Chuck vs The First Class

Chuck vs The First Class is a favorite of mine, and it really takes shape the different personalities to a “T.” Shaw will send Chuck on his first solo mission to retrieve a key. No Casey and No Sarah just Chuck. Shaw not only told Chuck the mission would be in Paris, but really the mission turned out to be a mid air with not one Ring agent, but two of them.

Chuck will be tested, and not just professionally. Along the way to Paris, he meets Hannah, who was instantly taken by Chuck’s charms. However, the boy wonder didn’t notice Hannah’s flirting. So, without further delay. Let’s take a first class trip into the fifth episode of season three.

Main Story

Casey letting Chuck know how special agents work

The episode begins with Chuck asking Casey about Shaw. Casey would let Chuck know Shaw was a special agent of the CIA, which means he can pretty much  do anything he wanted. It also means there was a review.

Chuck would ask what the review was about. Casey told him it was bout him. Chuck responded shouldn’t he just ask me, but Casey ever the sarcastic said, where would the fun be in that.

Meanwhile, Shaw was interviewing Sarah. He asked her was Chuck a liability. No sugar coding, he asked her based on the reports he read. As he said himself, sometimes Chuck was Bond and other times a Jerry Lewis film.  Sarah would assure Shaw, Chuck was a spy, and he has made strides despite only joining the agency three years ago.

However, Sarah wasn’t speaking the truth compared to her expression. She was defending Chuck, but uncomfortable with the line of questioning. Shaw wanted to make sure his team was good enough to fight The Ring, but as I mentioned in Operation Awesome Shaw already knew everything about the team.

After speaking with Sarah, Shaw would call for a team meeting. While watching Shaw writing, Chuck became unsettled with the silence and started saying things like he knew things were said about him not being a traditional super spy, but before Chuck could go any further Shaw cut him off and said this was his meeting, and here is where I fell in love with the Shaw character.

He said, the problem with the team was not Chuck, it was Casey and Sarah. He thought they were holding Chuck back. Shaw believed Chuck could be a great spy, but they wouldn’t let him evolve.

Sarah certainly didn’t like this, and Chuck was all for what Shaw said. Chuck said Shaw was right, Let him out of the van. However, Casey and Sarah were not hearing this.

They don't let you evolveI am ready let me out of the car

The bond between Shaw and Chuck was established here. Shaw showing faith in Chuck, while his team shake their head no. A small victory for Daniel.

Shaw would give his first orders as team leader. He was sending Chuck on his first solo mission.  Sarah’s protest was quickly shot away from Shaw when he said. “Duly noted, and ignored.”

All Casey and Sarah could do was stand by and take orders from Shaw. He would ask Chuck to come with him for some training, and here is where Shaw manipulation of Chuck begins to take shape. It’s also what I love about Shaw.

Shaw isn’t in Burbank to make friends. He doesn’t even care if the team likes him. The job called for him to take down The Ring nothing more nothing less. He had an advantage in this battle with the rogue faction. He had the Human Intersect.

Shaw gave Chuck a KGB-Model Tranq Pen, and instructed Chuck to tranq Jeff. Chuck was hesitant, but Shaw assured Chuck Jeff could handle it. Training accomplished.

KGB Tranq PenChuck taking ordersChuck tranqing JeffShaw pleased

What would commence would be Shaw speaking to Chuck as equals for the first time. He said, “Your ready.” Chuck would reply with “after 20 seconds.” “No after 2 years.” He built up Chuck confidence with these following lines.

Chuck: I am? I’m ready after 20 seconds?

Shaw:  After two years. I just wanted to talk to you privately, chuck. Listen, you’ve been on more missions than most spies have been in a lifetime. Trust me, you’re ready.

What Shaw said was simple and a bit of a ego boast, but he isn’t wrong.  Chuck is forced to work more because of his secret. The Intersect is always in need. Thus, exposure of the last two years in Shaw’s eyes was sufficient enough, All he needed was proper training, which Chuck wouldn’t get sitting in a van.

