Some thoughts on the final 3 episodes!!

“Chuck”  !!!!!  A great, great TV show!  5 seasons of viewing pleasure for all you Chucksters!  Everyone has their favourite episode(s) or seasons, but what we all have is this.  Chuck tugs your heart.  You feel all that both Sarah and Chuck feel every show.  The good, the bad, the happy and the sad!  A good TV show, or should I say great TV show needs that.  The characters in this show have the ability to pull on those heart strings.

Chuck also gives us someone to cheer for!  Everyone needs a focal point in a show that draws them week in and week out.  We have Chuck and Sarah!  They represent all that is good.  Always looking after each other and their friends.  Doing the right thing all the time.   Getting the best of the bad guys!

Chuck keeps us there after each episode by providing outstanding character presentation with each one having their own persona!  Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Lester, Jeff, Elli, Devon, Big Mike and General Beckman all add an important part to the overall flow of the show.

But what Chuck is mostly; A five year Love Story!  A story that consistently makes us laugh.  Makes us cry. Makes us cheer, and makes us scream!!!!  Chuck has had that continual pull on our heart strings for 5 years and still counting.

I will say that my favourite season was #3 and probably my favourite episode would be Season 4  Chuck vs Phase Three.  But I will say something to cause a little conversation among you hard core Chucksters who will no doubt disagree!  “The last three episodes of Chuck:  versus The Bullet Train, versus Sarah, and versus the Goodbye” are my favourite combo!  They had a real tough mission to perform.  They together, close the Chuck series (hopefully not for ever).   What does every producer/director want with a show, series, or movie?   They want the audience to remember.  Fedak and Schwartz left us crying.  They left us asking Why?  They left us wanting more.  In my eyes, they were successful.  Even years later we are still asking why.  We are still wanting more.  We want Chuck back.  We especially want Sarah to come back.  I have not watched a show that has left its audience in such a state as ‘Chuck’ has!  That is a successful show.  I wish the ending was different, but if it was, would we still be a crazy about this show?  I doubt quite as much.  Enjoy Tuesdays #Chuck vs Sarah/Goodbye and conversation on Twitter.

I really miss not having a new episode to watch, so let’s trend it!


  1. What you need to understand though is that the producers didn’t produce the 3 final episodes with any notion of continuing the story. On the contrary, they did it to stroke their own egos. You are correct in saying that Chuck was an extraordinary series with all of the elements that you cited, however, Chuck was saved twice by the fans and once by the network, because of the fan. If I was or had been an NBC program exec at the end of season 2 Chuck would have been history. It constantly was last in it’s time period, and never made a dime for either the studio, or the network. As great as Chuck was, it was a flop. The creators were perfectly satisfied with the way they ended the show, even though the actors didn’t particularly like the way things ended. So in retrospect, Bullet Train, Sarah and Goodbye weren’t made with hope of making more; It was just, goodbye. After all was said and done, it was never about the fans, it was about ending things their way, which of course, is their right. Certainly, you are entitled to your opinion, but those are pretty much the facts. Take it from one who was there on Sept 24, 2007 for the pilot, to Goodbye on Jan 27, 2012 (happy 3rd anniversary, btw). We all want more, but never believe that TPTB are itching to do more.

  2. During the re-watch last night (I believe it’s only the 4th time I’ve watched those last 2 episodes), I was intrigued to find the plot holes that I hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps they weren’t so much plot holes as events that didn’t make much sense in the characters response to them.

    First, Sarah returns with the story of how she killed Quinn, and she now has the Intersect out of her head. She never really explained how that happened as far as I could see. And having gone through it a number of times ( as well as Morgan going through it ), how did Chuck not tweak to the fact that you need some type of device to remove the Intersect. As well, no one tweaked to the fact that Sarah’s memories (even the ones she lost when she was still with them ) should not have returned.

    Continuing with that, when TB are planning the mission to retrieve the Intersect and destroy it, Sarah herself learns of what the Intersect did to Morgan’s memories, but she herself doesn’t tweak to the fact that perhaps the Intersect is responsible for her amnesia. I know Sarah has reverted to the dutiful soldier, with “completing the mission” being the only goal, but she was never meant to be completely stupid.

    Anyone else see something that just didn’t seem to add up ?

