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In professional wrestling, there is a term called the turn. The turn is defined as a wrestler making a shift from a babyface to a heel or vise versa within a segment . For those that don’t watch wrestling. A babyface is a crowd favorite and a heel is defined as someone who is usually hated by the crowd. It’s wrestling version of bad guys and good guys.

In American Hero, we have a turn. Shaw will go from being a good guy to finding out who really pulled the trigger the night Eve Shaw was killed, and it will be shocking and revealing at the same time.

The American Hero will be the final hurdle before our favorite couple becomes one. Let’s see who turned out to be an American Hero with the assistance of Jeffster.

The episode began with Chuck arriving in Washington. He was on his way up to General Beckman’s office. He reaches the elevator and forgot which floor the general was on. When the elevator doors open up, an agent came off the elevator. Chuck would ask him which office was Beckman and he just walked off. Chuck took that as rather rude.

First Day on the jobThe baddie had a mission of his own

The baddie entered the autopsy room and the guard sitting by the door told him he needed a badge and his signature to enter the room. He completely ignored the instructions.

Baddie from AH

The baddie was so cool here. As the woman approached him, he just told her to step back a little. As she was ready to ask him what he was doing. He shot her in the head. The impact of the bullet made her fly on to a table which he pushed into a crypt and shut the door.

He than turned his attention to Perry. He would use a device on him that would cause something inside of Perry to move up to his mouth. A rather cool way to do it. Out of Perry mouth came a flash drive.

Perry had something intel

Chuck finally made his way to the general’s office.  He came into the office, and before he could  confirm his appointment, the receptionist said, the general knew  Agent Bartowski had arrived.

Chuck arrives in general's officeIn typical first day jitters, Chuck wasn’t sure where to place his gun. When Beckman came out of her office, she told Bartowski to put the gun away he was a spy now. Beckman would inform Bartowski of his first mission.  He was going to be stationed in Italy. He was going to be placed in a villa with a yearly stipend.

Chuck started to feel like everything was moving too fast. He was doubting himself already, and wasn’t happy about leaving so soon. Beckman asked Chuck what did he think they were trying to do with the amount of money and years of training were for.

As Chuck was about to say I am sorry, Beckman jumped from her seat and said sorry wasn’t an option. She said, it was understood that the hand holding and second guessing was apart of Chuck’s process.  She gave a week off on the agency, and when he returned  he would get the pick of the litter. He would be able to assemble his own team. Chuck asked anyone? Beckman in a puzzled expression said, you didn’t think we would send you to Rome alone did he.

There is a continuity error in this scene. in the beginning of Final Exam, the team informed Chuck he would be going to Rome alone. There is a disconnect with what Beckman said here, and what the team told him just an episode ago.

After Chuck heard he could pick his own team, the receptionist asked Bartowski where he would like to go. He said, Burbank. She would then ask if he would need a companion. Bartowski said, no she was already there.

I am coming home

When Ellie was finished with her phone call,  she told Devon about how the hospital gave her a year off so she could go to Africa with Devon. He was super excited by this news until he saw Bartowski in the courtyard. Ellie wasn’t going to go to Africa if Chuck was around and since he took a job in “Buymore Corporate” he wouldn’t be around. Everyone was moving forward in their lives.

When Devon saw Chuck, he went over to Chuck’s apartment. Chuck asked Morgan if the flowers and candies were too much, and Morgan was right if  he was trying to buy her love sure, but this was going to be harder than just flowers and candy, It became a mission. All parties were needed to help Chuck get the girl back. Morgan wanted apart of the team. Devon wanted to go to Africa and out of no where Casey joined the fray and reminded them who the stallion was she was dating.

All valid points in my view. Ellie wouldn’t go to Africa if Chuck was back in town. Morgan wanted out of Buymore, and Casey wanted out of civilian life. The three men joined forces to help Chuck win back Sarah Walker.

The band of misfits helping bartowski

Chuck went to Castle to talk to Sarah about coming with him to Rome. However, Sarah still fuming over what happened at the train tracks was not thrilled in seeing Chuck. No smiles, but a bitterness that could make even the hottest place on earth develope icicles.

When Bartowski sensed the tension correctly, Sarah went off. She told him he wasn’t the same guy she fell for. Chuck quickly countered was it because he was an agent now. Wasn’t it the plan for him to become an agent.

