gallery Rewatch Week Twenty Three: Episode Ten Season Two: Jack Burton comes to Town

Chuck vs The DeLorean

We have reached the tenth episode of season two and twenty third overall, and boy do we have a good one in this episode. Chuck vs The DeLorean is a classic in my view.

A great guest star in Gary Cole, who if you don’t know played in a classic movie titled Office Space, 

Gary Cole will be playing Sarah Walker’s father Jack Burton. Yes, Chuckaholics in this episode we learn something about conning as Jenny’s father comes to Burbank to pay his daughter a visit and sell  a high level terrorist a building he didn’t own.

Chuck and Sarah have two amazing scene in this episode and well Casey has a cop face. So, let’s get to know one of Sarah’s parents. 

Main Story 

The episode begins with a stroll down memory lane as a young Jenny Burton riding her bike purposely gets herself struck by an Armored truck. The guards jump out of the truck and rush to the aid of Jenny Burton, a man came running through the crowds of people standing around and proclaimed himself to be a doctor.

Since no one knew who Jenny’s parents were the good doctor offered to take the injury girl to the hospital. Once in the car, the man took off his mustache, and it turned out the man was Jenny’s father. Jack Burton the con man himself.

Daddy BurtonJenny Burton was complaining about how their latest adventure really hurt, but Jack said he would be willing to take her to the hospital or go to the ice cream parlor for some Rocky Road.  It didn’t take long for Jenny to pick Rocky Road.

We fast forward to present time, and we have Sarah Walker attending some customers when Chuck walks in. Chuck would ask Sarah if she wanted to come over and hang with Awesome and Ellie. He promised “fake cuddling, but real pizza.” Sarah smiled, but declined as she had plans for the evening.

This made Bartowski curious as what would a twenty eight year old single female being doing. All Sarah would say it was “personal.” The word that would be mentioned a lot in this episode. Real Pizza and fake cuddlingits personal, Chuck

Chuck had a hard time understanding the meaning of personal plans from Sarah, He went to ask Casey what personal plans meant. It was almost like a son trying to pin his parents against each other. Chuck asking Casey was like a son asking his father what mommy was planning to do. However, Daddy wasn’t biting as Casey informed Chuck about personal days.

Chuck was alarmed to hear about personal days ,and Casey was quick to remind Chuck about not getting personal days. its personal, Chuck from Casey

Chuck  became even more curious to know with who or what his cover girlfriend definition of plans were, and borrowed Morgan’s bike to do some spy work.  However, Chuck forgot to take his watch off and Sarah would zero in on her assets whereabouts, which was at the very restaurant she was at  she was having dinner with her father, but Chuck didn’t know it, and also would flash on the man. Chuck spying on Sarah uh oh Sarah spotted Cuck what are you doing here Chuck Just seeing if you needed back up

Daddy Burton to the rescue
Jack Burton: All true, but I’m a hell of a dancer.

Chuck warning Sarah about the bad man

After his flash,  warned Sarah about the man she was with was a very, very bad man.  Sarah didn’t say much, but as her father approached them, Jack had a memorable line.

One of the interesting things about the scene would be how Sarah introduces Chuck to her father. Jack wasn’t a threat. He didn’t know about his daughter’s true occupation, and mostly was leaving town by night’s end. The fact that Sarah introduced Chuck as her boyfriend was a major tell on Sarah’s part.

Is this an admission on Sarah’s part about being in a real relationship with Chuck? Tell me your thoughts below or over at Chuck Project.

Breakfest with the Burtons
Look, Chuck is my boyfriend Look, Chuck is my boyfriend, and he makes $12 an hour, so you stay away from him. Hey, you don’t want to cut me in, fine.

The next Morning, Sarah and her father are having breakfast, and the topic of the schnook came up. When Sarah mentions Chuck to her father there is a glow to her. As she is seeking approval from her dad, but the old man wasn’t buy it. He thought his daughter was working an angle. A briefcase of money

Jack informed his little girl on how he didn’t need Chuck’s money. He had his own, and opened up a suitcase full of some. Sarah was intrigued and guess there was two million in the case.

Her father said he this particular donation is compliments of Sheik Rajiv Amad. Sarah knew of the Sheik, and rushed out as she needed to go to work.  At Castle, Sarah informed Beckman of what her father did, and Casey suggested should they arrest him, but Beckman said, it was the perfect play.  As the government was hunting the Ahmads for years.