While preparing for the mission, Sarah takes the opportunity to speak her mind. This would mark the first time Sarah showed any sense of ill will towards a mission. This is a woman, who loves adventure and missions, but she is pleading with Chuck not to go to Paris alone. and that is the key word alone.

Look at her expressions as she is talking. She isn’t concerned with the mission itself. She is concerned with not being able to help him.  Casey also has the same sentiments. It’s why he called to ask on Chuck’s safety. Where is Shaw in all this. He is grilling Sarah about her loyalty towards the agency. He was searching for something he can use against her.

Let’s take a look at Sarah in these frames. it’s the first time in a long time, her none verbal communication is in sync with her verbal communication.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This scene will be recycled later in the series that will be a  very different Sarah. This Sarah in this scene is my definition of Agent Walker. Despite Sarah’s plea, Shaw said “He’s going” an Beckman agreed with him.

Chuck said, he would see them later, and Sarah was not happy with this at all.

Please bring him home to me
Please bring him home in one piece.

Part of the reason Sarah was having a hard time would be the mother in her. How many mothers struggle with letting their kids out into the real world. Sarah was kind of doing the same thing.

Think about this, she knows he has the Intersect 2.0. She seen him take on 5 or 6 guys at one time. He sure could handle himself. Especially the final scene. She closes her eyes with a plea to God, Please bring him home to me in one piece.

Chuck arrived on the plane, and his seat was next to this woman.

Kristiin Kruek
Kristin Kreuk as Hannah also know as FIONA from Euro Trip

Chuck sits down next to Hannah, and they introduce each other. The two start predicting what each passenger does for living or do in their lives. They laugh and have a good time . Hannah is really taking o Chuck, but the nerd doesn’t pick up on any signals.

Chuck and Hannah get aquaintedHannah already interestedChuck working his charmsWhile Chuck and Hannah are mingling and drinking. The first of two ring agents make their presence felt.  The man who portrayed Hugo Panzer is very familiar to me. He was my favorite wrestler growing up. Stone Cold Steve Austin played Hugo.

Hugo Panzer 2

Hannah asked Chuck what he thought “Mr. Muscles” did for a living, and when Chuck turned around. Chuck flashed on the man. He excused himself and headed to the bathroom. Chuck called Castle. Shaw picked up the phone quickly, and asked Chuck if he flashed, yet.

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I want to introduce a new way to point out different character traits within each characters. For example, Buffoon Chuck is the whiny down on himself Chuck or Chuck 2.0 when he does something that isn’t something normal Chuck would do.  Another one is Agent Walker taking over and using the job as a way to shelter her true feelings.

The early part of season three really tells Sarah’s motives in this season when it came to Chuck’s desire to work by himself. He wants to be in the front lines with Sarah, Casey and Shaw. He wanted to get rid of the cover aspect of things, but mama bear wasn’t interested in that. Sarah’s protective side wouldn’t allow him to evolve.

While she was hearing Chuck flashed, Sarah turned on Mama bear mode when she was worried about her cub. Chuck in a mid air mission put Walker in defense mode and the scene that told me she was beside herself was this one

Who are you Agent Shaw

She is practically in tears. What’s worse Shaw rubbed it in her face with “Now we will know if your asset is a real spy.”

Shaw was right here. How were they going to know if he can work on his own if they coddled him. This was the part of Shaw that enjoyed the most.  He then began his inquisition into Sarah.

Shaw not afraid to fire back at her
Shaw: I do like my secrets. Don’t you? Being the daughter of a con man teaches you that.

He set her up nicely, when she said, he was a well kept secret. She gave him enough opportunity to question her. This is where it get’s interesting because we get Shaw’s motives here.

Shaw: And I have a few questions for you. Seven months ago, when chuck was in prague, you went off grid for three days.
This is a surveillance photo of a hotel in Lisbon. This is you.
Beckman ordered you to stay in contact, but you ran. Why?

Sarah: It’s not what you think.

Shaw: I don’t know what to think. Are you a Double Agent? A Ring Operative? Or is this about Chuck?

