gallery Rewatch Week Twenty One: Episode Eight Season Two: Chuck Burns Stanford Bridge

Chuck vs The Gravitron

While season one revealed Bryce’s side of things regarding Stanford, Gravitron will give the viewer a glimpse into the Jill’s side of things. The truth about the relationship between Bryce and Jill will be exposed. Chuck would be manipulated by his now former two time girlfriend, while Sarah will be there for Bartowski despite her own trepidation on Jill.

The experience will close the chapter on what really happened at Stanford, It gave a chance for Chuck and Sarah to rekindle their own developing relationship. A learning experience for both of them.

So without further delay, Let’s climb aboard the Gravitron and let the force of gravity keep you stuck with us for the next rewatch episode. 

Like most episodes dealing with the past, the episode begins with a flashback to 2003. A very nervous Charles Bartowski conned a carny to stop the Ferris Wheel at the top of the ride, He wanted the opportunity to ask Jill to be his girlfriend. Chuck and Jill in 2003

After a bout of bumbling words, Jill told Chuck he talked too much and kissed him as an indication her answer was yes. We fast forward to 2008, and once again Roberts and Bartowski are swapping spit.

They don't know they been burned
Sarah: They don’t know Chuck’s the Intersect, and they don’t know Jill has been burned. Casey: Well, if it ain’t torture what are they doing to him?

Meanwhile at Castle, his two handlers aren’t having the same grand ole time Chuck was having at his hotel room. They informed General Beckman about what happen, and the general was irate with the idea of Fulcrum not only having Chuck, but the Intersect in their possession. Yes, Bartowski there will be screaming.

Jill was having her way with Bartowski in between the sheets. If that is torture I don’t know what is.

Nice going Bartowski

Chuck looked at his phone and knew he was going to be in big trouble with his handlers, but it was worth it.  It would be all good until he saw the text that came in for Jill.

Chuck would flash on the text, and reveal the truth about Jill. She was a spy working for Fulcrum. Her handler’s name was Leader, who was played by Patrick Kilpatrick.More to Jill that meets the eye

Chuck realizing he was in danger put clothes on and headed for the door. He told Jill he would get some coffee for them. He left the hotel room and as he was scurrying away. His handlers grab him.

Sarah and Casey both told him never to go off grid again.  Chuck said this was a mistake. He knew Jill for eight years, and she wasn’t a spy, and she didn’t have a code name. Casey chimed in and said, “her code name was Sandstorm.”  Chuck would flash on that, and Chuck was left flabbergasted with the revelation.

All three agents knew betrayal at some point. Casey will take part in his own bout of betrayal in the next rewatch article.  Sarah’s role changed from an angry handler to a friend in a matter of seconds.  It wouldn’t be the first time Sarah went through this route. She comes off rather nicely by taking the high road despite being angry with him.

However, Sarah also take the opportunity to plant her seeds into Chuck’s heart by being their for him. She didn’t judge him like Ellie would. Walker didn’t bark orders at him like Beckman would. Let me show how Sarah operates to perfection.

First we all remember what happened here,

Sarah incertion into the real world

Sarah let her emotions get the best of her, and she stormed into the club to interfere with Chuck’s date on purpose.  While Sarah hates the idea of Chuck seeing someone else. She knew what she did was wrong, and she went to apologize.  However, Bartowski isn’t an idiot when it comes to these things and called her out on it. She knows she made a mistake

This would bring out an overlooked discussion that relates to the scene in Gravitron.  When Hard Salami aired, we saw Sarah  emotionally get involved in a mission. It was enough for her to act uncharacteristically, but when confronted by Bartowski Agent Walker became Sarah’s defense. Whether it’s a cover or not Sarah was blunt and made a point.

Sarah: I wanted to apologize for last night.
I suppose i jumped the gun a little, and i didn’t mean to interfere with your date.
Chuck: Yeah, not sure it qualifies as a date when you’re bugged with cia microphones and infiltrating an arms importer, but, hey, i’m new at this.

Sarah: Well, it’s hard to have a real relationship in this line of work.
Chuck: Apparently, it’s hard to have a fake one, as well.

