gallery The Jill Roberts Factor Part Two: Working With Exes

The next chapter in our Jill Roberts’s history lesson comes in the shape of working together. Chuck, Jill and Sarah must work together in order to secure top secret information. Chuck and Jill were eager and able to  put their past behind them. Sarah not so much.

Sarah likes her surroundings to be set. Her ideal situation would be working with Chuck professionally ,and learn how to become the normal woman she dreamed. Furthermore, Sarah’s experience with Lou taught her she didn’t want to share Chuck with anyone. Jill in town changes all that.

While Sarah’s dismay in working with a civilian was tough to handle. Chuck went through it already with Bryce, and here is where we will begin this latest study into Jill Roberts.

Chuck and Sarah Working with Bryce

From the start, Bryce would always be a hot topic for Chuck. He blamed Bryce for his dismissal from college while stealing his girlfriend as well. Chuck will learn the truth about Bryce’s intentions about getting him kicked out, but when the time came to questioning the man of the hour. Bryce didn’t say much. However, as wronged as Chuck felt about his days in Stanford.

When it came to Sarah, it was an all new ballgame. Whatever feelings Chuck had for Jill, it didn’t affect him like learning his handler had a previous relationship with the same man, who screwed him in Stanford, and turned his life upside down. Anger and jealousy would soon consume Chuck when Bryce returned from the dead.

BryceChuck seeing Bryce Alive

It’s difficult to imagine how hard it was for Bartowski who didn’t ask for any of this. His life has been the product of doing for others, but Sarah taught him to fight for what he wants, but when it came to Bryce even his handler succumb to Larkin’s trance.

Chuck didn’t get the chance to discuss his first intimate moment with Sarah because of Larkin’s return, which carried over for some time. It created tension for Sarah as well. As she was staring at the two phones making decision on who to choose, she chose Burbank.

A decision only she can makeHowever, the two times Chuck worked with Bryce showed Chuck who Larkin really was. The man who stood in front of him back in Stanford wasn’t the same guy who played a game of darts in the school’s library. He was a cool and smooth agent, who was as Casey said “When you have a chance to kill Bryce Larkin, you shoot to kill.”

The words that would come out of Chuck’s mouth when he watched Sarah and Larkin take out Tommy and his men confirmed Casey’s point of view. The Andersons were a formidable unit. The very fashion as the two knocked out baddie after baddie all with Chuck watching. How could Chuck compete with that.

The how is easy, when it came to Chuck’s safety both Larkin and Walker have concerns for Chuck’s safety, but go about it differently . As Tommy used Chuck as a shield, Larkin spoke klingon to not give way his intentions. Larkin shot Chuck in the chest knowing he was wearing a vest.

Sarah didn’t understand and her expression showed it. The interesting point to make in this scene was Larkin. Right before Bryce fired his weapon, he showed remorse before doing it. A clear indication Larkin cares about Bartowski.

Meanwhile  Sarah witnessed what Bryce would be willing to do for a mission. Bryce was willing to shoot Chuck despite being a friend. When Sarah was faced with a similar situation, She couldn’t let Chuck die for the sake of a mission. Sarah wouldn’t been able to live with herself if she lost Chuck.

She will kill him if we don't help him

By the time Break up rolls around, Sarah doesn’t have the same feelings for Bryce anymore. She risked treason in Marlin for Chuck, and when she thought she lost him after Colt dropped him. Sarah was growing comfortable with her feelings for Chuck.

Death does not become her

It’s significant when she told Bryce their cover should be strictly a cover. It was her way of letting Larkin know she had moved on. She didn’t want to give too much away by using the same agent lingo to camelflage her personal relationship for Chuck was starting to become more than a cover.

It would escalate when Chuck arrived for pre mission particulars . The inadequate feeling Chuck has when he was with Bryce showed up.

Chuck walking awayBryce can see the truth

Sarah’s visible feelings were out and about. Like Chuck forgets Sarah was in  the van with him in the EX scene. Bryce can see Sarah’s feelings was not simply asset/handler.

Bryce knows nowFor the first time Sarah would take her emotions  with her on mission. The result would be Bryce taking action. Bryce’s attitude may sound like jealousy, but it was a warning to both of them.

Chuck watching Sarah and Bryce dance
Sarah has feelings for you Sarah has feelings for you, Chuck. Feelings that will get her killed. People we deal with are cold-blooded assassins. They have no emotions, no feelings. The only chance we have against FULCRUM is to think and act like they do. Anything less gets us killed.

Meanwhile Chuck’s jealousy was heightened as well. when watching Sarah dance and the make out session on the floor.

The forbidden dance

The end result when working with an ex, its nearly impossible for it not to end well for anyone. Especially when working with that very ex who was willing to shoot Chuck in the chest. Especially when Sarah couldn’t pull the trigger in the train station. In the end, Bryce was able to get into Chuck’s head for the infamous “Fake” break up scene.

