Rewatch Week Twenty Six: Episode Thirteen Season Two: A Scare of a Lifetime

Chuck vs The Best Friend

The next episode in our journey towards 91 is a powerful episode. One that puts the life of normalcy into perspective for Chuck’s handlers. it’s almost like the reverse of what Chuck was reminded of in 3D of the role of a spy. Casey and Sarah will get a hard lesson on what friends and family mean to Chuck.

Although the education of the meaning of friends and family would not be the first time Chuck and his handlers would clash. In Chuck vs The Truth, Sarah and Casey clashed with Chuck over his sister’s near death experience. it would happen again in Santa Claus.

The government wanted to extract Chuck out of the Buymore to protect the secrets in Chuck’s head, but Chuck wasn’t having it. He said “When it comes to friends and family rules need to be broken.

This time the test is heightened even more as Chuck must save Morgan from being killed. I have often said there were some characters from S1 I would of liked to see more than once. Since this episode was about the Triades, it would would been cool to se Gwendoline Yeo back as Mei Ling. So, without further delay let talk about Chuck vs The Best Friend.

Young Morgan getting knocked to the ground
Morgan: Grow up, Morgan Grimes! You were spying on me in gym class. I’m going to kick your

Like most backstory episodes, we have a flashback to start the episode. In 1992,  a younger Morgan Grimes was knocked down to the ground by a girl. She scolded Morgan for spying on her in the gym. She told him to get up but Morgan said he was good on the ground. As the young lady was preparing to strike again. Morgan cried for help.

Chuck in his patent converse sneakers came to the aid of one Morgan Grimes. Chuck was able to save Morgan from a beating of a life time, and his advice for his fallen friend was ” Morgan, maybe you should stay away from girls.” Stay away from girls, morgan

We return to present time, and Morgan was giving a presentation on his ex girlfriend, Anna. The presentation was for Jeffster and Chuck.

Chuck was annoyed that he had to miss out on his coffee break to watch a video about Anna. He asked why are we doing this? Morgan said because we are about to go on a mission and spy on her. Chuck said it wasn’t spying it was stalking. Morgan spying on AnnaWhich is StalkingDoes it shock you that 80% of my encounters with women have been completelI am more shocked by the other 20%Chuck tried to talk Morgan out of doing this, but to no avail. The man was dead sense on finding out who the new man in Anna’s life was.

Chuck: Look, buddy, I know you’re going through a tough time, but I just don’t feel comfortable stalking another human being.

Morgan: Dude, it’s not stalking, okay? It’s caring enough about someone to learn things about them they won’t tell you themselves.

Chuck: Which is stalking.

Which is Stalking
Which is still stalking.

What I love about the scene was the fact Chuck was the real spy in the room, and until this point we had no idea how good Jeffster were in spying, and while on route to spy on Anna. Two other spies would tail them. Sarah and Casey would be apart of this little adventure.  

still stalking 2Jeff's secret spy lifeTrue Spies on the job

all 6 of them ended up  spying on Anna. Jeffster arriving on the sceneMorgan on a personal mission

As Chuck, Jeffster and Morgan were watching Anna, a car rolled up and out comes a fancy looking guy. He walks up to Anna and the two embrace each other. pretty decent spy workSuddenly, a car shows up and a great looking asian guy steps out of the vehicle. He walks over to where Anna was sitting and kisses her. Morgan gave up knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep up with this guy. Chuck was  sweeping the area when his eyes hit the  license plate of Anna’s new flame and he flashed on the plate. Anna's New SqueezeNew Boyfriend and Anna lock lips

The man’s name is Jason Wang, who has connections to the local Chinese Triades. Chuck would report his flash to the general, who would order Chuck to befriend Anna’s new boyfriend. On the surface, Chuck was fine with it, but as soon as the general signed off. Chuck said, “I have a big problem.”  No issue GeneralYea, sure Bartowski

What I love about this scene, Casey and Sarah instantly knew something was wrong.  They both turn to him when Beckman was gone. It was like they knew Chuck’s causal response to the general was  not real.

