gallery Promote Peace Not Violence: Now is the Time for Entertainment to Shine

Over the course of the last few months, the world has undertaken a harsh reality with amount of violence that has spread throughout the world. As violence escalates, and the media enabling the chaos rather then deter the violence. It has called for the entertainment industry to once again help ease the tension at least for a little while.

This isn’t only about Chuck either. This goes for all walks of entertainment. Music, movies, reading whatever whatever outlet you choose, promote it on the various social media outlets.

Much like Sarah Walker’s form of release would be to workout.A stress release

Throughout history there has always been a need for entertainment. Life can be too stressful with the amount of responsibility and disturbing actions of others. it can cause health conditions that really burn out an individual’s mind and soul.

It does not matter what timeframe we are talking about. Music like the one below served as a means to relax and enjoy the show. It survives the test of time because of the release it generates.

Incense and Peppermints By Strawberry Alarm Clock

Music Does Wonders

During World War One and World War Two, Jazz music helped people become distracted from the world’s event. A great escape and one my favorites. Jazz musicians like Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw songs played throughout the radio. While upper class hated this music, the younger generation made it possible.

Sing, Swing Sing By Benny Goodman

My Blue Heaven by Artie Shaw

It didn’t matter if you were black, white or polka dot everyone enjoyed this music. Most bands had a mixture of black, spanish and white musicians.The music was improvised and was encourage to play as you feel. Hence, the term swing baby swing.

People dancing to Jazz

Dance halls filled with people as they danced the night away with their sweethearts. It was great to hear stories like these. The very stories that should be printed on the first page, but great stories aren’t paper sellers.

In the 70s, Saturday Night Fever was awesome for not only being one of John Travolta’s best films, but for two hours people could relax their minds and dance to disco.

Sam Cooke’s Twistin the Night Away also helped people just feel the music and enjoy….

Female singers also helped ease the pain from current events such as Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald. There voices echoed through concert halls. However, not everyone was happy with them. The Church banned Peggy Lee because of this song.

Fever by Peggy Lee, (Chuck vs The Suburbs)

Peggy Lee

Louis Armstrong was another great musician, who also promoted Love and fellow Jazz Musician Louis Prima had some good love song like Buona Sera.

What A Wonderful World By Louis Armstrong

Buona Sera by Louis Prima,

music wasn’t the only escape, movies also helped. Some movies like Wizard of Oz and great westerns helped people keep their minds of the wars that were taking up most of the press’s print.

In the 60s, 70s and 80s, entertainment was needed as Vietnam and political leaders being killed filled the papers. Social issues were becoming the forefront of American conflicts which end up becoming violent. As the south, a race war of the worse kind. Black and Whites hating each other over skin color and equal opportunities, which has erupted again today.

Police brutality has come under attack. Whether justified or not in the end family’s have one less member to celebrate weddings or graduations with because of the violence.

Media kept people living in fear as reports of the Cold War made it even worse. instilling fear into people is not only wrong, but its a evil cycle that is still practiced today.

Musicians like Led Zeppelin and David Bowie were all essential to keeping the peace. Songs like these help shape the time frame. The press tried to warn people of Rock and Roll as being a drug filled environment, and even attempted to get the genre banned, but to no avail.

Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses:

Young Americans By David Bowie

Born on the Bayou by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Lawdy Miss Clawdy by Elvis Presley

The King
Elvis was a big part of entertaining soldiers and people throughout the 50s and 60s

Get on the Floor by Michael Jackson,

Michael JacksonMusic and movies always help, but when President Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963, the National Football League elected to play their scheduled football games. It was widely criticized by the public, and  many people feel it gave the league a black eye because of its decision to play.

In defense of the league, Robert Kennedy once said, his brother would of told the league to play since the Kennedy family were Football fanatics. It was the best way to help relax those mourning the untimely death of JFK. A song sang by Dion illustrates the feeling of the times

Abraham, Martin and John, by Dion

Another event that should be worth mentioning would be Woodstock. History showed how the place was filled with sex and drugs, but all those that attended the event witnessed the greatest arrangement of bands to ever perform acts like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin played. A free concernt for peace

Here are the list of bands that played that day, Some of the best acts ever to perform on stage. Originally, the event costed $18 advanced and $24 at the gate, but as people kept arriving, The concert became free, . The event took place between August 15th to 18th 1969

Some of the movies that helped curb violence to the back of the mind were The Great Escape.

