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After two tough episode for the Chuck universe, the story starts to take a turn for the better. Sarah is with Shaw now, and Chuck stopped flashing. Chuck had no one he could talk to anymore, and he certainly wasn’t going to talk to the team. He wanted to talk to the person that mattered most. The man with the beard.

By the end of this episode, another one of Chuck’s family will know Chuck’s secret. It will calm Chuck down once he had his little buddy back and can speak freely about what he did on the installs.

So, let’s get into the beard,

It’s been seven days and Chuck hasn’t been able to flash since this happened.

Sarah scared

Once again, Chuck’s emotions were getting the better of him. It left the team to ask Chuck to come to Castle.

Chuck being grilled

Both Chuck and Sarah look like they been through hell. Chuck spending a few days on an emotional ruin, and even though Sarah was with Shaw, She was also showing signs of being emotionally fried.

Sarah emotionally shy

Shock and confused was Sarah’s expression. How could things become so screwed up between the two. Shaw said, he hasn’t been flashing and he was going to be benched for the time being.  Shaw showed what he cared about here. The Intersect was Daniel’s concern not Chuck.  They suggested that Chuck take time off.

Asking why he hasn't flashed

Chuck protested by saying he gave up a lot for this, and the truth came out of Chuck’s mouth, and it sounded a lot like Chuck from S1 and S2

Chuck: I don’t need I don’t need time off, okay? Maybe I’m not flashing because I have all these emotions bottled up in me.
You ever thought about that? I mean, I just broke up with Hannah, I can’t talk to my best friend or my sister about anything in my life.
I’m not a machine.
Okay, I am a machine, but I’m also a person.

It’s Chuck 2.0 clashing with his old self. he can’t talk to his best friend  or sister. Where was Sarah in that comment? Everything has caught up to Chuck and he felt alone. He was benched as a spy, and Sarah would further his ride to rock bottom by saying he could talk to them. We shall begin the discussion here,

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For a few minutes the old Chuck was present. Sarah was loving it.  Chuck’s eagerness to talk about his feelings was something Sarah was use too. She wanted to help him, but what drew Sarah into more of a confusion state would be Chuck turning her down when she asked about talking with them.

Chuck and Sarah have been down this road before. Sarah used the words ” you can talk to us” as suggesting to Chuck it would include Shaw in that mix, but I don’t believe it’s the case here’s why.

There was a scene in Chuck vs The Predator in which Sarah came into Chuck’s bedroom and asked if he still trusted us.

Do you still trust us

While on the surface it was a question she would ask with cameras and listening devices spread throughout the room, it would be the same thing in this episode. Shaw is standing beside her. How would it go over with her new boyfriend, her desire to help him. Do you think Shaw would be alright with that? Maybe on the surface he wouldn’t mind because it would help get the Intersect working again.

And here is the kicker, watch the scene from Predator and compare it with this scene in the beard.

The situation in Predator was different than in the Beard because of the intensity of  the situations. Sarah used the word us as a way to throw General Beckman off the scent  she was indeed concerned for Chuck and  most importantly showing her loyalty towards Chuck. He would  lie in saying he trusted her because if he did he would of showed her the Intersect Cards.

Sarah’s reaction to Chuck saying no was this.

A let down Meanwhile Devon and Ellie went on a holiday, Devon needed to get away for a few days because the constant fear of looking over his shoulder for danger and constantly lying for Chuck had made Devon lose his awesominess. it’s the price Devon paid for finding out Chuck’s secret. It was better than the alternative. Chuck would call Devon to vent, but Devon said not interested in listening anymore.

Woodcombs on a holiday

When Chuck made his way to the Buymore, Morgan called Chuck to his office. Morgan asked Chuck why he didn’t tell him about Paris, and made Hannah quit the store. All kinds of questions that Chuck couldn’t talk about.

Chuck couldn't tell Morgan anything

While Chuck was working on becoming a full time spy, he alienated a person that met a lot to Chuck, his best friend Morgan.

Grimes took it personal  When Hannah told him Chuck went to Paris. Grimes also took it personal that he kept him in the dark when it came to liking Hannah and dumping her soon after, as Morgan had interest in her. Morgan needed to have an intervention on the behavior of one Charles Irving Bartowski.