Bryce wins
they have been Byrced

Both Chuck and Sarah felt the effects of Bryce’s warning. How does this tie Jill in well simple. Sarah had assumed the role as Chuck when Bryce was around. Chuck and Jill working as an unit made not only Sarah feel jealous, but just as inadequate because she wasn’t use to being on the sidelines.

Jill and Sarah Fight for Chuck’s Affections

As Chuck was informing Jill about their cover relationship, Sarah began to lose her control over Chuck again. This time it comes from someone who has history with Chuck. His old life if you will. Jill and Chuck are back together. While the handler role can’t do anything about it. The girlfriend inside has to take a back seat once again.

Sarah dealing with Jill being back

Sarah was not a stranger to having to take a step back. However, Chuck’s happiness did matter to Sarah, and since she was able to get through it the last time, she handled it better in the beginning. It showed great character growth.

Remember this,

Sarah didn’t take long in confronting Lou, Walker was fighting for what she wanted in the scope she could.

Sarah:You know,he’s a great guy.

Lou: Yeah,um,i’ve had the same opinion so far,too.

Sarah: It’s not an opinion,it’s a fact. Don’t hurt him.

Lou: Okay. Wasn’t planning on it. Thanks for the heads up,though.

If Beckman and Casey found out what Sarah did, she would of been sent back to Washington. Sarah breached protocol by bringing real feelings into the mix.  Do you think Carina would of done that. Bryce’s track record of not allowing the lines to get blurry wouldn’t, but Sarah’s investment went beyond just a mission.

Sarah did what she knew how to do under these circumstances minus sticking a knife in her. Walker threatened her nicely. The second time around Sarah was a lot more mature about how to handle it. Even though She wanted him more at this point than she did when the sandwich queen was around, it affects her just the same.

Sarah watching this unfoldThat's my boyfriend

Think about this Chuckaholics, While Sarah’s experience with Lou was a educational tool for her. Sarah still has a heart. She may be a stone cold killer at times and lie to Chuck at times., but she isn’t like the other spies in the story. What Sarah wanted was what she had going on with Chuck.

While playing agent, she had to standby and watch another woman be with the man that was teaching her how to live for the first time in her life. Something she could of had with her mother, but elected the life of adventure.

Since Tango, Sarah has been seeking opportunities to become intimate with Chuck, and it isn’t only about sex either. Sarah looked for subtle chances to touch him without giving away much.

Fixing ties, and putting her hand in his when given the chance was an agent falling for  her asset. It’s all signs she was letting him in, but when Sarah became angry or  felt like “Fish out of Water.” she acted like a teenager by using words like cover or mission as a way to cope with her feelings.

Kissing Chuck became apart of that process. When Chuck said, “This would be the part, where I am supposed to kiss you.” Sarah wanted to kiss him then.  Opportunity after opportunity all thwarted by some mission or baddies closing in on them.

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A year of frustration and angst being his handler and with Bryce  in town a couple of times it was quite an emotional rollercoaster ride for both Walker and Bartowski. However, all the hard work Sarah was building towards despite all the obstacles like Chuck did in season one, Jill’s arrival was untimely as was Bryce for Chuck.

Jill and Chuck kissing on top of BMIn short time, Jill was able to kiss Chuck on three different occasions. Sarah’s opportunities came through work related incidences. Sarah lost that round, but it was only personal.

Sarah took the opportunity to talk with Chuck and gauge how the relationship was progressing between the two. Especially with Sarah knowing the dangerous slope Chuck was going down with her. Sarah knew what happened, and being spy, Sarah was using her talents in a personal capacity by phishing.

Sarah taking the high road was a big step, and something she learned from him, and when Chuck was ripping the cover apart all Sarah could muster was a “fake smile.” After Chuck leaves, we get the real feelings on Chuck and Jill being back together.

Fake Smile
Fake Smiles

Sarah wondering when can she have him for herselfshe tried to tell him about  their new mission, but Chuck was more interested in being with Jill. Something Sarah was having trouble with. The reason it’s a concern for Sarah comes with Jill knowing Chuck’s secret.Am I ever going to get my Chance

The last time Sarah used sexy lingerie as a ploy to grab Chuck’s attention. It failed miserably.  Jill being in the next apartment having her arms draped all over Chuck, one could believe Sarah saw every minute of this. Sarah had to step up again. Let’s be real Chuckaholics, Jordana isn’t a pimple on Yvonne’s butt when it comes to exterior features. Not to many guest stars could.

Sarah was ready to get Chuck’s attention again. This time she used a red dress. Something that did get Chuck’s attention, and drew concerns from Jill even more so.

Jill wondering about Sarah nowJill worried about Sarah

Jill would ask Chuck about Sarah including her looks. Chuck tried to dodge the question, but as soon as Casey’s door opened  the cat was out of the bag. Jill knew she had competition as well.

it’s only going to get worse from here between the three. As Chuck and Sarah work their way into Guy’s room. Chuck inadvertently dialed Jill’s number and she heard what Charah were saying “How long will having sex last.” Jill upset with what she heard, and seeing Chuck and Sarah’s Florida picture on a table made Jill head to the hotel.

