My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes Volume One: Part Two

As we continued on with My Favorite Sarah Walker scenes, we have reached the second part. This article will cover #29 to 10.  These 19 screenshots are the next set  from volume one, but don’t worry there will be two more volumes after this volume is complete. Yvonne Strahovski’s best work are about to join the list, and like the first twenty five scenes we will discuss the makeup of Sarah’s development.Sw V1 added photo

It was really hard to select the remaining scenes, but without further delay we shall proceed with the list. 


Chuck vs Ange De La Muerte Season Three Episode Three

no 29

This scene is interesting in it provides a glimpse into Sarah’s mind on how she feels about Chuck and most specifically the Intersect 2.0. What bothered Sarah more the skill sets or Chuck needing her less and less.  Case in point, when Casey gets shot in the basement of the Costa Gravis consult The Premier’s right hand wanted Chuck to perform the 29B

Chuck was freaking out because he never performed surgery before, but Awesome and Sarah were trying to calm him by saying the Intersect had the ability to perform the procedure. It’s one thing in saying or knowing, it’s another seeing it actually being done. No previous training or even an inkling in what he was doing didn’t stop the intersect as Chuck finally was calm enough to flash the skill needed. As Chuck became Chuck 2.0, Sarah gives the audience a chance to see just how much the program was beginning to slip into the realm of jealousy. no 29C

After Chuck was able to take the bullet out, Devon said they needed blood from someone that matched the premier’s and it turned out it was Casey’s blood type, but the Colonel hated premier because he was a former communist, who he tried to kill many times but failed. Chuck would become aggressive and knocked out Casey with anesthesia . Let’s take a look at Sarah’s expression after Chuck’s quick thinking 29DSarah doesn’t seem proud of Chuck at all. She usually smiles for instances remember back in Chuck vs The Ex, When Sarah watched Chuck accomplish something heroic Sarah would applauded his efforts. Another example of Sarah’s Jubilation would be in Tom Sawyer, no 53How does it feel to be a hero, mr bartowskiIn De La Muerte, Sarah isn’t thrilled, but in complete shock that Chuck would do such an act, but what Chuck did was save a life. It also made Sarah weary of the new Intersect as he performed surgery and a blood transplant all because of the new Intersect.


Chuck vs The Gravitron Season Two Episode Eight

No 28

While communication may be an achilles heel for the couple, they certainly knew how to make up. I guess they had plenty of practice, but as Jill was gone from the picture the result was Chuck and Sarah were back together. Chuck says,

Chuck: I’m sorry, Sarah.
I should have listened to you from the beginning.
You were right: I wasn’t ready for this mission.

no 28B

After everything that happened, Sarah could of said get over it Chuck, but instead Sarah tries to pick up Chuck’s spirits, and why not since Jill was gone so was the threat. Essentially, everything was back to normal for her. no 28CAs Chuck was saying how he was too trusting, Sarah made it a purpose to tell him how he was a good guy and he wants to help people.  Leave the deception to her, which would lead Chuck to proclaim how they were better as a team, Sarah was happy to agree. It’s scenes like this that drives me mad when it comes to communication and the wonders it can do for them. no 28D


Chuck vs The Marlin Season One Episode Thirteen 

no 27After Chuck was taken into custody by Longshore, Sarah informed Graham and Beckman about the police having Chuck, but when Beckman said, Chuck was no longer her problem. Sarah cracked in front of her superiors something that didn’t go unnoticed  either.  no 27B no 27CThe best part of the scene is Sarah’s eyes show displeasure in hearing the news, which Graham caught her. There is two reasons why Sarah was upset. She alluded to the issue by saying Chuck was her asset. The second would be never being able to say goodbye. Sarah would of been fine with Chuck being bunkered.  Sarah was still pretty much a good soldier or company girl if you will.  She was upset because she has feelings for him and a chance to say goodbye was warranted, but at the same time there wasn’t much she could of done. There was another time in which the company didn’t allow her to say goodbye. In Broken Heart, Agent Forrest ordered Sarah to stay away from Chuck, which didn’t go over well with Sarah then 27D no 27FSarah being told to stay away from Chuck

What changed the game for Sarah to act  on her feelings was having an unlikely ally. Casey helped Sarah as he told her to find Chuck and he would go after the Pita girl. It made Sarah see she wasn’t in this alone and could prepare to pull her weapon on Longshore.

