gallery My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes: Volume One Part One

Spider man kiss

Recently on The Chuck Project,  I started a three volume set in which I picked my favorite Sarah Walker scenes. The original idea was to pick the best scenes, but  one volume was too small as there are many scenes I love.

The scenes showcase the wide range of emotions Yvonne Strahovski used to bring to life her character. Sarah Walker had to integrate into a world that was not familiar to her. She displayed raw every day emotions and reactions that she had to experience when thrust into normal daily activities. For example, How Sarah had to cope with other women courting Chuck.

All the training in the world can’t prepare an agent for dealing with  real life experiences that come with it. The daughter of a conman was turned into a con man with steroids. Everything her father taught her was enhanced as she navigated through the underbelly of the spy world. Yvonne’s natural acting ability made us see the trials and trepidations that come with the battle of doing what protocol dictates (Agent Forrest) or not caring about a normal future like Carina Miller.

During the course of all five seasons of Chuck. We were blessed with an actress that can command emotions with a snap of her fingers. Each set had 5 bubble scenes and 50 scenes that made the final cut. in which I discuss the scene and its context. It’s more of study of the character and the inner battle Sarah Walker dealt with in understanding Chuck’s version of normalcy and that of being a spy. We have to understand that Sarah was a mess when she entered the Buymore in 2007, as we learned from Chuck vs The Baby, it all stemmed from a baby and a rogue boyfriend.

Each scene will discuss where Sarah was at the juncture of the story and how she often spoke half truths. Walker had a tendency to say one thing, but her expressions would indicate something else.

SO, now I would like to take what we did at the Chuck Project and share with those that follow Chuckaholics. This will take a while because some scenes have a lot of photos, but the ride is worth it. Besides its Yvonne, Everyone loves the giant blonde she-malewedding jitters

Please feel free to leave comments about the selection I have made. Please remember this is my personal list, and some may be unconventional. Enjoy the ride.  We also will provide links to the group pages over at the Chuck Project at the end of the articles.Each scene will have my interpretation of real human emotions with that of the story presented. These interpretations are my theories alone so please understand you may view the scene as is and that is fine, but philosophy played a role in some of them and with that comes reflection and understanding.

We begin with scenes that were able to make the bubble, but were not good enough to make the final 50 and remember I had done three volumes so we will spaced out the articles to enhance the screenshots and theories . This also would mean 15 scenes weren’t good enough to make the final 150 scenes we will discuss. After we are done with Sarah Walker, we will do the same for Chuck, Casey, Morgan, Ellie and Awesome. Let’s begin,

Also note that some of the bubble scenes did make the other volume’s top 50.

The Bubble Scenes  


Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp Season One Episode Five

no 55

The concept of Mother’s Day can get foggy when the holiday is supposed to be in May, but for Chuck and Ellie October holds a different kind of holiday. The Bartowski version of Mother’s Day comes with a bit of family history. Sarah will learn that Mother’s Day is their way of celebrating the day they had to learn to take care of themselves.

As Chuck explains what the Bartowski holiday was, the realization sunk in Chuck’s family history was as difficult as her own. This could be considered a bonding moment in that regard. As we will learn, Sarah’s life isn’t easy either and who better to understand that fact then 55Bno 55C

The positive influence that comes from within this scenes comes from the fact that Chuck didn’t have parents much like Sarah, but Chuck still turned out to be a great guy despite no parents. It also means there is hope for Sarah still. no 55D


Chuck vs The Tango Season One Episode Three

no 54When the opportunity to touch Chuck presented itself, Sarah didn’t hesitate to take advantaged. The first real opportunity came about in Chuck vs The Tango, while discussing an alias for their cover, Chuck introduced the name Charles Carmichael.

