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Chuck vs The Tooth was a very big episode, but often gets lost in the shuffle when it comes to ranking the 91 episodes. It’s a big episode because the words I love you come out of the mouth of one Sarah Walker.

In episode three of Chuck and Sarah finally coming together, we witnessed the honeymoon stage. The moving in process soon followed, and the fact Sarah moved in with Chuck was significant. However, after witnessing the effects of the Intersect was doing on Bartowski.

Sarah will get the desire to finally say the words that should of been said in Other Guy,  The truth was indeed in the tooth.  Oh! by the way Shaw was still alive….

Main Story

The episode began with Sarah and Chuck watching television together.  Chuck was laying on Sarah’s lap, and they were watching Spies Like Us.

The happy couple living together

Sarah thought the movie was ridiculous because the movie broke several different protocols, which annoyed her. Chuck reminded Sarah about the jokes, but when Sarah just looked him. Chuck said, “I love you.”

Sarah couldn’t answer because she was a bit caught off guard. It also showed her inexperience in saying the words. She did love him there wasn’t a question about that, but a lot of people freeze when hearing the words.

The setting was great and very intimate.  Chuck’s opportunity presented itself for him, and he went for it. Here lies the difference between the two characters. Chuck has no issue expressing his feelings. On the other hand, Sarah is more reserved. Her actions spoke volumes rather than the spoke word, but actually speaking her feelings is a bit difference.

Chuck falls asleep on her lap, and a very strange dream sequence would commence. Beckman clashing symbols together, and Sarah saying the words, but soon Shaw would be at the door delivering Zambian food. Shaw delivering Zambian food

What's going on Chuck
These dreams are making me worried Chuck, I’m worried about you. Every time you fall asleep, you have a horrible nightmare

Chuck would come out of his apartment with two guns ablazing. He shot several slugs into Shaw, who would fall backwards into the fountain. The dream would wake Chuck from his sleep and causing him to leap off Sarah’s lap. Sarah was concerned because this seem to be happening a lot recently. Chuck would tell her about it, and believed something was going to happen to the President of Zamibia at the concert.

This caused for Chuck and Sarah to alert the General and Casey about the dream. However, they didn’t believe Chuck and told him to meet with a psychiatrist.  The doctor’s name was Leo Dreyfus played by Christopher Lloyd. We all know him from Back to the Future, but Christopher was also on the show Taxi.

on taxiChuck must see a doctor about these dreamsSarah was just as concern about the decision as well.  What's wrong with Chuck

At first, Chuck was reluctant to talk to Dr. Dreyfus, but as the session went on, so did the  writing into the doctor’s pad. The first round would deal with Chuck’s feelings on Sarah saying I love you back,

Chuck: She could be more communicative, though.
But she doesn’t exactly say, “I love you” back. I’ve never really done this before, you know? Even though I know that she loves me, I’m just, you know, just kind of noting it. Because I know.
I know that she loves me. And I know that.

Dr. Dreyfus:: Do you?  Talking about Sarah

 He was taking notes which would catch Bartowski’s attention. I will discuss this scene further shortly

While it was all fun and games in the beginning, the conversation with the doctor quickly changed to a serious one. As Dreyfus was explaining to Chuck how the Intersect could be working in his dreams. The impact of the intersect was putting a tremendous amount of stress on his brain, which could lead to insanity.

Chuck didn’t believe him, and became adamant about what he dreamed, and how the president of Zamibia was a possible target at the concert tonight. Dr. Dreyfus put the kabosh on that frame of mind by benching Chuck until further notice.Casey trying to help ellie

After the credits, Casey runs into Ellie. Casey said he heard Devon caught Malaria in Africa, and told her the drugs she had wouldn’t help. He said, he had the disease and the only thing that would help African Snake herbs, Casey said he would go see if he had some in his apartment. Ellie walked away whispering crazy.

Meanwhile, Chuck was trying to convince himself about not being crazy. He finished washing his face when Sarah knock on the door.  She walked in and instantly asked how the visit went. Sarah truly was acting as a girlfriend here. She said the best thing she could. This would also mark my first analysis of the episode.

Sarah asking if Chuck was alright
Chuck playing coyNot only am i your Partner but I am also your girlfriend Sarah: I know I’m your partner, but I’m also your girlfriend. And you can tell me anything.

The problem i have with this scene was Chuck. It has nothing to do with not telling Sarah the truth, but if you read my article titled Jill Robert Part III , You will know about my theory on secrets destroying a future.  This isn’t an issue right now.

