My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes Volume One: The Final Nine

We have reached the final nine scenes of volume one and while we have seen great scenes, the next nine are even better then the previous selections. It was at this point I realize I missed some of my favorite scenes and the decision of a second volume came to be. Sarah Walker in Crown VicWhat started off as the best of Sarah Walker became My favorites as a result, but who could complain I mean we are talking about Yvonne Strahovski here and there could never be too much Yvonne. Especially when she looks like this, Look good Sarah looking goodWhat are we waiting for, let’s get started shall we. 

We begin where we left off, we witnessed Sarah’s reaction to Chuck rekindling his relationship with his ex, and what is amazing about #9 on my list, it  really began here.  no 9

What often gets overlooked is the closing moments of Chuck vs The Ex, Chuck was talking with Jill about how Sarah was just a cover girlfriend. The possibility of restarting what they had was feasible. However, Chuck doesn’t know Sarah was listening to the conversation. She heard Chuck proclaim her to be just a cover girlfriend. Let’s be fair, Chuck has always believed their relationship was never going to be beyond a cover. Walker’s use of cover made it that way. Jill Roberts offered Chuck a sense of stability in his life. However, Sarah tried many times to keep herself out of trouble with the agency by giving hints of being interested in being more then just a cover, but the signals were often missed by Chuck.

The overlook part of the scene is Sarah actually being the one who was monitoring Chuck’s phone call. If you remember Casey was the one who listened in on Chuck’s conversations not Sarah, but for this particular moment we see Sarah working the tap. Could it mean Sarah was actually concerned with Chuck and Jill’s relationship. My have the tables have turned on Sarah. Sarah listening to the convo

 Sarah knowing Chuck considered her a cover girlfriend leads us to #9 on my list.


Chuck vs The Fat Lady Season Two Episode Seven

no 9B

Sarah being considered a cover girlfriend has Sarah in Castle while Chuck and Jill have found new magic. The interesting thing about this scene is Sarah’s classic half truth was spoken and the viewer gets to see the actual turmoil, which was well done by Yvonne. Casey gives Sarah a ribbing for being nonchalant about her supercomputer boyfriend browsing someone else’s network. While Sarah says the right thing, Sarah’s body language and demeanor says something else. no 9C

Sarah has pain in her eyes at the sight of Chuck on a date with his ex. Walker was forced to watch. It doesn’t help that she was also looking at photos of the two so there really isn’t time for her to let it go. no 9D

Sarah showed the viewer how much this was bothering her, but what could Sarah do? She wants Chuck to be happy so the truth was Chuck deserves a real girlfriend, but she doesn’t want it to be with Jill. Sarah wants Chuck for herself. no 9Eno 9FThe significance of the next scene comes with what a watch means in a grand scheme of things. What makes the scene so good is the build up of what came before this point. After a day working with Jill, Sarah decided to throw in the white towel and accept Chuck and Jill being together, but not without warning. This wasn’t the first time Sarah would threaten a love interest of Chuck, but unlike Lou, Jill has a secret of her own. no 8


Chuck vs The Fat Lady Season Two Episode Seven

Song: Frightened Rabbit’s Keep Yourself Warm:

no 8Cno 8B

Sarah still isn’t showing any signs she is cool with Chuck and Jill being together. The tone in Sarah’s voice after the latest Casey ribbing indicated how stressful this ordeal has become for her, but it’s going to become a nightmare shortly,

As each Fulcrum agent’s name came on the screen, and Chuck and Jill plans to take off happening at the same time. It just seemed like this wasn’t going to end well. When Sarah looked up at the screen to see the latest name her face expression told the story. no 8D

When Jill was revealed to be Fulcrum, it didn’t take much for Sarah to be at the top of the staircase, but it’s not what Jill did that makes this a horrible experience for Sarah it’s what Chuck did that hurt Sarah even more. As Sarah and Casey bust into Chuck’s apartment, Chuck leaving wasn’t the issue. It was his decision to break Sarah’s lifeline. no 8E no 8FWhen Sarah sees the watch on the nightstand, Sarah has an expression of not believing Chuck would cut her connection to him.. So, it’s not so much what Jill did that makes this scene so great. It’s Chuck’s decision to break Sarah and Chuck’s lifeline.