As Chuck finished listing all the achievements Carmichael had, he would tell her about what happened at Stanford. Everything Sarah knew was through a file, it would be the first time Sarah would get what happened from him. no 54BThe significance of a conversation can help build a foundation towards a relationship. Truth often gets mistaken for honesty, but here Sarah had the right to ask the question “Did he steal the tests?” no 54C no 54D no 54EIt is safe to assume Sarah knows Chuck didn’t steal them, but Sarah’s experience has taught her anyone can become compromised at some point. After Chuck assured her that he didn’t, we get the first real touch of the series. no 54FThe expression here tells the viewer she believes him. Words are not needed here, but Sarah also has begun to fall for him some more. The conversation was done in an intimate setting and as a result it made Sarah put her hand on his. no 54G no 54H


Chuck vs The Ex Season Two Episode Six

no 53

Chuck’s difficulty in navigating through Bryce and Sarah’s relationship was because there was no boundaries set in the “cover relationship.” As Bryce made his returns, Chuck was forced to work with Bryce and watch how the two mesh well together. It’s fair to say Sarah didn’t understand why it affected Chuck so much because she didn’t seeing from Chuck’s point of view. tive. It would all change when Jill Roberts came to town.

While in the midst of celebrating Chuck’s prowess in saving Casey and Jill, Sarah stands by happy for her asset. As she sees greatness in Chuck, but it will quickly change once Chuck embraces Jill and they share an intense kiss. no 53B

Sarah’s willingness to share was something Sarah didn’t want to do, and what makes JIll different from Lou is the history factor she has with Chuck. Something Sarah was trying to build on for herself. The tables have turn and now Sarah has to cope with an ex in town. no 53C


Chuck vs The Helicopter Season One Episode Two

no 52 no 52BChuck didn’t know who to trust. It also didn’t help when he flashed on Sarah’s killer side, but still Sarah was his handler and her asking where he was indicates where the relationship was at this point. It’s as they would say strictly 52CChuck’s answers made Sarah see and hear she may have lose grip on Chuck and for that she needs to know where Casey was. no 52DEllie lightens up the mood when she says how mean his girlfriend has been to her and quickly Agent Walker was removed for the night’s festivities. no 52EHowever, it would all change once again when Chuck suggested eating in a public forum. Sarah is left holding the bag on their cover as Chuck was all but blowing it. Lucky for Sarah, Ellie was chalking up Chuck’s nerves to trying to impress Sarah, but Sarah knows where this really is coming from. no 52F no 52GSarah is boiling over her asset and her control over the cover, and it won’t get easy once Casey joins the fun, but that part of the scene may be revealed at a later date.


Chuck vs The SIzzling Shrimp Season One Episode Five

no 51We already know Sarah and Casey are killers, but we get to see the difference between the two in this scene. Casey was a shoot em up type at this point. We get to see the difference right off the bat. As the guard, frisked them Sarah gave the nod as indication she had unleashed Casey on this guy. no 51BIf that wasn’t the proof once inside the mission would go bust as Team Bartowski would spot Mei-Ling, the result was the beginning of the shooting. Casey wanted to take guys out, but Sarah using her brain said no kill shots. Casey’s response to Walker’s order was “I hate playing nice.” There will be other times in the series where Sarah thoughts on less violence will be revisited in later episodes. no 51CWe have reached the end of the first set of Bubble scenes, now for the scenes that made the first cut on my personal list.


Chuck vs The Break UP Season Two Episode Three

no 50

When Bryce Larkin returns in The Break Up, he interjects himself into the dangers of the growing relationship between Sarah and Chuck. First, he was worried Chuck let the lines of the cover blur his judgment and fell for Walker, but while Bryce was worried Chuck. Sarah slipped and the secret was out. Bryce knows Sarah had feelings for Bartowski.

The issue would come with them on mission as Bryce and Sarah were supposed to be a married couple with  PDA that would not strike attention their way. While they started out hot and bothered, and Chuck was uncomfortable with the sight of Larking and Walker performing their cover so effortlessly no 50B Sarah was about to  take matters into her own hands once the music started. When Sarah Walker was angry, it didn’t matter if even the great Bryce Larkin was around. no 50C no 50DIt seemed like Sarah and Bryce were doing fine, but in reality Sarah was taking control of this number. It was hot and steamy, but it made Bryce ask if she would let him lead. Sarah’s response was a simple “No.”  no 50Eno 50F

#49 and #48

Chuck vs The Pilot Season One Episode One

no 49The first meet was supposed to be a piece of cake for Sarah. It’s her first handler mission, and she saw Chuck as an easy target. Boy! she would she  be surprised. no 49B

Chuck has no clue who was standing in front of him. However, the Chuck and Sarah story will begin once he lifts his head. no 49C

Sarah bravado made her use a funny line as Chuck explains Vicky Vale and she claims like that was supposed to make it better. However, after a few seconds the confident agent’s eyes begins to lose its piece of cake mentality no 49D While a file said he was working with Bryce simply because they shared a dorm room together, Sarah’s attraction to Chuck began taking shape. After asking him to fix her phone, the change from an Agent on a mission to an unexpected attraction.