Communication was the biggest setback of the season. Whether you like it or not. The conversation they were having here was one that should of happened a long time ago. It should of happened in season two. Sarah’s gripe with Chuck becoming a spy was something she didn’t want from him. She should of told him so.

The plan really wasn’t established because in order for a plan to take place both parties need to be willing participants. A plan never materialised in the traditional sense. Chuck was all in to become a spy to be with her. However, he never specifically said. “Sarah do you want me to be a spy.” Sarah never said “Chuck, I don’t want you to be a spy.” She fell for the guy that couldn’t pull a trigger on anyone no matter how dangerous the person was, but he was willing to blow himself up if it meant saving Morgan.

I saw you kill the mole

Sarah was always the type to believe in Chuck no matter the situation.

Chuck vs Tom Sawyer, when Casey and Beckman were prepared to bring down the missile over California. Chuck came up with a plan to stop it. He also flashed on the whereabouts of said baddies.

Sarah was the one to believe him.

I trust Chuck
I Trust Chuck.

or in Chuck vs The Crown Vic.

She gets benched for listening to Chuck correctly flash on the crates. Yet, she jumped the counter to help Chuck then.

She trusted him then
She trusted him in Crown Vic too. 

Yet, she didn’t believe Chuck when he said he didn’t do it. Her eyes tell the truth in this situation. Sarah’s disdain in Chuck killing someone was the ice that broke the camel’s back in this case. The final straw if you will.

I don't believe you

Despite Chuck’s attempt in trying to keep the secret concealed. He failed because Sarah wasn’t listening. She saw what she saw. Sound familiar?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When one has an image of a person, and that image becomes tainted. love no longer has a salvation prowess. the image of purity, the ability to know what is right and wrong becomes gray. Sarah knew killing was wrong, but the job taught her it was a necessity. While we understand the motives behind Chuck and Sarah’s actions. The characters lost the image they had in each other in two very similar circumstances. Both lost faith in each other afterwards. Rebuilding the lost image can take time, but we are talking about a television show. Characters don’t have the luxury to wallow during a television series. It’s not fair but its the nature of series.

Chuck saw Sarah kill Mauser, Sarah didn’t actually see Chuck pull the trigger. Walker based all her information based on hearing the shot, and Chuck standing  over the dead body alone. The result is the same because  Chuck never heard what Mauser said to Sarah. She didn’t know Casey shot the mole. We can talk about hypotheticals but they can’t help the lost image of purity.

Sarah’s vision of her Chuck was a man who had no desire to kill. Chuck’s image of Sarah was a bit more naive in a sense he watched her take out bad guys all the time. However, killing an unarmed man was too much for the image of Sarah to withstand.

So as Sarah said the words, “I don’t believe you.” Chuck’s world shattered. He did all of this for her, and now she was walking away because of something he didn’t actually do.

She doesn't believe me Much like he confronted her about Mauser.

Sarah said something than that should’ve been applied here.

Chuck: I saw you shoot that FULCRUM agent on Christmas Eve after they took over the Buy More.
And when I asked you about it

Sarah: I lied.

Chuck: Yeah.

Sarah: Chuck, I have to protect you.

Chuck: I know that. I, I I know that you do.
And you were protecting me. You were protecting all of us.
He had threatened my family, my friends, and you were just doing your job– I get that, but Sarah, the guy was unarmed and, and you just

Sarah: I did what I had to. He knew who you really were.
Your whole family was in danger. And I’m sorry.
Sometimes I forget that you never asked for all of this. ←pretend Chuck said this

Chuck: There’s parts I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to. ⊂Sarah should’ve said this

Take the last part of the dialogue and reverse it.  Misunderstanding that would hurt both of them for the same reason.

It’s comical at times to witness the two go through identical situations and both end up understanding the other’s angst. Communication could of solved all of that.

After Sarah said she didn’t believe Chuck, Shaw comes into the room and hoped he wasn’t interrupted anything. Sarah explained to Shaw about Chuck’s new mission in Rome.  He told Chuck he was there for two years, and told him he would tell him all about it.

Sarah wondering realy what happenedChuck wants to tell Sarah the truth

Chuck returned to the Buymore. Casey saw him and beelined for him. Chuck told him the mission was a bust since he wasn’t able to tell Sarah the truth. Casey wasn’t down with him telling the truth still. He told him get Sarah back some other way.

