Chuck vs The Suitcase: Season Four Episode Two

Episode two of Season Four was another strong episode. It almost feels like the writers from Season two were back because this was a great episode. Chuck and Sarah will be working the fashion industry this time around as they trail a weapons dealer, who was posing as a runway model. The second episode also indicates Volkoff to be a serious player with the people he surrounds himself with.

Karolina Kurkova makes her one and only appearance of the series. As Karolina would play Sofia Stepanova. Greta #2 would be the old spice guy better known as  Isaiah Mustafa. who we will see again. karolina 2

Greta 2There are a host of memorable scenes to discuss some we will take a  look at for this article, but we will save some for rewatch,  so let’s open the suitcase and see what we find. 

The episode begins with a woman running down a alleyway with a man in hot pursuit. The woman turns a corner and hides behind a column. She pulls out a gun and fires the weapon. The bullet would travel around the corner and hit the man square in the middle of the head.  The man falls to the ground with the woman walking nonchalantly by the dead man.  Woman running for her lifeThe smart bullet

The way the woman fired the weapon was tribute to the movie Wanted starring Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman.  The weapons are not the same but the concept has similarities as the bullets travel from behind a wall. In this episode, the woman used smart bullets which would be guided by a GPS signal, the ones in the movie Wanted the bullet would act the same way. The bullet could be shot behind a corner and hit its target with accuracy. what is intriguing about this weapontry is the military is working on creating these special bullets now. 

Click the link if you would like to read  a CNN article discussing the smart bullet concept being worked on by the US military

The episode shifts to the Woodcomb apartment,  Devon was frantic about how much time they lost since the announcement of baby woodcomb’s expected arrival. Devon was telling Morgan, Sarah and Chuck about stepping up while Ellie was down. Ellie asked for Devon to calm down, but the Awesome one was not listening because there were a lot of decisions to be made. Devon's lecture about lost time

He saw Ellie yawning and asked Ellie if the baby was resting on her spleen. It was enough for Ellie to say the baby was only a size of a peanut. Devon’s response to Ellie’s comment made Sarah ask Chuck what was happening, which would lead to a pandora’s box of sorts. Awesome relax pleaseWhat is happening

Devon would turn the focus of the discussion onto Chuck and Sarah as he suggested the couple start taking some notes as they could be next. It would cause Charah to laugh the idea away, but of course Morgan would bring to life an issue, if Sarah and Chuck were going to be serious about a future, Sarah would need to unpack. oh no not nowyou need to unpack ,Sarah

Morgan’s comment went with Chuck and Sarah into their home. As they were standing in their closet, we get the image of a half empty closet. Sarah asked does it bother him she hasn’t unpacked, but all Chuck could conjure up would be “it was no big deal.” He understood Sarah’s job better then those sitting in the living room of the Woodcombs, but it didn’t mean the comment didn’t make him realize the situation. As Chuck knows Sarah has been on missions a lot lately, but the idea that Sarah hasn’t unpacked her things makes Chuck wonder when will she feel comfortable. Chuck wondering about Sarah's unpacking habitsWhile Chuck was saying the right things, We can tell it was not the case, but Chuck didn’t want to scare Sarah away and continued to cover what he truly felt about it. Chuck said,

Chuck: Look, don’t listen to Morgan.
He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
The guy eats cereal with a fork. You’re here.
That’s all that matters to me.

Chuck loves the fact Sarah was living with himChuck and Sarah about to engage a kiss

