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Hi there, my name is Michele, I’m 41 and I’m from Italy.

I love hiking (I live between the alps and pre-alps, and that means I’m surrounded by mountains! ) , I’m a die hard Trekkie fan and also Star Wars fan; in general, I love sci-fi in whatever form or shape.

I also like to spend my free time in the garage taking apart my old cars (all Citroens!) , then fixing and putting them together again.

Then, driving them while listening to my favourite music is another passion of mine.

I also love biking and photographing.

And, of course, I love Chuck!

I admit it has a very very powerful connection with me, with what I do to live, and with what I am deep down inside…

I’m an IT technician (just like Chuck) and I’m, of course, a Nerd…shy, goofy (especially with beautiful women 😉 ) and…well, you know how Chuck was in the pilot episode?

Ok, that’s me!

I’m not joking! 🙂

When I first saw Chuck , and Sarah, I was like a fish caught on a hook.

It was the best Nerd dream come true!

At the time (2009) I could only watch it at a friend’s place, and in italian, so I was able to see some episodes, not in the right order, and then I had to stop.
Recently I watched “24 Live another day” and saw Yvonne…and then I HAD to watch all of Chuck, ’cause seeing her again pulled up a whole lot of things that I had to see through to the end.

Up until some months ago, I had never imagined that Chuck and Sarah would end up together, for real, not as a cover as in the first episodes.

Of course seeing this happen was almost too good to be true, and I literally devoured all five seasons in english in a matter of weeks! 🙂

I love Chuck!

It made me cry a lot, both of happiness and sadness and love too! I’m not a crying type you know, so it was a blow for me!

It reached inside me at a deep, personal level, and I’m thankful for that. 🙂

And that’s all!

Live long and prosper you all


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