    • After about the fifth go round I stopped watching the final 2 episodes. Because gm, as you so aptly point out, there are several plot holes that are pretty much either overlooked or completely swept under the table. To me, the biggest plot hole was Sarah’s emotion state of mind. The sheer fact that 5 years of her life were just suddenly gone (or misplaced) had to have an enormous effect on her. Can you imagine having to be told about what transpired in her life during that period and have absolutely no recall of it? Plus the weight of what you had done to Chuck and his family since resurfacing. None of this was addressed. All of that character development just washed away with no thought of what she was going through. As I have said before, Sarah’s character took a beating (both emotional and physical) for the sake of keeping the focus on Chuck’s heroes journey. Not to mention what it did to Chuck. If this story, that would become so central to the entire series, was going to be done, it should have been introduced much earlier in the season to do real justice to it. Okay, I get it; love conquers all, but what happens when your life is suddenly completely changed for whatever reason. It was poorly thought out, and without reason, because they had 13 episodes to do it right. That wasn’t a “love letter to the fans”; it was an exercise in the writer’s ego thumping.

      • One of the things that intrigued me was an interview with Yvonne regarding that final episode. She said the idea was for Sarah to start to notice all the things about Chuck that she had originally fallen in love with. Watching it now for the 4th time, I still don’t see that. She seemed to still be in contempt of Chuck for being a “spy”, but not being a very good one. The only time I saw some understanding from Sarah was when Chuck had to sacrifice the glasses for himself ( in order to save everyone in the concert hall ), realizing that he would lose Sarah by doing so. At that point it seemed Sarah realized that he may be something special, but she also didn’t seemed thrilled about it either.

        As well, she seemed to be reluctant to try ANYTHING to get her memories back until the very end…I mean, she didn’t even want to know anything about her and Chuck…she wasn’t even curious until the end For someone who just had 5+ years of their lives taken away, don’t you think she would have been curious to know what actually happened to Bryce, Graham and the rest? I mean, I understand her not being sorry about Ellie and the rest of the incidences that day…that ‘s what she had become before she lost Bryce and rescued the Baby. But the rest of her emotional state….. yeah…kinda goofy.

        Another thing was this thing with Casey. She remembered who he was…focused on the mission,etc. Why did she think he was part of Bartowski’s enemy team, when she KNEW he was a loyal soldier ? And why did she keep doing Quinn’s bidding when he blew up the room in a CIA facility? She should have known ( or at least doubted ) he was on the right side after that. It just made no sense at all.

      • What I saw, through her expressions was that she did indeed see some of those qualities that made her fall in love with Chuck the first time but, some seem to think that after hearing “their story” she just fell into his arms and they just skipped merrily from the beach (a beach she had no real recall of) and became husband and wife again. Come on, really? And what about Sarah “finding herself”?. It just doesn’t wash. I disagree though that she wouldn’t have regret for what she did to Chuck and his family and friends because, if she did fall in love again (memories or not), she would have to feel pretty badly for what had happened. The whole plotline was ill conceived.

      • I don’t think Sarah EVER felt bad for anything she did…at least, she never let on she felt bad about things. She always had some sort of justification…she was just doing her job, etc. Killing Mauser, lying, bugging Chuck’s picture frame, recounting her sexploits with Shaw….never seemed to faze her in the least. She told Chuck she was sorry about what happened “that day”, but didn’t seem to really offer any consolation or show remorse. She was certainly back to old Sarah as far as that was concerned.

        As far as noticing the things she had fallen in love with originally, I still can’t see it. Any particular examples ?

        As far as the beach, I never really thought they’d be back to normal after the kiss. But she is starting to “feel” something…and she wants to remember. So I think she’ll trust Chuck and form some type of relationship…and as they go through future emotional times, memories will come back (…there will be triggers). If we ever get to a movie, I would think that seeing a video of the ballerina, meeting Molly again…things like that, should be included to add some reality to her memories coming back.

      • I agree that she never showed remorse for what she had done, and sure, she could easily justify her actions by saying that she was just doing her job, but I did see a hint of regret when she approached him in the courtyard at the end of Sarah. I could see that she hated that she hurt him, especially when she told him that although she believed him and what he had told her even though she “didn’t feel it” And I don’t think that the writers were concerned with Chuck’s growth, but just look at the fact: in Cliffhanger, Sarah was subjugated to almost a cameo appearance, even though she was the person needing to be saved. And throughout season 5 she was literally beaten (physically and otherwise.