After Team Bartowski found Guy’s music box, substance sprayed on Chuck and Sarah. She was really impressed with how Chuck solved the fibonacci sequence.

LEt me handle this
The running, jumping, shooting people part of the job, that’s all you guys. But the puzzles, that’s all me. I think it would be numerals one through But these boxes used a complicated Fibonacci sequence.

Sarah impressed

After the power shot into Charah, they ran for the shower and took off their clothes in the process.  Shower scene

The problem was Jill came to the door and assumed the worse.

Chuck in trouble with Jill

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A total misunderstanding, but how could you not fault Jill for thinking otherwise. A very awkward situation indeed. It is heightened as Chuck spiraled. By Sarah tightening her robe, she clearly was feeling embarrassed, and Chuck’s tantrum was not helping matters.

The tug of the robe signals feeling dirty
The tug of the robe indicates Sarah feeling dirty.

It didn’t help with the word choice by Chuck either.

Chuck: Wait So not only did we not get the FULCRUM list, but Jill’s never gonna speak to me again because she caught me naked, rinsing off fruit punch with another woman?

Chuck uses the words “Another Woman,”  not the ideal words to use especially when the woman was standing next to him, who has real feelings for Chuck masked by a cover.

It will only get worse for Sarah from here. As Chuck explained to Jill what really happened. Chuck brought Jill over to Castle after Roberts believed Chuck’s hotel story.

If Jill invading Sarah’s personal life was enough. The very woman  in Castle was now working with them. Lou doesn’t even touch the surface compared to Jill standing in Castle having not only Chuck”s attention, but as she zips through finding out what the substance was, Casey used a line “We can see what the boy sees in her.” It got under Sarah’s skin.

I have to deal with this woman professionally now

The chemistry Chuck and Jill demonstrated was similar to Bryce and Sarah because of the unison feel they showed. The difference of course is brawn vs brains. Chuck and Jill showed intelligence of a different kind.

Jill and Chuck working togetherI hate you

As Chuck referenced earlier in Fat Lady, The running, shooting and jumping was for Casey, Bryce and Sarah’s bag, but the puzzles and the intellectual stuff was Jill and Chuck’s skill level, Sarah was impressed earlier in the episode by Chuck prowess in this mission, but she didn’t get the same reaction from Chuck as the huge smile he gave Jill’s affection.

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Sarah expressed her dismay of Jill working with them by asking Casey if he was concern with allowing a civilian on the case? The question showed where Sarah was at now., but Casey was fine with it because of Jill’s ties with Guy.

Furthermore, Casey has experience dealing with Walker’s jealousy over her asset finding well “A new piece of Asset.”

Sarah worried about Jill presence now

After Casey points out Sarah’s jealousy, Sarah reacted to the comment by giving Casey an interesting look.

Sarah not looking good right now

What makes the expression so good, it would also be the kind of expression Chuck makes when asking Casey the same kind of question about Bryce and Sarah working together.

If I know wh y Bryce is here a roll in the hay with Walker

When Chuck and Jill find the next puzzle, Sarah didn’t understand Guy’s puzzles. She assumed the puzzle was a bomb, which shows where her head was since she wasn’t registering the patter Guy had left.  It was because the device had a timer and was counting down, but Jill assured Sarah it wasn’t a bomb and further she was never wrong.

The problem also was Chuck siding with Jill. He stated Jill wasn’t wrong thus far. He vouched for her, and it shocked Sarah. Its the very reason Jill was more of an impact for Sarah to deal with.

Your kidding me right

It’s a bit of a role reversal as Sarah often made Chuck feel like the third wheel when it came to missions with Bryce. Sarah was getting a dose of her own medicine, and Sarah didn’t appreciate one minute of it.

Chuck watching Sarah and Bryce danceAs the clock kept dwindling down, Sarah was getting nervous about Chuck’s safety. She became impulsive in a sense. However, Chuck once again came to Jill defense.  It left Sarah flabbergasted.

Sarah not understanding Chuck's actions

Once the deviced opened revealing a flash drive, Sarah was happy with the result until the embrace and make out session on the stage between Jill and Chuck.

Jill and Chuck kissing after finding Flash DriveSarah was going to be sickWorking with Jill left Sarah on the outside looking in, It wasn’t just personal anymore. Jill worked effortlessly through the mission and was able to get the job done. They secured the flash drive holding Fulcrum agents in the agency.

Jill has affected Sarah’s world on both levels, but for Sarah it will only get harder as Jill’s secret will be discussed in the next chapter of this four part series in The Jill factor.

Chapter Three will be the back end of this episode  and Gravitron. Stay tuned….



  1. Really can’t say much more than you’ve already wrote, Chris. Good job.

    Just for $#!+’$ and giggles, maybe we should discuss this particular comment ( which, unfortunately doesn’t have a lot to do with Jill ),

    “Her ideal situation would be working with Chuck professionally ,and learn how to become the normal woman she dreamed.”

