gallery Rewatch Week Twenty Five: Episode Twelve Season Two: 3D Failure

Chuck vs The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension marks as the 25th episode of the series. A milestone for a lot of television shows. Let’s put it in perspective. Elisa Dushku’s Doll House had only two seasons.and with that 26 episodes total.

Chuck was given the timeslot after Super Bowl 43, a classic game that came down to the wire. It took a touchdown drive from Big Ben to Santonio Holmes to win the game. The game ended with a bang, but Chuck followed with a dud of an episode.

The opportunity came for the series to capture the minds and interest of male and women demographics if Best Friend was the episode that followed the Super Bowl. A action packed episode with women appeal because of the romance there could be renew interest in the series.

This episode ranks near the bottom of the barrow for me. More like near 87. The episode doesn’t offer anything main story wise and the guest star choices were lacking.. Can you tell I don’t enjoy this episode at all.

The only good thing about the episode is the closure on the mini arc of Chuck wanting a day off. It also puts the Mauser shooting to bed as well. Let’s get too. 

The episode opens with Chuck in the middle of a dream sequence. Sarah’s voice can be heard saying Chuck’s name. Suddenly, Sarah pops her head up from the front of the bed, and even in his sleep Chuck couldn’t stoop to the level most heterosexual would fall victim too. Oh brother

However, Chuck was still pretty much fixated on the Mauser shooting. Something that would linger throughout the episode. Chuck also made it clear that he treated women with respect even in his dream.  wow  Chuck just wow

Sarah climbed on top of Chuck’s chest, and told Chuck this wasn’t a dream. FInally, Chuck ask if not a dream what is it? Sarah told him it was a nightmare , in which Sarah pulled out a knife and went to stab Chuck. Chuck woke up screaming like a banshee.

At the breakfast table,  Devon was starting to make a shake when Chuck heard the noise of the blender. It would startle Chuck causing Chuck to freak out. It caused Ellie and Devon to pry into Chuck’s business. Something Bartowski wasn’t willing to talk about as he quickly looked at his watch and proclaim himself late for work. Beautiful and talented Ellie Bartowski

Ellie suggests that Chuck take a day off. Devon would prescribe Chuck to blow some steam and enjoy life for a day. Chuck just sat there looking like someone who did in fact need a day off. Chuck looks like he needs a day off

At the Buymore, Morgan told Chuck they had the day off as Tyler Martin was using the store to promote his new CD and benefit concert he was going to have later in the evening.

Morgan was called into the principal’s office as Big Mike wanted to talk about his former football teammate Jimmy Butterman (Jerome Bettis) Big Mike ordered Morgan to teach him everything he knew.

No touching
No Touching, consider yourselves warned

On the sales floor, Emmett was busy directing traffic. He gave fans some rules and regulation when it came to Tyler Martin, and we have the first of two tributes in this episode. Emmett, who is portrayed by Tony Hale, made a rule about no touching. The no touching policy was a tribute to Arrested Development, in which Tony Hale found his big break.  

Here is Chuck’s tribute to Arrested Development, which had some great talent in the show most notably Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Jessica Walter (Archer) Alex Cross, and Jeffrey Tambor just to name a few.

Chuck watching the baddie place a bomb in the store
A grenade in the box IG-88 Grenade

The Baddie spotted Chuck

Before Tyler walked in, a man dressed in a trenchcoat, sunglasses and a hat jumped the line with a box in his hand. Chuck watched the fellow as the man opened the box. It revealed a bomb inside of it.  Chuck flashed on the bomb, and immediately Chuck contacts his handlers about the device.

Sarah said she was on her way to the store, and Casey closed in and ask where was the bomb.  Chuck and Casey stood up from the aisle and Chuck ran for the box. Casey told Chuck not to open it, but he was too late as Bartowski opened the box. Yes, it was bomb according to Casey. John wanted to take the bomb out front, but Bartowski said there was people out there, it would be better to take it in the back.