#48 Begins,

no 49E no 49FMany fans give the ballerina credit for the moment when she fell for Chuck, but the attraction began before that, and while she still was probing him for secrets, the ballerina was more of a icebreaker of sorts. When he gives her back the phone, you can see her thoughts are beginning process the desire to learn more about Chuck.

no 49Gno 49H

It also made her start thinking of a way to stay in Burbank, and while she knows she may have to go what happens next will confirm what she wanted. no 49I no 49J no 49KSarah was hooked and made it a point to never leave Burbank again.


Chuck vs The Alma Mater Season One Episode Seven

no 47

Sarah’s journey  to Stanford hits home on two fronts.  Walker not only walks the footsteps that Chuck once did, but the fact that her former boyfriend also walked the halls of Stanford makes this adventure intriguing. While Chuck was reliving the worst moment of his life, Sarah was being given a tour of where Larkin and Bartowski called home at one time.

A file could tell her what the backstory was, but when watching how difficult this was for Chuck. Sarah began to sense the anguish better. She also understands the meaning of being betrayed because at this point Bryce was believed to be a rogue agent, who was killed for 47Bno 47C

As Chuck rehashed the story, each detail was registering into Sarah’s mind. The thought of how much damage Bryce has done. The mission can be taxing especially when Sarah has a growing interest in Chuck. no 47DThe role of a handler often makes the ability to be their for Chuck a touchy subject. The mission was to get the disk before the baddies. However, Sarah also has begun to realize maybe Chuck shouldn’t have come to stanford., but orders are orders. no 47E

The simple humane thing to do would be to abort, but the information on the disk was too valuable to walk away from. It’s the nature of the business even if it feels wrong.


Chuck vs The Helicopter Season One Episode Two

no 52One of the more difficult things for Sarah was swallowing her pride during the first part of season one as she was working with the man who killed her boyfriend. It didn’t help reading the article about Larkin’s death either. no 46Sarah has a personal score to settle with Casey, and the animosity she has must be put to bed as they are the agents assigned to this case, but while she shows the tough as nails agent in front of Casey after she is well out of Casey’s line of vision Walker’s true feelings on the issue is exposed. The real Sarah exposes her true thoughts on this whole ordeal. no 46B Unfortunately, her biggest adversary will eventually become her partner and respect develops between the two. The possibility of that happening after watching this scene would suggest otherwise.

#45 and #44

Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami Season One Episode Nine

no 45Sarah’s first bout with jealous comes with a very interesting take. After she scared off Lester, Sarah can see Lou coming in her direction. Normally, an agent wouldn’t think twice to do what she was about to do. However, even Sarah Walker has jealousy issues, and jealousy is an extension of feelings that are more than just a cover, but the question is how does a woman who is trained all kind of situation handle her cover boyfriend’s new real girlfriend? The same as a normal girl with real  feelings would by confronting 45B

However, Sarah has a job to do and with that comes keeping the cover intake. She remembers as Lou stands before her. There isn’t much Sarah can do at this point, but that doesn’t stop her from being protective. no 45C no 45D

Sarah’s eyes tell how much she wants to hurt Lou,  the eyes are threatening and here comes Sarah’s feelings about Chuck.  “You know,he’s a great guy….. It’s not an opinion,it’s a fact.” no 45E

Sarah’s admission here is something an agent wasn’t supposed to do, but when it comes to not experiencing the feelings she has it makes her do things she wouldn’t normally do. Sarah is compromised.  no 45FSarah didn’t need to make this personal, but she did and its fun to watch.  no 45GSarah’s expression here gives the viewer and indication she is holding back what she truly wants to say, but one of the things I applaud Sarah in is her ability to restrain herself.