    I’d like someone to explain Sarah and the “normal woman she dreamed” thing ….and give me some solid evidence that it actually was HER dream. Please use any episode, any statement, etc.

    First …. I know she asked both Carina and Casey if they ever thought about having a normal life, and asked her mom to give Molly a normal life. No doubt, Sarah thought about a “normal” life. But is it what she actually wanted, or was it what she thought she had to live in order to be with Chuck ??

    Just trying to stimulate discussion here !!!

    • When it comes to the idea of normalcy, I think Sarah wanted to stop living the life of adventure. She reached her peak after her mission with Molly.

      She came to the crossroads because of the idea of what would be required of her. Does Sarah have the heart to kill a baby? Because we both know it’s what Ryker wanted to do.

      Graham didn’t sound to interested in protecting the baby because of orders. So, as Sarah was maturing emotionally, the idea of killing a child was an early sign she was ready to break from this lifestyle. Except she didn’t know how.

      Enter Chuck, Did you ever watch the movie Man of Fire. Denzel plays a drunken former militant, who was drowning in his life until he met Dakota Fleming’s character and she gave Denzel the reason to want to live again. Chuck gave Sarah and chance to live again. It’s just not Chuck either. Ellie gave her a sister she talked about in Wookie. A positive female in her life.

      Sarah mentioned in Chuck vs Zoom, she always dreamed of the white house with red door. Something she kept from Chuck, which means she always had vision.

      As I mentioned above, She was a different kind of spy because of the heart she had. Was she able to pull a trigger, yes. Same as for Chuck. When he needed to he pulled the trigger to save Sarah.

      What The CIA offered was a far cry from what her Father did, but it’s the same life on the run and always have to watch her back like in S5 jumping out of bed ready to shoot the paperboy.

      It’s really a nice journey to watch a character go through a big change like what we watched with Sarah. Did she get her dream. Yes, in a sense As we talked about before, and we witnessed it in the finale.

      Sarah again wasn’t on a plane leaving Burbank in Goodbye, she was on a beach where it all began, which means Sarah remembered some of it. She asked Chuck the beach was important.

      Much like the pilot and Broken Heart, Sarah couldn’t find herself leaving her living a dream.

      Look at Casey, he was all about missions until realized he had a daughter and he tried to push her away because of the fear of being shipped out.

      • I think what I’m getting at is, “Was a “normal” life REALLY what Sarah wanted for herself. Yes….she wanted Chuck (WHY ? ). In the end, he wasn’t really normal, so her life with him would never be “normal”. When she had the chance to leave the spy life, she balked each and every time.

        It seems to me she thought about the “normal” life, but felt much more comfortable with who she actually was ( a spy ). My feeling is that Chuck allowed her to be herself, and feel good about being herself…not by giving her a normal life, but giving her a counterbalance to what she DIDN’T like about the spy life. Sarah became less assassin after she met Chuck …..there had to be an overarching reason to kill, whereas before, she killed because she was ordered to. It’s almost like he was able to restore her faith in humanity again.

      • I think we always knew what Sarah wanted in fact the best example I think fits with the ideas of wanting a normal house with a family came in Chuck vs Suburbs

        Its always been the case cause look at earlier in the episode alive because she is doing housewife duties.

        So yes, she was thinking about it, and with Chuck could have it.

      • Sure, Chris …it seemed that it was something she “wanted”…but she never took the opportunity to grab it when she had the chance. Why didn’t she ?

      • I agree with gm; She had the chance for it in Honeymooners but jumped at the chance to have it all. It always seemed to me that she wanted him (Chuck) but the pull of the spy life was always there for her. Again, it wasn’t until children and family came into the mix did she start thinking about a bit of normalcy.

      • Not only the Honeymooners, but at Ellie’s wedding too. She also hesitated when Chuck first floated the idea of turning Carmichael Industries into a tech company ….she didn’t know what her “part” would be in a “normal” company. Even with the idea of Chuck proposing marriage, and living that “normal” life , it was met with a mission to save Chuck’s mom… was something that she “had” to do.

        Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “Did Sarah really want a normal life ?”, but rather, “Why didn’t Sarah take the opportunity to have a normal life whenever the chance arose ?”

      • Mr. Bush said it best

        Fish out of water, but you know when something is uncertain sometimes the taking that risk becomes a chore.

        For example in the truth we have Sarah smiling liking the candles and music but she balked at it.

        The idea of kids and marriage frightens her because of the uncertainty

        She knows how to b a spy and is good at it, but being Martha Stewart not so much.

      • Hey Chris…I agree…she was a fish out of water. But then again…so was Chuck…so was Casey…so was Morgan. Even Ellie and Awesome were fish out of water when they went to Africa. Achieving your “dreams” means you have to change something….. doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes is lunacy. If Sarah truly wanted to be “normal”, she would’ve had to do what all the other characters did…step outside their comfort zone.

        Why was it so hard for Sarah to do that ? She had Chuck, she had Burbank ….what was holding her back?

