuck to use something he hated a real gun. It’s great stuff.

      Sarah in this season was the pawn in Shaw’s game. I feel the writers really could of taken off with this story line. What Chuck and Sarah needed was Bryce. how cool is that.

  3. Just a thought:

    “Chuck was willing to die for those he cared about.”

    I think it goes bigger than that, Chuck was willing too die for things that whose importance was not part of the mission goals. In fact, he was demonstrating that his belief system in the world had greater meaning than any other measurement. Chuck was the first man who stood independent of any external force in the world, this would be ‘my man’, ‘my guy’, ‘my chuck’ – and this is also what Sarah was falling in love with.

    Sarah never had this growing up or in the CIA, a man whose moral code would measure how great he was; as her previous experiences were measured by the success of a mission goal.

    She would say it later on with Shaw’s return in the Buy More, “this is what makes you great”

    • Sean

      Its not so much a moral code. It was the ability to decide when it was more important to break off mission for those he valued most. Chuck’s love for his friends and family was what drove him.

      Most specifically Morgan, Ellie and Devon. However, when Sarah came into the picture Sizzling Shrimp and Marlin are great examples of this. He and Ellie accepted her into their family.

      It warmed Sarah’s heart. It’s why the final scene in Marlin was more then a hero stances. Sarah wanted to be inside with them, but Agent Walker won that day. We will see in the future a scene where Sarah The Girlfriend won.

      After Marlin, Sarah was committed to Chuck and his family because they let her in.

      • ” It was the ability to decide when it was more important to break off mission for those he valued most. Chuck’s love for his friends and family was what drove him.”

        For me, that is a moral code.

        As Rudyard Kipling once said in a poem known to all heroes:
        I paraphrase the last stanza:

        If you can fill the unforgiving minute
        With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
        Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
        And -which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

      • Which is why he did what he did in with his speech. The train station scene was what convinced him. He wasn’t going to affect Sarah’s job or well being.

        It’s noble, but it wasn’t less confusing for Sarah. I think about what Maggie said in The Dark Knight.
        When Alfred said it’s noble what Bruce was doing. Allowing Dent to take the fall as batman.

        but not to Maggie. Bryce allowed Chuck to do the right thing which was putting the brakes on the relationship, but its not noble at all. Its selfish.

        When is doing the right thing even selfless? Someone is affected by it some how

      • “Which is why he did what he did in with his speech. ”

        True, but Chuck was still guilty of not explaining himself.
        Having a moral code is very good, but people need to understand it.

        Sarah was new to Chuck and to all this moral code. Chuck needed to more conscious and appreciative of other people (especially those he loves), and that (coupled with a moral fibre) is what makes the man.

        “Bryce allowed Chuck to do the right thing”

        No I disagree here. Bryce new that saying that would end the relationship. Bryce was manipulating Chuck’s moral fibre to his own ends – Bryce was jealous of Sarah’s feelings for Chuck.

        “When is doing the right thing even selfless?”
        When it puts innocent people in harms way, when it puts people you love in jeopardy or when you leave people you love in pain.

        Sometimes you need to learn when to bite the bullet. Chuck had not learned to bite the bullet. You could call it temperance, otherwise you are just a single-serving person.

        No individual moral code is greater than the sum of its parts. If you believe your moral code is superior to everything else, then you must believe you are a god. Not a good thing in any person.

        Remember, your moral code can be flawed; and Chuck’s moral code was deeply flawed – thus you learn through the wisdom of experience,

      • Yes, but Moral code is different for everyone. It’s like normalcy. It can be seen as farce to someone because it becomes subjective.

        Sarah has a moral code as well. She couldn’t hand over the package. It’s why she warmed up to Chuck because she sees he has her heart.

        Will she pull the trigger. Sure, and so can Chuck when pushed to the limits.

        Robin Hood is a hero, but in my eyes he isn’t he is selfish. He stole from the rich to give to the poor out of hopes to gain the heart of his love.

        King Arthur had moral code but never changed but his moral code came from the Roman Empire. So, how are we to determine what is right and wrong when we are taught what is right and wrong.

      • “Moral code is different for everyone”

        Agreed. But a moral code is not static, it is a living book that should learn through experience and wisdom. Moral fibre can be seen as a farce if that person has not learned anything from history.

        As someone quite French/Corsican and pretty good at winning battles once said: “To move forward you must look back”.

        “Sarah has a moral code as well. She couldn’t hand over the package.”

        Yes Sarah does, but not handing over the package was an instruction for the mission. We should not confuse the two.

        “Will she pull the trigger. Sure, and so can Chuck when pushed to the limits.”

        They both do when all other options are have been exhausted. Unlike Bryce who just shoots and Casey who just shoots.