Chuck vs The Zoom Season Five Episode One

no 43

From personal experience when trying to surprise a spouse it can be challenging, but for Chuck its even harder when his spouse is a spy. It’s pretty hard to put anything past Sarah especially when Morgan reaction to seeing Sarah made him leave rather quickly. no 43BChuck knew what Morgan did was going cause a reaction from Sarah, and boy does it. Sarah’s stare is of annoyance as Chuck was keeping a secret from her. Sarah was not thrilled with Chuck abrasiveness. no 43CSarah’s eyes hear are lethal, but not threatening because if Chuck wasn’t going to talk. She had ways to make him talk and he would crack like an egg. no 43D


Chuck vs The Suitcase Season Four Episode Two

no 42

While Chuck has a bombshell of a girlfriend, and most men would be lucky to call Yvonne Strahovski their girlfriend, you would think Chuck’s mind wouldn’t wander, but even Bartowski slips a time or two. As the general is showing slides of Stepanova, Chuck says “Hi ho” which Sarah heard quite clearly.  no 42BYou would think Sarah wouldn’t be worried, but even Walker shows signs of insecurities, and doesn’t like her man recognizing other women. This scene doesn’t mean much on the grand scheme of things, but its worth mentioning anyway.  no 42C#41

Chuck vs  The Suitcase Season Four Episode Two

no 41Sometimes Chuck’s emotions get the better of him and the verbal flow of thoughts come flowing out. Especially when it came to Sarah’s unpacking issues. However, Chuck did not choose the best time to tell her about her weird unpacking habits. no 41BAs they were trying to see what was in the purse, they would be surprised with a pressure sensor bomb. As the bomb was resting in Chuck’s hand, Sarah was working fast in trying to defuse it, Chuck decides to tell her how he still loves her despite her not unpacking. no 41CWhile it seemed like Sarah wasn’t paying attention to the words Chuck said, she heard all of it. no 41Dno 41ESarah’s expression goes from worried to angry in a split second. Sarah’s mind set now is does the suitcase matter, and the thought the final words she would remember for the rest of her life were about her weird unpacking 41F


Chuck vs The Subway Season Three Episode Eighteen

no 40After Chuck witnessed his worse fears with Shaw being alive.  A interesting discussion about Sarah’s reaction to seeing it. The infamous “Oh, Daniel.”  no 40BWe know she is very happy with Chuck, and she was comfortable in telling him at this point. Shaw resurfacing struck a cord in Sarah for a different reason. The man who was supposed to be dead was boarding a subway.   in my view, Sarah looked scared because for the second time in three years a man she presumed dead came back from the dead. no 40CShe has the same kind of expression when she saw Bryce still alive. It must be a weird feeling for Sarah that she had to go through this a second time the difference with Shaw was his attempt in killing her .


Chuck vs The Hack Off Season Five Episode 5

no 39

While conducting my research on the character, the evidence suggests Sarah Walker fell for the nerd not the spy. The first twelve episodes of season three indicated most of the leg work,  but there were a few instances that made me think Sarah truly was in love with the nerd. This scene was the strongest exhibit for building my case. no 39B

When Chuck was challenging his inner hack master, Sarah was not privy to this side of Chuck. Sarah knows he is smart, but the wine and the music was actually turning on Sarah. no 39Cno 39D


Chuck vs The Wookie Season One Episode Four

no 38After taking part in game night at the Bartowskis,  Sarah and Chuck are protecting their cover by taking a leisure stroll in the courtyard. A lot of information was revealed when it comes to Bryce Larkin and Chuck rocky relationship making it tough for Sarah to be open about the depth of her relationship with Larkin. Chuck knowing Sarah and Bryce’s history could hinder her role as his handler. no 38B

The question is does Sarah tell Chuck that Bryce Larkin was more then just a partner is debatable,  the sole mission for Sarah is to make sure the intersect is functioning properly. What we will discover is lying has become a default function for Sarah when it comes to real life questions about her past  Especially  When she is nervous or not accustomed to answering questions like “How close were you and Bryce?” This is a very personal question. One a handler doesn’t have to answer, but Sarah feels obligated after saying he could just ask her. It wasn’t a wise decision if lying was behind the answer, but with Sarah it’s something she falls back on.

