gallery The Jill Roberts Factor Part Three: The Impact of Secrets

When it comes to secrets, we often associate secrets with lies. It also could be understood as measures of keeping the ones we love at a distances in order to protect them from the truth.  For example, Bryce felt the need to shield Chuck from the CIA, but that very secret turned the tables on  Bryce since he was the one who would ultimately force the spy world on to Chuck.

Bryce’s explanation was weak, but to the point. He did it because he knew Chuck would be responsible with the program.  However, Bryce’s decisions would only hurt both Chuck and Sarah in the end.

The other part of the equation which Jill Roberts being more than she seemed. The innocent woman who left Chuck for Bryce was designed to find the very Intersect that was in Chuck’s head.

While Both Jill and Bryce lied to their perspective relationships., It did do some good afterall. It lead to Chuck and Sarah meeting and become stronger afterwards.

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The last time we ventured into Jill Roberts, we left off when Chuck and Jill embraced each other after they solved the last puzzle, which contained the Fulcrum List. The very listed that exposed Jill’s secret life.

It raises the stakes once Jill escaped Burbank with not only Chuck, but unbeknownst to Roberts the Intersect too. However, Sarah knew Jill’s secret, and we get the results of that from Sarah’s reaction to the two gone with the watch on the nightstand.

He left his watchSarah has been down this road before, and if anyone could understand deception it was Walker, but it doesn’t mean Sarah wouldn’t be pissed about Chuck leaving the watch in his room.

Chuck taking off his watch was literally breaking his lifeline to Walker, and it would have be an ugly situation if Chuck didn’t flash while reading Jill’s text message from Leader.Chuck knows Jill secret before Casey and Sarah told him

Chuck was aware of Jill’s earth shattering  secret. Chuck flees from the hotel room into the waiting arms of his handlers snatched him, who adamantly  told him not to do that again. The problem of course is the difference in expression between the two handlers. Casey was acting like an agent, but Sarah saw deja vu. A return down memory lane for herself as well. Was this how Sarah felt when she discovered Bryce went rogue?

In the comment section below, tell me if you think Sarah started reminiscing about her own experience dealing with a secret such as the one Jill had.

Sarah understands Chuck gripe

Sarah all messed up
A woman with a lot of pain behind those eyes

Deja Vu you ask? well, think about it. Sarah has been in this position herself.  Chuck reaction and shock was the same kind of expression here except she also already felt Chuck had nothing to do with this.

When Sarah showed up in Burbank, she was a deflated person. She felt the sting of what Bryce did, and it made her have to clean up Larkin’s mess, but with that opened new horizons.

By the end of the Pilot, Sarah was conflicted with her newfound lease on life. As she looked through the photos from Cabo, Sarah was falling for a man she just met. Unconsciously, she began to place roots, which is very taboo in her world. Heck, Carina said it best “She probably doesn’t know it herself.”Trying to make sure she is making the right choice

Chuck's heart broken again
This-This has got to be a mistake, okay? I’ve known Jill for eight years, since college

Fast Forward to 2008, Chuck has the same issue except Jill was never believed to be a spy. It makes Jill excellent at what she did. Apparently, Chuck didn’t know Jill at all. Did Sarah know in 2005 that Bryce was going to go rogue in 2007. The question would be worth 64 million dollars if you can answer it.

Cabo 2005Trust is a major theme here, Sarah put trust in Bryce, the same can be said about Chuck with Jill. In 2003, Chuck asked Jill to be his girlfriend, but the relationship didn’t last long. As Bryce made his move to protect Chuck from the agency.

Once Chuck returned to Burbank, we find Sarah looking more like a friend than an agent. She feels the pain Chuck was going through even suggested for Chuck not to be apart of the mission anymore. Chuck had enough because Jill betrayed him a second time. It was time to burn some bridges and mend others.

I thought things could be differentSarah knows how Chuck feels

Look at the words, Chuck uses  in trying to understand what happened.

Chuck: You know, for a few days, I thought things were going to be different. I could have a life. I could have a girlfriend.
I could be a regular human being.

Its the very sentiments Sarah had going into the Pilot. She thought she had a relationship with a man (Larkin) and have a career. Now she was in Burbank trying to understand why herself. In Alma Mater, She went  down memory lane to learn about what happened at the school, and again Sarah showed she truly cared as a friend more than just as an agent.