Sarah: Well, if it’s any consolation, i never felt like our time together was work. Oh, uh, gerber daisies. Lou’s favorite.

Chuck: How do you know that?

Sarah: CIA. I had them check flower deliveries to her addresses from the last five years. A very Agent Walker Reaction

Sarah’s mentality was much different in Gravitron, take a look. It’s one of many differences in character by the time this episode airs.  Sarah understands Chuck gripe

While Sarah was in defense mode in Hard Salami, Walker’s position was more of a friend rather than a handler/girlfriend battle from within. It also helps Sarah as she went through the same thing with Bryce. Fulcrum had lured both exes in working with them at some point.  A rough morning

Jill and Chuck return to the courtyard, and Jill asked if she could come in, but Chuck told her Ellie and Awesome are back. He couldn’t blow his cover. As the two parted ways, Jill asked Chuck to call her so they could do something that night.

Once Jill left,  Chuck would ask the general if she knew anyone else in his life that were spies. Further, he asked if he should start asking everyone he comes into contact with if they worked for a government or evil faction before ordering a value meal. Beckman insisted Chuck to make a date with Jill and find out who her contacts are and the like.

Sarah jumped in at this point and said, he could barely handle a goodbye let alone another mission with her. Beckman was ready to go along with that notion, but Chuck said he  had enough of Jill betraying him. He would do it. It garnered looks from his handlers.  WhatChuck worried about his life being surrounded by spies

One other thing to mention in this scene before moving on. Like at the hotel, Sarah would ask Chuck if he was alright. Sarah’s expression and demeanor show how much Sarah has changed since Hard Salami.

Each expressions shows Sarah feeling remorse for Chuck, but she also feels Chuck needs comfort. He did it for her in Chuck vs Cougars, which really changed the relationship a bit. He's there for her

He had the opportunity to ask her a question and he respect her wishes, and didn’t pursue it. Same thing here. Sarah doesn’t want Chuck with Jill, but she isn’t going to persist because of the damage already done.  Great character and relationship development.

A couple grows stronger when both parties are willing to listen rather to each others turmoil. Chuck was going through som turmoil with the news.

Casey and Chuck’s relationship has grown since Undercover Lover as well, Casey’s hatred for him has subsided and admiration has increased. For example, Chuck was trying to ask Jill to come out with him as per instructions from his handlers. Casey was standing by him, and after the call ended. He pinched Chuck. He said “have some self respect Chuck, your a man.’  A nice moment between the two. Have respect for yourself Chuck

The next scene would be one of my personal favorites. Chuck comes walking into Castle freaking out about his date with Jill. He was worried about when would Jill strike. Sarah told him when he was most vulnerable. For example, a kiss.

The scene is absolutely well done. Sarah’s feelings boiling as they inch closer. The desire for that moment to kiss again. It would be soon followed by restraint.  The scene was very intense by every stretch of the imagination.

Two screencaps that stood out for me where these, The fire in the eyes for ChuckThe desire for Chuck is on her mind

The restraint was so intense, She amazed herself. 

The same can be said for Chuck, as he went in for the kiss. Sarah pulling back even surprised Bartowski. A holy crap,  what the hell kind of moment.

Once again, restraint showed Sarah maturing before our eyes. Season One’s Sarah may have done it, but not this Sarah.  This Sarah cares too much for him. The last time they shared a passionate kiss all hell broke loose. restraint personified

Casey said, Jill just purchased concert hall tickets, and it was off to prepare for the mission. Jill would meet Chuck in the courtyard and off they went.  I smell trouble

However, Jill played Team Bartowski as the tickets were a decoy as the real date was going to take place where Jill and Chuck came together on top of a Ferris Wheel. The whole relationship between the two came full circle.  However, unlike last time Jill brought a gun.  going in for the killJill pulls a gun on Chuck

Apparently, Sarah’s warning went by the waste side  because everything Walker predicted would happen. Jill said, her handler could see them, and she didn’t want to hurt him, but Chuck was able to get to her a bit by putting perspective on the situation.

Chuck: You already broke my heart.
Is it necessary for you to shoot it as well?