Mint Flavored Knockout spray
Casey: Uh. Mint-flavored knockout spray. Chuck: Oh! Really? Do you think I can have one of these? ‘Cause I’m always, you know, really vulnerable out there.

Another thing to mention about the scene, Casey and Chuck were talking about the new weapons they had out on the table. Tennis balls that were really grenades and mint flavored knockout spay, which would  be useful later in the episode.

After the Credits, Chuck and his team get into a debate over orders and loyalty. A clash between duty and friendship. A battle between friendship and duty

in one respect we can see Chuck’s side, he doesn’t want to betray Morgan, and by going along with this mission, he would be doing just that. On the other hand, the agency doesn’t care if Bartowski and Morgan were brothers. If it meant preventing a threat. A  friendship is not as important in the minds of his superiors.

A lesson Chuck has a hard time adjusting to, but why should he didn’t sign up for this. While Casey, Sarah and Beckman all were trained and manipulated to believe the country comes first over anything else. Casey brought up a term ” Semper Fidelis.” He explains what it means,

 Chuck: How can the General ask me to do this? I mean, was the woman born with stars on her shoulders? Has she never had a friend before? I can’t just go and hang out with my best friend’s ex and her new boyfriend like it’s no big deal!

Sarah: I understand that this may be difficult for you with regard to Morgan

Chuck: No. No, no, no, no.
No, not difficult. Not happening! Morgan has been my best friend since kindergarten.I don’t even know what he would do if he found out.

Sarah: I’m sorry, Chuck, but this is not an optional.It’s a direct order.

Chuck: I can’t betray my best friend! How come nobody gets that?!

Casey: Hmm. Semper Fidelis. It means, “always faithful” in the Marines. In civilian life, it means putting your friend’s well-being above your own, huh? I salute you for that, Bartowski.

While Sarah has made great progress in her development, she will still side with duty at this juncture of the story, and Casey was the one who sided with Chuck with the wink of the eye towards Sarah’s direction. The two handlers loyalty will always be towards the greater good, but Casey was the one who acknowledge loyalty to a friend.

Casey is no stranger to friends or being loyal to a team. Sure, Morgan and Chuck are different kind of team, but a company within the army essential becomes tight. Chemistry isn’t an issue because they trained, sleep and eat together. Whereas Sarah has no history of working with others. (Remember no spoilers)

The teachings of a con man and constant missions with the CIA has made Sarah lose touch with what Casey and Chuck have experience, but Casey wasn’t totally on board with Bartowski.

Chuck: You know, it’s a pretty upside down world when this guy’s the one picking up on the emotional nuances around here.
All right, let’s go tell the General.

Casey: Yeah, but as much as I respect your Code of Honor, there’s nothing I can do about it.
Orders before honor this time, Bartowski.
Go befriend Anna’s new boyfriend. Semper  FidelisChuck pleased with Casey siding with himYour going to go against ordersOrders before honor this time

While duty is important to Casey and Sarah, it’s not the driving force in who Chuck is. We shall revisit this later in the episode.  For now all Chuck can do is the bidding of the agency and his handlers. it leaves Chuck in a bad situation. This sucks

Chuck sees Grimes hounding Anna
Chuck can see Morgan being  tough on AnnaMorgan harassing Anna Anna definitely feels awkward with Moegan breathing down her neck

Chuck has a hard job now, he works with Anna and Morgan. Thus, the two are always in contact in the Buymore. Separating the two would be difficult especially Morgan knowing Anna is with someone else. A situation where Chuck should be there for Morgan much he was there for Chuck when it came to Jill.  The watchdog

Casey gave Chuck a let’s get on with it look., and Chuck was off to make a save unfortunately he saved Anna, but really if you watch the scene Morgan was making a fool of himself.  The way he was hounding her with a customer present was unprofessional.

What makes it even more interesting is how Morgan did the same thing with Anna like Chuck does with Sarah when the relationship was on the rocks.  Chuck and Morgan could pass as Michael and Charles Carmichael.