Casey and Chuck grab the box and head for the back room.  A terrible time to play a game of keep away. 

 This scene I do love including when Casey pie faced Lester into the refrigerator.  Jeff grabbed the box in an attempt to defend his friend, but it didn’t work.

Chuck picked up the box and threw it towards Casey, but Morgan intercepted the box. Morgan took off running only to be closelined for his troubles by Butterman.  Chuck and Casey regain possession of the box, and took it to the back where Sarah joined the team. Man down

The team would place the box in a safe follow by stuffing the safe into a fridge. they would move the fridge into a closed setting, and as the bomb went off Sarah said good morning to Chuck. An eventful way to start the day don’t you think. Boom goes the bomb Good Morning Chuck

All this before the opening credits, A great way to start the episode, but its all downhill from here. As we get the return of whiny Chuck, we can understand his gripe, but calm down Chuck please.

After the credits, the team was filling in Beckman with the events from the Buymore.  It was determined the IG-88 was used mostly by North African intelligence unitsSarah and Chuck talking with Beckman about Tyler Martin

Beckman said, Tyler recently finished a tour through Africa, and wanted the team to find out why there was an attempt on Martin’s life and to question Tyler himself.

Tyler would  walk into the Buymore, and he would walk to the Nerd Herd counter, and announce there was a golden ticket in one of his CD. A ticket that could get someone into his benefit concert.  Team Bartowski was wondering how they were going to get Tyler alone with all the security around him.  As Chuck said it, Tyler locked horns on Agent Sarah Walker, and the rock star was hooked. Any heterosexual male would for that matter. Casey said it best one time. “The CIA don’t waste the best for small cases.”TB figuring how to get Tyler aloneTyler finds SarahThis is going to be easyooh babyEasy peasyTyler likeThis is going to be easy , Chuck

Tyler would follow Sarah to the back room where Walker was waiting for him. Casey and Chuck were waiting on the side when Tyler and Sarah were talking.  Sarah began to flirt with Tyler, which drew a sound from Chuck. Tyler believed there was a pervert lurking, but before Tyler could see. Casey shot a dart into Tyler’s neck knocking the rock star to the floor.

I feel like a daffodil.
I feel like a daffodil.

They took Martin to Casey’s pad, which was weird they would use a tranq dart as its a known fact that rock stars like Martin have tranq darts for breakfast sometimes. It’s not surprising when Casey said the dart should last for twelve hours to see Martin awoke from his slumber only to get shot with another dose.

Casey said, it was time for the road trip, which would make Chuck complain on why he was the one who had to watch  Tyler. A huge argument between Chuck and his handlers would erupt. Chuck was tired of his handlers assuming he had no plans, and we can take this two fold.

Chuck is right in a sense, he has not had a day off. He can’t have a day off with the Intersect nestled inside his head. So  between nerd herdering at the Buymore, and his secret spy life always keeping him busy, it was safe to say he was ready to crack. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Chuck has been asking for time off since Jill was arrested. He mentioned it again in the last episode when he said “The Intersect could use some downtime.” I have to watch himYes, you have to watch tylerYou don't have any plans tonight rightI can't believe this

Chuck: You’re-you’re gonna go, and you want me to stay here and be on tongue watching duty?

Sarah: Well, you don’t have plans, do you?

Chuck: Would it be so crazy if I did have plans? Plans that involved something other than fixing a computer or playing hot potato with a thermite grenade?

The idea that his handlers showed him lack of respect because he is Chuck bothered me. As Chuck seemed to be painted into a corner, and was being taken advantage of, but from his handler’s perspective they were right too.

When it comes to being a spy, they don’t have the luxury of getting a day off. Sure, Sarah had a personal day, but really was it a day off  her father ended up becoming a mission. Casey’s reconnection with Ilsa was short lived as she had to go undercover again.

