gallery Chuck vs The Anniversary: Season Four Premiere

Season Four starts off with a lot of new things. First, Chuck Bartowski hair is by far the best of the series. Chuck possesses a swagger about him in this first episode much like he did in Season Two’s opener, but there is a difference with that Chuck and this one.

Chuck has the girl, and is operating his own mission, but while things are different, the more some things stay the same. Chuck’s mission doesn’t include Casey or Sarah. Chuck’s new mission is to find his mother.

Linda Hamilton

Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn

Chuck’s mother will be played by the lovely Linda Hamilton as she joined the cast as Mama B. Dolph Lundgren makes his one and only appearance as Marko. Another guest star in this episode would be Olivia Munn, who would play the first Greta of the season.

Olivia Munn is a bombshell in her own right, and while a lot of people don’t know her, she was one of the stars in the HBO series The Newsroom.   The Buymore is still standing despite it being blown up by Shaw; but the new Buymore is new and improved with CIA/NSA special amenities like trap doors and buttons that can make the country go to defcon 1.

There are tons of other great things to discover so let’s enjoy Anniversary. 

the premiere begins with a house, we hear a woman’s voice telling a story. The timeframe was 1994, and the woman was telling a story the frost queen. Young Chuck with his motherWe find out that the little boy is indeed Chuck and his mother was reading to him. As she finishes the story, she says, “this time she was a hero, And the Frost Queen promised her children that she would never ever leave them again. ” Mary would ask her son if he liked the story. He said, he did. He would follow with an I love you. Mama B says she loves Chuck more then him

Mary would respond, “not as much as I love you.” We fast forward to present time, and we hear Morgan’s voice sound amazed with what Chuck showed him.  no 51

Grimes couldn’t believe there was a secret base underneath Chuck’s childhood home. Chuck would ask  Morgan to join him in his attempt to continue his father’s work which was looking for his mother. Morgan would counter with suggesting to include Sarah and Casey on this quest, but Chuck shot the idea down by explaining they would stop him. He reiterated for Morgan to not tell a soul especially Ellie. no 49

Morgan, excited by the news he would be working with Chuck on a mission, started listing some cliches when Chuck stopped him. Chuck said, “This is not an opening of a tv show, this is real life.” Morgan agreed, and had to lock it down. no 48The episode moved to Chuck and Sarah’s pad, and we see a leg up on a chair, we get to see Sarah for the first time. She was putting on make up as she was preparing to go on mission. This is a vastly different Sarah.

She was smiling, looking ravishing and sprightly right from the start. Chuck’s voice could be heard as he was asking her if the gun he found would be the one she was looking for. She would thank him, which led to a heart to heart about Chuck being retired and his girlfriend was still going on missions. no 46

Despite Chuck’s  positive outlook on the situation, his gesture above can give the viewer an inkling into what is on his mind. We already know he plans to go search for his mother, but he misses going out with Sarah on missions. They embrace and had an intimate moment as couples usually do. no 47no 45

He assures Sarah that he is fine with this arrangement, he has job interviews lineup and wanted to spend time with Morgan, I would like to believe that Chuck’s cover was doing well until this,

Chuck mentions Morgan signed them up for go-kart racing. Now I ask Chuckaholics,  have we ever known Chuck and Morgan to be interested in something like this before? I found it to be an odd way to close a cover. However, I gather Sarah was still in honeymoon phase because she was more interested in kissing.

Chuck:  He signed us up for a go-cart racing league, so Come home soon.

Another great kiss momentI also noticed something about this scene that was interesting. When they embrace, Sarah pulls Chuck’s arm near her backside. I find it amusing on how four years later Sarah still has to be the initiator for affection.  Here take a look, no 44Sarah’s actions here makes you see how much this woman is at peace with finally being able to live a life without worrying about any interference from anyone. She has a somewhat stable life living in a home with a man that loves her for her. Chuck doesn’t judge her lifestyle like a normal male would. She can be a spy and have Chuck at the same time. The famous question she asked Casey many episodes ago, “Do you ever want to have a family, kids?” For Sarah, this was the start in answering that question.