Before we move on, there was a song sung by Tears for Fears that also sums up love against violence.

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Bullet and French Connection Car Chases

When a nation is broken we can survive with the use of music, movies and any other forms of entertainment. Now is the time to promote peace and help bring peace to a world filled with violence.

Another great moment comes from sports. As a New Yorker, New York Met’s Catcher Mike Piazza will always be remembered for his homerun

9/11 stopped New York and the country for weeks,

But Mike Piazza will forever be a folk hero.

After the events of 9/11 the city of New York needed something to bring the jilt back into the city. The New York Mets provided that moment.

Hope you enjoy…going down memory lane

In the comment section, show me your favorite music and or movie scenes that help settle the mind from the chaotic world events.










  1. I really enjoyed reading this article Chris! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    I love your link to the entertainment industry:

    “It has called for the entertainment industry to once again help ease the tension at least for a little while.”

    Interestingly enough, this is why I started watching Chuck. It offered me an escape from story lines that were too close to reality. Being married to a police officer and previously working in the Youth Justice Programs has taught me that ignorance is sometimes bliss. I purposely do not listen to news broadcasts unless something major has happened (ie. the Moncton shootings and the Ottawa shooting) because it always hits so close to home for me. The world is sometimes a very cruel place, and that reality is all around us, making it easy to be consumed by the negativity that comes with it.

    Music, movies and television offer great escapes from the everyday. My favourite movies tend to be light hearted comedies with somewhat predictable endings. As silly as it may sound, those are what I want at the end of my day. I don’t want to watch a replica of horrific events that we have already lived though. Show me love and peace, that is all I want.

    I watch shows like Chuck because they don’t really hold a lot of parallels between my reality and its story line. Its the type of show that can make me laugh, cry and feel all warm inside:) We need more “dramas” like this. I watched Covert Affairs until its series finale this past year. I loved the story line right up until S4 when they suddenly got “dark” and created a long villainous arc that would lead to more darkness during S5. Television needs to be lighter than our every day, in my opinion, otherwise what is the point?

    When things get too chaotic for me, I automatically put my “Feel Good” playlist on during driving, cleaning etc. For me, television and film do not cure me of negativity the way music does. So, a quick sample of my “Feel Good” playlist is as follows (When I say quick, I mean small…very small!):

    Love – Great Big Sea (Lyrics have a great message!)
    One Day – David Myles
    When It Comes My Turn – David Myles
    Time For A Change – Jeremy Fisher
    The Thick Of It – Royal Wood
    Little Bit – Perrin Lamb
    Tonight I will Be Your Guide – Royal Wood
    In The Battle of Sun Vs. Curtains – Woodpigeon
    A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
    Feeling Good – Nina Simone
    Change The World – Eric Clapton
    We Are The Tide – Blind Pilot
    Brother Down – Sam Roberts
    Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin
    Here and Now – Great Big Sea

    If I want to shut out the chaos and fill my soul with positive vibes, these are some of the songs I play. Works every time!

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

      I can see you have some bands from Chuck on your list. I also like We are the tide, nice beat to the song.

      Thanks for sharing

    • Great thoughts, Chris. I like Sheena’s list, too. Lots of bands some of you may not have heard of…. Canada has a lot more talent than Celine, Shania and Justin Bieber !!! LOL Interesting choice of Brother Down…Sam Roberts wrote that in response to 9/11 if you’re wondering about the title ( and I’m sure Sheena knew that given her family situation and background).