      • Sorry, lost my thought. That precisely is the fact though gm, the show was called Chuck; and to that end, Fedak made it clear that nothing, especially the romance, would ever get in the way of the heroes journey. That’ why Sarah always took a back seat to that. It didn’t matter to him that she clearly became the most popular character, he sometimes felt the need to reel her back in to clear the way for Chuck to save the day. I don’t have a problem with that, but sometime he was pretty blatant with it.

      • Sarah never fell in love with Chuck again at any time during the finale.

        Without a ballerina scene (or something similar), Weinerlicous cups and wondering about a carving are as close we get to falling in love. It wasn ‘t enough.

      • I think the show was about Chuck’s transformation primarily, but Sarah became just as important for much of the series. A lot of S4 and S5 was Sarah trying to figure out her much vaunted quest for “normal”. Everyone points to S3 as Chuck’s apex due to becoming a spy, but in reality, the Intersect became a spy in S3, and Chuck himself learned the trade in S5 ( without the training wheels of the Intersect). Morgan’s growth was shown, Casey’s growth was shown. I’m not sure what Chuck’s growth had to do with Goodbye ….he even said he’s right back to where he started…before he met Sarah. As a matter of fact, he found out that he really isn’t anyone without Sarah …she was his raison d’être .

        As for Cliffhanger, it was Chuck’s version of Phase Three. We see Chuck only in flashback’s and dream sequences. It’s the same with Cliffhanger for Sarah …except we do get to see her at the end in the wedding. I don’t think there’s a rule that says you have to show the 2 characters onscreen in equal proportions …certain storylines work well when one character takes the lead. Sarah certainly still comes off as the better of the 2 in most of the spy-related activities. Even though Sarah was “physically “beaten by Shaw and Quinn, Chuck didn’t fair any better. If not for Ellie, Shaw would have trumped Chuck.

      • The finale never ever recovered from that scene at the fountain at the end of vs Sarah.

        Honestly that’s where the depressing and suicidal storyline need to turn around if there was any hope of saving the finale. But instead, they decided on more depressing and more suicidal with the intent that it could all be fixed on the beach, which was too little, way too late.

  3. The issue with most fans (read: me) over the show’s final episodes is that it wasn’t Chuck and Sarah fighting for something together.

    And although Sarah Walker was in these eps, Sarah Bartowski has left the show at the end of bullet train never to return.

    But then you have to remember the Sarah character was only there to serve Chuck. To TPTB only Chuck’s growth was important.

    • I’d disagree with you that the show was only concerned with Chuck’s growth. He was the main protagonist, but Sarah’s evolution was well told throughout the series….in general. Chuck managed to be portrayed as the biggest douchebag in Season 3…Sarah was not given any growth during that phase, but at east she wasn’t portrayed negatively like Chuck. And, yes…we didn’t see Sarah Bartowski any more….but, then again, the show was called “Chuck”.

      • I know what you mean but,

        “The show was called Chuck” is the lamest excuse (and don ‘t kid yourself, it’s an excuse) ever given by everybody trying to explain the show’s poor treatment of its female lead.

        As far as growth, OK sure Sarah grew, but in every other episode (after S2) except Phase 3, maybe the odd wedding prep one abd Curse, Sarah’s growth revolves around getting a reaction (good or bad) from Chuck.

        The beach scene itself, where fans are begging for SARAH to somehow reconnect with her old memories, has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah remembering. It’s ALL about showing how much Chuck has changed from the first day we met him at the BuyMore. Sarah’s growth (which now doesn’t exist) is unimportant.

      • And how was Sarah supposed to know what “normal” was ? She HAD to look to Chuck to teach her normal.

        And Chuck had changed ?? He was a lousy spy, back in a dead end job at the BuyMore without the love of his life. His team was gone. If he was lucky, he could go back to computers.