It’s an excellent transition for her and gauging by her actions she has begun to embrace it, but it gets even better. They kiss for a few seconds, and we see Casey for the first time. He walked in on Chuck and Sarah having their private makeout session become not so private anymore. no 31 no 28The next part of Sarah’s transition comes next, Chuck asked her “what does he do? what does he say” I instantly thought about Chuck’s transition into both becoming a man and spy in First Date.  I often praised Chuck for his confidence in this scene, no 22

 His machismo and swagger. It was not the same Chuck from Season One. While it took three seasons for Sarah’s transition to take shape, Sarah’s first step in that direction happens when she turns around and with a glow, smile and enthusiasm says I love you.  no 25

 Sarah’s alive and it all has to do with the opportunity of having both of her loves. She can be a spy and still have a relationship with Chuck.  She furthers the scene by saying “Nothing is going to keep me from coming home to you.”  She walks out of the apartment. While Sarah went on her mission, Chuck was set to embark on his own mission.  no 30Chuck and Morgan would travel the world, and come up empty several times, but they were able to find an office where the intel they had collected lead them. Chuck and Morgan would enter the office via the vent system. no 60The office was completely cleaned out.  Everything from files to wires for outlets. they saw a safe, Chuck would ask Morgan for the combination. While Morgan handed him the code. He also asked Chuck if they could have a minute to discuss budget. However, Chuck was more interested in what he would find inside.

Apparently, Chuck got further in the search for Mary then his father did, but to be fair Orion had agencies and factions after him so between running and helping Chuck. Operation find mom was put on hold several times. When Chuck opened the safe, a dejected Chuck came up empty again. Chuck displeasure in seeing the safe emptyThe countless miles and investigation came down to this and still the whereabouts of one Mary Bartowski was still left unsolved. Chuck looked around the room one last time, and found nothing.

Morgan trying to keep Chuck upbeat told him at least the trip was not a complete failure as he showed Chuck a new dumpling house menu. There will be more on this subject when rewatch comes around to this episode. A dejected BartowskiDumpling MenuChuck sat down on the table and looked lost for words. Morgan sat beside and tried to put things into a positive perspective. They came close, they would regroup and get back on the trail.

Chuck said, he was done. As Morgan went for the door, all Chuck did was stare into space.  The camera would shift to another office but with monitors. As the camera moved further and further away from the monitors, we saw Chuck’s mother looking into the monitor saying “Oh, Chuck.” Chuck being watchedoh ChuckAfter the credits, Chuck and Morgan are walking to their car. Chuck talked about this was the last mission. He said, he tried looking for someone who didn’t want to be found. Furthermore, his father ruined his life trying to find her. As they approached a parked car, a man from within the shadow’s would come out of hiding and attempted to steal the car. The man was a repo man.

Chuck asked why was a $900 car being repossessed, Morgan told him  they were behind on payments as being a spy costs a lot of money. He informed Chuck of being in $43,000 in debt. Chuck was startled by this news. The repo man still was standing there and told the boys to get away from the car. Morgan suggested for Chuck to take this guy out, but Chuck said he hadn’t used Kung Fu in months. the repo man ultimately would gain possession of the car.  Repo man taking the carMeanwhile in Hong Kong, China, A man came bursting through a door. He appeared to be on the run, he walked to the edge of the building and call someone. The man told him to use the device. Markos corneredAs Marko was about to use the device, Sarah and Casey caught up to him. They order him to put the device down. Marko uses the device and all the lights on the surrounding buildings would go off. Sarah angrily asked Casey “I thought you said the EMP was a fake.” Right off the bat, Team Bartowski is at a disadvantage without the Intersect, but Casey misses Chuck because he sees Chuck as a part of the team now.

You can’t have Batman and not mention Robin.  Jerry Lewis without Dean Martin just seems sacrilegious . It just does not flow. Sarah and Casey both need Chuck around to complete the strength of the team.I thought you said it was a fake

Casey acknowledged he was wrong, and Marko explained the device.

Marko: Beautiful, isn’t it? Volkoff Industries’ handheld EMP generator. Will fry every electric circuit in a three-klick radius.

It’s a very powerful device, and according to Casey, a man name Volkoff was upping the ante when it comes to weapons. Marko would also tell them how the device knocked out the elevators and Mr. Volkoff’s men would be there in minutes.