Chuck walks up to Anna and Morgan, and advised maybe it was a good idea for Morgan to leave. Morgan said, his shifted ended, but Chuck insisted. Morgan got the picture and moved on.  Anna and Morgan  discussing their relationshipChuck  trying to help Morgan stay face

Chuck began to apologize for Morgan, but Anna cut him off by saying he spent his whole life apologizing for Morgan, when was Chuck going to realize that Morgan was never going to grow up.

This was the episode where are started to not like Anna as a person. Anna’s constant tests and making Morgan feel inadequate. She didn’t want to introduce him to her parents, and kept pushing him towards unrealistic goals at this juncture.

Chuck’s mission in make arrangements with Anna to meet Jason Wang.

Chuck: There’s a million reasons to love him, but unfortunately maturity is not on that list.
So I hear– I heard that you have a new guy, new boyfriend or whatever.

Anna: Jason’s great, plus an evening out doesn’t involve me on his handlebars and the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Chuck: Know what you mean.
I’ve been riding on those handlebars for years. Chuck talking with Anna about Wang

Chuck listening to Anna destroy the character of his best friend made Chuck dread what he was about to do, but the watchdog was lurking. Casey prepping ChuckChuck was able to muster asking Anna if she would like to double date with him and Sarah. Something Anna was both shocked and pleased to hear.  She invited them to come for a function Jason was having that evening.   Chuck I will break youAnna happy Chuck asked to accompy herChuck beginning to hate this mission

Casey loves to tease Chuck
Chuck: Oh, “moron,” that’s You know, sticks and stones may break my bones Casey: Do you want me to test that theory, Bartowski?

 During the preparation of their mission, Chuck asked his handlers if they could conduct a side mission in favor of helping Morgan and Anna. His handlers quickly denied that idea with classic Casey banter.

Chuck and Anna at Wang's party
Chuck: Anna, these, these cars are almost the price of a house. Your boyfriend must be very successful. Although the, the true measure of a man’s success is not in dollars but rather his ability to love, and if that’s true, Morgan is stinking rich.
Beautiful blue dress worn by Sarah in this episode
Sarah: I do miss you guys together. You do? – I’m sure Jason’s a great guy, but I’ll always think of you and Morgan as the perfect couple.

Chuck and Sarah arrive at Jason Wang’s function  Chuck was conducting his own mission when he was trying to remind Anna of Morgan’s great qualities like love. Chuck would  drag Sarah into the conversation, which Sarah’s dress in this one was outstanding. A jaw dropper for sure.

Cut the informacial on the bearded loser
Casey: Cut the infomercial on the bearded loser. Wang just walked in.

Charah working together to convince Anna Morgan was the right one

While Chuck was using this opportunity to defend his friend, Casey was sweeping the area and found Jason Wang walking into the room.  Shortly, Anna was a bit confused. She never heard Chuck speak like this before.

She never assumed that  Chuck and Sarah paid any attention to her. Anna would claim she never thought Sarah even noticed her.

Anna: No, Strange Sarah even thought about Morgan and I as a couple. To be honest, I didn’t think you ever really noticed me much.

Sarah put on the spot
Sarah: That’s not true, Anna. I have always thought of you as a friend.

This would mark the first time someone in Chuck’s life made a point to indicate  Sarah’s meaning to the rest of the bunch. Sarah spent time with Morgan because she had too. it was apart of the cover, but for the rest of them Sarah didn’t pay attention too. It left Sarah to lie for the sake of Chuck.

 It’s a harsh lesson indeed, Sarah’s expression is one of being put on the spot. When Anna calls over Jason to introduce him to Charah, Sarah looks the part when covering for a mission, but Chuck he has another expression on his face. Chuck really needs a training course in spyingJason Wang meets Chuck

Morgan: What do we got here? No, it can’t be. Judas.

