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Chuck vs The Fake Name may not be popular among the many Chuck fans, but it’s a top 20 episode for me. I love Chuck in this episode. He showed spunk and better we see the real feelings of Sarah on how she feels about Hannah replacing her.

It’s that very feeling, which will send Sarah spiraling to Shaw. While Chuck realizes he made a major mistake, it was too late because Sarah was in the waiting arms of Daniel. The introduction of the name Sam torments the mind of Chuck and the viewer all the same and

it’s the darkest scene of the series to this point. that makes people hate this episode.

I also was a huge Sopranos fan and anytime I can see Vito and Paulie Walnuts it puts a smile on my face. After this episode we start to turn the corner a bit, but nonetheless Fake Name really was about Sarah’s fake name than Chuck’s alias.

So, without further delay a fake name needs to be explored.

Before we get into the episode, I want to talk about Chuck’s job in this episode. While his code name was Charles Carmichael, Carina once said this,

Carina explaining the role of a spy
Chuck vs The Wookie S1 E4


Carina: We shed identities like people shed clothes.

Chuck: In your case, that’s quite often.

Carina: Try ’em on, like ’em or leave ’em.
After a while, it doesn’t even matter.


Chuck: So you don’t let anyone know who you really are?

Carina: Can’t. Might have to leave them in five minutes, or shoot them in the head. Trust me, a spy doesn’t want you to know anything about them that’s real. No matter who you are.

Keep this in mind when we get up to “Sam,” The thing I love most about Carina was her candid ability to be honest with Chuck and Sarah. Carina can be rough on the edges, but she means well when it comes to Chuck and Sarah. After all, Carina and Sarah are friends. She saw Sarah was falling for her asset, and didn’t mind walking Chuck through the spy world.

Not only did Carina talk about fake identities, but Sarah did as well in Pink Slip,


Carmichael was his code name, what Chuck had to do in Fake Name was become another person. When on mission, he wasn’t Bartowski. He was going to assume the role as Rafe Gruber.

Main Story

The episode opened with Ellie talking to Devon about Chuck’s secret relationship with Hannah. Devon said, if she took issue with it she should talk to him  about it. She would ask Devon if there was anything else he was hiding, but said he didn’t.

Ellie walked over to Chuck’s apartment, and assumed was Chuck taking a shower, but out comes Hannah. Strike one in my view, Hannah slept in Chuck;s bed. They had intercourse. more on this later.

Ellie said if he didn’t want her to tell Sarah about the new girl, she was alright with it. Hannah said, ” I won’t tell her, if you don’t” As the two ladies felt rather awkward. Chuck came walking in with donuts. He would invite Ellie and Devon over for dinner with Hannah. He was going to make chicken pepperoni. Ellie was not looking forward to the meal, but was coming over.

Meanwhile at a cafe, Sarah and Shaw were sharing a desert. They seem to be on a date, but it was work related.

Sarah and Shaw having brunch

Sarah would tell Shaw how she wanted to not take this to a personal level. She said “She needed to stop mixing her professional life with her personal life.” She doesn’t want to see her new “boyfriend” on a personal level. I certain can see how it cane be presumed Shaw and Sarah slept together in the museum, but saying she didn’t want to see him on a personal basis makes me believe otherwise.

Shaw said, “he was disappointed.” and appeared to be leaning in for a kiss.

He leaned in and spoke about the target’s car has arrived. Casey said he has it in his scope. The man in question was approaching his car. The man they targeted was Rafe Gruber, a International marksmen, who can assassinate a target from two miles away.

The Ring wired a million dollars to Gruber to kill someone. Shaw wanted to know who and why.  Casey said, he could do the job, but Shaw said. He wanted Bartowski to play the role. Shaw said,  “The Intersect was working.” Shaw turned to Sarah and she agreed Chuck wants to be a spy.

Shaw wants Bartowski to do the jobCasey not happy being sidelined for this mission

This would be classic Sarah saying something she didn’t mean. She isn’t on board with this mission. As she shows a face of concern.

Another expression telling me she isn't happy

She makes the expression while Shaw talked about using Chuck for this mission. It marks the first time this season Casey and Sarah on board with using Chuck for this mission, but Sarah again plays the role of satisfying other people.

Doesn't look like Sarah wants this

Expressions like these are classic Sarah

What was Sarah going to say really? She voiced her opinion earlier in the season and Shaw overruled her, Why? would it be any different now? Shaw was the commanding officer. It’s his game to play. As I said, professionally Sarah waved the white flag at the end of the Mask.

As the team were discussing the mission, Bartowski comes strutting in. He was happy sliding down the rail and talking like Pee Wee Herman. He asked if anyone wanted a tasty treat? Shaw wanted to know what’s with Bartowski. Casey said Chuck had a big date last night, and must of got lucky.  Let’s talk about this scene for a little bit.

Chuck is happy and seemed like a different guy. For the first time all series, it wasn’t Sarah giving him this feeling. I don’t even think Jill gave him this kind of giddiness. What I saw also was Sarah’s reaction to it. When she saw him sliding down the stairs, she was smiling for a bit.