        I get your obsession with Sarah …she was the most flawed and therefore the one you pull for to finally be happy. She may have lost 5 years of memories, but she was still a super strong, highly skilled spy. Let’s face it…she sucked at being a normal girl. Fedak had a story in mind, and changed to to accommodate Yvonne. But he didn’t have to abandon his working story altogether, so get over it ….Chuck was the story.

      • I’m not championing Sarah per’se gm; but you rightly point out that she was the most flawed. I go only by comments and interviews with Fedak over the years when he pretty much pointed out his total surprise that 1) the romance had such a huge impact and 2) Sarah’s popularity becoming more important than Chuck’s. I always got it; Chuck was his creation and his focus, but he seemed, at least initially resistant to enhance to romantic aspect of the show, even though it had become predominant in the later seasons. That’s why I think he always felt the overriding need to bring the story back to Chuck (Dawson’s Creek, anhyone?). I loved all of the characters (well, I only tolerated Morgan) but you have to admit that, especially in season or arc enders, Sarah always became the damsel in distress (Other Guy, Cliffhanger, Goodbye etc.). What difference should it have made if Sarah actually became the focal point? That’s why Goodbye didn’t work, because her character became, once again, almost an afterthought.

      • And please remember ….the WHOLE Goodbye is not about Chuck….it’s about Sarah. The WHOLE controversy and need for a movie is about Sarah…will she get her memories back. No one really cares about Chuck in the Goodbye ….everyone is worried about Sarah.

      • No one really cares about about Chuck in Goodbye (I agree) except Fedak. It’s the only thing he cares about.

        In practically all post finale interviews that were given he was swooning over the fact that we’re meant to see that the Chuck at the beach was not the same Chuck that we met in S1. He rarely comments about Sarah.

        So yes fans would like the next episode because Sarah needs the closure that everyone else got.

        Most die-hard fans I see no longer want a movie. Most are afraid of more of the same and it taking the last little nit of love they have ledt for the show.

      • That’s my biggest fear; that if anything occurs, Fedak would want to write it and honestly, I probably wouldn’t want to see it if that were the case. I think that if he had shown more concern for the fans who didn’t like the finale, then I might give him another shot. It was his smugness and cavalier attitude towards us that turned me off to him. It’s his creation so surely he has the right to end things any way he wants, but come on, show a little concern for loyal fans.

  4. I dont buy that Goodbye was about Sarah. It always was about Chuck’s journey. Even the writer (Fedak) said so. He only addressed Chuck and Sarah’s status after so many complained that Sarah’s character was left up in the air. That’s when both he and Schwartz suggested that we use our imaginations or resort to fanfiction to figure out the ending. And they felt entirely comfortable with that suggestion because at the time of the finale 3 years ago yesterday, over 70% said that they liked the way it ended.

    • I won’t say that he (Fedak) didn’t care about Sarah. What I observed is that she became somewhat of an afterthought, even given her memory suppression, all so that Chuck could have his “Sophie’s Choice” moment. It was tantamount that Chuck be the hero, even if he lost the girl. That’s why he mused that it was so cool that they get to fall in love all over again. It didn’t matter what Sarah had gone through or was going through. It is after all a show called Chuck. And it didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see it. Why should we, we have our imaginations and lot of fan fics to correct all that…..right? I honestly wouldn’t trust him to do justice to any continuation of the story. It surprised me greatly that Schwartz allowed this to happen, given his track record for having a definitive ending to ALL of his other series (particularly The O.C. and Gossip Girl).

      • Sarah was flawed, but Chuck was special ( or, that was originally part of the idea). I think we really saw Chuck go backwards in S5, other than the fact that he had to stand on his own 2 feet, rather than rely on the Intersect. But without the Intersect, he really wasn’t anything special. Good God…he blew almost a billion dollars and failed in his quest to form a company !! And he was a disaster as a spy…constantly screwing up vital missions. He was a loser as a husband, so totally out of sync with his wife’s emotions and needs. How the final season was supposed to be about Chuck’s “growth” kind of escapes me. Once he lost Sarah Bartowski, he was back to square 1 ( his words). The final 2 episodes showed Chuck drifting aimlessly once again…he was a nobody without Sarah. He had no real influence on the outcome ( positive or negative ) due to the fact that Sarah was the one that had to make the leap of faith as to whether to kiss him or not. Really…he would be “there for her”, but in reality, where would he go? He was, once again, stuck in his old life.