After Alma Mater, Sarah’s perspective changed. Bryce Larkin was a spy after all. but as Sarah would say later in the episode. 

Chuck:I should have listened to you from the beginning.
You were right: I wasn’t ready for this mission.

Sarah: No one is ready for this type of mission, Chuck.
Your girlfriend being FULCRUM isn’t something they teach you in spy school.

Chuck: I’m just too trusting. Ever since I was a kid, I really wanted to believe what everybody always told me. You know? I’m just getting used to this new job– all the spying and lying.

Sarah: Don’t get used to it. What makes you special is that you’re not like every other spy. You’re a good guy, and you want to help people. Leave the deception to me.

Sarah is head over heels

As i mention above, trust is the key between the four characters. Take a look back in the pilot, the famous beach scene. 

Sarah said, “I need you to do one more thing for me, Trust me Chuck.” While she used lies to protect Chuck and most specifically, she never could in her heart pull off what Jill did to Chuck.

Passion was still in Sarah’s heart, as Chuck came to Castle freaking out about his date with Jill, again Sarah behaving more like a friend, but using her experience in walking Chuck through a stressful situation.

She told him about how Jill would use an intimate setting as a ploy to garner the upper hand, but behind her eyes and her actions made Sarah attempt  to kiss Chuck, and under a different situation she would of went for it, but the last time they shared a kiss all hell broke loose with the return of Sarah’s ex.

cropped-the-want-to-kiss-is-in-her-eyes-the-fire-inside-of-her-just-wanting-to-burst-out.jpg NEar Kiss

You never get that feeling with Bryce and Sarah or Jill and Chuck. Sarah didn’t kiss Bryce, but she didn’t resist neither did Chuck when Jill embraced him. Charah were beginning to mend fences between themselves,which brought out those feelings they displayed during the mission preparation.

However, before the two could really have a future together Chuck needed to close the chapter on the last secret from Stanford. It wouldn’t be easy nor what Chuck wanted to know. Let’s examine how Jill manipulated Team Bartowski in gaining access to Castle. All apart of the plan to find Larkin and the Intersect.

At this point, Sarah isn’t interested in Bryce anymore, but Sarah has personal stake in this on a different level. Jill out spied Sarah in a sense that  Lour nor Hannah will in Season Three. Her jealousy of Jill developed into a hatred both on a professional and personal level, which made Sarah become blind to the threat.

Spoiler Alert

it is important to remember these scenes to better illustrate my point. 

Sarah didn’t trust Mary Bartowski, but in proving she believed in Chuck, she had to swallow some pride, but what seemed like Mary was in on it. It took a meeting with Ellie for Sarah to understand Mary’s position. 

It took for Mary to teach her distance made it easier to be without the one you love for a mission. Something Sarah struggled with during the entire series.

It shows the significance of what Chuck meant for Sarah, the inability to be away from the one she loved. Once again Sarah warned Chuck about not trusting Jill. When they went after Leader, but Chuck still not grasping Jill being Fulcrum pleaded for Sarah not to shoot Jill. I told you

Sarah’s warning from Fat Lady was written all over her face.  Has the presence of Jill become a nemesis for Sarah. It only gets better from here.

It’s lie detector time. Subconsciously, Sarah didn’t like what Jill was doing to Chuck. In fact, Sarah’s expressions leading to the questioning made one believe she was doing this for Chuck.Sarah couldn't wait to dig into Jill

Chuck can see Sarah was ready to explode
I know that expression

However, Jill playing the innocent card was working on Chuck, but like with Mary. Sarah wasn’t buying Jill’s act. As each question went by Sarah’s expression went from mad to threatening. It was not the time for Jill to play coy, Jill beating the lie detector

The killer in Sarah was boiling being in the room with Jill, and watching Chuck show concern for Jill’s safety made Sarah grow tired of being nice.  Sarah was trying to protect Chuck’s blind side (More one that in a second). After they found where leader was, Chuck and Sarah have a spat about trust, which the word keeps popping up when it comes to these four. The one other time Chuck asked Sarah to protect his blind side was in this scene

The killer inside is lurking

You can't trust her
I know what you’re thinking. That Jill is the same person that you went to school with, and the same person that you dated. But we cannot be certain. Trust me, Chuck. You can’t trust her.
Sarah has seen that face before
Chuck: I mean, are we crazy for doing this? Should we even be getting involved? Sarah: I know that you’ve been looking for answers about your mom for a long time, and we’re going to find some, okay? We just have to be very cautious.