This would cause Sarah to act. She started to stroll up to Marko. Mesmerized by her beauty Marko would soon become victim to a fist to the face from her. Sarah on the move Sarah's school of seduction at play here

Sarah and Casey then grab the case and EMP, and as they are packing Casey decides this would be the time to voice is opinion on Chuck not being apart of the team. He says,

Casey: You know, he really should be here.
Chuck’s the Intersect. We could use him on a mission like this.
I hate cracking into computer systems. (This would mark the first time the team notices Chuck’s computer skills)

Sarah: Well, he made a promise to his sister.
Chuck doesn’t want to be a spy and have to lie about it, too.

Casey: Your boyfriend needs some big boy pants.
He’s a spy, he’s good at it.

Sarah I know, Casey. You miss him, too.

The team talking about ChuckSarah and Casey walked over to the ledge and jumped up. They look at each other Sarah gave Casey props for bringing the parachutes and down they go. When they reach half way down they pull the hooks of the chutes A long way down

The next morning Chuck was sleeping in his bed, and he started to stir when he reached over thinking Sarah was there, but realized that would not be the case. Missing himself some SarahIf that wasn’t bad enough what would happen next would make Chuck become quite uncomfortable. As Morgan was standing over him taking pictures, and followed that up by saying, Chuck please

Morgan: Yes, Chuck. Yes. Nice. I like this.
But l-less back. Maybe just kind of a Hold that.
Hold that. Right there, this whole sleepy confusion thing.
That’s digital sex right there, my friend.

Chuck: Morgan, what are you doing?

Morgan: I’m putting the spark back in your relationship, dude.
Trust me. Sarah’s going to love these.

Chuck: What?  Morgan: Good. Yeah. Actually, if you don’t mind, I’ll hit the peck deck a little bit. Oh, and, uh put baby oil, please.
Lube it up.

Chuck: What? Ba-ba What?

Morgan: Lube it up. Lube it.

Chuck: No, no, no.

As Chuck stood up, and went to put on the governor and a shirt, Morgan suggested it was time for him and Chuck to have a man to man conversation. Chuck obliged and asked Morgan what was he doing in his room with baby oil.  What were you doing in my room with baby oilMorgan would educate Bartowski on what sex talk was.

Morgan: Cause every morning you’re waking up missing her, acting like a sad sack. I mean, I-I understand a little bit, you know, you’re-you’re stuck in this long-distance relationship right now that’s short on intimacy….. But what you need to do is open your mind to what sex truly is. It’s sexting, Short for sext writing. It’s intimacy for people in your situation.

As a man with experience in long distance relationships, what Chuck and Sarah had was not a long distance relationship. My ex girlfriend lived in another state. We didn’t share an apartment like they did. When Sarah completed a mission she was able to come home to Chuck. Whereas, I had to hop on a bus or train to see my  ex.

Chuck wasn’t down with the sex talk, and made it a point to say “Now that the terrible ideas are out of the way.” He said, he had interviews lined up for the day. All set up by Ellie. Morgan said he would get their bus passes. While Chuck wasn’t down for sex talk, Morgan would send Sarah the pictures anyway.

Chuck would show up for his interview at Vandalay Industries, and was obviously nervous. Enough for the interviewer to ask him why was he so nervous. Chuck would tell him he wasn’t normally nervous, but he had a strange day of interviews, and he would tell him what happened. Strange day of interviews

Chuck: Well, for starters, um, have you ever had anyone fall asleep in an interview? Um, just after that, the person sitting in your position got a little ill.
Just after that, the interviewer started going into convulsions The last interview I just came from, they-they told me they were going for a cup of coffee, and then they never came back.
I mean, how long does it take to get coffee?

First Interview: Fell AsleepInterview fell asleep

Second Interview:  got a little ill got ill

Third Interview: started going into convulsions started going into convulsions

The fourth interview: Went for coffee only to not return.

coffee breakThis latest interviewer said, he would put Chuck’s nervous at ease as he had good news for him. However, the good news wouldn’t last long as the telephone began to ring. Chuck suggested that wouldn’t be a good idea, and when the man hung up the phone he would tell Chuck the interview was over and he was going to have security escort him out of the building.

