Don’t Blame Chuck Cast for No Movement on Movie

On January 27, some passionate Chuck fans made it a personal mission to trend the hashtag #Chuckmovie. A lot of people were involved. Bonita Friedency, who played General Beckman was also present for the event.

The 27th marked the three year anniversary of Chuck coming to an end. Several people like Richard ( @jdmitchell51,  and @chucksarahb all were instrumental in promoting the two hour live episodes. The episodes they watched were Chuck vs Sarah and The Goodbye.

Some of us including myself couldn’t find enough stones from within to watch the final two episodes because of the torture it does to the heart , but we were present for morale support with the rest of the Chucksters and newbies alike. We were putting screencaps, songs from the show anything to include the #Chuckmovie.

I applaud everyone’s effort because we did reach atop the list of trending topics on twitter. However, something bothers me and it needs to get off my chest. 

This subject wouldn’t be the first time I have come out and expressed my disdain for harassing the cast of Chuck, and it was nice to read some tweets from others discouraging the practice, but I still see tweets like this

@ZacharyLevi be true to your fans, make that Chuck movie.

Now I wonder Chuckaholics do we tweet these things with the idea it will help matters because it won’t. Most of the time Zac ignores these tweets. His advisors also must instruct him not to speak his mind on the issue because everyone is looking for that sound bite. and paint him as a bad guy.  The truth is Zac isn’t a bad guy.

The truth is neither is WB or Chris Fedak, The problem lies with money and timing. Some have said it could be twenty years before a Chuck movie is possible. It’s been three.

The other problem we face is Chris Fedak’s feeling on the story being complete.  Here is a link to an interview he did with IGN.

Chris’s thoughts on the finale, I don’t know about you but final chapter means its done.

IGN: I don’t know if wishing you a Happy Chuck Finale Day sounds right. Melancholy Chuck Finale Day?

Fedak: It’s a mix of emotions, but we’re happy that we were able to tell the final chapter of the Chuck show.

The cast of Chuck are some of the best people walking Hollywood, and it’s not even close. They represent everything that is right about Hollywood, but since some fans don’t get daily updates about a movie their method of voicing their desire is by leaving nasty messages on their social media walls.

If you don’t believe Zachary Levi isn’t interested in making a Chuck Movie here is a clip on that very issue. 

Here is a clip from Yvonne Strahovski, 

Two of the top stars have said, they would be willing to do a movie, but both said it’s up to the powers that be with that said. People are still going to flood their social media accounts and Instagram accounts with comments that hurt my eyes in disbelief.

Last year, Zac spent two hours on social media conducting live chats with the fans. Yes, it was to promote his fundraiser, but he answered everyone’s question. Do you think Angelina Jolie will even have a thought in doing such a thing.

As much as I would love a Chuck movie, we have to walk down memory lane on how fortunate we were to get 91 episodes to begin with. Chuck was very luck with the drive of the fans and creative methods in funding the series,The sandwich franchise Subway helped the show tremendously. Subway and Chuck Ad

In a newspaper article titled, ” Upfronts: ‘Chuck’ Saved by Subway.” Mr. Carter wrote “But NBC executives made clear on Tuesday that the renewal came about mainly because of an advertising partnership that was suggested to Ben Silverman, a chairman of NBC Entertainment, by Subway executives, who were enthused about the special marketing opportunities the show afforded the company. Subway sandwiches played a role in an episode of “Chuck” last month, with a Subway slogan as part of the dialogue.” (Carter, 2009) Here is a link for you guys can read the article for yourselves.

This happened in may of 2009, which means S3 was saved. S4 went through the same situation after the terrible ratings and fans angry with the story they witnessed in S3.  A lot of fans never returned.

S5 was a gift from the network, and they only had 13 episodes. Most fans would tell you the wedding was the best way to sign off, and after how the fifth season went down even more so. Don’t get me wrong there were many fans that loved the ending, which is fine with me.

The struggles the series face wasn’t only being on the chopping block, but budget decreases also didn’t help matters. Stars like CS Lee, Julie Ling and even Matt Bomer left the series because of those very cuts or better opportunities. 91 episodes was a pipe dream that became reality.

It became a collective group effort from the fans and the cast in working together whether it was the constant mention of Call of Duty or other means to gain sponsor dollars, and thats the name of the game money. Warner Brothers has the right to cancel a show if they deem it none profitable.

