1. No one wants a Chuck movie or mini-series (or whatever) more than I do. I’m a Chuck day one er’, never missed a episode live, and I didn’t like the way the series ended, so certainly I have a vested interest in seeing the show continued. But, the reality is that we have several factors working against us….the biggest being money. Chuck never made any. Not for the network, not for WB, not for the creators. Plus, practically all of the principal players are otherwise involved with other projects. Zac just signed on for the Heroes reboot and Thor 3; Adam has The Last Ship; Yvonne has several projects in the works. Josh Schwartz has 3 series about to launch, and Fedak is EP on Forever (and honestly, I wouldn’t want him too involved anyway). The list goes on and on. Realistically, it took nearly 7 years to get the Star Trek franchise re-launched; Twin Peaks is back, but it took nearly 20 years. No matter how much we all may want this, I don’t anyone to think that this will be an easy task. If Amy Sherman-Pallidino doesn’t want a Gilmore Girls movie after nearly 8 years, we have a steep hill to climb. I will certainly do anything to further the cause, but lets keep things real. We don’t have the clout of a Joss Whedon (Firefly) or Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) fighting for the continuation of their work. Josh and Fedak have said that they were perfectly satisfied with the end of the series, so I honestly just don’t see it; at least not right now. Nearly 60 years tv watching experience back me up on this.

    • Heroes Reborn comes after 5 years off the air…new characters, but there is a continuation. 24LAD was quite a few years after the series ended. With Netflix, Yahoo, Amazon all looking to get into the production business, that may also be a help. The other thing that may help is, with TV on demand, reruns are almost obsolete. That is why Heroes or 24 gets a 13 episode spring/summer reboot ….networks have to show something new.

      The thing a movie has going for it is the length of time it can be shot ….perhaps 6 weeks tops. That way the “cast” isn’t tied up as long as with even a mini-series. So there are possibilities…not one of the cast is yet in a long term contract. Chuck did fairly well for Netflix…hanging out in the “Popular” list for quite a while.

      When you see the quality of the TV that is available today, it’s no wonder that they are refreshing some of the old franchises. Chuck may be able to garner some goodwill. Because Zac and Yvonne want to do it ( as well as most of the other cast ), it is not out of the realm of possibility.

      • I don’t disagree, gm; but the reality is that 24 was huge money maker for FOX and Heroes has the backing of both the network (NBC) and Tim Kring (the creator). Chuck did indeed do fairly well on Netflix, but it couldn’t even sell in syndication. IT NEVER WAS A HIT. I just don’t want for any of us to be disappointed. You have to have been in the fray just to get the show renewed in season’s 3 and 4 (season 5 being a gift from NBC for the final 13, kind of like Fringe was for Fox) to understand. I’m not discounting the possibilities, I’m just playing devil’s advocate for the sake of reality.

      • Oh… I agree with you….I’m not holding my breath here. I’m thinking that if anything happens, we’re looking at 2017 at the earliest. But the reality is that the TV landscape is changing ( even movies, FWIW ). There are other possibilities that can be explored. If it is a fait d’accompli that there will never be a continuation of any sort, then I find it strange that Zac and Yvonne and Ryan ( the latest ) continue to talk about it. There must still be a little chatter in the business for something to occur.

      • The biggest thing we have going for us is the disturbing lack of creativity in the industry, tv-wise. For every Breaking Bad there is an Odd Couple or an Ironside or Murder She Wrote. As for chatter, Zac has always said that he has a plan in place, but recently that plan has been back burnered somewhat. I honestly don’t think that WB would be much of a problem, but Schwartz and Fedak might be. They have been very unapologetic about the finale, and could be somewhat resistant about continuing.

      • Pretty evident with the lack of creativity….. another NCIS ???? As well, how many comic book heroes can they bring to TV ?? These shows are OK, but they are just a change in the medium from where they were created. It will be interesting to see if something like Manhattan Nocturne even makes it to theatres in wide release. The book was never a best seller, and Adrien Brody is probably the only reason it will get some press. It may end up as a “straight to DVD” type of thing….especially since it will be hard to rate for theatres.

        Best original new TV show recently is The 100, IMHO. I enjoy Gotham, but, like I said, just a reboot of sorts.

      • I agree with both sentiments,

        At times we can say there is no chance, and other times we can say sure why not, but the end result is at least we still see the actors perform in other projects.

        While Chuck introduced us to these marvelous people, we need to remember the 91 episodes we have was really a miracle. the series dodged the chopping block so many times it was indeed a miracle. The overall product was a mess at times. Plot holes galore and continuity issues all over the place. As much as i love Shaw, the character ran its course at the end of S3.