      • Chris; it’s pretty much like I said….Chuck was stuck in neutral. He was still smarting over Stanford, and Bryce and Jill. Quite simply he didn’t care, or didn’t have the energy or wear-with-all to come out of the fog. Just look at him and the lost lamb look he had in the pilot. It’s as if Sarah was the sunshine after the storm for him. His whole demeanor changed. For Sarah on the other hand it was a matter of trust, not so much for Chuck, but for her own feelings. Until she admitted that she was different without him (Chuck) in Phase Three, she never could come to terms with the head and the heart. It was a constant struggle for her. Her journey was always about finding herself, just what she set out to do in Goodbye, even if it was more of a necessity at that point, since her memories were suppressed (notice I said suppressed, not lost).

      • Chris…one Chuck’s “dreams” were dashed by Bryce, he was lost. He didn’t have a backup plan. He didn’t know what he even wanted at that point in time. Once he saw something that could make him be a “someone” again, he went for it….

        It’s very different than Sarah’s position …she seemed to “want” normal, but she really had a hard time with it. Like Rev said, she had a hard time trusting herself. I think she really enjoyed the difference she could make in the world being a spy, but she really started to abhor the seedier side of the industry. Chuck certainly provided a sense of balance to her life…..he saw her as a spy, with a “normal girl” inside. She showed that she needed that constant reassurance that she was a good person, a worthwhile person…a normal person. The spy life, following her life with her dad, had her somewhat doubting her humanity.(IMO)

      • I don’t know if she doubted her humanity; but she certainly doubted herself and what she really wanted. If, as she said, she fell for Chuck after he fixed her phone, why did it take her so long to give in to those feelings? She always fell back on duty vs heart to justify her hemming and hawing. Even after they finally got together, she still initially balked at moving in together (and then unpacking) and finally saying “I love you”. She felt it, she even knew it, but she didn’t trust herself to just say it. It always took a crisis to admit the truth for her. It was never about Chuck; that was her own constant inner struggle.

      • Rev…yup….a lot of self doubt. But what was it that Chuck did for her? Why was she “different” without Chuck ? What was it about her that she didn’t like? ( All Phase 3 quotes…)

        It had to be more than she just “fell in love” with him….

      • For Sarah, Chuck represented something “real” in her life…..probably for the first time. Before Chuck, life for her had been a series of “marks”, or missions. That’s what scared her, or always kept her at arms length. She didn’t know how to deal with someone who wanted her just for her. Chuck made it ok for her to just “be” without all the pretense.

      • You don’t think Bryce ( and maybe Shaw ) wanted her just for her ? Bryce was in love with her as evidenced in Vs The Ring …she could just never talk about her feelings with him. ( and couldn’t with Chuck for a VERY long time !) So why was Chuck different than Bryce ?

      • Sure; I think that Bryce wanted her. However, I don’t think that Sarah felt the same way. Bryce was safe for her, because she didn’t have to talk to him. Remember, both of them (Bryce and Sarah) lived a life of secrets and lies, so it would have been easy for Sarah to be with him, never really having to open up. She said it herself, she never felt for anyone the way she felt about Chuck. That’s why it was so difficult for her.

      • Well… it seems you are just restating what I said…. Chuck was different than Bryce…but WHY ? They both loved her, they both tried to get her to open up to them. She had a much better chemistry with Bryce than she did with Chuck…and had much more in common with Bryce than with Chuck. Yet Chuck made her feel “different”. I will give you that Chuck was much more attentive to her than Bryce … I certainly think that Chuck “read” Sarah better. But there was something about him (right off the bat, mind you) that made Sarah feel different about herself.

        I can’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t Chuck giving her the option of being a “normal girl” it seems….it seemed to be something he awoke inside of her. I just can’t seem to figure it out !!

      • I agree with everything but dont you think the balance between knowing and uncertainty makes people stick with what they know.

        Only after honeymooners did they realize they can have both. The believe of either or was weighing heavenly on their minds

      • Honeymooners was very much like Prague…they were on the run. That was NOT going to be the normal life Sarah talked about. They would give up spying and be together , but they wouldn’t have the house with the red door and white picket fence, etc. Sarah had already lived that type of life with her father, so I can’t ever believe that it was her dream to, once again, live a life on the run. It seems to me that being with Chuck ( and the same with Chuck…being with Sarah ) was the most important thing. Not living a normal life, not being someone special ….just being together…no matter how much they wanted to live life as a spy, or as a normal couple.

      • Here’s something else to consider ….if she wanted the spy life and to love someone who loved her for her, she had Bryce…..

        Why wasn’t that a factor in her decision ? 😉

      • I think that the answer to that is simple….she didn’t love Bryce. I never really thought that she did. She may have been involved with him, but love him, no. And even if she did, there is still a difference in loving someone and being IN love with them.

      • Yes, I agree with that Rev

        But I think Bryce was not the same thing she had for Chuck. Remember this was a woman who was willing to shoot a baddie using Bryce as a shield, but when the opportunity arises when Chuck in the same position she couldn’t pull the trigger.