The job becomes a priority when Tyler Martin’s life was in danger and it was up to them to protect him. Protect the country and those that can’t protect themselves much like a doctor has an oath to save lives. CIA and NSA agents gave an oath in protecting lives by sacrificing their own.  Chuck’s job just happens to be harder because of the supercomputer. It doesn’t mean he isn’t entitled to a day of R and R but duty required his attention because bad guys are always plotting to destroy lives.

I think back to what Dawson said in A few Good Men, after the verdict came down on them. Downey asked Dawson what did they do wrong. Dawson put it in perspective.  

Dawson: Yeah we did. We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willy.

Those that are working the ISIS case right now are working around the clock to stop them. Are they tired? I am sure they are. Where the teams who organized to take down Bin Laden tired from the long hours? I am sure they were, but its the nature of the beast.

When Sarah and Casey were on their way to the baddie’s base. Sarah asked Casey what was bothering Chuck. Casey sided with Chuck on this one. The guy didn’t have a day off in a year. Sarah thought things were off since the holidays.

When they entered the baddie’s room, the room was filled with photos and other Tyler Martin related things, but Sarah thought it was too neat for it to be just a crazed fan. They both concurred this was a professional they were dealing with.

Back At Casey’s Pad, Tyler woke up, and when Chuck went to look for him. He found him peeing into the fountain. Tyler was funny here.  Chuck told him he had to stay here because of a death threat on his life, but Tyler wasn’t having it. He assured Chuck about the number of times he has been threatened.

He told Chuck he had to go party. Chuck didn’t understand as it was Tuesday. Chuck pulled out his phone to contact his handlers, but Martin grabbed his phone and threw it in the fountain. He started to walk away until he realized Chuck wasn’t following.

He turned and said “Chuck, I just asked you to party with me.” What other choice did Bartowski have? He went with Tyler to a club for some drinks and girls. This scene I also like as Chuck assumed the role as one of Tyler’s band members. 

Tyler’s expression was classic when Chuck used an Aussie accent when he meet the two women. As they were preparing to dance, Chuck’s Aussie accent seemed to stay at their seats. The women noticed. Tyler was laughing at how Chuck was caught.

 Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah arrived at his pad to notice Chuck and Tyler were gone, which angered the two agents.  Chuck and Tyler would go upstairs for after party activities, but Chuck tried to convince him it was a mistake.  Chuck knew who the women really were as he flashed on a necklace worn by one of the women they were dancing with.

Once upstairs,  Tyler would give the women up to Chuck first, and its action time. The two women are trying to seduce Chuck, who was rather uncomfortable especially since I noticed his flagpole had come out to play. Zac tried to cover it up the best way he could. Felt bad for him.

He runs to the door, but one of the ladies threw two knives at him. He took off just as Sarah and Casey arrived at the club. Sarah and Casey swept the club, but they ran into the baddie. They made chase, but the baddie was able to get away once the baddie told them, who did they want more him or their fellow agent.  This allowed the baddie to escape as Casey and Sarah went to help Chuck.

Chuck ran to the roof with the women in hot pursuit behind him. Sarah contacted Chuck and asked where he was. He said he was on the roof, but couldn’t stay there as the ladies where closing in on him. Chuck took a look over the edge and saw an elevator down below. Chuck climbed the ledge and leaped on to the elevator. There was a black couple in the elevator who freaked out once they saw Chuck. Girls being agressive with ChuckChuck covering up

This would mark the second time Chuck has spoiled this couple’s romantic intentions as they were the same couple in Seduction. Chuck asked them to send the elevator to the lobby, but they ran out. The elevator would move up until the doors open with the girls waiting. the doors would close, but reopen again with Tyler waiting. One of the ladies pointed her gun at Tyler, but a dart came out of no where sending Tyler down to the ground again.