The other problem for the series was no one watched including me. I became a fan after watching it on The new fan doesn’t appreciate the show as much as those that watched week to week is the argument those fans make, but I beg to differ.

The story doesn’t change, we binge watchers can get through a season in one day, which is better than waiting week to week in my view. I don’t like advertisements and promotions of products I will never get to afford. It still doesn’t give the new fan clearance in badgering the cast on the lack of movement on a movie.

Don’t blame Zac, Yvonne, Adam, Sarah and the rest of the cast. Don’t constantly tweet them asking for updates. The best way to show support is by watching their other projects. Why limit yourself just to Chuck.

Did you guys know Adam Baldwin is working on a television show called the Last Ship or Scott Bakula is on NCIS New Orleans. A friend of the site, producer Robert Duncan McNeil also has been working lately on various projects. Robert is very friendly with fans on twitter. I had the privilege to talk with him a couple of times.

Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen these are human beings, and with that don’t own us anything in return. They provided entertainment for us, and while the show was great, at the end of the day. We are a very lucky fan base.

Kristen Bell may be known for Frozen, but the rest of the world knows her from Veronica Mars. It took seven years for the television show to gain a movie. We only been off the air for three.  It also is worth noting Heroes was cut the same year as Chuck, and that series is getting a reboot.

Chuckaholics be patient. be nice and most importantly be classy. The cast is a very friendly group of people. When news comes about a movie, we will know.

Until then enjoy the 91 episodes we already have.

Chuckaholics Founder,





  1. I was also there for the two hour anniversary tweeting #Chuck like crazy. I also retweeted a post from Zac’s Facebook page. Please read it if you want to be a part in making the movie happen!!

  2. Having said that, @shannonfox, a regular contributor to The Nerd Machine, has tweeted an event for 3/11/15 (the one year anniversary of the original launch by The Nerd Machine) to go to the website to donate/buy/support Zac’s online company.

    You know what they say; “Money talks, and bullshit doesn’t get a movie!”

  3. Thanks for writing this.

    From the moment Chuck went off the air and people started asking for a movie, I felt that it was too soon and at least five years have to pass for anything to happen. As you said, Veronica Mars took seven years. The new Heroes is coming five years after it went off air. The new 24 came about 4 years after the original series went off air.

    The cast has no say in whether a movie happens or not. I think time has to pass. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak need to have an idea pop into their heads and pitch it to the people with money to make it happen.

    No amount of tweeting is going to speed up the process. I also don’t get why people need to ask the cast if there is new news. Haven’t they heard of Google? Even if something was in the works, they wouldn’t be allowed to say anything until a press release came out. If a press release came out, it would be on Google.

    Stop harassing the cast.

    • DKD,

      First, welcome to Chuckaholics I hope you enjoyed your visit. We hope you return for some more.

      People seem to forget its only been three years. The show is still running in some markets. Thus, the tight lipped WB may be contemplating making the movie we don’t no. As for a S6 no I am certain a season 6 isn’t something anyone wants to do again.

      • I don’t know any specific crucial country where it was still running. A few years ago, Japan was behind, but it’s finished by now. But, it seems to be picking up new fans on Netflix even now.

        The problem is that Netflix doesn’t release any viewing data. They don’t even release it to Warner Brothers. So, they don’t have any sense of whether the show has a 100 more fans or a million new fans. So, they need to wait. The longer they wait, the more fans they get.

      • I’ve talked to Netflix. Ironic they don’t have that data. They can relay you how many times you’ve viewed something but they do not have an overall cumulative counter counting views per show; or they are just not telling if the do.

        It would be very interesting to see exactly how many views Chuck is getting.

  4. I think that a movie or a new season of Chuck are impossible. Since the second season of Chuck, the show recorded a dwindling of the audience. That means that WB is not longer interested on a new production about Chuck’s story. Unfortunately this is my opinion, but I LOVE CHUCK so I hope that my remarks will be denied, maybe even this year. Sorry for my bad english and for my pessimism, but I think this is the concrete.


    • Its not pessimism, its reality. Sopranos was a popular show that were in talks for a big screen debut, but with James Gandolfini passing away, it will never happen anymore.

      I am not saying this would happen to Chuck because all the cast are young but anything can happen. However, the best we can do is wait at the moment.