        I believe her when she said Chuck was teaching her how to love and be in love every day, and she embraced it.

        I really think the baby situation woke up Sarah to where her life was headed, and with Bryce going rogue Sarah was lost much like the night Chuck downloaded 2.0

        She ran yes, but she never could run from Chuck or leave him. It’s why Jill hits sarah hard at this point because she invaded Sarah both professionally and personally. Hannah would make Sarah spiral when it comes to her home and family.

        But Jill was more of a factor since she had involvement with Bryce and Chuck. Two men Sarah had emotions with.

        As I said, Jill is a very good character for the story and added substance to it.

      • She didn’t love Bryce ? Really ?? In Chuck Vs. Nemesis she certainly had an extremely hard time making up her mind about staying in Burbank or going with Bryce. And when she chose to stay in Burbank with Chuck, she wasn’t very happy about it….giving an awful lot of grief to Chuck for something he really had no control over. Was she mad because she gave up her chance to have it all, instead going back to feeling she had to chose one over the other ?

        Just because she ended up falling in love with Chuck doesn’t mean she didn’t love Bryce. But that still begs the question…why Chuck? What was it that Chuck did to her that she needed to be near him (in the spy life, in the normal life or on the run life)? Why was a photo of the 2 of them together something that made her feel safe ? It wasn’t just that she loved him……he did something to her. This wasn’t a normal life vs a spy life kinda thing ….

      • That’s what I mean Gary,

        it’s an interesting dynamic, the icebreaker was the ballerina and to see this man come to the aid of young girl without there being something behind it. Intrigued her.

        I don’t think it was love at that point in Nemesis. I think it was more of her succumbing to his power over her.

        Almost like Shaw did in other Guy, Why would Sarah being willing to go with Shaw to Paris alone? knowing the situation.

        What does that tell you about the psyche of one Sarah Walker,

      • I think that her anger was directed more towards why she stayed moreso than the fact that she stayed in Burbank. Leaving with Bryce would have been an easy solution, but her anger was at staying and having to confront those unknown and unstated feelings. “I’m in love with Chuck Bartowski, and I don’t know what to do about it” says so much. It was that lack of control that angered her. And Sarah as we all know liked being in control.

      • Yes, control and having everything in its place.

        Working with Chuck and being with him was what she loved most. best of both worlds if you will.

        When anyone or anything kept her from being with Chuck she got anger or became impulsive.

        Here is a question for Gary and Aaron. Do you buy her story she was in lisbon to bury Larkin’s ashes or did she go to be close to Chuck. Was Shaw on to her? usually an agent wouldn’t ask a question unless they knew the answer already.

        A lawyer trick I learned in school, it’s a set up question,

        Do you think being separated from Chuck made her go to lisbon close but not enough to get into trouble?

      • I think you’re really on to something there Chris….Chuck was different and it made Sarah go to places she had never been to. But therein lies the rub ….if Chuck made her feel these unknown feelings….feelings she had no idea how to control, that would have been and should have been anathema to Sarah…who loved to be in control. She should have run away from that situation as fast as she could….but she decided to stay. And as Rev said, she took out her frustrations on Chuck. But Chuck always fell back ( eventually ) to being the “baggage handler” he told her he would be. It was an interesting dynamic. That’s why the “spy life Vs the normal life” conflict seems to come across as too simplistic, IMHO.

      • It is because its deeper than that.

        Sarah had numerous chances of leaving Burbank but the way she felt about the atmosphere made her want to stay.

        Even in the finale, she said she was leaving to find herself, but ended up on the beach.

        Beckman fired her in Broken Heart, but she found herself in Chuck’s bedroom. Your right in a sense it’s her balance. However, even balance fluctuates between reality and desire.

        Sarah uses the word Cover a lot to shield her fears of actually committing. She did so with Shaw.

        Look shaw I think we need to not do this. Sarah has issues with commitment, but not with Chuck. She was willing to fight through thailand to rescue her calm center.

        Cole also made moves on her, and yet she admitted to him and I think the first person about how she doesn’t cheat on her cover boyfriend.

        Same thing for Chuck.

        Chuck should’ve been the Ass man of the BM but it didn’t attract him like working as a spy. While Sarah wasn’t responsible for sending the intersect. The need for her to be in his life was just as important.

        3D offers a glimpse into that. He got his day off from Sarah and the spy life. Yet, he jumped into the vic after they talked about their issues.

        it makes S3 that much harder to understand because they always talked things out like normal couples did.

        Its why i am asking the question about Lisbon. How much of it was true or was it to be closer to Chuck who was in Prague.

        She ended up in thailand to find Chuck. Couldn’t stand he was on a plane without her in First Class and left him tied up in the curse.

        Only Chuck made Sarah want to be with him all the time. Shaw and Bryce didnt have that ability which is why I said.