As I said, Shaw didn’t come to Burbank to make friends. He was learning about the commitment of the team. Chuck reported that he tranqed Hugo and went down to the cargo space to find the Ring agent’s luggage. He was able to locate Hugo’s package as a coffin. Chuck told the team about his findings. Shaw told him find the key and go back to his seat.

Chuck annoying Hugo Hugo mad

Shaw would continue his inquisition of Sarah going off grid. He would further tell her he pushed his assets to perform.

Sarah still be questioned by Shaw
Shaw: My theory about you and chuck. Most spies push their assets to perform. That’s what I do. You protect him. You care for him. You followed him to Lisbon.

Shaw continuing to question Sarah

Sarah was right, Chuck wasn’t through yet. The Ring put a device on Hugo to monitor his heart rate. If the heart rate dropped below a certain number. The device shocked Hugo. He checked his jacket pocket and realized Chuck took his ticket. Hugo went searching for Bartowski down in the cargo.

Chuck found the packageChuck found the keyHugo knows where Chuck went

While Chuck saw Hugo was in cargo with him, he immediately called Castle for some help, but Shaw told Sarah not to answer the phone. I would like to talk about this a little bit, and also will include a bit of a spoiler.

When Shaw  told Sarah not to pick up the phone he said this,

Don't answer

Shaw: Go ahead, answer it. Just know that if you do, he’ll never be a real spy. And one day, that will get him killed.

Sarah’s reaction was classic. She knows Chuck could be in trouble, but the egocentric Shaw  was trying to prove a point. Sarah could careless about what he said. Chuck’s safety was always Sarah’s priority.

Sarah really has begun to not like Shaw

Shaw does prove his point in season four, Let me explain, I apologize for the new fans of the show. Please don’t read the following if you don’t want to be spoiled.

In Season Four, Chuck vs The Fear of Death, Sarah called Chuck when he was about to arrest the The Belgian . Sarah was frantic on her way to help Chuck, but she didn’t get there in time. However, Sarah did received a very chilling phone call.


The Belgian: Pursue Agent Carmichael, and we will kill him.

The very words Shaw said came to life here. It’s very interesting  how the writers set up future storylines.

While Chuck couldn’t get through to Castle, he goes into the coffin. Bartowski would call Casey, and  we get the line of the episode from Casey here.

Casey:  You act like your little girlish self.
You scream like a banshee, so he doesn’t think you’re a threat.
When he pulls you out, you find a weapon and then flash.

As Hugo opened the coffin, Chuck screamed like a little girl. Casey listening in screamed Chuck’s name. Casey immediately calls Sarah to let her know Chuck was taken. The mission takes off from here.

Sarah worried about Chuck on the plane

Shaw opens up a line into Chuck’s phone, Hugo was telling him about how his employer likes to keep his heart rate up. Hugo pulls out a giant knife and told Chuck he would make this quick and clean with no pain. Chuck was searching for a weapon he could use and stumbled upon fencing swords. Chuck took the sword and flashed.

Hugo said a funny line “What’s a matter with you, You know your going to die.” while the two were fencing, Chuck was slicing the mesh that was holding the luggage in place. When finally he was able to cut the last piece. The bags all fell on Hugo. Chuck tied him up and went back to his seat.  Chuck reported to Castle he was fine and had the key.

Chuck saved the day

Chuck returned to his seat and continued mingling with Hannah. They were talking about the Buymore and Morgan. Chuck would take a drink which he recalled he never ordered, and when he looked around he saw Hugo was free.  He apparently poisoned Chuck’s drink.

Chuck and Hannah still minglingTell me the truth ChuckChuck drinking a martini he didn't orderHugo gave him a drinkChuck would recuse himself to the bathroom, and called Castle to let them know he was posioned.

I was poisonedNow Shaw concerned Sarah omg

Shaw and Sarah told him to throw up, but  Chuck claimed that was disguising. There was a knock at the door, and the stewardess was looking to see if Chuck needed assistance.  When Chuck opened the door. The stewardess pointed a gun at his face. Ring agent number two.