Chuck ready to quit again I technically committed murder

Chuck said, he wasn’t planning to go to Rome anymore because he was going to tell Beckman he quit. Morgan came towards them to find out the status of Operation Sarah. Casey said Chuck crashed and burned.

What's the status

As Chuck walked away, Casey mumbled there goes our chance at leaving Burbank. Morgan would say one of my favorite lines from him.

Casey: There goes our chance to ever get out of the Buy More.

Morgan: Really? Is that what they teach you in the Marine Corps? Hmm? Roll over and die?

Casey: This isn’t exactly combat, Morgan.

Morgan: That’s where you’re wrong, Casey.
Because love? Love is a battlefield.

Isn't combat Morgan

Morgan would ask Jeff and Lester if they could borrow something from them. It would turn out to be using Jeff’s van for the mission at hand.

As Chuck was walking home, a van drove up beside him and tried to abduct him. It turned out to be Morgan, Devon and Casey. Chuck asked them what they were doing. and the boys told him they were not through with getting Chuck his girl back. There was a lot at stake here. Mission was still on.

They said, Shaw was taking her to a restaurant and he was needed to get change and make a grand entrance with assistance of course.

The boys playing danger gamesChuck went into the van, They handed him a suit, and he changed in the van. He thought this was stupid. They arrived as the target was approaching the restaurant.

Shaw and Sarah going out on a dateChuck asked them how was he going to get her alone. Morgan said he would take care of that. It was funny how Devon and Morgan bickered about how Chuck should go in there.

Meanwhile, the baddies were in position as well. It was a cool way to set up the scene. As both parties had very different reasons in being there.

Both parties interested in how this goesA romantic dinner

Shaw and Sarah were talking about how this was nice, and a long time coming. As they started to order, Shaw was told about a phone call he had at the desk.  Morgan called the eatery to lure Shaw out of the building. It was Chuck’s chance to talk to Sarah.

Chuck still didn’t think it was a good idea. As Chuck said he lost her. Morgan told Chuck what to do.

Morgan: It’s a freakish bubble of handsomeness.
Now, look at me.  No bubble. No bubble. I got to be completely verbal. Now, Chuck, I’m telling you, you just go in and you be fun and you be witty, and you be the charming guy she fell for.

Chuck would gain enough confidence to head into the restaurant. Meanwhile, the baddies caught wind of Morgan, and listened into the conversation Shaw and Morgan were having. As Morgan proclaimed himself as the Ring. The Ring operatives already knew Morgan wasn’t one of them. Shaw would take out a device that would trace where the phone call was coming and went after the agent.

While Shaw left the restaurant, Chuck came in and talked to her, and he didn’t beat around the bush either. He had moxy and the best part was he even threatened to make a scene in order to speak his mind.

Sarah asked Chuck what he was doing at the restaurant. Chuck said,

Chuck: Is this seat taken?

Sarah: Chuck, what are you doing here?

Chuck: I’m here for you.

Sarah: What do you want me to say?

Chuck: I want you to say that you’ll come with me to Rome.

Sarah: Well, you know that I can’t, and you know why.

Chuck: Look, Sarah, I don’t want to have to make a scene in front of all these very nice people, but I will literally do anything to change your mind.

Sarah: Well, then tell me what really happened at the train tracks.
If you didn’t kill the mole, then who did?

Tell me what happen at the train tracksCasey has an interest in this subject

Chuck: Look, I don’t want there to be any secrets or lies between us, ever again. So, please, let me just have this one. And I promise I will never lie to you.

I know what you saw looked like it was

I don’t call it lying because really what was Chuck lying about. He didn’t pull the trigger and Sarah should’ve trusted him liked she told Chuck to trust her with the Mauser situation. He was protecting Casey. It’s very similar to Sarah protecting him and his family.

It also brings to light something I want to discuss with my fellow readers, the distrust amongst the team reared it’s ugly head here. Why didn’t Chuck and Casey trust Sarah, who just breached protocol to help him with his former fiancee. Why the need to keep it a secret? You can contact me through my Twitter handle @Chuckaddiction2 or write in the discussion board below. Why, keeping what happened at the tracks a secret. I believe Sarah would of been happy with that. I know some should assume that Chuck didn’t do it, but I painted the path for you to see her angst in the ordeal. She didn’t see Casey shoot the mole, she heard the shot and Chuck stand over the mole. What was she supposed to think? You have to look at it from her position. She saw nothing to give her any reasons for doubt.