no 27G

#25 and 26

Chuck vs The Nacho Sampler Season Three Episode Six 

no 25 and 26

When it comes to being an agent even the most experience dread some aspects of the position. Let’s face it the job of an agent is to take advantage of the weak and use them as bait in order to achieve what the mission calls for. However, an agent is still a human being and some things are easier to forget then others. Chuck burning Manoosh is an example of this . Sarah’s trepidation about Chuck’s future in the spy business comes from two things. Her own experience and the other would be the changes it does to a person. Sarah offers Chuck the chance to help him with burning Manoosh, but Chuck knows he had to do since he was Manoosh’s handler. no 25 and 26BAs Sarah was observing Chuck perform his task, Sarah became uncomfortable with watching what was going on. Could she be conflicted because Chuck was able to do it and she couldn’t on her first handler mission. There are a lot of things that could come out of this expression., but the more we watch the story as a whole the more and more Sarah believed the Chuck she was use to was disappearing within his maturation into the spy world.  Sarah said, “You won’t remember who you are.” It’s things like burning an asset that could make a person lose themselves as using people as pawns in their game seems to be very 25 and 26Cno 25 and 26DIt can be said even Casey had issues with it, quotes like Johnny Walker Black Label always helps with easing the bad taste of burning someone, but the significant difference between Casey and Sarah was how they handled it.  Casey said throughout the episode it’s the job of a handler to get what you can out of the asset nothing more and nothing less. He even went as far as praised Walker for the training of Chuck, but does this look like a woman pleased with her work. Casey also would voice his pleasure in seeing Chuck becoming a spy, and it was a good thing. Sarah would follow with “Is it.” no 25 and 26Eno 25 and 26F


Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami Season One Episode Nine

no 24

Sarah was used to having Chuck eat out of her hand. They  would be smiling and enjoying each others company, but once Lou came into the picture. Sarah was experiencing a different side of Chuck. While going over his flash about Stavros,  Sarah tries to maintain composure when the words “I don’t want my girlfriend involved.” was spoken by Chuck. no 24BAs Sarah is looking at Chuck, Sarah’s eyes begin to fill with jealousy. The ability to not expose herself in front of Beckman makes this scene a favorite mine.  There is so much restraint displayed the effort made by Yvonne was great to 24Cno 24Dno 24E


Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami  Season One Episode Nine

no 23

Everything about Lou and Chuck’s new relationship was getting under the skin of Sarah.  It was becoming more and more obvious. It was enough for Casey to point out Sarah’s employee dating history, and Sarah would become both impulsive and defensive both traits stemming from being caught by Casey and watching Chuck and Lou’s first date taking place in a club. Does that sound familiar? Sarah and Chuck’s first date was in a club too.  mo 23B

Like a predator, Sarah was just waiting for a signal for her to crash this party. She says, “Maybe I should go in.” It made Casey provided her with  a dose of reality. “Same bit with you.” Sarah would look at him astonished and reply “What’s that supposed to me. Casey would tell her  “You fall for the guys you work with.” He said, first Bryce and now our boy Chuck.”  Sarah would become very defensive citing Bryce was a mistake and she didn’t fall for Chuck. no 23Cno 23Dno 23FThe next act would be waiting for her chance to storm the club, which Stavros would provide her that very opening. The more and more Sarah waited, the more anxious she became and the result was jumping the gun. The impulsive act comes from  both Casey spotting her feelings, and watching Chuck with another woman. A combustible situation indeed. no 23G no 23H


Chuck vs The Zoom Season Five Episode One

no 22

This scene is the essence of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. Chuck’s team gets captured and have no way out of this one, but instead of panicking Chuck comes up with a plan to save them. He creates a diversion so the others can escape. The diversion would be Chuck taking their place much to the dismay of his wife. no 22BSarah was confused about the sudden release, and it wouldn’t be long for her to find out why. Chuck told her to go, but Sarah said she wasn’t leaving her husband on a mission. As the thought Chuck would be lost to her, Sarah’s eyes begin to water at the thought of Chuck sacrificing himself for them. no 22Cno 22DSarah’s eyes tell you the story about how she felt about this. It looks so natural at times as if Sarah Walker was taking over Yvonne’s soul. no 22EThe realization for  a wife no matter the occupation the stress of knowing this would be the last time you talk to a spouse could be daunting. It makes the job no longer important. Some would say it’s a selfish act, but when it comes to love everyone is selfish. no 22Fno 22G