On the surface, it looked and  sounded like Chuck was fine with it, but when Chuck was in the Buymore, he sounded completely different on the subject.  He asked Morgan if it was weird and he said of course it is, but he warned Bartowski about how every relationship has its achilles heel. Morgan explained how every relationship has a problem that can’t be overcome even the greatest romances had their achilles heel. Chuck and Morgan discuss Sarah's unpacking issueBeckman calls for Chuck to report to the “Manager’s office.”  As Chuck heads in the direction of Castle, Morgan continued and introduced himself to a tall ravishing man.  Poor Morgan, even the guest stars tower over him.  Morgan meets the second Greta. A comical exchange between Greta and Morgan as Morgan would let him know how he knew they were all undercover spies, but he was also quite familiar with the creepy cousin. If they wanted they could take a coffee break, but Greta quickly shot that down by saying they’re were working and they don’t take breaks.we don't take breaksMorgan and Greta 2In Castle, Beckman was going over details of Team Bartowski’s new mission. Surveillance photos showed this woman was responsible in the death of an agent. What makes this scene fun was the interaction between Chuck and Sarah. While watching the video package Chuck jumps up from his seat and was in awe of the woman on the big screen. Chuck’s “Hi, ho.” Didn’t go unnoticed by Walker either as she was rather annoyed with Chuck’s reaction to whose name was finally revealed. Her name was  Sofia Stepanova. the woman who shot the agentHi hoAre you kidding meChuck tried to cover up his mistake, but the general was the one who bailed him out by mentioning how Sofia was one of Volkoff’s top selling weapons dealers, which makes this case even more personal for Chuck. As Stepanova could lead Chuck to finding his mother.  The other thing about this scene, which will be saved for rewatch was how Casey’s phone went off during the briefing and the caller happened to be Alex. Sarah knows the stakes have been raised with Sofia being VolkoffBeckman explained the importance of bagging Sofia,  Sofia

Beckman: We believe she’s the executor of Volkoff’s most important weapons deals.
She uses her cover as a runway model to travel the world, get access to the most powerful people, and deliver weapons like this. Stepanova stole an ammunition clip containing smart bullets from a weapons development facility outside Paris.

Smart Bullets
Sarah: Microchip controlled. They have a built-in GPS. The bullet guides itself to the target.

Chuck would ask what were smart bullets, which the team would explain what they are, Casey would chime in by saying a real spy doesn’t need them, but suggested for Chuck to get some. Casey’s remark would be precisely what Beckman wanted from Chuck and Sarah not Casey because of what he did during the Yves St. Laurent Incident. Beckman said for Chuck and  Sarah had to leave immediately.

Sarah would assured the general she was packed and ready, which would make her stand from her chair and cock her gun, which made Casey whisper in Chuck’s ear nobody loves a mission more than Walker, which drew a look of concern from Chuck. Nobody loves a mission more then Walker concerned Chuck

After the briefing Casey and Chuck would have a moment in which the bond between the two was vastly different from earlier seasons. Casey  tells Chuck to keep his guard up as Volkoff has people all over and are serious. Chuck would say maybe a positive outcome could lead them closer in finding his mother. Casey would  counter with a “I won’t be there to save his ass.”  A rare conversation between Chuck and CaseyThe conversation would become personal as Casey finished his comment by saying he was stuck in Burbank. Chuck resented the fact that Casey didn’t like Burbank in some regard. Chuck tried to find some sort of common ground by mentioning Alex, but Casey said he didn’t stay in contact as spies don’t like to plant roots. Casey would use the word rule to cover his anxiety about building a relationship with Alex only to be reassigned, but we will discuss that more when we redo this episode for rewatch.

Ultimately, Casey would figure out Chuck’s issue was the achilles heel thing Morgan mentioned, and in a rare moment Casey was giving Chuck relationship advice. He said, “Chuck, beautiful women have a lot of baggage. You should be happy Walker is just a suitcase.” Casey giving Chuck relationship advice Chuck listening to Casey's input on the subject

In Milan, Chuck and Sarah were sweeping the floor for Sofia. Chuck would point out what kind of dress Sarah was wearing, which made Sarah ask how much project runway was he watching. They both found her which prompted Chuck to try and steal her purse. It would  become a very awkward situation for Chuck. As he was trying to grab it, Sofia turned around and Chuck’s hand landed on her perfection. Chuck tried to sell it as an honest mistake and said he was with, but when he turned for Sarah a man stood in between him and Sarah, which gave Sofia the impression he was gay. OMG moment

Chuck’s next move was to inform Sarah of his failed attempt, which also meant telling her how he had his hand on her backside. The words were fumbling out of his mouth, but they were able to see her sitting at the bar. TRying to tell Sarah about his failed attempt at swiping the purse Sofia heading for the barSofia didn’t stay long as she dropped her purse on the bar and headed out. Chuck and Sarah both thought the drop was made, but the bartender picked up the bag and headed in their direction. They stop him and open the bag to find a bomb waiting for them as Sofia knew they were coming.