        “Robin Hood is a hero, but in my eyes he isn’t he is selfish. He stole from the rich to give to the poor out of hopes to gain the heart of his love.”

        No. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor due to his fealty with King Richard 1 and his feeling of injustice for the poor. Maid Marion fell for Robin as she shared his feeling of injustice (she never acted on it until Robin turned up) and saw him as the leading light – the way back to being human.

        “King Arthur had moral code but never changed but his moral code came from the Roman Empire. So, how are we to determine what is right and wrong when we are taught what is right and wrong.”

        King Arthur had a moral code born out of struggles and injustice. Born out of the collapse of the Roman Empire, a period of massive chaos (imagine the dollar becoming worthless tomorrow – its the same event). Arthur’s moral code was managed by Merlin, it did change, look at Gwinevere.

        Right and wrong is not a rule book. It is perceived, based on a given situation balanced by your innate moral fibre. Bryce’s fallout phrase is “you will do the right thing”.

        Remember, bad people have a moral fibre as well. Stalin, Hitler, any murderer you want to name – but in a civilised world, a bad moral fibre is known as ‘madness’.

        It’s like saying, the old guy says he can see spirits walking among us.
        What if the old guy really can see spirits walking among us, and it is we who are blind.

        As a very old book says: “in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed are kings”

        Chuck will do what he perceives to be right. No issue there, this is his moral fibre at work. However, my gripe with Chuck (at times, not always) is that he never uses past experiences to learn how to develop his moral fibre. Chuck needs to take lessons from his past and apply them to new situations. He fails to do this on many occasions. All men are islands but islands also drift in the seas current.

        Chuck blunders in to many situations during the early seasons of the show. Only after he fears that Sarah will be gone for good (American Hero) does he step up and step out of himself – and by so doing, he not only strengthens his moral fibre but he upgrades his moral code.

        Sarah is similar here. She has a moral code and a moral fibre, but she allows the CIA rulebook to dominate her life. However, this begins to change when she meets Chuck. In Chuck, Sarah finds a guide. Another way of measuring her own moral fibre and a way of re-writing her moral code – just like Maid Marion and Robin Hood. Sarah does learn from her past, not as quickly as hoped for, but she does do it.

        That’s how I see it any way …

      • I agree with Sean that giving his all to his friends or family…protecting them at all costs…is part of his moral code. But it’s not only that…Chuck demonstrates many times that protecting ANYONE is the most important thing…bigger than any “mission”. He does it in the Pilot when he rushes into the hotel, he does it in Tom Sawyer when he finds it morally reprehensible to accept civilian casualties as part of a successful mission. What Sarah probably learned in the Baby…and maybe for the first time in her life …..

        Gotta disagree with you about the breakup after Bryce forced his hand. He didn’t want to do it ….he did it for Sarah…totally selfless. And I believe Sarah knew this …it was out of the blue, so I would think she suspected Bryce’s hand in it. Since Cougars comes up next, you can see it had very little effect on the romance.

  4. “Chuck demonstrates many times that protecting ANYONE is the most important thing…bigger than any “mission”. ”

    Agreed, and this is because he is not learning from the past.
    As I have said, Chuck is his own nemesis.

    “He didn’t want to do it ….he did it for Sarah…totally selfless.”

    But he had no reference. How did Chuck know he was doing the best thing for Sarah. Maybe validating their feelings sooner would have not only solved the current issue but it may have made everything better.

    Being cruel to be kind does not always work. Chuck needed to speak to her and then make a decision, not just blunder through it without letting her speak first.

    “totally selfless”

    No. More Hedonism. A belief that Chuck was intrinsically right because Chuck is the centre of the moral universe. What do spies know eh? I am Chuck, the man born of a failed family, no one had it as bad as me. I was done-over at University, i feel so sorry for myself. No one can tell me how hard life is because I have life really hard.

    Chuck needs to learn from other people. No moral code is greater than the sum of its parts and each of us have our roles to play in that world.

    “I would think she suspected Bryce’s hand in it. ”
    Agreed, and this is why I say Sarah does learn. She is emotionally in a place where she wants to learn from the people around her – particularly Chuck; and that is why she loves his family occasions. Every time we see her sitting as the Burbank dinner table, she is sucking up everything she hears, smells, sees, feels – she is learning.

    Sarah is like a sponge, just absorbing stuff all the time. Mixed messages make it harder, but Chuck is more like a stone. Chuck is a hedonist by nature.

    “you can see it had very little effect on the romance.”
    The romance is not related to the whether they are ‘together’ or not. The romance is another force completely. They just have to feel each other in the room to feed the romance.