Chuck not only had to perform a midair mission, but he was up against two ring agents. This made Sarah go into a tirade over Chuck being alone with insurmountable odds. However, the confident Shaw said, he wasn’t alone.

What Shaw used to help Chuck was one of the show best gadgets. Shaw explained, “Four years ago, we launched a satellite designed to take control of enemy fighters. Surprisingly, the thing actually works.”

It was pretty neat trick.

The Ring agent would make Chuck return to the cargo area, where Hugo was waiting. She threatened Chuck to give the key or he would die. Shaw called him, and wanted to talk to the ring agent.  Shaw knew from previous dealings the Ring agent’s name was Serena. He said, he would let them go if they left the key and Chuck alone. She refused based on what Shaw knew, and said his agent was alone and was going to die.

Shaw said, his people where never alone. He gave Walker the order to fly the plane. Sarah started to tilt the plane enough to make Hugo and Serena get knocked around a bit.  Meanwhile, Chuck was able to take the antidote, and grabbed his weapon.

He would ask Sarah to stable the plane, and she does. As Chuck flashed the last pieces of luggage and a baker’s rake crashed on Serena and Hugo knocking the Ring Operatives out for good. Chuck secured the key, but was sadden because he didn’t get use his nunchakus. While the mission was over, Shaw wasn’t through with Sarah and her off the grid detour to Lisbon.

Every thing is fineI didnt get to use my nunchakus.

When the mission was over and the plane returned to the hands of the pilots. Shaw turned to Sarah and made it clear on how he conducts business.

Shaw explained himself
Shaw: I do everything I can to protect my people. I lost one spy. It was my fault. And it will never happen again. Why were you in Lisbon?

These are the reasons I love Shaw. His intentions are not hidden. He puts all his moves out there, and the fan may or may not like his approach, but its how a spy like him operates. Again, Shaw wasn’t there to make friends. He was making sure the whole team wasn’t compromised. He was going to get Chuck to perform as a spy.

Beckman gave up on Chuck in the pink slip. Shaw wasn’t going to go down that route. He heard Chuck and Sarah’s concerns with him performing on his first mission, but Bartowski came out of it fine. A small victory for Shaw, but there was still work to be done.

He gave Sarah the same treatment to extent. Why were you in Lisbon? He knew it was bothering Sarah, but he didn’t care. If she was compromised like Bryce was how could Shaw trust her to help him get Chuck on the path to become the weapon the CIA wanted him to be. How can he trust her to stop the Ring.

When she told him the truth about what she did in Lisbon. Shaw understood the emotions that come with loving someone within the business. Is he smug about sure, but what person in power isn’t smug. Shaw was playing the role of a leader, a spy and here is where Shaw lures Sarah in. It’s building trust, but a tainted trust as we will find out.

Sarah  be questioned still by shaw Hannah and Chuck were continuing their conversation, and as they landed in Paris. Hannah said she would love to show Chuck the Eiffel Tower, but as he said sure. Shaw called to tell Chuck to come home. Chuck would say goodbye to Hannah, and told her if she was ever in Burbank. He could get her job at the Buymore.

In Castle, Shaw congratulated Chuck on a successful mission, but the modesty in Chuck said, he wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for his team. When he said this, he looked at Sarah, and for the first time all episode Sarah smiled.

The first smile

Chuck would give Shaw the key, which Shaw would use to open the lock box that was in the briefcase they secured with Carina.

Eve's Lock boz

Inside was intel about the ring, the intel came from a spy Shaw had inside the ring. The other thing in the briefcase was a envelope in which Shaw walked off.  Sarah followed him into his office, and asked Shaw what was in the envelope.

It turned out to be a wedding ring. As I mentioned above, this move was a bonding moment between Shaw and Sarah. The connection was made both of them fell in love with spies.

The problem of course was Shaw’s idea of who Sarah loved was wrong. Sarah made it seem like Bryce was the one she was in love with, but we all know who Sarah was in love with. The man in the other room.

