gallery Rewatch Twenty Eight: Episode Fifteen Season Two: Cole Barker Comes to Town

Chuck vs The Beefcake

We are on the brink on some of the best episodes Chuck had to offer. The door is open and we are about to step on the threshold of some of the best writing of the series.

While following our rewatch, you must be asking yourself Suburbs doesn’t come before Beefcake, and you would be right, but if you were to watch Suburbs than this episode the story makes a lot more sense with the way Chuck and Sarah are at the beginning of this episode. The near dream come true was snatched from the both of them, and it is at this juncture of the story Chuck made it clear he was ready to move on or at least put the his feelings on hold.

However, Chuck has a big sister that will influence Chuck to do something that wasn’t warranted and that was to break it off with Sarah. It wasn’t the wisest decision.

Chuck will get competition in this episode in the form of a James Bond type MI6 agent named Cole Barker, who was played by Jonathan Cake, who came to Burbank under the impression he was working with Fulcrum, but Cole isn’t a rogue agent. I also never felt he was a threat to Sarah like Bryce was or in Season Three with Shaw.

So, we shall begin with understanding Beefcake. 

The episode begins with a bearded man digging up a grave. He unzipped the body bag and took off the belt buckle of the dead guy. A interesting way to start off the episode.Cole digging up Brad White's graveA very important Belt BuckleThe episode would shift to Castle. Casey and Sarah were in the middle of a debriefing as Beckman was giving details of their new assignment.

It would be discovered that the grave belong to Brad White, one of the scientist who conducted the Intersect test on Chuck. The chip was believed to have game changing intel. Sarah knew Brad from the testing

Sarah: That’s one of the FULCRUM agents who ran the Intersect test on Chuck.Why would they rob his grave?

Beckman: That’s what we need you to find out. We picked up chatter that whatever they took is potentially game-changing intelligence.

Casey: You want us to grab Chuck, keep him underground?

Beckman: I don’t think that’s necessary yet, but keep a close eye on the asset until we have further information. Don’t let him out of your sight.

What is interesting about the scene was Sarah’s demeanor. She looks like she been through a war. now with the order of the episodes off. It would be hard for the viewer to understand why Sarah would look disheveled. Chuck and her were just seen holding hands at the end of Best Friend, but if we saw Suburbs. it would give the viewer a better understanding why Sarah was uncomfortable when seeing Brad’s picture appear on the screen.

Sarah knows how dangerous this could become if these people she had a intense experience with was able to get their mits on the intel. Sarah still looking like she is still feeling the affects of the testing

While Casey was looking at the general, Sarah was fixated on Brad White. Has Fulcrum gotten to the CIA’s best agent. The episode would shift to the Bartowski’s pad.

Chuck’s cell phone would buzz, but Chuck wasn’t in a hurry to pick it up, which brought out big sister Ellie to once again insert herself into Chuck’s business. Now this would be one of two times Ellie would make me sour on the character. I understand it’s her brother, but the man sooner or later has to be able to make decisions on his own. Ellie not understanding why her brother didn't want to talk to SArahWhat Chuck showed was Meadow Branch was still lingering on his mind, and it would stir a conversation with Ellie and Devon. Chuck showing Meadow Branch still on his mindAwesome said playing hard to get is very cold and powerful, Ellie would chime in by saying so does Abstinence want to try it? Ellie comment made Awesome back out of this conversation.

Ellie: Chuck, the other night, you said some pretty heavy things about Sarah, about her not being the one.

Chuck: Well, you know, I mean, we’ve got our issues.
But don’t don’t worry, sis; it will all work itself out.

Ellie: No, Chuck, it won’t.That’s what you always say, you know.
You have to take control of your life if you want to move forward.

These are the kind of conversations between Chuck and Ellie that annoy me. I understand she is playing the role of Chuck’s mother, but this issue was about Chuck and Sarah, why did Ellie feel the need to bring the Buymore into the equation. If Devon and Ellie were having issues would Chuck talk to her the same way she just did to Chuck.

What Ellie does is not help the situation, but to enable Chuck to slip into low self esteem Chuck. In life, no one response well to these kind of lectures especially for someone like Chuck, who has self doubt to begin with.Ellie always enable Chuck to feel sorry about himselfSomeone like Ellie doesn’t see it that way. Ellie thinks she was trying to talk some sense into Chuck, but it does the opposite really.

