gallery Rewatch Week Twenty: Episode Seven Season Two: Jill’s Secret Revealed

Chuck’s image of Jill Roberts is about to take a drastic change, His former/current girlfriend has a secret that will rattle not only Chuck’s but strike fear into Sarah. Walker’s jealousy will be on display as she not only has to deal with Chuck seeing another woman personally, but Jill Roberts will be tagging along on their mission. once again Chuck will take his watch off. How will his handlers respond to this development.

Chuck vs The Fat Lady is the middle of four episode in the Jill Arc, and the more we watch this episode, the more it climbs the ever changing ranks amongst the best episodes of the series.

There are a lot of topics to dissect, and without further delay. The discussion shall commence.

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Main Story

Fat Lady begins with a mad dash to the roof of a building, Chuck and Jill are rushing up the stairs and using spy equipment to knock out security cameras and unlocking doors.

Charles Carmichael I presume

Once on the roof, Jill admitted she couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of Chuck Bartowski being a secret agent.  He told her how sometimes the job chooses him. He asked Roberts if she liked the romantic few, but Jill wasn’t impressed at all. How did you become a spyChuck explained since he was an important piece of intelligences, there wasn’t too many places he could go without someone watching.  Jill in a flirtatious way concurred with that sentiment and the two embraced each other for a kiss.

Jill and Chuck kissing on top of BM
At last privacy, Oh so he thought….

As Jill and Chuck commended their make out session a camera at the top of the stairwell started to turn in their direction. Chuck couldn’t believe his date was foiled once again by Casey. It made Chuck storm for the Orange.

Meanwhile in Castle, Casey was smiling as he knew what he was doing to Bartowski. Sarah asked was that necessary, how much trouble could he get into on a roof. Casey comically said, “It’s Bartowski.” The first scene of our analysis will begin here.

Sarah was seen looking over photos of Chuck and Jill.  We can see Sarah was struggling with adjusting to her role as a cover girlfriend, but what choice did Walker have. Casey instigated  her jealousy a bit with a comment that showed Casey was going to have some fun with his partner.

Browsing someone else's network
You’re pretty nonchalant about your supercomputer boyfriend trying to browse someone else’s network.

While Sarah was watching Chuck and Jill on the monitor, Sarah classicly spoke with words that her body language and demeanor weren’t saying.  Sarah was lying to herself because we can see Sarah was struggling with seeing Chuck with another woman. Especially and ex.

Her response to Casey was the following,

That's my boyfriend
Well, I am just his cover girlfriend. ..Chuck’s entitled to a real one.

Her misery was curbed once Beckman signed on, and told them about secret Fulcrum information in Guy’s hotelroom. The general ordered them to break into a government crime screen and get the list. Furthermore,  Chuck was to be brought on mission to find where the list was. The interesting thing from this scene would Sarah’s reaction from seeing the file and the idea of having to help Jill. It’s a real issue because Jill stole her boyfriend from her, and now she had to most likely protect her.

Sarah's reaction to have to protect Jill
Sarah not pleased with having to protect the woman, who stole her man.

As the mission details were wrapping up, Chuck came storming into the yogurt shop piping mad about the 24/7 surveillance. Sarah said she would handle this. While he was waiting for her to come up from Castle, he didn’t wait long to dig into her.

Chuck mad
Really? A camera on the roof because of what? All the terrorist activity on top of the Buy More?

Sarah’s character development here was tremendous. The ability to shield her emotions on the subject while still operating as a handler was great poise. Once again listening to Chuck's lecture

She informed Chuck of the mission they just received. However, Chuck didn’t want to hear about it. He wanted to talk about it in the morning because he had Jill waiting in the car. Sarah said, absolutely, but before Chuck left, Sarah took a chance to gauge the temperature on how things were progressing between Chuck and Jill.

Instantly, Chuck thought it was some spy relating thing, but for the first time in the series Sarah said, “No, its a friend thing.” Sarah hadn’t claimed herself  as anything, but his handler. Her actions spoke different of course, but she has begun to realize Chuck is more to her than some asset. Chuck realizing this felt comfortable to diverge some of his feelings on the issue.