    • Totally agree that Sarah is like a sponge and Chuck like a stone ….probably as a result of their upbringing. Living on the run like Sarah required adapting to an ever-changing world. Chuck had a blanket thrown over him …probably ever since he was a young child, that sheltered him from difficulty…he never learned to be adaptable. So when he got booted from college and his trajectory changed, Chuck couldn’t adapt.

      “A belief that Chuck was intrinsically right because Chuck is the centre of the moral universe. ”

      I wouldn’t go that far, but then again, I see more of myself in Chuck than you do !! 😉
      Making a moral decision doesn’t always work out as planned …. Chuck almost lost Sarah and did lose his father because of his moral decision to save Shaw ( OK…it wasn’t completely based on morality, but still…).

      “The romance is not related to the whether they are ‘together’ or not. The romance is another force completely. They just have to feel each other in the room to feed the romance.”
      Oh….I get that. It’s just that Sarah didn’t seem quite as melancholy over this breakup. It’s like she sensed this was a fake fake breakup of their fake relationship. ;-))

      • “So when he got booted from college and his trajectory changed, Chuck couldn’t adapt.”

        Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

        “I wouldn’t go that far, but then again”

        Think of it this way. Chuck was the centre of everyone’s attention. From his family through to Morgan and how they felt about him at the Buy More. Chuck was the centre of his universe, they all came to prove themselves to Chuck.

        “Making a moral decision doesn’t always work out as planned”

        Agreed. This is why you need to learn from experience. So you can make a better judgement call next time.

        “because of his moral decision to save Shaw”
        Just bad luck on that one really.
        But in a way, maybe fate decreed is was mean’t to happen.

        “It’s just that Sarah didn’t seem quite as melancholy over this breakup.”

        I totally agree with what you said.
        The romance (love) was now there and that could not be removed. It had progressed to such a level that ‘labelling’ it was simply the emperors new clothes. In a way, Sarah’s description of what the relationship had come to fruition. The label was not necessary, it was written between the lines and it was the force that needed no words. The relationship was there.

  5. Throw away idea:

    “Sarah knows family and friends matter to Chuck, and hearing him lie to Ellie put Sarah into an uneasy feeling, but the uneasy feeling will begin to escalate shortly.”

    Now is this because Chuck was going to lie to Ellie or is this really because Sarah is not involved in the Chuck process?

    Remember, Sarah knows that a spy must lie for obvious reasons. Now Sarah never had many problems with ‘secrets’ as long as she was kept in the loop. Given that Chuck has taken her out of the loop (Sarah likes Ellie), is this what we are seeing?

    A spurned Sarah not involved with Chuck’s life and seeing the lie from the outside for the very first time. Is this what is affecting her more than anything else?

    • Sean,
      “Think of it this way. Chuck was the centre of everyone’s attention. From his family through to Morgan and how they felt about him at the Buy More. Chuck was the centre of his universe, they all came to prove themselves to Chuck.”

      Tough to not be the center of the Universe when you have your very own show !! 😉 I’m sure if the show was named Agent Walker and we got to see everything ( or at least, a lot more ) of everything from Sarah’s POV, and Chuck was secondary, we might think the same way?? Just saying’…. show is Chuck’s view of the story, so it’s preternaturally going to seem self centered ….and that’s not saying Chuck wasn’t a bit self centered, because, as you say, everyone came to him….even Sarah and Casey.

    • Oh…and the “lie”…Chuck had been lying to Ellie and Morgan ( his 2 biggest confidantes) for 2 1/2 years. It was never easy for Chuck…and he admits as much to both Morgan ( Beard ) and Ellie ( The Ring II ), so I think this had to be a perception thing for Sarah. The only thing that was different is that she was on the outside this time, so I totally agree.

      • When we are talking about the lie to Ellie, If you noticed during the course of the series. Sarah didn’t like to lie to people she cared about. It’s parallel to Chuck in a way. It hurt more to lie to the person you love rather than some terrorist.

        I think back to what she said to Chuck in Lethal Weapon. She told him you have to be honest with the people you love and it included her. So the concept of the lie was hard for her to watch when lying to Ellie.

        I do agree with the idea Sarah didn’t want to be placed on the sidelines when it came to Chuck’s personal adventures. She took it hard when he didn’t include her. When finding Orion or going have the Dr. in the tooth. Sarah kept saying you should of told me. I could of helped you.

        When he did allow her to help him like in Colonel she was happy. He almost was able to sleep with her sexually because of it. Trust and believe are two separate things, and the more I watch the more I see the distrust between the two when it came to stuff like the Omen Virus or The Baby. However, they seemed to be happier when the two worked together.

        Remember When Sarah came to the Buymore in the pilot she wanted to fix what Bryce broke. She is a fixer. As I said all she wanted was to be included

    • Yes, Spies must lie, but she also said when does the job end, and she said it while Chuck was performing the alias. it’s clear for me Sarah in this season started to wonder more about her chosen profession.