Morgan and Chuck discussing relationships
Morgan: Dude, do you have any idea what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s so upsetting that it just keeps you up at night?

So, that would mark my first rant of this episode. Don’t worry there is another one coming. The episode heads to the Buymore where Morgan and Chuck were discussing relationships. Morgan was tired of hearing Big Mike rolling in the hay with his mother, the conversation would seize once Chuck’s phone went off again. Chuck screening his call again

Chuck isn't happy seeing Sarah
Chuck doesn’t have a smile or happy to see Sarah giddiness

For the first time since Chuck and Sarah have met, Chuck looks exasperated with Sarah. His body language and expression indicates as much, and Sarah can tell right away there are issues not because of her spy skills, but because she overheard on the surveillance camera. She offers to buy Chuck a yogurt so they can talk. Sarah looks like she also has been through a war

in the Orange, Chuck watches as Sarah cuts up a banana, and Chuck knew he needed to choose his words careful, but Sarah wasn’t angry with Chuck, Sarah knew what this was about, but for the first time we see body language that indicated that Sarah was growing tired with this every other week breaking up speeches Chuck did, She would open up a little bit.Knife holding SWSarah knows where this was headed.Chuck choosing his words carefully

Now before we continue, we need to rehash old memories for a minute. This would mark the third time Chuck was looking to end things with Sarah, and there are some here that believe how can you break up something that wasn’t real, but we have to understand Chuck and Sarah had something real. They just couldn’t call it that because of the nature of the handler/asset relationship.

I also would chalk the Break Up earlier in the season as Bryce getting into the head of Chuck. So, this would mark the second break up Chuck was looking to free himself of whatever you want to call it. The first time we got this reaction out of her Sarah clutching her lips to hide emotionsSarah was stunned and caught off guard, but through cameras and monitors Sarah knew in this episode what  was coming, but in the Truth she hid her feelings. Here, we get a very different Sarah Walkerbreak up scene number threewhile Casey and Chuck exchange banter, Sarah is still looking like she doesn’t want to hear the words that were about to come out of his mouth. We have to understand, Sarah’s dream of being a normal woman was hers for a brief moment in Suburbs, and with everything that transpired in the Fulcrum Lab. There is a change in Sarah’s demeanor towards the relationship. Sarah still not having fun with thisChuck: It-it’s just getting it’s getting so complicated lying to my sister and my and my friends.Sometimes, I don’t even know what lie I’m telling.

Sarah: Look, tell them we’re taking things slowly and that while we enjoy each other’s company, we don’t really feel the need to label it, and who knows what the future holds for us?

Chuck:But that’s that’s just another lie, isn’t it? We’ll never really be together. Exactly.Exactly, and that’s why I think we should break up.

Now see how Sarah’s body language shift as she tells Chuck about telling them were taking things slow, which was Sarah’s first time acknowledging they have something without saying it. Her eyes tightenChuck going on with it.Sarah expressing herself.Who knows what the future holds for usWhen she finished with we don’t really feel the need to label it, and who knows what the future holds for us, It’s like Sarah was saying to Chuck, Hey I want what you want, but this is all we can do right now. She said “what the future holds.” She never said she didn’t want to be with him or we can’t. She isn’t lying either.

Sarah really frustrated with it all
After Sarah asked Chuck if thats what he really wanted, you can see Sarah was ready to explode.

Chuck told her it would be another lie, but Sarah couldn’t answer anymore, but can see the problem they were having. Especially, when Casey came up. He told them to report downstairs for the briefing,

Beckman would tell them, they were able to lift a finger print off the body bag. The agent’s name was Cole Barker. A Fulcrum agent, who arrived at LAX this morning. They believed he was going to meet with a Fulcrum contact and initiate a handoff. Beckman ordered Agent Walker to retrieve the buckle by any means necessary.

Chuck would notice something on Cole’s belt buck and asked if they could zoom in on the buckle. When they do, Chuck would flash and told them the intel was in the buckle. This gave Casey leverage to poke the bear with a funny line “Well, you’re going to have to get his pants off, huh, Walker? Good thing Bartowski dumped you.” Great timing on the break up BartowskiWhile the team was on mission, there is clearly an issue between Chuck and Sarah. As the two are not on the same page, The team was working the missionSarah has her back against Chuck, and Chuck is sitting with a funk. In came Cole, and Casey orders Sarah to make it quick. There wasn’t much time to act. Cole sits down and orders a drinkCasey was poking fun when he told Sarah to get Beefcake up to his room and make it a quickie. Chuck wasn’t having fun as his jealousy began to kick in. He thought it wasn’t safe sending Walker up to Cole’s room alone. Sarah assured Chuck everything would be fine. Walker showed Chuck the gun she was hiding in her purse. and the safety code words.

