A Simple Thank You

First off I’m typing this on my phone, so there will probably be some grammatical errors, and it most likely won’t be neat so I apologize for that. Secondly I’m typing this out right now because I saw we were over 800 downloads on the podcast. Now 800 downloads may not seem like much compared to a lot of other podcasts out there, but for me I never imagined getting 500, so I’m pretty ecstatic. But I realize that I have you all to thank, the wonderful community here on Chuckaholics, and the Chuck community on Twitter and Facebook for all the support. As long as you guys are willing to listen to me speak about Chuck, I’ll be here doing the podcast! Once again thanks for taking me this far, hopefully in 2015 we can take the Intersect Project podcast to new heights! Remember everyone loves Chuck, some people just don’t know it yet!



  1. Your Welcome, Paul

    Since day one Chuckaholics has been with you ever step. The very passionate podcasts you provide for fans is the message we all need to promote. The direction of the world has really made it more of a necessity for communities like ours to shine.

    2015 is just apart of the journey and I for one is happy to be united with you and your podcast. We also like to thank you for supporting us by mentioning the website on your podcasts.

  2. I’m very happy to find this website, and totally agree when you say that everybody loves Chuck and some people just don’t know yet. We need to promote the show and I’m recommending to all my friends. It’s a great job what you’re doing here

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