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Chuck vs The Living Dead is the beginning of the final arc of Season Three.  Scott Bakula returns as Stephan Bartowski. Justin continues his masterful manipulation of Ellie, and we go down memory lane in the relationship of Sarah and Shaw.

Stephan finds out that Chuck downloaded the new intersect, and tells Chuck about the negative effects the Intersect has on the brain. The living dead is really good episode and a nice start to the close of season three. Let’s begin. 

The episode begins at Orion’s cabin.  Stephen grabbed  the newspaper from outside. He would open to the classifieds and smile. He began sharpening a hatchet. He than would grab a pencil and write down something on a pad. orion look at the classifedsThe message from Ellie read as, Ellie's message to Dad Stephen would respond back by saying he would be in touch soon. Ellie would contact Justin to let him know about the contact.

Meanwhile, Chuck was talking to Morgan about his dreams regarding Shaw still being alive. when the words relationship came out of his mouth. Sarah asked Chuck about whose relationship did Chuck mean.

He would tell her it was about Anna and Morgan, but he had to go because he was running late. It was rather confusing for Sarah as she just watched Chuck walk away. You smell great or was that the pop tart.SArah watching Chuck walk away

Chuck would continue his conversation about Shaw  at the Buymore. He was telling how he didn’t want to get Sarah involved without knowing first. Morgan would become scared and asked Chuck if he could go down stairs to Castle.

Chuck said if it would make him feel safer. He would give Morgan the keys to Castle.  While down in Castle, Morgan was gearing up. He put a bulletproof vest on and was looking at the weapon in the artillery room, when Sarah walked in and she asked Morgan what he was doing in Castle.

Morgan didn’t want to squeal on his best friend and tried to be strong, but Sarah’s agent persona kicked in, she shut the door, and threatened Morgan with a very threatening walk and stare. All Morgan can do was hold a barricade between him and Sarah very comical in my view. Yes, Morgan cracked. Morgan worried about ShawIf you want to go down to CastleMorgan going through stuffWhat are you doing here MorganSi downBarricade of protection

Morgan returned to the Buymore, and informed Chuck on how Sarah’s  tactics are very frightening, and she knew about Chuck’s dreams. Chuck became irate with his friend about not keeping his mouth shut. However, it didn’t last long as Chuck saw his father walk into the Buymore. Morgan telling Chuck about SarahStepen walking into the BuymoreChuck sees his father

Chuck panicked because his father didn’t know he downloaded the Intersect 2.0, and his return was unexpected. Chuck met half way with his father, and asked him why he was in town. He said Ellie contacted him, and wanted to see his kids. The conversation would turn into a different kind when Orion saw John Casey.

He asked Chuck, if the Intersect project was disbanded why would John Casey still be here. As Orion was questioning his son, Sarah walked in and asked about Shaw, what Sarah didn’t realize was the person in front of her was Orion. When Orion turned around, Orion became even more confused on why both of Chuck’s handlers were still in Burbank. Sarah wants to know about ShawChuck explained the Buymore was still Sarah and Casey’s covers and Sarah was really his girlfriend now. Orion would ask Chuck if he quit the CIA. Chuck told him he wasn’t a spy anymore. The answer Chuck gave drew a look from Sarah.  Sarah's reaction to Chuck lyingSarah can't believe he would lie to his fatherThe lie Chuck gave forced Sarah to have a discussion with him about lying in Castle. I find it Ironic Sarah didn’t like Chuck lying to his father as she reminded Chuck about being honest with the people he loved, which included her.  You have to be honest with the people you loveSarah said if the doctor said his dreams were a part of the Intersect doing its thing while he slept. It must mean Shaw is alive. Casey came down with a file, and said they had to make sure before informing Beckman, and since all of Shaw’s known alias were not used since he was killed. They’re best bet was through Walker since Sarah had intimate knowledge of the subject. Sarah would ask Chuck if he would be alright with that. 

Chuck would flash on the penthouse of Daniel Shaw. His flash showed how Daniel installed a safe., and the team decided they would go and find out what’s inside.

Meanwhile.  Justin continued to convince Ellie she was doing the right thing for her country and everything would back to normal soon.