Ah Chuck is everyone okSarah concerned about Chuck and Jill new relationship

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarah: Chuck is everything alright?

Chuck: Yeah yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask? Or is this some spy thing? Some psych evaluation or something like that?

Sarah: It’s a friend thing. I just want to make sure you’re okay.
Chuck: Yeah. Yeah, I’m great. Being with Jill, is is It’s like having my old life back, you know? And not to bash on our cover, but I’d forgotten what it’s like to be with someone who knows the real me.

As Chuck was killing their cover, Sarah’s expressions were starting to drop as each word came out of Chuck’s mouth. The words were starting to reach home, but Sarah’s desire for Chuck to be happy was a selfless act disguised her true feelings.

As discussed in Jill Factor Part Two, Sarah’s fake smile leads the viewer to believe she was fine with everything that was going on, but as Roan said in Seduction, “Lady Doss protest (Pretend)  too much”Fake smiles

In other words, Sarah flashed a smile and said Jill was great, but it’s not true because this expression said otherwise.

Sarah dealing with Jill being back Sarah’s fake smile wouldn’t be the first time she used such a smile. There are series of scenes that showcase her fake smile from above.

When Chuck left the store, we get the real feelings on the issue from Sarah.  It’s why I call it a half truth.

Sarah wondering when can she have him for herselfAm I ever going to get my ChanceRight off the bat we see where Sarah’s mind was when it came to Chuck and Jill, but this time around she was more mature about it.

When Chuck arrived at the Buymore, he ran into Morgan who showed him a device he bought from Canada. This device can break through any encrypted file. Morgan was going to copy video games with the device, so he wouldn’t have to buy any games.  The device will come in handy later in the episode.

The device that decrpyts

When Chuck was getting dressed for his mission, he had Jill over with, and she helped Chuck fix his tie, which was something Sarah did, but Jill was cementing herself as Chuck’s woman now. The very notion brought out a bit of jealousy from Jill when it came to her blond competitor.

Jill would ask Chuck if she had anything to worry about, but Chuck assured her that  missions and covers were not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination. While Chuck was trying to be coy, the truth was in the puddle once they opened the door.

Jill has competition now Sexy Sarah one

As the two women meet for the first time, Sarah won this round as she had the attention of both Chuck and Jill with her outfit. The carry over effect hit the mission as Chuck asked Sarah was it necessary for Sarah to dress like a prostitute, and she told him how the hotel was noted for high class businessmen and escorts meeting grounds. She explicitly said for him to sell the cover.

Sell the cover ChuckOnce upstairs, Sarah switched into her spy attire, and they said the only way into Guy’s room was through the vents. on the way, Chuck asked how long the mission was going to take. He made some noise which was annoying Casey. Sarah stopped to tell Chuck out to crawl through the vent, and in doing so Bartowski accidently hit the phone button, which dialed Jill.

Jill listening to Chuck talk about having sex with SarahFurthermore, Jill saw the Sarah and Chuck’s photo on a table which made Jill grab her bag and keys with anger in her eyes.

Meanwhile,  Team Bartowski was looking around Guy’s room for anything that would indicate where the list was. Chuck comically fell from the vent, which made Casey say “ssh, The FBI may be dumb, but they are not deaf.” As they were searching, Chuck’s phone goes off, which Chuck shuts off.

What he saw was a box on a shelf, and flashed on it. He showed it to the agents, and they were wondering what it was. Sarah was struggling finding a lock or something that could open it, but Chuck took over saying “The running, jumping and shooting was all them.” The puzzles were his.

LEt me handle this

Chuck explained what the box was used for, and fibonacci sequence was the key to it. Chuck positioned the tiles into place and it unlocked the box. It very much impressed his handlers. However, as happy as the team was with his abilities, a pink mist shot up into Chuck and Sarah. Casey left the room for a containment unit. Chuck and Sarah undressed and quickly headed for the shower. They took off their clothes all the way down to their under garments.

As Chuck was scrubbing Sarah’s back, some feeling began to spark again for his handler. it almost like the shower was a refreshing of what was supposed to be, but as the two finished their shower, the refresher didn’t last long as the knock at the door revealed to be Jill Roberts.  It marks a very awkard moment for all three.