        Sarah, on the other hand, was the star of the last 2 episodes. Sure, we lost what she had become in the last 5 years, but the Sarah of old was pretty good spy / assassin. She was back to being self assured, almost cocky. Some may not have liked her, but that’s who she actually was before Bryce and the baby. She could not tell the difference between right and wrong / guilty or innocent. The completion of the mission without question was her goal ( French diplomats vs French assassins, anyone ?). In that light, not knowing what she knew when she first ended up in Burbank, she was going to be fine. This Sarah didn’t need to rediscover her humanity, because she didn’t realize she had lost it. The last 2 episodes were totally about Sarah and whether she would come back from the brink. I know everyone says they “destroyed” Sarah, but they didn’t. They introduced us to the real Agent Sarah Walker …and they put her back in control of her life.

      • This is where I’m going to disagree with you. The sheer fact that she lost her humanity was the fatal flaw. While I don’t think that she was destroyed, I don’t think that she was totally in control either. Just the fact that she had lost (or misplaced) 5 years of her life tells you that although her base instinct for survival she reverted back to her worst enemy; herself. She became once again, just a spy. Imagine not knowing the details of a lost five years. As I asked before, wouldn’t you feel incomplete, because you wanted desperately to remember. Sure, you keep on living, but you still are not the person you once were, not even the full and complete Agent Walker. These episodes were clearly not about that. They were about Chuck….just Chuck. Sarah and her plight were addressed, barely, but Goodbye was anything but about her. Yes, in Sarah she said that she needed to reclaim her life, and in Goodbye she said that she needed to find herself, but did we see any of that?, I don’t think so. What we saw instead was Chuck, having to decide between the girl…or the world. Sarah may have been the super spy, but she was also someone who didn’t know herself, not quite. I would discuss Chuck’s inability to be somebody without the intersect, but that’s a whole other bucket of fish. That is what season should have focused on more, their desire to continue to enhance Morgan’s character and dilute Sarah’s in the process was a wasted opportunity.

      • I have watched every episode (except season 5) 100 + times. I think that I have come to know the characters pretty well after 8 years. I know that CF reluctantly shifted the focus to the romance only after the 3rd season misery arc almost lost all of the fans. Sure, I’m biased because I disliked the finale, but even I saw the hope in the beach scene at the end. It’s just that I also saw squandered opportunities in season 5 that could have easily led to a more pleasant ending. By Fedak’s own admission, Sarah was not his focus, Chuck was. Therefore it stands to reason that Sarah would be placed on the back burner. Believe me, I have read every interview, listened to every podcast and looked for even a little concern for those fans who didn’t like the finale. There was none. He remains steadfast in his belief that Sarah was a secondary character and it was always Chuck journey that mattered. It’s his football, so game called because he didn’t want to play anymore. I have no problem with that, but don’t discount those who helped to save your creation time and time again.

      • I’m sorry; I don’t want to make it sound like I’m the foremost authority on Chuck. Clearly, that isn’t the case. I just know what I’ve observed and what I’ve read. For nearly a year after the show ended, I searched for anything that would help me gain some real insight into why TPTB behind the show decided to end things the way they did. So I listened to, and read every interview I could find involving JS and CF. What I garnered from all that is they used the last 13 episodes to bring Chuck’s journey to it apex, and to show how special he was. In many ways they succeeded, but in doing so he would have to face decisions that would change his life, all not necessarily for the better. It was Chuck’s journey, not Sarah’s, that was the focal point. My biggest disappointment was that in doing so, they didn’t seem to take the fan’s opinions, or expectations, into consideration. Of course, that is their prerogative, since it is their creation, but, to not consider those fans who stuck by the show for so long, showed a blatant disregard for years of loyalty. I know, it’s only a tv show, but for many of us, it was our favorite of all time. As to finale being about Sarah, clearly, that couldn’t be the case. Although she was prominently featured, it Goodbye was all about Chuck, and choices. Clearly, Sarah wanted to remember things, but who wouldn’t, given that 5 years of her life had been taken from her, but Goodbye wasn’t about that. She needed to find herself, and that wasn’t the story here. Goodbye was all about Chuck, finally growing up…and moving. Sarah didn’t grow, on the contrary, she reverted back to only a spy, and that isn’t growth, or control….that’s just sad. I don’t think that she was pre-season 1 Sarah Walker, but clearly she wasn’t Sarah Bartowski either. She was stuck in limbo, and this finale was surely not about that.