As Sarah and her father were preparing for the evening festivities, the two were still talking about her relationship with her boyfriend. Her father swiped Chuck debit card and was concerned about his daughter’s choice in a broke man. Sarah was rather quick to defend Chuck’s honor. Something a girlfriend would do when her father would disapprove of the man who is pursuing his daughter. Why did you take his cardI was concerned for youSomebody else putting down Chuck

Sarah has been in Chuck’s life for over a year almost, and the truth is everyone has put Chuck down because of his career choice. Whether it be Casey, Ellie, Beckman, Bryce and even to an extent herself, but even her father putting Chuck down, but Sarah has always seen the good in Chuck.

What Sarah and Jack didn’t know was Chuck was outside in the hallway, and heard the gist of the conversation., but the remarks Jack was making was nothing new to Bartowski, and despite it still saw the good in her father.  One of the things we notice when Jack opens the door. He surveys the suit Chuck was wearing and the slight nod of approval. Chuck arriving for the mission

Sarah returns the bank card to Chuck, and they have one of several moments in this episode that show the amazing growth in their relationship. The bond between the two has expanded and it’s no longer the awkward walking on eggshells for Charah.

Chuck comes off very sweet with the kind of flirting that is innocent and lifting. It’s Chuck’s charms that can make Sarah melt at any time even if the situation is not favorable to her. Chuck your looking for the good in my fatheryou turned out greatChuck's Charms melting Sarah

Sarah: Chuck, you’re attributing good intentions to him because you’re a good person.
Chuck: Well, he must have done something right.
You turned out pretty good.

At dinner, Sarah and Jack were sharing con stories with Chuck, and her father swore no child had as much fun as Sarah did. it was time for Chuck and Sarah to find out more about the Sheik, and Chuck asked about the latest score. Sarah’s father looked at Sarah for some reassurance about trusting Chuck with his plans. Sarah said, “trust me, dad.”

Daddy Proud
You sold them Nagamichi Plaza You sold them Nagamichi Plaza

Jack said, he pulled a Lichtenstein, “a crazy invention of my father’s. A German billionaire who has fallen on hard times, and needs to sell something fast. So, like, a piece of art, – or jewelry?” Sarah explained, Jack was funny by saying “I sold him that.” As he pointed to the building behind him, Sarah said that was dangerous, but Chuck was on quene with Jack by saying the bigger the lie the easier it is to believe. Daddy Burton loved what Chuck said. The latest Burton ScoreI sold him that

 After dinner, Charah were returning to the hotel, and had another sweet moment. Chuck flirting with his handler a bit asked if they should step up the PDA, which was very unlike Chuck. He never expressed an interest to perform PDA, as he said in the past, he didn’t do well with it. I guess an evening with papa Burton changed a man. A cut couple.

 However, when they reached the end of the corridor. Several men enter the lobby, and Chuck flashed on them immediately. It was Sheik Rajiv Admad. Sheik Rajiv Amad He came to meet Hans Lichtenstein, and Sarah worse fears came true. The problem of course there is no Lichtenstein. As the Sheik confronted Jack and his daughter about the meet. The Burtons were coming up empty in convincing Rajiv about postponing it for the morning.

Chuck saved their bacon by calling the hotel and pretended to be Lichtenstein with a stunned face on both Jack and Sarah’s faces. Chuck proved himself well, and also convinced Jack they were working together. Lcihtenstein I presume Ms. Applebottom stopped him in his tracks Baddie impressedThe next day, Sarah apologized to the general for getting Chuck mixed up in her father’s con, but the general was pleased with how things were going. As the agency was moving closer to gaining access to the Sheik’s underground accounts. General  explained this was the best opportunity to catch the Sheil

Sarah had to convince her father to let her father use her team, and it wasn’t easy.  Even more so when Jack met Cop Face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarah’s mission was a success as Jack taught the team how the operation was going to go down.  He told them they would have to remove the current management long enough to convince Ahmad it was his building, and he was getting the deal.

He told Cop face was going to be used exactly how his face was intended. Schnook had the hardest job of all. He wasn’t going to say anything at all. As long as everything panned out, they should make out like a bandit.