Sarah: If I ask for any Cristal champagne, Casey will know I’m in trouble.

We often talk about chemistry between Zac and Yvonne or Yvonne and Matt Bomer, but I did like the chemistry between Yvonne and Jonathan here. They eased right into it.

Sarah meets Cole

Sarah: I noticed you sitting alone.

Cole:Very observant.

Sarah: Do you want some company?

Cole: Not really.

Sarah: Well, neither do I. But, uh, the problem is, if I sit alone at the bar, then every guy in here is going to think I’m lonely and desperate, and try and take a shot at a total stranger.

Cole: Isn’t that what you’re doing right now?

Sarah: Guilty as charged.

Cole: If we’re going to continue this conversation, I think I should make one thing abundantly clear. I’m not a very nice guy.

Sarah takes notice of Cole’s blunt attitude, and makes it a point to take a shot at Chuck here. 

Chuck didn’t miss the signal either, but let’s be fair here Sarah just was dumped by Chuck, but what Sarah said wasn’t to make Chuck feel like a fool, but to put it in perspective, and it wasn’t to draw interest from Cole either. Her intentions was to educate Chuck. A tactical move by Sarah indeed.

Looking in Chuck Direction
Sarah: But, uh, the problem is, if I sit alone at the bar, then every guy in here is going to think I’m lonely and desperate, and try and take a shot at a total stranger.

Cole isn't convinced

As she is saying it, her eyes slide in Chuck direction as sending a message to Chuck I am not into nice guys.I am not into nice guys.

eyes again shifting in Chuck directionChuck knows the comments Sarah was making was directed at him

 Sarah did her job, as Cole said let’s take this up to his room.  Cole Escorts Sarah into the elevator. Sarah asked Cole which floor and they were on their way up to the eleventh floor. Let's take this up to my roomWhile Cole and Sarah were getting cozy upstairs, Casey can see the chatter was getting to Chuck, and Casey usually pokes fun with Chuck over this, but not today. He suggested for Chuck not to listen, but Chuck said he can cope with it. He said besides he may need to flash on something. maybe you shouldn't listenChuck losing himself again, but not like susualChuck was different in his reaction to Sarah and Cole going to his room. He would of sulked with this kind of mission, but he was remembering he had a job to do.  A early sign of maturation in the spy world.  I got thisChuck looked around the room and saw to men standing by the elevator as the doors shut. Chuck saw them and flashed on them, and informed Casey they were Fulcrum agents. Chuck letting Casey know about the baddies getting on the elevatorCasey would get on the elevator with the two agent, but what Casey didn’t suspect was everyone on the lift were Fulcrum agents. Meanwhile, Cole and Sarah barge into the hotel room kissing and making out. Who is seducing whoThey tussle and continue the act of passion as they fall over the couch. Cole picks up Sarah’s purse and sends it flying over by the bed. Sarah makes a break for it, but the quick like a cat Cole grabs Walker and pins her up against the wall. All while this was going on Sarah made a play for Cole’s belt a few times, but came up empty.

Meanwhile, Chuck finally couldn’t take the hot and heavy breathing, thus he took out the earwig. It was not the right time because Sarah said the safe word. Sarah in troubleIn Cole’s room, Sarah gets cornered and gets her hands tied up with Cole’s belt. Cole would repeat the line, I told you I wasn’t a nice guy. Sarah made one last play for her purse, but Cole got to it first and pulled out the weapon.

Life wouldn’t easy for Casey either,  a woman with a baby carriage entered the elevator, and when the woman reached her floor. Casey allowed the lady to get off, but Casey was soon in an ambush situation as the lady wasn’t carrying a real baby. This was when the shooting began.

This is getting a little too dangerous for me right now.
Sarah: This is getting a little too dangerous for me right now.

Down at the bar, Chuck wallowing in his decision to let Sarah go would quickly  change into taking charge Chuck. As a waiter said someone from room 1121 ordered Crystal or Champagne. When Chuck heard this he put his earwig back in and heard Sarah in trouble. He would tell Casey about Sarah’s position being compromised, but Casey was dealing with his own issues. This meant Chuck had to head upstairs to help.

