gallery Season Three Review and Season Four Preview

We said goodbye to Season Three and welcome Season Four as our adventure through the series of Chuck continues. While we will revisit Season Three when Rewatch reaches Season three, but while we wait for that. Season Four is my second favorite season (Season Three is my favorite).

Namely we saw one faction go down and it seemed like as we went further into the series the tougher the baddies became. Season Four will be headlined by two major actors, who joined the cast.

Linda Hamilton and  Timothy Dalton join the cast for this season, and Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan will make her presence felt in the back half of the season.  There are several great and underrated episodes in Season Four, but before we introduce Season Four, we must put a bow on Season Three. 

Season Three had its moments, and at least for me had great episodes. Some of it gets tarnished by the fallout of Brandon Routh and his character Daniel Shaw, but at the end of the day by the end of Season three Chuck and Sarah finally became a real couple.

The famous will they won’t they is gone and the focus now was no longer a cover or a series of lies to cover their basis. The two could shack together and engage in intimacy without fear of the government sticking their nose in it.

Chuck became a real spy, and had his toughest challenge to date, but while some things end another chapter begins, Orion may be gone, but not without a final request. Chuck was asked to find his mother.  the next challenge

While Daniel Shaw was stressful, Alexei Volkoff makes Shaw look like amateur hour as Timothy Dalton plays the Russian undergroud weapons dealer, but nothing on Chuck is as it seems. There will be a reason revealed about how Volkoff became the most wanted man in the world.

Linda Hamilton will play Mary Bartowski as Chuck will find out where his mother has been for so many years. He will learn that Mary codename Frost was the right hand of Alexei. It will set up an epic display in the back half of Season Four as well.

Season Four has my personal favorite episode which is Phase Three. The episode would be arguably the best acting performance from Yvonne Strahovski. The only scene that comes close is in the Cliffhanger, when she was lying in the bathtub after being struck with the Norseman device.

Season’s one through three we often asked when Chuck and Sarah were going to give in to their desires and become a real couple. Season Four was the journey in watching the couple become a married one.

We will witness the next stage in their relationship. The music and guest stars are still wonderful choices. The season is one hell of a ride.

So let’s get started with the second best season premier (First Date is better) I know some of you will say the Pilot is the best, but the Pilot would have it’s own wing if there was a Hall of Fame for television shows. In other words, the Pilot is special.

The next episode article is Chuck vs The Anniversary,  remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play. Remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.



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