Everything was going to plan until Admad threw a curveball at the team. The Sheik brought his own German translator. The team was nervous now, and Chuck would perform the worse german accent. Casey said it best, “that sounded like Colonel Klink.” The baddies came to claim their buildingYvonne manning the phonesJack explaining the terms of the dealJack lost for words toooh man how are we going to get through with this

Only thing Chuck could do,

that is the worse german acent I ever heardsounds like Colonel Klink

The real owners of the building were told there was no extermination scheduled and headed back upstairs. When they came to the floor, they saw Admad and asked who allowed them into their offices. Ahmad knew then he was worked. Cop face, Schnook, Jack and Sarah all celebrated their heist. The team celebrates their heistThe celebration ended rather quickly. As Jack said his byes, Beckman called and said they never got the money. When Sarah made chase. Her father was gone with the laptop, cigar and Sarah’s pride. Once again disappointing his  daughter with it.  Sarah made to look like a foolon the road again.

The next scene would be one of my personal favorite Charah moments. Chuck came over the next morning to visit Sarah. He brought her chocolate croissants, and some advice.  

It is truly amazing watch these fictional character come together. Sarah listening as her boyfriend opens up about his past, while comforting Sarah makes him a hero. It makes him aware of situation, and despite not having the official title her boyfriend.

Sarah isn’t use to men like Chuck in her life. The strong role type like Bryce or Casey have always taught her to roll with the punches and move on, but not Chuck. He relates in many of these issues. As Chuck said, his father was there, but work kept his attention. His father’s work (like Sarah) kept him away from the family. Its a very special moment between the two.

However, Sarah didn’t take the words to heart because Sarah took her anger out  during a workout. It’s her stress release. It would all change once Jack calls her in the custody of Ahmad. Agent Walker would take over. Sarah threatened the Sheik if anything was to happen to her father she would kill him.  I will Kill you

Meanwhile, Beckman sent Casey after her father and told him to bring Sarah’s father in and to apologize to Walker, but when Casey arrived at the hotel. The hotel room was ransacked.

At the Buymore, Morgan asked Chuck to borrow some money (more on that later) Chuck would look into his bank account and there were 10 million dollars sitting in his account  Chuck ran to Castle to ask about the money, but saw Sarah packing heavy artillery and carry two duffle bags. why would my father put the sheiks money into your account

The next few minutes of the episode was a cluster of personal situations. As Sarah couldn’t tell Chuck where she was off too, Casey couldn’t tell Chuck where he was going. its personal bartowskiChuck would return the personal favor to Morgan as Bartowski asked Morgan if he could borrow his car.  Sarah shows up to the drop with the duffle bags.

The sheik comes out of his car, but Sarah said where is my father, and we have a stand off. but before any shooting starts Chuck arrived in the Delorean, and tried to talk the Sheik down. He was able to get the Sheik to type in his account number, which was uploaded to a government server, but it didn’t mean the team was out of the woods. Sarah shot her father in his shoulder to release him from the henchman’s grasp.

The shooting would seize when Casey showed up. He planted a gun in Sarah’s hand. All hell broke lose, and the Sheik got away, but not for long as the car only went 22 MPH.

The general thanks the team for obtaining the Sheik’s accounts, but the government would be sending units over to arrestJack Burton at 5:00. Casey spoke on how valuable her father was in the mission, and prosecution should be noted of it.

We then come up to the song of the episode. Blitzen Trapper Furr played.  

For me, this showed the difference between Sarah from Season One and now. Sarah would of had her father arrested because she never questioned orders. She may have felt terrible inside, but her job mattered. Sarah’s decision was the direct rub off of Chuck. What’s more important to Chuck Friends and family.

Sarah had her own W.W.C.D moment, and she thought like her boyfriend. A great way to end the Charah portion of the story. Enjoy this moment because the next episode gets a bit dicey.

Morgan and Anna

I am not a big fan of the whole Morgan/ Anna relationship. I thought Anna wasn’t the right girl for Morgan at the time. I was happy when another woman comes into Morgan’s life, but we will save that once we get into Season Three’s rewatch.

Morgan and Anna were about to hook up in the Home Theater Room, but Anna was tired of it. She asked Morgan about moving in together, which would be fine, but Anna wanted to move into a condo, which on their income would of been a bust in my opinion.

Morgan would complain about his issues with Awesome, who lent him some money. Morgan than would turn that money around into buying a barely function DeLorean. Anna and Awesome were pretty made with the beard buffoon.

Awesome threatened Morgan if he didn’t get his money back in two days, he would start plucking every hair off his body. Anna through in start with groin. He wouldn’t be using that for while.