      • Yes, of course. I love this web site and how it’s organised. I’ll continue to write, as I did in the past. However, as I read in another comments, I will prefer the most impossible think that is a new season, the sitxth season. And you? What do you prefer?

  5. Chris; you know my feelings on this. You are completely correct though. As much as we may want to see a movie or whatever, we have to realistic and most of all, patient. The cast may want a movie, but they are very small cogs in a huge wheel. TPTB are all involved in other projects and, as you said, Fedak sees the story as complete anyway (not that I would want him that involved regardless), and Josh just sold another pilot just last week, bringing the total to 6 projects . Yvonne right now is busy with Astronaut Wives Club, Zac with Heroes, Adam with Last Ship etc.. And, unlike Veronica Mars, Chuck, although trending on Netflix, is still not a money maker for WB. VM did better with less episodes (63) and the movie is still doing fairly well. Chuckaholics, while we all love your enthusiasm, you have to know that, having been a part of that original Subway campaign, we still have a big hill to climb.

  6. Couldn’t have said it any better. We need to be polite, patient, considerate, and respectful. Stay calm. If anything tweet Warner Bros but be tactful. This may be the reason Chris Fedak is not on Twitter. He doesn’t want the grief or belly aching.

    • Yeah JD; we want to hear all of the voices, but with temperance, and respect. Never give up hope, but realize that if nothing else, we have time, and enthusiasm. For me, it just great to see the Chuck Nation grow. We need that more than anything.

  7. Hey Guys, this is my first comment on the site, I have been enjoying it. I love Chuck, it’s my favorite show. In regards to a Chuck Movie, I do think it will happen eventually, Zachary Levi said to be patient and I’m pretty sure he meant it, He really wants to one day make a movie but right now it’s not a priority, I believe it will be one day. You could analyze what Veronica Mars did or other shows but none of that matters, When it’s going to happen they will let us know. As for Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz being busy etc or even Fedak in the past saying that Chuck’s final chapter happened, he meant the tv show, not a movie, he could easily come up with a new storyline as any good writer could. What I do when I miss Chuck is re-watch, I take little breaks here and there sometimes lasting months but when I miss the Buy More gang I watch Chuck either on Blu Ray or Netflix. How great is it that Chuck is on Netflix where new fans are made everyday? I try to introduce friends to Chuck all the time and sometimes they become instant fans. That’s all we can do right now, not pester actors who have no say or control in the property, our best bet is to make new fans, introduce new people to the awesome show that is Chuck.

    • First,
      Welcome to Chuckaholics, i hope you enjoyed your visit enough to return for some more. We invite all those that have taken a chance to engage with us to feel free to continue with the other discussions that happen here on Chuckaholics.

      When i wrote about VM, I just was pointing out the length of time it took to get a movie concept to the big screen. It’s not easy and the more I study the industry. The more I realize WB never made money off of Chuck, and with that gave no reason to keep the show. Can you blame them when they fork over millions of dollars in promotion and tv time slots are not cheap either.

    • TJ; I agree with what you say. I do take issue with one thing though. Fedak, while indeed talking about the end of the series, was pretty much done. I’m sure that he would be up for a movie, but of all of the creators, he is the least wanted to continue the story. After his lack of disregard for those fans who didn’t like the finale, I wouldn’t want him to write me a hall pass. He has no interest in doing a movie, because most done really have any interest in him. A movie is possible, but certainly not right now. It may come down to getting the creators to relinquish their interest in the show, but really WB right now just isn’t biting. It would be different if Chuck was a money maker for the studio, but alas, it never was. It didn’t sell in syndication, and even a marathon on Syfy a few years ago after season 2 didn’t garner any interest. If it weren’t for the fans this show would have been gone, and forgotten after 35 episodes. It has always been the fans who kept things going. I never want to give up on the possibility of a movie or mini, but the stars have to align for anything to happen.

      • I generally agree with what you say about the business end of this, but I think you are a little unfair about Chris Fedak or Josh Schwartz, for that matter. Very few writers or actors want to be known for one thing. Any decent writer wants to write a lot of things in their career. Create new worlds. New characters. New stories. Chuck was Chris Fedak’s baby, but it also was his first real success in Hollywood. And he spent more than five years of his life with it. I do not blame him in the least for wanting to do something else when it ended. Who in the creative industries would not feel the same?

