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We have come up to the second to last episode of season three, and we have an epic episode.three things happen in this episode that make this episode extra special.

1. We say goodbye to Scott Bakula, in what will be a dark moment for the Bartowski Children.

2. Ellie finds out what Chuck has been doing for the last three years.

3. Alex McHugh finds out the guy she was serving apple pie to may be more than he seems as she will find out John Casey is her father.

All this will happen in this one episode, and that’s without mentioning the return of Daniel Shaw. who came to Burbank seeking revenge for Chuck attempting to kill him, and the CIA for being responsible for the killing of his wife. Let’s take a ride on a subway and talk about how Shaw methodically dismantled Team Bartowski from Beckman to Chuck and everyone in between.

Since there is a lot of information going on in this episode, I need to break it down in order to give each story it’s due. We shall begin with the main story, but some of the scenes will be out of order as a way to try to keep the scenes together. For example, When Chuck flees the CIA building, the episode jumps to Ellie and Devon. I didn’t want to split the significance of the scene.

Main Story

In Living Dead, Orion said he was going to create a device that would help cool Chuck’s brain when he flashed. The device would be called the governor.  The episode opens with Orion working on the device in Castle.

Chuck and Orion working on the governorChuck, who was a bit anxious and concerned if this invention of his father’s would actually help him. He began to question his father.

Chuck: Dad, is this really going to work? This whole, this whole Governor thingy?

Orion: I’m still alive, aren’t I? Look, based on the schematics of my own Governor, I’m going to create a new one that’ll help control the Intersect 2.0

The conversation would end up becoming an uneasy one as Stephen would tell his son he applaud his courage, but there comes a time for him to decide if he wanted to protect the ones he loved Chuck would have to run, but Chuck couldn’t picture leaving the ones he loved behind especially Sarah who happened to be walking in on the words “you have to go.” U mean run You have to go You been under a lot of pressure lately

 Chuck said he and father were working on an old family heirloom, but with the stress of The Ring, Shaw possibly being alive and a health issue in which Sarah doesn’t know what really is going on with Chuck’s brain. Sarah would suggest maybe Chuck should get some fresh air, which his father concurred.  

The scene is intense and comes with a bombshell event. Chuck and Sarah are going over the fear of Shaw and The Ring coming after Chuck and his father. Sarah suggested maybe it was time for  Chuck to put all of this behind him, but Chuck knowing what really is going on with his brain knows Shaw is alive, and its only a matter of time before he surfaces. You have to put this behind you, Chuck

 Chuck finished by asking what if he couldn’t get over it. Sarah said “Well, there is always blueberries. She gave one to Chuck who was astonished by how good they were. Walker would then suggest he tried them with cream. She kissed him and went to fetch some cream. When Sarah left, Chuck heard a very familiar and chilling voice amongst the crowd.  There is always blueberriesKiss for ChuckChuck flashes on Shaw's voiceDaniel Shaw i presumeThis flash hurt ChuckThe man of the hour

In fact, Chuck would flash on that voice, and it revealed to be none other then Daniel Shaw. However, Chuck’s brain would release some electric pressure on his brain causing the flash to hurt him a bit. The pain didn’t deter Chuck from searching the market for Daniel. The cat and mouse game was on.

Chuck would spot Shaw and the chase was on. I always wondered why it took Sarah so long to get cream, but that is just me. Chuck followed Shaw down some stairs and into the subway station. Chuck was looking up and down the platform and around looking for Shaw, but when Chuck thought he was dreaming again. Right before the train pulled out of the station a knock from the train could be heard. Shaw was standing in the doorway and waved at Chuck in a taunting way as saying. I am back, well let’s keep this PG shall we.

 Chuck worse nightmare confirmed. Shaw was alive and in Burbank.  Chuckaholics often compare this to Bryce returning in season one, but here lies the difference. We also thought Bryce was a good guy. Especially after Chuck vs Alma Mater, but when Shaw returns here. We fear the worse because of what happened the last time we saw Daniel from the events in Paris, If you don’t remember here is a remind, 


One of the things I found to be interesting is why the need for Chuck to flash on Shaw’s voice. He work with Shaw for months, and it would be weird if Chuck didn’t recognize the voice.