Sarah and Casey brawled for a moment with the two women until they were able to get the upper hand. Sarah and Casey both looked at Chuck with anger in their eyes.  Chuck in trouble again Chuck stuck on the Elevator Saah not happy with Chuck

Another argument would pursue. As Sarah lectured Chuck in taking Tyler to a club wasn’t the smartest of tactical planning. Gary, likes to say Sarah thought Chuck as a spy, and here Sarah did say “But, Chuck you are a spy.”

Chuck would complain about not having the skill  set to take out Tyler, and everything was going fine until the assassins showed up. He would reveal he was having a good time and the minute he call them he knew it would be all over. Sarah argued that he was a spy and he should know better than to put himself in a position where she can’t protect him. Tyler's Manager's plans revealedI shouldn't have left him alone with youbut you are a spyis it so wrong for me to want a day offDuring the scene, Chuck would flash on a tattoo on Tyler’s back. It would be the way his manager was smuggling secrets from Africa. It also explained why someone was looking to kill Tyler.

Tyler's secret The team would let Beckman know of their findings. When Beckman gave the order to have Tyler perform at the benefit concert  Chuck was against it. He even pointed out why did they need to use Tyler as pawn in someone else’s game.

It’s a fair point. Chuck sees this as another attempt by the government to use people as commodities rather than protect them by not putting Tyler’s life in danger. However, Casey and Sarah being the agents they are didn’t see it from Chuck’s perspective.

Chuck relates to Tyler in that sense. As Chuck doesn’t have much say other than do what the government wants, but he also is smart to realize the trust he has in their abilities to protect him.  However, when you have morale fiber like Chuck has using people as pawns doesn’t go well for Chuck.

Some would say its because Chuck was naive. I don’t think its the case. Its more of watching this that makes it come into question.Chuck saw it Sarah listening to Mauser's banter Sarah killing MauserProtection has a price. The price of people’s lives and the decisions that come with it. As horrifying as it was for Chuck, Sarah lives with the actual event for the rest of her life as well.  Does the act of killing someone only affect people from Chuck point of view?

What about those in Sarah’s shoes? It takes a bit of her soul as well. Even Casey has remorse in killing people, he couldn’t pull the trigger on Bartowski earlier in the season. It’s easy to say Sarah should’ve brought in Mauser, but what Sarah did was save lives. For every Mauser in the world, as Casey would say it makes the world that more dangerous. It’s why Tyler had to go on stage. The assassin would attempt to kill Tyler on stage or not. His job depends on it.  The same for Sarah in doing what she did.

No i am not going to do it
Chuck: Okay, okay, fine, fine, you go in there and tell him he has to put his life on the line because he was a pawn in someone else’s game.

Although Sarah had more riding on her decision than just work. She loves Chuck, and the thought that Fulcrum would do whatever it took to require Mauser wasn’t worth the risk in the end.

Does Chuck understand this not in the beginning, a battle will ensue with Chuck and his handlers one what’s right and what takes priority.

Sarah and Casey listening to Chuck complaintsChuck breaking down While Chuck continued his tirade about Tyler being used as a pawn. Sarah was starting to sense this was more than just needing time off, and reminded Chuck the duties of a spy. This is more than just time off

Sarah: Chuck, what is the matter with you? This is about more than just taking a night off.  Chuck giving away something is bothering him

Chuck: Maybe. Um, I– you know, I’m a little off my game right now. I’m not, not really sleeping. I don’t want to get into it.

One of the drawbacks with Team Bartowski is the inability to communicate. Whether the agents in Casey or Sarah override  the moral Fiber that is Chuck often clash on issues like this one. Morality vs Duty is at stake, and throw in the burnt out Bartowski makes you understand his spiraling of sorts, but not to Agent Walker or Casey.

Agent Walker makes her present felt
Sarah: Chuck, lives are on the line right now, and if Tyler doesn’t help us, then he will never be free of those people
Did you forget that
Sarah: I don’t know what happened to you, but this is our job– not only to protect Tyler but the country and anybody else who needs protecting. We do whatever it takes no matter what. Did you forget that?