Jill would take Chuck over to leader, and he told her to shoot him in the head., but Jill would hesitate. Leader said “its a test.” Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah were on the trail towards the tickets. Sarah worried about Chuck's safety

The trace would fall off the screen. It would anger Sarah. They would retrace where Chuck was and they found it. The two were on route to the carnivale. Leader got tired of waiting and was ready to shoot Chuck, but Jill stepped in. Her actions made Leader knock her out. Jill pulls her gun on leader

The chase was on.  Chuck would run towards a Gravitron and entered the ride. Leader was soon behind. Chuck quick thinking made a dash for the button causing the ride to turn on. Leader and Chuck get stuck to the wall. However, it didn’t prevent Leader from trying to get to Chuck. As Leader came near, Chuck would stop the ride cause Leader to crash to the floor knocking him out for a bit.

Casey and Sarah arrived on the scene and went looking for Bartowski. Chuck  took off again went running for another attraction, which would be a funhouse.  Jill caught up to Bartowski and a few seconds later Leader joined the fray.

The three would walk through the attraction and eventually Leader caught up to Chuck. He was ready to shoot Chuck, but Jill fired her weapon and the shatter glass hit Leader. Jill and Chuck make a run for it, but in the waiting arms of Casey and Sarah.

Casey throws Jill to the floor and cuffs her. Meanwhile, Leader would get away. Chuck asked them not to hurt her because she saved his life. Sarah expression tells you where her mind frame was. Sarah grew tired of Jill Roberts. I told you

Back at Castle, the team began questioning Jill Roberts on the whereabouts of Leader. They connect Roberts to a lie detector, which didn’t make sense because Jill is a spy and was trained by Fulcrum. This meant she was trained to beat a lie detector.

Sarah was providing the questions, and before Chuck was able to ask his. Casey threatened to throw him through the window if he didn’t stop. Jill passed the first few questions, and Sarah would ask where Leader was located. Jill told them rather easily, and Casey and Sarah were off.

You can't trust her
I know what you’re thinking. That Jill is the same person that you went to school with, and the same person that you dated. But we cannot be certain. Trust me, Chuck.

While Casey and Sarah were preparing to go find Leader.  Chuck and Sarah had words about trust. Sarah tried to reason with Chuck about where Jill’s loyalties were. Her thoughts on the issue was not to trust Jill, and to not let her out, but we are talking about Chuck Bartowski here. Does he ever listen to reason?

What Sarah seems to forget, she went through it with Bryce. It was hard for Chuck to believe the woman he met in the courtyard with Bryce was really an agent for Fulcrum. It’s difficult and most of all the same thing Bryce did. It took a season to get over what Bryce did. It’s not fair for Sarah to act that way.

The other big issue was Jill wasn’t believed to be a spy. This was all hard for Bartowski to fathom. At least Sarah knew Bryce was a spy. Thus, the blow wasn’t that big of a deal. Jill broke Chuck’s spirits. It doesn’t mean he wants to see her hurt.

While Sarah and Casey went to arrest Leader, Chuck went to talk with Jill. He had some questions for her, and much like he did with Sarah here,  Is this going anywhere No Chuck it isn't

Chuck took the opportunity to get some answers from Jill. However, Sarah lied when she said no because she was trained to withstand the truth serum. Jill’s yes when asked if they could be together was the complete opposite of what Sarah did.

Furthermore, Chuck would also learn that Jill didn’t sleep with Bryce and the fact that she didn’t kill him must of meant something.  Chuck fell for the manipulation of Jill again. She asked him to untie her, and when he did Jill once again pulled a gun on him. Meanwhile, Sarah called Chuck to let him know they found Leader.