Chuck and Morgan would find themselves back on the bus heading home. A dejected Chuck was spiraling over his interview disasters and was wondering how he was going to  make money. Morgan would say well there is always one place, and they look out the window of the bus, and in the window you can see the words Buymore.  the creepy cousinThey would walk into the store, and they couldn’t believe how fast and beautiful the new Buymore was built. Chuck and Morgan back in their old stomping groundsThe song for this scene is a favorite of mine the Constellations Were  Here to Save the Day, A woman in Nerd Herd attire walked up to them, She told them they weren’t open, yet, but are accepting resumes.

Constellations: Were Here To Save The Day    Olivia munn as Greta one

Greta would notice that Chuck was holding a portfolio folder. She asked them would they be interested in a job. Chuck asked what was available, Greta said the store manager would take care of that. Chuck went in the direction of the office, and Morgan well he stood around to get to know the bombshell before him. She asked him if he wanted her to show him around the store. Morgan was more then eager to take it, and went as far as to ask her if he could hold her hand. She said, ‘No he could not” Would you like  tourCan I hold your handno you may notChuck would enter the office, and begin the process of getting rehired, I use to work here 2

 Chuck: Um Hello. My name is Chuck Bartowski, and, uh it’s funny, uh I- I used to work here.

Beckman: You still do work here. Hello, Chuck. Welcome back.Welcome back Chuck

Beckman was the person sitting in the chair, and she seemed quite happy to see Bartowski standing in what appeared to be her office. However, Chuck wasn’t as pleased with this sighting. Chuck concern about this situationMeanwhile, Casey and Sarah were back from their trip from China, and Casey let Sarah know about how Beckman was thrilled with the possession of the EMP. He would also fill her in on how Beckman wanted Chuck to come down and flash on anything to help their mission in taking down Volkoff. Sarah misses ChuckSarah complained about going out again, She would indicate how much she misses Chuck and it shows. Sarah also would tell Casey they can’t make Chuck come down because he was  a civilian now. Casey told her she better tell Beckman herself and gestured to the monitor.  We can't make Chuck work as a spy

On the monitor, we can see Beckman giving Chuck a tour of the Buymore. As it appears the Buymore isn’t just a Buymore anymore, Chuck getting the grand tour Oh, ChuckSarah expression and the words Oh, Chuck was an indication on how  she wasn’t thrilled with the games Beckman was playing. As Sarah knew what was going on, and soon Chuck figured out who was behind the sabotage of his interviews.

Beckman showed Chuck how the President of The United States approved the transformation of the Buymore into a full CIA/NSA substation. The store was capable of starting wars if need be. A place for Joint Chiefs of Staff meetings. Chuck tried to protest, but Beckman wasn’t hearing it. She used her classic “You’re a spy until you aren’t.” Chuck would reiterate how she told him he was out of the spy game.

Beckman would say she’d changed her mind. He was back, end of discussion.  Chuck would receive a call from Sarah, who told him he didn’t need to be a spy. He would agree and just finish telling Beckman he turned down her offer. Beckman looked up from her tablet not thrilled with that response, and proceeded to push a button and down goes Chuck into a tunnel that lead to Castle. You don't have to be a spy

At first Chuck was a bit frantic by the trap door, but it would quickly change to happiness once he glanced in Sarah’s direction. Sarah stood there looking at her boyfriend with love and finally able to see him. Sarah's pleasure in seeing Chuck

Sarah not happy that she had to go on another mission
Sarah: This is the mission that just won’t end.

She felt obligated to call him, but the fact that she just got in prevented her from calling. I guess the car ride from the airport to Castle was all spy related, but she apologized and Chuck said it was ok, I would of called but we just got inChuck was thrilled to see her too, and said he would be able to spend some time with her for none so distant future, and judging from Sarah’s eyes meant a lot sooner. Chuck would acknowledge the importance of her job, which would require her attention. He knows the job so Chuck’s understanding comes with the territory. Casey getting sick with all the sappy stuff pulled Chuck towards the device and briefcase. Casey told Chuck to flash, which he does. He flashed on the name Volkoff VOlkoff industriesChuck finished flashing

Here is what Chuck said about  the EMP,

Chuck: EMP- uh, manufactured in Venezuela at the Corta Verona facility, which is a subsidiary of Volkoff Industries.