        Whatever different fans thought of the ending, it was HIS story to write. Fans shouldn’t get angry with him because he doesn’t agree with you about it. I think it’s unfair. There are fans like myself who thought the ending was fine.

        I also sense sometimes that fans get upset when the actors move on to other jobs. It’s like they don’t want them to have careers.

        So, I let Fedak and Schwartz have their time to regenerate and work on other stuff. Who knows. Someday, like Tim Kring (Heroes) and Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), they will wake up someday and want to play with the characters of Chuck again. But, it’s their timeline. Not ours.

      • DKD; I’m not knocking either JS or CF for wanting to do new and different things. On the contrary, I applaud it. It was The O.C. and Josh’s work on that show that led me to Chuck in the first place. My problem with Fedak is his ambivalence towards those fans who didn’t like the ending of the series. I totally agree that is was indeed his baby, and he has every right to do this his way; but, don’t discount those fans who supported you and essentially kept your “baby” alive for three plus seasons. He never acknowledged those fans. All he and JS said was, hey, use your imagination, or fan fiction to write your own ending. This isn’t “Chose Your Own Adventure”, and many of us who were there from beginning to end (and beyond) felt slighted and insulted. I guess I just didn’t feel like many of us mattered in the end. And while I still support Schwartz and his projects, I honestly don’t trust Fedak. I tried watching Forever, but once I saw his name in the writer’s credit I switched channels. My bias surely, but not without foundation.

      • I often wonder why people feel the need to tell someone who is telling a story how to tell it.

        Not to knock you Rev, we been friends for a while, but I always thought Jack Nicholson was the best Joker I wasn’t willing to give Heath Ledger a chance, but Heath interpretation was better.

        It’s what Ben Affleck is going to face when Batman vs Superman comes out.

        Chris Fedak had every right to end the story the way he did, but think of this what really changed. They were still together.

        Sarah never wanted to leave Burbank. She planted Roots day one. only did she realize when her mind was erased. My wife said it best you can erase the mind, but feelings never are lost.

      • I buy all of that, but…..1) Where was she going to go? She had no roots; she had no memories of the last five years other than what she had been told. I don’t doubt the feelings, or at least the beginnings of new ones, but so much was left unsaid….and unseen. 2) If you, as a story teller, had this in mind from the beginning of the season, why not introduce it earlier to give it more time to jell. It didn’t make sense. As to what could have been said; at least acknowledge those who didn’t care for the ending. Don’t be so dismissive. Don’t pass the buck onto fanfiction or one’s imagination to satiate or satisfy their disappointment. That was somewhat insulting. Again, if you, as a writer, can’t get your message across, then you’ve failed. I have never once said that he didn’t have the right to tell the story his way, of course, it’s his creation; but when you have to explain, or clarify yourself after the fact, then you have failed. Like I said, it’s my bias, but trust in a writer is important to me. There have been many series endings that I didn’t like, or even understand, but at least I got the gist of the message. Perhaps it was because I had invested more than five years to a show that I loved, but at least for me, I felt, and still cheated.

  8. Yeap jdmitchell51 couldn’t have said it any better. From all the interviews that I’ve watched I can see that the cast also wants a movie to do the fans some justice but it really depends on the WB. Christopher’s right, let’s not blame the cast because it doesn’t really fall on their hand, they simply just act. It’s the producers and the warner bros. who we should convince to do a movie or maybe even continue the series.

    • Sittie,
      I hope you enjoyed your visit, and will return for some more Chuckaholics.

      Not every show falls into that category. Do you think if Ted Danson called NBC to do a reunion episode of Cheers they would say no? or Raymond for some more everyone loves raymond.

      What do you think?

      • Yeah for sure. Of course not all of them but like I said it all falls to warner bros. cause they’re the ones who has the copyright…