Jill angry Oh boy 2

Before I go further, I would like to mention the baddie of the episode. Not only was Jordana Brewster and Tony Hale guest stars, but Mark Pellegrino made his Chuck debut.

For Dexter fans, Pellegrino played the ex husband of Rita Bennett. Here is a clip from Dexter.

The Fulcrum agent arrived at the hotel, and dressed up as a electrician. He entered the hotel, and once out of sight, he dressed in a suit. He approached the very room Team Bartowski was looking for Guy’s files.  As he approached the two agents, he was greeted with pleasantries as the agents knew him. As came closer he pulled out a gun and shot them.

Team Bartowski heard the shots and quickly headed for the vent. The Fulcrum Agent dragged the dead agents into the room just as the vent latch shut. A interesting thing to note about the Fulcrum Agent, he came in a truck called Tuttle Electricity. The name Tuttle will be used again much later in the series. Chuck Veterans should know when we will see the name Tuttle show up again.

Another thing to discuss would be Jill’s reaction to seeing both Chuck and Sarah in there unmentionables.  One should understand Jill’s heated reaction. Yes, Jill doesn’t know what happened, but it’s very much like Mauser and the infamous red test in S3 communication breakdown took place.

Jill also showed she has real feelings for Chuck, and it makes the situation between Chuck and Sarah that more complicated because Chuck’s tantrum made Sarah feel worse about herself.  In my article Jill Roberts Factor II, I discuss the impact of Chuck using the world “Another Woman” 

Sarah wasn’t acting like her normal tough agent persona, she was taken back by everything Chuck said, and it shows by the way she tugs her robe and even when being reference as another woman.

It only will escalate from here. The tension between the two women and Chuck will only boil from here.  At the Buymore, Chuck was frantically calling Jill to explain to her what really happened, but Jill wouldn’t answer his calls.

Eventually Jill will show up at the Buymore, and Chuck explained to her what happen about the box shooting a pink mist. Chuck and Sarah were only washing off the substance.  Jill believed him after hearing the details. She would explain Guy’s paranoia of leaks and suspicious activities.

Chuck was prepared to escort Jill to Castle, but first blindfolded her as precaution.

Jill explaining Guy's tendencies Chuck brought Jill to Castle, but not without protest from his handlers. Chuck informed them of what Jill knew about Guy’s tendency to use puzzles as a way to protect his information. Jill said she wanted to test the substance since the agents didn’t know the exact formula.

It would lead to one of the best scenes in the series. Casey would sing in the forthcoming scene.

What makes the scene great would be Casey’s reaction to Jill being in his secret base, and Sarah’s reaction in having Jill in Castle with her. The torment was written all over her face.

The idea that Jill Roberts was submerging herself into the mission angered Sarah. It’s one thing to steal him from her personally, but Jill was out shining Sarah in this episode. Chuck and Jill used brains for this mission, and made Sarah feel a bit out of place. The same can be said for Chuck, who is out of place with the running, jumping and shooting.  Casey also made Sarah feel out of place when he was able to sing a high c.

When the music box revealed a pair of glasses, it made Chuck flash, and he continued to impress Jill with his knowledge and craftiness during this mission, and it was alienating Sarah. It only magnified her jealousy and hatred for Jill. If given the chance, Sarah would of put a bullet in Jill Roberts with the looks she was giving to Roberts.

The angst for Sarah would only continue  at the Opera House. Walker voiced her concerns about a civilian working on the case, but Casey thought Jill’s personal relationship with Guy was of use for the mission. Casey asked was it really about the mission or the fact Chuck found himself a new piece of asset.


Casey poking fun at Sarah wouldn’t make it easy for her, but then again Casey does it to Chuck as well. Chuck and Jill find Guy’s next puzzle, and Sarah annoyed me in this scene. Sarah’s jealousy and the need to control things clouded her judgment in sense.

If up to this point all of Guy’s gadgets were designed for some sort of puzzle to be solved than why would Sarah forget what happened in Castle. Her personal battle with Jill was the cause, and for the first time Sarah was channeling her inner Chuck on a mission.

