A Special Live Episode Tomorrow at 9PM

As an owner of a blog, it is important to monitor the site’s stats for measuring purposes. Blogs are not cheap, and every year I am required to pay a membership fee to keep the site running.

Since starting Chuckaholics this past January, I took a chance with the idea to generate enough visitors to justify renewing my membership and domain. I also wanted to get my voice out there as a Chuck fan. I knew I was against all odds when well established sites like Chuckthisblog and Chucktv.net were already running since the show was on the air.I have nor ever want to be in competition with those sites.

The vision for this site at first was to give my opinion on the show we all love. A show that was taken from us despite the want for more, but that vision was revised after Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ campaign for one million dollars.

After witnessing the failure of that Campaign, I realized the problem with Chuck. We aren’t doing our part as Chuck fans. It is no secret the fan base is growing. More people like me are keeping the show alive.

Netflix was the biggest contributor in regaining juice into the series. If there was ever the right time for a movie. Right now would be ideal. I plan to stick around for a long time with Chuckaholics because I believe in the product.

I believe with the right people running the ship and better organization we can get Chuck back. If it was in means I would purchase the rights to Chuck and get a project started, but since I don’t have those means It’s up to use the fans to no longer remain silent.

Chuckaholics has surpassed the 23K mark. This means 23,000 people have visited this site since January, and that ain’t bad, baby.

Paul Neagle from the Intersect Project has surpassed 700 downloads or new subscribers and he does such a great job with his podcast. I am one Chuckaholic that is proud to call him a friend.

Together we have tried to rejuvenate the fan base by giving fans a platform to trend Chuck. The reason behind it was to keep Chuck in people minds. I feel like we are doing just that.

So as a big thank you for all of you that have contributed to the site like @chucksarahb, @jdmitchell51 @skorpeo67, Gary, Sean, Shepard all have made contributions to the site and for that I want to say thank you for it.

We may clash in our comment sections and sometimes forget we are talking about a television show, but we still respect each other’s opinions. After all we promote a family atmosphere here at Chuckaholics. Not everyone is going to agree.

So this Friday, which is tomorrow I plan to have a live episode over on Twitter at 9:00 PM EST I am located in New York, so the need to do it at 9:00 would be the fact I have to put a 18 month to bed.

The episode will continue with our theme, and is a very special episode Chuck vs The Other Guy will be the episode of choice.

We will watch the episode where ever you can. I am only asking you to take an hour out of your life to come celebrate 23K  and 700 downloads It’s Chuckaholics and the Intersect Projects way of saying thank you.

Feel free to leave a Direct Message on my twitter @Chuckaddiction2 or Paul’s @Chuckrewatch33 We both love you guys, after all without you we would have to close the doors.

Remember Tomorrow at 9:00 PM on Twitter we will be watching Chuck vs The Other Guy, so please join us and let’s trend Chuck.




  1. Chris, although I will be proctoring a final exam tomorrow night please let me know what I can do to help further the cause. I have been taking a much needed break from Chuck for the past couple of months, especially since I now have the “Batman 66” and “Wonder Years” complete sets (TWY set is amazing!!!) but I wanted to let you know that I have your back in whatever you need from me. Just let me know via Twitter or my e-mail addr. Peace and Merry Christmas my friend……..

    • First,

      Welcome back, I myself will be taking some time away from Chuckaholics for the holiday, and Merry Christmas to you as well.The first thing i can ask is we need fresh blood here at Chuckaholics. Only two or three people talking makes the conversation waterdown with the same feelings on issues. It’s fun and I always support different opinions, but we need more people to play with this wonderful toy we created here. My Passion is your passion and then some. We have great discussions in some of the S3 episode I would love your take on.

      You support is well documented.

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