Chuck vs The First Date Season Two Episode One

no 7

If Chuck being bunkered and dating was bad, what about death? Sarah will know how it feels right after Mr. Colt decides it wasn’t worth it anymore. Colt let’s Chuck go and we see Sarah’s feeling on the issue no 7BThe idea of Chuck being gone coincides with one other  moment in time when Sarah was faced with similar circumstances. In Hard Salami,  Sarah had control over the issue. If they died at least Sarah was able to feed a desire before exiting stage left. no 7CAs Sarah watches Chuck’s legs drop, it would hurt more then bunkering or dating, Death was a endgame and Sarah was not for that.

#5 and 6

Chuck vs The Ring Season Two Episode Twenty Two

no 5 and 6

The next two scene really begins when Orion took out the Intersect from Chuck’s head. There is a lot to see in this one scene that builds the story towards Chuck’s decision in Prague, and even more so when Bryce Larkin comes back for what will be the final time, but before we go there let me show you why this scene is the first step towards Prague.

Orion would ask Chuck if it worked,  Chuck said he felt lighter. Orion would go on and explain how the Intersect he made for Roark was really for Chuck. The Intersect was removed from Chuck’s head, which would mean Operation Bartowski was over. Time for Chuck to go home and Sarah to get a new assignment. The problem is the willing participants may not want that anymore. no 5 and 6B

Sarah’s expression was a bit strange if one stops to  think about. She should be happy for Chuck except  I wrote in this series of articles when it comes to love selfishness overtakes jubilation. Sarah’s expression is a sense of oh no. Orion’s deed was great for Chuck, but it would literally mean Sarah’s dreams of continuing to learn from Chuck about another way of life was over. Chuck also knew this would be the case as he also was not totally fond of the idea. It meant Sarah was leaving from Chuck perspective. no 5 and 6C no 5 amd 6D no 5 amd 6EThe filming of this scene was well done to the point where the writers put in a visual aide for the viewer that sums up what both Sarah and Chuck felt on this issue. If you take a look over Chuck’s right shoulder, you can see Fulcrum’s base being blown up, a big ball of fire raises in the sky. The timing from when Orion says “it’s over, son” and the expressions made by Chuck and Sarah show the viewer the inner turmoil facing both of them now. Yes, its over but the love struck couple’s dreams just went up in smoke. no 5 and 6DThe next day,  Sarah isn’t the same smiling go lucky woman since the news  about the removal of the Intersect, but it’s not going to be easier for Sarah. Sarah’s dreams of being with Chuck were over, but the company gave her a sense of hope when they offer Bartowski a job as an analysis for the agency. Her eyes lift with excitement for a brief moment. no 5 and 6EHowever, it would all change once Chuck turned down the offer. Sarah shows a sense of disappointment in Chuck’s decision. I often argue with a fellow Chuckaholic about Sarah never wanting Chuck to be a spy, but her reaction towards Chuck’s decision in staying proves otherwise, but remember Chuckaholics Beckman offered Chuck a job as an analysis not field op. It was music to Sarah’s ears. Now look at Sarah after Chuck’s rejection. no 5 amd 6By Chuck saying no, he is essentially rejecting her family. Thus, it bothers Sarah that Chuck wouldn’t see the opportunity in being able to be with her as a result. There would be no asset/handler role anymore opening the door for a real relationship, but it doesn’t stop there. Bryce Larkin is back. no 5 and 6FLet’s look at it again piece by piece,

1st Sarah learns that Orion took out the Intersect, her reaction to the news no 5 and 6B

2nd: A chance to still work together with the door opening up for real relationship. The door was padlocked by Chuck’s rejection. no 5 and 6F

What makes this situation even uglier from  a Sarah’s standpoint would be the next thing that happens, Beckman tells  Sarah she needed a few more minutes with her. The minutes the general needed was to tell her she would be working with Larkin again. Here is the problem with this news. Sarah wasn’t in the mood or happy with the presence of Bryce. Chuck222-00110 Chuck222-00109Sarah’s spiraling begins with the whirlwind of issues happening at once. Her feelings for Chuck and her job all coming at her with no time to think things over. Beckman said, she leaves in the morning. This only complicates things a lot more because how can she break the news to Chuck. I feel bad for both of them because Chuck and Sarah never were given an opportunity to talk things out. They are at the mercy of an evil faction closing in on them, Bryce and Beckman all require things from them. Where does it leave them?