So, when Chuck said he would like to know more about her. Sarah also  becomes nervous because no one took an interest in who Sarah Walker was. It was a very new concept for 38CSarah Walker wasn’t prepared for this as Sarah’s expression has a lot of where is this coming from look, and when Chuck asked what was the nature of there relationship. The situation went from bad to worse especially after hearing how hot Bryce was with Chuck. Sarah has to tread lightly because it could affect her relationship with Chuck for the long  haul. no 38DAs I said, Sarah defaulted to what Sarah was trained to do and that was to lie to her mark. However, Sarah may not be as comfortable with this as some would 38EMost of the time when Sarah lies there was a flow, there was a preconceived notion behind it, This time she was lying to protect herself. It wasn’t easy as her eyes shift down and to the side as indicating she was thinking on the fly. SO, when she thinks she sold the story, Her smile returns. no 38F


Chuck vs The Subway Season Three Episode Eighteenno 37

While Chuck had fear that Shaw and The Ring was closing in on them, Sarah had to let her agent persona take a back seat and become more of a girlfriend. Chuck was freaking out and Sarah tried to ease his nerves. no 37BThe belief was Shaw was dead and Chuck need to start putting this whole thing behind him, but what Chuck really knows was some how Shaw was alive, and this would be the appropriate time for Chuck to tell her about that aspect of his dream, but he remained quiet. Sarah’s eyes tell you she was trying her best to comfort Chuck. It gets to the point where Sarah had to distract Chuck by suggesting he try some blueberries.  no 37D


Chuck vs The Subway Season Three Episode Eighteen

no 36While Chuck just watched Shaw kill his father, Sarah doesn’t know and when Chuck enters the back of the truck a shell of himself, Sarah can sense there was something wrong. no 36B

Shaw killing Orion was about to be revealed, which was lifer altering in a sense as Stephen Bartowski was becoming a strong father figure. The influence of Stephen J. Bartowski was strong enough for Sarah to give Chuck her spy will something that was triggered by what Orion said about last missions and the dangers of the business. Now that Shaw has killed him, if there were any redeeming qualities in Shaw it was all but gone now. no 36E

The realization just on how much of a monster Shaw had become was something Sarah was ready to put down. It goes to show you Sarah doesn’t like murders and that’s what Shaw was. It’s the very reason Sarah was afraid would happen to Chuck, but for Sarah it took 19 episodes to realize as much as Chuck was changing to be come the spy he had to become.

The more things would remain the same as Chuck’s only time in pulling a real trigger was to protect her not kill an innocent man like Orion or choke the life out of man like Casey did in Tic Tac or telling Casey no kill shots in Sizzling Shrimp. Don’t get me wrong, Sarah was lethal in her own right, and she was willing to kill, but three years with Chuck taught her there was another way. no 36F

#34 and #35

Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami Season One Episode Eight

no 35 and 34This scene symbolizes why I conducted my research on the development of Sarah Walker.  I mark this scene as one of Yvonne’s greatest acting performances.  On the heels of “breaking up.” Sarah walks into the Buymore a mess. Remember this scene was apart of Sarah’s video log.

Clearly, Sarah didn’t get the memo about compromising herself with an asset, but the sheer presence of her demeanor shows the viewer Sarah’s cover is becoming more and more difficult to protect.  no 34 and 35BAs she walks into the Home Theater Room, Sarah is quite different in her approach. The usually smiling happy to see Chuck is in between trying to sell the break up as being bad for their cover, which is the very reason they were broken up, and Sarah also was realizing how the cover was beginning to mask her feelings. no 34 and 35CHowever Sarah’s initial plan backfired, Chuck wasn’t falling for the cover act anymore, and after Sarah lost the battle as her agent self, The real floodgates open up, take a look. no 34 and 35DThere was desperation behind those eyes as she can’t really tell Chuck how she really feels because of all the devices in the room Casey was lurking so if he wanders into the room what would her explanation be to Casey. Sarah is in a bind now. While everything fails and Chuck’s mind appears to be set.  Sarah has no choice but to reveal how she really feels. This is how a cover becomes a cover for her feelings. no 34 and 35EYvonne’s ability to instantly bring the tears out was amazing. She gives Sarah Walker the chance to come to life from script to our televisions.  no 34 and 35Fno 34 and 35GAs Chuck continued with the phrase “i’d rather find something a little less common, like, say, i don’t know, a, uh, a real relationship.”  You can see Sarah’s eyes widen as an indication that struck her a bit harder then usual.  no 34 and 35HSarah’s expression was trying to convince Chuck the best way she can not to continue with this break up.  When Chuck missed the clues there may be more to this than meets the eye, Sarah caves and showed real tears no 34 and 35I

She  used the words sell, but it’s not to sell their “break up” The sell job was protecting her feelings from Chuck.