Chuck came up to the room searching for Cole’s hotel room and really became useful here. His knock on the door caused Cole to hesitate enough for Sarah to attack.

ouch kabibble
Ouch Kabibble

Sarah takes a shot at Cole

Chuck can hear Sarah and Cole rumbling. He tries to knock the door down with his shoulder, but that was an ouch kabibble. Next was his foot, and that got the job done. He came in with the girl on top. Chuck made a funny remark here, girl on topMaybe you should put your dress on 'cause it's, uh a little chilly in here.Chuck: Maybe you should put your dress on ’cause it’s, uh a little chilly in here.

Chuck and Sarah would inform Casey they had the package and Cole in custody. They were headed up to the roof for extraction, but it would quickly turn into a ambush by Fulcrum. It would leave Sarah, Cole and Chuck pinned down. Chuck and Sarah have COle and Belt in custody

 Cole started saying they were making a mistake. They didn’t know who they were dealing with. As Sarah said his charms didn’t work on her, a helicopter came up to the roof.  It didn’t take long to know whose ride it was when the chopper started shooting at them.Helicopter used by fulcrumChuck, Cole and Sarah ducked for cover. Cole told Chuck to cut him loose. He was going to help her, but at first Chuck was reluctant, Barker made a point to say he had no other choice. Cut me looseChuck gave in and Cole went guns ablazing open firing on the gas line that was next to the chopper. Eventually the gas line would explode onto the chopper. Cole dropped down and said come with me if you want to live. However, Casey had other plans as he whacked Cole in the back of the head. Cole saves the dayBoom goes the chopper

It was a great scene from the time Sarah and Cole enter the elevator until the chopper explodes. I loved the blend of comedy within the scenes to lighten the mood at times. Cole and Sarah had great chemistry in this scene, and it showed well in their performance.

At Castle, Beckman personally apologized to Cole for interfering in his MI6 undercover assignment. Cole was upset saying 18 months of undercover work was ruined. Chuck was busy examining the chip. Cole explained he needed to get the playback device in order to see what was on the chip. We need the playback device

Beckman would order Cole to stay in Castle for the night with Agent Walker supervising. Beckman would sign off after giving her orders. Cole would try to charm Sarah by saying he could of think of worse things than spending time with Walker. Sarah's reaction upon hearing she would have to play babysitter for the nightI can't think of anything

Cole: Well, I could think of worse ways to spend the night.
Sarah: Funny, but I can’t think of any.

Sarah’ actions are telling because she clearly has no interest in Cole. Her facial features are one of annoyance as this guy’s arrogance would think he would score with her.  Chuck would offer Cole a place to stay in his apartment, but it didn’t work.

Cole was setting up his bed, when Chuck asked Sarah did she want him to stick around, but Sarah said no.  She said it with a smile.  Sarah fsubmitting to Chuck's kidness

Chuck: Right, um, so are you, are you sure that you’re okay alone with this guy, ’cause I don’t mind staying?

Sarah: Go home, Chuck, and get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning..

After Sarah left the room, Cole came up to Chuck and asked him if there was something between him and Walker, but Chuck said their relationship was strictly professional. Cole smiled upon hearing the news. He told Chuck he thought he might take a swing at her. What is the thing between you too.Chuck realizing that he made a mistake with breaking up with Sarah

One of the things Cole did that impressed me was in this scene. He is Mr James Bond, and unlike Bryce and Shaw ignoring what he is seeing between Walker and Bartowski, he asked Chuck first if there was something going on between the two. It shows Cole has respect for Chuck. I like it…..

Now before we continue with the mission, we need to backtrack a minute.  Remember when Ellie said for Chuck to break up with Sarah if things weren’t right. Well the voice of reason in the sense of Morgan would say why it was a bad idea.

Morgan said, “if there was anything I know in this world, I know Chuck, and Sarah’s the one.” Devon said, Ellie was the one who told Chuck to break it off. The lack of confidence in Chuck sometimes is really bad, and I give Morgan grief at times because I saw a lot of potential in him, but he is the only one that says positive things about Bartowski outside of Sarah on most occasions.

The reason I brought up what Morgan said, Ellie would echo the sentiment back to Chuck, but with a bit of reality as broke up with SarahI thought I did what you said.

Ellie: Yeah, I do.
I do remember saying that.
Um, I just think that once you let her go, it’s gonna be really hard to get her back.