If we lambaste Sarah for not being upfront about her quarrels with Chuck becoming a spy. We can’t discount Chuck and Casey’s secret from her.

As Sarah and Chuck were communicating, Shaw was zeroing in on Morgan, and saw him.  He saw Morgan was the culprit and confronted him about how dangerous the Ring were. Morgan saw two ring agents approach. Shaw apologized for what he was about to do, and used Morgan as a shield from the tasers the agent fired at him, and took out the agents.

Shaw using Morgan as a shield

Shaw realized Sarah was unprotected and went running for the restaurant, Devon saw this and asked Casey to do something, but the former colonel was reluctant due to not being an agent anymore. However, Devon jumped out the van and went running for Shaw.  Daniel reached the doors of the restaurant, but the lead operative stopped him in his tracks, and told Daniel he didn’t want to kill him. He wanted to tell him the director wanted to meet with Shaw.

If your going to shoot me just do it.

As Daniel was being asked to meet with the director, Sarah asked Chuck what was he trying to say.

What are you sayingWhat I am trying to say is

As Chuck was ready to speak. Devon and Shaw came crashing through the window interrupting Chuck and Sarah.

Devon trying to be a hero
Next time take out the man with the gun.

The next morning, Ellie picked up the trio of love savers, and demanded they tell her the truth. Morgan and Devon were trying to come up with an excuse, but failed. Morgan came clean and said they were trying to save Chuck’s love life. It was no surprise it ended up in jail. Furthermore, he went to them before coming to her for advice.

Daniel Shaw was in front of the general, and she told him about the baddie from the night before, and how he was able to get information out Perry in a very graphic way. Daniel said, the measures they were taking weren’t good enough. If the director wanted to meet him, he would go along with it. He would meet with the director, and told the general he should be used as a target. He suggested using bunker bombs and destroy the site.

What I find funny is they just watched the baddie use a device to get the intel out of Perry, why would Shaw think swallowing a tracker would not come under the same protective measures. Daniel is really a terrible spy. I digressed

Sarah wasn’t on board with this mission. She thought it would be more prudent to find out what they want with Shaw first. Nope, not Shaw. He wanted to be the hero, and was willing to trade his life if it meant taking out the person who ordered the murder of his wife.

use me as a bulleye

Again, all Shaw’s actions and decisions are based on one thing revenge.  The very emotion that strives people to do dastardly things. Do whatever it takes. Shaw never had feelings for Sarah, and i will explain in a few minutes as the turn I mentioned above was about to transpire.

The general signed off on the mission, and Sarah didn’t wait long to voice her concerns. She went as far to say she wouldn’t let him, and Shaw was right here. It wasn’t her decision. If the man had a shot in taking out the Ring Director, you can’t fault the guy to sacrifice himself.

In Chuck’s apartment, I actually was proud of Ellie here. Chuck walked into a waiting Ellie, and as Chuck was explaining how stupid and foolish he was. Ellie didn’t say anything to the contrary. She told him he didn’t go far enough.

She said, if you love Sarah and she is the one, You don’t stop you never quit. Start acting like a Bartowski. You keep fighting. Good job Ellie.

You are a bartowski
You didn’t go far enough, Chuck. Sarah is special. I know it. You know it. If you love her, if she’s the one, then you don’t stop. You don’t quit. You never go too far. You are a Bartowski, Chuck. Start acting like one.

Sarah made one last plea to stop Shaw, but it didn’t matter Daniel was dead set on ending this right now. Sarah and Shaw kiss and he swallows the tracer. Chuck walked in on them.

Shaw saw Chuck enter CastleAh, no water just straight upBefore Shaw left, he told Chuck take care of her. Chuck was confused because he didn’t understand what was happening. Sarah told him about Daniel’s plan. He was sacrificing himself, but while Daniel’s plan was heroic. It doesn’t hold water to what happened next.

Sarah telling Chuck about Shaw's plan

Jeff and Lester weren’t too happy they were left out on the stalking mission from the night before.  They wanted to prove their expertise when they saw Shaw leave. Jeffster inserted themselves into the mission.