Where have you been Chuck

After Chuck couldn’t say what was on his mind,  Morgan would fire Chuck has his best friend. The agony of hearing those words drove Chuck into the abyss of what has happened over the past few weeks.

He lost control. He lost the love of his life and now his best friend was walking out on him. All of this just to become a full time spy. It makes you think about what Devon said in Angel de la Muerte “If being a spy means giving up your real life, than it just isn’t worth it.”

Chuck is going to learn what means more to him friends and family or being a spy. Let’s find out.

Chuck went to Castle to join the team on the mission, but Shaw said we love for you to come on the mission, but he wasn’t working and the risk was too much. Shaw “off days get spies killed.”

Shaw would explain about a ring operative staying at the hotel. It sound like the team would be shorthanded, and said they needed him. Shaw said, not today he was going to take Chuck place on the mission.

Chuck can't go on the mission with Shaw and SarahThis episode I started to feel bad for Bartowski. He was following through on something he wanted to do. The idea of working as a spy and being with Sarah was the mission, but right now he felt like no body wanted him. Truly, a series of unfortunate of events that have left Bartowski wondering if he made the right choice.

It’s very important to understand, we are watching what it’s like for a spy in training. the balancing act of one’s personal life with that of agent. Sarah once said, “It’s hard to have a relationship in this kind of work.”  Chuck was getting a harsh lesson in that reality. As the lies piled up, he started to lose everything that he valued.

poor Chuck Bartowski

At the hotel, Shaw and Sarah were checking into the hotel. Casey made a remark about being stuck in the van once again, and to also order him a margarita. They were waiting for the bell woman to leave.

Shaw and Sarah as a couple

As soon as the bell girl left the room, Shaw and Sarah went to work. They were talking with Casey as they were trying to locate the Ring agent in the hotel. Casey was able to track a call made from one of the room and started to trace it.

Back at the Buymore, Big Mike would learn that the store was going to be sold. It causes the store to unite for a change. Big Mike, Chuck, Jeffster and Morgan all huddle up and plan to work together.

Meeting of the minds
The Ring agents Diedrich Bader played Del, Diedrich was from the Drew Carey Show for those wondering.

The ring agents were going to interview the staff and get rid of those that didn’t fit the corporate mold.  Jeff. Lester and Big Mike here freaking out. Morgan had a different issue, and Bartowski and Morgan have a very real conversation.

The scene in which Chuck said it was no big deal if Morgan was let go from the Buymore really was how out of touch Chuck was at this point. It was a very ignorant thing to say to Morgan especially when he knew the Buymore was the only thing Morgan cared about. Morgan let Chuck have it for it too.

Morgan said this,

Morgan:  Really? See, it may not be the end of the world to you, but I don’t have a Stanford degree, Chuck.
I can’t do anything else but the Buy More.
This job is all I have.

What is significant by what Morgan said is the impact of where the two character were at this point. Chuck was working on becoming a spy, and in doing so left Morgan to fend for himself in the Buymore.

Chuck turned down the assistant manger’s position twice, and while Chuck was off doing installs. Morgan was maturing and working himself up the ranks. He is right when he said, Chuck had a degree from Stanford. Morgan only had the Buymore, and he worked himself up to assistant manger’s position.

After Morgan brought Chuck to Morgan’s reality. Chuck was called in for his interview. Del asked Chuck why wasn’t he the manager of the store. His credentials were ideal for the position, but Chuck vouched for Morgan not only as his best friend, but the right man for the job.

When the interview concluded,  Del said, Chuck was Charles Carmichael.  Del believed Shaw left Chuck behind to watch Castle. Neil asked what happens to the rest of the staff. Del Said, get rid of them,  but keep Bartowski and Grimes.

Back at the hotel, A call went out, which Casey zero in on, the call stated the ring agent was wearing blue and white swim shorts. When Sarah was searching the crowd by the pool, She spotted who the man in the blue and white shorts were. It was Devon.

Sarah seeing who the Ring Operative isThe ring agent

Casey made his way up to the hotel room where the call came from. He made into the room, and found the phone wired to a recording. It was a set up. Shaw figured the Ring did this to lure Shaw out of Castle, and leave his base totally unprotected with  Chuck who wasn’t flashing.

Shaw and Sarah went down to let Devon know about the possible danger facing him and Ellie. Devon was not thrilled at all with the presence of Shaw and Sarah on his holiday. He thought he was safe. The agents didn’t know how severe the threat was.