Charah sees the bomb inside the purse, Chuck takes it out and a click sound was heard instantly. The device had a pressure sensor which meant if Chuck let it go there would be a subsequent boom.  When on the cusp of dying one would think Chuck would pour his heart out to the woman he loves as these were the remaining seconds on earth with her. The lucky guy was going to perish with his girlfriend by his side, but this was Chuck Bartowski we were talking about. He chose to tell her how he still loved her despite her weird unpacking habit. When Sarah was able to disconnect the bomb, Sarah would turn to Chuck saying “You still love me?” As Chuck would say, not the best choice of words for the moment. I also would like to save my analysis of this scene for rewatch.  no 41E no 41FChuck and Sarah would pursue Sofia outside the hotel. In their efforts to find her, Chuck continued to plead his case on how he said I love you, but Sarah quickly claimed if she hadn’t stopped that bomb his last words would of been about her weird unpacking thing. Chuck would assure her about not caring because spies need to pack light. Sarah would explain, ”  Yes, we do pack light, because we have to be prepared for the next mission.
And right now, we really need to focus on this mission.” we need to focus on this missionBefore we move on, we must talk about the Buymore as Morgan and Casey were talking about Alex and how Casey’s life didn’t have to be only about missions when Devon walks up to them. Devon said the story was scary sufficient. He said all the employees looked like him. Suddenly, we hear a shot. Greta was firing labels on to products. His first shot came from 25 feet, which he thought wasn’t good enough.Shot a label from 25 feetThis would draw Morgan and Casey to look in his direction after his shot. Devon would continue asking if they looked like him why would they want to work in the Buymore. Furthermore, he thought Chuck was done with spying. Casey would reassure Devon saying the Buymore was still his cover. Again Greta would fire a label only this time from 30 feet. It would cause a sense of concern from Morgan. Chuck isn't a spy right 30 ft we have a problem hereGreta’s actions made Morgan point out his concerns with Beckman, which was funny because Beckman asked him what did he know about running a CIA base. He said he didn’t, but he knew how to run a Buymore.  The store they had at the moment wasn’t a Buymore. Morgan explaining the BuymoreHe told her if customers didn’t leave the Buymore or better started enjoying their time in the store it would cause suspicion on what was really going on. He closed with if he could see through this cover what would an enemy spy think.  She asked what did he suggest. He said, he would take care of it. unruly employees and no attention to detailBack in Milan, Chuck challenged his inner Spider-Man, when they worked themselves up to Sofia’s penthouse apartment. Chuck lowered himself enough to ask Sarah if she would like  a Spider-Man kiss which she would happily deny. spider man kissSarah picked the lock to enter the penthouse and they head for the walk in closet.  The image was again the perils of unpacking. As Sofia unpacked everything, it made Sarah’s excuse of spies not setting roots seem bleak at the moment. As Sofia was a spy, and she managed to hang up all her clothes in a hotel. it must not be every spies’s issue. not an issue for all spiesThey found a safe in the corner of the room, Chuck went to crack it, but the door opened. It sent Chuck and Sarah hiding behind the flocks of clothes. I forgot to mention at the top about another guest star as Lou Ferrigno played Sofia’s body guard. Lou played the Hulk in the television series back in 1978.  He asked Sofia if he could talk to her, but the cold super model said stand there it’s what he was paid for. As Sofia walked into her closet, she began to strip which caught the eye of Chuck.  Sofia heads for the shower, which gave Chuck and Sarah a chance to stick their heads out to take a peek. Spies at workAs Sofia was showering, the steam from heat clouded the shower door. Chuck asked Sarah if she could see anything, but Sarah in a jealous rage said “Are you serious”, which caused Chuck to remind her who he was. He said if they couldn’t see anything then she couldn’t either. The best part of this scene was Sarah’s boiling point was coming to it’s end with Chuck fascination with Sofia. it’s even more interesting to see how Chuck wasn’t even doing anything wrong from my estimation. Sarah went to take out the guard while Chuck went to get the weapon.