The reason I mention Agent Walker because she took over the girlfriend side by telling Chuck how it is. Casey put it perspective as well from an agent’s point of view.

Casey: if you don’t help us, then Achmed Gambir gets away.
And the world becomes a more dangerous place.

The harsh reality for agents even if they don’t want to use Tyler, but orders are what they are.  Sarah’s expression in reading Chuck’s is confirming her suspicion about something being much deeper than just time off. No Sarah I didn't forget that Sarah's expression after reading the situation is more than time offThat i didn't forget

Chuck would cave and do the bidding of his handlers, but with the camera rolling he opened up, which Sarah began to understand. Tyler was asked for one night to be a hero for a lifetime of freedom and be able to travel without fear of being hunted. Chuck would tell him he would do anything for that. Chuck would love the taste of freedom again

Chuck: Yes, and you can help us catch them.
You can help the world, the entire world, by doing this, for real.
You could go back to living your life again.
One night of bravery for an entire life of normalcy.
I can’t even tell you what I’d give for that

Chuck is opening up about what has been bothering him since Jill. So much was taken into count for the Mauser situation, but lets take a look at what has happen to Chuck before Mauser.

He found out that Bryce and Jill never slept together. He thought he was getting his normal life back when Jill wanted to rekindle their past relationship. He later finds out Jill was working him to find Larkin. She also attempted to kill Sarah.

Jill was the start of the melt down and Mauser finished him off. The good thing about Chuck opening up would be the fact his handlers heard it all, and knew what he said to Tyler really was about his feelings.Sarah sees where Chuck is coming from

 Chuck was able to convince Tyler to go on stage, and the mission was on. Chuck was positioned in Tyler’s dressing room. Casey and Sarah were sweeping the floor looking for Mr. Terrorist. However, the baddie got the jump on the handlers as he set them up by giving a couple of fans with the hat and trench coat he was wearing. It drew Casey and Sarah to them, which gave the baddie his opportunity to strike.

He heads backstage to Tyler’s dressing room. He took out the agents in the hallway, and knock on the door. Chuck went to the door and saw it was the assassin. Bartowski summonsed his team about the threat. He turned to Tyler and told him to get in the closet after he took the pictures of Tyler’s tattoos.

Meanwhile Sarah couldn’t get through the crowd, but heard as the baddie stomped the door and entered the room. He threatened Chuck, but the quick thinking Chuck was able to talk down the baddie when he threaten to send the pictures of the tattoos to every new reporter in the country. The baddie put down the weapon he held.  The baddie drops the weaponHowever, Tyler found his inner tough guy, and came out of the closet. Chuck said are you crazy. Tyler said he didn’t let Chuck fight his battle for him anymore. The two would flee with the baddie right behind.

Tyler went up on stage and was prepare to sing, but Chuck saw the baddie pulling out another knife. Tyler and Chuck looked at each other, and there really was only one way out of this. Stage dive on to the crowd. The baddie went into the sea of humanity only to be distracted by Casey and taken out by Sarah.

The baddie was caught and Tyler returned to the stage to perform for the crowd.

We fast forward to the end, when Chuck and Sarah have their discussion in front of the fountain. A conversation that should of taken place in Santa Claus, but Sarah told Chuck he was supposed to keep all those secrets in his head, but he wasn’t supposed to keep anything from her. I know your supposed to keep these secrets in your head

Sarah insisted if there was something bothering him to please tell her.  Chuck would open up about Mauser, and said when he asked her about it. She answered for him “I lied” Sarah put it in perspective.  Chuck opening up about Mauser      Sarah: I did what I had to. He knew who you really were. Your whole family was in danger. And I’m sorry. Sometimes I forget that you never asked for all of this.

Sarah understood Chuck after he opened up to Tyler about his issues. As a result, Sarah said he deserved a break, no missions, no Casey, no satellite surveillance, and no her.  As Chuck was happy about the news, he saw his team gear up for another mission.  The break became a question about the mission.