Chuck vs The Pilot Season One Episode One

No 21

An Iconic moment, the beach scene will forever be apart of Chuck and Sarah’s beginning. This scene was well done from the aspect of setting the table for things to come. Sarah didn’t need to do this. It wasn’t her prerogative to walk down and sit next to him. She was doing her job by simply being in the parking lot, but Sarah isn’t like most agents. She cares and one day with Chuck made her see that Chuck isn’t a threat to anyone. no 21BBy Sarah sitting next to him, she essentially is inserting herself into his life. She shows she cares about him. It’s a lot to process what happen for Chuck enough for Sarah to sense it. So she asks, “Talk to me Chuck.” no 21Cno 21DAs she listens to him speak, Sarah becomes more and more interested in making it a personal mission to protect him remember she said she wanted to fix this. The love inside that she has yet to discover made Sarah say the line that started it all “Chuck, there is one more thing you can do for me. Trust me, Chuck” The interesting thing about this moment is Sarah’s expressions. It almost seems like she is following her heart.  She follows that up with the first body contact without a cover behind it. no 21Eno 21Fno 21G


Chuck vs The Tango Season One Episode Three

no 20

Another special  Chuck and Sarah moment. The infamous “forced to kiss.” Sarah and Chuck were strolling in the courtyard after a cover date. Sarah would praise Chuck about completing his first mission. As Sarah is walking with him, she seems to be getting more and more comfortable with Chuck especially  with the strolls through the courtyard. no 20B

When the conversation turned into what’s good in being a hero if no one knows about  it, Sarah is at her best when she tries to provide confidence for him. She says, “You know and so do I.”  It’s the kind of boost that should come from the rest of the people in his life, but Sarah has always saw the potential in him even if everyone else didn’t. no 20Cno 20DThe setting is perfect when you think about it. A fountain, nice evening and what could be considered an intimate moment. The moment was right for romance to take over as Chuck says,

Chuck: You know,if we were really dating,this would be the part

where I’d be forced to kiss you good night.

no 20F

As you can see the sparks are flying, there is genuine feelings developing here and for the first time Sarah slips with what was going on in her head. A romantic moment foiled by the mind, nerves and protocol.

Sarah: Forced? Would it be so bad?

Chuck: I’m sure I could suffer through it.

Sarah Me,too.

no 20Gno 20Hno 20IAs you can see Sarah’s eyes start to show interest in kissing, but the problem was not the moment was to big for her, but Casey was lurking as he was standing at the window of his apartment.  It’s also worth mentioning that Sarah did give  Chuck a few seconds to act on that kiss, but quickly regained form by walking away.peeping tom


Chuck vs The Alma Mater Season One Episode Seven

no 19no 19B

#47 of this first volume talked about how Sarah’s trip to Stanford was a two fold experience. not only did Chuck storm the halls of the college, but it’s the same place Larkin went too. Thus, this mission was important for Sarah in her understanding Bryce’s reason for going rogue. It’s not like she could ask him since he was dead, but maybe the disk Chuck took could shed some light on the situation. They knew it was a recruiting list, but what they  were about to learn would complicate things a lot more. Bryce had a reason for getting Chuck kicked out of school. no 19CWhen Professor Fleming was preparing to interview Charles Bartowski, but Bartowski wasn’t the one he saw as an Bryce Larkin enters the room. So, this isn’t only about Chuck anymore. Sarah has a stake in this as well now. Remember Sarah was kept in the dark on what Bryce was doing so she was getting some answers on what happen.  As Fleming was listing Chuck’s accomplishments and how the CIA wasn’t going to ignore a recruit this promising, the news wasn’t going over well with Bryce as he didn’t want Chuck to be apart of the CIA. Sarah glances at Chuck upon hearing all of this information being revealed.  It’s as if her former partner was talking to her from the grave. no 19D

After the video finished, Sarah knew this video could not get in the hands of the CIA, but what Sarah was planning to do with the video was not revealed, as Sarah left Chuck’s room saying no one could know about the video, she sheds some tears after seeing Bryce’s motives in getting Chuck kicked out of school. There may be some reason why  he went to steal the Intersect and sending it to Chuck. This scene didn’t answer questions.  It only created more questions needed to be answered. no 19F Sarah’s  expression looks like she is angry. As what she was witnessing was getting under her skin, but it would turn to a smile after hearing what Bryce did for Chuck, which lead to a smile. It’s amazing that two former partners and lovers both would end up looking after Chuck.  Sarah would walk out of Chuck’s room and we get the real feelings from Sarah on what just 19Gno 19Hno 19I