It leaves Chuck and Sarah going in vastly different directions. The problem is how do they tell each other what they want. Oh by the way, there was a wedding going on as well. Sarah is in the wedding party, and when Sarah shows up at the wedding we can see Sarah is flustered with the idea of telling him the bad news. no 5 and 6KWhen Chuck asked Sarah if they could talk, we get a conversation that I have often argued was not the right time to have this discussion. This was better suited for after the ceremony, but Chuck couldn’t help himself. He jumps right in and is completely oblivious of how Sarah’s body language and demeanor isn’t the usual happy to be in Chuck presence. Sarah isn’t in the room mentally as she is thinking about how to break the news to Chuck about Bryce and the new intersect project. no 5 and 6LSarah was going to tell Chuck about leaving in the morning, but in classic Chuck form. He doesn’t let her get a word in. He cut her off by saying, he wants her in his life. That’s great, but once again Sarah was trying to tell him what she was dreading, and again he says no to her in letting her speak. How is Sarah supposed to tell Chuck the truth if he doesn’t let her, but he waits until after he says he wants to go on a vacation with her. I have conceded on the vacation part, but he doesn’t take in account on how her expressions and demeanor are tensing up, and then it happens. Sarah practically choking up about telling she was leaving and with Bryce no less. no 5 ad 6Mno 5 and 6Mno 5 and 6N One of the things that makes this scene outstanding is Sarah’s skin color, the cheeks may be make up, but the forehead doesn’t have makeup. The future of a relationship real or not makes the skin complexion begin to turn red. Remorse doesn’t happen when feelings are not true and for Sarah the last thing she ever wants to do is hurt Chuck on purpose, but every time they come close something seems to pull them away. no 5 and 6Ono 5 and 6P After Sarah tells Chuck about the new assignment and Bryce, Sarah prepares for Chuck’s answer. no 5 and 6QWhat happens next really would put a damper on Sarah’s spirits. Chuck would use the very words Sarah used so often in the past. “Thanks for coming. good for the cover.” Ouch, Sarah got hit with a freight train here, and it shows. no 5 and 6Rno 5 and 6SYou can see in Sarah’s eyes how sorry she is about saying this, no 5 and 6TSarah's reaction to Chuck's line

Before we move on, I would like to show the way Chuck was when “Breaking up” with Sarah in The Break Up,  It has the same kind of feel when you look at Chuck as he is delivering his speech, Chuck's expression in break up

Chuck isn’t happy with what he is doing either, and it shows. The more he spoke the more pain his feature would display. Chuck is breaking down

While Chuck line hit Sarah in the heart, Sarah’s job would save her from misery. Roark crashes the wedding and Larkin will soon join the fray, and ultimately the job was ruining Sarah and Chuck’s lives at the moment more and more.  The end result would be a chaotic situation at Ellie’s church wedding, but when Chuck gave up his money to save his sister’s wedding Sarah would say it best, a normal guy wouldn’t do such a thing, and the smile returned on Sarah’s face because the truth is as much as we try to say he has a normal life He has a supercomputer in his head and doing amazing things for people isn’t normal at all. Chuck222-00608no 5 and 6Uno 5 and 6WThere's that smileWe finally come to the  final part of #5 and 6, which was the beach wedding.  This scene is incredible with the scenery, the dresses and the men in their tuxes. Ellie being lead to the altar by her brother and father to the song Christmas TV by Slow Club

, No! that’s not what was the scene was, but the path before us had a brief moment of gratification. no 5 and 6Dfrom the ugliness that came after Chuck doesn’t have the Intersect,  we get wonderfulness in the form of this, a woman ready to come to terms with her feelings. Recently, I watched this scene and I discovered something that put a smile on my face. This was worth the waitFirst, once Chuck took his position on the altar Sarah’s eyes didn’t leave him for a second, and then it hit me. No it’s not Bryce lurking, but it has something to do with the vows. 