As Chuck was meeting Jason Wang, Morgan was  snooping around outside. While sweeping the room, he spots Chuck shaking the hand of Jason and instantly uses the word Judas. Chuck has a problem now. His best friend knows he is mingling with his ex and her new boyfriend the situation only was going to get worse from here. Morgan sees Chuck hanging out with Wang and Anna  Chuck would break free of his mission and Anna’s new boyfriend to catch a breather, but it wouldn’t last long as the episode’s baddies walked into the room.  Chuck saw them walk into the room and he flashed on them. Here comes the baddiesChuck about to flashChuck tell's Sarah about his flash

The baddie’s name was Smooth Lau portrayed by Jennifer Jalene. Jennifer’s most notable for her roles on Resilience and Scavengers. 

Chuck went to tell Sarah about his flash, and Sarah told him to not draw attention to them. Anna walked up to Sarah and asked if she could talk to Sarah for a moment.  Anna wants to talk to Annawait for meBefore Sarah went with Anna, she whispered to Chuck to wait for her, but we are talking about Bartowski here. Wang went to the back and met up with the Triades.

Lau was barking orders and commands at Wang. Lau was was asserting her power over Wang, and it was going well until Chuck decided to join the fray and plant the bug, but nothing ever goes smooth for Bartowski, but should be respected for taking initiative. Chuck trying to end this facadeChuck plants the bugCasey was startled by the fact he heard voice and instantly went searching for Chuck, and Casey wasn’t thrilled with not finding Bartowski. Chuck in the process of retreating knocked over a broomstick which caused a ripple of events to occur. Enough to draw the attention of the baddies. Lau heard the noise

They headed towards the direction of the noise. It made Casey leave the van as he heard Smooth was drawn to the commotion. BartowskiMeanwhile Anna and Sarah were talking about Anna’s men in her life.

Anna: I like Jason and, you know, on paper, he’s everything Morgan’s not, so that’s good.

Sarah: No, no, that’s bad.

Anna: Why?

Sarah: Because Morgan’s the guy you keep comparing him to.

Anna:  Sarah, you’re totally right. Oh, my God. Do you think that means I still love him?

No it's badSuddenly, Sarah hears over security’s radio about an intruder. Sarah was looking around for Chuck, and after over hearing what was said on the radio, Sarah assumed Chuck was caught. Sarah looking For Chuck Oh My ChuckWhat’s amazing is how quick Sarah can turn from Agent Walker to Sarah the girlfriend. The expression here is a concerned girlfriend. Sure, she is on mission, but protecting Chuck is objective one and he was potentially in trouble.

Chuck thought Casey was caught so he goes rushing for the door, but he runs into his handlers.  The battle between friendship and duty once again comes to the forefront. Casey and Sarah stop Chuck in his tracks. If Chuck wasn't capturedSarah and Casey: Hey, wait.

Casey: If Chuck hasn’t been captured, then who is the spy being held by Triad?

Morgan: Ow! W-w-w-w-wait, wait, wait. Let me explain! Hey, you’re going to damage my Schwinn.

Chuck: Oh, my God, that’s Morgan. They’ve got Morgan! Hey, whoa! What? We’ve got to help him.

Sarah: No, Chuck, we cannot just start pulling out weapons.
We’re going to blow our cover.

Chuck: Okay, fine, then what’s the next option?

Casey: You think it’s easy for me to do nothing? It goes against everything I believe in to leave a man behind.

Chuck: Then don’t do nothing. Do something.
We can’t just stand here while my best friend gets tortured or killed. Fine, if you’re not going to save him then I will.

The battle between the two handlers and Chuck will only get more intense as Chuck’s loyalty to Morgan would compromise the mission. It really should be no surprise to his handlers this would be the third time in two years Chuck chose family and friends over duty something his handlers have a hard time grasping.

However, as difficult it was for Chuck here, Sarah will put it in perspective for Chuck from her end shortly.

Chuck makes it out to Morgan’s side before any physical harm would come to Morgan, but not so much mental.  The Triades push Morgan up against a van. Anna came to a window and saw what was going down and came out to investigate. Lau kept asking Morgan who and what he was doing there.