Chuck asking Jill questions about pastJill lied about being together

Jill did it againWe have Leader

 When Casey and Sarah return to Castle, they were caught by surprise when Chuck let go Jill. Especially Sarah, who warned him not to trust Jill, but love struck Chuck still saw the good in Jill despite being manipulated for the second time.  Jill did it again

Leader and Jill orchestrated this hoax as a way to find Larkin. They wanted access to the CIA mainframe in Castle. It was all a set up. Sarah was not shy in letting Chuck know her disappointment in Chuck’s willing to trust Jill. I told you not to trust Jill

However, after this latest attempt by Jill and Leader, Chuck voiced his displeasure in Jill’s antics. Leader returned from putting Casey and Sarah in their holding cell by praising Jill’s work.  I know complicated

Chuck trying to understand the situation pointed out how Leader allowed Jill to shoot him. Leader’s remark was funny “Devious, aren’t we? Move him.” Leader would instructed Chuck to access the mainframe or he was going to kill his handlers starting with the blond. Jill followed with just do what he says, Chuck.

After Chuck does what he was told, they placed him in a holding cell. Leader said they were after Bryce Larkin because he stole something from them. When Leader and Jill went back to the computer, Chuck apologized to his team, and also started reading the manual, which Casey said it was confidential.  Chuck made it point to say so was he.

Chuck’s technical savvy came into play here. he was able to shutdown the computer system and all of Castle communication capabilities from the holding cell.  I am important too That's confidential

Leader would ask Chuck what he did, and a very daring Chuck would tell him how he turned off all communications from Castle, and shut down internet access. He followed the manual which was in his cell with him. He also let them know he triggered the silent alarm so the cavalry was on their way.

Chuck and Leader had a nice interaction here, The nerd in him wants to say checkmate

Leader: What did you do?

Chuck: Well, I locked you out of the computer system using the remote console that every room in Castle is equipped with.
It’s in the manual. Unfortunately, said manual is in here with me, and since I overrode Castle’s primary controls, we’re now safely locked within these bulletproof cells. Devious, aren’t I?

Leader: I’ll make one call and my men will be here in 20 minutes.

Chuck: I’m so glad you brought that up because I also activated the base’s communications jammer, so no calls out– sorry about that– and because I triggered the CIA’s trouble alarm, I think the cavalry’s going to be here in ten minutes or so. The nerd in me really, really wants to say “Checkmate” right about now.

Leader: Never say that. Chuck: Why?

Leader: – Because you don’t know who you’re playing against.
These cells might be bulletproof, but they can’t withstand that.
The blast will kill them, but I’ll bet your cell will be fine.

 Chuck’s plans were thwarted with bomb being placed on his handlers cell. it was enough to lure Chuck out of his cell. It made Sarah become even more angry and threatened Jill if anything was to happen to Chuck.

Leader informed Chuck to lead them out of Castle to avoid the cavalry, which he does. Unbeknownst to Leader. Chuck also unlocked his handlers cell.  One of the best Casey lines ever said in the series happen. “Unleash the Casey.” With an angry Sarah Walker and the unleashing of Casey havoc was coming to Jill and Leader.  Here came the boom, but from an unlikely source.

As Chuck lead Jill and her handler through the home theater, Chuck walked towards the entrance doors when Sarah and Casey pounced on Leader and Jill. This scene really soured me on Chuck in this episode.  As Jill fled, Sarah was in hot pursuit, but again Chuck being Bartowski said, “Don’t hurt her, Sarah”

Come on really, Chuck. The woman pulled two guns on you, and manipulated you the whole time. How did you not want harm done to Jill. This is the woman, who made you believe she slept with Bryce, worked for Fulcrum, and was going to kill him if ordered too. Jill was an excellent spy if you ask me.

She worked Chuck like an agent was supposed to do. it truly makes the viewer see where Sarah was when she stepped in the door during the Pilot. it also goes to show you how true Sarah’s feelings are for Chuck. A charging Big Mike

Leader and Casey were in midst of a scuffle, but Leader eventually got the upper hand. Leader said, ” Did you really think you were going to be able to take me down.” Suddenly, an echo sounding like thunder “No, I am” Big Mike was at the far end of the aisle and came charging at Leader knocking him on his dairy air. Big Mike asked if Grimes but him in charge of guard duty. (More on that in a minute.)

Sarah was sweeping the back area of the Buymore, and didn’t find Jill, but Jill had her in her crosshairs. She was going to open fire on Sarah, but Chuck told Jill he could help her.  Jill attempting to kill Sarah was what snapped Chuck out of it. 