As he squaded to break the safe’s code, he looks back at the shower then flashes on the combination. As he stood up Sofia was waiting with gun in hand and with not a stitch of clothing on.  Sofia has a goneAs Sarah took out the guard, she came back and saw Chuck being used as a shield. This of course wasn’t the issue for Sarah, but the fact Sofia was naked was. She asked Chuck “is she naked.”  When Chuck shook his head to indicate yes. Sarah would fire her gun in the direction of the shower door.  The commotion caused Sofia to release Chuck. They make run for the balcony door. Chuck hooks Sarah up and before Sarah lifts herself she fires a warning shot in the direction of Sofia saying “put some clothes on.” Chuck seeing Sofia's unmentionablesIs she nakedYes she is nakedput some clothes onAt Castle, we see Chuck and Sarah briefing with Beckman about the chips Chuck took from Sofia. Beckman said their work was great, but Sofia must of been tipped because the chips were a fake. It bothered Chuck and Sarah on not obtaining the real weapon. Greta would appear on a monitor informing the general about an award the Buymore was getting for outstanding service which was becoming a burden for Beckman.What do you mean a fake The Chips are a fake 2Beckman would tell Chuck and Sarah about Morgan’s attempt in recruiting for the Buymore, which would lead to a classic Jeffster moment. They are on the run still as they believe they are outlaws. Jeff on the run Lester running from the po poThey record their life on the road by saying how long they been gone, and how Jeff has a new pet rock. His name was bruce because he doesn’t bruise.  Morgan and Casey were watching Jeffster, and Casey asked why does he deal with these idiots. Morgan said they may be idiots, but they were needed for the Buymore.

Casey and Morgan would try and convince Jeffster to return to work, but the two former nerd herders thought Casey and Morgan needed them so they tried to negotiate terms of their return, which caused Casey to tranq Jeffster. While Lester went down right away, it took a lot of darts to take down Jeff. Casey felt this was the most degrading missions he went on. Casey takes a shot at jeffster

In a sense, the suitcase would also be about Alex and Casey. The idea of Casey planting roots was something he wasn’t ready to do either. As Morgan spoke about how Alex wanted to be in contact, but Casey didn’t respond to the question instead he asked why was Morgan speaking to his daughter. The question itself was Casey’s way of blocking Morgan’s attempt in reasoning with the colonel Thus, at this stage of the episode we see both agents struggling with the idea of unpacking. This is all I will say about this topic as I would like to continue this discussion once rewatch comes around. Y are you talking to my daughterChuck and Sarah return home, but were greeted with a waiting Awesome. Devon gave them a lecture on making sure everyone that was supposed to be present was actually present. Ellie needed all the support she could get. Sarah assured Devon on how Chuck was out of the spy game. Sarah and Chuck arrive homeDevon lecturing CharahWhat I love about this scene was as Chuck was saying everything was normal we can see Casey and Morgan dragging the sleeping bodies of Jeffster to Casey’s apartment. It also was funny how Awesome said the Buymore was crazy efficient and had employees that looked like him, but why would someone like him work in the Buymore. A nice brief moment of comedy in this scene.  Chuck402-00717 Chuck402-00718 Chuck402-00722

Let’s take a moment and analysis a line Devon said that would lead us to the next scene in which Ellie points out on how much Awesome has done.  Devon made a reference in everyone being here was here. It’s easy for Chuck to miss this but Ellie picked up on it right away. Chuck402-00730In Ellie’s expression, she is giving off a indication on her feelings about Devon trying too hard. Ellie’s actions also  shows it was about time for Devon to come clean and the mystery behind Devon’s overcompensating was due to Ellie’s mother wasn’t around. As I said its easy for Chuck to not pick up on it because he thought Devon was alluding to his spy career. Kudos Ellie. Chuck402-00738 Chuck402-00740Ellie reminded Devon that she didn’t need her mother. She talked about not needing her for medical school or getting married. Ellie didn’t need her mother now. She would ask if Devon could lighten up and allow her to do some things. What the series did here was a great compare and contrast. Here we have Devon and Ellie talking through their problems, but in the apartment across the way. Chuck and Sarah are having a different conversation. Charah shows how far they came and how much more they needed to iron out.Sarah hanging up her dressAs Sarah was unpacking, she places the dress she wore in Milan on the rack, but Chuck stopped her. He said, “Don’t do it because we talked about it. Do it when you feel comfortable here.” The fact the two were talking about this in an intimate setting was a break through of sorts. Like Ellie and Awesome, Chuck and Sarah made headway here. Sarah opened up about roots and how its hard for her to set them, but the truth is Sarah already did set roots the moment she stepped into the Buymore more on this subject in a few minutes, but Chuck did finish by saying one dress wasn’t going to break their relationship.