  9. Great article dude, 100% agree. I might get slated for this but I cringe every time I see a “Hey Zac, when Chuck movie?” question from some (usually non-English, so maybe they don’t get the directness of their tone) tweeter. I work at a talent agency, mostly representing actors, and let me tell you, actors – no matter how awesome – don’t actually get much say or sway in Hollywood. You have to be BIG, and I mean “everybody wants you in their movie” big to have any control over any content that gets made (I’m talking George Clooney, or Jennifer Lawrence right now).
    Actors are at the mercy of their employers. Zac and Yvonne et al made money working on Chuck, but not enough to fund a movie – those kinda bucks are made by acting in blockbusters and top-rated tv shows.
    They have to keep themselves employed, they have to be respectful otherwise they will get branded as demanding or annoying and they won’t get hired – just as *we* will be branded if we don’t behave patiently and respectfully toward the cast. Both Zac and Yvonne are great and we love them, but they are not Harvey Weinstein.
    I have great hope for a Chuck movie, and I have every ounce of faith in Zac’s word. It’ll happen guys, and when it does we need to destroy our bank accounts supporting it so they can see we meant business. Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    Mallory AKA ThisTVAddict on twitter

    • Mallory,

      Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to comment on this piece. I agree with you to an extend. There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion on something. Bottled up emotions often lead to crazy measures like expression sexual innuendos towards the women of Chuck. Curse Jeffster for not producing an album for those that loved the music.
      It’s sad because the more we say we want Chuck Movie the cutback in tweets from the actor occurs. Has anyone notice Zac doesn’t tweet as much lately. i do, and sure he is busy, but Zac alway took time to tweet. We are ruining an opportunity to connect with these people and create a community all out of love for a series we can’t have anymore.

      Oh the shame…..

  10. You know what’s funny? I don’t even want a Chuck movie. Before anyone gasps, what I mean is that I would rather have a Season 6!!! Yeah, think about it, a Netflix production of a season six would be so awesome, while probably not likely. The only way I think this could happen would be if one of us went to work for netflix and slowly worked our way up the corporate ladder until we are in charge of programming. LOL. It would be a slow process but maybe it could happen! I know I’m being silly but it is fun to talk about the possibilities. Also wouldn’t it be great if they put out a series of Chuck novels? Fringe, Burn Notice and even Veronica Mars have novels based on the characters, I would love to read of the further adventures of Chuck in prose. sigh. BTW I just recorded my first Chuck Podcast this week, I am calling it The Chuck Series Companion, I plan to do the whole series, I know it will be a lot of work but I’m gonna go for it. Check it out if like: I will eventually give the show it’s own feed for iTunes but for now this is what it is. Thanks.

    • Jastrom,

      We have a podcast connection with the Intersect Project. You should talk to him. his twitter account is @Chuckrewatch33. He is one of my friends. Paul is really good at what he does.

      It’s passion like yours that makes this site have a open door policy. If you would like. When you are ready to release your first podcast. We can help promote it.

      its all apart of my vision…in united the Chuck universe.

    • You certainly wouldn’t be the first. Actually, there are already several fanfics out there continuing the story. And, there actually is a Chuck paperback, written by Peter Johnson and Zev Borrow from 2009. I wouldn’t discount a continuation of the story in written form, but really, the story was left unfinished by the original writer. There have many virtual seasons that continued sagas by very talented writers for other series; Gilmore Girls did a season 8, 9 and 10, and West Wing did a season 8, just to name two. I want to encourage you in your endeavor and wish you great success.

  11. Hey Chris…very good points here, made by all !!

    If I were to offer a suggestion …do NOT retweet any tweet that includes the cast in regards to the #Chuckmovie. By doing so, you just perpetuate the problem and encourage those who do so. My feeling is to remove the cast members twitter handles and kindly ask the tweeter NOT to spam the cast, and direct them to one of the Warner Bros divisions. It’s fine to write about it here, but that won’t get to those that are constantly harassing the cast members. I realize we would never reach everybody, but at least it’s a start.

    And, just FYI, we did not trend #ChuckMovie anywhere on January 27th ….that was a photoshop of a screen cap. I’d love to see a Chuck Movie someday, but promoting the idea by nefarious means is just wrong, IMHO. Warner Bros will see right through that type of crap.

  12. Hey Redvr,

    We have to be grateful to Fedak because ( if Josh Schwartz said the truth ), he invented Chuck’s Story. But, we couldn’t be grateful to him for the ending that he wrote for Chuck. I watched the whole series, but I feel duped every time that I watched the last episode of the last season. It’s as if you unwrap a gift, and then, when you open the box, there is not anything. Could you understand me?