Chuck would then ask who Volkoff was and before Chuck could stop them Casey freely gave him the information, It’s quite comical how much Casey wants Chuck back on the team. The information Casey gave was something Casey wouldn’t have done knowing Chuck was out of the spy game.

What tells you where Casey’s intentions were would follow after Chuck and Sarah point out how much he misses Chuck. He storms off grunting. After Casey left the room, Sarah walked up to Chuck to ask him a question. Can we talk

Sarah: Chuck, can we talk?

Chuck: Of course. Anytime. About what?

Sarah: Well, I know this is awkward, but, um I just have to ask about the picture.

Chuck: What, uh what picture? Hi-oh.

Meanwhile up in the store, Greta was showing the store to Morgan, and he still was flirting with her. Morgan would point out that since the store was a CIA base, It would mean she was an agent too. Her sarcasm was still not being noticed by Morgan as a I am not interested.

At the same time, Chuck was explaining the picture was Morgan’s doing. Furthermore, She asked Chuck did he  want to sext with her. Sarah said, don’t worry she thought it was cute.  Then they would talk about their six/nine month episode in which they agreed when Sarah returned, they would celebrate in style.

Greta put the finishing touches on the tour and was ready to get rid of this bearded bug by preparing to send Morgan down the chute too.

Chuck and Morgan were finishing up on their conversation when Chuck noticed something very familiar on the EMP case.  The emblem on the case was the same on the Chinese menu Chuck and Morgan found in Mary’s safehouse. The chinese menu logo Dumpling Menu

Casey and Sarah’s mission to take down Volkoff now includes Chuck’s private mission as the menu is a link to Volkoff. The result was Chuck telling Morgan they needed to get the car back from creepy guy.

Chuck and Sarah  arrive at the Repo man’s  car lot, and snuck in to retrieve the menu. As the approached the car, the repo man open fires. The man shouts and hollers at them about not messing with a repo man. Chuck explains they only came for the menu and they would be out of his hair.  The man asked what kind of place? Morgan told him chinese. Repo man asked for the menu, which Chuck suggested Tangiers . Morgan said, here and Chuck said one, two and they ran off.  Tangiers

They return to Orion’s base and look over the menu. Morgan said most of these items were regular food dishes, but there were some he never heard of like Shimira Chicken. Shimira Shrimp made Chuck Flash

Shimira Chicken made Chuck flash and it made him realize the menu wasn’t about ordering food. It was a menu for weapons. Chuck would call Volkoff Industries and arranged a meeting disguising himself as an offshoot of the Ring. The man on the other line said, if he wanted to meet Chuck would have to come to Moscow. As Chuck said he had a jet waiting, Morgan realized he would have to sell his Millennium Falcon in order to reach expenses.

Chuck and Morgan were back on the prowl and headed to Moscow Russia. Casey and Sarah were headed down to Venezuela or so they thought.

Sarah asked Casey if he had been in a long distance relationship before? Casey said no either he goes or they die. He would go to the head which gave Sarah an opportunity to break out her phone. She began taking pictures of herself from every angle. Sarah SextingWalker was getting into it. She got lost in the moment when suddenly Sarah heard Casey finishing up in the head. She returns to her seat after Casey returned to his.Sarah doing some sextingIt’s fun to see Sarah this way. We are use to a robot and the more I rewatch the more I am convinced Sarah was a bonafide puppet. every key aspect in her life was pulling the strings of her existence.

There is some truth to what Cole Barker said in S2. Sarah was so focused on the next mission she end up forgetting about herself or rather couldn’t because the nature of being a  field operative didn’t allow her to have such a life. She was no longer that person and more of this person we saw taking pictures of herself. It’s dangerous what she did. If the baddies get her phone, they could use those photos as leverage in doing their bidding, but that’s a subject for a raining day.  It also helps when government protocol was finally off her back.

Sarah  and Casey’s ride to stop Volkoff was about to take a drastic change as Marko was in the cockpit of the plane, and told the flight attendant to release the gas while he would reroute the flight to Moscow. This meant Chuck and Morgan were on a collision course with the rest of Team Bartowski. This should get interesting.

Marko giving the order to release the gas

Casey and Sarah would fall into a slumber from the gas only to wake in a Russian Cold War relic. Sarah would ask where were they. Casey guessed from the frostbite feeling they were in Russia. Casey and Sarah being held up

Marko and his men entered the makeshift interrogation room, and said, Think of all the things I am going to do to you

Marko: Welcome to Volkoff Industries. I’m glad you could finally make it. Take a load off. Relax. And think about all the terrible things I will do to you.