      Through the eyes of Chuck maybe it was becoming difficult to watch. A eye opener I suppose

      • Let’s push the envelope …

        I propose, (if during the bad parts of season 3) that if Chuck had continued to keep Sarah in his inner circle of thoughts and needs. In other words, Chuck maintained Sarah as the primary confidant and his primary point of call for all things emotional, then Season 3 would not have ended up with Hannah at the dinner table and Sarah considering Washington.

        If Chuck had done this, Sarah would have stood by him regardless of what happened; and that is the basis of the romance. Chuck speaks, Sarah listens. Chuck needs, Sarah provides. Chuck loves, Sarah receives. Chuck wants love, Sarah provides etc. etc …

      • Yea, but Chuck broke that circle in Prague. While the fences where mended by Operation Awesome (OA) There was still lingering feelings towards it. Hannah isn’t an issue remember

        By the time Hannah comes into the story, Shaw was established and Sarah and Chuck were working on fixing the mess they both created.

        But I think your harsh on Chuck in one aspect. For the first time in his life he was working for something. He took control of his life and said, I am going to fix me first. The problem was mama bear was worried about the game because she plays it.

        She knows there is a lot more to the game then Chuck has learned in two years. Carina and Bryce told him about personal relationships. Sarah despite that was working on a real relationship with him.

        Chuck needed a spark to get him back on track. Enter Shaw.

        Much like Sarah needed a spark to realize her feelings were real. Enter Lou

        I just feel Shaw get the blame too much for something Chuck and Sarah did on their own.

      • First off if you read my stuff, i am a full fledge Sarah Walker fan.

        She is my favorite character. I defend her actions a lot as Gary would tell you, but there comes a time to say hey Sarah your wrong.

        The red test was a disaster for me, and honeslty I think her saying she fell out of love with Chuck was not just the “killing of the mole” I think it has to do with everything that went on during the season.

        It was built up frustration except she still was in Burbank in American Hero. I will give my opinion on AH when we get their. i want to save some fuel for those articles. Imagine I have to sit through the Mask again.

        not only for the episode write up, but for rewatch too oh the pain…..

      • I say it again:

        if Chuck had continued to keep Sarah in his inner circle of thoughts and needs. In other words, regardless of how tough life gets, Chuck maintains Sarah as the primary confidant and his primary point of call for all things emotional, then Season 3 would be worth watching.

        Chris, I know you are a Sarah fan.

        But I was highlighting my point. Chuck must trust Sarah, otherwise we all fall about the place as an emotional mess and thus, Season 3 goes bad again.

      • But the question i have is did he really ever trust Sarah?

        from day one Chuck was skeptical even on the beach. She lied about bryce which was the right lie at the time.

        She lied to him about Mauser. She broke his heart in Suburbs. She kept telling him it was for cover. He doesn’t tell her about Orion or looking for his dad. her reaction to both cases was like why hasn’t he told me.

        It seems Chuck gave her enough trust to keep her close

      • “It seems Chuck gave her enough trust to keep her close”

        So Chuck is still not in love with Sarah then.
        But Sarah is very much falling for Chuck.
        Naaaaaaaaa. I don’t see that, but I can see why you could.
        We all know that Chuck was mad about Sarah.

        “Sarah was happy to be home.”
        Forget Prague, we see that Chuck and Sarah were finally back on a level playing field before Shaw turns up. No I am not saying that they were all singing and dancing, but we do see the spark that binds them together.

        Now, over the next few episodes (with Shaw) we see that Chuck stands alone. He shuts down the Sarah loop and forces her on the outside.

        This was where he failed.

        Wanting to be a spy, lying to Ellie blah blah could have been glossed over if Chuck had kept Sarah close as his primary soul buddy.

        If Chuck had done that, then Shaw would have failed to undermine them both and maybe Casey would have been given space to sort the mess out.

        I firmly believe that Chuck could have done almost anything if he kept Sarah in the loop. Thereby implying that Sarah was truly in love with Chuck.

      • Yes, but in defense of Chuck. I don’t think Chuck ever recovered from Jill. Men tend to hold on to the first love problem.

        Jill broke his heart and he took 5 years to get over it, but when she returned into his life turned out to be a Fulcrum agent.

        That’s a shock to the system that could prevent even the greatest romantic to have some doubts about love even if it is Sarah Walker. Its why he didn’t think he was good enough for Sarah.. jill is to blame for that

      • “Men tend to hold on to the first love problem”

        Let’s be honest. Chuck fancied Jill. He wasn’t at University long enough to cement that relationship. Moreover, we know Chuck never took it to being a ‘real relationship’ (i.e. sleep with her). It was a fantasy love, something that became a legend in his own mind after he got kicked out. Chuck had no closure with Jill, but it was just a fantasy and he had 5 years to get over it – there was no great love affair.