Chuck vs First Class Season Three Episode Five

no 33The next two scenes are similar but with a significant difference in Sarah’s makeup. Chuck was assigned his first solo mission much to the dismay of Agent Walker, but this didn’t mean Sarah stood by and watched. Normally, Sarah wouldn’t question orders, but Sarah tried to talk Chuck out of this. no 33BAt first, Sarah seemed to be in true handler form. Angry with a bit of bitterness. I once thought Sarah was not coming to grips with being on the sidelines, but if you notice Sarah had more of a concerned face especially when seeing the chukes.  It made her ask Casey if she could speak with Chuck alone. no 33CI call  this mama bear syndrome, Sarah has always been by Chuck’s side when it came to spy missions. She protects him from dangers of spying as well as himself. This time Sarah was being told to stay  and quarterback from Castle.

Sarah’s protest comes with having a hard time letting go of the umbilical cord. Walker knows once Chuck boards the plane there would be no way she would be able to protect him, and that’s what scares Sarah the most, but her attitude speaks of the contrary.  Her attitude speaks of being undermined by Shaw and his coddling speech. no 33DHowever, Chuck explains how this was an opportunity for him to show everyone he could be a spy, which caused Sarah to reveal her thoughts.  She says ” I’m not saying that you can’t do this, but please Please just don’t go now. Okay? You need more time.” no 33F



Chuck vs The Fear of Death Season Four Episode Eight

no 32

While Sarah was bitter in her response to Chuck going on a mission alone with the Intersect 2.0 intact. Sarah must be irate when it comes to Chuck going alone on a mission with Agent Rye without the Intersect. She wasn’t Irate with Chuck, but with the general and Agent Rye’s disregard for Chuck’s well being. no 32BSarah doesn’t want him to do things that she can’t protect him, and while the Intersect was present during First Class. Here Chuck was intersectless, which according to Sarah was crazy. no 32CWhen the discussion shifted towards Chuck, Sarah’s expression was not missed this time as she looks in Sarah’s direction as she is hearing how the assignment was being planned. Chuck was going with Agent Rye, and Casey and Sarah once again would be left behind. no 32DWhen Chuck went to prepare for his mission, Sarah stopped him and said, “Don’t be hero just come home to me, ok” Sarah’s expression isn’t like this one no 33Fit’s like this,

no 32E


 Chuck vs The Ring II Season Three Episode Nineteen 

no 31One of the things that we can agree on is the lack of communication Chuck and Sarah had with each other.  Case in point, Chuck’s decision to withhold how badly the intersect was hurting him.

I have had debates over this issue many times, but the fact is as a society, we  like to make decisions and answers for others instead of letting the person who receives the information decide how to proceed. We want to protect the ones we love, I get it. However, protecting the ones you love can be considered to be a selfish move especially when one’s future is at the balance of what’s going on.

Chuck and Sarah were building a future together, and if a relationship is going to work their needs to be a pipeline of communication that no matter how bad the news was the trust and faith you have in your partner helps sooth the potential crisis. It contains the shock and awe better. Some may disagree, but when it comes to my relationship with my wife, I allow her to sit in with me when I go to see a doctor. This way we get bad news together.  Remember no secrets no lies.

Sarah isn’t innocent in this situation either because if she cared she would of been more persistent in understanding what was going on with him instead of taking what Chuck said at his word. She is a spy for goodness sake, but what Sarah did here was what she should of done after the summit.  no 31BAs Chuck bends over from the agony of the flash, Sarah takes charge by asking him what was really going on, Chuck couldn’t hide it anymore. Sarah had to step in and make sure Chuck safety was not in danger. Most girlfriends and partners would do that.