However, Chuck didn’t listen to Sarah’s warning, and for the third time in this arc allowed Jill to manipulate him, but not without some secrets being revealed.  Jill would tell Chuck how she didn’t love Bryce, and they never slept together.

She told him how Fulcrum told her to break it off with Chuck. Her first mission was to get close to Larkin. Chuck would ask Jill if they could be together after this was all over, but she lied about that. She was able to get Chuck to release her from the chair. A huge mistake.

Notice the trend secrets kept by the likes of Jill or Bryce cause deception and manipulation. It drove Chuck and Sarah into a better relationship with each other as a result. Over time secrets and lies became rules in their relationship. A lesson learned from their dealings with Bryce and Jill.

I told you not to trust her

After Jill was able to manipulate her way free, Sarah showed her astonishment in how Chuck didn’t listen to her, but when Chuck safety became threatened. Sarah the protector cooled her anger.

I sware I will hurt you if he is hurt

Chuck will do the same here,

What is Ironic would be Jill did the same thing as Bryce did in Nemesis, when Bryce asked Sarah to come with him. Jill would asked Chuck to run with her. Its very interesting how the two stories mirror each other. The only exception Jill was on the other side of the law. 

However, we would have to wait until the end of season two to break her personal kryptonite, which would be Bryce. Jill attempting to kill Sarah was the end game for Chuck.

Its no secret anymore the Jill  Chapter in his life story had come to an end. Chuck wasn’t willing to let Jill shoot Chuck much like Sarah wasn’t going to leave Chuck to die with the Fulcrum agent in the Break Up. It’s the biggest not so secret of all.

He Chose Sarah
Chuck burned the bridge of Jill for her. 

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She will kill him if we don't help him

The final chapter of Jill Roberts will come later in the rewatch, and it will mark the conclusion of the feature. Again, there will be some spoilers because Bryce’s return will be the last episode of season two.

The next chapter will talk about breaking the ex stronghold. How the actions of Jill and Bryce lead to Chuck and Sarah coming together for one magical scene in Barstow.

until then Chuckaholics. Remember Chuckaholics is your site so play, and engage but most of all, it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t
















  1. Good analysis, Chris. You know, Chuck’s biggest strength is his faith in people. It’s also his biggest weakness. With Jill, he desperately needed to believe that she wasn’t as evil as we were led to believe, but the girl he dated in college. After all, she was his first love, so although she broke his heart, dated his best friend and became a FULCRUM agent, she couldn’t be all that bad, right. Chuck was at a crossroads at this point. He knew what he wanted (Sarah and the intersect out of his head-in that order) but right then neither seem possible. So there’s Jill and the unfinished business of the way things ended with the two of them. I don’t think that he loved Jill at this point, but hey, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with……It took her almost killing Sarah that finally broke that spell for him but that’s a discussion for another time. The running theme throughout the entire series though was that Chuck always tried to find the best in people, even when they were trying to destroy him.

    • That was probably his biggest gift to Sarah…. his ability to see the remnants of good and her humanity, even though she had buried them deep inside her. It’s what got him into trouble with Jill, Mama B and Vivian, but eventually, even those people came to see things Chuck’s way. Mama B, of course, was never going to kill Chuck, but you know what I mean. He certainly started to realize the depth of some evil people… perhaps no one more so than Quinn. Even Shaw he tried to find the good in, but eventually saw him as nothing more than evil.
      I’m not too sure if Chuck every really saw the “good” in Bryce, because Bryce’s good deeds seemed to hurt Chuck more than help him. I think he eventually understood Bryce, but what he did to Chuck ( and continued to do right up to the end ) always seemed to turn Chuck’s world upside down. That was an interesting dynamic between those two.