A happy Chuck

When Sarah realizes Chuck had slept with Hannah, Its unsettling to her to know Chuck slept with someone else other than her. Her expression gives you that impression.

Happy to see ChuckSarah can't fathom Chuck sleeping with someone else

When seeing these expressions, it made me think Sarah hasn’t committed herself to Shaw nor does she like to hear the news of Chuck sleeping with Sarah. Gary, if Sarah had slept with Shaw willingly, the expression above wouldn’t of happened. I saw willingly because she has been manipulated by every sense of the word.

Sarah doesn’t enjoy being around Shaw. In fact, she feels uneasy with him. He has undermined her abilities as Chuck’s confidant as a handler There nothing organic about the relationship between Shaw and Sarah. The question now is how does Sarah handle Chuck sleeping with Hannah. The domino affect is continuing.

Sarah and Shaw were telling Chuck what it takes to be an alias. Chuck said he was comfortable with the mission because he was a good actor in high school, but Shaw said the mission was more than just acting and slapped Bartowski to prove his point.

Sarah told Chuck he had to become Rafe. He had to think, speak and act like Gruber.

Sarah doesn't look like she is willing to teach

Sarah gives Chuck a stare when Shaw was going over the details of what an alias does, and I like it because it shows where Sarah’s head is. She isn’t smiling or connecting with the conversation.

a none emotion Sarah

Sarah has nothing but concern on on her face. It makes me think sometimes if sleeping with Hannah was still on her mind. She wasn’t smiling. She is emotionless as if she was thinking about something.

Casey said he had to interrogate the prisoner in order to get information out of him, and Casey said don’t worry i can be very persuasive

He can be persausive

While Casey was preparing to interrogate Rafe, Chuck came into the room to do some study on who and how Rafe acted.  Chuck asked Rafe a question about how he became an assassin. Rafe would answer him, and Chuck would  mimic Rafe;s voice the best way he could. It was pretty decent. Chuck would ask another question and again Chuck mimicked Gruber. Rafe’s phone started to ring and Chuck answered the phone speaking like Rafe.

Chuck came into the room for character study Chuck getting into character

It was a pretty good job and most importantly was convincing for the meeting to take place. Casey was impressed by Chuck’s work and surprised by how comfortable Chuck was in doing so.

Not bad BartowskiCause i like Cupcakes

Chuck and Hannah begin talking dinner plans for the night, and he told her he had a install to take care, but promised a great night of fun.

While Sarah was cuffing Rafe, he was talking dirty to her and talking smack about Shaw. As Shaw was listening to this, Sarah would get the last word in by snapping the cuffs harder  so Rafe knew the comments were not just. Shaw would finish him off by landing a haymaker.

He's bad mouthing meSarah getting one up on RafeNow we are readyThe Boys are going under

The bar scene is one of my favorites throughout the series. Two things happen in this scene that i really like. First, Sopranos was a big television show  in my family’s house. Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi are both from that show. Paulie Walnuts and Vito.

Louis Lombardi also had a stint on 24 for a few episodes. The other thing about the scene would be Chuck. He was in full command in this scene. It was like watching a different person.

The scene was great all the way down the line.  Chuck really did sell the alias. I never in my wildest dreams believed Chuck would pull the tooth.   I would like to take the time though to talk about what was happening in the van.

While Chuck was excelling inside, Sarah was losing herself. She finally opened up about her dismay of this assignment and the job specifically. She asked, “When does the job end.” The woman was speaking her mind about the mission, and who was listening Shaw.

Shaw listening in on Chuck's mastery

Shaw  fits the mold of Bryce Carina and Casey. He was all about the mission and job at hand. Emotions and feelings Sarah was talking about doesn’t register with Shaw because he is a spy through and through. Sarah’s struggles continue to spiral as Chuck was taking control from knocking Casey in the mouth with the gun and getting ready to pull the tooth.

Chuck takes out Casey with the gun

Casey and Shaw were both impressed by Chuck’s command and comfort zone. Only three weeks ago, Chuck came on too strong with Manoosh and now he is preparing to hurt Casey in order to sell a mission. Something Season One Chuck wouldn’t even dream about doing.

Chuck pulling Casey's tooth

Meanwhile. Sarah was in the van worried as can be for Chuck. It really was a half truth statement by her. She really is saying it bothers her that Chuck was on this mission. Chuck didn’t seem to have an issue.

Matty (Tony Sirico) said, He recognized Casey from his days in the Marines, and was able to detect that Casey was a fed, which made him suspect Chuck was as well. It lead to Chuck hitting and taking the tooth out. Shaw said, we have to abort because Casey was made. Sarah said it wasn’t a good idea because they would all get killed if they went in.

Chuck can't believe he pulled his tooth

Before anything could get worse, back up came storming the bar, when Chuck saw Sarah, he started to freak out. She reminded him about being Rafe not Chuck to live the lie.

