Zachary Levi transcends the meaning of a Hero.

Over the course of time, we are often told who to root for in this world. We live in a world where we rely too much on media influence in who is a role model and who isn’t. We have seen false images of what leaders should be only to be disappointed later. There are also times when we can’t let go of the past in order to move forward when it comes to the role of a celebrity. I can tell you all the cliches that can make this article reach 3K words, but this article means that much more to my heart.

The question of what it means to be a hero can be defined as  the one who conducts brave acts like a Superman if you will, but just below that it reads “: a person who is greatly admired.” This definition should have a picture next to it with this man’s face on it. Zachary-Levi-showed-off-his-nerdiness-during-day-threeHollywood has a reputation for being the place for womanizers, drug abusers, spouse hoping and any other tricks of the trade when the cameras aren’t rolling, but not Zachary Levi. The man behind Nerd HQ. The man that created an event free to the public. The only thing that cost money is the tickets to the panels.  If that isn’t special enough, there is smiles for smiles after the panels where the fans and celebrities can take pictures, which does cost money but all proceeds go for a great cause. The cause is Operation Smile. These children are the ones who won this past weekend because the attention was on their needs. We shouldn’t lose sight of what the weekend is really about. Sure there are dance parties, laughs and other means of entertainment, but the genuine idea is to help her,monthly_default_header_payel

tumblr_minudgJg5I1qmyz1so2_400What’s amazing about Nerd HQ is the genuine feel we get from the celebrities that come and take questions and each dollar raised goes to helping the little boy Zach is holding. This is the mark of a hero. This is a man who gives back in more ways then one. This is a man who uses his celebrity status as a means other than notoriety.

Zachary Levi’s legion of fans know how great he is as a performer and even better as a person. His faith makes him well grounded and he doesn’t appear to have an ego, which if he does have an ego its well hidden from everyone.

Uncle Ben from Spider man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Zachary Levi has the power to help thesechildren get the care they need by hosting an event once a year for that reason and it make one admire him even more.

He is willing to walk across the street in order to take pictures and have conversations with fans. When working on Chuck. Zac went to a local Subway store and helped make sandwiches as his way of saying thank you to the fans for helping him to stay working. hqdefault

The reason Zac transcends the meaning of what it means to be a hero comes from the altruistic personality he has and that is where the appealing process boils down to.  He wanted to create a place where the fan and a celebrity can come together and eliminate that gap between the two. He has been quoted as saying “You’re only as good as your fanbase.”

It means a lot when it comes from someone that acts the part not just window dress the concept. Zachary Levi knows what it means to have a loyal fan base and for that Zachary and the fans will always share a special bond.  The reason is Zac is loyal to the fans and most specifically those children. A sold out panel helps sixteen children get the medical attention to save their lives not bad for $4,000 raised.maxresdefault3489609378_31943668a5When a celebrity has high regard  in giving back it makes a statement on what is right with Hollywood, and at least from my perspective Zachary should be the poster boy for what could be and should be defined as a role model. Earlier this year, Zachary Levi and fellow Chuck castmates Yvonne Strahovski and Ryan McPartlin went skiing for operation smile. Ryan and Yvonne are no strangers to the meaning of giving back, but its their friendship that has Yvonne spending an entire weekend in San Diego in supporting Zachary. A testament on how close the cast is with Zachary. 466378552


The faces that light up when they come together and mingle is refreshing to see, and it has made me a Zachary Levi supporter for life, 

In 2011, Zachary Levi gave a touching speech at the Smile Gala, which is the very essence of the kind of human he is 

What does it say about a fan that choses to tweet and bash a man that spends so many hours and money giving back to those in need. It doesn’t seem right or fair in my opinion instead we should thank him for being an inspiration and even better showing us that a man can make a difference.

In closing, Chuck Bartowski may be a fictional character, but the selfless hero and the real life hero that is Zach are one in the same, so instead of asking yourself What Would Chuck DO (W.W.C.D) we should ask What Would Zac DO?



  1. is bashing still on? I haven’t check or encountered any tweets about the bashing but come on guys, Christopher is right, Zac made it possible to be a bridge for fans and the people we admire most to have an interaction and to get to know them more. And in this regard, we also help other people. So its a win-win situation. I felt bad that in spite of the things Zac and other artists did( give us time and effort) still they are bashing here and there. Very few people have this dedication that do something for a greater cause and even though im not physically present in the comic-con, it really felt good to just watch it via satellite. Good job Christopher for being the voice of the fans/family of Zac.

    • The idea of the piece wasn’t to complain about the bashing Zachary receives on a daily basis, but what I am trying to convey is the idea that here we have a hero of epic proportions. A true role model from a world lacking thereof. It refreshing to see. The issue I am talking about is people trying to bring down a good person.

      • I understand. But I think that it is not a cliché anymore. Every good person always has this kind of experience/struggles and obstacles. As the saying goes, we cannot please anybody.

        But what matters is there are people who still believes in his advocacy and people that became his engine or driving force to still go through what he thinks is right.

        That’s why, we all in Chuck family/community are very happy to see the people in Chuck series still there, supporting what Zac believes in. And also, his other friends. With that, we can say that he is a true person and a true hero.

  2. Great write-up Christopher, I feel the same way. Zach is an inspiration and a beacon of positivity. People that bash him because he didn’t mention what they wanted him to mention just doesn’t get it and they don’t deserve what they want anyway. We love Chuck because those characters are like our surrogate family and you don’t treat family like the people bashing, you treat family the way Zach treats his fellow humans, with love.

    • Thank you Jason,

      Love is in the eye of the beholder and with that comes selfish love. A lot of fans suffer from selfish love because they don’t have patience, they want more but don’t want the process to work itself out. It’s sad because this past weekend was very entertaining for a lot of us.

  3. Don’t know Zach So much. watch Chuck on Netflix lately and i really love This show and one thing to another i’m trying to know both Zach and Yvonne. And what i’ve found give me more envy to know them. And your writting even more.

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