Sarah said she wouldn’t let Shaw go in alone. It’s the point I been trying to make. Sarah needs to be included in everything her man in her life was doing. Shaw left without her, hence the need to disobey her order and was in the process of tracking the whereabouts of Shaw. However, Shaw may look like a hero on paper, but Chuck was the hero.

A hero has a knack to put one’s personal feelings aside for the greater good. A hero knows when it comes to doing the right thing. Chuck  had to look past how he felt about Sarah and save Shaw. The rescue was best suited for Chuck anyway.  Chuck decided to lock Sarah in and told her he was going to help Shaw.

I was proud of Chuck here. It was the right time to show Sarah despite how he felt for her, he was going to show just how much of a sacrifice he was willing to do for her. Action speaks louder than words.

Sarah: Why are you helping him

Chuck: Because I know how much you care about him

Sarah trying to process Chuck's reason

By Sarah asking Chuck why he was doing it makes the character lose all credibility at this point. If Sarah needs to ask the question three years later why Chuck would put personal feelings aside to help something. She still didn’t understand the makeup of Chuck.

She didn’t remember these two scenes.

Death she can't handle


Sarah looks differentChuck was the American Hero.

Shaw made it to his destination, and the Ring operatives grab him and used the very device they used on Perry. The leader was able to pull out the tracker, and said they can go meet the director. As the operatives put Shaw into the van. Chuck found the tracker on the ground. Jeffster was right behind Shaw. It was awesome.

While Chuck was tracking Shaw, Sarah was trying to get out of Castle. She searched through the Buymore looking for Casey. When she found him, she began to use morse code to get the colonel’s attention. The colonel saw and made his way down to Castle.

Jeff and Lester call Chuck about ShawJeff and Lester would call Chuck and told him they found Shaw. Chuck once again insult the talents of Jeffster, which annoyed  them. Change of heart from Bartowski as he asked where were they . Bartowski went on his way.

Casey let Sarah out, and was on her way to find Chuck and Shaw. She also told Casey about what happened.

Casey so badly wants to be an agent againChuck gets to the warehouse, and told Jeffster he would tell his grandchildren about them. Chuck went inside and at the end of the hall was a soda machine. Chuck walked up to it and flashed on the buttons for the combination to enter.

He walked on to what appeared to be an elevator, but it dropped rather fast. He gets to the bottom and the hallway was completely white,

Meanwhile, Shaw enter the room where the director was. The director was played by Mark Sheppard he was known for his role in Firefly and did a season of 24 as well.

The directorJust kill meThe director told Shaw he didn’t want to kill him. He arranged this meeting to educate Daniel. He told Daniel to push the button. On the screen came the night Eve Shaw was killed.

The director said he found footage of the night Eve was killed. He played it for Shaw, and it turned out that Shaw’s wife was killed by Sarah Walker.  It would send Shaw into shock and rage as he took a swing at the director, but he wasn’t in the room with Shaw. Shaw gets shocked for his efforts.

Outside Chuck was taking on some ring agents and took them out. He entered the room where Shaw was and carried him out of the room.

A fighter jet was scene approaching the building Shaw and Chuck were in. Sarah arrived on the scene and watched as the jet dropped bunker bombs on the warehouse. It left Sarah in tears.

Sarah thinking Shaw and Chuck are dead

Just as she was in misery, Chuck carrying Shaw on his back came running out of the building. Now that’s a hero.

Sarah happy  to see Chuck aliveChuck making the save

At Castle, Sarah was going over with Beckman the details of the mission. She didn’t take credit for any of the mission. She said Chuck did all the work. Beckman said duly noted.

As Sarah was finishing up with Beckman, Chuck came walking in and asked how Shaw was doing. She said he will be fine thanks to him. Chuck said he would of done the same for him.

We then come up to the moment we been waiting for. The first admission on screen face to face what one of them was feeling. The scene would also have the song of the episode. Down River by the Temper Trap.

Chuck said I love you to her, and it was something that needed to be said face to face. It doesn’t mean much when spoken to someone else. It doesn’t have the same feel as on a recording. Face to Face, and Sarah still taking issue with the killing said a very Agent Walker type response. She made a commitment not just to Shaw, Chuck said don’t answer just show up at 7.