      • You’ve watched it more than I have, Aaron…and you’ve watched it as a TV series, so you have an advantage there !!!

        The beauty of the series is seeing something others see, but also seeing things differently. Believe me, Sarah is my favorite character ….who DOESN’T want to see as much Yvonne as possible ??? But I understand the Chuck story line …heck…the tagline is pretty much Chuck. But if the romance became the overarching interest of the fans, so be it…you can’t have the romance be all about Sarah. It has to be about the 2 of them, but you and Shep hate any storyline that puts Chuck as the protagonist ( as per the series title ). You seem to totally ignore Episodes like The Suitcase, Role Models, Cougars, Gobbler, etc. etc, that were Sarah – centric episodes ( i.e. – her issues were the storyline). And that’s fine …like I say, we all see the series the way we want to. Don’t ask me why, but when I did watch a number of episodes on TV, I remembered most of the actors EXCEPT Yvonne. Then again, she was probably stored away in a different region of my brain than the rest of them !!!

        What I find most intriguing is that there are some that comment so negatively about a show that they seem to love…and continue to talk about 3 years after its final broadcast. So as bad as it was that they didn’t rename the show Agent Walker and fade Chuck into the background, it was still a pretty darn good show. If you ask me, it was the chemistry between the actors and the goodwill they banked from S1 & S2 that carried them through. I agree the writing could have been better after that, but it wasn’t. But by then, the characters became most important anyway, and I just couldn’t let go of them.

  5. The “real” Agent Walker, as you call her, that was introduced in 5.12 is not worthy of Chuck Bartowski.

    • The Agent Walker who totally gave up on Chuck in S3.11 wasn’t worthy of Mr. Bartowski either. But Chuck was looking at the potential….remember, he mainly saw the good in people …even in Sarah. It was almost his fatal flaw…..

      Aaron, if you watch the interviews, then you will watch the shows with a certain bias …like when Yvonne says that Sarah notices all of Chuck’s qualities that make her start to fall for him again. Because of that, that is what I’m looking for in the episodes and my bias will be to notice those things. So many scenes are cut that often the show doesn’t tell the original story that was intended. I don’t see any signs of Sarah noticing Chuck’s qualities in the last 2 episodes….even though I’m looking for them. If Fedak says the last 2 shows are all about Chuck, and that raises some emotional alarms in you (because Sarah has been relegated to secondary), then that’s what you’ll see. But those last 2 shows are about Sarah ….and while not presented in the positive light, it is the trauma she endured that is the main story in Vs. Sarah, and how the team is going to rally to get HER to remember in Vs Goodbye. The story, therefore, is all about her plight regarding the lost memories. The big question at the end is not , “Will they end up together?”, but rather, “Will Sarah regain her memories?”

      If Fedak wanted the audience to notice Chuck’s growth, he failed miserably.

      • I never thought that she wouldn’t regain her memories, because clearly, she had already begun that process. The memories weren’t gone, just suppressed. So it was never a question of if, but when. That’s why is wasn’t about her. As to my having a bias, that’s fair, but it wasn’t in regards to Sarah, but the disregard for the fans. I always got the hope found on that beach, so I never expected anything less than Chuck and Sarah being together in the future; my balk is that we didn’t see any of that. After 5 years, and no promise of any thing more, where was the fairness in that. I totally agree that Fedak failed in his attempt to show Chuck’s journey coming full circle, but that, again is the point. Knowing that he had 13 episodes to do things right, he instead tried to cram it all into 2 episodes. It was poor story telling. Then to say that ambiguity was a good thing, it for fairly insulting to many of us. Sarah wasn’t necessarily my favorite character, really, I liked them all (well, maybe not Morgan), but come on, as you said, the plot holes and missed opportunities were many, and with 13 final episodes to work with, very unnecessary.

      • I agree with everything you say …and like Shep said, I liked the 2 episodes. But they did leave the story untold ‘on the screen”.( But you say that Sarah will regain her memories and they will be together, so perhaps they did tell enough of the story ???), so as a finale, not what I would have liked to have seen in all reality.