SO, for the first time all series Chuck listens to Ellie, and it backfires on Ellie. It won’t be the last time either. There will be a situation in Season Three that will call for me to rant, but we will get into that then.

Meanwhile in Castle, Sarah was doing some digging into Cole. She read his files to better understand who he was. He had an impressive resume, but not enough to draw the interest of one Agent Walker. As Cole approached, Sarah shut off the laptop. Cole would turn on the charms, but to no avail. Cole working his magicnot interesedSarah:  Let me make this very clear.
I’m not interested.

Sarah is making it know that she isn’t interested. It’s interesting because usually when Sarah was following orders, she would be flirting right back. After all Cole fits the Bryce Larkin mold. Confidence, machismo, and the ability to schmooze her, but Sarah isn’t biting on his advances because this Sarah is in love with Chuck, and she is becoming aware of it. For Chuck veterans, we know she is on the threshold of Day 564.

While Sarah was fending off Cole, Chuck walks into the Orange, Orange. He taps into the cameras to see what is going on downstairs, and he saw Cole throw his towel on the table. Chuck looking to see what was going on in Castle Cole continued his pursuit by saying something that had some truth to it.

Cole: Look, I’m not saying you don’t possess the necessary instruments.
You’ve just been a bit out of practice.
I mean, look at this place.
Locked up in this dungeon.
It’s like keeping a Botticelli in the basement.
No one can appreciate the beauty.

Sarah’s response was simply get dressed. Cole would oblige but not without protest. Doesn't seem Cole's pass was hitting homeCole's charms at worktowel on the tableFrom Chuck’s perch, he didn’t realize Casey had joined him, and was impressed by Cole’s aggressiveness or took it at giving Chuck some rubbing. The boys impressed and not so impressed We come up to the second part of my rant. While the team comes up with a plan to gain access to the chip, the team completely ignores the computer technician in the room.

Chuck’s talents as an IT guy should’ve been used here, and what’s worse is Casey and Sarah knew he has talent, but like Ellie and Awesome didn’t show faith in him. His team didn’t show him any respect. The team going over a plan to get the play back device

Chuck: Well, maybe I can hack the chip. I’ve cracked a data drive or two in my day.
Cole: Not like this. It’s a little more complicated than you and your friends stealing video games.

Casey: Yeah.Don’t try to be a hero on this one, Bartowski.
Leave that to the pros.

Chuck: Excuse me. I am a pro. My job is a certified computer and electronics technician.

Casey’s remark made me so angry that I actually wanted to throw my remote through the television. Casey, you know Chuck has defused a bomb with the Irene Demova virus, Casey himself was impressed how he was able to get the Sheik’s account.

All this was technical savvy on Chuck Bartowski plate. His best skills was situations like this why not utilize them. What makes it worse Sarah just stood there.

Cole still was displaying his James Bond complex when he suggest that his cover may have not been blown and he would go at it alone.  However, both Casey and Sarah said no due to the sensitivity on the intel that may be on the chip.

Cole would then tell them to leave the chip in Castle. He said it was time to set up a meet, and see who was working for Fulcrum. Casey and Cole went to gear up, but Chuck tried to plead his case with Sarah, but she shot him down. Sarah told Chuck to go back to work.

The lack of faith in Chuck by his team shows he still had the persona of being only useful when they needed him to flash. It fuels Chuck’s doubts in Sarah being with him. Its disgusting when seeing scenes like this because while the team comes up with plans they tend to break down, and the quick thinking Chuck bails them out most of the time. I am the professional

Making Chuck stay in the car again
The Stay In The Van has return

Furthermore, Chuck was the leader in the hostage takeover by Ned, which means he can handle dangerous situations. This was the stay in the van Chuck all over again.  However, Sarah and Casey should’ve of learned early that Bartowski doesn’t follow orders. Chuck up to something

 Cole, Sarah and Casey all were waiting for the Fulcrum contact in a plaza. I thought Casey was a bit obvious but that was just me. Casey Sarah and Cole waiting for the contact to arriveFulcrum contact

Cole said his contact arrived, and it was go time. The problem was Chuck was working on the chip of all place at the Nerd Herd desk. My wife and I once said, why would Chuck want to hack into the chip in the middle of the store where everyone can see what was on it. Chuck’s anger got the best of him there. My contact is hereChuck hacking into the chip

What Chuck didn’t know was there was security in place for purposes of what Chuck was doing. Thus, when Chuck cracked into the chip, he was happy so was Fulcrum.  Chuck's hack cause this to happenSarah and Cole Taken

The Fulcrum agent in the car said, it was a set up and took Sarah and Cole hostage. Casey utter the word Bartowski as he knew who was responsible for this. Meanwhile, Chuck saw what was on the chip.