Morgan was thinking like a spy and gave off some game code names, but Lau wasn’t smiling or treating it as a laughing matter. She gave him one more try, but Chuck made it out in time. Morgan was surrounded by Triades, Charah, Anna and her new boyfriend. Talk about the dime stacked up against you. whoa whoa Morgan scared Poor morgan

In the midst of trying to save his friend, Chuck thought the only way of this situation was  tell the truth.

Chuck: He’s not a spy, okay? He’s a stalker, which is a thin, but-but very, very key difference, in my opinion.
I see why Anna dumped you.
This guy is a profoundly disturbed individual, okay? He just can’t He can’t let go of her.
He’s an obsessed but totally unthreatening sicko.
Grow up, Morgan Grimes.

Morgan thinking his friend betrayed himChuck hates every minute of what he just did

While Morgan doesn’t understand Chuck’s betrayal, Chuck was doing well as a spy here. He spared Grimes from a state of execution, and still able to maintain his cover, but at the expense of Morgan’s dignity something Sarah still didn’t get.

Sarah: Well, you just saved your best friend’s life.

Chuck: At the expense of his dignity.

Sarah: Well, at least he’s still breathing.

You saved your friends life

Yes, Sarah he is still breathing, but at what point do you see the mission isn’t as important and preserving a civilian’s life. The job of an agent is to make sure lives are saved. Team Bartowski failed in that regard, but Chuck is a hero here, but now he had to salvage a 20 year friendship for the sake of a mission. However, it gets even more dicey as the baddies found the GL-G20 Chuck had planted.

Chuck trying to make amends with Morgan
Chuck: Hey, buddy, you You need some help? Morgan: Nope. I got to learn to do things on my own from now on. Look, Morgan, I know that I hurt your feelings, but I was only trying to protect you. We’ve been friends for a long time, right? Chuck: As long as I can remember, buddy. Morgan: Enjoy the memories.

Chuck tries to make amends with Morgan, but Grimes wasn’t interested. He was still rather piping mad from being humiliated by Chuck.

Chuck would go down to Castle and rant to Sarah about being forced to hurt his friendship with Morgan or protecting his cover and allow his friend to get pummelled by the Triades. While Chuck made a valid point, Sarah was right in this scene too. I don't think you get what it means

Chuck: How could you just stand there and make me choose between Morgan’s life and his friendship?

Sarah:: That wasn’t going to happen because Anna vouched for him.

Chuck: You don’t get who he is to me.

Sarah:No, I get it. He’s your best friend.

Chuck: You know, you say that, but I don’t think you have a clue what it means.

Chuck tells Sarah about his family history and how it relates to Morgan. He told her  something that would make Sarah put what they are responsible for in perspective.

Chuck: Before you got here and long after you’ve gone, Morgan is my family.

Sarah: Last night, we failed to learn the contents of the Triad’s container, and now we don’t know what kind of drugs or weapons are floating around in the city.
And while I appreciate your friendship with Morgan, losing sight of that container endangers many people’s best friends.
Not just yours, Chuck.

Sarah was right in that regard. While we do understand where Chuck was coming from. Sarah and Casey have a job to do too. In 3D they told Chuck by not stopping the baddie from killing Tyler, the result would make the world that more dangerous.

Same thing here, they failed to know the details about the shipment, and for all they know they could be out in the streets. It’s not good business for the handlers to explain to Beckman an explosion happened under their watch because Chuck decided to go off mission to save Morgan Grimes.