Sarah finds a ring in Shaw's envelopeThe whole game changed with the ringNo matter what things were changing. Shaw was able to make that connection with Sarah. It’s a game changer for sure.

The hatred expression Sarah gave Shaw earlier had turned into wondering. Who really is Daniel Shaw.

The spell of Shaw has begun to stir

it is safe to say Shaw was a master manipulator. He was working the team already.  “We both made the same mistake Sarah, we fell for spies.” It’s a great line to use to create a common connect between him and Sarah. It’s an attempt to build a bond, but it won’t happen right away, but the trap was set.

The problem of course would be Hannah coming to Burbank. There was only one reason why Hannah came to Burbank. She had her eyes on being with Bartowski.

Hannah came to the Buymore The Buymore Story

The Buymore story was a good one for this episode. Lester and crew where not happy Morgan fired him, and took action against him. They set him up by sticking him in the prize game and gluing him to his chair.

There was only one course of action for Morgan. He turned to John Casey to help him. It was a bonding moment between the two. As Casey saw the store’s mutiny against Morgan was something he didn’t like and with Chuck not around to help Morgan. Casey used tactics that made Lester and crew to back down.

Great episode for Casey and Morgan to develop a friendship.

Overall Thoughts on First Class


First Class was the start of the trapezoid. The connections were made and bonds were created. However,  Hannah was the one that had real feelings invested. Shaw was working the team to get them to perform. It’s what he said he loved to do.

In order to get Chuck to perform as a weapon, he had to work all angles. It’s a challenge for Chuck because how far do you go before you lose yourself. How far are limits? Shaw will test those limits. Does he succeed?

Next episode would be a Shawless episode. Chuck vs The Nacho Sampler is one of my favorites. We will also dive into Sarah’s feelings on burning assets. Stay tuned…as we get a taste of Nacho Sampler.





















  1. Good write up Mr C.


    “Chuck became unsettled with the silence and started saying things like he knew things were said about him not being a traditional super spy, but before Chuck could go any further Shaw cut him off and said this was his meeting, and here is where I fell in love with the Shaw character.”


    “He said, the problem with the team was not Chuck, it was Casey and Sarah. He thought they were holding Chuck back.”

    Classic divide and conquer.

    Take the limelight away from Chuck and then blame everyone else for it.
    Shaw is now the boss and Chuck was removed from the centre of the universe. All in the space of 5 minutes, this lay the seed of a bomb that nearly killed the entire show with Chuck’s permission:

    “Chuck said Shaw was right”

    However, where you say: “The bond between Shaw and Chuck was established here.” I would prefer to say the relationship was established. A bond implies something good. Divide and conquer is not used by someone who has good motives.

    Finally, Shaw (without intention) introduces Chuck to the nail in the coffin: “Chuck sits down next to Hannah”

    This episode started the bad blood for season 3; and all within 20 minutes they serve the ingredients to kill 2 seasons.

    It unsettles me.

    • Maybe Bond was a strong word, but the idea I was trying to establish was Shaw was interested in make Chuck into his mold and he had genuine respect for Chuck. It’s why he didn’t want to kill him in Paris.

      Shaw also wasn’t threatened by Chuck in a sense like he was with Casey and Sarah. Why, because Chuck wasn’t a killer. Remember what big mike said.

      Find the weakest link and pounce. It’s big mike’s management. It’s also Shaw’s

      • yes, but there was respect there. He was impressed that Chuck was able to find him in Paris and unleashed Casey on the ring.

        I believe Chuck was better than Shaw as a spy. The way he took down Shaw later in the season was one of the scene I will explore because it was proof Chuck didn’t need the Intersect, but thats a conversion for another day…..

    • I can watch this episode…and even the ones up to this episode. I really start to get “unsettled” by Nacho Sampler….mostly because of the confluence of a few events ( where I think the Season may have been rescued ). As you had mentioned, if Sarah had been maintained as Chuck’s main confidante, crises may have been averted….he really didn’t have anyone to guide him through the screwup in Prague. He did what he felt was best …tell Sarah the truth ( buck short / day late), but it seemed to placate Sarah enough to remain in Chuck’s inner circle ( with a whiff of caution thrown in ). Other than Chuck’s many missteps this season, Sarah began to pull back from that confidante role. Perhaps she started to look at things from the outside, like Chuck’s lie or burning the asset. I don’t know, but Shaw was playing them. There is also the feeling that the romance you felt in S1 & 2 when they were together…well…it was gone.