What was on the chip was certainly a game changer.  It was Agent Zero, a copy of the Intersect testing Fulcrum was doing. The person on the chip was Chuck Bartowski.  Charles CarmichaelWhile Chuck was looking at the chip, Chuck didn’t see that Fulcrum entered the store. Chuck looked up, but had the instances to break the chip which was the smart play. Fulcrum has arrivedWhen Chuck looked up he flashed on the female agent whose name was Alexis who was portrayed by Katrina Law. She strolled to the desk, and saw instantly what Chuck did. She asked the question why do people consist on doing things the hard way. AlexisI don't know what your reffering tooThe Fulcrum agents surrounded Chuck, and he was now in possession of Fulcrum. This was an entertaining scene as Chuck was in agony as he was tied up from the ceiling. Fulcrum was preparing to torture them about the intel on the chip. All three in troubleWhat makes it funny was Cole asked Sarah what Chuck’s threshold for pain was Sarah said a one. This caused Chuck to defend himself by saying he was like a 7 or 8 in pain tolerance. When Sarah informed Chuck this was the pre torture. Chuck said, yes put me down as a one. The sentiments were echo in Castle as well. Casey informed the general that Fulcrum had Cole and the asset.

Casey suggested they were going to be using torture and the general said “Good God, he will never last.” I thought it was very funny in my view. Alexis comes and says everyone was in a talking mood. Alexis comes to tortureAlexis starts off with Cole. she is slashing him with a whip. Chuck couldn’t stand the sight of it and said “enough with the torture.” Furthermore, Chuck added, “Can’t you see he won’t talk,” Alexis then went for a torch, and replied “Everyone Talks.”  She then ignited the torch.

This would cause Chuck to hyperventilate, and broke his silence about what he saw on the chip. Sarah screamed “no,’ but Chuck was trying to save Cole from any further damage.  Its  Chuck value for life that came into play, and if it meant revealing his secret to preserve a life of another than so be it. He did the same thing in Chuck vs Santa Claus. When it comes to another person’s life protocol takes a back seat, at least in Chuck’s case.Chuck seeing Cole about to get worked over with a tortureCole taking a beating for dutyNo ChuckI am on the chip One of the things that stands out about this scene was this screenshot.  After Chuck told Alexis that he was on the chip, Alexis turned her attention to Chuck. Sarah’s reaction to Chuck getting hurt drew this expression from Sarah. Something Cole saw and understood right away. Sarah scared for Chuck's lifeSarah shows concern for Chuck while asking Cole for help. Cole understood and tried to sway Alexis towards him by saying why would the CIA put the Intersect into Chuck, who couldn’t handle a basic round of torture. Alexis would ask Cole who had it then. Cole said it was in him. Chuck then would redirect her to him by taunting her.

Chuck: t’s me, okay, and I resent the fact that I couldn’t stand up to torture.
Do your worst.
In fact, you could stick that incredibly long needle in my eye and I still wouldn’t tell you anything.

Alexis: This needle? You want me to put this needle in your eye?

Chuck: Uh, uh, uh, you know, you know, you know, on, on, on second thought  He fell over on his wheelchair

Do your worstThis NeedleSarah not smiling anymore

Alexis would oblige by grabbing the needle and attempted to stick it in Chuck’s eye.  Chuck would then follow the advice of Sarah and scared himself silly, which made Chuck fall over. We also can see from the scene Sarah grown to like Cole as a person. Cole was willing to sacrifice his own well being in protecting Chuck, which was always priority one.

Sarah appreciates what Cole was doingBefore Alexis could work some more on Chuck, Casey and a team of good guys stormed the warehouse. Alexis made a run for it but Casey cut off her escape route. It made Alexis kill herself to prevent herself from talking.  Chuck woken up by AlexisAlexis ready to try againCasey and the calvarySarah happy to see Casey arriveno where to runEveryone talks

As the mission was wrapping up, Chuck had an Ice pack on the back of his head, Casey walked up to Chuck, and for the first time Casey didn’t poke fun, but gave advice. Yes, Sarah told Chuck to faint, but the physical torture Cole underwent required attention. Casey pointed out that fact. Sarah attending to Cole

Casey:: Oh, so your move was to faint and his was to endure torture?