Chuck would tell his team about seeing Shaw alive. Casey and Sarah once again show a lack of faith in Chuck. Speculation is one thing but when the man says he saw him on the train. I would tend to give Chuck the benefit of the doubt, but it was his father that took action. Orion went to the computer and asked a series of questions about when and where Chuck saw Shaw. Team going over Shaw being spottedOrion listening to Chuck's oncerns over Shaw and The Ring

 From Chuck description,  Orion was able to find Shaw boarding a train. it startled the entire team especially Sarah, who was both shocked and dumbfounded at the presence of Shaw in Burbank. Orion working on finding ShawShaw boarding a trainOMG, DanielSarah’s “Daniel” at the sight of him makes a lot of people feel Sarah may still have feelings for Shaw, but I think its the opposite. She has been through this before. Bryce was believed to be dead, but came back to life. Sarah had the same response. She saw a ghost. bryce back from the dead om my god Bryce

The difference Chuckaholics is Bryce never tried to kill Sarah. Shaw did, and its that dynamic that made her say Daniel. The fear, angst and most of all Shaw knows everything about Sarah. He knows everything about Chuck and Casey. Here lies the problem for  Team Bartowski, and its only going to get worse from here.

The team immediately begins to pack gear to go after Shaw once they saw where Shaw was headed. The quick strike team were not thinking straight, and did something in this final part of this scene that annoyed me from all three.

If there was one person they should listen to, who has been in the game for years both as a CIA agent and freelance , it would be Orion. They ignored his advice in Living Dead, when he told them there would always be another mission, which will come back later in the series.

There is significant difference between Orion and the rest of the scientists that worked on the Intersect project. If you recall Roark never worked the field. He directed Fulcrum from his offices or the bunker they hid Orion in.  There was another person who worked on the project that we will save for next season, and Veterans of the series know who i am referring.

Orion not only work on the Intersect, but he also worked the field. He didn’t use guns like Chuck, but he knows how the game operates, and while the team was packing to go after Shaw. He gave them a warning that often goes overlooked.

He said, this was a trap.  Why the team goes to get ShawI don't like this Charles

Orion: Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it.
The other option is, they’re leading you into a trap.

Chuck: It’s not like we’re going in empty-handed.

Orion: You know how I feel about this, Charles.

Chuck: Yeah.Yeah, I do, but I don’t have a choice.

Orion: That’s exactly what the Ring wants you to think.
There’s always a choice.

Chuck: What choice would that be, Dad? To run away? I’m not you, okay? I’m not going to spend the rest of my life in hiding.
I can’t leave the ones I love behind.
Let’s go.

Chuck not taking well to the advise of Orion

The advice was great from Orion. The team was going in blind and unprepared. All the spy training Casey and Sarah have really made a rash decision and now will pay for it. The team arrived at the subway station in which Shaw exited the station.

Chuck hacked into the security lock and they decide to split up. Team Bartowski’s fear of Shaw really clouded their judgment and we need to back track a bit before moving on because there is a big reveal about to take place.

Ellie and Devon

Before we continue there are some things to mention before this scene worth mentioning. In Living Dead, Ellie was brainwashed by Justin to believe Casey was dangerous, and at the end of the episode we saw Ellie smash Casey in the face with a frying pan. Devon believe Ellie may be cheating on him

Well, Ellie took off from her apartment into the waiting arms of Justin, who would take Ellie to his office for “safe” keeping. After Ellie went missing, Devon came to the Buymore asking Morgan why he thought there were issues within their marriage. Morgan assumed it was cheating because of all the trickery going on nobody knew if they were coming or going. Morgan lettting Devon hear the recording

Devon is distraught and worried. It really is interesting to watch because earlier in the season Devon did the same thing, no? Didn’t he go missing and Ellie had the same concern or rather feared the worst. The difference Devon was working with the good guy and Ellie ended up working with the enemy unbeknownst to her of course.

