gallery Chuck vs The Tic Tac

Chuck vs Tic Tac is a very good episode. Highly underrated because of the amount of story line revealed in this episode. It is a Casey centric episode, which we will learn about Alex Colburn.

We will learn John Casey’s real name is Alex Colburn, and he has a daughter. A major character that will be apart of the story from here on out.  Robert Patrick will make his one and only Chuck debut, which is a shame because T-1000 always holds a place in people’s hearts when it comes the Terminator series.

This episode also delivers a much needed heart to heart between Sarah and Chuck the breath of fresh air if you will. let’s begin.

At the end of last episode, Casey picked up the Ring Phone, and on the other line was a man, who knew John Casey.

A flashback to 1989, when John Casey was young, He was trying to get into special forces, but the Marines said he didn’t qualify, and sent him home.

Alex Colburn trying to get into special forces
Alexander Colburn didn’t qualify for Special Operation Command

When Alex went outside, a man was leaned against a jeep, and asked if he wanted to do some real work,

James Jeller
James Keller: How would you feel if I told you that there was a covert black ops team of America’s finest snipers, rangers and men willing to do anything to protect this country, and that team wanted you?

Alex Colburn was all for working with a unit in that capacity. We fast forward to present time, and  Keller was  in Casey’s apartment telling him about General Beckman was planning to give an order for a trace cell mission. The mission was design to test the security system of the CIA. He wanted Casey to pick him up something. He believed Casey would do the right thing.

I know you will do the right thing

Another one of Casey’s superiors trying to recruit Casey to the dark side. Outside Morgan was listening and watching using nice bit of spy craft.

The problem was Chuck was closing in on him, and saw what Morgan was doing. He saw Morgan was spying on Casey. When Chuck saw Casey shake the hand of this mysterious man. Chuck was wondering why Casey would take a mission with out the rest of the team.

Keller and Casey Casey watching the two shake hands

At Castle, Beckman would give the team a trace cell mission. they would go through all 15 levels of the security system, There own system. Chuck asked if Shaw would be joining us, and GB said no. he was in D.C. Walker would be joining him after the mission.

Chuck would turn to the team,  and ask if everyone has a mission within a mission. Casey would let Chuck know Walker’s trip was a personal one.  Chuck understood why he was out of the loop in that one. Sarah said, relax Chuck my work is here. We go up against the best security system in the world.

Oh I get itWhile keeping Chuck out of the loop was by designed, Sarah did say her work was here. It meant Chuck still had a chance., but Chuck hearing she was going to Washington for personal reason made Chuck feel inadequate about the situation. However, he was not stressing it because deep down he knows he pushed her towards Shaw. As I mentioned in Fake Name, he was too late to realize he was with the wrong woman.

While he was saying goodbye to Hannah, Sarah was kissing Shaw.

Sarah quickly volleyed  any attempt of questions from Bartowski by discussing the mission at hand. Casey, Chuck and Sarah were going to be busy. The team arrived at the CIA facility. At the end of the hall was the door the team needed to get too. Chuck thought it was going to be easy, but the two experienced agent let him know not just yet, and flipped a coin down the hallway.

TB testing security

As the coin was flying, darts from both walls came shooting out. Chuck realized this wasn’t going to be that easy, as he looked at the two, he flashed and flipped and cartwheeled down the hallway. When they got to the top. Walker said she would wait outside. Chuck and Casey entered the vault, and Casey would tell Chuck the box they needed was on the other side of the room.

While Chuck went to break into the  box, Casey went to steal the pill Keller asked of him. As Chuck turned the corner, he saw Casey locking the box. He asked Casey if there was anything going on. Chuck said, if he needed help to tell him. Casey pulled out his gun and said “Mention this to anyone, and your as good as a dead man.” When Casey finished his line. Sarah came into the vault and asked the two if everything was alright.  Chuck and Casey confirmed that it was.

I'll kill you BartowskiChuck sense something is wrong.

Back at Castle, Beckman congratulated the team on a successful operation, but said it was a little too late though. As someone stole a pilled called “Laudanol” Beckman explained what the drug was going to be used for.

The pill was designed so the user couldn’t feel anything. No emotions or fears. When Chuck heard this he asked if it would help him flash. Sarah couldn’t hold her tongue with this She said, “Well, maybe, but then you wouldn’t feel anything, Chuck.”