Chuck vs The First Date Season Two Episode One

no 18The next three scenes all come from the same episode, Sarah hearing the news that Chuck was near the completion of his mission, it looks like Sarah was startled by the news. As she had to turn away from her superiors in order to hide her expression. This could mean these were the final hours with Chuck.  Once outside, Sarah wanted to know how Chuck was handling the news of being free. Don’t get me wrong Sarah does want to see Chuck happy as he deserves his normal life, but one could say if she was wondering if he would miss her.  no 18Bno 18CHowever, Sarah is smitten over her asset. There is a glow in her eyes being in his presence. Furthermore,  you can begin to see Sarah dreading leaving him as her eyes show signs of missing him already. no 18DHere is where the scene becomes a favorite of mine, as Chuck was spiraling about not being a good spy, which she says, he could of fooled her. She would ask what would he do next, when he answers he would  work at the Buymore. Sarah gives a glimpse how she sees Chuck.

no 18ESarah: Chuck, can I tell you something? Of course.
You can do anything.
I’ve seen you in action.
And I’m not just talking about the bomb defusing, or the diamond stealing.
I mean, anything you wanted, you could have.

Sarah says “Anything you want, you could have.” it’s very easy to ignore if it was just words, but as this list continues you will learn a phrase I use called half truths, They are scenes in which Sarah says one thing, but her expressions and body language mean something else. it gives the viewer a glimpse on what really was Sarah;s real feelings, but in this scene everything is meshing. no 16F no 18G no 18H

By Sarah saying he could have anything he wants,  She is in so many words including herself in those words. Its an admission that Chuck misses.

# 15 16 and 17

Chuck vs The First Date Season One Episode One

Chuck vs The Pilot Season One Episode one

no 16 and 17 no 16 and 17B

These two scenes are the reasons so many fans love Chuck and Sarah, the couple’s second first date would be an eventful one but its not without its merits. Both Chuck and Sarah are fantastic in Chuck’s confidence and Sarah dazzling herself up for her her soon to be ex-asset. it’s a far cry from the date in the pilot.  First, Sarah getting dressed for the date is significantly different. Sarah gearing upSarah strapping on a bulletproof vest Whereas in First Date, no 16 and 17C no 16 and 17D

There is no body armor or throwing knives holster  and she leaves her gun home.  no 16 and 17ENext Chuck and Sarah far more comfortable with each other in First Date then in the Pilot, but then again the Pilot was the first time they met. So, there should be first date jitters.  In the Pilot, they are still feeling each other out. As Sarah has an expression of just listening to her date, whereas Sarah in First Date has more of well you know. no 15B no 16 and 17FIn the Pilot, Sarah doesn’t have any feelings behind her eyes yet, she is just going with the flow especially when he says he was trying to figure her out. no 15CCompare that to how she reacted to hearing complements in First Date, no 16 and 17Gno 16 and 17HDoes the woman sitting across from Chuck in the Pilot show any feelings, Oh, but she does after Chuck’s baggage handler line. no 15Dno 15E

The compliments and baggage line worked because they have similar impact on her. no 15Fno 15G She said, “I like you, Chuck.” as a result of his charms working, and in First Date, the result is a near kissing attempt, It usually is the case when the atmosphere called for it in First Date. no 16 and 17I

There is also a difference in how Sarah responds to Chuck when he calls himself Fantastic. Sarah looked at him, and said, “Yes, you are.” no 16 and 17Jno 16 and 17K

While things were moving smoothly in First Date, Things weren’t any better when Chuck and Sarah were strolling to the club as we know Chuck flashed, but Sarah still didn’t know he had the Intersect. So, she assumed he was ignoring her. She said, “I was waiting for you to say, no.” Why was Sarah looking for approval at this juncture unless the baggage line crack the wall around her heart enough to not be her agent self, but instead help her relax.  no 15HContrast, Sarah and Chuck talk about her leaving, and we get a different kind of Sarah at the end of the scene, Sarah would open up her fortune cookie, and Chuck would ask if her next mission was in their, she would reply no, and it’s not how it works, but watch her expression as she tells him what the CIA does to agents. They pack them up and ship them out far away from their current mission as possible much to Sarah’s disliking. no 16 and 17Lno 16 and 17Mno 16 and 17NBut Chuck tries to lighten up the mood by suggesting maybe she could stay since he still had  a lot of secrets in his head, and it was like music to the ears for her, and this date was turning into a romantic finish. Her eyes are filled with fire and the closer they get the more she wants to kiss and it’s all foiled by Mr. Colt and crew. no 16 and 17Ono 16 and 17P