        Hell, in the very first episode we Chuck walking around and wearing the Jill episode as a badge of honour. He loved the idea of lost love because it was easier to dream about love lost than go out and find love new.

      • Sarah wasn’t jealous because Chuck was succeeding. Sarah was jealous because she was misplaced. Worse then by a woman. She had the best of both worlds A boyfriend, who she worked with. A man she was envisioning on spending her life with.

        The night Chuck downloaded 2.0 she saw a change that frightened her. The more I see the more I see more fear than jealousy. Just like she felt when Orion ‘It’s out son, your free.” Sarah heart was on her sleeve.

        Throw in Bryce’s third return. We have a woman thats conflicted. When she saw Chuck take on 5 guys by himself with ease. Sarah became worried she would lose her place. Chuck 2.0 was ruining her dreams. While Chuck was progressing she felt more and more further from the Chuck she met three years ago. Shaw wasn’t helping, but he didn’t care what Sarah was feeling. He was there to make sure Chuck did his job and flash.

        It’s why when Chuck came to them about not flashing when Rafe was ready to shoot Sarah. He stopped flashing. She suggested he could talk to them, but he said no…..I remember her expression. she said talk to us because Shaw and Casey were in the room, but we know what talk to us meant.

        Sarah once used ” us” before at the end of Predator. Do you still trust us, but remember everyone was listening. With Shaw in the room the team leader Sarah was forced to use the same “us”

        Sarah really had it hard to express her feelings. As I mentioned before until Bryce and the agency were no longer an issue Sarah really was flustered with her feelings.

      • By the way…my definitely was in response to Sean’s post…. Chuck no longer had a confidante in Sarah. Yes…he screwed up in Prague, but there was still time for redemption.
        In Beard, Sarah saying , ” You can talk to us…” and not knowing that Shaw and her were part of the problem is just cruel. If Sarah really wanted to find out what was wrong with Chuck, she should have gone to him herself. She knew Hannah was out of the picture…she still could have gone as a co-worker, or a friend, or whatever. I really can’t believe she wasn’t even a bit curious as to why he broke up with Hannah.

      • At that point no, and with her now with Shaw I don’t think it was an issue.

        Chuck was in a web that was too rough now to get out of. No Sarah by his side. Chuck is in the spy world on his own now. He will see what life would be like without her

      • Sean,
        “Let’s be honest. Chuck fancied Jill. He wasn’t at University long enough to cement that relationship. Moreover, we know Chuck never took it to being a ‘real relationship’ (i.e. sleep with her). ”

        Pretty sure Bryce introduced Chuck to Jill first year and Chuck got kicked out in his final year, so 3 1/2 years was a pretty long relationship. Even if it was 2 1/2, that’s pretty long and most likely a sexual relationship to boot. You can see it anyway you want because they don’t show Chuck in bed with Jill in University, but it’s intimated it was sexual.

      • “You can see it anyway you want because they don’t show Chuck in bed with Jill in University, but it’s intimated it was sexual.”

        That just means she was his first girlfriend.
        Not every guy falls in love with the first girlfriend and not every girl falls in love with their first boyfriend. Sleeping together in today’s standards is standard practice – like cars with electric windscreens.

        Being in love, real love, is a completely different ball game to a couple of students ‘feeling in love’ – and they use that expression as it sounds cool and justifies their relationship.

        I hear people say that all the time about who they are currently hanging out with, a day later they have a new partner in tow and they are saying it to someone else.

        Morgan understood the difference when he meets Casey’s daughter. As he said at the party with Carina. He corrects himself from saying ‘I love you’ to say ‘I am in love with you’.

        Big difference.

      • First GF is still important…you never forget the first time. Especially since Chuck probably didn’t get much after that…crap…5 years later he’s still pining over her. Ellie has to remind him how to talk to a woman, and Chuck says, ” I’ll get over Jill tomorrow.” Just really reinforces Chuck as the totally socially awkward nerd when Sarah comes along.

      • Sad really. He spent over 10 years of his life pursuing the idea of a relationship. Ellie never really taught him much really given that she spent 10 years chasing a career and got a husband out of it.

        ‘do what i say, not what i do’

        Chuck needed a better hobby or far better advice.
        lol 🙂

      • Ellie was an enabler.

        Her favorite word was move on. It was easy for Ellie to say it from her position. She became a doctor and married Dr. Perfect. right from the beginning.

        You need to move on. She bragged about getting Chuck through the tough times, but so did Morgan. When Chuck and Sarah broke up late in S2 she said move on, but it was Morgan who made the best sense.

        “I saw how you looked at that girl, I knew we all knew you loved that girl.”