        No matter what woman Chuck was with. Sarah wasn’t going to let that woman last long because Chuck was hers

      • Sarah was used to forcing her will on people….Jeez…she did it to her mother as a child !! Being a con “girl” ….manipulating people….assassinating people …..using her “charms” on people like Lon Kirk…..Sarah was a manipulator and almost always got her way. Letting another woman between her and Chuck just really wasn’t going to happen !!!

        As for Lisbon …. I think she used the train in Prague to then go to Lisbon as a contingency. She probably did bury Bryce’s ashes there. And, yeah….Shaw knew everything about that. And he probably surmised that she was there for Chuck rather than for Bryce…that’s why he had to separate Chuck and Sarah…they were too “close”. The Final exam was Sarah’s final exam ….. was she completely free of Chuck’s spell, both physically and emotionally. That’s why he asked her if she still loved him after the Red Test. Shaw wasn’t even a rebound….he was running a mission to separate Sarah from Chuck. Even though Shaw was sleeping with her, he was knew she STILL loved Chuck….thus, the Red Test.

      • Well, the Red Test was going to come into play regardless, but I agree that it was just as much of a test for Sarah as well. You are also right in saying that Shaw knew about Chuck and Sarah, I think before he even insinuated himself onto the team. l cant knock him for pursuing her, her just look at her, but Shaw at the time was still mourning the death of his wife, and yes, he was a rebound for Sarah. Sleeping together doesn’t necessitate anything in the way of a relationship. They were using each other. It only shows you that Sarah was trying to wrest back control. She put herself out there, got rejected and then immediately fortified the wall.

      • Sorry, Rev….didn’t mean to imply that Sarah didn’t rebound over to Shaw, but I think Shaw’s motivation was always to break Sarah and Chuck apart …not only physically ( since that had already happened ), but also emotionally. He knew Sarah was still hanging on to her feelings for Chuck. If not, then why would he ask her if she still loved him after the Red Test ? For Shaw, it wasn’t about trying to be in a relationship with Sarah…rather, she was just a “roll in the hay”…and if he pushed her further from Chuck by doing so, then he gets double bonus points !!

      • Oh, I totally agree. I have no doubt that one of his main objectives was to drive a wedge between them. It was pretty evident from the start. I do believe that some of his motivations were genuine, as far as trying to push Chuck out of the protective nest, but some were just as self-serving, because he wanted more than anything to get revenge on those who he thought at the time were responsible for his wife’s death. Chuck’s first solo mission was all about his wedding ring for goodness sake.

      • So, would it be safe to say that Sarah’s wishlist would be :

        #1 Chuck

        #2 Normal Life

        #3 Spy Life

        And even then, she HAS to have some type of danger or adventure in her life to make it truly “normal” for her ?

      • Exactly……and did you ever get the feeling that Sarah had this unending need to be Chuck’s savior?

      • I think that she had that quality in her for a long time. I think that may have been one of the reasons she went with her Dad for so long…to try to protect him. In a way, even joining the CIA meant she could be a saviour…. “for the greater good.” Now, we may not have heard that from Sarah’s mouth herself, Chuck in Three Words said that when referring to what Sarah taught him. And I think that is where Sarah’s original tendency to “save” people started to come in to conflict with what she had to do in order to achieve that goal …she had to kill people. That probably distorted her sense of duty. And when Bryce went rogue, and then the baby incident happened, she just needed that anchor to attach her back to her original, inherent need to be a saviour. With Chuck, and his inherent goodness evident from the beginning, being his “saviour” allowed her to do her job, but provide that mental anchor.

      • I concur with that; except I might add that protecting Chuck became much more. Perhaps it was because she loved him, but I think that in there somewhere, at least initially, it was because she needed to be his guardian, from a lack of trust (especially without the intersect) in his own abilities. I don’t think that she doubted his intellect, but to her, his skill set was sorely lacking. She hated him going out on his own (see Ex, Predator, First Class, Anniversary, Fear of Death just to name a few) because 1} she felt left out and 2) she couldn’t rescue him. Sure, she was a bit of a mother hen, but he already had an overly protective female presence in Ellie. Her unintended (or was it?) slight of his abilities was sorely evident in Fear of Death, and unfortunately, that was never fully addressed. And when the tables were turned such as in Cat Squad, her unwillingness to accept his help was very quickly brought to bear. I sometimes wondered if she really took Morgan’s talk to heart when he told her in Phase Three that Chuck (rightfully so) was somewhat intimidated because she was a “super spy”.

      • Well, to be honest. I have had this discussion with Gary, and i tend to agree with him now. Other Guy was just the peg in the final chapter of Chuck and Sarah coming together. Everything wasn’t resolved it took three more episodes before Sarah said “I love you”

        Suit Case and all the episodes leading up to Phase Three were relationship building episodes. Designed for Chuck and Sarah to grow together as a couple.

        No couple could recover after what the two went through during the first 12 episodes, but what really brought Sarah closer to Chuck was when she found out Orion was killed by Shaw. Sarah loathed Shaw after that because Orion’s one last mission speech reached Sarah.

        Remember she was willing to give Chuck her spy will out of fear of dying. Which boggles my mind on why Chuck didn’t give her the spy will in the finale, but thats here nor there.