My issue would be Chuck’s discussion with Dr. Dreyfus about Sarah’s lack of  communication. The fact that she didn’t say I love you weigh heavily on Bartowski. When the same kind of situation arose rather than practice what he preached only five minutes ago, He had an opportunity to lay it like Sarah does when it comes to half truths.

However, Sarah knew Chuck when he was hiding something. It’s why she said “I am not only your partner, but I am also your girlfriend.” Sarah inviting  Chuck to let her in, but she gave him the benefit of the doubt. When Sarah walked away, Chuck’s expression was an indication he wasn’t pleased with lying to Sarah. Batman and the Boy Wonder

At the Buymore, Chuck was continuing on with his theory about  Kuti. He watched cable television for flashes, but what it did was alarm Morgan of a problem with his tall buddy. He asked Chuck why he was watching cable, and Bartowski told him about his dream. Morgan enabled Chuck into attending the concert. The play was preventing an attack on the president before it was on the news. Chuck would instruct Morgan to rent two tux and meet him in the back.

However, Batman and the boy wonder didn’t know someone was watching. Casey saw everything. He saw Chuck and Morgan leave in tuxedos and when Sarah showed up at Castle. Casey pointed out how Chuck left the Buymore in a tux.  Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t know about Chuck’s adventure to prove everyone wrong.  Casey and Sarah would follow them to the concert.Casey and Sarah not pleased with what they see

While at the concert, Chuck once again fell asleep. Shaw told Chuck the dream wasn’t about him. it was about Dr. Martin Kwambe. When Chuck woke up, he told Morgan the man that was going to kill Kuti was already in the box with him. He had to get up there to stop him. At the concertThe Dream is about Dr. Kwambe

We shall continue the main story after we discuss what happened with Ellie in this episode. We get a very interesting bad guy in this episode. The bad guy’s name is Justin Sullivan. He was originally introduced during this scene (in Chuck vs Tic Tac).  There is an article discussing impact characters, Please click the link for my thoughts on Tommy and Justin. Justin I presume

The Manipulation of Ellie Bartowski Begins Justin what are you doing here

Justin  came to manipulate Ellie

Meanwhile, Justin came to speak with Ellie. He revealed himself as a CIA agent, which alarmed Ellie. Justin planted a seed in Ellie’s head about Casey being a rogue agent monitoring and looking for Stephen J Bartowski.

He furthered his manipulation by telling her how Casey was very dangerous. Ellie didn’t buy in right away. but after Justin revealed how dangerous Casey was , and his intentions of finding her father, Ellie was not skeptical anymore. He would also advise Ellie about disclosing this information. It could come off as crazy to those she loved.Here's the thing they are going to call you crazy

What is interesting about the apartment complex, its full of spies or have worked as a spy. From Awesome to Morgan, and the home of Team Bartowski. The perfect place for Ellie’s protection would be her apartment complex. However, Ellie doesn’t know about the complex of spies.

When Ellie comes home, she stopped off at Casey’s apartment as she remembered Casey offering snake herbs for Devon, and what she would find would be Casey’s high power rifles. Ellie freaked out and went to Devon to warn him of Casey, but everything Justin had said turned out to be true. Manipulation complete. Ellie seeing the gunsits crazy thats all

 Back to the Main Story

Chuck headed to the balcony while at the same time Casey and Sarah arrive at the concert hall. Casey told Sarah to get Chuck. He would take care of the Bearded Elf.

You should of told me 2
You should have told me, and I could have helped you.

As Chuck was scurrying through the hallway, Sarah cut him off, and insisted he didn’t risk professional suicide, but Chuck told her about his second dream, and he didn’t wanted to involve her until he knew for sure. Sarah was hurt by Chuck’s decision in not including her in his adventure. The last time Sarah felt left out was when he did this. furious girlfriend

After he was able to convince Sarah to help, Chuck stormed into the President’s box and attempted to frisk the doctor. The President was rather annoyed with this interruption. We want Dr. KwambeChuck realized Dr. Kwambe didn’t have any weapon on him, which caused the good doctor to smart mouth him. He displayed arrogance when he flashed a cocky smile, which in return Chuck flashed on his tooth, which revealed Ring intel hidden in his tooth.  The next thing Chuck did without hesitation would be punching Kwambe in the mouth. The tooth went flying in the air.  Chuck proceeded to scamper on the floor looking for it, while Sarah questioned Chuck’s move by asking was he crazy.  Chuck punching Kwambe

After his display in the President’s Box, they brought Chuck to a ward for further testing with his team behind him. Sarah showed worrisome on her face looking through the glass.Are you crazyTake Chuck to a mental WardHelpless Sarah

While Sarah showed concern for Chuck, Beckman went off on her team. She asked Casey and Sarah how were Chuck and Morgan able to elude them and create an international incident in which the President of The United States had to apologize in the Zamidian.

