Passion for Chuck is a Healthy Addiction

When you start your day, most Chuck fans will tell you they begin with watching an episode of Chuck, while getting ready for the day’s events. Some will listen to music when traveling to their destinations. Work, School, even to the beach Chuck fans can’t live too long without their Chuck.

A two hour train ride could get four episodes in on your tablet or Ipad no matter your streaming means we all look to be able to get a few episodes in.

Don’t have a date Friday night, some will elect to watch a season in one night. Great stuff if you ask me. The reality is once you start watching the chances of shutting the television off is over.

Some Chuck fans begin to wonder when they  put on black sunglasses if hope they upload the intersect 2.0 and hope to flash Kung Fu in a desperate situation. I bet there people out there looking to try the Bartowski or Tunaroni sandwich at Subway no matter what there is a reference to Chuck in some form or fashion.

Awesome no longer is just a word, Awesome has become a person. What does this all mean are you asking? Well, let’s think about.

My Addiction 

When I started watching Chuck two years ago, I embarked on a journey that very few shows can do for me. When I reached the end, I started thinking I need to watch this again.  The characters and those that portrayed them become a staple on my family’s television, cell phones, tablets and any other device that comes through the front door.

My daughter is in love with Zachary Levi, and it makes it easier to feed her at times . Especially during the scene when Bryce breaks out of the Intersect room in the Pilot. My addiction has grown since then.

I have walked into shoe stores looking to purchase Chucks. Black sunglasses are always nice to try on, and I began to chop away like I am performing kung fu. Don’t get me started on the music of Chuck. The music really could have it own article.

What it all boils down to is the need to feed my Chuckthirst. My withdrawal from Chuck can go one day, the most two days, but after three days I start to get the shakes as Lester would say.

Is that a bad thing? I can think of worse things to be addicted too that aren’t as extreme as let’s say sweets and chewing tobacco. The addiction to see Zack, Yvonne, Adam, Josh and the rest of the crew would only lead to following them in their other projects.

I think the addiction is a healthy one because it doesn’t harm my brain cells or lead to a disease that could be debilitating. Chuck is a story that everyone can relate too. If given the chance can warm your soul.

Especially when you see true emotions being delivered from the actors. A family like feel when watching the performances. Chemistry does that for a production.

I remember reading stories about 90210 and how the cast were at odds. It showed a lot of the time. Sharon Doherty was consider to be a nightmare to work with. Whereas Yvonne Strahovski makes the atmosphere feel like Christmas all the time.

It should be noted that most of the Chuck alumnus are considered to be special people on and off camera. Chuckaddiction has people flocking to see what they do.

For example, two weeks ago Yvonne posted a tweet about helping others. I jumped on it because I know Yvonne means well when she asked for contributions. The same can be said for Zachary Levi and Sarah Lancaster.

At the end of the day, I don’t consider myself as a fan, but as a friend because I have opened my life to these wonderful people by posting pictures of my daughter on Instagram. As Mini Anden and Sarah Lancaster like to do. It’s my way inserting myself into their lives.

I am not a stalker or obsessed, but I believe in life when you meet great people, you should make an effort in staying connected. Whether it be through their work or not. Chuck fans consider them as family.

Recently, a twitter follower purchased Chucks and was ecstatic about it, and shared it with Zachary Levi. I know people get upset because the actors don’t respond, but consider the world we live in.

Society is looking for any reason to catch celebrities and ruining their names. They catch an actor or actress on the wrong day and they are on the evening news. I understand the need to be careful in who you respond and how they do it. Sound bites are often misconstrued that way.

However, we have nothing to fear in those that worked on Chuck. I am proud to call myself a Chuckaholic and feed on my Chuckaddiction.

In today’s television world, Television series don’t have a long shelf life. If there isn’t an immediate return on investments the plug is pulled. Chuck would of been more ideal for a network that allows shows to develop over time. We were give 5 years of a show that could of only lasted two seasons.

For example,  Eliza Dushku is a decent actress, and I often felt she was shafted in her two series. Dollhouse and Tru Calling were both great shows that only lasted two years. In fact, Chuck Alumnus  Matt Bomer was in Tru Calling for seventeen episodes.

DollhouseTru Calling

Speaking of Matt Bomer, his current show White Collar will be signing off this Thursday. Another show Matt was on that lasted the test of time. He has not had a bad career. Here to you Matt Bomer.

If given the chance shows can take off, but greedy fat cats want results right away, and often that is a mistake, but what do I know.

Tell me in the comment section how you feed your Chuckaddiction. I am interested in reading your comments.

Chuckaholics Founder










  1. I agree with you! I am proud to call myself a Chuckaholic and feed on my Chuckaddiction, too. I love Chuck, and I want to say thanks to this website, because it’s a way to talk with someone about this beautiful ( or awesome ) tv series. Just a question… Do you think that they will release a film or a new season?

    • Marco,

      First, I would like to welcome you to the Chuckaholics. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will be back and voice your opinion more often on our other wonderful articles we have on the site. Passion for Chuck is what we promote and hopefully we can generate enough steam to be come popular throughout the web.

      In answering your question. No I don’t believe there will ever be another season. Yvonne is become popular as she is currently filming a movie and a television series. Josh Schwartz is working on a new series called The Astronaut Wives Club along with Yvonne Strahovski. Adam Baldwin is working on the Last Ship. So as you can see the cast and production crew are busy in other projects.

      A movie is the most likely option, but it will take time. Remember Veronica Mars took many years for a movie. Chuck will have to suffer the same results.

      • Christopher thanks very much for your thorough answer. I just want to share another information with you about Chris Fedak. He is actually working, another time, for the NBC. Unfortunatelly, he is working on a new tv series about people who absorb supernatural power.

        Now I’ll look for some news about The Astronaut Wives Club.

        Thanks another time for your articles and for the passione that you generate for my favourite TV series.

      • Chuckaholics is a home for Chuck fans to get their voice out there.

        One of the best things I find fun is watching various arcs. For example, Orion episode are my favorite. I have learn to love the Jill Arc because I find Jill to be one of the important characters timeline wise.

        So much to talk about not until after the new year 🙂

      • I believe Astronaut Wives Club is a 10 episode mini-series only. I don’t think it will be having any more than the 1 season…and it’s probably a spring replacement series at that. Not sure what Schwartz is doing after that. Yvonne still has some work to do on that series.

        Manhattan Nocturne is the movie Yvonne is working on right now, and it will probably wrap soon. Probably not a big budget movie, but a very good cast in it. It will be interesting to see whether it gets any big theatre release / promotion money or not. Might be a straight to DVD if it’s not promoted properly. It’s a very “randy” story… not sure if the audience is there at the theatres, unless they clean it up big time. These things have to have the proper rating, or they just can’t make money at theatres.

        Zac is supposed to be working on something soon with Eva Longoria …he’ll actually be doing some singing. Not sure when that is supposed to get going….maybe next summer for the fall season.

        Fedak is working with Matt Miller ( who wrote a lot of Chuck episodes ) on ABC’s “Forever” …. the main character is immortal. It’s not too bad, but it’s actually Miller’s baby…. Fedak is just producing while working on other projects for Warner Bros.

        They could probably film a Chuck movie in a month, depending on the stunt work, etc. Most of the movies are filmed in the off seasons ( spring / summer), so a couple more years to wait, I would think !!

    • Merry Christmas to you too Marco, and I hope you got what you wanted.

      Gift giving can be difficult when you don’t know what you want or what others want. It’s simple to just ask, but I find it fun to just watch what people like or need.

      Merry Christmas too you and your family

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