The tone and exchange between the two was vastly different from the Woodcombs. it goes to show you how much work Charah still needed to do before saying the proverbial “I do.” Chuck puts the dress back in Sarah’s suitcase and the brilliance of Chuck here was great to see. He said, “One dress.” This would draw interest from Sarah as the couple would realize that the chips Sofia had wasn’t in the bullets, but perhaps the technology was in the dress’s sequence. Why would a model pack on dress with a closet full of options. Chuck402-00778 Chuck402-00780 Chuck402-00785Chuck402-00787Chuck402-00791Chuck402-00794

In two episodes, we see a much comfortable Chuck. it only took four years, but Chuck has become the spy the company wanted. He has confidence in himself, and its refreshing to see. He always had a knack to think on the fly, but the first half of S4 gives the viewer work was starting to pay off. He isn’t a killer by any stretch, but he was smart and savvy skills that Sarah and Casey didn’t have. It’s impressive and also puzzling at the same time. They realized they had to go back to Milan before the fashion show was over and Sofia slipped through the cracks.

They arrive in Milan with style. Chuck and Sarah have become a formidable unit without Casey. Chuck arrives in one of my favorite suits he wore. He walks up to the two guards and before he does anything Sarah asked  about Chuck’s tranq gloves. I also would like to mention one of Chuck’s best songs played during this stretch of scenes. I Like That by Richard Visson   Chuck402-00818Chuck402-00828Chuck402-00836

After putting the big guys down, Chuck and Sarah didn’t have much time. They enter the dressing room and searched for the dress, which Chuck found. Sarah dropped her jacket, and she was only wearing a bra and panties. Chuck was trying to be cordial about it with words like “Strapless dress, what was I thinking and Bob’s your uncle.” After the dress was on, Sarah said it was time to go home.  Chuck402-00850 Chuck402-00852 Chuck402-00853 Chuck402-00858 Chuck zips up the dress, and before they could escape the baddies show up. Sarah makes a flee for it through the door, but Chuck didn’t make it in time. The baddies came into the room and open fired. Sarah lookws at Chuck through the crack of the door, and he protects Sarah with an I love you and shuts the door. Chuck402-00866 Chuck402-00867

As Chuck shuts the door, Sarah tries to kick the door open, but Walker would end up with her own issues as Sofia would join the party of good guys vs baddies. Chuck took on the body guards and Sarah took on Sofia. Chuck402-00871 Chuck402-00877 While it was rather easy for Chuck to take down the guards courtesy of a flash and his trusty tranq gloves. it wasn’t as much for Sarah. Sofia proved to be very difficult for Sarah to take down. They rumble through the dressing area and even spilled out onto the catwalk. Chuck402-00911 Chuck402-00915 Chuck402-00924 Chuck402-00934Sarah would end up getting the upper hand and she stopped Sofia. Walker would add a pose of her own as Chuck looked on. Chuck402-00940Chuck402-00960 Chuck402-00962When the couple returns to Castle, Beckman walks in and shows them a magazine Chuck402-00973Sarah assures Beckman her cover was intact and the general said she knew, and they acted swiftly and intelligently. Chuck402-00975 Chuck402-00984Problems were coming to the Buymore as Ellie wanted to return a few items, but Devon said he could do it, but Ellie said “remember marriage is a partnership.” As Ellie left, Devon quickly called Chuck to let him know the bird left the nest. Devon let Chuck know if Ellie saw the way the Buymore was being ran. What would Ellie think? Chuck402-00992 Chuck402-00993Chuck402-01013Chuck402-01017As Ellie walked into the Buymore, Chuck quickly caught up to her. Ellie already sensed something wrong with the place. Chuck tried to explained how corporate was in midst of a reshuffling, but Morgan came to the rescue and said the reshuffling was reshuffled again. Morgan made reference to the old employees being rehired giving the Buymore an air tight cover. Chuck402-01047Once it was establish while things change others remain the same. Chuck went to help Ellie with the returns.  Beckman would ask to speak to Grimes and she praised Morgan’s efforts in protecting the cover of the CIA, Beckman promoted Morgan to store manager, which meant Morgan could afford drinks. Chuck402-01070Chuck402-01071As the band of misfits were hanging around the Nerd Herd desk, Casey came out of an aisle and Morgan invited him for some drinks, but John said no, which made Morgan ask “How is Burbank ever going to feel like home if he didn’t let it.” Casey would reply by using a line from a Jim Croce song “Burbank may be your home, but it’s not mine.” Jim’s song had “New York may be your home, but its not mine.” Could this be the writer’s tribute to Jim Croce.? Take the time to listen to the song, Click and listen to Jim Croce’s New York’s Not My Home. 


