gallery What The Chuck Project Means For Chuck

Last Week, JD Mitchell, Sednem, Paul (Intersect Project) and Federica all chipped in with ideas to make Chuck mean something again.

We ate some virtual Bagels with some scallion cream cheese. Some fresh coffee at least in my house, and we talked. The best thought we came up with was creating a social network. A network strictly for Chuck fans. However, I don’t think people fully understand what we are trying to accomplish here.

So, I will discuss what The Chuck Project means for Chuck. 

Please understand this isn’t only about a movie. We all want that, but beating a dead horse will only result in the same response. We have to be patient Chuckaholics for constantly talking about it will only cause problems for the Chuck movement Some of us are working on.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and while My team and I are nobodies in the entertainment industry. There is purpose behind The Chuck Project. If by the end of this article, You still don’t feel like you want to sign up thats fine, but at the end of this article there will be a link to The Chuck Project, and your home awaits you Chuckaholics.

What The Chuck Project is About

First, we should explain why we built The Chuck Project to begin with. We are not trying to take members from twitter or facebook. We are not asking you guys to give up what you already know.

We are asking passionate can’t get enough Chuck fans to sign up with our site and mingle with other Chuck fans. There are so many options we provided For example, we have Forums and groups that can discuss a favorite topic like Season Three Lovers or tell us your favorite Season One Moment from the series.

This all while also live streaming conversations with other Chuck fans. There is so much to do, you can easily get lost in reminiscing about Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster and the others that made Chuck so special.

We are also inviting Cast Members and Production crew to come to the site to mingle with the fans as we are trying to build a community that includes the people responsible in creating the show we love and enjoy.

The Second thing is building wonderful relationships with other Chuck fans throughout the world. There are so many interesting people out there, who share the same love for this show, and Facebook and Twitter just don’t have the energy or time  to create a themed social network as they cater to a broader band of interests.

What we offer instead is for those that want to just talk about Chuck, and instead of losing yourself amongst the other feeds twitter and facebook offer, Chuck Project won’t allow anything else but Chuck on this website.

The only other entertainment we will provide is when word comes out on the other projects Chuck Alumni  are working on. For example, if  Mark Christopher Lawrence is going on a Comedy Tour we will announce it on The Chuck Project.

For example, Adam, Zac and Yvonne are looking to be busy this Summer and fall months, and we welcome Chuck fans to support the cast in their other projects, and we aren’t just talking about the stars.

Guest Stars like Gwendoline Yeo and Ivana Miličević are also important because they are family. Ivana played Ilsa Tranchina and is currently on Banshee, a television show on Cinemax.

Stars like Lauren Cohan, who played Vivian Volkoff  stars in The Walking Dead. Brandon Routh was recently on Arrow. We shouldn’t just stop watching these great actors and actresses because they aren’t working on the set of Chuck. Its not fair to their craft.

Chuckaholics friend and cool guy, Tony Todd is a horror actor known for his role as Langston Graham, but also worked in the movie Lean On Me with the voice of God, Morgan Freeman and even has his own slasher franchise as Candyman.

Olivia Munn, who was one of the better looking Gretas is currently finishing her own series as she stars on the HBO show The Newsroom along with Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer.

Bryce Larkin, who was played by Matt Bomer had a string of awards handed to him for his role in a movie called The Normal Heart. Congrats, Matt on your success.

We should be proud of the success of all these great actors, but what about Robert Duncan McNeil or Allison Adler. How about Josh Schwartz, who reunited with Yvonne Strahovski in the up coming Astronauts Wives Club.  Chris Fedak is currently working on Forever. Even the producers whether you hate them or not should get love as these are the people that took Sarah and Chuck off the scripts and into our homes and DvDs. We should set aside our anger for how the series ended and reflect on what a wonderful television show we had.

What happens Chuck fans, if a movie never happens. You will regret on how lucky we were to get 91 episode, and all the actors and actresses work goes all for not. Why, be selfish in that way and enjoy what we had.

The Chuck Project is and will always be about the people who made Chuck so special. If we left it to the old method of Twitter and Facebook. The trending numbers never climb enough to get noticed. Chuck Project eliminated that problem for you. Again, its not about a movie. Its about celebrating a great television show. Its about recognition for a series that never got the credit it deserved.

The show has been off the air for three years now, and we still have strength by numbers. Let’s give Chuck its due and sign up with The Chuck Project. It doesn’t cost you anything, but time spent discussing Chuck. I just warn you about a creepy uncle that looms at times, Just kidding.

The Chuck Project is your home, so why not stop by and give it a try.

The Importance of a Social Network

Let’s face it Chuck fans, We don’t have a home. The amount of times we hashtagged #Chuck or #Chuckmovie, it wasn’t doing much.  Chuck Project could cause a stir now. Let me Explain.

The more people sign up with us the more Google sees the numbers go up. We climb the social network ranks. They see who we are and since we are all about Chuck. It catches fire and buzz. I am not saying it will happen tomorrow, but Facebook and My Space all had the same starting point.

They were created in a basement and became so big. They now have stocks for sale. I am not saying The Chuck Project will ever reach that point, but think of the magnitude we can take this site, and we did it together. A united fan base is stronger than those that say they are fans, but won’t fight. Those are the same fans that quit when Season Three happened. Those are the same fans that didn’t show up when Zachary needed help last year.

This isn’t about us, this is about support Chuck.

This is how you fight people. You start by opening eyes. You won’t accomplish anything by spamming Zachary and Yvonne every day. So, sign up with The Chuck Project. The Social Network was created fort building a community we all can take part in.

Join Chuckaholics and The Intersect Project as we work hard in connecting Chuck fans all across the world. We also want those that made the show to take part as we celebrate their work.

If people from Chuck read this article, you are also welcome to join the site, and mingle with your Chuck fans.

Click the link below, and sign up with The Chuck Project





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