Overall thoughts of DeLorean

DeLorean is one of those episode that fits in the middle of the pact. A lot of great stuff in this episode from Gary Cole’s role as Jack Burton to great relationship building scene from charah.

There isn’t much not to like, but when you compare it to some other Sarah Centric episodes this is an ok episode.  As Jack Burton’s next episode is better than this one.

so that wraps up a two episode rest period from Fulcrum and the main story.  up next is Santa Claus. A very powerful episode.

Chuckaholics has two articles about the main topic of discussion. Mauser will be a huge topic here and on Chuck Project.

so until next time enjoy Chuckaholics and The Chuck Project, remember they are your toy so play, and it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t


  1. Can’t say I like your analogy of Chuck trying to find out what Sarah was doing on her personal time. Trying to sell it as a child pitting his parents against one another is pretty off-putting, IMHO. Chuck is curious because Sarah and Casey never seem to take “personal” time, and Sarah being “busy” implied she had a “date” with someone. This was nothing more than Chuck being worried that there was someone else in Sarah’s love life. Chuck was worried that Sarah ( his pretend girlfriend ) had a real boyfriend on the side, so it was a pure curiosity thing, borne of jealousy.

    • What i was trying to say was how Chuck didn’t get an answer from Sarah on what she was doing. He immediately goes to Casey. Its typical Chuck. What would happen if Casey told Chuck what she was doing.

      You don’t think that would of caused a rift between the two agents.

      • Sure he goes to Casey ….he’s the only one that would maybe have an idea what she would be up to. Casey probably knew of her and Bryce …I’m sure Chuck was just looking for some intel. As far as a rift ….maybe, maybe not. Casey never really held back jabbing at either one of them if he thought he could put them on the spot. But it was pretty clear that Casey really didn’t know what she was up to, and he didn’t really care. But it gave him an opportunity to twist the knife on Chuck a little bit !!
        And Chuck was just doing what any boyfriend would do …. pretend or not.

      • I agree there, Casey loved sticking it to both Sarah and Chuck about their feelings.

        what did you think of the other analysis? what are your thoughts on Chuck being introduced as her bf to her father.

        i always felt Sarah was close to her father, and introducing him like that was almost like a daughter and father thing. especially when Sarah defended him about being a great guy.

      • Well it certainly shows they are becoming comfortable with their new roles. Chuck deftly steps in to save the day as Lichtenstein, solidifying his legitimacy as a real spy. Sarah deftly steps in as a girlfriend, becoming more comfortable in letting people know that she actually considers her and Chuck to be a couple.

        Other than the outward display of jealousy at the start, this was a big episode for Chuck…saving the day twice. He showed he was able to come up with a plan quickly, and use a little subterfuge and con man himself to defuse a dangerous situation. He also, as you point out, helped Sarah by letting Jack walk away …something she learned from Chuck in letting him go, and then comforting her when she realizes that she had disobeyed an order. No words necessary …just put his jacket over her shoulders. That little move there ranks up there with the burger scene after Cougars and the bracelet scene. Very few words spoken, but the gestures speak volumes.

  2. I never read any jealousy into the opening sarah date. I think more curiosity of what a “single twenty eight year old spy with some free time” does in her spare time. I think it was more of a concern for her safety, as in it didn’t seem to concern Chuck she was with a guy as much as with a bad guy. The BF introduction was nothing more than holding up the cover. I also think Sarah wasn’t close with her dad, but she wanted to be but whenever that moment arrived he always left her again. Your review says this was a middle of the road show, but I beg to differ. The Chuck and Sarah scenes were about them bonding as friends who care about each other, and are there to support each other in tough times, one of the common themes of the show. GM is right, even the gestures speak volumes. This is where the Zach/Yvonne chemistry makes a story like this so endearing that at the end of a tough day when you want to get away from the garbage in the world you can watch this episode and be reminded in the end what the good is in this world. That is what made this show great,

    • Don’t know if Chuck EVER had to worry about Sarah’s safety !! He knew she was capable of handling herself in any situation. !! LOL

      No…this was a jealousy thing… spying on a date with a guy that was twice as old as her, etc, especially since she wouldn’t tell him what she was doing. It may have been that they were solidifying the friendship angle, but remember, Chuck loved Sarah…”he always has !” With all that had been going on between them….the kiss, Bryce, etc, he was jealous.

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