It’s funny how the words living a lie came out of her mouth. I started to think wasn’t Sarah doing the same thing.  She was living in a fog. She was wallowing in self pity because she was forced to the sidelines She found out earlier that Chuck slept with Hannah, and now listening as Chuck didn’t need her.

Your not Chuck your Rafe

As Sarah said “Be Rafe”, Chuck flashed and took out all the agents in the room giving the Sopranos and him an opening for escape.  Chuck left the scenes and the team recovered to their feet.

Shaw and Casey were really happy with Bartowski’s job. There was only one who wasn’t.

Casey proud of ChuckHave I been replaced with Chuck 2.0Sarah isn’t happy because Chuck 2.0 is making her lose her grip on Chuck professionally.  It’s only going to get worse from here.

At Castle, Casey would tell Chuck he was proud of him about the work he did in the bar.  Rafe was being moved out of Castle, and threatened Bartowski by saying “You think you can be me.” Before Rafe can make a move on Chuck, Casey nailed him with a punch. Chuck would ask Casey where Shaw and Sarah were.

Casey said, Walker and Shaw were at his place setting up for the date since they knew he was in way over his head with the mission and all. Casey, “Walker, helping you get laid,” While Gruber was laying on the table, he saw a pen which he took. Chuck would ask Casey about Alex Colburn. Casey tensed up and said “You mind your business, Bartowsk.”

We come up to a major point in the series. Something I want to take the time to explain the significance of this scene. It all has to do with two scenes from the dinner scene.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

in order to get a better grasp of the scene I would like you to read this article before doing so. Chuck, His Family, and the Apartment. In the article, I discuss the significance in what the apartment meant for Sarah.

Chuck lived there, Chuck’s family (Ellie and Devon) lived there, and she has spent the night their. She has spent holidays there and even celebrated Chuck and Ellie’s special Mother’s Day. She was at the dinner table with him when Chuck and Ellie’s dad returned.

When Sarah was preparing the meal for Chuck, she was alive moving around the apartment with a skip in her step. She is smiling for the first time, and it has nothing to do with Shaw being their with her.

Sarah is happy setting up Chuck's placeShe is happy to be in her home until she heard the voices in the courtyard. She was forced out of her home at this point. Chuck listening to Hannah’s speech made him realize there was something wrong with this picture, and he knew it.

Chuck realizing his with the wrong woman

The one that pays the price here is Hannah, She said this,

Hannah: Um, you know how, in life, there’s always something that just doesn’t line up? Like, um, either you’re working at the wrong job or dating the wrong guy, or you’re eating some really bad meal? Uh, but right at this second, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.
And I want to thank all of you for making me feel that way.

After Hannah said those words, Chuck realized he was not with the right person. Unfortunately for Bartowski, he doesn’t know who is watching this.

This screen cap is the best of the series in my opinion. It is all Yvonne too.

Living a lie  can torture the soul Not only has Sarah lost grip on Chuck professionally, but watching this on the monitor made Sarah spiral even more.

Hannah invading Sarah's homeAfter watching this scene many times, I notice each time this scene really tells the viewer what Sarah values more  in her life. Hannah sitting beside Chuck was excruciating for her.

It’s worse than Prague because she knew eventually they would be working together. What she never wanted was to be replaced personally. Sarah wanted to be sitting where Hannah was because its her home. It has always been home for Sarah.

When Sarah stood outside the window in Chuck vs The Marlin, I never believed it to be a hero stance. I took it as more of a woman claiming the people in the window as her family and Chuck as the future she was going to work on. A personal mission.

The difference between Marlin and Fake Name was there was another woman sitting at the table, and while she can’t see Chuck’s reaction to Hannah’s words, she saw enough that crushed her soul.

It’s months of frustration and struggle with her feelings. It’s crushing blow after crushing blow. Some at her own doing. it doesn’t hurt less or more than watching the man you have totally falling in love with have an intimate moment with another woman inside the home and with the people she was building a future with. The spiraling process complete.

The next day makes the whole story really dark, and ultimately crushed the souls of a lot of viewers. Sarah didn’t go to Chuck to discuss her thoughts or feelings on everything that had gone over the last 8 months.

Instead of talking it out with Chuck, Sarah elected to discuss her feelings with Shaw at his penthouse. Shaw isn’t the one you blame here. Sarah could of went to Chuck home and voiced her concern. She could of threatened Hannah like she did Jill and Lou. This Sarah was broken emotionally. She went to the first person she could since Chuck was lost. The next best option was Shaw.

Sarah arrivin at Shaw's complex

 Meanwhile, Chuck was dealing with his own issues. He went to the Buymore for work with Rafe’s phone. Hannah asked Chuck if he would be willing to meet her parents, which Chuck agreed. While Chuck was distracted by Jeffster, when the phone went off. Hannah picked up and started talking on the phone.

When Chuck realized what Hannah did, he went up to her and asked her who was on the phone. Hannah said they wanted to talk to a Rafe, and they would be here in two minutes. Chuck didn’t have time to call for backup.