Its a sticky situation on all accounts.  Chuck continues to try to mend fences with Grimes, but like the first attempt this one fell short as well except Morgan came clean. He wasn’t made about Chuck betraying him, but rather because him betraying Morgan ended up saving him. Morgan was complaining about how Chuck always had to save him, and he needed to learn to fight his own battles. I am always going to help you

When Morgan and Chuck turn they spot Lau’s henchmen in the Buymore,  Not a good time to be braveLau's henchmenChuck and Morgan duck and head for the back room. They hid under some boxes of TVs. However, Morgan again became annoyed with Chuck protecting him again. Morgan said no more, and headed to face the henchmen, but lucky for Chuck and Morgan’s sake he had the knockout spray Casey let him keep from earlier in the episode. Knockout spray

Chuck trying to protect his friend from a beat down or worse. Stuff the bearded man in a tv box, and tried to roll him out of the store, but the henchmen stopped him in his tracks. They asked Bartowski if he saw the stalker from the other night anywhere.  Bartowski informed them he saw Morgan leave out the back to grab a slice of pizza.  After the henchmen went to sweep the store some more, Chuck notified his team about the threat.

Meanwhile, Anna grabbed Chuck and pulled him to the TV wall, and Chuck flashed on the Ambassador.  it didn’t take long for his handlers to reach the Buymore, and for Chuck to inform Casey and Sarah. However, the proverbial keep your eye on the ball was not followed because the henchmen took a gamble on what was inside the box Chuck was pushing out, and they took the package. it didn't take long for Sarah to grab her shirt and gear Chuck's flash of Chinese AmbassadorChuck tells his team about his flash on Mei ShengChuck went for the box, and realized right away what happened. He made mad dash for the back. As he knew the henchmen grabbed the box with Morgan inside. His handlers still didn’t understand how delicate this situation was for Chuck. As he went running to save Morgan. Casey and Sarah were still at odds with their asset.

The team hopped in a Nerd Herder and arrived at Wang’s car auction.  Casey and Sarah told Chuck stay in the car. It’s still baffling on how the handlers were treating this case as another mission and ignoring the importance of Morgan was for Chuck.

Handlers tell Chuck to stay in the carCasey: Bartowski, you’re like the poster child for friendly fire.

However, Chuck didn’t listen and went to the back as soon as he saw the henchmen’s jeep arrive. He followed them to the back and saw what was going to go down. He saw The henchmen place a bomb in a Rolls Royce. They also placed Morgan in the  Ambassador’s car, which heightened Chuck desire to stop them.Chuck spying on Lau and crew

Don't be an idiot
Concern and worry for Chuck in Casey’s eyes, A very rare occurrence

There are major character developments in this scene. The risk Chuck undertook to rescue his friend from a near death experience was what Casey and Sarah do every day, but when the issue is personal like Chuck was facing you do what you have to to save your friend even if it means harming one’s self.

Casey showing emotion towards Chuck
Casey: Heroic imbecile took off with the bomb

There is no question now Casey does care about Chuck.  Once Sarah found out what Chuck was doing. Walker showed the same sentiment as did Casey. Sarah Witnessing a true sacrificWhat makes the scene that more gratifying was how we all knew Sarah’s feelings towards Chuck, but we haven’t seen anything from Casey like we did in this scene. It gets even better.  Sarah showing real pain and agnoy in her emotions hereHorror on Casey's face tooThe horrified expression is classic

When Chuck revealed himself not to be dead, there was both relief and exasperation on both handlers faces as this experience was a bit much for his handlers. Casey was still shaken by the thought of Bartowski being blown up.

it also showed just how far Chuck was willing to go to protect the ones he cares about. We will see Casey and Sarah resort to such measure in the next two seasons. We will save the ending after we discuss Jeffster’s formation in this episode.

Jeffster’s Debut 

At the beginning of the episode, Ellie was stressing over the amount of work she was putting into the preparations for the wedding, and called Devon for some help. However, Devon would push off finding a band off on Chuck.

While Chuck was calling bands, Jeff was blatantly trying to get Chuck’s attention, but to no avail. After Chuck was through with his call, Jeff and Lester said they would play for Ellie on her big day.

Lester said, they called themselves Jeffster. Eventually Chuck would turn them down, but Jeff told Chuck to not be a musical bigot.

Later on, Ellie and Devon’s computer would malfunction causing them to call on the nerd herd for some help. Jeff told Lester this was their opportunity. However, Lester had first gig jitters and bailed on Jeff.