      My whole life I’ve used music to fill in the quiet moments in my life. Luckily, the Walkman came along as I was in University, so we could take (some of our) music with us. When I was traveling down to Toronto all the time for my hospital visits and medical appointments, I would ride the train and just put all my tunes on…better than fighting the traffic and parking, etc. It really gave me a chance to relax in what was a bit of a trying time. Believe it or not, the solitude it could provide was a relief. I know Chris and I disagree on this point, but there are some battles you have to fight yourself. You have to find that inner peace so you can gather that strength. Music can provide the means to shut off the outside world and to be alone with your thoughts. I actually used to study with my music blaring …. it limited the outside world from distracting me.

      Other forms of entertainment are fine, but they can also give you a false sense of the world. Even Chuck decided to go to a dark place in Season 3, so I don’t usually use TV as an escape, even though these types of shows are the ones I prefer. Like Sheena, I want things to work out and be happy at the end.

      My main source of solace now (in a world that can get a little ugly), is to look for the beauty. Photography has been my saving grace the last few years. I will never be an award winning professional photographer ( although, oddly enough, I’ve won awards !!), but looking at life, not as a whole, but a collection of parts, has been eye-opening, to say the least. Some people can find beauty in the smallest of detail.. ( my youngest son is like that). To others, it requires hard work to shut out the noise and focus on the small beauties contained within a sometimes ugly scene. As my eyesight deteriorates, I’m working extra hard on sharpening my vision. It’s the same concept as shutting out the harsh sounds of the outside world with music, but requires a bit of effort on my part. Plus it gets me outside quite often … being locked away inside our own little world isn’t really living, now, is it ??!!!

      • Gary,

        I don’t agree, sometimes our little world is the best escape because of the familiarity it delivers. For example, some may like an organized desk, but others can function with everything scattered about. My wife can’t handle a messy room, but I know where everything is when it’s a mess. Does that mean one is better than the other. Sporting events can provide beautiful moments. Same thing for a game of chess, as I mentioned in the article whatever you choose to escape the chaotic measures of life. It always has been entertainment always fills that means.

      • Oh, I’m not saying we can’t escape to our own little world, just that we shouldn’t always stay there. The big world out there isn’t quite as ugly and dangerous as the newscasts would have you believe.

      • Gary said:

        “Other forms of entertainment are fine, but they can also give you a false sense of the world.”

        I couldn’t agree more! Watching a fictional story unfold in front of you on screen is sometimes so close to reality that “the false sense of the world” Gary spoke of, is inevitable. As well, News media thrives on the negative drama that surrounds tragedy. As a viewer, it is difficult not to be sucked into that negativity and find myself suddenly seeing the world through a whole different lens.

        As I have said before, I worked in a negative field, and my job every day, was to find a positive for each of those kids. The situations I dealt with were real life stories that were both extremely sad and sometimes horrific, so to watch someone recreate that on screen is awful for me. To hear the Media take one of those “situations” and twist it into something it is not, honestly makes me ill. This is why I shy away from watching a lot of News or Television/Films that are closely related to things I have seen or heard. That being said, I am no where near the majority, barely even a minority.

        Music and outdoor activities is what my husband and I do to keep ourselves sane. As Gary said:

        “My main source of solace now (in a world that can get a little ugly), is to look for the beauty.”

        That is exactly the message my husband and I continually give to our children. It seems so simple; Look for the good and don’t dwell on the bad. Yet it is a very hard thing for a person to do. When I was younger I always thought life was tough and took my upbringing for granted. Three months into my first job dealing with “Troubled Youth” I called my mom and thanked her for being my mom. My life was not even close to be “tough”. It took that eye opening experience for me to truly understand that finding something positive is always possible. I mean if those kids could do it, so could I.

        Interestingly enough, music was the one thing that all these kids had in common. They all coveted their music (whatever genre they chose) and it always seemed to be the one constant in their life. Songs that gave them hope, inspiration and strength. I learned so much from those kids.

        Music not only soothes the soul, but also has an amazing ability to trigger memories. If your “feel good” playlist is done right, you could spend a day walking memory lane with the happy sounds of your past. Even my children, at their tender ages, experience these musical memory triggers. Amazing!

        I leave you with my slogan from a life changing year:

        Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative:)

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