In retrospect, a girlfriend is a partner and when Chuck tells her about how bad his condition was she didn’t run or say she was done with him. She wanted to abort the mission as she said “Shaw wasn’t worth this.” no 31CWhen he instructs her to go help Casey and Morgan, Sarah protested saying she couldn’t leave him like that, and here is where communication comes through. Chuck explained his side, followed by Sarah’s protest, and what we came out of it was understanding.  They might not like the decision, but its easier to take when they made the decision together.  no 3D no 31E no 31Dno 31F


Chuck vs The Honeymooners Season Three Episode Fourteen

no 30

Another communication breakdown between the two. The discussion of whether or not the two could be a couple and still manage to be spies. Chuck and Sarah are patronizing the other when they claim they know what the other wants when as Juan Diego pointed out the obvious. They both still want to be spies and be together. However, the two would dance the dance with each other about giving up being a spy. no 30BAs the two are talking about being out of the spy game, they both spotted a would be terrorist. Sarah and Chuck both want to snoop into Juan Diego’s room which is when the conversation gets interesting. no 30CSarah asked him, if leaving the spy game was something he wanted, but the question comes fully loaded because the premise isn’t something she wanted. She is trying to please Chuck by leaving something she clearly still wants  The same goes for him. no 30ESarah goes to Juan’s room and finds a scrapbook of information, and while she says she was getting ice cream. She used the opportunity to do some spying. Meanwhile, Chuck wasn’t far behind as he also took advantage of the opportunity.  When the couple returned to their room. what will happen is a discussion about the infamous “one last mission” no 30FAs the two were laying in bed,  It seemed like they were trying to convince themselves quitting was what they both wanted.  Sarah was about to eat her ice cream when she succumbed to the pressure and says she couldn’t fake it anymore. Chuck thought it was about their relationship as she used the words “Fake it,” but she was really talking about spying. no 30G They would communicate on the illusion of leaving the spy world by trying to use a final mission to mask their true feelings on the issue.  It’s like the final mission was putting their minds at ease about spying just look at how happy Sarah became knowing she would have to gear up. no 30Hno 30I no 30J

The final thirty scenes will be included in a separate article as there are a lot of information still to go…….Stay tune for my favorite Sarah Walker Scenes  part two of the first volume.

Please leave comments and feedback about the first group of scenes.  If you choose not to wait for the article click this link to see the other scenes I have picked as favorites of mine.

until next time Chuckaholics is your site so play and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t


    • That’s your opinion, CM

      We have this discussion before. I don’t hate Season Three like you do. This list was complied on the scenes I like hence the title My favorite Sarah Walker scenes.

  1. […] For Sarah, her saving grace would be her professional relationship with Chuck  but Jill will be thrusted into the mission which now invades Sarah as a whole. With Jill in the fold, Sarah has to share Chuck now. Something she detests. What threatens Sarah even more was how Chuck and Jill mesh well when it comes to intellectual stuff. Sarah plays the role of the jockey in this case. The smart girlfriend  vs the pretend jockey girlfriend and it gets to Sarah right away. While Chuck usually brought his  lady feelings with him on missions. Sarah brought her trepidation on this mission. Her jealousy would become heightened when Chuck chooses to side with Jill over Sarah’s fear of Guy’s box being a bomb. Sarah’s jealousy took hold of her because she lost sight of what Guy’s puzzles were. The music box in Castle was a riddle for someone to solve. A clear headed spy would notice the trend, but a jealousy filled agent would be distracted from the clues. Its how the viewer can get the sense of Sarah’s angst in all of this.  From Sarah’s perspective how could she not feel threatened. This is where the feelings on Jill Roberts being the biggest threat to Sarah’s relationship with Chuck. Sarah’s jealousy overtaking her abilities as a spy. It’s great acting in my view and even better what would happen to people in real life. They become flustered.During the closing moments of the scene, we can see Sarah shift herself behind Chuck and Jill as a position of being placed in the background. A position Sarah wasn’t use too, but Sarah’s reaction with Jill after the flash drive was recovered was a development of a different kind. It showed maturity. Sarah does confront Jill, but it’s a far different response then no 45 and 46 of Volume One. […]

  2. I really like your articles, enjoying reading through this one, the trouble is with Chuck, the writing became very inconsistent, #36, you were right what you typed about Shaw being a murderer, totally agree and this is where the writers really let themselves down like many times in my opinion, in season 5 ep 7 Santa suit, the Walker is tied to the chair she says “You’re a good man Shaw”, did she forget he shot her husbands dad in cold blood, let alone tried to kill her, I guess she was trying to defuse the situation and talk her way out of it like Chuck would but I felt it was betraying Chuck.

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