Casey: We’re pros, Marko. Your methods won’t work on us.

Marko: Remember, I work for Volkoff. I must break you.

I must break you
The “I must break you” line, comes from Rocky V as Marko played by Dolph Lundgren used the same line in that movie.

Meanwhile upstairs, Chuck and Morgan walked into Volkoff Industries for their meeting. As they approach the reception, Chuck was going over the plan. However, Morgan decided to improv. by not only speaking first, but telling the receptionist his name was Michael Carmichael. This would make Chuck remind him of the original plan as he was Charles Carmichael and he was supposed to be his mute assistant  Sven. SVen not playing along

One of Mark’s henchmen saw Sarah’s sexting picture and said nice photo. He started walking over to Sarah, who used the opportunity to take off her shoe and use her long leg to knock the phone and henchmen down. The phone falls onto the ground. Sarah tried reaching for it with her foot, but it was just out of reach of her toes. It serves the perv right. Sarah using her assets to proper use

What happens next is why this episode is so good, The blend of comedy and action, which is what the series specialized in. The scene would shift back to Chuck and Morgan, and he was waiting for the woman to return when he glanced at the monitor. Chuck would flash where the servers were, and saw the room wasn’t far from where they were. He suggested to Morgan they us Tangiers to break from the guards and make a dash for the room. Chuck said on three and they bolted for the servers.

They used Orion’s code to get into the room, which worked and inside the room they go. The guards went running past them. Chuck would head for the computers. Morgan went through the lockers and found another EMP. Chuck advised Morgan not to touch the device, and began working on the computer.

He zipped through the computer until he stumbled on the word Frost. Chuck remember his mother’s stories about The Frost Queen, which was another clue that his mother was linked with Volkoff’s faction. He tried breaking into the file, but it was encrypted, but the tech savvy genius had a program with him that could hack into it.  Frost

Sarah was still trying to reach her phone and finally does. Casey said for her to call Beckman, but Walker shot that down saying it would be too loud. Sarah said, she would text Chuck. When she does, Chuck’s phone would go off, but Chuck was busy breaking into the computer. It made Morgan take a look, and he saw it was Sarah. He told Chuck,  but Bartowski said not now. Morgan’s dirty mind came into play as he assumed it was about sexting and went to work not realizing SOS meant she was in trouble.

What was funny was how Sarah told Casey how Chuck thought they were sexting. Casey wanted to know what that meant. It’s quite funny.

Casey would tell Sarah to tell him where they were, which she does. Morgan realized she wasn’t sexting she was trying to tell them they were in trouble. Morgan informed Chuck they were in the building. Chuck’s maturation is really on display here. He saw how long it was going to take to break the code, and said they were going to save them. Chuck seeing how long the file would take Decryptying We are going to save them

Marko would catch Sarah texting and said “Enough with the toes.” He would take the phone from her. He would say,

Marko: Enough with the toes. No one’s coming.
I would love nothing more than to put bullets in both your heads.

Casey: Yeah, go ahead and do it. Don’t jabber. Just do it.

Marko: The problem is you’re not the two agents I’m looking for.
In the past six months, two CIA agents have gotten closer to Volkoff Industries than any other spy. They’re ghosts.
They expertly use public transportation to avoid being tracked.
So tell me who are these master spies? The Expert SpiesCasey and Sarah Stunned by who was on the foto

Casey and Sarah: No idea. Never seen ’em.

Chuck and Morgan were headed for the stairway when Marko’s men surrounded them. Chuck surrounded

Chuck’s not a happy camper now, he knows his secret mission has been exposed, and what’s worse he might not be able to get the file.  He also has to help Sarah and Casey. Welcome back to work Chuck, indeed. A man would inform Marko that they have the two spies much to  the dismay of Sarah and Casey who were still tied up Sarah listening to the news on the radio

Once again I lost a bit of respect for Sarah here, as she was listening to what was going on over the radio. Sarah shouts he isn’t a spy, and this was a mistake. Not a spy? the man was in the building obvious he was on his own spy mission. Marko just told her he was expertly using public transportation to eluded them. It can get frustrating to see and hear the lack of faith she has in him when it comes to situations like this. Sarah still sees Chuck as the one from S1, stay in the van Chuck, who is easy to protect, but the Chuck who was upstairs has Intersect 2.0, which has kung fu in it. Sarah listens to the sounds of gunfire and screams.