The baddie arrived and was watching as Jill and Chuck were able to get the flash drive that contained the information. Sarah didn’t like what she was seeing or hearing. Chuck vouched for Jill twice. Furthermore, once they did get the intel. They embraced and kissed on stage much to the dismay of Sarah.

Sarah left on the side linesChuck and Jill would return to Chuck room and Roberts was all over Bartowski. She tried to unbuckle Chuck’s pants, but Bartowski said, he couldn’t because of the watchers.

We then get the next funny line from Casey “Nerd Code.” As Chuck schedules a meet with Jill at a particular time only he and Roberts would understand.

The song of the episode would take place in the next set of scenes, as Roberts and Bartowski went off grid to have a romantic get away, but it would be cut short by the kidnapping of Jill Roberts. The song would be Buildings and Mountains by The Republic Tigers.

Sarah wondering where Chuck was
Sarah wondering why Chuck hasn’t checked in.

Casey and Sarah put in a GPS trace on where Chuck was, but when the tracker said off grid, Sarah showed her feelings on the issue.

Sarah reaction to seeing Chuck go off grid
Sarah: Have you heard from Chuck? Casey: No. I’ll do a GPS search on his watch. Little twirp’s gone off grid.

As Chuck came out of the store, The Fulcrum Agent told Chuck bring the list to the opera house or he was going to kill Jill. Chuck returned to Castle to retrieve the flash drive, but Casey told him no. Chuck would proceed to grab the flash drive and made a run for it. Casey ordered Walker to shoot Bartowski but she couldn’t.

Sarah’s inability to shoot Chuck showed the viewer how much she was in love with him. Her stare into his eyes when the two looked at each other said as much. What is nice about the scene would be Sarah looking into Chuck’s eyes asking why was he doing this. Chuck didn’t miss this signal and answered before he ran up the stairs.

why are you doing this

While Chuck drove to the opera house, Casey and Sarah put a trace on the car, and they knew where Bartowski was headed, and they went after him.  It’s worth noting Casey’s anger in Walker disobey his order. He  asked her was it the fact that Chuck was the Intersect or was there more to it. It would mark the second time Sarah couldn’t pull the trigger when it came to Chuck.

The first time was here,

I have to put you down if you flee
Sarah couldn't pull th trigger Once again Sarah froze when it came to shooting Chuck.

Sarah in disbelief she couldn't pull the triggerBefore Chuck went to the opera house, he went to his locker in the Buymore, and looked at Morgan’s locker and remembered the device Morgan showed him earlier in the episode. Chuck took the device.

Once at the opera house, Chuck stepped on stage and was waiting for the agent. He came from behind a curtain holding a gun to Jill head. Chuck asked Jill if she was alright, but the agent said can they save the pillow session for after the exchange. He ask Chuck where was the list.

Chuck showed him it, but asked him to let Jill go. The Fulcrum Agent said this isn’t how it works. Casey showed up and told them he had a better plan which included shooting Chuck.  Since the major was still angry with Chuck for swiping the flash drive. The agent said he had a sniper on him, but it didn’t last long as Sarah took out the sniper, and took possession of the rifle.

Chuck would wink at Casey, and threw the flash drive over, in which the agent stepped on it.  Sarah to a shoot at the agent, but he got away as Jill went to the waiting arms of Chuck. The two would embrace with Sarah looking on.

Sarah watching Chuck and Jill

During the cleanup, Jill thanked Sarah for saving her, but like Sarah did with Lou, Sarah indirectly threatened Jill.  She was starting  to claim Chuck more and more on a personal level not just professional.

Sarah threatens Jill
If you hurt him, I will break you



Jill: Sorry for not trusting you with Chuck.

Sarah: You want to pay me back? Don’t hurt him again.

Jill: I won’t. I wouldn’t. I care about Chuck.

Sarah: Me, too. It’s my job to protect him. From anything.

Meanwhile Casey and Chuck were having a different conversation. Casey threatened Chuck for handing over the flash drive, but Chuck pulled out the device and told Casey. Did he think Chuck would fork over the intel without making himself a copy.

This was the calm before the storm. While Jill and Chuck were once again trying to have sex again. Casey and Sarah were set to see the list of agent Fulcrum had in the agency. Casey tried to poke fun, but Sarah had enough and told the major to cool it.