I have defended Sarah with regards to dealing with normal situations . Especially when she was silent over being able to talk out her feelings. Sarah’s ego got the better of herself here. She knows by now how much this means to Chuck to be able to function as a spy.

Her comment about taking the pill only proves where her head is at this point, and the more we go through this scene the more and more Sarah proves she doesn’t want him to become a spy. The idea he could work properly without his emotions getting in the way was ideal, and who knows maybe they designed the drug purposely for him. The story doesn’t dig too much into the drug.

After Beckman explained the drug, Chuck thought this was a test. The test would be if Chuck would turn in his friend John Casey to the CIA. He went said, “First solo mission, than an alias now will you turn in your friend and partner John Casey.” He was game and pointed to the colonel as he was the one who did it.

Casey wasn’t thrilled with Chuck telling the general. Beckman was startled by the news, and Sarah didn’t know what to do. One thing was for sure, she picked up her weapon. After Chuck realized that maybe this wasn’t a test, quickly tried to take back what he said, but the damage was done.

Casey in trouble

The general asked the colonel if he had any words, but he pleaded the Fifth Amendment. Before the general could go any further with the arrest of John Casey, Chuck went to Casey’s defense, but Beckman wasn’t hearing it.

Chuck defending Casey Sarah not understanding what's going on

A very tense scene would arise as we watch Walker take her gun and the colonel unwillingness to cooperate with Beckman further drew the concerns from his now former team.

Walker would ask Casey what was going on, but he said nothing and looked at Chuck with disdain behind his eyes for ratting.

You bastard Chuck would seek out Morgan to watch the tape he had made of the man with Casey from the night before. When Morgan played the video. Chuck flashed on the man. It turned out the man was General James Keller, who now was working for the Ring.

I want to take a minute to discuss John Casey and his former trainers. Imagine how Casey must feel realizing his former Sensai was recruited by Fulcrum and former Colonel at the time James Keller was working with the Ring.

He also believed his former lover Ilsa Tranchina was dead, but she was working a mission. It is no wonder why Casey is rigid when it comes to feelings. Everyone he has known in his life was turncoats or broke his heart in some capacity.

Now that I digressed, back to the episode at hand.

At Casey’s apartment, a crew of agents were cleaning out all agency related  the former colonel’s apartment  Chuck came to the apartment and told her about his flash. They both assumed Casey didn’t know. Finding out Keller was a Ring OperativeWe have to break him out

It is an important scene in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. As Sarah told Chuck what the agency planned to do with Casey in the morning, Chuck said we need to break him out. Sarah reminded Chuck if they did this, they were risking treason and his chances of becoming a real spy would all be for not.

Chuck said “It’s, Casey.”a smile appeared on Sarah’s face as she said she was hoping he would of said that.

Good I am glad

What I like about this scene  it felt  like old times. Chuck willing to risk personal gain to help others, and Sarah going along as a team. another thing about the scene was the start of something between the two that hasn’t happen in this season to date.

They are communicating. It would continue when they are at the CIA facility. They are working together. All to break out Casey. No Shaw, No issues about becoming a spy. It was just Charles Carmichael and Sarah Walker as one.

Carmichael back in play

As they work themselves up to the 15th floor again, they ran into a bit of trouble. The security system they breached the day before was in fact changed.  Chuck flashed and slammed right into an invisible fiberglass wall. Sarah went to check if he was alright, and doing so set off the alarm.

Well done little guy

The man that made the changes came walking in and told his men to alert the general about the breach in security. Chuck and Sarah played it off as a surprise trace cell. They asked if he could show them the rest of his changes.

As they get to the 15th floor, the man said the only key to get into the holding cells was the key in his hand. Chuck and Sarah just looked at each other and agreed. Sarah said they were going to need that key.

The man was going to eat the card, but the alarm going off again stopped him. This time it was for real. Sarah knocked out the poor little guy, and gave Chuck the key. They found Casey, and while they were trying to talk to him. An explosion took place before they were able to contact him.

They make their way to Casey’s cell and when they open his cell. They saw Keller and his men between them and Casey. Chuck said, this guy works for the Ring. He regained his composure after the explosion looked at his former team and said “I know.” and left with Keller. It left Chuck and Sarah perplexed in the decision made by Casey.

The Colonel leaving with The Ring Chuck and Sarah ran out of the building, Sarah said they have to worry about themselves first before The Ring, but they didn’t get very far as they were snatch by the agency.