Casey and Sarah both assume the worse and Casey follows that up with,

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Casey: I’m gonna tear you limb from limb from limb

As Marko asked one of his men to shoot Casey, Chuck came on the radio and said,

Chuck:  you clearly have no idea who I am since you only sent ten of your men to take care of me, so let me break it down for you: if you touch one hair on Sarah’s head, I will do to you what I’ve just done to your men.
Do you understand? I’m coming down there right now.

Casey would follow with,

Casey: I suggest you start running right about now.

Casey happy now Sarah rather happy to hear Chuck's voice on the radioChuck asked Morgan was he scared enough and then went to free Casey and Sarah. Chuck leaps down to where they were, and soon Morgan followed. You knew they were going to ask Chuck why he was there, but Chuck said, “saving your life, let’s just leave it at that for the moment.” Sarah couldn’t take her eyes off of Chuck as he was releasing her. Chuck to the rescueMarko would come to the stairs with his gun out, and said he didn’t like to wait. A man on the radio would inform him the Americans had escaped. Chuck would lead the team back to the server room. In which Sarah will learn Chuck’s secret mission. Chuck back to work on his mission

As Chuck went to check on the computer, Sarah didn’t waste any time in asking questions. The computer is this what you came for

Chuckaholics think back to Chuck vs The Predator, Sarah hates when she isn’t included on Chuck’s adventures, and she explains to Chuck why she would of tried to stop him.  Sarah letting Chuck explain I could of helped you

Sarah: What, the computer? This is what you came here for?

Chuck: Look, Sarah, I have to tell you the truth.
I took over my father’s search for my mom.
She’s a spy, she is a spy, I-I don’t know.
I thought I could find her, I could save her, I could bring her home.

Sarah: You should have told me.

Chuck: You would have tried to stop me.

Sarah: Of course I would have. I don’t want you to get hurt.

Chuck: Sarah, I have to do this.
This is my mom, okay, I need to know the truth.

Sarah: No lying- that was our rule.

Chuck: In all fairness, I was just, you know, keeping a secret.
I wasn’t lying.

Sarah: New rule: no secrets, no lies.

Chuck explaining his case you would of stopped meOne could understand Chuck’s hesitancy in telling Sarah. In a way, Sarah likes to overprotect Chuck from himself at times when it comes to the dangers of spying, but she also wants to know because she wants to help him. The very issue came up when he was searching for Orion. She was visibly upset about his withholding this adventure. Take a look,

I need you to include me moreI could of helped you In this case, you can’t blame Sarah’s struggles in being kept in the dark on these kind of things either.

After making up, Casey asked what do they do now. Chuck glanced at the computer and saw there was still 5% left, and decided his mission would have to wait. As he walked over to the EMP, he looked at his team, and said by activating the device. Chuck ready to use the EMPChuck activating the EMPYou can lose the file

In this scene, we witness great sacrifice. The situation was bleak for Chuck chose between your own personal gain or save those that you can right now. When Sarah thinks she knows Chuck, he throws some other selfless act at her. She tells him by setting off the EMP he may never find  his mother, but Chuck countered with it’s better then losing them. Sarah still has the ability to surprise her

Chuck sets off the EMP and the whole building’s power went out. Morgan asked now what, and Casey said they would use the best assault weapon the AK 47. They were able to escape out the front door. There was a funny line from Casey in this scene. As he asked if everyone was ok, Morgan said, yes. It would make Casey change the question to anyone that mattered. The new Team BartowskiSarah would ask where was the getaway car, Chuck and Morgan looked at each other, and the team would find themselves on a Russian Bus heading for home. It gave Chuck the chance to say happy anniversary to Sarah. Happy AnniversaryChuck’s secret was out which also meant it was time to show Casey and Sarah what Chuck was hiding including Orion’s hidden base. He takes them there and tells them the entire story. Casey said he was peevied that he didn’t ask them for help. It still blows my mind at this point in the story the disconnect between all three, the mistrust in each other still taking place. That's its the entire storyeven Casey was peeved at Chuck

I understand the notion in protecting the ones you love from missions that you believe the party shouldn’t know, but shouldn’t the decision be made by them. Look at the big events that have transpired. I will leave you with that thought process as I would like to save some bullets for rewatch.