Shaw and Sarah  talking about the ringWhen the threat turned out to be a false alarm. Shaw and Sarah would assure Devon nothing was wrong and to enjoy the rest of his vacation.  As the two agents went on their way, Devon said to himself  they needed to get away from all of this.

So much happening in a short time span, Jeff was next on the list of interviews, and Jeff was concerned with getting in trouble for having a narcotic in his locker, he went to Morgan to help him get rid of it before they found out.

While Morgan went to the back, one of the agents told Del about finding a shaft hidden behind the lockers in the break room. As Morgan heard them coming he hid on top of the lockers. how he got up there without making noise was tremendous .

The agent entered the break room with their high tech devices and were able to find the CIA scanner for entry. They were able to crack it and went inside. Morgan was watching all of this.

Morgan shockedMorgan follows the men down the stairway into the halls of Castle. Morgan was like a baby seeing something for the first time. Wide eyed and in shock that something like this existed beneath the Buymore.

He gets all the way down to Castle itself. As Morgan was making his way towards Castle, Chuck returned to the Buymore and upon hearing the tape played by Lester asked where Morgan was.

Morgan found out about CastleWhere's Morgan At the hotel, Casey Shaw and Sarah all realized they were set up, and Shaw figured they lured them to the hotel for a reason, and they all knew Chuck was a sitting duck in Castle, and they head back to Burbank.

TB needs to get back to Castle

Chuck made his way to the back of the store, and bumped into Morgan who was excited and ready to stop the ring guys, all to the shock and bewilderment of Chuck. In Chuck’s mind he was thinking how did grimes find out about Castle.

Chuck's reaction to Morgan finding Castle

Chuck tried to tell Morgan about how dangerous the Ring was, but Morgan wasn’t listening. Chuck caved and said you can help. but we have to get everyone out of the store first.

As Morgan went to talk to the staff, Chuck called the team and let them know about the Ring being in the Buymore. Due to reception weakness the line faded in and out. Chuck was able to speak with them, and they said they were on their way.

Morgan and Chuck then went to the front of the store, and told the rest of the staff to leave the store, but Big Mike and crew were holding a resistance against losing their jobs. A rally of sorts. They blocked the entrance of the store with everything that could move.

It was a great moment for the Buymorians as Big Mike climbed the merchandise with the Buymore flag and all.

Fighthing for Buymore

Morgan and Chuck were bickering on attacking the ring, and saving Castle. Morgan was all gunho about doing so. He said he was tired of being a loser, and was going to save the store and country by taking these baddies out. and as they made it to the doorway of the break room. The two get caught by the Ring.

nice try Morgan

The ring took the two down to Castle and tie them up in the dojo room.  Del kept asking Chuck where were Shaw’s files. Del was using Chuck’s code name, which was confusing Morgan because Chuck’s name was not Charles Carmichael. Del went as far as put a blade to Morgan’s face because the second biggest revelation of the series to date. Chuck said,

As Chuck was talking about his secret, Shaw and Sarah made their way into the Orange, and Casey went through The Buymore.  The ring agents saw they did, and told Del about Agent Walker and Casey have arrived. Del and the rest of the team went to go take care of the agents.

In the meantime, Morgan asked Chuck how this all happened, and he was rehired as Morgan’s best friend. Chuck told him everything. Morgan wasn’t upset and  it was awesome his best friend was a spy.

After Chuck finished tell him how he became a spy, Morgan than was able to get Chuck to admit what was obvious to the world around him. He said, “You love that girl…We all knew by the way you looked at her”

A very important step to get the series back to where it use to be. Chuck finally saying he did love Sarah was big because it was the first time since Ellie’s reception Chuck said he loved Sarah. It’s a step that I was satisfied with at the time. Let me explain why.

It”s late in a football game. The team is down by 7 and has to go the full length of the field to score a touchdown. Most will tell you when you start the drive, you need a drive starter. Chuck admitting he loved Sarah was that drive starter.

A quick screen pass for 10 yards, and we are off. Even though we still have 70 yards to go.  the next thing we need to talk about is the Orange Orange scene.

Shaw and Sarah couldn’t get into Castle nor could Casey. Shaw first course of action was to call for Castle’s destruction. Sarah was not for that. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself in Chuck died and she did nothing.