Sarah’s issue wasn’t about the presidents with the question she would ask. “General, how is Chuck doing?” Chuck’s secret would be out of the bag when Beckman told her what Dr. Dreyfus reported about Chuck’s condition. Sarah was visibly hurt when Chuck wasn’t forthcoming about his condition.

Don’t get me wrong, its not the condition itself, but being left in the dark that matters. It’s the very idea of not being commutative with her boyfriend. Sarah finding out the true report from Dreyfus

Beckman made an admission in this scene, as she assured the team about getting all the help they can for Bartowski. “I care about him too.” Casey would assure Sarah they would visit her boyfriend nothing would make him (her) feel better than seeing her.  We will go see him

Sarah showed she was hurt because Sarah’s nature to date was to help Chuck in anyway she can. It’s apart of her process. Chuck telling her everything was fine was protecting her from having to worry, but by withholding it made Sarah feel worse than Chuck being upfront about his condition. She lives to help Chuck. Why did he feel the need to lie

Meanwhile, Dr. Dreyfus was walking through the facility. He was showing the other patients to Bartowski. Chuck would meet Merlin, who asked if Chuck was in here because of sexual dreams. Dreyfus informed Chuck all of the patients were spies.

A hispotal for cracked spies

Chuck would ask if his team contacted him, yet.  The doctor said, no.  Sarah and Casey eventually show up, and they are talking with Chuck asking him if he needed anything, but Chuck continued with his tirade about Dr. Kwambe and The Ring. He would cough up the tooth he knocked out of the doctor’s mouth. Team visits ChuckIts me Chuck, the way your talking

Sarah was still trying to register what was going on. As she was trying to get through to Chuck, but after Chuck showed her the tooth. He asked her to get it tested, which she would do. As Chuck was taken away, we see Sarah begin to show her love for him. Despite Chuck's theory Sarah was willing to give him a chance

What I appreciate from this scene would be Sarah’s stance in trying to prove Chuck right. Casey and the government had given up on Chuck and to a degree Sarah was also skeptical, but her desire to help Chuck made her hope the intel was in the tooth. However,  the test showed there was no intel in the tooth. It left Sarah even more worried now. The tooth didn't have intel in it

Morgan was worried about his friend, and asked Casey where was Chuck. Casey would tell Morgan  they had him a psychiatric ward apparently the intersect was taking its toll on Bartowski. The team lost without Bartowski

 Sarah called Chuck to let him know about what they didn’t find in the tooth, and much dejected Chuck was somber when hearing the news. Sarah sensing this trying to encourage him, but Chuck could only muster was thanks for trying.

Sarah’s girlfriend inside of her wanted to help him. When the one you love is in trouble and also facing the world on his own. Sarah”s role in his life begins, If she doesn’t support him, a man feels even worse by not having the woman he loves by his side.Sarah sense Chuck's dejection

Dr. Kwambe and his men arrive at the hospital prepared to do some damage to Bartowski. They asked the nurse at the door, which room was Bartowski in. When the nurse wasn’t a willing participant, he had one of his men shoot a dart into her.

Sarah next course of action would be to make a plea at the doctor’s home and a great scene in the series history. A character development scene not only for Sarah, but Casey as well, but before we discuss that scene. 

For those that like Chuckaholics Sarah Walker expressions of the day we post on twitter and Facebook. Some of Yvonne’s best work appeared in this scene. There was no sugar coating with her expression and the words that would come out “Please doctor, I love him.” Sarah shows up at Dr. Dreyfus housePlease Doctor, I love him

Sarah’s words are worth examining since this would mark the first time all series Sarah used the words love for anyone. She expressed her feelings. These words should of been said in Chuck vs Other Guy.

The first part of her plea were this,

Sarah: No.
You don’t understand.
He’s not like other people.
He is Incredibly special.

Sarah had begun to express herself.  While watching her, she was struggling in the beginning to get the words out, but as she went on she gained confidence in her feelings. She began to trust her feelings.