Will you help me find my mother

Chuck asked them to help him find his mother, and of course they said yes. This would mean Chuck would have to rejoin the agency. The biggest hurdle for Chuck was what to tell Ellie. The only option was for him to tell the truth.

Chuck was waiting for Ellie, and it’s a surprise but not from who you thought. As Chuck was oddly waiting behind some plants for his sister. I often wonder what possessed Chuck to stand there in the dark. He walked up to Ellie and he started telling her about how sorry he was about the interviews, but she already knew about the Buymore. Ellie said, it was her turn. She would ask him to sit down. When he does, Ellie reveals the biggest secret of all. She was pregnant. Ellie was set to become a mother. She is pregnant

Ellie’s news about being pregnant would put telling her about his search for Mama B would have to wait. While in bed with Sarah, Chuck was talking with her about not telling her. He needed to make sure about their mother first. Sarah said, Sarah listening to Chuck Sarah cracked into the database

Sarah: That’s not being a spy, that’s being a brother.
I cracked into the deep database for your mom and this is all I could find.
Look at the top of the page.

Frost was captured

Sarah would ask if he was going to still tell Ellie, and he said no. What R you going to tell EllieI liked this conversation between the two. It makes me wonder if in Season Three, if they talked like this the whole mess wouldn’t of happened. There was no prejudgment, it was a regular conversation between two people so be it their jobs were spies.

These kind of conversations were productive in relationship building. It helped Sarah to understand what was going on in Chuck’s head. In return, Chuck could let Sarah show she cares. After all  this wouldn’t be the first time Sarah tried to help Chuck find a parent.  It’s a very good start in this fourth season for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship.

The episode closes with Marko standing over Frost, and he told her that her family was looking for her. Mary asked Marko did he tell anyone. Marko said, no. It was very good news for Mary. She would proceed to take out  everyone in the room to keep the secret buried.

Overall Thoughts on Anniversary

As I mentioned in the preview article, this episode is a great premiere it has great music like this one,

The Black Keys: Howlin for you. 

Great guest stars and a return of the old Chuck’s way of doing business. The clean cut Chuck in this first episode is the Chuck I like most.  We had some great communication scenes between Chuck and Sarah, and while I would discuss more. Rewatch will come back to this episode so I would like to leave some thoughts for that article.

Up next is Chuck vs The Suit Case, it is one of the best episode of the entire series. A relationship developer episode that includes a mission to help reveal Sarah’s thoughts.

You are my home ChuckUntil next time remember The Chuck Project and Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t




  1. Good review. One additional thing. The repo man was played by Harry Dean Stanton. He played a Repo Man in the early 80’s cult movie Repo Man. He also played the security guard who gives clothes to Bruce Banner in Avengers I.

    • Yes, I failed to mention the name of the actor who played the Repo Man. Sorry about that.

      There was a lot to cover in this first S4 episode. I mean there are over 6K words in this article. In fact, I had to omit some words as I will be going over this article again for rewatch

  2. Chris, I like the review . You said you didn’t like Sarah shouts he isn’t a spy, and this was a mistake. Remember that she didn’t know why Chuck was there and shouting that she just assumed was her attempt to protecting him. Her emotional attachment to Chuck or fear in this case made her say that out of desperation. Just the comment that Casey makes; validates that the intersect is someone they should be afraid of. Marko did not know who Chuck was but that comment was to instill fear.

    Agreed on most of your assessments.I was a good start for Season 4.

    • Carol, but Chuck wants and needs acceptance. It’s why he does well in the Buymore bcause the people their treat him like a God. Everyone from Big Mike down to Jeff. They look up to him, but Sarah’s He isn’t a spy has nothing to do with love, but more to the point has everything to do with letting go of protecting him.

      It’s been four years now…Let it go MArko just told u how his craft was brilliant by using public transportation to avoid detection. What was Sarah’s first line after escaping “Wheres the get away car.” Yea, Sarah the bus….

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