Sarah coming to terms with her feelingsAs the priest was saying each line, the camera was focused on the Woodcombs, but in the background we see Sarah looking down and then at Chuck. As each line was recited, it was as if Sarah was answering the questions herself. No 5 and 6Xno 4 and 6YSarah looks annoyed with Bryce's presence at the weddingI am not coming BryceSarah turns down the CIAno
When we started this journey, we saw Chuck turn down the CIA, and at the end of this set of scenes Sarah had done the same. Sarah signaling no was Sarah turning down not only the CIA, but Bryce as well.


Chuck vs The Truth Season One Episode Eight

no 4

We have reached the final four of this volume. It was a long drawn out process, but hey if you stuck it out this long then I’d say I was doing something right. The next four scenes are major players. Major developments come from them and bring to life questions that every day couples face. Let’s begin.

We know what happens in the Truth, but one scene really separates Yvonne’s talents as an actress from a lot of performers in Hollywood. It begins here, no 4B

Under the spell of truth serum, Chuck takes advantage by asking if what they had was going any further. Sarah says no, but let’s stop a second and see the fight Sarah goes through with saying it. no 4C

She is thinking about the answer. There’s no flow to it at all. There is also a long pause before answering as a sign she was fighting the serum. Another sign with fighting within herself comes with the need to look down. As a former law student, you’re taught the move she made was a tell she was lying. no 4Dno 4EThe way the eyes are indicates this no was forced out follow by another looking down motion. All signs that Sarah was indeed lying about her no, which is something she will alluded too, but Chuck’s thinking was the fact she couldn’t lie. We fast forward to wienerlicious.

Chuck walking in took her by surprise, and it’s a surprise she won’t like either. Sarah doesn’t expect anything Chuck was preparing to do, but we see amazing display of restraint from Sarah in holding back her tears. The song was perfect for this scene as well. The Eels’s Fresh Feeling,

no 4GChuck was talking about how there was a lot of things he needed to do and say, which started with why he visited her unannounced, and he comes closer to Sarah, it  seemed like she thought he was going to kiss her.  The question I ask is would she had let Chuck do it? no 4hHowever, the bombshell that rocked season one to its core. “We need to Break Up” no 4Jno 4KWe then get the boom, Chuck says they needed to end their pretend relationship. I always loved this break up because it showed Chuck isn’t the prototypical nerd that allows people to push him around. He had a breaking point and faced the situation head on. As he keeps speaking, Sarah’s expressions change as each word was spoken. The initial reaction is a understandable one as it’s a state of shock and awe in what she just heard. no 4L Sarah’s reaction comes with Sarah never experiencing being dumped before. Her eyes show where is this coming from expression, and we get some more great emotions from Yvonne. no 4MAfter the shock wears off, it hit her hard when she realized her feelings are real for Chuck because there are few expressions that indicate this wasn’t about a cover anymore. Sarah started to take this to 4nno 4OIt’s fascinating watching Yvonne use her natural ability to show Sarah’s emotions. It gets even better. Chuck says, “I just can’t do this anymore.” Sarah’s reaction to this was very telling on how a cover was becoming a problem. no 4P no 4Q Her features are beginning to drop and the curling of her lips are an indication she is fighting from within, emotions that she was developing and it’s becoming even harder when he says “the more we go on trying to fool people that we are a real couple, the only person I am fooling is me.” It’s easy to think Chuck’s words were for her because he said it, but what if the words were a mirror of sorts. Is it possible she was fooling herself as well. The more they spend time together after hours the more feelings develop.

Chuck: The more we go around fooling people we are a real couple, the only person I am fooling is me.

Sarah is mirroring the line but from her perspective

“The more I keep saying this is a just a cover, the more I am fooling myself”

Casey’s role in S1 was do his time and go home. He didn’t mingle or wanted to get to know Chuck, but what happened when he started to spend time outside of work with Chuck. He too became domesticated with being around Chuck after hours.

Look at some more expressions from Sarah, Sarah is displaying a fight of emotions. She was holding back her tears. it’s great acting in my view. Sarah fighting tears

Number three on this list is a topic being discussed over at the Chuck Project, if you want to join in on the discussion, here is a link to the forum discussion, Was killing Mauser Justified?


Chuck vs The Santa Claus Season Two Episode Eleven

no 3

Number three is  a bittersweet set of scenes, and it’s a hot topic because of the back end of this sequence of events. We can’t jump to the end without mentioning the beginning, Thus, when Chuck and Sarah had opportunities for special moments they didn’t disappoint.  These  moments  are special and filled with romance, but the truth is not every romantic gesture is bells and whistles.