So he dressed himself up using products throughout the store to get ready. He existed the back and there they were.

They know the target

whats worse was Matty took Chuck’s watch off and smashed it, and gave him a gift for what he did at the bar. They also gave him the address of the target.

Meanwhile back at Shaw’s pad, Sarah asked Shaw to put some close on. Shaw assumed Sarah’s issues were with Hannah, but she said, no it wasn’t Hannah. It was how Chuck was changing. She said, she was watching him disappear and the more he changed the more she wanted to remember who she was.

Chuck was able to get to the location, and Matty showed Chuck the perch in which he was going to use to kill the target. When Chuck looked through the scope of the sniper rifle. Chuck saw Sarah and Shaw in the penthouse, and can hear the conversation between the two.

Target Aquaired

I mentioned at the beginning of this article what Carina said in Chuck vs Wookie,

Chuck: So you don’t let anyone know who you really are?

Carina: Can’t. Might have to leave them in five minutes, or shoot them in the head. Trust me, a spy doesn’t want you to know anything about them that’s real. No matter who you are.

Sarah breaks down so much after watching Hannah in her home, she loses it. She would tell Shaw her real name was Sam. Something she never told Chuck. She didn’t know however Chuck heard every word of it.

My name is Sam

The reason I don’t believe Sarah’s real name was Sam based on what Carina said. Sarah wasn’t thinking straight, and the more she spoke about her feelings and Shaw was listening the more she fell into the abyss of lies. It would be hard to fathom if she truly loved Chuck she wouldn’t say that Sam was her name after this episode. What would transpire next was Sarah and Shaw begin to passionately kiss.

Sarah has succumed to Shaw's desire

The writers screwed up here because the name Sam get’s mentioned only one more time throughout the series. So, clearly the writers themselves didn’t think Sam was her real name. The two names consistent throughout the series was Jenny Burton and Sarah Walker not Sam what the hell was that.

Chuck stepped away from the gun, and started talking with the two mob guys and realized that a bullet was too good for this guy. He was going to go over their and confront him close range.

Meanwhile at Castle, Casey would learn that Rafe was able to get away, and went looking for him and Chuck by tracking Rafe’s cell phone.

Chuck arrived at Shaw’s apartment.  Angry filled with rage, but using the rage for cover as a way to protect what he knew.

I will deal with you in a minuteYou took Sam

Chuck said, Shaw took his girl, He took Sam. Shaw knew instantly what Chuck was talking about and went with it, but rage was unleashed as Chuck hit Shaw with a heavy haymaker sending the two boys rumbling much to Sarah’s displeasure and confusion.

You heard it

 While Chuck and Shaw were fighting, Rafe made it to the sniper’s nest. He saw through the scope and made wait towards the room. Gruber gets to the room and was greeted by the waiting fists of Sarah. Rafe takes her out  Chuck finished with his tumble with Shaw, and was greeted rather harshly by Rafe. I guess he was still angry about Chuck’s impersonation.

Rafe sends Chuck flying into the corner of the room. Casey made his presence felt over at the sniper’s nest and takes possession of the sniper rifle.

Gruber than picked up Sarah and said Shaw and Chuck had it bad for this blonde and was ready to shoot her.

I know Sarah looked like she was looking at Chuck the whole time. Chuck was standing on the right side of Shaw. From Shaw and Chuck’s perspective there wasn’t much they can do.

As Rafe was ready to shoot Sarah, a shot range out. Chuck and Shaw scream like a banshee, and when the dust cleared. Casey shot Gruber.

Sarah was alright.

Happy to be aliveLater that night, Chuck paid a visit to his sister. He remember their was a time if he need relationship advice he should come to her. Ellie told him if he still had feelings for Sarah than he had to do the right thing, and end things with Hannah.

The way Chuck ended things with Hannah was not ideal in my opinion, but then I thought about how Sarah had to tell Chuck about leaving with Bryce and when the appropriate time would be to drop earth shattering news.  There really isn’t any.

Chuck breaks up with Hannah. in the mean time, Sarah was ready to begin her relationship with Shaw. Again, in Sarah’s mind Chuck moved on, but she didn’t see Chuck break up with Hannah. I can’t fault Sarah here.

Sarah  kissing Shaw again

This episode would mark the beginning of Chuck 2.0 losing control back to regular Chuck. It’s fitting at the end of this episode where life was headed.

No best friend, No girlfriend, and most importantly no Sarah anymore.  Chuck 2.0 was destructive and now Chuck has to restore what he broke.

It won’t be easy, but something tells me Chuck will turn out fine.

Alone Bartowski

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realize you made a mistake. Sarah said it best before she revealed her name to be Sam.

Sarah:  lives are being affected here.

I want to remember the old ChuckWhen she said lives were being affected, she was including herself into that mix. She just didn’t bluntly spit it out, but she did, and you can see she is fighting her emotions, but losing.