When we see Ellie she was sitting in Justin’s office, and he came walking into his office. Ellie would ask him if he could call her husband as she hasn’t be able to make calls with her cell, but Justin put the kabosh on that by saying they shut down all communications as Casey was not found in the apartment. Justin's manipulation continues

The decision to shut communications down was a precautionary move.

Meanwhile, General Beckman was in front of  several other high ranking generals. It seemed like Beckman was being evaluated by them. She was defending the Intersect Project. Most specifically Chuck and his development into the weapon they dreamed. Beckman defending the intersect programA confrenece amongst GeneralsTeam going after ShawSarah swept her floor and met up with Casey. They noticed a government issue hand scanner and both knew something was wrong with this building. Sarah said they needed to find Chuck.

Chuck was sweeping his floor and in midst of walking the hallway. He triggered the silent alarm.  Chuck working the hallway WE have to go find ChuckJustin runs into his office and assures Ellie everything is fine, but Ellie could see a shadow moving along the blinds from Justin’s office. Ellie alerts Justin and he goes outside. The mystery man was Chuck. who began to wrestle with Justin. Chuck would flash Kung Fu, and overpowered Justin, and he knocked him to the floor. Ellie comes out of the office, and sees Chuck standing over Justin.

Ellie seeing Chuck in a government facility and using Kung Fu on him was both alarming and confusing for his older sister. While the Bartowski siblings were in shock seeing each other. Justin had regain his footing and began to run. Ellie said, Justin was his CIA handler.  

The trap Orion mentioned earlier was in full swing cause while Beckman was saying she would base her reputation on the success of Chuck Bartowski and his team. Chuck and Justin stumbled into the conference room and he was ready to punch Justin in the face. It caused  Beckman to ask what the hell Chuck was doing. When Chuck realized where he was he apparently was lost for words. What the hell are you doing ChuckAfter the dust settles, Chuck is sitting in a holding cell. Beckman comes into the room and  Chuck immediately asked the general why his sister was in the building.

Once in a while, Beckman can have a line that make the general so fun at times. She would dismiss the guard, and spoke frank with Chuck.  All of our asses are on the line

Chuck: General, what the hell is going on?

Beckman: I don’t know how else to explain it, Chuck, but all our ass careers are on the line. The committee is here to determine if the Intersect project is a liability.

Chuck: Liability? Let me talk to them. Shaw is somewhere in this building. We saw him.

Beckman: If there is one thing you can do to protect the Intersect project, it’s keep your mouth shut. Who said this

Beckman’s shut your mouth would go by the waste side rather quickly. Chuck would join his team in the conference room, and we embark the scene in which I became a Shaw fan.

I am one of a very few people that did like Shaw’s character. I can’t complain about the writing because I saw what they were trying to  accomplish. Did it work ? No, not really but good guy Shaw was the problem not the one that enters the conference room.

The committee said, ” Agents Walker, Casey and Bartowski, it’s been brought to this committee’s attention the Intersect is unstable, expensive, and most of all, dangerous. Chuck jumped up from his seat and said this is outrageous. Chuck wanted to know who said this. Chuck pleading his case in favor of the Intersect

A voice from the doorway said, “I did.” As Shaw struts into  the room with a evil expression. An expression that look like his plan was working with perfection. In order for Shaw to complete his plan. He needed to get rid of the only threat in that mission. The threat being Team Bartowski and General Beckman. The entire teams reaction in seeing Shaw walking into the room I am about to break youIt was great because of the reactions out of the entire team. The ghost from Paris is back and don’t worry he was very chilling in his response when Sarah stands up and tells the committee how Shaw drugged her, kidnapped her and tried to kill her. Shaw’s response was awesome.Sarah's reaction to see Shaw Casey's reaction

All of that is completely true
Shaw: All of that is completely true, except for the killing part.