Its almost like Chuck came to the crossroads of his life when it came to Jill. A mirror image if you will to this scene.


They both had rights to look at the good in their respective ex– partners. but at least on Sarah’s end Bryce remained on the right side of the law. Jill is a totally different story.

They don't teach you about exes being spies
What makes you special is that you’re not like every other spy. You’re a good guy, and you want to help people. Leave the deception to me.

Chuck arrested Jill after she attempted to kill Sarah, and what would lead to a fountain conversation. The two were able to agree they were better as a team. Most importantly, Sarah and Chuck were together again. The smile on Sarah’s face was convincing enough in saying she was thrilled about it too.

They would go inside the apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner, and all is well with Chuck and Sarah. Chuck and Sarah where they belong

 Buymore Story

This episode’s Buymore story was annual Thanksgiving Day shenanigans. Big Mike was worried about his Merchandise, and ordered Jeffster and Morgan to watch the store on Turkey Day.  Big Mike laying the law on Turkey Day

The problem was  Morgan wasn’t use to not having Thanksgiving at the Bartowskis. Morgan’s loss was Big Mike’s gain. During the episode. Lester offers Morgan some of his TV dinner turkey, but Morgan said he could get a real one.

Jeffster and Morgan come up with a plan to escape the Buymore. Jeff opens the doors by hacking into the security system, but Jeff’s actions would trigger an alarm on Big Mike’s phone, which would send the big man running back to the store.

After all that chaos between the threat of Leader and Casey thought of as the hired gun. Morgan, Lester and Jeff went to the Bartowskis for dinner. It would mark the first time the two yahoos would be welcome at the apartment.

Ellie’s fear of Devon’s Parents

When Chuck came home from his adventure with Jill. Ellie was frantic. Devon’s parent were flying in from Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving Dinner with the future Mr. and Mrs. Woodcomb.

Ellie wanted to keep the place perfect. She even went as far as wanted the perfect turkey. She was test cooking turkeys. It was funny because Morgan stopped by and smelt the turkey. It reminded him of the holiday.

Morgan went out to the kitchen and was hypnotized by the smell and the sensation of one Ellie Bartowski. Morgan's dreamMorgan being Naughty

Unfortunately for Grimes, Ellie’s desire for a perfect dinner would include disinviting Morgan. The news didn’t go over well with Morgan as Turkey Day was very important to him.

All the worrying from Ellie would all be for knot as the Woodcombs would call to cancel. It left Ellie relieved and also felt really bad about not inviting Morgan. Devon and Ellie would hear a noise outside, and went to check. it turned out the turkey Morgan referenced too was the turkey Ellie threw away.

It would also be where Ellie finds out Chuck was back with Jill. Something elder Bartowski was none too pleased with. After all Morgan and Ellie tried very hard to stop Chuck’s meltdown after Stanford which included Jill.

Ellie and Morgan’s wishes were granted when they saw these two walk in the front door. Chuck and Sarah home

Sarah is happy to be with her familyA holiday Miracle

Great end to this arc, but it really isn’t the end but more as a break. For Jill will return again later in Season Two. Bryce will return soon after as the battle with the exes continues.

Overall Thoughts On This Episode

Gravitron is the weakest of the four episode arc with Jill Roberts. Chuckaholics does have a feature one Jill. The Jill Factor Part One, The Jill Factor Part Two, The Jill Factor Part Three.

In my opinion, Jill showed better spies skills than Sarah in a sense because the two had the same assignment. Jill’s job was to find out what Bartowski knew about Larkin. in her case, where was Larkin. Sarah’s mission was finding out what Chuck’s involvement was . Sarah became conflicted because she fell for him. Something Jill used as an advantage.

Sarah’s feelings were genuine. Although, Jill will throw a wrinkle the next time around.

Well, thats a wrap on this episode.

The next episode will be the second Casey Centric episode as we dig a bit into Casey’s past. Ty Bennett will make his presence felt as Casey’s former Sensei comes to Burbank. Ty Bennett

Until next time Chuckaholics is your toy, play, engage and most of all have fun. Remember It’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t



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