  2. I think that he might have seen the good in Bryce, especially after her learned the truth about Bryce “protecting” him at Stanford. But, there had always been a competitive rivalry, even at school, between them. The thing between Bryce and Jill broke his sprit. Sarah only heightened that rivalry. Chuck also naturally felt inferior to Bryce (I’ll always come seconded to that guy”), considering his demeanor and overtly good looks. He couldn’t seem to win with him around.

    • The thing that stands out about this arc, and it has become a favorite of mine. Only the Orion Arc is the best of he series. I plan to do a major article for the Orion Arc when we come to it during rewatch.

      One of the things we learn is how Jill and Bryce were the same kind of educational tool for both Chuck and Sarah. I have written there are two elephants in the room for Charah before they can move on with each other.

      Exes and the job itself, that being the case. The Jill Arc taught the viewer what could happen when secrets exist between two people. It’s why Sarah should of just came out and say she dated Bryce, but we also could understand the reasoning behind the decision to lie.

      Same thing with S3 when Chuck decided to protect Sarah and not tell her about his condition. Bryce didn’t want Chuck in the CIA, but had no choice but to thrust Chuck by sending the Intersect.

      Jill had to leave Chuck because Fulcrum told her too. The two characters were the driving force into charah realizing their better as a team, and great momentum towards the relationship would soon follow until Mauser.

      Great Arc and Jill has become one of my favorite characters as a result of this study. It’s too bad she gets lost in the shuffle because she is significant to the story.

      as far as trust in people, it’s not a bad quality to have, but it also can make a person become naive to real situations. Yes, Chuck could talk down some people. However, the talk down doesn’t usually happen without some tension.

      Chuck walked out on Sarah twice in this arc, and broke his lifeline to her. All these things makes one believe Chuck was rather quick to replace her, but he never could venture off too long.

      Would you guys fault Sarah for skipping out with Bryce, but the fact that she planted roots within Chuck. She had no intention of leaving. its really cool to see how Sarah has planted roots without a home to this point. The root is Chuck and his way of life. Jill really threatened the growth of that root.

      What do you guys think of that?

      • No, I wouldn’t have faulted Sarah for running off with Bryce. Actually, it would not have surprised me if she had run at the end of Nemesis. Bryce was Sarah’s out, her safety net. If, as she had said, already had fallen for Chuck, then running would have been her first instinct. This was her first relationship (or non-relationship) dilemma in regards to Chuck. To stay, or not to stay. Bryce was safe, and easy, because there was no real pressure for her.

      • Totally agree, Aaron…. Sarah leaving with Bryce was the easy thing to do, but it brought with it the idea of never having a “normal” life. There were other things going on with Sarah when she walked into the Buy More other than just not having Bryce in her life anymore. She was unhappy with who she had become….the idea that she had to bury her emotions all the time, the idea that she really no longer understood good/evil ( only the completion of the mission / orders, etc). Going with Bryce meant that she would still have to face those issues. And, yes….she didn’t like the lack of control. Thinking about those issues made her vulnerable, and she NEVER liked to feel vulnerable.

        And my feeling is that Bryce, because he was so narcissistic, wasn’t really in Sarah’s best interest, even if she could just go back to being a spy. For Bryce, everything was also about the mission …. I don’t think he ever fully thought through the decisions he made and the effect they had on the people around him…it was all about how it affected him. Once Chuck opened up those “feelings” in Sarah, it was going to be pretty difficult for Sarah to look at life and missions the same way again.

      • Yeah, conflicting emotions was never a good thing for Sarah. Even after the engagement, she was still fiercely independent (Cat Squad) and still keeping secrets (Baby). Sarah’s biggest flaw was letting go and and allowing someone to help. She didn’t even want Chuck’s help, because it meant admitting that she was vulnerable or that she just couldn’t handle the job by herself. Why do you think that she put on those intersect glasses?

      • I agree with that, its funny how she gets angry with Chuck for not including her like when finding Orion or putting the watch in a glass or leaving it in the bedroom

        It goes back to the fixer mentality

      • It’s because deep down Sarah savored the idea of being Chuck’s protector. She loved being there for him, and didn’t like him doing things on his own, excluding her. Plus, she was pretty clear that (especially without the intersect) that Chuck was incapable to doing it by himself. Fear of Death brought that to a head, although conveniently, it was never brought up again after Phase Three.

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