      I picked up the show again at American Hero…through to the end of Season 3…it was OK….it seemed to pull it out with the finale. Trying to decide to go on to S4 or head back to S2 for the re-watch.

      • “I can watch this episode…and even the ones up to this episode. ”

        Shared. Bring on ‘American Hero’ where the world starts to feel like its moving in the right direction.

        “Sarah began to pull back from that confidante role.”

        Only as Chuck was closing it down. Sarah had no choice but to be on outside looking in.

      • As much as i love Sarah,

        That is a cop out. She had no problem confronting Lou or Jill and even said no to Bryce on the beach. Shaw had totally manipulated Sarah into turning her back on what mattered most to her Chuck…

        But through all that, she didn’t give her heart to Shaw which is a good thing

      • Chris said,
        “But through all that, she didn’t give her heart to Shaw which is a good thing”

        Didn’t she ? She seemed pretty darn beside herself and emotional when he was going on a suicide mission to take down the Ring. By then, Chuck had been washed away by the Final Exam … Shaw had complete control over her. If Sarah hadn’t given her heart totally to Shaw, then Chuck’s actions would be much less heroic.

        Sean said,
        “Only as Chuck was closing it down. Sarah had no choice but to be on outside looking in.”

        Yes…Chuck’s missteps in closing it down…he focused solely on becoming a spy. But Sarah didn’t have to remain totally outside. Casey was able to maintain some form of connection with Chuck. He watched…and he advised when he could. Sarah never made the effort, but it was probably due to being more of an emotional outsider rather than a physical one.

      • Sarah did not give her heart to Shaw. Yes she got emotional with him, but all her emotions were aimed at Chuck. And as she advised Morgan’s g/f, “you are measuring all other men by comparing them to” Chuck.

      • Sean
        “Sarah did not give her heart to Shaw. Yes she got emotional with him, but all her emotions were aimed at Chuck.”

        Except Chuck wasn’t there until Shaw was leaving. In between Sarah ripping Chuck with the “I don’t believe you.” line and Chuck going to rescue Shaw, where did Sarah go back to Chuck ? The tomfoolery at the restaurant ? Seems preposterous to me. The only thing I can think of that would have softened Sarah “not loving” Chuck anymore was when he said, ” Because I know how much you care about him.”

      • If I remember correctly.

        At the restaurant scene there was a softening in Sarah’s expression changed just before Shaw crashed through the window.

        Look again and you will see it. She wants to believe him.

        When the assassin holds a gun to her head.
        She is looking at Chuck.

        ” Because I know how much you care about him.”

        That did work. I saw that as well. But notice Chuck used the word ‘care’. Even Chuck knew it was not love and for that reason, never say never. There is always a chance.

        Yes. Sarah is totally confused over what is happening in this arc and Chuck is not helping; but deep down, you can sense it. You can taste it and that is what makes the whole arc painful to watch again. It is still there, Sarah is for Chuck and Chuck is for Sarah.

        When you do the next re-watch, trust me, look between the lines. See from the outside looking in.

        You will see it – two people desperately trying to resolve an issue they cannot even make into words; and this is the feeling the audience gets and this is why is was so hard to enjoy.

      • I just watched those episodes, and I didn’t see any softening. Perhaps it wasn’t love as we think about it….I don’t know what you’d call it after you’ve just fallen “out of love” with your soul mate. But remember, Sarah and Shaw were sexually intimate, so there was that connection. In the loss of emotional intimacy, physical intimacy is often a soothing balm. It’ll probably leave an empty feeling later on, but sometimes you need it just to feel relevant again.

        “When the assassin holds a gun to her head.
        She is looking at Chuck.”