Romance comes in the eye of the beholder, When Chuck gives Sarah her Christmas gift, we must look at the details around them to see the bigger picture. The store has been taken over by Ned. but the atmosphere was an intimate setting between two people cover or not are indeed into each other. Chuck elects to use the romantic comedy section as a place for his clever plan of warming Sarah’s heart. no 3BBefore Sarah acts modest and says he should give the bracelet to a real girlfriend, we can’t ignore the smile she has on her face from ear to ear at the sight of the token. no 3CInstantly, Sarah loves it, and what makes this scene so special isn’t only about Chuck’s I know. Sarah didn’t use the word cover at all during this scene. She protested, but didn’t really stop Chuck from putting on the token either. When Sarah finds out the token was his mother’s, Sarah became modest by saying she couldn’t take it, but it’s not a handler reaction. How many times in your lives have you heard the same thing? Especially something so precious. The token is a direct gift from the heart and it was well received by Sarah even after Chuck had to get up. no 3DThe gift symbolizes Chuck’s commitment to her. There wasn’t a need for her to say anything, but Chuck sees her as his real girlfriend even if Sarah can’t commit.  This would mark the first time a man proclaim his love for her. Real love for that matter. The gesture is the way Chuck operates and it could be considered to be like a token for his champion.

I know it’s cheesy, but let’s face it Chuck assumes the role of a lady in knights tales. The whole mantra of the series was based on that fact, he was the secret and she is the spy. The bracelet represents a token a lady would give her knight. The one she loves and protects. Sarah is Chuck’s knight and the bracelet is the token she would get. How does one respond with such a gift, She promises to never let anything happen to him like a knight would,no 3EThis would bring us to number three on our list.  As Mauser would gain possession of both Chuck and the Intersect, it’s panic time for his handlers. They shoot the tires of the ambulance. Chuck and Mauser would chase into the sea of Christmas trees. Sarah would catch up with Chuck and told him to go back to the store.  Sarah would tell Chuck his safety was more important than hers, and we arrive to the bitter part of the moment. For some, Sarah’s decision here was justified while other believe she should take Mauser in, but I have a different outlook on this scene. no 3F

As Sarah brawls with Mauser, he had the upper hand for a short while until Sarah found her gun. Mauser trash talked Sarah into believing he was an important member of Fulcrum, and they would do whatever it took to get him back. Sarah was fine with that portion of Mauser’s threat, but when the conversation shift to Chuck. A change began to formulate in Sarah. no 3G no 3H

Sarah was placed in a tough decision here, and a decision of this magnitude comes with a heavy price, but let’s put in this perspective Sarah just shared a special moment with Chuck. He said, Sarah was his girlfriend and gave her a token as apart of that moment. Now some Fulcrum agent was threatening to take that away from her. The decision makes Sarah think about her approach to this 3L no 3M

There is a lot at stake in this decision between Fulcrum and the agency’s protocol. If Mauser comes in the result would be the agency taking Chuck underground knowing how important he was to the faction. What does Sarah do,  there really wasn’t much of a choice unarmed and all Mauser had to be killed. Like a Knight, Sarah strikes down the threat she solely protects from the dangers by any means. watch as she lowers her head and came to a decision that would rock the landscape because Sarah didn’t know Chuck saw her kill him. However, Chuck didn’t hear the seriousness of the threat Mauser said. no 3NRemember when I said a romantic gesture is in the eye of the beholder? Chuck’s version of romance is being warm hearted and deliver a gift with significant emotion behind it. Sarah’s version of romance falls in the realm of acting as a knight. Mauser threatened the man she loves.  Sarah’s  posture and look would indicate so. no 3OThe kill shotSarah was risking treason as protocol dictates bringing Mauser in for questioning. He has rights as an unarmed man. He also wasn’t resisting, but what he did was mock  and taunt her. Sarah’s actions here are not justified when it comes to the law of the land, but when it comes to love protecting him was all she thought about as she told him before leaving the Buymore. ” I won’t let anything happen to you.” Sarah’s decision to protect Chuck was Sarah’s romantic gesture for her love for Chuck.