We have to geto ut of here

They were nabbed by Beckman, who decided to make the trip to Burbank because all three members of Team Bartowski were getting arrested for treason. Beckman told Charah about who John Casey really was. They unsealed Casey’s records and found Keller recruited Alex in 1989, Alex died in 1989. On the same day of Alex’s death, John Casey joined the NSA. She told them his real name was Alex Colburn,

Beckman assured Chuck and Sarah they would be on their way to prison too, but she had a mission only the Carmichaels could accomplish. It’s interesting Beckman didn’t mention Shaw for this situation. No, she said Chuck and Sarah were the only two who can reacquire the Laudandol and Casey dead or alive.

It’s amazing on how short minded Beckman can be. The team never thought there was a reason for Casey  being aligned with The Ring?  It showed very little faith in the man that had spent three weeks in Costa Gravas to stop the generalissimo.

At the apartment complex, Morgan was on his way to the apartment when Casey stopped him. He asked Morgan to help him get the pill he stashed at the Buymore. A mission Grimes accepted.

Grimes get's his first mission

What happened next would mark a very significant scene in the relationship of Chuck and Sarah. A scene that needed to happen. Communication is the main theme of my analysis in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. When the two took the time to talk about their feelings like earlier when they discussed breaking Casey out of prison. The progress nicely. What was in their hearts and minds were out there for the open.

This time it was Sarah that voiced her concerns about Chuck and being a spy. Something that should’ve been said back in Prague.

Talking about Casey turing

Chuck: Three years three years of missions, training, I’m his friend.
How can all of that have been a lie?

Sarah I don’t know, some people change.
You move forward as a spy, and the line between what’s right and wrong becomes more and more gray.
You don’t know what to believe in or who to believe in.

I was critical of Chuck’s timing  of his explanation about not running in Prague. He gave it in the vault, but it should’ve been said at the train station. Same can be said here for Sarah. The explanation she gave Chuck here would’ve been better suited for the train station as well.

Chuck listening to Sarah about spying The next part of the scene is one of my favorites of the season and an overall favorite from the entire series. For the first time in the series Sarah talked about what she was keeping inside.

Sarah ready to talk
Sarah: I thought you had changed

I was proud of Sarah here, she spoke her mind and allowed her feelings to be out there for Chuck to see and hear. This scene also was one of those scene that I feel Sarah was with Shaw, but her heart belong to Chuck, and she said this.

Sarah explaining her feelings on Chuck becoming a spy

 Sarah: I know that you want to be the perfect spy, and I know what it means to you and what you’ve sacrificed to get there.
But please don’t lose that guy that I met three years ago.
Don’t give up on the things that make you great

What convinces me that Sarah still wants to be with Chuck was her smile after saying don’t lose that guy she met three years ago. As she is saying it, she is thinking about it, which means it’s that Chuck she wants to remember.

Sarah knows who she is and has become ↔ She is the spy, the assassin, the protector.

It’s why when she said to Shaw two episode ago about remembering she was. It’s here she gives away her lie.

Don't lose the things that made me love youThere is still love for Chuck behind those eyes

 The reason Sarah spoke about her feelings has a lot to do with the surroundings. No Casey, No Shaw. They are alone with no interruptions. Sarah laying her feelings out there was received by Chuck, who refused the gun after Sarah handed it to him. His response, “I will always be the that guy,” but was he? How he treated Hannah wasn’t that guy was it?

Chuck thinking about what she said While Sarah was finished with what was on her chest, Chuck was ready to talk as well, but Sarah pulled a “Chuck” in not letting him speak his mind. I took it as Sarah spoke her mind, but didn’t want to discuss it any further. She said her peace, and let’s leave it at that. I also didn’t think she wanted hash out old memories.

As they rack their brains about the mission, Chuck asked where would Casey plant the pill. Chuck suggested the Buymore. Sarah said Casey was too smart for that, but as she said it Chuck saw Morgan walk into the store, and instantly knew why Grimes was there.

Chuck watching Morgan enter the store
He would have to use somebody. And that someone would have to be either desperate, stupid, or just plain willing to do anything to impress him.

Chuck caught you GRimes

Sarah saw what Chuck was talking about, and both went for Morgan. Chuck caught Morgan looking at taking the Planet of the Apes DVD and knew the pill was in the case. He knew Morgan didn’t like the movie because the upper lips never moved when the characters were speaking.