Stephan was preparing dinner in Chuck’s apartment. Ellie walked by and saw her father cooking. She walked into the apartment and asked her father what he was doing here. He said, he was concerned and wanted to see her. He further would say this was safer.  Soon Chuck would join the fray, and the three would have dinner together. A bartowski dinner reunion

Ellie received a phone call and had to take it. She would let Justin know that her father had showed up. While Ellie attended to Justin, Orion continued his discussion from the store.

He asked Chuck if what he was doing was really a date with Sarah or was it a mission. Chuck assured he was really going on a date with his girlfriend, What I don’t understand about Chuck’s thinking here was he forgetting who he was talking too.

This is Orion we are talking about. He picks up on things rather quickly, as he saw an open surveillance line behind the television and his laptop was still connected to the CIA mainframe. All Chuck could do was take a page out of Sarah’s playbook and use a half truth. Chuck said he was still with the CIA, but as an analysis.  Orion not stupidIt is really bizarre how Chuck thought Orion wouldn’t of seen these things. Did he forget Orion was more than just an engineer, he may be freelancing but he was a spy too.

Chuck and Sarah scale the building of Shaw’s penthouse. As they reach the top, they break into Shaw’s pad. They put on these cool infrared goggles, and begin to search for the safe. They found it behind a picture frame, but trying to figure how to break into it was impossible. Here is a question for everyone.  It was going to be tough to crack this safe

In Season Two, Chuck was able to flash on the code for Roark’s Intersect room. Why couldn’t he flash here? As they were ready to open the safe.  Before they could try and crack the safe. Someone appeared at the door.  It caused Sarah and Chuck to hide in a closest. Chuck was a bit naughty here as he used the goggles to look at Sarah’s unmentionables. Naughty Chuck The figure entered the room and went for the safe. they witnessed the man take a briefcase out of the safe. As the man was leaving. Chuck moved his foot which generated a schriek. It was loud enough to draw attention to the closet. The man took out a gun and fired at the door.

The Chase was on. Sarah and Chuck were in hot pursuit as they made their way to the roof.  Sarah would fire her gun at the man, but missed. Chuck told her they need Shaw alive to see what he wanted. The baddie leap over to the next building, but dropped the briefcase. Chuck told Sarah to go downstairs and get the case, and he would go follow who they believed was Shaw.  We need to see what Shaw wants Justin was a great baddie

Chuck in trouble
Chuck I am coming She wasn’t going to make it in time to save Chuck.

Chuck flashed before he jumped, but his leap wasn’t timed right, and he fell short. Chuck would hear footsteps,. The man revealed himself to be Justin. He said, Shaw was dead. He then tried to kill Chuck, but Sarah shot at Justin.  He would flee as result. Chuck was starting to lose his grip.

Sarah screamed she’d be right there, but another sound of footsteps running towards him made Chuck become nervous only this time the footsteps were his father. It was not a good time for Chuck to be lying to his father. As each lie was proving to be just that, it was time for Chuck to come clean.  Chuck's dad making the saveI still didn’t understand why Chuck would believe he would be able to keep the lying going. Afterall, Orion was proving each thing Chuck was saying to be a lie.

Another thing was Sarah’s idea of running up to the roof. It didn’t seem feasible that she would be fast enough to get up to the roof in time before Chuck slipped. It was very fortunate for Chuck that his father didn’t believe his lie.

Chuck would end up  showing Orion Castle. He showed his father where he worked. Orion asked his son if he was just an analysis why wasn’t he behind these computers. Why was he climbing building in the middle of the night, and most importantly why was Chuck still lying to him. Why are you still lying to meChuck can see Casey and Sarah working on the briefcase, and told his father that sometimes the agency saw potential in Chuck, but need him in the field from time to time.  He told his father his attention was required with his team, but not to touch anything because he knew he wanted to.

The next scene was one of Orion’s best scenes.  As the team was speaking about Shaw’s spy will. Chuck would say he was wrong, but Orion was listening in and instead of using pictures for this scene. Here is the scene, 

The constant theme of the series so far especially in this season. The famous one more mission phrase was put into perspective by Orion. “There will always be another mission.” It struck home with Sarah and Casey as well. Did it make Casey and Sarah reconsider their occupation, not exactly.  Casey and Sarah listening to Orion speakSaarh taking Orion's speech about missions in.Orion would end his speech by saying he didn’t want his family apart of this business. Before we continue, I forgot to mention how Chuck asked Casey to trail Ellie just in case Shaw showed up.