We have to kill ChuckNo you can't kill ChuckShe has tears in those eyes

While some may not like Sarah approach here, I understood it for what it was. Sarah spared Chuck five minutes to get out of Castle. Some would say pull her gun out and force Shaw to not order the strike, but Sarah did what Chuck usually did and talked Shaw out of it.

The moist in her eyes told me she wasn’t going to let Chuck die without fighting for him. to piggy pack off what Gary said in his most recent comment. This was a mirror situation when it came to the museum. While Chuck went to get the agent to save her with the amount of time they had to make the save Sarah did the best she could.  Shaw was prepared to take down Castle regardless if Chuck was down there or not.

you have to think like a spy

This would be one scene I question the writing and Shaw in particular. If he knew his new girlfriend had issues with killing her ex boyfriend wouldn’t he remember how he felt when Eve was shot?

It almost seems like everything was by the book unless it had something to do for Shaw’s personal mission. The writing for this threw me through a loop because of Shaw losing Eve doesn’t that weight on the decision. It just proves where Shaw’s values are when it comes to life. He is a bonefide killer.

When Casey returned to the Orange, Shaw had no choice but to give the order for the strike. However, what they didn’t know was Chuck flashed and was taking out the agents down below.

Sarah skin became pale when she watched Shaw put the phone to his ear. A very uncomfortable feeling came across Sarah.

Sarah frozen

Right before Shaw could give the order, the doors to Castle opened. Morgan was the first one out follow by Chuck.

Shaw said they had to move Morgan out of Burbank at night, but Chuck was adamant about not letting that happen. He said Morgan has twenty two reasons why Morgan can be trusted. Shaw would give in and allow Morgan to stay.

Chuck was happy and joking something we haven’t seen in a while. Remember in Operation Awesome when I said cherish this moment.

There is Sarah of old

Well the smile she had in Operation Awesome returned here in this episode. As she was watching Chuck and Morgan walk up the stairs she was smiling for the first time in a month the old Chuck was leaving Castle.

Sarah happy seeing Chuck happy
The return of a smile….can do wonders for the soul


Before Chuck and Morgan could play duck hunter, Devon came up to Chuck about the hotel and the Ring used them as bait. Chuck assured him they were doing everything they can to keep Ellie and him safe. When Devon returned to his apartment, he told Ellie they should get away. He suggested Doctors without Borders in Africa.

Ellie said she couldn’t do it because of Chuck, but Devon said it wasn’t about Chuck. It was about take time away from this place and most specifically get away from the spy game.

So now Morgan knows about Chuck’s secret. Someone other than Devon knows, which Chuck could discuss his trepidation with. As I mentioned, it was a screen pass for ten yards, a simple drive starter, but we know it’s needed. we still have 70 yards to go.

Since the Buymore was apart of the main story, there won’t be a separate Buymore story in this episode. My overall thoughts on the Beard was how Chuck hit rock bottom, and was able to get a small piece of his life back in order.

Morgan knowing about Chuck secret will only help from here. It also is significant to hear Morgan say he was done being a loser. Morgan Grimes’s journey to adulthood has made him a very valuable character.

The next episode we will get a 40 yard pass down the middle. However, there won’t be anything easy from there because as always the defense tightens once you get close to the final hurdle.

The next episode on my list is Chuck vs Tic Tac, The third Casey Centric episode of the series. A lot happens in this episode and we will save some for then. until next time remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play

and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t





  1. Good job, Chris. The beginning of the end ( sort of ) of the misery arc.

    There are a couple of points I don’t agree with.

    Sarah had been emotionally vacant to Chuck’s problems ever since Prague. She had become even more so since The Mask. Not realizing she was actually the problem was just par for the course for Sarah here. She has ample opportunity to go off and away from the others ( Shaw in particular) to ask Chuck if he wants to talk. ( Like they did when Chuck asked Sarah about Hannah). Her butt wasn’t glued to the chair…she didn’t have to be connected to Shaw at the hip. If she really wanted to talk to Chuck alone, she could have. She never really wanted to talk to Chuck anymore….so putting it out there so Chuck would have to spill his emotions in front of everyone was just keeping him at arms length. She was happy the way things were, so she didn’t want anything complicating that. (think of what happens in Tic Tac when Sarah and Chuck are getting ready to go save Casey’s bacon, and Chuck brings up Prague….Sarah cuts him off. )

    Second is the contention that Chuck finally admits he loves Sarah for the first time since Ellie’s reception. He told his father he loved her at Ellie’s reception, BUT he told Sarah he loved her in Three Words.