        Morgan also said, Love is a battlefield, you don’t give up., which was echoed by Eliie later. You never give up you don’t stop.

        When she said they were Bartowskis, but Orion Ran. So its really on the mother side.

        So I give the credit more to Morgan in keeping Chuck in line when it came to Sarah

      • “move on”

        No different to Sarah then, when the tough gets going we leave town.
        Guys need to make a stand a life; we don;t have the options afforded to the ladies. We need to be counted every day of the week, not when it suits. So really, Chuck needed a male influence in his life.

        I agree, Morgan was good for that. Even he knew at times it was important to make a stand.

        “Orion Ran”
        He had a valid reason. His mother did not; his mother did it for a career. Dad did it out of necessity.

        “So I give the credit more to Morgan in keeping Chuck in line ”
        Yep, agreed. And probably more than that; so playing video games was probably a good thing for Chuck.

      • That was the mature Morgan. The immature Morgan that kept Chuck’s inner child alive so they could pal around at the Buy More ad infinitum wasn’t good for Chuck. As Chuck started to make some progress in his life, it eventually made its way to Morgan. But no one read Chuck better than Morgan, no one understood Chuck better than Morgan…and no one was happier for Chuck when he succeeded than Morgan. When Chuck finally ” got the girl”, Morgan moved on to Casey.

        I was glad they included Morgan in the growth of the characters. He was almost gone, but they needed that dynamic, and they needed a little bromance. Morgan fit the bill perfectly, because, like Yvonne, Josh had great chemistry with Zac.

  6. Maybe something new, maybe a re-hash of the old but here goes:

    Chuck meets Sarah.
    Chuck and Sarah feel a click and they hit it off.
    Now Chuck remembers the intersect; by Season 3 he must because it affects him physically.

    The intersect brought them together, the intersect makes what is called a ‘fake’ relationship in to a ‘real’ relationship with a spy who is willing to die to save him. Originally, Chuck was a mission, but eventually, by Season 2 we know that Sarah would probably take a bullet for Chuck because the connection they feel is real.

    Ok. Why re-tell the story we know.

    From the mote in Chuck’s eye. I propose that Chuck did not want to become a spy because it furthered his lifespan with Sarah. Chuck becomes a spy because of the intersect and this is why Sarah blows up in Season 3.

    Forget intersect 2.0 versus intersect 1.0 – Chuck was willing to do the right thing and help Bryce out. Why, because Chuck had a relationship with the intersect.

    Chuck had fallen for the intersect before he fell for Sarah. Sarah was a real world and very tangible benefit of being the intersect. The intersect had intimacy with Chuck’s mind, his imagination, his hopes and dreams. The intersect gives Chuck everything he could ever want – it even provides Sarah; and to stretch that out, if Sarah bails, he still has the intersect – and that is why he panics when the thought of losing it could cost him everything.

    Obviously this would happen because it is in his head; remember, a romance in the head is far more potent than a romance in the physical world – this is why men are the romantics; whereas women soak it up like a sponge. Just like Sarah does from day 1 in the Buy More.

    Sarah did not see the intersect. Agent Walker did.
    Chuck was the intersect, so in reality, he could never see the world with binoculars. He was always a man with a telescope.

    Sarah was naive, innocent and hungry to learn from Chuck. To experience the world through her emotions etc … Agent Walker knew this, but she also understood that Chuck knows this, and thus Sarah will drop in and drop out of protecting herself from the possibility that Chuck 2.0 may be bigger than his own boots.

    It was not jealousy that drove Agent Walker, but more a protection of Sarah Walker. Walker was worried that exposing the inner Sarah to Chuck may end up in disappointment.

    Agent Walker tested Chuck. At Prague, Chuck failed; but somehow Chuck manages to pull it back because both Chuck and Agent Walker adopt shared values.

    Chuck states he is willing to throw away the Spy World. He tells Agent Walker that Sarah was right in Prague. Chuck tells her to pack her bags, don’t give me an answer, just be there. Chuck makes the American Hero runaway plan sound like a new mission, a new life and as a result – Agent Walker almost departs when he throws away comments about commitments to a cause other than there cause. This enables Chuck to kiss Sarah (not agent walker) – and that explains the facial expression changes in Yvonne.

    So as I said, Agent Walker is not jealous nor does she suffer from jealousy. Yvonne has two roles, Sarah Walker and Agent Walker. The entire series sees her glide from one character to another almost effortlessly. It causes great confusion for Chuck, but it to protect herself from Chuck that she does it. Chuck could have had Sarah on day 1 at the Buy More, but Agent Walker would not let that happen.