Shaw took advantage of the situation after that, but by the end of the night he had her, and Chuck was walking into the night alone. The season’s events have caught up to Bartowski. Time to dig himself out. As the cliche goes, “You made your bed, now lie in it.”

The Buymore Story

There really wasn’t anything great about this Buymore story. Morgan wasn’t around, but Jeff was the one that made the best sense.

He said, “He may tried to replace her, but Chuck’s eye shines bright when Sarah was around.”

Jeff’s right, Bartowski has to figure that out, and something tells me next episode he will realize it.

Overall Thoughts about Fake Name

Fake name was a misdirection of sorts. While Chuck was performing an alias in this episode. The real fake name goes to Sarah. She didn’t reveal her real name to Shaw. As Carina said, spies don’t want you to know anything real.

If after three years, Sarah didn’t share her real name with a real love. She wasn’t going to share a real name with Bartowski. Shaw was no different.

This episode also showed Chuck being out of her life personally was too much to take. As she left Castle, she became a broken woman. Far worse than Prague or any of the fake break up speech Chuck ever gave her.  Hannah at the dinner table broke her spirits and she went crashing into the waiting and willing arms of one Daniel Shaw.

The next episode starts the turn in the series back to the way we know and love, but we just have to ride the storm, next episode another person from Chuck’s life will learn his secret. You will have to wait and see until next time. Chuckaholics is your toy, so play.

and most importantly, It was hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

Next Episode would be the first episode Zachary Levi directs a stellar job I might add. The episode will be Chuck vs The Beard.



  1. As beautiful as Sarah Walker is, I would have chucked (no pun intended) the whole spy/Sarah/Casey drama thing for Hannah in a New York second.

    • I think I agree. Chuck did one thing wrong….Prague. He made the right decision for the right reasons, but he didn’t explain himself when he should have. For that, Sarah turned into Frosty the Snow Bitch until DYLM.

      Hannah was beautiful, she had a lot in common with Chuck computer-wise, and she really liked Chuck for Chuck. She wasn’t putting it out there and pulling it back like Sarah did with Chuck for 2 full seasons. She was honest with Chuck.

      Big problem would be if Chuck could be honest with Hannah …could he ever let her know he was a spy? Can spies even date outside the spy world ? I’m not really sure, but with Sarah being such a drama queen in S3, I would be tempted to throw in the towel as well. Nice guy or jerk, no matter how Chuck acted, Sarah was the same to him.

      Hannah seemed like a pretty good consolation prize at that point in time.

      • “At least until Shaw gave Sarah back to Chuck in American Hero”

        He probably got tired of the whining and the bummed out attitude too….he was willing to blow himself up in a building rather than put up with it any longer….;-)

      • But..yeah…American Hero…he did go out to Chuck after telling Sarah he’d act as the target …he told Chuck to take care of Sarah. Of course Sarah was more broken up about Shaw acting as a target than she ever was about giving Chuck his Red Test…..

        Nice… “I slept with the woman you love, but she’s too miserable for me to put up with ….I’m gonna go kill myself…it’s your turn to put up with her now.”

        It’s kind of a funny arc if you don’t take it too seriously !! LOL

  2. Fake Name is special.

    Why? You might ask (and this is the biggest failing in S3). This is the episode I truly stopped caring about Chuck, and more importantly, about Sarah, or their plight. (What’s funny is that is likely the complete opposite of what TPTB wanted me too feel after this episode.)

    If the intent of this episode was to make both the lead characters totally unlikeable teenagers, then congratulations, mission accomplished. These two characters no longer belong together. There is no coming back after this episode. It’s done.

    Everyone involved did such a superb and stellar job at dismantling and destroying the previous relationship that whatever the characters once saw in each other is no longer there, at all. Too bad they never thought of putting the same amount of effort in reconnecting and rebuilding the relationship.

    I’ve seen lots of people post that the individual journeys of S3 were required in order for the characters to grow and because we now know of their flaws they are more real. I’d believe it if I saw any of this. You simply can’t call the characters “more real” and put them together in a fairy tale moment like DYLM. It doesn’t work that way in “real life” without some rebuilding. So if you want to buy into DYLM you have to dump the previous drama, or if you accept the previous drama DYLM fails.

    Certainly Chuck didn’t become a better spy by himself, in fact he became like every other spy on the show. Sarah certainly wanted nothing to do with him until he was more Bryce Larkin-like. Chuck was way more fun and unique before he became a “true spy”.

    And Sarah, well she certainly didn’t become more human by herself. She became a subservient, automaton, in desperate need of psychiatric help, who had to have a man (and yes I mean both Shaw AND Chuck) tell her what to do throughout this arc. That’s romantic.

    These two characters “grew” more when they were together (in some / any form) then when they were apart.

    Twice, in shows history, they tried to repair 99% “hopeless” storytelling with 1% “hopeful”. In my opinion, in both cases, the central relationship we were left with was “less” than when we started.