Morgan cave and handed the drug over to Chuck. Charah would enter Chuck’s apartment. Chuck went through the front and was greeted rudely by the former colonel. He asked Chuck where was the pill. As Casey put his gun into Chuck chest, Sarah came in from the back armed with her gun.

TB at the brink

Chuck used his talents to perfection as he was able to talk down Casey from doing something he would regret. He told Casey, he knew about his real name and about Keller, but what he didn’t know was why.

I had a fiance

Casey would explain his side of the story, and his reasons.

Casey: Alex Coburn I had a fiancée. Now she thinks I’m dead.
And if I don’t turn over the Laudanol to the Ring, they’re gonna kill her. Her name’s Kathleen McHugh. I was gonna marry.
Love of my life. But to be a spy and protect our country, I had to give up that life. And now she’s going to die because of a decision I made.

What annoys me about the team was this scene. How many times does the time need to decide to do something on their own before telling the team about the troubles faces one of them. They all have done it or will do it.

If Casey would of just told Chuck and Sarah about his problem instead of being pushed into a corner by Keller and his men. Chuck and Sarah would of been their for him. Weren’t they there for him when his Sensei turned up.

Casey said if he didn’t show up at the meeting, Keller would know something was up. The plan was to send Chuck to Kathleen and Sarah would go with Casey.

Both members were ready and able to support Casey. I also would like to point out something Casey said here. The words “gave up for the greater good.” Casey didn’t sound like he was happy about his decision, but had to live with it.

Chuck and Sarah were still at the point where it wasn’t too late. They still where in each other’s life. They just had to get past their own issues, which was starting to take shape. First, Chuck admitting he loved Sarah and second Sarah telling him not to lose  the guy she met three years ago.  All big plays on our drive to the end zone.

Sarah said, Keller expects you at the meet, what are we going to do? Sarah was all ready for this. She was in combat zone to help Casey. Chuck was ready to go to Kathleen’s house and help Casey in that way. Casey was not alone in this.

what are we going to doI love it when I see the team throw the book out the window for each other. A far cry from the first season. Especially for Casey and Sarah who were company people in that season.

Chuck makes his way to Kathleens as the gas company, and Casey and Sarah make their way to a cabin in the woods.  I really liked Casey’s method in letting Sarah know how many guys she would be facing.

On a side note, one of the baddies Sarah takes on would be very important in a few episodes from now. As we get the first look at this guy,

Looks like Justin no
Look like that is Justin no?

Meanwhile at Kathleen’s house, Chuck arrived and tried to get Kathleen to leave with him, but the Ring agents arrived on the scene forced Chuck to act like a crazy person, and forced Kathleen back in the house.

Kathleen confused about what was going on, Chuck would have an awesome fight scene, but wait there is something going on back at the cabin at the same time.

Casey would go into the cabin and stood in front of Keller, he handed over the pill, but Keller found a Tic Tac instead. Keller asked Casey if he thought he was going to just be able to walk out of here.

I always told you to have back up

Casey said, no. Keller said the one thing he taught Casey was to have someone watch his back. Casey responded with  I know. Sarah lowered herself from underneath the truck. and Sarah took on the five guys Casey told her about. She had her patent jab and crescent kick.  Casey and Keller rumbled and finally Casey got the upper hand and killed Keller.

There's that jab
I haven’t seen this jab all season, Agent Walker has made an appearance in S3 

Meanwhile at the house, Chuck was surrounded by bad guys. He used his watch to see how long before Sarah and Casey would arrive at the house. Casey told Chuck to take the pill.

Where are you guys
What is the ETA on your arrival guys. 

What happened next is my favorite Chuck fight scene, He was awesome in this scene.

The best part was when he kicked the thing off the mantle into the bad guy’s face. great scene.

Chuck had the ring agent in a chokehold, and Sarah came running in and told Chuck to stop. Sarah is beside herself, and freak out to Washington.  I want to explain this scene and it’s the very scene that told me what she she loved about Chuck. What she loved was Chuck inability to kill people.

Look at her reaction to Casey doing what he did in the cabin. She is uncomfortable with watching it. She understood it from Casey’s point of view.

Sarah watching Casey kill Keller However, when Chuck did it. She has a different reaction to it.


Essentially, its the same scene from Chuck’s perspective. After everything Sarah has been through all season thus far within herself. The struggle of understanding Chuck’s decision in becoming a spy. From burning an asset to lying to Ellie it was all happening, but nothing would prepare her if Chuck became like Casey, a killer. She didn’t want to see it or want it happen.