The big secret Jill was hiding would be revealed. Jill Roberts was Fulcrum and she had Chuck.

Jill  as a fulcrum agent

Sarah’s reaction was priceless at the end of this episode. Two things happen that are worth discussing. Sarah’s mind will always be about Chuck’s safety. She loves him and was prepared to let Chuck enjoy his new relationship with Jill, but once Mamma Bear found out Jill was Fulcrum. She was already up the first flight of stairs before Casey touched the bottom step.

The second part of the equation would be what Chuck did next. He took off the watch. He broke all ties with Sarah, and it was the breaking point for Sarah. Both Casey and Sarah were left in shock that Jill could pull off such a cover. However, Bartowski doesn’t know Jill had been burnt.

It still affects Sarah all the same. Chuck was vulnerable without her protection, and Sarah showed fear and shock on her face.

Finding out Jill is Fulcrum He left his watch

Lou or Hannah never was able to draw these expressions out of Sarah.  While Hannah was able to penetrate Sarah on a personal level. Jill out spied Sarah.  While Sarah didn’t trust Mary Bartowski. Jill clouded Sarah’s judgment by using her jealousy against her.

The fact that Jill was able to gain Chuck’s complete trust brought out the fear and most importantly the need to find Chuck.

Jill having Chuck were she wanted him

Buymore Story

Emmett was going over some of Chuck onsite receipts. He noticed a lot of them were missing signatures and receipts for doing the installs. It lead for him to investigate where Chuck went.

He interrogated Morgan, Lester and Jeff on the whereabouts of Chuck, and since he knew they had an unsanctioned card game. He used that as leverage to get information. He was able to ascertain some from Jeffster, but they told him he had to break Morgan, which he did.

As he kept poking Morgan, Emmett noticed Chuck enter the store with Jill. Emmett showed Morgan who was with Chuck in the store, and grimes knew instantly who it was.

Morgan wasn’t too happy with this development, and rightfully so. He spent a lot of years helping Bartowski get over Jill, and to see the woman in the store with Chuck was like a slap in the face.

Morgan confronted him, and when Chuck tried to lie about it. He told Chuck he knew everything. He told Chuck friends lie for each other but not to each other.

Emmett would show up at card game, and proceeded to play with the boys. Emmett’s drink of choice was a wine cooler. In which Milbarge drank too much because the next day. Emmett was hung over.

a perfect time for Morgan to tell Emmett about the Harry Tang years, and how Buymoria was a great place until someone wants to make a name for themselves. He also had video with Emmett in Big Mike’s office

Overall Thoughts on the Episode

This was a great episode. It’s apart of the Jill Arc that really was a stepping stone on the events that transpired in Stanford. The next episode will reveal why Jill was told to break it off with Bartowski.

Jill really outshined Sarah as a spy in this episode. However, Jill’s feelings were real and we should believe her when she said she cared for Chuck. Most of the spies in his life did end up caring or liking Bartowski.

The next episode on our journey to 91 will be Chuck vs The Gravitron. Patrick Kilpatrick stops by as Leader, who is Jill Roberts handler.

Kilpatrick was in 24 at one time, and shot Jack Bauer.

Patrick kilpatrick in 24
Patrick was in Day 4 of 24

Until next time remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play.  It truly is hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

Next Episode is Chuck vs The Gravitron on road to 91

















  1. I love your recap! Your use of the still photos was the show are well integrated and the discussion of character development is great, especially if reading a recap of one episode out of context of the season. It allows you to remember right where all the characters were at emotionally. The clips of guests stars other work (Mark Pellegrino on Dexter, which Yvonne would later be on!) for example. I also like the photos from different episodes showing Sarah’s fake smiles. It gives a great visual for the character development that you’re discussing. Great job!

  2. Do you think Sarah ever had moments when she couldn’t understand Chuck not being totally in to her ? I mean , Sarah usually had her way with all sorts of men…spy’s included. She loved to be in control of all situations and was a master of seduction. Maybe part of Sarah’s preoccupation with Chuck was the fact that she didn’t have complete control over him.

    Just sayin’ !!!

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