    Sorry for my english,


    • Marco; believe me when I tell you that I am very grateful to both Mr. Fedak and Mr. Schwartz for the creation of what would up being my favorite tv show ever. And that’s saying a great deal for me given that I’ve been watching tv for 60 plus years. However, the ending left, and still leaves me feeling cheated. I appreciate their right to do whatever they want with the characters they created, but do make those who don’t necessarily like what you do feel as though their opinions don’t matter, especially when we are the ones who kept your work alive. Ambivalence towards your fans is somewhat like biting the hand that feeds you. And yes, I felt the same way, as though I was looking through a fog and could see light in the distance but couldn’t figure out how to reach it. I am not a huge fan of ambivalent endings, and Chuck’s ending was a huge slap in the face to me.

  13. I was a viewer from the pilot to the end. Season three was dark. Almost too dark to the point I came close to not watching. But it had to be that way to fully appreciate the beauty of season 4 leading up to the wedding. As much as my heart wants a happier ending I’m not sure there is much to work with. Sarah had always wanted a normal life, and with all the characters going different directions the family she needed to be a part of to break free of the spy life is gone. Besides, I would also be afraid somehow a movie could also make things worse…. So despite the heart wrenching last 87 minutes of the series I am grateful for the most beautiful journey of the heart I have ever seen. A great story about the loving ties that bind, family, friends old and new, and the perseverance of true love found.

    • Tuxedo man,

      Welcome to Chuckaholics, I hope you enjoyed your stay enough to return.

      While i don’t have the pleasure of experiencing the week to week gut wrenching experience when the series aired.

      I still feel the pain watching the final four episodes.

      Really the jump the shark moment was Sarah putting on the glasses. Most loyal Chuck fans will tell you Sarah never needed the intersect, but with the position Casey and Sarah were. it would of been tough for them to get out alive.

      With that said, I am disappointed in leaving a dynamic character like Quinn for the last four episodes. Shaw suffered the same faith in that regard.

      Shaw and Quinn were wasted characters in the way they were developed characters wise. I mean imagine if Shaw and Quinn were treated like Volkoff was.

      What do you think?

      • I agree with you about Shaw; even with as many episodes they had to develop him, his character was never fully explored. He had a built in history, being an expert on the Ring, and of course the death of his wife, but none of this was adequately addressed. All most fans saw was him coming between Chuck and Sarah. Quinn was way under utilized, and because of the introduction of him so late in season five, he just didn’t jell with most viewers. So many questions about his history and how he tied into “the conspiracy’ were never addressed. That’s why season five was to me a wasted opportunity, because so much could have been done to bring the series to a more satisfying end. That really bothered me, because knowing going in that this was the end of the series, so much more could have been done, and a lot of story was left on the table. I think that Shaw gets a bad rap, but a lot of it stems from the performance, rather than the character itself. I didn’t care for Shaw so much personally, but I do agree that he was essential, especially in regards to Chuck’s growth. I understood Quinn’s motivation, but he could have so much more as far as being the final, and according to TPTB, Chuck’s most important “big bad”.

      • IMO the character development of the villains is over rated by people who miss the overall point of the Chuck story, which is the love, commitment, and loyalty of family and friends. The villains were for the most part vehicles to move the story along, and to dwell too much on them would have diluted the time for the great stories of the main characters. Quinn is easy, only thirteen episodes to wrap up the series so no time. His presence was the vehicle for Chuck to prove to Sarah his love and trust. Shaw was around for most of season 3 and season five, and I think that was MORE than enough for most fans. He was the vehicle for season three for Chuck to learn how to be a spy. I think if the show stayed with a spy theme you could have seen more bad guy development, but, as Fedak said about season 1, that “Zach and Yvonne had a NUCLEAR chemistry and we ended up with a love story”
        TV was never the same after that!

      • I totally agree with you Tuxedo Man. The totality and importance of family, friends and yes, love was the overall theme of the series. I do, however, disagree that the villains of the piece were only drivers to move the story along. Shaw did indeed overstay his welcome, but he did have a purpose. I, like you, am a day 1er, and again, like you, have analyzed (for me probably over analyzed) all of the twists and turns that the series took over the five years. Yes, season 3 was dark, but had the writers taken a different approach at the beginning of the season, we might have had a much different outcome. If Chuck had explained his motivation for not going with Sarah in Pink Slip instead of Three Words, season three might have been completely different. You’re also correct in saying that Fedak expressed the Nuclear chemistry between Zac and Yvonne changing the show’s dynamic. But, he only followed that new direction reluctantly, and only relented because he nearly lost most fans because he continually looked for ways to drive a wedge between them. The darkness and the so called “misery arc” almost killed the show 2 seasons earlier than we got. Admittedly, he really didn’t care for the love story, and was “surprised” by it’s overall importance. Yes, the five seasons were filled with love, family and friendship, but it ended with ambiguity, and enough plot holes to keep a construction crew busy for years. I got the message at the end (hope springs eternal…love conquers all etc.) but too many questions were left unanswered, intentionally, to keep the story moving alone (note: sarcasm). To me, that’s bad story telling.