Shaw walks to the middle of the room and after Sarah and Chuck point out what Shaw did and could be a Ring operative. Shaw didn’t deny any of it except for the killing part.

working as a agent
Shaw: I was acting as a double agent, working within the Ring. That is, until Chuck shot me.

He explained he was working at a double agent.  Shaw really screws Chuck over more this time with Sarah as well. Chuck knows this isn't going to end wellSarah wondering where this is goingNow it is totally understandable why Chuck was reluctant in telling Sarah about his condition. I applaud him for giving her enough information to keep her from worrying, but where Chuck gets screwed is what happened next. Shaw tells Sarah in the middle of the conference what is really wrong with Chuck.

working as a agent
it's not Chuck's fault that his brain is deteriorating. Shaw: it’s not Chuck’s fault that his brain is deteriorating.

I have arguments with several commenters about when you should tell your significant other about your health. I feel in a public forum of this nature, and under these conditions we are talking about not the ideal place or time, but Shaw knew this it’s why he was better suited as the villain then the good guy.

After Shaw said, Chuck brain deteriorating, Sarah jumped up and said “Agent Bartowski was cleared for all field duty.” Chuck knew this was bad. It was bad enough for him to close his eyes as Shaw read Dr. Dreyfus’s report. After hearing the report, Sarah looked at Chuck and sat down with her face in her hands. Shaw was systematically  breaking down all phases of Team Bartowski. Chuck's world cracking at the hands of ShawChuck Bartowski was clear for all field workWhat is he talking abot, Chuck

There is one thing clear about Sarah Walker, she doesn’t like to be left in the dark on anything related to Chuck. When Bryce went off on her own, She was upset with Bryce for not including her in his adventures. The same can be said with Chuck.

Remember her reaction to Chuck going off on his own with Jill. She wants to be included. Sarah didn’t like it when he went searching for Orion on his own, and even when Ellie asked about the progress on looking for his father she was surprised by the question. Chuck on trial nowSarah listening to the reportSarah's reaction to realizing Chuck lied to her

After Shaw revealed Chuck’s real condition, Shaw stepped aside once he was finished with his report. Beckman went on the defense again telling the committee about the success of her team. The general mentioned Hugo Panzer and Alexis, but while she was trying to prove their Shaw looked up at the screen and made a flashing face like Chuck usually does.

Chuck calls Shaw out on it, but no one was listening. He then tries to prove his claim by throwing a knife at Shaw.  but shall didn’t flash and he allowed the knife to sink into his shoulder. It was rather pleasing watching Chuck be dragged away.

Casey and Sarah walk out of the conference room  in desperation. Chuck was in lock up, and Casey said the exact word Orion said earlier they indeed walked into a trap. Everything I care about in this building

Casey advised Walker of the next move was coming after them and everyone they care about he told her they had to go, but Sarah said everything she cared about was inside the building. It is interesting choice of word. Everything? does this include Shaw or maybe its the fact that the Ring and Shaw attacked the two most important figures of her life.

It’s no question that Sarah will always love the CIA. She was raised by them. In many ways the agency had become her family. The other love of her life is and will always be Chuck. Chuck being held inside the building. Sarah couldn’t leave her family or her boyfriend behind, but what about Chuck? We shall find out.

Speaking of love ones, there is an interesting development in the next set of scenes that is worth taking about. At the top of the list we came up with a list of bombshells in this episode.

1. Shaw was still alive and became a bad guy.

2. Ellie saw  Chuck beat up her CIA handler:

Now Ellie will find out more about Chuck and his relationship with the CIA.