Sarah speechless

In the mean time, Shaw woke up and no longer was on the right side of the law. He was preparing to seek revenge against the woman who killed Eve. It only proves my point Shaw never cared for Sarah. She was performing her red test, but was easily able to decide to seek revenge before knowing all the facts. You also can’t fault the guy in turning.

The nine lives guy

She was given an order and she went through with it. Sarah didn’t know she was Shaw’s wife, but that didn’t matter.

As Sarah was preparing to leave in her hotel room, Casey came by and finally confessed he killed the mole. It brought relief in Sarah’s eyes. Something that could of not escalated if the team just trusted each other.

Chuck was waiting in the train station, and Sarah was prepared to leave with him because she leaving her gun. Remember you don’t bring a gun on a real date according to Sarah. As she threw her gun on to the bed. Shaw came barging into Sarah hotel room.

He told her we need to go he had coordinates on where the Director’s headquarters was. Sarah said she needed to call Chuck first, but Shaw said she could call in the car. Apparently there was no service where they were driving. It was all calculated and very eery feel to something that happened in S2. When Jill drove off with Chuck at the end of Fat Lady.

Sarah leaving her gunChuck waiting for Sarah

As Chuck was waiting, Beckman called Chuck. She told him to get to Castle ASAP. When Chuck got there, Beckman played the very video the Ring played Shaw. When Chuck realized Sarah was the one who killed Eve. He immediately asked Beckman where she was now. Beckman said she was with Agent Shaw. Chuck fears flashed before him.

Chuck feared the Ring showed Shaw the tape and now it was desparate mode in finding Sarah. It’s very similar to Fat Lady.

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Friday Night We Invite All Chuck fans for a Live Episode

This Friday night at 9:00 PM I will be hosting a live episode over at twitter.  It is a thank you for all those that have made Chuckaholics reach the 23,000 viewers plateau.

We will start at 9:00 on the dot. I am sorry but when you have a `8 month old that wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes sleep is the utmost importance at times.

The episode we will be watching is Chuck vs The Other Guy. We will try to get a episode write up done before hand, but if not It will happen after the Live Episode.

Also please note that after Friday I plan to take a two week break from Chuck. As Christmas is fast approaching and the board of directors and I want to break Olivia into her first Christmas, in which she will be active.

Once again, after this Friday Chuckaholics won’t have any new material until after the new year. I just want to extend a happy holiday to all those that celebrate the holiday and if you don’t I will still have a drink in honor of your well being.

Chuck vs The American Hero is now in the books. Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and remember It tough to say goodbye because we didn’t

Next episode is Chuck vs The Other Guy….Chuck and Sarah finally become a couple





  1. Hi, Nice blog, I have been reading a few and I’ll carry on reading the rest, apologies if this has been explained in another article, I’ve recently blitzed through the series again after the original air dates and there are a couple of points bugging me with this episode,

    So Sarah has fallen out of love with Chuck because of the mole incident, she’s now has made a commitment with Shaw, Chuck saves Shaw for Sarah’s sake,

    Here’s the problem I have and would love to be corrected on them if I’m seeing it wrong

    The two kisses, Sarah & Shaw, Sarah & Chuck, I felt the kiss was reciprocated from Sarah when Shaw kissed her, hands on the face etc, when Chuck kissed her I felt it was more one way, certainly no hands on the face and it looked like she slightly moved away from Chuck and looked downwards at the end, this was telling me that she was definitely leaving with Shaw regardless of Chuck declaring his love.

    So on that basis, when she is packing in her hotel room, same clothes on as she had in Castle, I would say she was packing to leave with Shaw but I then noticed the photograph of Chuck and her on the bedside table:
    1. is this a clue to what she has decided i.e. Chuck
    2. A red herring (why would she have a picture of Chuck if she was leaving with Shaw for good) I’m sure Shaw would not like it showing when he was in her room at the end of the episode of Final Exam
    3. Was it a production mistake.

    I did look a few times during the scene in Final Exam but it doesn’t have the right angle.

    One article I read somewhere said she was packing wearing work clothes so was intending to go to DC until Casey showed up, then wearing different clothes when she was going to meet Chuck, when she throws her gun on the bed.

    I’d love to know the real answer unless it’s meant to keep you in suspense.

    I hope there is still interest in these blogs after a few years so I can get a few of your thoughts.

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