        I don’t like the premise of amnesia and wish they never went there. But S5 was a waste of an opportunity ….totally agree. Even spreading the Intersect around to different characters was a mistake. I did like that we were given the opportunity to actually see the Sarah that needed to regain her humanity. The Sarah that walked into the Buy More was lost, but the Bryce episode never really gave a lot of insight as to why she was so lost. Seeing what she was actually capable of, and the Baby, (combined with Bryce’s betrayal) seemed to finish the picture.

        Reading the comments by Vik, Josh, Ryan and Scott certainly give us hope that the story will continue. It seemed that all were touched by working on that series…of course it was the most successful of any they have been involved with. Here’s hoping Zac regains some cache in Hollywood and NBC with Heroes, and perhaps Yvonne can talk some sense into Josh Schwartz after AWC wraps. Who knows, maybe we can see the resurrection of Sarah.

      • Yeah gm, the amnesia thing was bad. Honestly, if they had intended to do an amnesia storyline that they wasted a golden, and more realistic approach at the end of Phase Three, since Chuck was in the middle of a total, and irreversible, mind wipe. So why even go there in s5? The intersect should have been a fond memory (no pun intended) by the final season. If this final storyline was to really be about Chuck’s journey and growth, it really should have been so much more about Chuck truly adapting to his life without the intersect with no intention of EVER carting it out there again. The conspiracy, the new company, the marriage….so much to work with and so underused. Of course I want more, but if it isn’t going to be done right, then why bother? So much time has passed that a ten minute flashback would never do justice to explaining the last several years. Then again, Veronica Mars did a pretty decent job of bridging a 10 year gap. But, JS and CF are no Rob Thomas………

      • 1. Chuck vs Sarah should have been episode 5.01.

        That being said, fans would not have put up with any type of estrangement of Chuck & Sarah without throttling the showrunners. That bridge had been burnt long ago.

        There is a reason why 5.12 and 5.13 were shown back to back on the same night.

        2. There were no interviews released prior to the finale. All of them were after. So there were no preconceptions prior to watching. Even the title of Chuck vs Sarah was only released a few days prior to the airing.

        3. Recent cast interviews. Yeah pretty standard, politically correct answers from all concerned. No one in Hollywood will ever shit on a show, their’s or other’s. When actors give interviews, they’re working. If they want to keep working, they’ll tow the company line.

        4. Although always politically correct, it was pretty clear that YS was not impressed with what was done to SW in the finale.

        5. I don’t mind Chuck as the protagonist at all – when he’s not being a doofus. There are more moments in S3, 4 & 5 of Chuck being shown as dumb or in a negative light then the 1st two seasons.

        Chuck is the protagonist of the finale. There is absolutely no Sarah growth in these 2 episodes until 30 seconds before final fade out – maybe.

        The finale has nothing to do with Sarah’s trauma. If it did more people would likely be OK with the finale because we would have understood what Sarah was thinking while she was “away”. No, it’s all about how Chuck deals with Sarah’s trauma in order to have a final BDHM.

        We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  6. Shep; I agree. The only way to do real justice to the suppressed memories storyline would have been to start it much sooner in the season. The Morgansect arc was marginal anyway and Sarah could have easily have been the possessor of the faulty device. The thing is that they left so much on the table in season 5 without any real explanation. Decker was way underused, and Quinn was one dimensional, simply because there was no real time to develop his story. They had the whole conspiracy theory that was washed away. The final 2 episodes should have been a real “love letter to the fans” but all we wound up with were a bunch of callbacks. All of the callbacks were great, but there just too much to attempt to explore in Sarah and Goodbye to get to. I will say that Sarah, although was not Mrs Bartowski in Goodbye, she wasn’t totally pre-season 1 Agent Walker either. That being said, there was no growth, only glimpses of random memory recall, or at least images of things (or places) not quite recognized. She knew that the beach meant something, she just didn’t know what. So no, Goodbye wasn’t about her, it was about Chuck’s final girl vs world decision. You knew what his choice would be, but it hurt none-the-less. I’m not a Sarah homer, I am a fan who didn’t like what was given to us as fans after a 5 year joyride. But you know how it is, after a high like that, eventually you have to come down.

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