In the midst of Casey’s travels, he overheard Ellie talking to someone on her cellphone.  Casey would bring it to Morgan’s attention who would ask Devon if there was any issues between him and Ellie. Devon didn’t believe so.

Meanwhile Chuck returned to his apartment, and his father was waiting for him. Orion didn’t hold back this time. 

Orion confirmed Dr. Dreyfus’s theory of the effect the Intersect has on the brain. Chuck’s outburst about his father leaving again made Orion leave again only this time he didn’t want to watch his son die.

Before Orion could leave he ran into Ellie. Orion asked his daughter what did she wanted to talk about. All Ellie said, was she missed him and was concern for him. He would tell her not to  not worry about him and he wouldn’t be gone long this time. The two would embrace not without Ellie placing a tracking device on her father.  When he left, Ellie called Justin to let him know.

Meanwhile Sarah came home, and asked Chuck where was his father. He told her he left, and couldn’t didn’t know where he was . Sarah said she did, he took his id card out of fear he may split again. Chuck was skeptical at first, but when Sarah told him about it not having an telephone or water and incredible amount of electricity she said it had to be his father’s place.

Chuck had to do this alone, but if I am not out in 20 minutes
If I am not back in twenty minutes, you come and save me.

Orion rushes into his cabin and begins making a device. A carbon copy from the one in his watch. However, Orion didn’t have time as his security system went off. Justin’s men were outside, and come barging in. As Orion was being questioned, Sarah and Chuck arrived on the scene.

Chuck came to the door and knocked. It didn’t take long for Justin’s men to take Chuck hostage too. The men tied the Bartowskis up to chairs and ask his father where the governor could be. Orion was reluctant at first put his watch up to his head. The baddie realized it was in the watch and grabbed it. 

Sarah was awesome with the hatchet. Her timing was perfect as she throw the hatchet at the right time. The baddies knife in the air met with Sarah’s hatchet as she saved Chuck from being hit by the knife.

Orion: Does she have the Intersect too?

Chuck: No, that’s all herSarah all giddy about what she did

Spoiler Alert:

This is the scene Chuck fans  use when arguing against Sarah putting on the intersect glasses and claim  the jump the shark moment of the series. Sarah has never needed the Intersect as Chuck just alluded too.

Orion comes to Chuck’s bedroom and  explained to Chuck what the Intersect was doing to his brain. He said the Intersect was like a real computer with each flash comes a electrical burst that causes the brain to overheat, but rather than ruin the scene. Here is a video, 

Orion said if the Intersect was not contained, it could lead to dementia, which one of the symptoms is memory loss. It’s very interesting for what will happen later in the series. Orion said he also would make the governor for his son. Like Chuck, Orion created the original Intersect to help people.

Casey continued his inquiry of Ellie, and Morgan wanted to know why. Casey told him he would look out for Ellie until the Shaw situation was resolved. Morgan would tell Casey that neither Awesome or Ellie were home. Casey went to Ellie’s apartment to search for clues, but Ellie came home early. 

The Charah moment of the episode took all episode to get too. The cabin scene was great, but this was better. Sarah was sitting on their bed, and Chuck walks in. He asked whats wrong with her, and she tells him to sit next to her. This was major character development on Sarah’s part.

Chuck almost dying in the cabin made Sarah think about what would happen if it was her in that situation. She gave Chuck her spy will. 

This scene really bothers me for the last episode of the series. Something that could’ve been used for the finale. My personal feeling is if the spy will was only give to the person they loved and trust how would Chuck have it? Chuck could of brought the will to the beach.  What do you think?

Do you think Chuck should’ve used the will when trying to get Sarah to remember who he was. Tell me your answer in a forum question I will open at The Chuck Project.

As a result of Sarah giving him her will, a trust that Sarah would of never done in Season One. Chuck went to write his spy will. While Chuck was writing his spy will, Justin was on the phone with someone. Justin said it was time. His team was captured and they couldn’t wait no more. As Justin was saying this,  A figure appeared in front of a white wall like the one in an Intersect room. Shaw getting read to upload the Intersect

The figure would place a hand on a stand and the hand revealed to be Shaw. As he was downloading the Intersect 2.0, I thought it was possible as eventually the bad guy had to get the program at some point, and we know now not only is Shaw alive, but he is equipped with an Intersect. Chuck definitely didn’t see this coming. Daniel Shaw is alive

Buymore Story

Bug Mike trying to become Jeffster's manager

The Buymore Story was interesting as Big Mike tried to become Jeffster’s manager. However, Lester wasn’t into the corporate facade. The commercialism corporations represents. The feeling wasn’t mutual from Jeff’s part. He said, when having a manager it brings respect to the band.