Chuck vs The Fake Name Season Three Episode Eight

no 2

Over the course of 3 years, Sarah unknowingly began setting roots into Burbank,  She has grown to love Chuck and those around him. She had a home and a surrogate family. Ellie and Awesome taught Sarah what real love looks like and Chuck was providing a future outside of spying, but that would all change in this episode. I will always proclaim Jill Roberts as Sarah’s biggest threat as she affect Sarah both personally and professionally. Lou was the spark that got the romance started, but what Hannah did was far worse then the other love interests.

Hannah invaded Sarah’s calm center. There is nothing wrong with what Hannah did. As Hannah was the victim of a relationship gone south. She genuinely liked Chuck,  Hannah was into the same man Sarah was, but Hannah acted on her feelings by coming to Burbank to be with Chuck.

Sarah has slept in Chuck’s bed, but it was for 24/7 protective services. However, Hannah was able to make love in Chuck’s bed. This was the first step in sending Sarah spiraling to Shaw. When Chuck arrives for his briefing with the team, he arrives happy and a hop in his step. Sarah seems happy to see this until she finds out why. no 2B

When Sarah finds out Hannah spent the night with Chuck, we get a real reaction to that news. no 2CHannah sleeping in her bed wasn’t the only problem for Sarah, She would help prepare dinner for Chuck, Hannah and his family. A dinner she wouldn’t be attending, but something stands out in this scene. Sarah had energy, she has somewhat of a smile on her face as if she was imagining preparing dinner for them. She is starting to get lost in the preparation, but was quickly reminded on her reality which will lead us to number 2 on this list. no 2DWhile Hannah was eating with Chuck and his family, Sarah was left on the sidelines, and for the first time we see signs of life from her. The reality is this moment crushed Sarah. Hannah was eating dinner with the family she called hers for three years. From Sarah’s perspective Hannah was replacing her and it was not sitting well with her. no 2Eno 2FWe can talk about what the writers did right or wrong with this part of the season, but let’s not lose sight of the emotion presented by Yvonne. She displayed insight on what the character was thinking and feeling at the same time. Hannah was eating with Ellie, Awesome and Chuck. They are smiling and laughing while Sarah is standing in Castle in misery. no 2HSarah’s heart  was in her face expression, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Shaw either. Sarah caught in a moment of weakness sent Walker into the night alone bitter and on a downward spiral. It will end up being the very moment in which Sarah decided to succumb to Shaw’s advances and kissed him after all of this took place.

We have reached the final selection of Volume one and its my favorite moment throughout the five year run.


Chuck vs Phase Three Season Four Episode Nine

no 1

After finding out Chuck plans on proposing, Sarah’s need to find Chuck was heightened. It also came to light on how Sarah’s love for Chuck didn’t include the intersect as a factor, but not letting Chuck know brought out a side of Sarah we here at Chuckaholics like to call Rampage Sarah. In other words, no one was safe from her wrath. First, Casey gets kicked into a cell Sarah’s  “I insist” was all that was needed. I insist If Sarah was willing to attack a friend, a baddie was going to get much worse. Especially, a smug one who was being uncooperative in answering Sarah’s questions. Sarah has been down this road before she killed a Fulcrum agent in keeping Chuck in her life. The difference  was Sarah wasn’t with Chuck at the time in an official capacity. Sarah’s demeanor and actions here in Phase Three was a girlfriend using her agent skills to find the man she loves and 1BOver the course of four years, we weren’t use to this kind of Sarah but what Sarah felt for Chuck was far more then anything she experienced and much like Chuck did with helping his father in S2, Sarah knew she would have to attack this on her own terms. All I can say is here comes the pain. No 1CThe baddie still was taunting Sarah, who looked like she wanted to snap his neck, but Sarah needed information. Information she wasn’t going to get from a dead guy. So, she does what she does best. Sarah beats it out of him by saying “Normally, I wouldn’t threaten a subject with death by ammonia injection- burning somebody from the inside out.” and “You got me.
I’m just a needy, love-crazed girl on a husband hunt who’s trained in over 200 ways to kill you.
Afraid yet?” no 1D no 1Eno 1FSarah’s actions here would make Jack Bauer proud. It also meant Sarah was all business. Sarah’s aggressive tactic was able to get information she needed, and went to tell Casey where Chuck could be. Casey said, the place was crawling with Terrorists, he needed her. Sarah’s reaction and answer was meshing together.