Devon was waiting at home. He looked a mess wondering if Ellie had found herself a pitch hitter as Big Mike would say. When Ellie walked into the apartment. Devon asked her where has she been, and when Ellie began to say she had a secret she was withholding from Devon, he cut her off as a means to not want to hear her say the words. Devon for EllieI've been holding a secret

Ellie said she saw Chuck punch a CIA agent in the face today. Devon was super excited on the fact that Ellie wasn’t cheating was completely lost with where he was as Ellie thought Chuck was in trouble Awesome let it out that Chuck was working with the CIA for years. Ellie’s face told the story. What do you mean he has been with the CIA for yearsShe demanded that Devon tell him everything he knew, which he does. Meanwhile, Casey went to the diner where is daughter was working, but was rudely greeted by Justin and a gun . They sit down in the booth Casey usually sits, and Alex comes to serve them.

Justin mockley  tells Casey by saying he never pictured him as a father.  Justin asked Casey to put his hands on the table, which was a mistake. Justin had a clever line in this scene when he said

Justin: I’m sure you figured it out by now.
You’re coming with me.

I'm sure you figured it out by now.

Now while Casey was dealing with Justin. Ellie and Devon were talking about Chuck’s spy career. Chuck was laying in his holding cell. The guard outside was summoned to leave his post. Once out of sight. Chuck’s cell door opened up. Stephen using his bag of Orion tricks and pretty cool ones at that used the hallway lights to indicate the safety route out of the building. Chuck cell opensOrion's bag of tricks 2Orion's bag of tricks

Chuck goes in the direction of the blinking lights and when he reached the end of the hallway, Sarah saw him and went after Chuck down the same corridor.  Sarah running after ChuckChuck makes it to the loading dock of the building in which his father drove up to him, but Sarah ran out of the building and told Chuck he had to stay and fight, but Chuck’s father said the opposite. He told Chuck in order to protect her he had to go.

Time was dwindling on their escape as the alarms went off. Chuck kissed Sarah and said if he had to he would always chose to protect her. it’s funny when you think about it.  Orion and Chuck want to run from a fight, and Sarah foolhardy at times wants to go and kick some tail.   After Chuck split, agents surrounded Walker and took her in custody.if you run u will b running for the rest of your lifefight Chuckyou have to go CharlesI chose to protect youHow could you leave me look

One note before we move on from this scene, why didn’t Sarah jump in the car with them. There is an expression in a fight. Learn to walk away and fight another day. Chuck was safe and out of the building and so was she. Why didn’t Sarah jump in the car with Orion and Chuck.

Another thing to notice not only did Casey bail on Sarah in this fight with Shaw and the Ring, but Chuck took his exit stage left too. What do you guys think?

Back at the cafe, Justin was eating his pie when he was still taunting Casey, but Casey didn’t wait too long and pounded a napkin dispenser into the side of Justin’s head. He grabbed Alex and made a run for it. Alex screaming and startled Casey just shoves her into the Vic and off they went.

Casey protecting his daughter

Casey Reveals Himself as Alex’s Father
Casey assuring Alex he wasn't going to hurt her
Casey: Sorry, Alex, but this is for your own safety. You have to believe I would never hurt you.

Alex of course was scared for her life. She was just kidnapped with no explanation of any kind. Casey parks the car in a dark parking lot, but with time constraints it wasn’t the ideal place.  He gave her a key to his locker at the Buymore. Alex totally confusedAlex is scaredShe convinced Casey to let her out of the car, but as soon as she stepped out of the car she took off running. Casey jumped out of the car running after Alex. When he caught up to her, she nailed him with a nice combination of fists and kicks in the right spots, but before Alex could go any further Casey let her know who he really was.

Alex i am your fathermy father is deadAlex is so beautiful

Unfortunately for Casey,  Ring agents were closing in on him, and he told Alex to run. Casey was in The Ring’s custody now.  Casey in custodyEllie and Devon were continuing their conversation about Chuck and the CIA. Devon told her everything he knew. Ellie then would state there was possibility a real reason why her father had left them and Devon didn’t think to ask that question.

Devon told her there were pockets of information missing because he didn’t want to lie to her anymore. Ellie wanted to know who else would have information, and of course that would be Morgan.