Chuck: We have different methods.

Casey: It looks like his method is working.

As you have read my articles, you know I am a fan of when Chuck and Sarah communicate. The two often miss the opportunities to express themselves in an intimate setting, but in this scene it was great to hear Sarah acknowledge how the cover was torturing Chuck.

Sarah would praise Chuck for withstanding torture first with their mission and then with their fake relationship, our fake relaionship was torture

Sarah: Besides, you’ve had a lot of practice enduring torture, with our fake relationship.

Chuck: You know, it wasn’t completely torture.
We certainly had our moments, didn’t we?

Sarah: Well, even though it wasn’t real, I’m really going to miss it.

This was a sincere I would miss it, but its gets dicey from a Sarah Walker perspective. As Chuck left, Cole was saying his goodbye, but offered Sarah to come with him on a vacation, but Sarah resisted by saying she had her assignment, which was another way of saying I have a boyfriend.  I can keep my word

Sarah also said she had concerns about Cole being out there knowing Chuck’s secret. Cole assured her that he could keep his word. Cole went to even flatter Sarah in his attempt to have Sarah leave with him by saying how she forgot what it was like to think for herself. While Cole was trying to win Sarah, they didn’t know Bartowski was watching.

Chuck watching
Deja Vu for Chuck, Bryce kissed Sarah the same way. Sarah didn’t know Chuck was watching

The problem was from Chuck’s perspective, he didn’t hear what was said, but he didn’t need to because Cole went for broke and kissed Sarah.  Sarah resisting the temptation, but she succumbs to BeefcakeAt first Sarah resists, but eventually succumbs to Cole’s advances. The kiss between COle and SarahChuck heart in his stomachChuck’s heart now is in his stomach, and for right now there isn’t anything he could do about it. Sarah's reaction to kissing ColeWhile Chuck was leaving the Buymore with his tail between his legs, Morgan told him he needed to find his own place so he could walk free willy around the house. This sparked Chuck to suggest they move in together.  The little bearded man got super stoked about what Chuck had offered.

When Chuck got home he told Ellie he was moving out, and told her he was moving in with Morgan, which Ellie was not fond of.  Cole was seen traveling to the airport with drink in hand. Suddenly a cop car rides along the car, and opens fire on the driver. Cole's transport taken out by FulcrumThe news of Cole’s kidnapping would make Sarah rush to Chuck apartment and tell Chuck the unfortunate news that they not only weren’t able to break up, but they had to move in together to boot. The news may be a shock for Chuck, but I don’t think Sarah mind this time around Sarah seems happy she has to sell it  this timeFinally, Chuck thought maybe Cole would be able to handle the torture, but Sarah reminded him about everyone talks.

Casting Couch at The Buymore

Not only did Katrina Law and Jonathan Cake guest star in this episode, but from the Buymore side of things we had a guest star  for this story as well. Brooklyn Decker Stop by for a casting couch set forth by none other then Jeffster. Brooklyn Decker

Big Mike ordered Morgan to higher the new green shirt, but Morgan feeling tired from all the bumping his mother and Big Mike were doing, Jeffster offered their services to help out with the hiring.

Lester suggested casting couch, and off they went. <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″

Overall Thoughts on the Episode

While I never like the Cole Barker episodes when I first went through them. I have grown to like them because Cole showed Chuck a lot of respect despite not letting Chuck hack into the chip.

I thought Ellie was wrong in telling Chuck to break up with Sarah, but Chuck is to blame as well. He doesn’t need to listen to his sister their he over 30 by now, and should be able to make his own decisions. All Ellie was providing was advice.

The results of this break up showed Sarah in a different light. The desire to stay with Chuck personally was starting to increase enough for her to make her emotions known not only by way of body language like she so often has done, but its more of a speaking her feelings now. What she said to Cole in the bar was directed at Chuck, and she made a point.  In other words, be careful Chuck, Sarah out on the open market may not last long my friend.

This episode also was the setup for the Orion episodes as we are not going to meet a very important figure in the story of the not only the intersect, but it may also be a very important figure in Chuck’s life as well.

The next episode on our quest to 91 will be Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon.

The name Orion

Don’t forget Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t


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