BIO – sheena00

Hey Everyone! My name is Sheena and I currently live on top of a mountain in the middle of rural New Brunswick (Canada). Life up here would be mediocre if it weren’t for Netflix and it’s endless possibilities of TV binge watching. I’ve been a fan of a few shows, but never in my life have I ever found a TV series that pulled me in the way CHUCK did. It not only pulled me in, but it keeps me coming back. I have watched the series over and over and still can’t seem to make myself sick of it!

I found the CHUCK family on twitter and let it blossom from there. It still amazes me how social media can bring random people together from around the globe, united by a common love for fictional characters!

I am currently between paying jobs, but have a full time job being “mom” to my two girls. Someday soon, but not too soon, they will join me in my CHUCK re-watches. When that day comes, I will run down my ridiculously long driveway and click my heels as many times as my aging body will allow me!

By fall of 2015, I hope to be back out in the field doing what I love; working with Youth at Risk and Young Offenders. No matter how busy life becomes, I will always find time for this amazing family of Chucksters and Chuckaholics.

Thank you to Chris and JD for encouraging me to join the voices of, it is truly a unique and exciting experience for this Fangirl.

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