gallery Chuckaholics Endorses The Chuck Series Companion

Over the course of time, Chuck fans can be very surprising in the same passion we all have. For example, when listening to a Chuck song we know what scene, season and what the characters were doing. Since last year I have seen some tremendous efforts in delivering the passion so many Chuck fans have for the series. Since Chuckaholics opened it’s doors, I have seen talented people showcase their passion via podcasts, fan fiction or other means to deliver the message of what the show meant to them.

The Intersect Project and Chuckaholics came together to bring the world the Chuck Project a social network dedicated to Chuck and those that have performed or created  This weekend alone we payed tribute to Sarah Lancaster for her role as Ellie Bartowski. Sarah Lancaster tweeted by saying Thank You for the efforts we made to make her feel special.

Chuckaholics have become fans and most importantly friends with many of these people. For example, Paul Naegle, the creator of The Intersect Project Podcast just went over the 1,000 downloads threshold. A milestone that can be put into perspective by saying at least 1,000 people have listened to his podcast. I stand up and applaud the Intersect Project Podcast for the impressive feat.  We have also endorsed Mr. Bush’s Unpacking Chuck, which is ranked very high among the ranks of Amazon. Great passion by great men. It’s not just men either.

Sebnem’s For Chucksters is really a good read for fan fiction enthusiast . I have grown very fond of Sebnem’s work here on Chuckaholics as well as The Chuck Project. The Chuck Scene on Chuckaholics is all her work. I also have endorse The Music in the Dark blog. A great read when it comes to rewatching Chuck, but with all that said, there is a new project that has caught the eyes of Chuckaholics, in which we will take the time to endorse.

The project comes in the form of another podcast. The Chuck Series Companion Podcast by The Jason Walstrom  At the end of this article, I will provide you a link to his blog as well. I came across Jason’s work when he signed up with The Chuck Project, click the link to the Chuck Project here,

Tonight I went to visit his blog, and its a great read. He has five articles up as he is in midst of 91 rewatch of Chuck. I read some articles, and he is filled with enthusiasm and passion in the written sense. I also discovered  a podcast playlist on the right side of the page. I clicked the first one, and the passion I read translated into his podcast. He opens the podcast with this tune.   I was hooked right away with that, but soon followed the sound of Chuck’s flash and I almost spit out my Jamison and Cherry Pepsi with amazement.

Jason mentioned in his opening monologue about having his podcast on Itunes, which I will provide a link here

Here is a link to his blog as well.

After finding his podcast on Itunes, I listened to Chuck vs the Pilot. Jason does a real good job of blending in scenes and music from the show with his analysis. As I have become a fan of the Intersect Podcast. I have also become a fan of Jason’s podcast.

Jason has the same Chuckaddiction we all have and I am proud to say Chuck fans. If you need a reason to go back to the first season, and chances are it won’t take much. Listen to the Chuck Series Companion. You won’t be disappointed.

Here is the first episode Chuck vs The Pilot,



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