  14. revdr, you are right, there probably was some purpose, but I’m not a big detail oriented type and didn’t want to write a dissertation on all the intricacies of each bad guy. My point of view was that I didn’t need to know Shaw grew up in Kentucky on a farm or whatever because back while I was watching the show he was straight up from the start a pennis and trouble was around the corner every time he showed up and that’s all I needed to know….now get back to a scene where Chuck won’t interrupt Sarah for a change while she has something critical to say!!!
    I also feel your pain about the open ending, I can’t stand those too. Wiping clean five years of the most beautiful relationship created on tv was wrong. period. People say, “They’ll fall in love again” but that’s not the point. The POINT is that love is the accumulation of all the EXPERIENCES THEY HAD TOGETHER to get them to that point. It’s like fifty first dates. What emotionally did him in at the end was that she couldn’t remember all the building blocks that led up to her falling in love with him. I think legions of fans (with pure hearts) understood that but Fedak didn’t.

    • TM; I’m right there with you. I didn’t need to see or hear Shaw’s full backstory, but a little more about the impact he eventually had on Chuck (or Sarah for that matte0 couldn’t have hurt. And with Quinn, he just suddenly appeared, with little explanation as to why, other than he was slated to be the recipient of the intersect, and that was just lame. As to the ending, as I have said before, I get the message, they fall in love again, but that was as you said, the building blocks for that happening, were not in place for that to happen, at least not on that beach. The first block maybe (trust), but there was too much lost, for them to just magically pick up where they left off (kiss notwithstanding). That’s what made the ending so hard to take, because they had more than ample time to better formulate a story through the final 13 episodes to present that what we wound up with. I’m no writer, but even I could have structured something better that that. And you are so right that their love was the culmination of all the experiences they shared. We did not get to witness the second coming of that, and no amount of fanfiction, or use of our “imaginations’ can make up for that. To me, it was more than a little insulting that he and JS suggested that route to satisfy our lack of closure.

      • well said revdr. The good news is at the end of the day when you need reminding there is something good about the world there are 89 other episodes to choose from to help end your day with a smile and a warm heart.

      • Thanks TM; actually I come to calling season 5 my “Dallas” moment. I have pretty much chosen to make “Cliffhanger” my ultimate ending for the series, because I could actually enjoy the fan fiction for the continuing adventures of Chuck and Sarah. And it’s always great to meet a fellow day 1er’. I hope that you enjoy this site. My friend Christopher has put a lot of love and care into building something for all Chuck fans to enjoy. As a veteran of and ChuckThis, Chuckaholics is a welcomed edition to the family.

      • Like you guys have said, there is plenty of fan fiction out there that could correct this travesty. I myself have been working on a story to fix the mess we were left with. We can only hope that some day someone of the powers to be take notice and does something about the great injustice they stuck the fans with.

      • My problem with fan fiction JD, is that I don’t really enjoy stories stray from canon or “revisionist history stories”. Examples for me would be Gilmore Girls Virtual seasons 8-10 or West Wing virtual season 8. While I wasn’t a fan of GG’s final season, the finale left enough to provide a good jumping off point to continue the story and show Luke and Lorelai coming together again. I liked The West Wing finale, and the virtual season picked up with the first year of the Santos administration, and was Josh and Donna centric. I liked both of those fanfics, primarily because they begin from the end of the season (series) finales and both were true the characters. As you can tell, I’m a sucker for a good love story. The finale of Chuck “tarnished’ the love story, because in Sarah’s mind, it was just a story, and something she doesn’t remember. I have had a difficult time reading Chuck fan fiction for that reason. And that isn’t to say that there aren’t some really great Chuck stories out there, because there are many, but I guess that because I didn’t like the ending, and maybe because I was told to use fan fiction to satisfy my need for closure, I just haven’t opened my mind to that possibility.

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