    I don’t think this was actually the start of Chuck’s redemption. Breaking up with Hannah was the beginning of Chuck’s redemption. Sarah further damages herself in this episode, first with her , “talk to us” comment, and then getting misty eyed when asking Shaw to give Chuck more time. If she still cares about him, but wants to be with Shaw, talk to him. Chuck did that when he was going to pursue Hannah. It would have been better if she just went completely cold on Chuck rather than give evidence that she still loves him, but choses to do nothing about it.

    • I actually have to admit Sarah was starting to bug me here. After going through the season again for the episode write ups, I saw Sarah really the shell of herself here. it’s sad because the strong female role is anything but here.

      I forgot about the recording, but see thats the point people forget things over time when they are recorded the recording that should of been discussed in Prague, but let’s ignore that for right now.

      Chuck was alone in Castle no shaw casey or sarah and he was alone in the Buymore now. Devon left town to get away from Chuck’s life. it’s like everything that was happening crashed all around him.

      Getting back to Sarah, I will be ripping into her very soon and you know when….

      • Hey Chris…agree with everything else. You shouldn’t discount the recording … Chuck thought Sarah was outside the door…….and she did hear , “…. I love you. ” That Sarah heard the REST of what Chuck said on a recording doesn’t mean he didn’t say it. Like Shepherd said, though, it really isn’t a big deal whether he admits it to himself. I mean, when did he start NOT admitting it to himself ???? He broke up with Hannah because of Sarah. Even when he phoned Devon, he said , ” Sarah’s falling for another guy..”, so he knew how he felt before he spilled the beans to Morgan. The problem was never Chuck anyhow…if Sarah hadn’t been so silent, Chuck would have never had a problem….he would have had some guidance through this new minefield he was in.

        Shepherd…I don’t know about filling Shaw full of lead … sure, it would have been IMMENSELY satisfying for every fan. But, yeah…Sarah was pretty well unredeemable in this episode. The only thing she did to show just a slight hint of humanity is backing up Chuck regarding Morgan.

        Then she goes right back to dumb, mopey Sarah in the next episode…

        In my opinion, anyway.

      • I don’t discount it the recording,I just don’t like when it was said. However, the show was consistent in reveal something in an episode to be used later apart of a major plot for example, one of the photos that were used for Chuck to flash on in this episode was the mole from Final exam.

        or am I wrong. Just like Justin makes his first appearance in the series in next episode.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Beard.

    It is bar none, the worst Sarah Walker episode of the series. She has never been displayed as this dumb and this weak in any other episode. (Other Guy is a close second.)

    This is also the episode where the showrunners start transferring Chuck’s qualities onto Morgan.

    As far as Chuck’s revelation that he loves Sarah – yeah, big woop.

    Sarah asking for more time from Shaw is unredeemable. This is where she should have taken out her gun and ventilated his skull (realizing she loves Chuck). But this can’t happen because TPTB are in love with their new male lead and forget about the female series regular.

    • I can watch the Beard and Tic Tac …once I get through Sarah being S3 Sarah at the start, it’s a good episode …… until we get S3 Sarah at the end.

      I never minded Morgan growing….I mean, thank goodness he did. That absolute loser we got at the beginning of the series just didn’t fit in with Chuck’s type …. I mean, when you are quite successful in school and in life ( like Chuck was up until he got booted from Stanford), you tend to leave the idiots behind. Birds of a feather …..

      The fact that Morgan was growing and becoming more responsible was good for show, IMHO. We had Jeff and Lester for the losers…we didn’t need Morgan too.

      But, yeah…leaving Sarah to rot was just inexcusable. It’s actually a wonder the show survived … Chuck and Sarah were the heart. I’m surprised Fedak would ever get another chance in Hollywood.

      • Yeah. If you don’t think Shaw drags the entire show down Tic Tac removes any doubt.

        There’s nothing wrong with TIc Tac except it’s 3 minutes too long so the showrunners could hit the angst button again.

