Calling All Chuck Fans to Come Home to The Chuck Project.

While recovering from a terrible stomach virus that hit the entire house this past week, I layed in bed monitoring my Chuck sites. Chuckaholics was doing fine, but one site was making my heart hurt.

The Chuck Project’s lack of moment has caused me to write this article in discussing what the social network could accomplish, but much like anything else in this wonderful world the message isn’t reaching Chuck fans.

A lot of you are on Twitter or Facebook and I read your tweets and status updates everyday and wonder if there are so many passionate Chuck fans engaging on the establish social networks. Why haven’t you taken that passion and help build The Chuck Project into a dream come true. Come take a walk with me and let me show you why The Chuck Project could be special.

The idea of the Chuck Project stemmed from the heels of Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ campaign from a year ago. Zachary asked the fans to contribute to a crowdfunding fundraiser so he could bring the event back to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)

He was seeking One Million Dollars in 46 days, and only was able to muster 336,784 in that time span. While the number is great in that allotted time frame, It made me do a little research on how many fans Chuck there are in the world, and between Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook their were well over 2 million fans. When I saw these numbers, I was shocked if 200,000 fans gave 5 dollars Zac could of reached his goal of one million.

It was eye opening in a sense because the problem lies with the message not reaching Chuck fans. The message that if Zac was able to reach one million. He could’ve used that has leverage for the infamous Chuck movie so many of you are craving for, but since he didn’t how can he even suggest to the powers that be a kickstarter like Veronica Mars did. It dawned on me what I had to do. It was time to unite Chuck fans from across the globe. I am making it a personal mission because I believe in the show and those that made it.

I started tweeting about uniting together. I started to promote unity, and again the message wasn’t hitting home.  The realization that a lot of so called passionate Chuck fans. The ones that say they would do anything to help make it happen tend to be the same people that hope it happens rather then take action.

I am not getting money for this nor am I looking to get my fifteen minutes of fame. I am really a behind the scenes guy, but come on Chuck fans we are a special group of people and we are missing out on what could be really revolutionary. Think of this while other show fans begin to come up with the idea of making themed social networks, we will already have one established. Groundbreaking isn’t it?


When you have passion for something, and you see that passion struggling it begins to take a toll on the heart, and even have a ripple effect into the soul. The mission to create a home for Chuck fans started last year with this article. Here is a link to The Chuckaholic Vision.

The Chuckaholic Vision

I wrote the article while thinking of ways in creating a community for the fans to come together. The chance to share ideas. fan fiction, videos, pictures anything Chuck related. While going through Facebook and Twitter I began to realize what the problem was, and it came to me when I was conducting a rewatch one day.

Twitter and Facebook have a lot of content and with that each Chuck related post gets lost rather quickly with advertisements and other feeds that come across on the social networks. I thought what would it cost to create a social network for Chuck fans to share their passion.

I wrote a direct message to some of my friends who share the same passion and they were on board with the idea. Thus, the birth of The Chuck Project, but much like Zac’s campaign the message is still not hitting home.

Chuck fans why are we divided? Why do we maintain the position that our voices will be heard on the social giants when clearly the old way isn’t working. When we tweet Yvonne Strahovski for over an hour or two and still don’t trend her. its a problem my friends. It means promoting on those social networks isn’t working anymore.

What works is driving up the numbers of The Chuck Project. The more members, the more google sees traffic coming and going out of the site. The Chuck Project’s ascension to the first page of Chuck sites, but four or five people won’t be able to get it done. We need more Real passionate Chuck fans that want to contribute on this movement I have started.

Chuck fans its time to come home. It’s time to make Chuck matter again, The show may never return, but it doesn’t mean we stop fighting. It does mean we still be respectful to those that made the show Share your passion with the 115 people already enjoying the social network.

Engage with other Chuck fans, join group pages like this one

Or Forum questions like this one,

The  site not only is meant for fans alone as three weeks ago Mark Christopher Lawrence join the site, and he has responded to some of the questions from fans. We show the cast members respect and don’t harass them about a movie as Mark once commented “Its all up to Warner Brothers when and if they want to make a movie.”  Think about this Chuck fans if the Chuck Project was able to attract a Chuck cast member to join the site where are the rest of you?

in closing, Chuck fans if our house is divided or spread out then we won’t be able to accomplish anything. We recently ran a campaign to help fund the site, but only was able to raise $241 out of our goal of $700.and its because our message, our mission isn’t reaching the fanbase.

It makes me sad when something I love and care about doesn’t get the respect and proper love it deserves, and for that purpose the site pays tributes to the cast. We are currently conducting an Yvonne week, so come to the Chuck Project and start engaging Chuck fans. The site is going to make you proud and some day we may even catch the eye of Warner Brothers, but we can’t even become a thought in their heads if we don’t come together.

It’s time Chuck fans, It’s time to come home to your very own social network where you won’t get lost in the shuffle. You won’t need to worry that the show isn’t trending because its the only thing we discuss. Don’t do it for me, do it for them. Sarah and Chuck agree watching Chuck while your sick very good idea Click this link and become a member,

Hope to see you there.

Chuckaholic founder and advocate of The Chuck Project








One comment

  1. It is sad and unfortunate that the Chuck project only has 115 members. Also sad and unfortunate is we asked Chuck fans to help fund the site to the tune of $700. We got $221. Everyone loves Yvonne, Zac, and the rest of the cast. The two most common comments are, asking about a Chuck Movie, or another season of Chuck.

    Like Chris said, it isn’t going to happen with these kinds of numbers. Everyone wants but no one wants to do. Stop asking and start doing. Get involved. There are still too many of us going off in so many different directions that we are not accomplishing anything. Get on the Chuck Project. Do your discussions and blogs there. Spread the word. Tell your friends.

    Stop Tweeting or Facebooking asking for something where you expect it to happen but are not ready to make it happen. Get involved and let’s get the interest cranked up.

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