    • Shepard,

      One of the things that makes this episode and the Mask there is no continuity with the story. It’s a hard sell if your are going to make use believe the relationship that Chuck and Sarah went through this turmoil. What was really gained in the end? nothing really.

      The idea of introducing a name like Sam as the name to a character that Sarah clearly didn’t like the more you saw Sarah’s reactions and counter actions when Shaw gave an order that would ultimately make a change in the core of what Chuck was suppose to be the more I realize it doesn’t work and it’s why Shaw fails in the eyes of so many Chuck fans.

      Chuck 2.0 was the anti Chuck that we learned to love and admire because of the qualities like not shooting a gun or being able to question orders when it came to friends and family. from a story perspective Sarah was really whipped her because of the rapid changes Chuck went through from the moment Sarah said that wasn’t the kiss I wasn’t expecting to My real name is Sam, this wasn’t Sarah Walker. no signs of Agent Walker anywhere.

      • Sam was her real name.

        It was said (YS) prior to S3 that we would be learning something about Sarah we all wanted to know.

        The writers screwed up the name reveal SO BAD that I would have preferred never to have known, ruining Wookie in the process.

      • It doesn’t fit in the context of the story and the way the character was developed.

        Carina herself said, a spy isn’t supposed to let anyone know anything about them. Why would Sarah elect to share that with someone she met a few weeks ago, and not Chuck who she was in love with.

        In Wookie, Chuck never heard Lisa, she mumbled it.

        I have a hard time believe that Sarah was willing to just tell Shaw Yea, my name is Sam I never told Chuck let’s move on.

        A name by the way that was never used again until Subway. In fact when Sarah handed Chuck the Pre Nup papers it said Sarah Lisa Walker

      • Sarah doesn’t return until Tic Tac when she was able to take on 5 guys by herself.

        At that point Sarah didn’t lose battles, I mean she took on terrorists in Tom Sawyer by herself. As I mentioned in The Mask.

        When was the last time you can recall Sarah use her jab or Crescent Kick

      • Chuck heard “Lisa”. It was on the back of the Tron poster.

        Most fans “tried” to justify the name reveal by saying that names didn’t mean anything. When in fact names are the most personal thing we own.

        And no it makes no sense, except to the showrunners, nearly everyone agrees with you. But the fact remained that Sam was her real name.

        At the time it was speculated that Sarah gave up something so personal as the show’s “replacement” for sleeping with Shaw. Yeah, that didn’t work out either .

        Many believe that the fact that it was never mentioned again after S3, even on the prenup, is the show acknowledging its grievous error.

        There is NO WAY the show could’ve fixed this. They blew it.

      • I agree with you on that. They did blow it. They could of done a better job if they just let the characters take a life of their own. Don’t force it.

      • Sarah might return in Tic Tac, but she gone again by the end of the episode until Honeymooners.

      • What I really soured on was Sarah and Shaw’s relationship. Nothing about it was organic.

        The both had reasons behind being together. They both wanted Chuck for different reasons

        Chuck was caught in a dangerous game.

      • Or they could have had Sarah tell her real name to Chuck and then it would have easily been the best moment in the entirety of the show.

        Instead “Sam” means absolutely nothing.

      • Yea the other thing was, Chuck and Sarah never had one of their patent Heart to Heart about it.

        No episode dedicated to explain it into the story. At least it would of went over better. but they just dropped it.

      • It was a hallmark of the show after Mauser. No valid “drama” was ever dealt with or resolved in a satisfying way. The show developed dramatic moments well enough. It just never paid them off.

        It the case of the name reveal there is just no way to fix it that would make it better, it’s gone, you can’t take it back. Wasted on a character that no one cared about and that by then had overstayed his welcome.

        The fans were robbed of what would have been the series’ most important scene between Chuck and Sarah that was perfectly set up in Wookie. (Yes more important than DYLM, the proposal, the Phase 3 stuff and the practice vows.)

      • “When was the last time you can recall Sarah use her jab or Crescent Kick”

        She took on 2 pretty big dudes in Three Words outside the vault.
        She took on a room full of soldiers / security in Coup d’Etat.

        Other than that, she wasn’t in a lot of battles ….mostly just with herself.

  3. I’ll tell you why “Sam” IS her real name.

    Because if it’s not, the showrunners WOULD HAVE fixed it. It was that badly received.

    They couldn’t.

    • I don’t think they would because they never fixed Johnnie Boy from Santa Claus. They screwed up how Chuck met Jill in the first five episodes. When it was Bryce who introduced Jill to Chuck to begin with.

      When we sit down and think about it continuity issues was more consistent. even the episodes ran out of order go figure that one out.

  4. All good points, guys.

    My take on Mask and Fake Name ( which I think are more or less 1 long nightmare…since they both happen within about 4-5 days ).

    The Mask is where Sarah and Chuck mistakenly feel the other has moved on, and by the end ( at the museum ) we see each of them embracing the OLI as a sign that, they too have moved on to someone else. They confirm to one another that each of them is fine with that.