    Chuck had to pass Agent Walker’s tests, and those were set by the circumstances of the day, Chuck’s mistakes, and some mean streak in a spy that trusted no-one after the baby crisis:

    Bryce only ever saw Agent Walker, Shaw only saw Agent Walker, the world would only see Agent Walker. In the early seasons Agent Walker would not let Chuck die because he was the mission, but critically because Sarah Walker had a growing investment in (or love for) Chuck.

    Pass Agent Walker’s tests and the prize would be Sarah; and on the return from the Honeymooners. Sitting on the bed we see Sarah Walker, devoid of anything CIA, devoid of Agent Walker. Chuck was now a apart of her life and Agent Walker would serve to protect them both.

    • I take it that it was always Agent Walker who kept Chuck at bay with the reiteration of the “cover” relationship story ?

      Was Chuck ever out of Intersect mode ? ( I know…not binoculars, but a telescope ), but did Chuck ever bury the Intersect ? Was he ever trying to reconcile Intersect Chuck with pre-Intersect Chuck ? ( Lou, Jill, Beefcake ?? ) He’s been an Intersect for most of his life, but he’s never really had “flashes” before 1.0(…which I’m sure are massive neurochemical releases, which damage his brain )… Just wondering if you can see 2 Chuck’s ?

      • It’s funny how you said that Gary,

        I like to call Agent Walker Sarah’s alternate ego. I find it to be interesting. Chuck has been an intersect since a very young age, but it was dormant for years.

        Intersect 2.0 took what he knew and added new skills such as Mandarin, but according to Ellie Chuck went for Kung Fu in the third grade.

        It is interesting to note that Chuck was an Intersect all his life whereas Sarah was Agent Walker for a shorter experience.

        what do you think of that?

      • The Intersect prototype doesn’t make a lot of sense ….it fried Harley’s brain, and did damage to Orion’s, requiring a governor. But Chuck was fine….thus the , ” You’re special”..line. But Chuck may have even had an earlier version than Harley’s or Orion’s, since there didn’t seem to be any encrypted data to flash on …. just the download of images. If there was no data encoded on the images, then there would be no flashes…and Chuck doesn’t ever remember flashing before Bryce gave him 1.0. Of course, in the Pilot, he didn’t “flash”, but instead he “zoned out”.

        As for the skills, that was the CIA and Bryce adding those to 2.0. Odd that Chuck actually downloaded it when in danger, since he would have only known it to be like the 1.0 …it would just be information. Luckily it had skills, or there never would have been a Season 3 (…wait….that may have been a good thing !) I don’t really see Grade 3 Kung Fu allowing taking on 6 guys with weapons, so I think all the skills were basically new skills….guitar playing, surgery, etc.

        And, yes, Sarah was a spy for a shorter period of time than Chuck was actually an Intersect, but I don’t think that’s of any consequence. But look what Sarah accomplished in a short time in spy training. Flying all sorts of planes …helicopters, weapons, hand to hand combat in various disciplines…..languages ( Sarah Walker is not Polish or German or Russian !!) LOL…. not bloody likely !!! Flying jumbo jets takes YEARS of flying experience, and massive amounts of pre-flight training. She wouldn’t have been able to learn anything else, or go on any missions to have the means to acquire those skill sets.

        But again, this is TV …..

      • “The Intersect prototype doesn’t make a lot of sense”
        Chuck took on the original intersect at an age when his brain was developing. His father tried it when his brain reached maturity. So Chuck’s brain could evolve around the intersect due to his age – that’s why he was special – his early age.

        “Chuck doesn’t ever remember flashing before Bryce gave him 1.0”
        Why would he, it would be normal to him. By that time the intersect had been with him for over 10 years.

        “But again, this is TV …..”

      • “I take it that it was always Agent Walker who kept Chuck at bay with the reiteration of the “cover” relationship story ?”

        Not really. SOrt of.

        I have said before that Chuck also liked the ‘cover’ aspect of the relationship. He could drop Sarah fully realising that in real terms, the relationship would continue as always. The cover was his safety net just as much as it was Sarahs.

        The amount of times he dropped Sarah. If there was no cover, he never would have seen her again after the first time.

        “He’s been an Intersect for most of his life, but he’s never really had “flashes” before 1.0”

        Maybe that intersect behaved differently.

      • The Intersect affected people differently. Hartley was affected because he assumed his cover was him and lost himself to become Volkoff.

        Orion felt guilty about this he sent Mary to watch over him.

        The government was working with Orion Busgang and Roark to build an Intersect that can create a supercomputer the one Chuck downloaded.

        It was a basic version of the intersect. It just did flashes, but the government wanted more which made Orion to bolt. Its amazing how the series kept mention Omaha but never did an episode about that mission.