        I love the series and hope for a movie, but it may not be for a few years, The show is still being ran in some markets so all we can do is wait.

      • Absolutely Chris; I will never stop hoping, but I’m not waiting with bated breath either. I continue to watch the series (at least the 1st 4 seasons..cant watch s5 anymore), and I’m very greatful for all the time we got. If a movie happens I’m ready, but if not, I’ll cherish what I have.

  2. The biggest issue with a reboot of some sort is that the present showrunners have little or no good will left with whatever is left most of the fandom.

    Many don’t think they can pull it off without jerking the fans around again, which they don’t think they did anyways.

    And since the show NEVER resolved its drama, you know a reboot will totally by-pass the consequences of the finale.

    The problem with any form of reboot is expectations. Those who liked the finale will likely chew on anything that is presented while the many who were left wanting by the finale will stop watching the instant it is hinted that C&S didn’t leave the beach together (which you know is what they will do).

    What we’re missing is episode 92 of the show.

    • Well; I was certainly left wanting (I was pissed, actually) but I would have been even more upset HAD they left that beach together. Unless that “magical kiss” worked (which would have been a farce), it would not have been honest, or realistic for them to just pick up where they left off. Sarah didn’t even know the significance of that beach until she was “told” by Chuck, and she is far too much of a control freak to just drop everything and go off with him. I don’t really have a problem with Schwartz, but I don’t trust Fedak to write anything that would be satisfactory. I agree we need an episode 92, but the 91st would have been fine had they started the ridiculous memory suppression w/Sarah earlier in the final 13 to really do it justice.

  3. Has anyone been watching the final 13 episodes of Parenthood? Now that’s how you finish a story. Honest, loving and seeming done with great care. A real “love letter to the fans”…….get that, Fedak?

    • I’ve not ever really watched much network TV in the last 10 years….my life in the evenings is much too hectic and varied as to have a show that I know I can sit down and watch every week. I really don’t mind watching shows that have a one episode story and then on to the next story in the next episode. I know I miss some underlying themes in some of the shows I watch, but such is my life !! Parenthood was one of those shows that I missed the start of, and when I did watch it, it was obviously well done. But I really didn’t get the characters as much as I should have. Right now I’m watching White Collar….at my son’s recommendation. I had seen some intermittent episodes, but didn’t get it. The dynamic between the characters is so important, and now that I’ve seen it build in White Collar, the show makes much more sense to me.

      It seems to me, Aaron, that for every great final season, there are about 4 terrible final seasons. I get what Fedak was trying to say with the Goodbye. He just tried to cram too much into the whole season to allow that particular message to evolve organically. I’ve come to accept the finale….Love conquers all, they were meant to be together, etc. etc. It was a real “amateur hour” storyline anyway,( as soon as you start using amnesia), and thus the message isn’t really a powerful one…more cliche than anything. But at least he didn’t kill one of them off….

      And it could have been even worse. How about either Chuck or Sarah dreaming all of the last 3 seasons !!! LOL

      • Yeah gm; I definitely had a “Dallas” flashback when I first watched Goodbye. And I agree that for the most part that network tv is bad at best. But, there are a few exceptions and I still have my favorites. The one thing that I have gotten from the finale is to lower my expectations so as to not be disappointed in the end. I had expected more from a show that I had loved so much. I got Fedak’s message too, but it was done in the most juvenile of ways, and he left so many unanswered questions to it left some of us feeling cheated, and betrayed. I still feel that it isn’t my job to finish a story for the original writer, using my own imagination. I just needed more than what I got.

      • It has nothing to do with fans.

        It all about impressing your peers and showing them how clever you are.

      • That was my biggest problem. The smugness that both JS and CF displayed (especially Fedak) that we all should have gotten the “inside joke” of it all. It was like yeah they are together but we decided not to show you….just use your imagination and all will be revealed. They even went so far as to encourage fanfiction to appease those of us who we left wanting. It was their job to finish the story, not ours. They had had a “to be continued’ attitude from the beginning, even though the show faced cancellation from mid-season 2 on through season 4. Season 5 was a gift to US, the fan who remained loyal thorughout. They didn’t seem to get that. The faulty intersect plot had already been done to death, but that didn’t seem to matter with them. That’s why although I love Chuck, I would be very wary if Fedak was anywhere near a pen a paper in regards to writing a movie or whatever. He’s the reason I do watch “Forever” now. Those of us who hung in from the beginning to the end deserved more than we were given.

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