    The start of Fake Name seems to show that each one of them has consummated their relationship with the OLI. It is a more overt confirmation for Chuck’s part, but Sarah and Shaw SEEM to be having a “morning after” conversation…thus the need for Sarah to say she needs to ” STOP mixing her personal and professional life ” rather than telling Shaw she doesn’t want to START mixing her lives again. I think semantics are important , as well as context and body language there. My feeling is that the writers don’t really want to pin all the blame on one party over the other, thus the mirroring of events like Ellie’s wedding and Prague ( which will be my theme for how I see this arc.)

    After seeing Chuck’s personality change even further with “living a lie”, Sarah gets to become a fly on the wall and witness Hannah in a place she used to be, and she realizes what she has given up by ending her relationship with Chuck.

    As a mirrored event, Chuck then gets his own chance to be a fly on the wall in a place usually reserved for him…in a hotel room with Sarah. He hears her confiding her real name ( I agree it is probably her real name …she’s too messed up and vulnerable at that time…and she’s not working an angle with Shaw.), and he realizes what he has given up by ending his relationship with Sarah…after all, that used to be him Sarah would give small parts of her past to. (Just as an aside…. the use of the hotel room downtown, rather than Shaw’s apartment is kinda interesting).

    The interesting thing about the episode is what happens next ….how they “move on” from the realization of what they have lost. Sarah moves towards solidifying her new relationship, while Chuck ends his. I find that interesting but not surprising, considering how much the writers screwed up. Funny that Rafe knew what was going on … ” You two have it bad for this blonde”. Neither Sarah nor Chuck tweaked to that statement….

  5. I remember reading somewhere something like, “Not being able to see inside Sarah’s head really hurts everything about this arc (including Chuck) because it’s ALL about what’s going on inside Sarah’s head.”

    Essentially, as presented, you can perceive Sarah any way you want.

    Listen, I’m a huge SW fan, but there is no way to like her during this arc. They tried so hard to show her as a victim that they inadvertently made her a villain.

    Chuck wasn’t likeable during this arc either. They just threw Sarah under the bus more often and for no good reason.

    The Chuck and Sarah that come out of the misery are no more ready for a relationship than at the end of S2. In fact, they’re less ready.

    They didn’t “come together” in Other Guy. They were “put together” by the writers who simply couldn’t find any more reasons to keep them apart. That’s an epic ending to a story.

    So you’re left with fans trying to figure out Prague, trying to make sense of Sarah & Sh*#, and trying to understand how Chuck & Sarah can be together after all that’s happened. What a mess. They really only told the parts of the story they wanted to and left the fans to figure out why it all happened. And underneath ALL OF THAT, Chuck becoming a spy is lost and/or unimportant to a lot of people.

    • @Gary @Shepard

      Really this arc wasn’t about Casey or Sarah or anyone else for that matter. It was all about Chuck. Let me explain.

      When they originally entered arcs in the series it usually were changes made through out the cast and the team. Chuck Casey and Sarah all went through major changes coming out of the arc. This arc in mid season 3 was different. I watched the beard last night and realize the mission Chris Fedak and crew were aiming for. Chuck lost everything on his quest to become a spy. As I am writing up Beard, I realized that by making Morgan and his friendship with Chuck before the big revelation of what Chuck did on installs. Chuck ultimately ended up alone. No Morgan No family (Devon wanted to go to Africa to get away from the spies life) and Sarah went with Shaw.

      The only one that stood around was Casey, but he didn’t offer any grand advise until final exam. By making Chuck into a shell of him former self Chuck was no longer the apple of everyone’s eye. It’s a balancing act of become a spy at what cost. Apparently everything….

      • But because the showrunners kept pressing the relationship angst button as often as they could (and they did) that story is lost on most viewers.

        It simply doesn’t matter.

        Chuck becoming a spy is secondary to fixing the relationship (which they never did).

        By severing the relationship the way they did in Prague, they essentially guaranteed that their show couldn’t function properly until they fixed it. And it didn’t. It doesn’t mean that Chuck & Sarah had to be “together”, but they had to interact.

        This is why Shaw doesn’t work. No forward progress can be made on something that matters (to most) until that idiot is gone. Shaw isn’t misunderstood by the fans, he’s misconceived, miswritten, miscast, mispresented and misacted. The story became more important to the showrunners than the characters, because you can literally see the puppet strings being pulled.

        This entire arc would have been much more fulfilling if Sarah had helped Chuck enter the spy world and Chuck had helped Sarah regain her humanity. As presented, it’s a wholly inadequate, unsatisfying story. THEN DYLM would have meant something.

      • and that is why when I rank the bad guys in the series I would put Volkoff and Quinn one and two simply because Shaw was not used properly.

        It’s like WWE how they don’t use the talent of the wrestler to his full potential. They put the wrestler out on television for the purpose of telling him or her sell yourself without the proper gimmick.

        Same thing here. There was nothing wrong with choosing Brandon Routh for the role. The character was a good idea, a plot device to move Chuck into the spy world.. but the execution was poorly done. What Prague did was start a domino effect into what was wrong with the first 12 episodes, but see Prague isn’t a factor anymore after Operation Awesome.