Chuck vs The Broken Heart Season Two Episode Eighteen

no 14

After being terminated from her role as handler, Sarah found herself struggling in leaving Burbank. Agent Forrest told her to stay away from Chuck, but the moist eyes and tears rolling down her cheek is an indication she doesn’t want to leave. She doesn’t want it to be over. Sarah struggling with saying goodbyeNot only did she not board a plane, but she also didn’t listen to her orders as she ended up in Chuck’s bedroom. Grant it, it was after the information about Stephen Bartowski finished uploading, but she wasn’t quick to leave either. no 14C no 14D


Chuck vs The Cougars

no 13

Who would of thought sharing a simple cheeseburger would count for something magical, but in a relationship building scene we see why Sarah has fallen for Chuck. As Chuck witnessed all episode how much Sarah’s past was a very stressful situation between her father and being the butt of everyone’s joke, Sarah was no different than the rest of us. We all faced adversity but those that stand strong survive and move on to better days, but it’s not what Chuck did before this scene that touched Sarah’s soul. no 13B

After giving Chuck the chance to dig into her past, he elects against it.  He said, “I don’t need to know more, not about who you were, ’cause as much as you don’t think so, I know who you are.” no 13Dno 13E

He furthers his case by saying what he knows Sarah was the one he wanted to share a cheeseburger. It’s moments like this that prove Sarah’s personal kryptonite was Chuck’s charms. no 13F no 13Gno 13H


Chuck vs The Fear of Death Season Four Episode Eight

no 12

The constant threats of bunkering, Chuck’s ventures with other women, and near death experiences all ended up the same. Chuck beside Sarah where he should be, but when The Belgian kidnaps him Sarah’s life took a drastic turn. Chuck was gone and the impact of it affected her immediately, but the impact happened before this. no 12B

The impact took place here, no 12CWhen Sarah returned to Castle, she was in attack mode. Sarah went as far as telling Beckman she was staying, but the general ordered her to go home. She blames herself for this mess as Chuck did this to prove he could be a spy. The first time in their four year relationship this aspect of their relationship came to the forefront. The question of did Sarah love Chuck because of the Intersect or not. no 12D When she arrives home we see a very different Sarah. A girlfriend who is experiencing just how much Chuck means to her now that he is gone. The wondering is an issue. What does a girlfriend do? no 12EAny normal girl would call the police or leave it to the agency, but not Sarah Walker. Not Agent Walker, the CIA’s top spy. She was prepare to take matter into own hands and become what we call rampage Sarah. no 12Fno 12GWhen Casey comes into her bedroom, Casey knew what Sarah was planning, but instead of holding her back. He offers to help. Chuck was missing for only a few hours and Sarah was falling apart. It also helps when a great song played by Aushua’s  Hiding Place, “My hands are tied but they won’t stay ’cause I’ll chew all on the ropes like they were sugarcane
won’t stand there with fallen hands and silently wait til you swear your eyes had seen what you never heard ’em say can’t erase this … before it drives you insane and your knees and your whole soul start to tremble and shake and think of who you were before you gave it away
and you spend all your money tryin’ to feel the same.” It’s important to realize that for Sarah this means more than just love. He is her soulmate, but the old Sarah would of went alone this Sarah needs help. no 12H no 12I


Chuck vs Seduction Impossible Season Four Episode Fourteen no 11Bno 11Cno 11D

The reason #11 begins at this point in the episode is a reminder of what happened. Sarah proposed a solution to their wedding jitters or most specifically her jitters with eloping. The idea was terrible for Chuck as he dreamed of a big wedding, but Walker’s point about family is a valid one, but it’s not what makes the #11 scene so great, it’s here were #11 takes shape. no11Eno 11Fno 11G

After Chuck told Morgan about Sarah’s eloping idea, it was torture for Morgan as well. Morgan would suggest for Chuck to put on his big boy pants and say no. Something Bartowski struggles with when it came to women in his life. Thus, Morgan said to start practicing with saying no on smaller things, and it was this scene where Chuck’s no was both funny and perfect timing. Sarah expression gave the character some comic relief for a change.