The closing moments of the episode comes with a great moment. One that would be enshrined in a best of Chuck  collection. First, Ellie takes the time to look over some photos of her parents and its a very good moment. It means Ellie spoke a half truth to Devon. It would be crazy to think a daughter wouldn’t want her mother around for this joyous occasion. Chuck402-01135

The camera would then shift to Chuck and Sarah’s bedroom. It’s a great development scene for their relationship. It starts off with a great song for the moment. Jeremy Messersmith’s A Boy, A Girl and a Graveyard  Chuck walks in the bedroom saying he wanted to switch up their beverage for the night’s sleep.

When he walks in and Sarah comes walking out of the closet saying It’s official. It’s moment like these we want to root for them.  Great moment and even better a reveal that touches the heart of so many.Chuck402-01160Chuck402-01161

Chuck tries to say she didn’t have to, but Sarah with a smile said “I wanted too.”  She explained she never had a home and she wanted the apartment to feel like one. When Chuck offers to help her he sees a photo hidden in the back of the suitcase. Chuck402-01164 Chuck402-01165Chuck402-01166Chuck402-01167In a romance, anything can be deemed as something of sentimental value. When Chuck pulls out the photo Sarah’s expression comes with hoping Chuck didn’t find it, but since the cat was out of the bag, Sarah explained what it meant. A revelation of this magnitude comes with two things.  Jill spots the picture on Chuck's mantle

1. The photo was taken during Chuck vs The Seduction, this means this photo has been sitting in her case since then. It shows what Sarah thinks about there relationship.

She says the photo made her feel safe. A top of the line assassin needing to feel safe. It brings to light the fact Sarah did set roots. Her roots comes in the form of Chuck himself. “Chuck, you are my home. You always have been.” Chuck402-01170 Chuck402-01171 Chuck402-01172

It’s the reason for belonging and by his side on missions. Its the reason she protected him so close to the vest, but while they engaged in a great moment. Chuck would slip and hinted at what he was thinking about. The idea of kids and marriage was starting to be planted. Something Sarah wasn’t ready for. Chuck402-01183 Chuck402-01182 (1) Chuck402-01191As Chuck and Sarah finished kissing, Chuck made it a point to tell Sarah about Morgan’s achilles heel theory, which would lead Chuck into bringing up what Awesome said earlier maybe it’s true they are next, but Sarah just unpacked maybe it was a bit early to bring up those Chuck402-01201 Chuck402-01203 Chuck402-01213Chuck402-01221Chuck402-01227

Final Thoughts On the Suit Case

Suitcase gave us a glimpse on what the future holds for us for this season. The symbol of a suitcase means travel and what do we find in suitcase personal objects that mean more to us then meets the eye. A photo is just a photo until their is sentimental value behind it. Sarah has her roots planted long before this episode.

Casey’s roots are about to be planted too, which scares the big fella. Morgan plays the role of Chuck as a teacher of being domesticated. This relationship was fun to watch as the two would slip to the background as the blossoming romance takes the front seat.

well that does it for Suit Case. but don’t worry we will see this episode again until then remember Chuckaholics is your toy so play and it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

up next for Season Four is Cubic Z as we have three guest stars, Greta Three, Heather Chandler and Hugo Panzer will both make their returns to the series for the final time. Big Mike will return as well, but we shall save that for then.


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