My name is Berkan Akdağ. I’ m 17 years old . I have a science high school. My from is Turkey. I like play footbal, listen to music and meet my friends. My hobbies are read the book and playing computer games. I have a brother. He is 23 years old. My favourite films are Fight Club, Forrest Gump and Never Back Down. My musics are generally the metal music . But I like listen the other musics.
I’m a huge fan of Chuck . Of Course , My favourite tv series is Chuck . In fact this is not tv series , this is part of my life for me . I love Chuck . I re-watched two or three times good scenes , some episodes .. When Chuck finished I was so sad . Because Chuck is changed my life and my ideas . I watched maybe over hundred times  Chuck Final Scene and I want the Chuck Movie . I memorized some good scenes and final scene . I always listen to Chuck’s musics . I love Chuck . Fortunately I watched Chuck !
Also I have a facebook page about Chuck . You can see it from here .
And I have a international Chuck Group . This group is international . It has news about Chuck Movie and all Chuck’s musics , episodes , good scenes .. You can see it from here .
You can contact me from Twitter and Facebook .

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