Sarah saw this already

If this was the direction Chuck was headed. The way he would work for now on. Sarah wasn’t going to partake. She was more than willing to move to Washington. The more Chuck disappeared the more she  wanted to remember him. Chuck killing someone was worse than Prague and Hannah. By Chuck killing the agent, He would not be  Chuck Bartowski anymore.

Once you get the taste of blood, it changes a man. It makes them think about doing it again. Sarah saved Chuck from falling in that dark place.

In the end Sarah did what Sarah does best, she ran to Washington. Communication lost again…..

Sarah still struggling with Chuck becoming a spy

Casey Meets his Daughter

While Sarah stopped Chuck from killing the agent, Casey went to look after Kathleen. As he touched her face, a young woman entered the room. The young woman was old enough to be Alex Colburn’s daughter. In Casey’s mind, he doesn’t have a daughter because Alex is dead.

Casey realizing he has a daughterJohn Casey meet your daughter

Casey had a flashback to the day he died. He recalled talking to Kathleen and she told him to don’t worry about her to focus on the mission, and when he came home she had a surprise for him. Well, it would turn out to be a daughter.

Devon and Ellie

Devon and Ellie were at odds in this episode. As Devon was eager to go on to Africa to escape the spy world. However, Ellie was able to get her dream job at USC.

They both asked Chuck, and Chuck told both of them to follow their dreams. Morgan was different. It was funny how Devon found out Morgan knew Chuck’s secret. At the end, Devon congratulated Ellie on getting the USC job.

Ellie later in the episode discussed with Chuck her decision. She was going to go to Africa with Devon. She told Chuck that over time dreams change. When you meet the right person, your dreams take a back seat.

It’s exactly what Chuck was doing giving up his dreams to be with the person that matter most Sarah Walker…….As I said, Chuck leaving the comfort of his life to enter the woman’s life. In other words, he had to join her in her world. A real man does that.

Overall Thoughts on Tic Tac

A very underrated episode. It reveals a lot on how Casey became well John Casey. What he gave up to live the life we know him as.  We also learn he has a daughter, but of all the things we know.

Casey has had a rough life.  His former Sensei and Commander both were turncoat. Both ask him to sacrifice for the greater good only to join enemy factions.  They used that trust against him by making him do something later. I grew to appreciate Casey after this episode.

Sarah finally opens up to Chuck about the change to his personality, and for a change the two worked together as the Carmichaels. Agent Walker made her presence felt when she took on 5 guys by herself.

Chuck vs the TIc Tac also brings us 50 yards away from the end zone, but with every last drive to win a game comes pressure, Can Chuck and Sarah survive this latest hurdle. Let’s find out as Chuck takes his final exam next episode.

A rare episode I don’t like Sarah in.

As always Chuckaholics is your toy, so play with this site. Remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

Next episode…..Chuck vs The Final Exam







  1. “How he treated Hannah wasn’t that guy was it?”

    Sure it was. Sarah “drove” him to Hannah by her refusal to have anything to do with him other than be on the same team. She wouldn’t even guide him when he came up against a situation that was obviously tough for him. She was just not communicating with him…and she didn’t ever since Ellie’s wedding. Chuck realized him being with Hannah was wrong AFTER he was with her. Sarah told him he had to live the lie, but he was no longer willing to do so if it meant he wasn’t being true to himself. It seemed brutal to break up with Hannah that night, but it was the right thing to do. There’s never a good time to end a relationship ( if you can call a 4 day fling a relationship).

    This was typical Sarah communication. Look at the progression….
    1) Chuck proposes romantic time together… Sarah puts work first AND adds Bryce in to the mix for good measure

    2) Sarah asks Chuck to dance ….and stays silent about changing her mind. Chuck is left to speak first…smoothing things over..she tells him he’s a hero and “that guy”….and misses out on the opportunity to tell Chuck what she is actually going to do.

    3) Chuck makes a fateful decision to download the Intersect to stay in Sarah’s life. When Sarah finds out what that will mean, she lies to Chuck to try to get him to run away with her. (yes…and then Chuck makes the biggest mistake of his life…and a very un-Chuck like move).

    4) Chuck apologizes to Sarah and tells her he loves her ( yes…kinda late ), and Sarah decides to stay silent …even asking to be transferred away from Chuck ( Boy…I wonder how that made Chuck feel ??) When FORCED to stay, Sarah says nothing again, but makes a truce with Chuck, but not expressing any feelings toward him.