Sarah: “You’re not going where I’m going.
I’ll do anything to get him back, and I’m not going to take you down with me.
You were right.
I’m different without Chuck, and I don’t like it.” your not coming no 1G

I need Chuck.

no 1H

There is no half truths or lies here, Sarah is lost without her Chuck. This would bringing Chuck vs the Other Guy to a  full circle. Most of us could agree a simple Yes didn’t completely erase what happened during the first 12 episodes of S3, but it was the start. This episode would complete the process. no 1I

After tormenting and getting labeled the Giant Blonde Shemale, Sarah was getting angrier and angrier and with desperation beginning  to set in her expressions, she barges into a bar asking for the Belgian, but another man tried to be cute with her.   no 1JDoes anyone else want to be Sarah Walker’s boyfriend, no 1K

Sarah’s quest would continue to be filled with obstacle after obstacle including a fight with a local guy, but Sarah’s desperation would agree to just about anything at this point if it meant bringing her closer to her boyfriend. Sarah fighting her way to Chuck no 1L no 1M

After winning her bout, Sarah was able to find the location of the Belgian’s hideout and goes to find him with the help of Casey and Morgan.  We get an awesome song that goes with the giant blond shemale’s awesome out of water attacking tactic.

 no 1N

She storms into the hideout and finds Chuck sitting in a chair with equipment attached to his head. She  runs to help him and we come to the final scene of this volume. no 1O After countless hours and a journey that showcases Yvonne’s great acting range, we have come to the only scene that captures her strengths. Dexter, 24 and even Astronaut Wives Club won’t be able to top this moment in time. Sarah Walker and Yvonne Strahovski become one.

If there was any speculation on how Sarah Walker feels about Chuck. They didn’t pay attention to this scene and saw the display of raw emotion with the exasperating expression was perfectly done. The only other time Sarah became this desperate was when her father was kidnapped by the Sheik.

The effort made by Yvonne isn’t something you can teach. This was her natural gift of acting. This also was the scene many Chuck fans turn too when discussing the misery of the finale. It’s because of this moment.  no 1Pno 1Q We totally understand her pain and anguish as she was trying to wake up Chuck, but it was Morgan who reminded Sarah of their conversation about being a big fish. “Don’t be the superspy be the loving girlfriend. Any she tells him about how she loves him with or without the intersect. She found his proposal plan and wants to marry him. no 1S no 1T

When Chuck awakes, Sarah uses the same tears but in relief of finally having Chuck in her arms.  great moment with both pain and jubilation this is how you end a series. no 1U no !V

I hope you enjoy this first volume of my favorite Sarah Walker scenes, but don’t worry there will be a volume 2 with even better scenes to talk about. If you enjoyed this first volume please leave me some feedback. I promise I will respond.

Until next time Chuckaholics, remember The Chuck Project and Chuckaholics are your toys so play, engage and most of all let’s keep the brand alive, and finally it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


  1. Chuck left Sarah in Prague. Chuck made the first move with Hannah. Sarah didn’t accept Shaw’s advances until Chuck made it clear he was enjoying the attention and, ahem, intimacy with the new brunette.

      • The damage was arguably done by Sarah herself, though. Chuck was relatively open about his feelings for her since season one, and Sarah had previously dated another agent (Bryce) so that was more of an excuse because she was emotionally closed off. By the time Sarah was ready to finally be open, Chuck had almost given up, leading to his pursuit of Hannah. I still think Jill was more Chuck trying to get back the feeling of being at Stanford, rather than his feelings for Jill herself.

      • @Music in the Dark,

        Was he open about his feelings or was it always about Chuck. Did Sarah ever get a word in? I mean how could one respond when the words You will never be normal Sarah was thrown in her face. Normal is an interesting debate for another time, but Sarah was trying to tell Chuck about leaving in the morning, but she was so flustered with the idea of leaving, Chuck no longer having the intersect and oh by the way Bryce Larkin was sprung on her. One can say when we see Sarah walk into the Church we begin to see the spiraling of her. Prague started long before Prague happened.