        Don’t know….Shaw and Chuck were standing side by side. Rafe was behind Sarah….window off to their left. Don’t know how Casey got the bullet to do a right turn into his forehead…. 😉 ( But of course, the slug from a rifle that far away is going to do a lot more damage to his head as well !!!)

        But we’ll see different things in all episodes because so much is intimated. I see Sarah and Shaw sleeping together the night of the museum rescue based on their interaction at the cafe the next morning. You don’t see them ever sleeping together. No evidence either way, but it’s most likely based on your vision of Sarah… I think we like to see her a virginal ( even though we know she’s not, but we haven’t seen her in bed with ANYONE in the whole series). But that’s human nature…it’s the preferred mate. The suicide bombers aren’t being offered beautiful Hollywood actresses in exchange for their atrocities, they get 7 Virgins ….

      • “She is looking at Chuck.”

        Camera rotation and Chuck’s position in the room gave it a way.

        “I think we like to see her a virginal”

        Not really. I think we see her as an ideal; and we can forgive or ignore the points we don’t want to see in an ideal. Of course she was active to some or even a great extent. Most people are, but all that is important is what happens when that person declares they are with you.

        What was that phrase she uses later on: we are dating “exclusively”.
        Implying no more dating missions that could give off mixed signals to each other. So based on that, we can assume that Sarah has had ‘professional relationships’ far more frequently than Chuck did, but where Chuck saw them as an emotional connection, Sarah saw them as part of the job and something she did not think about or feel guilty about – like cleaning your teeth for instance.

        As Casey said, it’s getting the girl the counts.

      • Sean,
        “Not really. I think we see her as an ideal; and we can forgive or ignore the points we don’t want to see in an ideal. ”

        Virgin is ideal from an evolutionary standpoint … makes sure the gene pool hasn’t been corrupted. But yes…ideal is perhaps a more apt descriptor. But with Sarah and Shaw, there were too many implied references to ignore… the 3 monkeys ( hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil ) would be apt emoticons to stick in here, if you don’t see Sarah and Shaw’s sexcapades. 😉

      • You are probably right; which makes the whole sorry mess of season 3 even worse. Season 3 is bad times for mankind on so many levels – to think that Chuck let this happen is a blow to us all.

      • Chuck didn’t let it happen. Its just what the road provided.

        When Frodo Baggins went on his journey to return the ring to the tower was it smooth. or do we have to learn to adapt, persevere and overcome.

        Chuck had a hard time persevere always retorting to the comfort of the herd.

        It was easy to run for Sarah then speak her mind on how she felt. In First Class and Predator Sarah spoke her mind about Chuck but what did it get her trouble.

        adapt: Both Chuck and Sarah failed to adapt to the other’s world. They always retorted back to the way things use to be.

      • I think when we are talking about Ideals. I prefer Sarah over all the characters in how she dealt with Chuck.

        Sarah always found it in her to defend Chuck, speak for Chuck. Act as a mother figure in the spy world.

        Think back to Tango guys. In the apartment, you have Ellie ripping Chuck, while in Casey’s apartment you have Sarah defending Chuck. He has no spy training or field experience.

        Think to how Sarah responded when Colt dropped Chuck. Sarah has always cared for Chuck and there is a difference in caring and loving.

        Beckman cared for Bartowski even Jill Cared for Bartowski. But Sarah had both. She trusted and believed in Chuck.

        Sarah said “trust me, Chuck.” Then gave him a shoulder bump. It’s a sign I care Chuck your not in this alone.

        Sarah was the one who sparked the who thing when she kissed him in Hard Salami, but gave him three opportunities in S1 to kiss her.

        I don’t know but that is being ideal in my view

      • Chris
        “But Sarah had both. She trusted and believed in Chuck.”

        But therein lies the problem with Season 3. The whole Prague incident started because Sarah didn’t trust Chuck enough to grow into a spy and remain true to himself. She compounded it further when she didn’t trust Chuck enough that the truth would make him chose the right path ( and leave the spy life ). And then Chuck delivered the Coup de Grace by not saying anything at the train station. Yes…she was afraid, but she was afraid because she didn’t trust him…she imagined the worse.