 As Roan’s mark returns to the bedroom, Chuck and Sarah hid behind a wall curtain, and Chuck’s allergy to dust was starting to affect him, Sarah said ” Chuck, if you get us caught because you sneeze, we are officially the worst spies in the world..” She suggested to tranq Roan and the mark, but Chuck protested saying “I think Roan is making headway, we should give him a moment.”  no 11Hno 11J


Chuck vs The Ex Season Two Episode Six

no 10no 10B

In what will be a role reversal of sorts, Sarah will get a hard education on dealing with exes. While Chuck had to endure a bout with Sarah’s ex and his nemesis Bryce Larkin. Sarah will get a dose of her own medicine when Jill Roberts visits Burbank. Sarah’s position as Chuck’s girlfriend will once again  take a back seat as Jill represents Chuck’s old life. The similarities come in the shape of not getting the closure in their respective relationships. So, when Chuck must conduct a mission with his ex, sparks would fly once again between Jill and Chuck leaving Sarah on the sidelines.

Chuck would also reveal how Sarah represents his current situation. A bit of truth behind “I am not like you, Sarah.”  Before we move on, let’s take a look at Sarah’s reaction in meeting Jill for the first time. no 10C

There hasn’t been any exchanges yet, but Sarah is tense. Her face expressions are a bit tight as the smile is forced. It’s great to see because it means Sarah is in the room mentally, and unlike with Chuck and Bryce, Sarah never met Jill so all of this is new for Sarah. Sarah sizes up the competition with a quick glance at her. no 10D

For now Sarah isn’t apart of the conversation because this really was Chuck’s ordeal, but Chuck brought Sarah into the equation when he mentions Bryce’s name. The reaction from Sarah tells the story when it comes to her involvement now, but Chuck makes it worse when he points out how he isn’t a robot. Furthermore,  can’t turn off his emotions like Walker can which drew another expression from Sarah. no 10Eno 10F

But here is where it gets interesting, as Chuck returns to his table with Jill. He turns on the charms and Jill says something that gets Sarah’s attention “Good! cause I like this Chuck better.” Sarah’s reaction to that comment can’t go unnoticed, no 10G no 10H

The difference between Sarah here and her experience with Lou comes with the history and second Sarah’s role in Hard Salami was on the outside looking in. She was able to leave the club, but in Chuck vs the Ex,  Sarah was stuck in the restaurant and had to hear and see the entire date  even  if Sarah considered  to act there was no way she could without spoiling their covers. If the restaurant was bad for Sarah, it’s going to get worse as Chuck will show up at Jill’s hotel unannounced. Sarah’s inner woman knew this was personal visit not business. no 10IChuck was looking for an excuse to go up to Jill’s room to apologize for the night before, and the faulty bug gave him that opportunity, which was a surprise to Walker as Chuck never has been so assertive on missions. no 10JSarah’s expression shows the viewer what she was thinking. It’s a look of why is he volunteering to do this, but she remembers she has a job to do so there was no time for personal issues, but its about to get personal. no 10KAs Chuck is at Jill’s door, Chuck was telling Jill how he felt. He said, “I guess I just wanted you to think I was someone special, so in order to accomplish that, I went out and got a new suit and rented a car that I clearly have no idea how to drive, because from the second I saw you again, I knew that I hadn’t gotten over you yet, Jill” Sarah heard every word of it. no 10Lif hearing from her “cover” boyfriend say he wasn’t over Jill, what would Sarah’s reaction be when finding out they kissed.  It’s not a good reaction and for the luxury of Sarah, Casey sitting behind her gave the viewer the chance to see how much it bothered her, but I ask you Chuckaholics is it the kiss or the words he said that made Sarah cringe at the thought of Chuck and Jill kissing? no 10MUpon Chuck getting in the van, we have two very different facial expressions on the two agents. Casey  is calm and not as tense like Sarah, but before we finish up this article, remember Sarah was no stranger in kissing an ex, she did it too, remember this? BryceandSarahkiss So then what would cause Sarah to make this expression, well it’s the words Chuck uses.  no 10N

Sarah: Why are you smiling like that?

Chuck:  She kissed me.
No spy stuff, no lies, just me.

No spy stuff, no lies, just me. Like he slipped in the restaurant about not being able to turn off his emotions like a robot. Chuck cut Sarah deep with this line as a 10Ono 10P

This would mark the end of this article, The next article in this series would wrap up volume one.

Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play and its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

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