Jeff found Chuck and asked if they he could speak to Ellie and Awesome in giving the band another shot, but with everything that was going on with Morgan. Chuck had nor the time to listen to Jeff’s problem and told him as much.

Jeff would return to the scene of the crime, and plead with Devon to give Jeffster one more shot, which leads us to the end of the episode.

The ending was great  

Sarah wasn't going to let go of his hand. not on this night
She wasn’t going to let go of his hand. Not on this night. This wasn’t above covers

What makes the scene epic is this screen shot follow by the words Chuck uses to reassure Sarah. Another growth moment was Sarah apologizing for her lack of understanding about his friendship with Morgan, sarah knows she was wrong for the most part, and unlike in the past Sarah will make amends with her friend

Sarah: I wanted to apologize.
I could’ve been more sensitive before about your friendship with Morgan. It’s just, it’s difficult, I don’t really have anyone in my life like that, who who cares about me.

Sarah taking the time to open up is something she has yet to do. When she shot Mauser, it was a matter of duty, but here she is apologizing for not being more sensitive about Morgan. The reason is simple, she thought she lost him, and the idea the last moment with him was the argument she had with him about best friends. However, Chuck like he always did, he used his charms to make her feel good about herself. Sarah talking with Chuck has friends not as handerlAssetYeah, you do Chuck: Yeah, you do.

all is forgiven

A great way to end this episode, and get set for the final arc of the season. Buckle your seatbelts Chuckaholics we are set for a fantastic finish to season two.

Overall Thoughts on The Episode

Team Bartowski still have a growing up to do as a unit. What makes a team gell is its continuity. When the going gets tough the team works wonders together, but not without chaos.

You would think after how Chuck acted in The Truth when his sister was near death would be any different towards Morgan’s situation. The team didn’t learn anything, but it took  the though of Chuck being blown up in a car for the team to fully understand Chuck’s position on friends and family. It won’t change either. A very strong character trait that will clash with his job in the future.

If there was one person I thought was missing from the story, I would of liked to see Mei Ling back for this episode. As I have begun to like Gwendoline Yeo. She did a marvelous job in Sizzling Shrimp. One episode didn’t give her character enough justice.

Well Chuckaholics, this marks the end of the 26th episode of our Chuck Rewatch. I hope you enjoyed it…..

Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and It’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

The next rewatch episode is Chuck vs The Suburbs, a underrated episode that several memorable scenes in it. Some great music and best of all we get to see this, Sarah cooking Chuck breakfest






  1. I think there were two defining moments in this episode, and it is done through facial expressions. In the first is when Sarah and John think that Chuck has sacrificed his life. Of course Sarah is devastated. But I think it is the first time that Casey realizes that Sarah is really in love with Chuck and what this is doing to her. Look at his face right after Chuck makes an appearance behind them. It is almost saying, “You moron, don’t you know what you are doing to my partner?”. I think his attitude change after this.

    The second is the scene at the end. Sarah is testing Chuck when she says that she doesn’t have anyone that cares about her like that. “Yeah, you do,” and grabs her hand. The smile, complete happiness. She is accepted as part of Chuck’s family. She has the bracelet. This is real. This is what she wants. Then Chuck turns and smiles like he did when she spoke to him about saying yes to being engaged. But look at the very last looks from Yvonne (Sarah). It hits her. This is real. She has never experienced this before. How is she going to handle it? What is required of her as a friend/girlfriend? And this scene sets up the devastation when someone else (Hannah) tries to take her place with family Bartowski, her family.

    Great acting by all three characters.

    • Clark,
      First, welcome to hope you found yourself enjoying the articles and other features we have here.

      If you have read the various articles expressions and nonverbal are explored in particular with Sarah Walker, but even Casey has expressions that are worth noting especially when he believe Chuck died. While we knew Sarah was devastated in that brief moment. Casey was the more intriguing moment as we saw for the first time real emotion from Casey.

      Isn’t amazing what range of these great performers.

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