        When we got to the Final Exam, not only did she not trust him, but she also didn’t believe what he had to say. If that was what the series was based on ( Sarah trusting and believing in Chuck), then the series should have ended right there. And for what ??? All of Sarah’s misgivings about Chuck were unfounded….after all he went through, he was still “her Chuck.” Whoa…major life lesson here !!! He didn’t change like she thought he would…OK…move on ….let’s hit the sack. It’s like watching Lord of the Rings and after all Frodo goes through, all he can do is exchange the ring for a nice necklace or something. Trials and tribulations should provide growth…there may even be sacrifice. Sarah and Chuck summed up all the anger and anguish the viewers went through in Season 3 with the 2 lines in Tic Tac …. Sarah, “I thought you changed….”, and Chuck responding, ” I’ll always be that guy.”

        They damaged themselves and ruined the viewership for that ???

    • The divide and conquer is a great way to put it. I think it deeper then that really.

      In wrestling there are two characters babyfaces (Chuck) and Heels (Shaw)

      Babyfaces are supposed to get the crowd behind him or her

      Heels are supposed to do the opposite.

      Shaw is the prime example of what the job of a heel is supposed to carry out. He is supposed to be disliked. He was the anti Chuck, flashy with confidence.

      Black eyes that made it seem he had a pre agenda. writers of shows try to change the formula of their show because the old one may have become dry, but there is nothing wrong with having a powerful villian Sean,

      Chuck needed someone that was going to take him by the ear and say get out there and fight. When Rocky first started fighting his coach road him like a horse to get him ready for his first fight.

      Do we say the coach did the movie in? no, we thought he was great.

      Shaw’s mission was as you said, get Chuck working. The 2.0 was the fists rocky used.

      • If you want the Babyfaces to get the crowd behind them, you don’t give them the qualities of the heels. The writers did that to Chuck. To a lesser extent, they did it to Sarah ….. but that face garners a lot of sympathy !!!

      • “nothing wrong with having a powerful villian”

        Forget Shaw, the villain of the arc was Hannah. Just because she did not carry a gun does not make her less threatening.

        Hannah fed Chuck everything he did not need and he lapped it up.

        I have never had a problem with Shaw, but Hannah, she was the mistake, she was the poison. As a consequence of the flight to Paris, all Chuck’s thinking was poisoned and warped until he dumped Hannah.

        With Hannah out of the picture we finally see Chuck pick up the ball again.

      • “Huh ???? Thought that was the stewardess ??”

        Your looking at it the wrong way.
        Hannah fed Chuck the idea of a relationship. The entire journey comprised of her trying to chat him up, and then she tracks him down. Any guy with a bit of a brain would know what was happening.

        Chucks poison is a real relationship. Hannah was that fantasy come true when she delivered herself to Buy More.

      • “Huh ???? Thought that was the stewardess ??”

        You’re looking at it the wrong way. Don’t be too literal. Life is never literal. Everything is implied.

        Hannah fed Chuck the idea of a relationship. The entire journey comprised of her trying to chat him up, and then she tracks him down. Any guy with a bit of a brain would know what was happening.

        Chucks poison is a real relationship. Hannah was that fantasy come true when she delivered herself to Buy More.

  2. Good write-up. This isn’t one of my favorite episodes, definitely not in the top 20. I was never a big Shaw fan. Something about him always rubbed me the wrong way. But I do understand the necessity of an episode like this and I definitely think it helps in the continuing saga that is Sarah and Chuck.

    • Katherine,

      Welcome to Chuckaholics, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

      I think the reason Shaw rubs people the wrong was how he comes of. Bryce often takes heat because of his arrogance and smug. Shaw fit’s the same mode, but right off the bat Shaw rubs people the wrong way, but I always felt he wasn’t in Burbank to be a apart of the team.

      I have always saw it as a favor for Beckman. She beg him to come to Burbank. When he does, he sees he has the human intersect at his disposal, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that.

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