Lester walked out on Jeff, and brought the ster with him. Jeff went solo but it didn’t work too well without Lester. Big Mike told a story to Lester about how he was a member of Earth, Wind and  Fire. He said he was Rain.

Big Mike would give Lester his suit, which was funny because Big Mike Said “Since you got the hips of a little school girl.”  Great Stuff their Big Mike.

After that meeting, Lester was back with Jeff.  Interesting indeed. 

Overall Thoughts of The Episode

Living Dead offered a lot of insight on the Intersect and the business of spying.  The phrase one last mission was explored and brought to Team Bartowski’s attention when Orion said there will always be one mission.

Sarah and Chuck knew how that went in Chuck vs The Other Guy, and before the series is over it could be a very bad omen for them.

Orion’s love for his family as he came to Burbank as soon as Ellie said, she needed to see him. Justin’s mastery of Ellie really took shape here when Ellie nails Casey in the face with a frying pan.

and the revelation that Shaw was still alive all makes for a great conclusion to the third season of the series.

The next episode is  Chuck vs The Subway, which is a very hard episode for many Chuck fans including myself as Chuck will witness a very important person in his life get killed.

Ellie will also find out Chuck’s secret, and she also makes a statement about how she feels about that secret something I totally disagree with.

SO until next time Chuckaholics, take the time to check out the Chuck Project. a new social network dedicated to the television show Chuck.

Here is the link to that site,  feel free to leave me comments about Living Dead or any other article  on that site and don’t forget about the forum question I will post.






  1. Sarah’s “spy” will is the show’s very weak attempt at fixing the name reveal. It didn’t work.

    Chuck would only learn anything real about Sarah after she was dead, yet Shaw got her real name shortly after meeting her.

    It didn’t fool anyone.

    • I get your point, CM and its a valid one.

      The writers at times bouched many gold mind opportunties. I Wonder if the Chuck fan base would be so angry if Matt Bomer was the one she revealed it too..

      As Bryce Larkin was supposed to be in this season, I think the character Shaw walked into a minefield with Larkin going to White Color to be honest.

      • It wouldn’t have worked with Bryce either.

        Sarah’s revealing her real name, set up perfectly in Wookie, to Chuck would have been the show’s most heartwarming moment. Even better than the engagement and the wedding.

      • .CM I actually believe now that Phase Three was the best episode in the series.

        Sarah living life with out chuck was worse than a bullet or him sleeping with hannah

        Great episode at least we r almost finish with season three

      • As a Chuck fan, I don’t need the wedding really to prove Sarah and Chuck’s love for each other.

        The fact that they withstood every test the writers tried to throw at them. Chuck and Sarah still ended up on the beach in Goodbye.

        But that being said, Phase Three was the ideal episode. We knew how Chuck felt, but we also knew what he feared. Sarah never told him she loved him for him not the intersect.

        The Will for me is important because its a piece of her she was hiding from everyone. Sam is a myth, when you are a liar like Sarah is, its hard to determine if everything she says is true. Especially in pressurized situations.

        Think of this CM, What happened to Sarah before she went into the hotel room. She just finish watching Hannah in her home eating dinner with her family.

        now she didn’t see Chuck’s face to see that he wasn’t happy being with Hannah at that point, but its too late.

        Sarah spiraling was complete. Prague isn’t and issue anymore that was wrapped up during OA, but Hannah in her “home” was tough for her.

        but did it drive her to fight through thailand did it make her want to kick ass and take names. No.

        Phase Three was all you need in my view S4 is so good that It will be fun writing those episodes, but hey I have to do S3 two more times so go figure that one out.

      • HA! I think after Prague, the interrogation scene is the most debated.

        I’m afraid I’m one of those who saw zero humor in that seen. I know it was played for a laugh, but it was in extremely poor taste and fell flat for a lot of people. Mainly because it felt like the showrunners were again poking the fans with a stick over what many saw as the main problem with the misery arc – Shaw and Sham. It retconned a nonexistant relationship into being ALL at Sarah’s expense.