        Any Chuck then downloaded a refresher and also Fulcrum’s intersect he survived all those times, but his brain seem to be fine. The 2.0 did heavy lifting thus drew the concerns of Orion to build him a governor, which makes me think Orion new about the designs of the new Intersect

        so in essense the 2.0 was a bigger program from its original version and even bigger then Hartleys
        Shaw’s version was the 2.0 that was built and I am alright with Shaw getting it because eventually the bad guy was going to get an Intersect of there own.

  7. OK I’m late to the party here again, but I didn’t find Chuck until I bought a Roku and signed up for Netflix last April. I’ve binged it 2.5 times plus rewatched selected episodes I really like. I identify with Chuck, but Sarah is my favorite. Though I am twice her age, I confess to a mad high school fanboy crush on Yvonne. I have tried to step out of myself and look at her dispassionately but I cannot fathom why she touches me more than any other actress. Oh well! Lots of interesting points here. I never thought of Shaw trying to break up Tean Bartowski but now I can see it. I don’t think he is evil at this point, I think he is trying to accomplish what the training in Prague could not, establish Chuck as a full fledged independant Agent. I don’t think he hits on Sarah to further his plan though, I think he does it because she is a beautiful, sexy, intelligent, fascinating woman. I think what she said to Cole is true, everyone takes a shot at her.

    She keeps Shaw at bay until she is sure Chuck has moved on to Hannah. I gave my reasons why I thought she made this move a couple of articles back. (I think Sarah/Agent 3B) I don’t think she is under a spell, she may be depressed at the way she is being cut out of Chuck’s life, but I think she is making concious decisions based on her needs and experience. When she tells Shaw her “real” name is Sam, I think she’s lying. I find the Chuck/Hannah romance to be rather contrived and totally unbelievable. Chuck has spent months trying to win Sarah back after Prague and though I don’t think he has made as much progress as some of you do, to fall for Hannah completely out of the blue and throw her in Sarah’s face just seems forced and unnecessary to the story.

    I think Baby explains a lot about Sarah”s frame of mind as she comes to Burbank. One thing none of you mentioned is that it taught her that blindly following orders is not always the right thing to do. Add Bryce’s betrayal on top of that and she has plenty of reason to doubt her future with the CIA. That Bryce kept it secret from her is the reason she insists on no lies/no secrets with Chuck.

    I think what drives Chuck to become a spy is ultimately Sarah. She has made it quite clear that as long as they are asset/handler the relationship can only go so far. And at the end of season 2 he learned that if he’s not the Intersect, she disappears from his life forever; back to the CIA. He’s not secure enough to believe she will stay with him if he goes back to being “normal”. When she gives him the Red Test she says if he fails he will never be a spy. He says “then we couldn’t”… and she replies “no, probably not”. Since she doesn’t want him to succeed, this is probabl;y Agent Walker doing her job, not Sarah talking to her love. Once again poor communication.

    • In my latest article, Chemistry can blind us part two, I explained how communication lapse are a tremendous weakness for this couple. I don’t know if you watch Arrow, but their season three was like Chuck’s season three in which the story centers around a change the main character which is Oliver and Chuck have to endure in order to be heroes, but when you stop and think about we all change at some point, but as long as the inner core values stay the same then nothing really changes.

      Oliver and Chuck both make strides but the reality is Felicity and Oliver talk out their problems where Chuck and Sarah do not. Charah doesn’t communicate until things are so out of whack that it’s hard to believe they would survive the ordeal relationship wise. The conversation Chuck and Sarah have in Tic Tac, when Sarah says don’t lose the guy she met three years ago. This means Sarah fell in love with that guy in the pilot not this guy who was working towards becoming a spy. Your right, Team Bartowski and Beckman failed in getting Chuck to operate as an independent spy. Thus, it took an outsider such as Shaw to challenge Chuck to become the spy Intersect 2.0 was designed for. With all the baggage surrounding Chuck and Sarah it’s no wonder why Chuck failed as a spy under their tutelage

      I am also one of the rare people that believes Chuck and Sarah sleeping together in Barstow would of been a mistake in a grand scheme of things. They couldn’t handle being a “fake” or real couple Sex would’ve only made matters worse. Yes, I may be a male, but sex becomes a game changer especially when you work with the person

  8. About “Omaha”. I think Casey is right, this is some sort of code for a rendezvous. When we see Sarah, she is packed and ready to go, then both phones ring and she ultimately chooses Chuck.

    • I would believe that until it was brought up in the video with Bryce and Fleming.

      Fleming: What are you talking about?

      Bryce: You put Chuck on the cia recruitment track.

      Fleming: It’s not up to me, bryce. They want him for the omaha project.

      Here is what Bryce said about Chuck as a operative.

      “Chuck’s a good person.
      He’s g too much heart for this kind of work.
      He’s no operative.
      You can’t put him out in the field.
      He won’t survive.”

      So Omaha is more important then some code word.

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