    5) When Chuck is sent on a mission by himself, Sarah adopts her protective posture, which is ineffective since Chuck is unaware she still has feelings for him. It comes off as condescending and belittling in front of a new boss that Chuck is trying to impress.

    6) She fails to notice Chuck’s discomfort with handling an asset and having to burn him at the end. You always mention Chuck not being able to read Sarah’s body language ….it goes both ways here. Casey is left to pick up the pieces while Sarah stays silent. Poor communication.

    7) Chuck gives Sarah an out on the Hannah thing …giving her the go ahead to stop it if she wishes ( “Are you sure you’re OK with this whole Hannah thing?” )….they’d only kissed up to that point. Sarah enthusiastically endorses it and affirms her relationship with Shaw. We can’t tell if she was lying or just resigned to not wanting Chuck anymore. Once more…poor communication from Sarah.

    8) Sarah suffers while Chuck takes on an alias….but her only advice to him the whole episode is to “Live the lie..” Then she goes off the deep end and spills everything to Shaw… she decides HE’S the guy she should communicate with.

    9) Having no other woman to compete with, Sarah decides the best way to have a talk with Chuck is a big group emotional talk, with her present boyfriend in attendance. Such a sweetheart, isn’t she ? So understanding….

    10) Having no one else around, she FINALLY says what has been bothering her since Chuck mentioned the CIA wanted to train him. YES ….communication !!!! Except communication is listening to what the other person has to say as well, and Sarah shuts Chuck down before he can say anything.

    Sarah’s communication is to either lie, not respond or have her say and not want a response. No wonder Chuck is flailing around …. he makes a conscious decision to enter her world to be with her ( as well as grow himself), and she shuts down all communication with him. He’s never sure what he is supposed to do, and like the Red Test, almost everything he does is a no-win situation for him. He’s never going to be exactly the same Chuck Sarah first met ( who Chuck doesn’t really like anyway), or he’s going to be successful in whatever endeavour he is pursuing and Sarah will like him even less.

    Ya gotta feel sorry for the guy…….

    • I can break down further. This really was a tale that Chris Fedak had his nasty fingers all over. It’s unorganized. character assassinations from all over. Only Morgan had enough self respecting growth. Look at what he did with Shaw, Chuck and Sarah. The more I think about the more Chris Fedak did more to destroy the show than help. Shaw could of been utilized better if he wasn’t directed to come of smug and arrogant. If the goal was to get Chuck to become a spy and Shaw was suppose to do that then the finish product wasn’t well finished.

      Sarah was destroyed and never recovered because as soon as we saw Sarah of old. She gets her mind erased. I mean come on how do you do that to a significant character. A popular one at that. It’s quite funny too. It’s his character and he hated it….It shows in the product

      • The overall gist of the show was very good. The characters were memorable and easily likable. It was a different slant on the spy / action / comedy/ romance thing. It worked really well at times, so Fedak can be proud of the idea. It was just the execution at times. Schwartz should have been there to pull Fedak back from the brink when he went off on theses stupid tangents.

        I really don’t mind them erasing her memories…what we actually got there was the REAL Sarah of old, i.e. Pre-Chuck Sarah ( even pre-baby Sarah). What it did was drive home the reason Chuck was so important to her…he was her salvation. Quinn was no different than any of her other handlers….. she dutifully carried out his orders, unable to see the difference between the good and the evil in the world. She could pull a gun on Ellie and beat the crap out of Chuck, after seeing them interact and care and worry about her ….without a moments hesitation. This is the Sarah that was….the Sarah that had taken out French diplomats ( were they really assassins, or was she told that ?) The lines had become blurred … she did things for the common good, but on orders from above….so she didn’t even know what the common good actually was…she only saw the evil and was to eliminate it, without question. Sometimes, perhaps, even the good was presented to her as evil, and she would eliminate that …she never really knew.

        But the baby was different. How could a baby be evil? And then, serendipity led her to Chuck. She needed Chuck more than Chuck needed her, to be sure. Chuck wanted her…and we saw the things he would do to try to get her. But Sarah NEEDED Chuck….so Season 3 and her refusal to do ANYTHING to try to keep him, just made no sense. Chuck going off with Hannah, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. Chuck was always going to be Chuck, whether he ended up with Lou or Jill or Hannah or Sarah …he’d be a nice guy with a beautiful GF / wife. But he could never reach his full potential without Sarah.

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