Casey was excited to be on a mission without Bartowski, but the excitement would be short lived as Bartowski jumped in the back of the Vic much to the delight of Sarah.  This would put to bed the mini Chuck melt down arc.

Buymore Story

I am not a big fan of this Buymore story, and it’s because I didn’t like Jerome Bettis role here. I would of liked Michael Strahan here, but its all good.

Jerome played Jimmy Butterman, who was released from prison. He was a former football buddy of Big Mike. After Tyler announced there would be a golden ticket in one his new CDs, Butterman, Jeffster and Morgan all were looking through the CD packages for the ticket.

Morgan would end up opening a CD that had the ticket. Morgan would institute a competition.  He called it Morgan’s special triathlon.

I am a man
I’m a man. For God’s sake, I’m a man!

The first event was called The Molly Ringwald underpants challenge. As Morgan finished the rules, Butterman grabbed Lester’s underpants and yanked them off of Lester. First event went to Butterman. Molly Ringwald underpants challenge.

Subway Sprint 2
Was there any doubt on who would win the Subway Sprint

The second event was The Subway sprint. The subway sprint part 1

The third and final event would be about Urinal cake, but before Morgan could explain

The Final Leg of the contest is to touch thisThe Breakfest of championsBefore Morgan could finish the rules of the third part, Jeff took a chump out of the urinal cake. Hey, he said he would bite down hard.

Jeff won the competition, but after watching Butterman, Morgan and Jeffster said it would be better if Jimmy had it. They gave the ticket to him, and we get the second tribute of the episode.

Butterman: I found out how much these things are going for online. But your freedom, man. Was it worth the price of freedom? Price of my freedom is 800 bucks.
Same as my ticket to Zihuatanejo.

Jeff: Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Zihuatanejo is the word used in Shawshank Redemption. Here is the scene for the tribute 

Jeff quoting Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins is the ultimate respect in my view for some  of Hollywood’s true talented actors.

Overall Thoughts on 3D

As I mentioned at the beginning, this episode doesn’t rank very high for me when it comes to episode rankings. It did nothing for the overall story other than close the mini arc of Bartowski being burnt out.

There are other stand alone episodes I would prefer to watch. I would even prefer watching Chuck vs Sandworm for that matter.  It is disappointing in a sense to have the opportunity to be the show that follows a big sporting event like a Super Bowl, and to lead it off with this kind of episode. I would prefered Best Friend here than a 3D failure.

The Next Rewatch Articles Will be Different

After doing some research, and it has been concluded that the next batch of episodes are out of order. So, rather than follow the canon order. I will put the episodes in the correct order in order for the story to make better sense.

We are also closing in on arguable the best story telling of the series. You will start to hear more and more about Chuck and Ellie’s father being discussed and a name only Chuck Veterans know about the name of Orion.

So, the next episode we will cover won’t be Suburbs, we will cover Best Friend. A powerful episode in the sense it really puts in perspective the what the meaning of friends and family are to Chuck, and how Sarah and Casey will see first how far Bartowski will go in order to protect them.

As Casey and Sarah do whatever they can to protect the country, Chuck has the same sentiments when it comes to friends and family. A top 20 episode for sure until next time check out the Chuck Project a social network dedicated to the television show Chuck.

Here is the link,

Until next time, remember The Chuck Project and Chuckaholics are your toys, so play and remember its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t



  1. I live in Europe , particularly in Belgium . and discovered chuck recently on Netflix. What a wonderful series , a mix of humor, action and romance with a real storyline.
    I can hardly believe that such a thing was stopped after 5 years. Pity that this series was not promoted in Europe. Not all countries saw the series and she was also frequently broadcast on minor channels. A stupid business move. This formula is made to persist. Friends in America , mobilize all the fans to ask a follow-up . Chuck should not stoppen !

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