gallery Shaw’s Downfall Began with the Departure of Matt Bomer: Part One

Season Three would constitute a lot of highs for some and really low points for others. In fact, the low points drove a lot of fans away from the series for good. The season as a whole had some great moments, but the message from the storyboard didn’t translate on to film, and the series suffered as a result.

It’s nobody’s fault. Sometimes ideas don’t work out. For example, When sports teams try to buy championships, they often are reminded how names alone don’t win championships. There needs to be unity. The cast needs to mesh in order for the story to strive. Brandon on arrowBrandon Routh was a name, who played Superman, and had a role in Zack and Miri make a Porno. He is tall, he has  the James Bond look, and like Matt Bomer can be a larger than life figure. Don’t believe me ask the fans of Arrow about Brandon swooping in on Felicity Smoak or should I say Oliver Queen’s girl. Chuck Bartowski already has been down that road.

Beverly Hills 90210 had a long run when the show was on television, but the turmoil amongst the cast lead to its ultimate demise. Chuck’s foundation will always be the family like atmosphere the cast and crew built over the course of five seasons, but the ruins of Season Three didn’t happen because of what they had on the roster.

It’s who left the cast that hurt the story.  No one could fault Matt Bomer for deciding to take the leading role in White Collar, and it was the smart play because White Collar had a six year run.

Another reason for Matt’s departure was NBC’s dragging of their feet on renewing Chuck. It makes the loss huge in its context because the story was written for Bryce not Shaw.

Bryce deadOn Location with TV show, 'White Collar' in NYC

Enter Brandon Routh,

This is heel ShawBrandon Routh walked into a landmine when he signed on to play Daniel Shaw, and what really caused the problem A rivalry built between Chuck and Bryce with the added notion that Sarah chose Chuck on the beach set up a story in which Chuck had to enter Sarah’s world to compete with Bryce.  This feature will be a two part article in which Brandon Routh had a daunting task to win over the fans and to tell a story he wasn’t apart of.

We shall begin with the obvious and that Chuckaholics would be chemistry. 

Forced Chemistry
Bryce, Sarah and Chuck

Chuck was built around three characters. Chuck, Sarah and Bryce. I know fans will say Casey, Awesome, Ellie, Morgan and even Jeffster were fun to watch, but the focus was on Zach, Matt and Yvonne. The story between these three characters was well told. They brought to life a rivalry that would impact their professional and personal level of their lives. Sarah and Chuck talking about BryceChuck with his girlBryce keeping his distance

They also displayed enough emotion, which was fueled by what love triangles rarely have which is chemistry.

Here is a scene with Bryce and Chuck,  

Now a scene with Bryce, Chuck and Sarah 

The best scene between the three happened at the end of Nemesis. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the beginning we can see the three jell. Whether it was taking on a store of bad guys or simply setting up Chuck with Jill there was a flow to all three performers. When the Break Up aires, the characters were different with the exception of Bryce, who thought Chuck and Sarah didn’t let the lines get blurry and  fall for each other. All I can say is wrong, Larkin.

Now watch this scene with Shaw and Sarah 


Now look at a scene with all three Chuck, Sarah and Shaw, Its very uncomfortable to watch isn’t it.  

Zac and Yvonne worked their magic, but when interrupted by Shaw. There was no smoothness between Chuck, Sarah and Shaw. Especially when Sarah returns to Castle.

Where as Matt and Yvonne working in unison with Zac doing his part as the jealous cover boyfriend. You can cut the tension with a knife when Bryce returns unannounced.

Sarah's reaction to see Chuck arrive at her hotelSeeing Bryce backBryce's return

As soon as Sarah opened the door, she knew it would be trouble, and Bryce didn’t give her a chance to warn Chuck either because Larkin comes to the door.  This is significant because the atomicity between Chuck and Bryce was what worked. It built a rivalry that would of made Season Three work. Try to imagine Bryce in charged of the team, and Beckman telling Casey he would have to take orders from the man Casey shot three years ago.

It also would of made sense for Sarah to run back to Bryce after Chuck told her he couldn’t run with her. It would of made sense why she traveled to Lisbon to find Bryce Larkin, but instead we have Brandon Routh come into the story and immediately ruffle the feathers of the fans by taking command of team. A mystery figure that seemed to appeared out of nowhere. Shaw put in chargeShaw giving commands

The chemistry is well balanced when Yvonne was working with Matt and Zach. You can feel the passion and genuine feeling from all three of them. It wasn’t the same feeling you get when Brandon joined the cast, You don’t have the same blend of performance that made you feel like you were watching reality television. There was no flow like you get with Yvonne Matt and Zach. For example, look at the passion delivered in the kissing scenes.

First when Matt and Yvonne kiss in Chuck’s bedroom which was really steamy. Passion in that kiss

Now with Zachary,

cropped-months-of-build-up-all-done-in-this-kiss.jpgNow look at Yvonne’s kiss with Brandon. It’s forced and it seemed like the two were not enjoying it. It makes you feel bad for Brandon because the lack of direction showed and it wa ugly in the end.This is just acting and you can tell

When Brandon and Yvonne kiss  it makes the viewer think the actor doesn’t care or can’t play the role, but there wasn’t going to be an actor that could come in and compete with what Zach and Yvonne established already. Now throw in trying to replace Bomer was never going to happen. Especially when a story was designed for someone else, and you replace the character without adapting the story to what are Brandon’s strengths then ultimately the story is doomed.

The best performance came when Brandon became  a villain. When Brandon walks into the summit, we witnessed a complete character overhaul, and it worked.

The next part of this two part story will talk about the possibilities of Matt Bomer as a villain compared to what Brandon did as a bad guy. I am not so sure if it would of worked.

I will also display how both characters could’ve been used if Matt didn’t leave.

Until next time Chuckaholics. Remember Chuckaholics is your site so play, and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.



  1. Never thiught of Shaw’s part being intended for Bryce, but that could have been great. Shaw did make a great villian though. I accepted him as Sarah’s lover because I thoughgt their lack of chemistry showed that Sarah was turning away from Chuck and Shaw was just available. As I have written elsewhere, it accomplishes many things for Sarah: It gives her a physical relationship, which she hasn’t had and she is an athletic, physical person; it hurts Chuck, Shaw is exactly the type of guy he fears; it gets her out of Burbank. Shaw is going to DC and Sarah will go with him; It lets Sarah move back toward the spy life nad into a relationship she knows and understands; it puts emotional distance between her and Chuck, she knows the Red Test is coming and she sees that asw a no win situation.

    PS Some of your video links are down.

  2. Frankly, I can’t see Bryce having Shaw’s role. Bryce suddenly turning evil, against Chuck and Sarah? There’s no world where it would work, unless the whole arc is extensively changed. Had that happened, I think Bryce would have been done dirty. It sort of works with Shaw because we don’t know him well. I personally find his turn believable.

    I feel like Bryce had the best ending he possibly could have with these writers.

    I’m curious how you think having both Bryce and Shaw on the show could work, but I didn’t see a part 2 to this article, sadly.

    • I didn’t get to finish Part 2 because I stepped away from Chuckaholics for a few years. I was burnt out from writing plus my other interests like poetry was making me focus on that.

      Bryce would be perfect for Sarah to run to when she didn’t like seeing Chuck turning into the spy Shaw was pushing him to be. If I had the pencile I would have Sarah go to Bryce instead of Shaw in Fake Name

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