gallery Chuck Project: A Social Network for Chuck fans

Last Year, Chuckaholics wrote an article titled “Chuckaholics Vision.” The idea was to unite Chuck fans throughout the world. We promoted  a family rather than just a fan base.

Honestly, Its what a lot of us have become. Friendships have formed and better yet a mission to see the vision come true. A year later and we started a social network.

Last Week we announced the idea of creating a home for Chuck fans, and that dream became a reality today. Chuckaholics and the Intersect Project Podcast came together in building a community for us. A home if you will.

Starting today, We can call Chuck Project home. We did not design it as a method in drawing attention for a Chuck Movie, we created Chuck Project in attempt to unite Chuck fans with the production and cast as one.

We are a Chuck family,  and we should embrace the opportunity presented in proving we stand together no matter. Once again, Chuck Project is social network for Chuck fans.

This does not mean Chuckaholics and The intersect Project Podcast are stopping what we do here, but we opened the door to have an option if you don’t want to get bombarded with other feeds that are distracting you from your Chuckaddiction.

Here is a link to the site,

Its time to come home Chuck Fans, It times to build a Chuck Family the entire Internet would be envious of. Be Proud, and most of all remember Chuck Project is your toy, so play, and remember everyone loves Chuck, they just don’t know it.

Finally, JD Mitchell, Sebnem, and Federica all contributed in making Chuck Project a reality, and for that they get a round of applause.

Chuckaholics Founder


Intersect Project Founder




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