        The spy will was her personal root, it was the real Sarah Walker. After that Sarah was open about not leaving Chuck by himself when he told her the truth about his brain condition. She told him I love you and the most important thing is to get the watch back.

        They still struggled with marriage and kids, and even took their issues to Costa Gravas. Sarah was able then to say she would say yes, if he proposed and revealing Chuck was her home. These all are great character development scenes a far cry from S1 Sarah.

        It is also why I have been saying Phase Three is by far the best episode, and have come to terms with saying I don’t need the wedding to know how Sarah feels about Chuck. That’s just the icing on the cake.

        Phase Three showed how life would be like for Sarah if Chuck was in the car when it exploded or when the bunker bombs dropped in American Hero. If Colt dropped Chuck and Casey wasn’t there to make the save.

        for five days Sarah was without Chuck, and She couldn’t survive without Chuck. She moved on when Bryce was dead, shoot, she was willing to kiss Chuck during part one of the final exam despite being with Shaw.

        When Morgan told her about the Proposal Plan and how she never told him she loved him and wanted to be with him for the rest of his life with or without the Intersect was the biggest and best admission to anyone without a video recorder in front of her.

        Sarah’s journey was and will always be difficult to come up with a concrete answer because as we talk about our answers change. Sarah truly is an enigma.

        BTW Aaron what were your thoughts on my Jill article. we seem to forget this article was about Jill Bryce Chuck and Sarah.

      • I thought your Jill article was well done, Chris. The big part of the Jill arc is, once you know the “secret”, it’s hard to see Jill in the same light. Jill was really more of a challenge for Sarah because this wasn’t about some girl that just happened to catch Chuck’s fancy while Sarah dithered. This was Chuck’s one true love …the loss of whom sent him into an emotional tailspin for over 5 years. The best part of the arc was definitely the mirroring of the Bryce relationship … Sarah could totally understand where Chuck’s head would be in regards to Jill. Unfortunately it didn’t clarify Sarah’s path to unlocking her emotions and continually hiding behind the cover relationship. But the important thing is what it did for Chuck ….if he really had to choose, he chose Sarah, much like Sarah chose Chuck in The Nemesis.

        These relationships are very much a reflection on the moving forward theme we have been talking about. For Chuck to leave the Nerd Herd and strike out to become a spy, he had to leave his comfort zone. Leaving behind your past to try something new, even if it’s uncertain, or scary …. that’s what both Chuck and Sarah did by leaving the easy comfort of a past relationship. That’s what Chuck did downloading the Intersect 2.0 and becoming a spy. (We also see it in Morgan, Jeffster and even Ellie and Awesome). But Sarah really struggled with that transition …leaving the spy life for an uncertain “normal” life. She showed she could leave the spy life behind ( Prague and the Honeymooners), but in neither case was she leaving it for a normal life. She was leaving it for the life on the run ( and ,yes, protecting her Chuck), which was very comfortable for her ….that’s a life she knew quite well. Perhaps, unlike all the others, she wasn’t entirely unhappy with the path she had chosen, so she really wasn’t as willing to give it up.

      • Yeah; Chuck really needed Jill to re-enter his life to, if nothing else, provide him with permission to step out of the fog and move. Even if it had turned out that she wasn’t evil, he needed to finally close that chapter. He and Sarah would have never stood a chance without her re-appearing, because there was never any real closure up to that point. As for Sarah, I believe that she wouldn’t have stood in Chuck’s way of possible true happiness if Jill had been legit. Jill was essential in finally showing Chuck that she wasn’t the one and her showing her true colors only cemented the fact that at that time in his life his heart had been directed elsewhere.

  2. What you always have to realize with Sarah is that she never knew normal. A life on the run with her father, distance from her mother for the most part (a calculated move on her part as shown in Baby) and the CIA life was all she knew. The house with the red door was a pipe dream to her. Even after she finally gave in to her feelings for Chuck, they were tempered with the need for adventure (Honeymooners) and the fear of completely letting go always weighed heavy on her mind. It wasn’t until after they finally married and the serious talk of a family became a real possibility, did the notion of a “normal” life really come into play. Even then adventure was still in the mix, with both of them only altering the company to a more centered and less dangerous focus. I don’t think that Sarah could ever really give up the life of adventure entirely…….

    • Yeah…. I always thought her quest for a “normal” life was more of a dream……grass is always greener ….idea. It wasn’t really her. We always want what we don’t have !!!

      As for Chuck, that’s what makes the relationship and the quest for ‘normal” interesting. If he was never going to be normal, and perhaps give her the life she seemed to dream of, then why the obsession with Chuck ? What was it about him, and what did it do for her, that seemed to be the journey Sarah was on for the series ??

      • Well Chuck does say in Role Models, there lives were never going to be normal.

        Sarah replied with well it would be nice to fall back onto something when our spies careers are over.

        She didn’t say mine. She said ours which means she was including Chuck in that mindset.

        very interesting indeed.

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