Ellie told him about how Justin said Casey was a rogue agent and trick Chuck somehow to work with an evil organization. Morgan quickly shot that down saying John Casey was the most loyal servant of the country and Chuck turning to the darkside was never going to happen. He also told her that the ring was a bad organization. Ellie then asked then why was the agency holding her brother against his will.  Morgan said, he would seek answers.

I want answers Everything is alright ellie Telling Ellie her information was mistaken Ellie trying to understand what is the truth

Next Sarah walks into Shaw’s office, and it seemed like he was waiting for this encounter as he was sitting on his desk with a smug look on his face. Sarah has hatred in those eyes

Sarah asked Shaw about wanting to see her, and Shaw trying to be cordial told her how love suited her.

Shaw: I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you you looked great, Walker. Love suits you, I guess.
Shaw: I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you you looked great, Walker. Love suits you, I guess.

Much like he did with Chuck, Shaw was luring Sarah by trying to be the Shaw she once knew. The man that stood in her hotel room as she wallowed about Chuck killing the “mole” or in his hotel room saying her name was Sam. Sarah  would like to know where this is going

Sarah told him  that all of this was crap, and Shaw  set up the bait for Sarah to lose her calm cente . Shaw proclaimed it to be her word against his, but then Sarah alluded to the fact that Chuck saw everything, which Shaw used as a way to get under her skin.

He said,  Chuck had become an unreliable witness, and leaving made Bartowski look so guilty. He further apologized for her having to hear the truth about Chuck’s condition in such a public forum and not in a intimate setting. He further his taunting by saying her name Sam.

Chuck is an unreliable witness Sarah's calm center is starting to lose its gripSam

Sarah lost her cool grabbing for Shaw’s gun and pointed it at him, but what Sarah didn’t realize was Shaw had pushed a button under his desk to notify the other agents, As Sarah was attempting to arrest Shaw. Several agents walked into his office and put Sarah under arrest. Shaw said, she was as emotional as her boyfriend, and furthered his  taunting by saying he remember how nothing got to her. This remark was the final straw and Sarah cold cocked Shaw Sarah under arrestIt's a shame.As Shaw bent down to pick up his weapon,  Sarah did some damage.  A blow for your attitudeSo the Ring had Sarah in custody too. Two members of Team Bartowski down one on the run. Things don’t look good for the team right now, but it only gets worse from here to close the episode.

Meanwhile, Devon and Morgan arrive at Castle looking for Sarah and Casey, but they find Beckman on the big screen. She was shredding papers rapidly, and when she saw Devon and Morgan she was not pleased because she was hoping Chuck would show up.

Beckman told the two the Ring had Casey and Sarah in custody and Chuck fled the building. Beckman told the two they were they’re only hope. Several agent burst into General Beckman’s office and grab her. You are only hope

The Ring had pretty much wiped out Team Bartowski with the capturing of the general, but there was still hope for them Chuck and Orion were still loose. Morgan phones Chuck and told him the news of Sarah, Casey and Beckman all in Ring custody.  Its up to Devon and Morgan now

Chuck would relay the message to his father about turning around to save them, but Orion resisted saying they did it on purpose to trap him, but this time I was on board with Chuck. It was time to man up and go save the day.  The governor

In midst of their drive, Orion gave Chuck his governor and Chuck put it on. Orion told him it should activate as soon as he put the watch on.  The results were rather quick as Chuck felt much better immediately.Not off grid CharlesOrion senses another trapOrion grabs Chuck’s cell phone and threw it out the window. Chuck asked him why did he do that. He insisted that they turn around because the people Chuck loved were in trouble. He asked his father why did he come back?  Why did you come back dad Orion knows Chuck was right

Chuck answered for him by saying he came back because he wouldn’t be able to live with the idea that something bad happened to his children. Orion finally caved and told his son that if they did this they would think smart and not emotionally, which is what Team Bartowski did earlier in the episode. I fully believe going after Shaw without a plan was foolish.  Ellie wants to know what is going on We need your help I know you have a lot of questions, but you have the answers we need right now

Orion’s plan was better in that they didn’t go straight to the CIA building they went to Ellie seeking answers, but Ellie wasn’t a willing dance partner right away. She was seething over all the secrets and lies her brother had told her, but Orion change that tune when he was direct with Ellie. going over the details

Ellie would bring Chuck and her dad to the meeting point she had with Justin. A plaza with a bench, and when they hit a snag. The Bartowski men started talking amongst each other, which drew Ellie to say no more secrets.  Orion would ask her to go over what Justin and her did maybe she forgot something.