        I was also not a big fan of bringing Shaw back from the dead, because it robbed Chuck of his most important moment.

      • I agree CM,

        The interesting thing about Season Three was what were the writers trying to prove.

        The truth is the series was so disorganized and plot holes galore its really hard to defend some of the glaring mistakes.

        I know I defend Season Three a lot, but i do so cause I do like the story, but to be objective. Shaw was in a bad place to begin with

        Let me explain, First let’s be fair for a minute. Shaw and Hannah had nothing to do with the story in the beginning because by the time Shaw and Hannah show up in OA and FC Sarah and Chuck were already damaged.

        Prague destroyed the relationship, and in reality would be the end game. Shaw came with one purpose to revenge Eve. He didn’t care for Sarah nor did she. The other issue was unlike with Matt Bomer.

        Sarah never connected with Brandon Routh, and to be fair its hard to gain the same chemistry Matt and Zac had with Yvonne. They were lucky to have to male roles that could shine with Yvonne. Especially Zac.

        So right off the bat it was a failure in that sense. From Nacho Sample up until Sam the season was fine. Yes, I know The Mask is terrible episode for most, but we saw the direction Chuck was headed.

        I just feel that Shaw would of benefited better if he didn’t get involved with Sarah and focused on weaponizing Chuck like he was doing.

        You can deny it, but Shaw was the one who made Chuck use a real gun for the first and only time.

        But as much as Shaw did damage in S3 with killing Orion and separating Chuck and Sarah for a bit. Nothing compares to what Quinn did.

        Its why Y rank Quinn beneath Volkoff for the baddies of the series. I would even put Vivian a head of Shaw now as I think of it.

      • Yes, no Sham instantly works better.

        Yes, Shaw weaponizing Chuck would’ve worked better. And other than giving Chuck one questionable mission on a plane with no back-up, Shaw played zero part in Chuck becoming a spy. If fact making Chuck a spy was a character killing move by the showrunners.

        Shaw being a woman also works better.

        For two people that you say didn’t like rach other, the showrunner worked awfully hard to show us that they did. (I just threw up in my mouth a little.)

        I like to think that even pre-spy Chuck would’ve used a gun to save Sarah.

  2. Chris…I’ll give you that Shaw made Chuck shoot a real gun, but c’mon…making that a reason for everything that happened in the misery arc is a little lame. They could have had anybody threaten to kill Sarah, Ellie…maybe even Morgan…and if all Chuck had was a gun, he would have pulled the trigger. To root for a guy like Shaw being a great character because he was going to kill Sarah, thus necessitating Chuck pulling the trigger….it’s not enough for the destruction it caused to the series.

    And CM…I think I said exactly the same thing over on the Chuck Project about the interrogation …and on a Twitter discussion yesterday.

    It even showed them to be pretty mediocre spies if they didn’t figure out to search Shaw’s apartment right off the bat ….

  3. There seems to be a lot of angst in these forums for a site dedicated to preserving the legacy of what I at least think is one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. Before getting the telestrator out and getting all John Madden on each episode I recommend reading ” A letter to Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi” in the editorial section and THEN write your critique from that perspective. Maybe then you can explain why the youtube comment section for “the scene” from phase three starts with 176 thumbs up for the comment “I’m a twenty year old guy and this makes me cry like a baby” or numerous other comment sections of other scenes with guys cussing because “Man tears have been shed”. I think I’ll retire from here, go watch some Chuck, and end my day with a smile. Peace out.

  4. I will agree that the Shaw and Hannah arc was not the best, but I didn’t think it out shined the episodes themselves. Those characters were the writers trying to come up with yet another way to keep Chuck and Sarah apart, and many other shows have done it in even worse ways (season 3 of Alias, anyone? so bad..). It’s also worth noting that many show runners for other series, such as Castle, have cited the way the writer’s navigated Chuck and Sarah’s relationship after they got together as a guide for how to do it well. And I hope no one throws anything at me for saying this, but none of the series regulars from Chuck have gone on to find roles that are even close to as good as their roles on Chuck were. And one last thing to note is that each half of season, for the most part, the writers had to operate under the assumption that it was the series finale, which makes long arc stories much more difficult, and I think it led to a faster moving plot and that they did a fantastic job of working under those conditions!

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