Our Beloved, Yvonne Strahovski Needs our Help

As we have done for Zachary Levi and Sarah Lancaster, we will show love and support towards another member of our Chuckaholics family. This time a very special person in our hearts and lives is asking for help This time our beloved Yvonne Strahovski  needs our help in promoting for her cause Mittens for Detroit.

Earlier today, Yvonne Strahovski posted this on twitter.,

“Today is . Give what you can TODAY to & your donation dollars will be matched!

Here are some information from Mittens for Detroit.

” The first snow has fallen, and the 5th Collection Season for Mittens for Detroit is underway!

For thousands of children & adults in Detroit, a single pair of gloves to protect their hands is a luxury they cannot afford. Shelters often distribute socks as makeshift mittens.

You can help change that. Your gift will help us reach our goal of providing over 20,000 pairs of new gloves to those who need them. Donate now and help Mittens for Detroit warm hearts, two hands at a time.”

Here is a link for those that would like to donate.


It is very important cause because no person in this country or across the world should be left out in the cold. Something simple like mittens can be the difference from getting sick and being warm. Please support Yvonne Strahovski and her cause Mittens for Detroit.

I donated $10.00 towards the cause. After all we are talking about this person. How could we not help Yvonne.

It's a friend thing

It is hard for us here at Chuckaholics to say no to Yvonne since she is a sister from another mother. We treat all members of Chuck’s alumni the same, and we look to show our support and gratitude for the great adventure we were able to take with her.

Yvonne, If you read this…There is no need to thank us here for donating. Your hard work and kind heart makes it easy for us to donate. We here would like to Thank you for bringing to life a great character like Sarah Walker.

Chuckaholics Founder,


Twitter: @Chuckaddiction2



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