Ellie said all they did was meet here, he would walk across to that building over there. Chuck and her father looked at the building and it led to the subway again. subwayChuck told Ellie they were going to go, butleave if they were not back in 20 minutes. When her father walked passed her, she asked him if there was a reason he had to leave them. Orion said he would tell her everything, but had to take care of Shaw and the Ring first.  He hugged her, and he swore to her this would be the last time she walked away.

It is funny how Orion forgot his own advice he gave to Team Bartowski about last missions, and essentially Orion said this would be the last time he walked away from her.  The last moment between father and daughter Ellie and father embrace One last time

Yes i am
Casey: You’re not gonna get away with this, Shaw. Shaw: Yes, I will. Love-soaked Bartowski will try to come save you, and this time I’ll be ready for him and his father. Mu-ha-ha.

Shaw and his men were leading Casey and Shaw towards their holding cell. Daniel was full of confidence. Meanwhile, Chuck and Orion made their way down to the subway, and ran into what appeared to be a dead end, but after a few moments. Chuck flashed on the wall, which belonged to a subsidiary of The Ring. They were able to open the the door, and went inside. However, the Bartowskis didn’t realize they triggered the silent alarm.  Bartowski working the case

Shaw placed Casey and Sarah in their cell, and with a big smile on his face as in his mind he was victorious. However, Justin came with some very bad news. He said, Bartowski infiltrated the base. Shaw overconfidence said. Why wouldn’t Bartowski think with another organ beside his heart.  Justin telling Shaw about Bartowski finding their base Sarah shows concern on her face Y won't he think with another organ besides his heart No sir the other base Sarah listening in Shaw not pleased with this development Chuck's a spy

Justin told him not this base, the other base, The ring base.  This was a problem for Shaw, and he left to go after Bartowski. Casey and Sarah’s stares went from nothing to smiles when they heard the work Bartowski did.

Casey: Hmm.
Don’t know when it happened, but our boy became a man.
Bartowski’s a spy.
Picked a good one, Walker finally. A smile from SarahDr. KWambe stuff and the Ring's intersect

 Orion and Chuck would find a room filled with Dr Kwambe Cell Rejuvenation and ever worse the RIng’s very own Intersect. Orion was shocked they were able to duplicate his program. When the two went back upstairs, what would transpire would be one of the heart breaking scenes ever in the series, and pictures won’t give the scene justice. 

Chuck and Orion come out of the Ring base, and waiting for them was Shaw and his men. They surround the Bartowskis, and Shaw heard Chuck say expose them for what. At this point, Shaw was riding high. His plan was working and now he had Chuck and his father cornered.  Cell rejuvinationThe Ring intersect roomEllie sees Justin and Shaw arriveExpose us how

Shaw would ask Chuck for the watch he was wearing, but Chuck said he didn’t need a watch to defeat him. He goaded Shaw by saying the fight between them would be epic since they both were Intersects, but the cold chilling voice of Shaw said “Though there is something different,, you can’t function when your emotions have been compromised.” Chuck would follow with being the calmest he has ever felt.

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Shaw then would  say “Oh yeah, how are you feeling now.” Daniel pulls out his gun and fires a slug into Orion’s heart. The shot sent Stephen flying to the floor. The bullet hole spilled blood all over Orion’s the right side of his shirt. The shot would send Chuck stumbling down to his father’s side, but it was all mute as the final words from Orion’s mouth was your special son.