        I will say this Jill was far more of a threat big picture wise then Hannah could ever dream. Hannah knew there was something still between Chuck and Sarah, but between Shaw/Sarah/Chuck and Hannah. Hannah was the one screwed over royally. Chuck left her on the curb outside a restaurant where her parents were waiting for her a very cold move

  2. The problem with the emotions you say are being portrayed by Yvonne during the misery arc is that they are WIDE open to intepretation because the character never spoke. So the entire story depends on how a fan perceives what is being emotted (sp?) on screen. Therefore everyone is seeing a different story.

    • CM,

      The bible is arguably the greatest piece of literature on the planet. The brilliance of the book is open to interpretation. One person looks at a picture and many people have difference of opinions. There is nothing wrong with someone taking a scene or arc and see different things.

      Sarah’s character never was one for talking Bryce told us this in Nemesis. Did Sarah have a voice each time Beckman Graham and Casey tell Sarah to forget the asset?

      I think not, Sarah was a company girl then, but Sarah’s problems in S3 was battling with the concept of Chuck changing before her eyes. The illusion in her mind made her think the Chuck she met in S1 was not the Chuck in this season, but in reality Chuck did change and it’s not just spying either. Would Chuck in S1 break up with someone outside a restaurant while her parents were waiting for her. No, he wouldn’t

      Sarah’s voiceless nature was always Chris Fedak’s problem. He wanted the story to be focused on Chuck. He hated the fact that Sarah Walker became as big as Chuck, but Zac and Yvonne’s acting was tremendous.

      CM, S3 was a great story , it’s the impatience and Bryce Larkin missing that made it seem out of place. Shaw was great at mentoring Chuck. Sometimes the hero needs a real challenge which Shaw provided. He was bigger than Bryce because he lived in Castle, and always around.

      I am sorry CM there is nothing you can say about S3 that will change my mind.

      • And nothing you will say change my mind.

        Shaw gave Chuck 1 mission. He certainly didn’t “weaponize” him. Chuck became a spy like every other spy on the show. He was a much more unique spy before S3. S3 and the Intesect 2.0 took away the “every man” character that endeared him to fans. TPTB then proceeded to give those qualities to Morgan.

      • CM, the show would of crashed and burned if the same concept of Chuck stay in the van and Casey/Sarah having all the action.

        It’s like Jack Bauer, how many times did we have to see him be framed as a traitor to find out there was a leak in the agency. It becomes redundant. It’s also a tough sell to have Chuck perform Kung Fu or operations without training.

        YOu didn’t understand Shaw’s order of shoot me Chuck in Operation Awesome. Shaw knew he wasn’t going to do it. Chuck’s purpose was to get Awesome up their since he was a heart doctor. But Shaw’s actions with Chuck was to make him a weapon. It’s why he targeted Sarah. He knew by reading their files.

        HE did more than you think then the one mission too. When Chuck whined and complained Shaw’s consistent “I am seeing what he is capable of.” This makes Shaw’s training perfect because he didn’t care about Chuck’s issues nor should he is was in charge.

        I believe in what Shaw said, TB didn’t trust Chuck enough to work properly. They chose to keep him in the van rather then get him out their and work. They didn’t even us Chuck’s strengths which was IT. They didn’t let him hack into the ring phone or the Fulcrum Chip.

        But, Shaw let Chuck tranq Jeff and the biggest thing Shaw said came to be in Fear of Death, “Go ahead, answer the phone but know each time you do, he will never be a real spy and that will get him killed.” Yea, it did he got kidnapped for it.

        and it took a battle with Shaw as a villain for his team to realize Chuck was a spy. So, yes Shaw, Cole, Bryce and even Vincent saw the skills in Chuck, but Sarah never did or trusted him to be a spy. Even in Anniversary Sarah says “This is a mistake, he isn’t a real spy.” Yet, Chuck was closer to Volkoff then Casey or Sarah was able to do.

        When Shaw gave Chuck his red Test and Sarah refused to give the order. Shaw says what Beckman always said, we need to see what he is capable of I see nothing wrong with it.

      • We’ll forever 😉 agree to disagree on Shaw’s true purpose, motives , overall usefullness and fun sucking ability with respect to the show.

      • And that’s the beauty of what we do. We all are not going to agree on everything.

        Is there anything on my list that you do like? You point on the misery arc…its a fair assessment to not like S3 while I have the same hatred you have for this season I have for the final two episodes.

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