        It still lingers out by Final Exam because its the whole season series of event. IF the writers would of allowed Shaw to just be what he was suppose to be a sensai for Chuck to become Chuck 2.0 It’s fine because Casey had Ty Bennett and Sarah had Graham.

        I know it’s easy to say Sarah and Casey could of been Chuck’s teacher, but i saw them as not allowing Chuck to reach the growth needed at the time. They kept him in the van and sheltered him most of the time. No body learns that way.

        Even Morgan got frustrated with being kept in the Van.

        As I said before Brandon Routh can only do what he was told by the producers, writers and directors. Sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate onto screen.

        Brandon didn’t have the power to improvise like say a Kiefer Sutherland in 24 or James Gandolfini in Sopranos even Zac didn’t have input into his character

      • and this is why i feel Chris Fedak hated the fact that Sarah Walker became just as popular or even more at times than Chuck.

        I mean he made sure at the end of the series Chuck and Morgan were intact, but the man’s wife was erased from the story because of making sure the premise was still about Chuck

      • This is why I love the ending of Cheers so much. Did Sam want to be with Diane or Rebecca of course, but Sam’s love was the bar. He got what he want.

        Did Chuck and Sarah get what they want at the story’s conclusion.

        No in my opinion

  6. “I know it’s easy to say Sarah and Casey could of been Chuck’s teacher, but i saw them as not allowing Chuck to reach the growth needed at the time. They kept him in the van and sheltered him most of the time. No body learns that way.”

    Since he now had 2.0 and they saw what he could do right off the bat ( in the Intersect room ), that could have been the vehicle for allowing him to grow. Staying in the van was a result of not having any particular survival skills in dangerous situations ( which he somehow overcame anyhow). I mean…he saved everyone’s life in the finale of Season 2.0. But the writer’s decided to omit / change / ignore / alter everything we learned in the first 2 seasons to TRY to tell a story ( and failing miserably), so it’s not surprising that they ignore both Sarah and Casey as an integral part of Chuck’s growth. Instead, they use those 2 as detrimental and deleterious influences on Chuck, and when Chuck finally reaches the particular growth that Fedak wanted, he inserts TB back as though nothing had really happened. Strange times, indeed.

  7. This is exhausting reading. I think the nacho sampler thru tic tac arc has a more OVERALL theme to it. We learn about the dark side of spying. Killing with instinct, burning assets, lies and danger. We learn this is the Sarah Walker in S1ep1 and can see how far she has “evolved” to a normal life and now how far Chuck has evolved to her old life. We see the bad way the lies of spying affect ALL the characters lives. Sarah lying to herself about loving shaw. Chuck lying to himself about loving Hannah. Shaw lying to Sarah to manipulate her. Chucks lies alienating his family and his best friend. When Chuck breaks up with Hannah and finally hits rock bottom, Daniel Zott’s song is perfect for the occasion;

    If I gave it all away I’d expect something back
    I’m never sure I could tell you where my heart is at
    ‘Cause every good thing I do is a selfish act
    I’m a hell of a guy
    Living a hell of a lie
    That’s why I don’t understand where you come in
    Showing the son of dirt how to be man
    I tried to refuse your name but you love the same
    Singing hallelujah

    Were some of the story lines miscombobulated? sure
    Were there a lot of nuances that can be scrutinized to death? yes
    In the end we should give kudos to the cast for bringing so much pain to life that it is emotionally soul crushing to watch….even despite it’s shortcomings.

    • Tuxedo,

      Yes the words of music often translate the meaning of the scene. It’s why My Sleep in the Final Exam is the best scene related song. When we watch Sarah walk away as she gave Chuck his final test, its heart warming because she turned the lyric “I will hold you in my sleep.”

      Fake name really is special for me because of one screenshot that will always tell me why Sarah wasn’t into Shaw like we believe, and the whole Sam thing was a crock.

      • Like many of you I did not like the Mask nor the Fake Name; however in the Fake Name is when we really see the relationship between Shaw and Sarah established and not before like some have speculated. Chuck is oblivious as Sarah’s cues. At all times she looks at him with loving eyes even in Chuck vs the Beard and Chuck is still fast to let the Shaw/Sarah relationship go on without fighting for her. As of the Mask, it was Chuck that pushed her towards Shaw and though she tried to resist as Christopher said seeing that she is losing what she once thought was her home or family due to Hannah leads her to make a rash decision of accepting more seriously Shaw’s advances. Like Bryce once mentioned that a spy that falls in love puts them in danger ;this is what exactly happened. Sarah’s emotion compromised her decision-making and reading of people’s intention.(Shaw in this case) or demeanor. The fact that she revealed her real name to Shaw is a betrayal to Chuck for many fans but she did go to the person that at that time was closest to her & her superior plus Chuck was not a a spy yet so that information was confidential.This was the hardest truth to swallow for the viewers but what done is done.

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