In the distance, Ellie saw the whole thing and was horrified at what she saw. A tragic end to Orion and even worse for Ellie and Chuck.  I also believe Orion’s teachings were reaching Sarah. After all his lecture about missions caused Sarah to give Chuck her spy will. A positive role model that Sarah needed.The second worst moment of our Chuck livesChuck seeing his father shotEllie saw it too

It took them over ten years to reconnect with their father, and because Team Bartowski didn’t want to be patient and formulate a plan that wouldn’t cause someone to die.  I mean if it was just Shaw they were after is one thing, but they were up against an organization  that had agents in every part of the government. I am sure they had some of the generals on the committee under their payroll. It’s really foolish to think only the good guys have resources.

Shaw won this round. his decision to kill Orion was the definition of impact my friends. The kind of impact that affects the entire cast not just Team Bartowski. As Chuck was consoling with his father, Shaw’s men surround Chuck and took him into their custody.

We then shift to the Buymore,  Alex enters the store. Jeffster being the horn dogs they are saw her as fresh meat and make an advance at her, but Alex wasn’t picking up on them. She was more interested in finding out what was in her father’s locker.

Morgan would save her from the creepy two man band. He would than insist that she tell him who she was for security purposes. Alex said she was a bit confused and scared as a man name John Casey told her he was her father, and gave her this key. Morgan believed her, and took her to the locker. Alex meets morganMorgan meeting Alex

 He assured her if John Casey said he was her father then he was telling the truth.  Once Morgan opened the locker, they found stacks of money Casey was saving.

Devon comes rushing into the break room, and said to Morgan they needed to talk.  Morgan told Devon Alex was one of them. It was ok for Devon to speak freely, but Devon insisted not this. Devon told Morgan about Orion being killed. Whatever you have to say she is with us Not thisShaw’s men take Chuck and place him in a holding truck with Sarah and Casey already inside. Chuck spiraling nowChuck dealing with the loss of his fatherSarah senses something wrong alreadySorry guys, Shaw has wonWhere's your dadOh My God, I am so sorryDon't worry buddy, we wil lget Shaw

Once Casey and Sarah learned that Shaw had killed Orion, both knew what this would do to Chuck, and if there was any feelings for Shaw inside of Sarah they are gone now. Shaw has become a monster all fueled by revenge against the people that wronged him, but Chuck’s answers were purely from grieving when he said it was over.

Shaw rejoins them and said he liked Chuck’s new defeatist attitude, he spoke some typical protocol jargon to the agents standing with him. He said, enjoy each others time. Share war stories because when the truck stops so do their lives. All Sarah could do was give Shaw a look of disgust.  How could you do thisUnleash the Casey They people won't see the light of day for some timeI can't believe you did thisShaw shuts the gate and jumps in the front. The truck pulls away. Sarah says don’t worry we’ll figure something out, but Chuck still hurting continued on how they lost, but this time added there was no one left to save them.

However, as the truck was driving Ellie was behind the truck tailing them. She called Devon and Morgan and told them she need them to help save her brother. Devon warned her if we do this there could be a lot of heat coming their way. Ellie said, what a sister would “Yes.”  Morgan and Devon pulled away in Casey’s Crown Vic.

leaving us with one hell of a season finale.

Final Thoughts on The Episode

Chuck vs the Subway is the kind of episode that leaves lasting marks on the series overall. A lot of information was put into this episode as if the production crew was thinking this was the last season.

I understand contracts and scheduling issues cause performers to leave for other projects. I have spoken with Tony Todd, the actor who played Langston Graham, he told me when he was killed off the show in S2, The reason was because he went to work on 24 that year.

Sometimes there are guest stars that hold a great deal to the fan base some would say Bryce or even Mr. Colt should of been more of main stays, but there is one man I wish was around for S5. Orion is that character.

The creator of the intersect, and father to the Bartowskis would of been a nice role model for Sarah to help her, but believe me we may not see Orion anymore, but his work is far from done as we will will learn in the season finale.

A great set up episode indeed.

The next episode is Chuck vs the Ring II See you then, Season three finale

Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and its truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.



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