      • Exactly ….39 minutes of Sarah realizing Chuck was still the same guy…willing to do whatever for a friend…even willing to risk jail ( and never becoming a spy ). We finally have Sarah opening her mouth and saying what SHE should have said at the end of Three Words …or even in Prague. But then she cuts Chuck off from talking about it. And then, once more, Chuck does the right thing and Sarah takes it the wrong way.

        All the gains in the episode gone up in smoke from an acutely dismal intellectual fart from Sarah…..

      • Yea, I agree Sarah really was acting like Chuck in a sense I want my cake and eat it too. I liked how you put in () never becoming a spy. throw in almost killing someone at the end and Sarah is off to Shaw. Terrible !!!!

      • Well, the “almost killing someone” wasn’t really Chuck, and Sarah would have known that …she knew that the Laudenol drug would take away all of Chuck’s emotions. If we go strictly by pharmacology rules, Sarah shouldn’t have been able to snap him out of it, though…his emotional connection to Sarah should have been suppressed, too. But ,then again, it’s just TV.

        Just like in the next episode, Casey was looking out for Chuck, Sarah was looking for something negative to focus on.

      • would you say, a woman scorned? The actions made by Sarah suggest so. When you take in account she was willing to pull her gun on Longshore, but not Shaw.

        Or did Sarah succumb to Shaw because she felt she had no other choice. When you have questions like this. We often know the story is incomplete then.

        What is sad is in one episode Morgan fired Chuck as his best friend, and boom they are friends by the end of the episode. If the writing isn’t on the wall on what the creators felt was more valuable to them I don’t know what else to say

        It’s take from the time Orion said, that CIA agent isn’t CIA to DYLM for Sarah and Chuck to return to being Charah. As I said in this article we are on the last drive.

        we have 70 yards to go. time is a factor, We had a nice 10 yard pass to start the drive with Chuck admitting he still love Sarah and Sarah smiling like she did watching Chuck and Morgan leave.

        I don’t know I just getting that feel Chuck and Sarah never stood a chance with creative around. Most couples don’t survive what happened from OA to FN

      • “What is sad is in one episode Morgan fired Chuck as his best friend, and boom they are friends by the end of the episode. ”

        Great point, Chris.

        As I watch S4, I realize how well they do in not dragging things out like they did in S3. Was Fedak just in a creative funk ??? He couldn’t figure out a way to move the story forward, so he tore it apart so he could start over ??? S1 and S2 were the same…they never let things linger…maybe 2 episodes tops.

        The other funny thing about S4 ( other than the myriad continuity mistakes) is how they have COMPLETELY ignored or whitewashed early S3. I just watched Aisle of Terror and First Fight last night, and the only little nod to S3 was when Chuck told Morgan this is Sarah and his first fight ….. Morgan gave a little “look” …and Chuck said…”as a couple.”

        It was kinda funny !!

  3. The showrunner’s “intent” doesn’t matter.

    What matters is what I think they did, or how I perceive what is presented on by TV.

    The only story that matters is the one I see. Not the one that is in their heads that they “intended” for me to see.

    • Agree there, Shepherd. For the final episode, Yvonne had mentioned in an interview how Sarah still doesn’t remember Chuck, but she starts to see all the things that she loved about him ( when on their “mission” to kill Quinn), and so she starts to fall in love with him again.

      I guess that was the intent of the Goodbye ….but did anyone see that ? I certainly didn’t …. the only hint of that is when she fixed his tie. She seemed more perturbed by his refusal to fire his gun, and other things he did. Perhaps that is why the final scene is so disturbing ( other than the whole premise, I mean) ….there was NO indication that Sarah showed any spark towards Chuck until he told her “their story.”

      • Probably no one will read this, but what scene is the first picture from? Second, I have written that Sarah accomplishes many things by turning to Shaw. She has no feelings for him so the relationship will be one she is familar with and understands. She is a physical person who needs a physical relationship and hasn’t had one for 3 years. It hurts Chuck, Shaw is Chuck’s kryptonite and she knows it. He has spent the first part of season 3 declaring his love for Sarah and suddenly he’s all hot for Hannah? That’s the relationship I find unacceptable. It gets her out of Burbank and away from Chuck. The reason she does not want Chuck to be a spy is the Red Test. She sees that as a no win situation. If he fails he’s not a spy. A spy can have a relationship with a spy, but never with an asset; if he passes he’s not her Chuck. They can’t be together either way. That’s why she wanted to run.

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