The second part,

Sarah: He needs to be okay.
I- I need him to be okay.
I’d like to go to the hospital tonight and talk to him, try and figure this out, and then help him somehow, you know?

She was expressing herself while maintaining her need to fix the situation. She was learning to combine her feelings with the need to assist Chuck. Huge character development.

than we get the words we been all wanting to hear, after a brief pause Sarah couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Sarah: Please.
I love him. The three words spoke from Sarah

When watching this scene, I instantly thought of when Chuck first said the words I love you. He also didn’t say the words to her first. He said it to Orion.

Chuck confesses his love for Sarah
I Love Her, Dad Dad I love her.

The other huge character development of the scene would be John Casey. He also went to Dreyfus looking for a way to help Chuck. It’s a very powerful Team Bartowski moment. My has Casey  changed since the beginning of the series. Casey cares tooSarah happy to see Casey

At the hospital, Chuck was brought into a room, and thrown into a chair by Kwambe’s men. Chuck was asking if he could speak with Dr. Dreyfus when suddenly Kwambe came into the room.  He went over what he was going to do to Bartowski. He also revealed how he knew there was intel in his tooth.

The news made Chuck happy, Chuck punched out the wrong tooth, and the result of his efforts was a psychedelic cocktail injected into him. A truth serum if you will. Bartowski was able to free himself long enough to escape. He tried to recruit Merlin and his band of misfits, but they all were taken out by tranqs. It was a very funny scene.

As the baddies reclaimed Chuck, Sarah and Casey came charging into the room.  It was another wonderful Chuck and Sarah moment at the end of the save. 

Sarah confessions of her feelings kept coming as she revealed to Chuck she will always come back for him. I will always come back for you

 In the end, both Dreyfus and Beckman would apologize to Chuck about not believing him in the first place. However, the doctor said it wasn’t over. He thought the new science would eventually lead to serious mental deterioration. He also would suggest talking it over with Agent Walker.

The final scene is tremendous all by itself, and it also has the song of the episode. The Gaslight Anthem’s Heres looking at you played during the scene. 

Let’s take a look at the words Sarah said,

Sarah: I love you.
It shouldn’t have taken me this long to say it, but I’ve never felt this way.
Before you, the only future that I could think about was my next mission.
And now all I can think about is a future with you.
I love you, Chuck. I love you Chuck

 Sarah should’ve said “I love you” after she said yes to Chuck’s question about loving him. She knew it too. It just took her potentially losing Chuck to a mental institution for her to realize it. An awakening of sorts,  which would be only be a stepping stone in what I call the Relationship Arc.

Anna Returns

This episode not only had Brandon Routh return. It also was a return of one Anna Wu. Anna returned to Burbank to return Morgan things to him. She tried to talk with him, but with Morgan apart of a spy team now.

Morgan didn’t have time for Anna, Its sort of like Jill and Bryce. An ex girlfriend from the past assuming nothing has change with their former partner.  A mistake Jill and Bryce both made. 

By the end of the episode, Anna realized Morgan wasn’t the same Grimes and seemed to show her superficial self. Morgan was worthy now of being her man. It’s the very notion on which I though Anna wasn’t right for him.

Making someone change for the better is one thing, but bailing on him twice for a more successful man seems to be a gold digger in my view. I was happy Morgan kicked her to the curb.

Overall Thoughts on The Episode.

One of the best things about this episode would be character development for Chuck, Casey and Sarah. All three show inner battles of expressions. Sometimes expressions get confused by just the spoken word, but thats not always the case.

Body language and actions could mean so much more. Lies are built from words, but I am a believer in the mouth can say whatever it wants, but the eyes always tell the truth.

Sarah expressed herself by finally speaking about her feelings, its not as powerful as an episode to come, but the end result Sarah said I love you.

Casey revealed he does care about Chuck Bartowski by being at Dreyfus’s home. Chuck Bartowski is bit more complex.

He said, he would like Sarah to express herself more, but when faced with a very important issue. Chuck took a page out of Sarah’s playbook. He protected her by lying. If we frown on times Sarah lies to Chuck. It should be the same for Chuck.

This episode will always rank high with me because of Sarah’s proclamation of love for Chuck….However, it doesn’t hold up to what will happen in season four.

The next episode in Season Three will be Chuck vs The Living Dead. We have come to the final three episodes of the season. Earth shattering scenes will be a plentiful until then remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play.

Remember Chuckaholics, it’s truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.








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