gallery A Special Two Episode Live Chat This Saturday Afternoon

When Chuckaholics reached 25,000 visitors I celebrated the milestone by conducting a special one hour live episode in its honor. Well, my fellow Chuckaholics we surpassed the 30,000 mark and still climbing.

As a result, Chuckaholics will be hosting another live episode except we will watch two episodes live on Twitter. The festivities will commence this Saturday afternoon starting at 2:00 PM EST. 

The episodes we will be watching and discussing is Fear of Death and Phase Three. These two episodes are some of the best work from Yvonne Strahovski. Phase Three speaks for itself.

Please feel free to contact me about attending the live episodes.I look forward in seeing on Saturday starting at 2:00 PM EST.

Once again, Thank you everyone for your contributions in make this site great. We all are committed to keep Chuck in he minds of the many with that friendships are developing. A vision that was set forth late last year.

Community Building

One other note to take care of is the idea of what Chuckaholics believes.

We are not saviors or have connections within Hollywood or even have access to what Josh Schwartz or Chris Fedak are doing regarding a movie. We are just a fansite dedicated to the series.

With that said, we do believe in building relationships. We are a family by the very definition of the word. Spread the word Chuckaholics. We are creating a virtual family here and we want all passionate Chuck fans to feed their Chuckaddiction by coming to this site and engaging with other fans.

Opinions are never wrong. They are just what they are. Feel free to speak your mind on any subject. It builds character and we also learn things from others point of view. It’s fun and most of all entertaining.

If you don’t feel comfortable in commenting because of English. Don’t let that alarm you. We fully understand not everyone doesn’t has the same english level. If you would like to comment privately. Contact me through twitter @Chuckaddiction2 or on our Facebook page Chuckaholics or by my personal email

Well thats all for now Chuckaholics.

See you all Saturday Afternoon.

Chuckaholics Found,








    • Its not a streaming for I don’t have the license for that capability.

      but what we normally do is ask people from their homes stream the episodes through netflix or however you feel like watching the episodes.

      We press play at 2:00pm EST and start watching and discuss the episode on twitter.

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