gallery Rewatch Week Twenty Nine: Season Two Episode Sixteen : The Creator of the Intersect Revealed

Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon

As rewatch returns, we have one for you that starts the best stretch of Chuck episodes in the entire series. It all begins with one word Orion. Greek Literature classify the name Orion as both a myth and legend, and to Chuckaholics Orion is a myth as so it would seem. The identity of Orion won’t be mentioned in this episode, but what will be revealed would be his importances, which begs the question who is the man behind the myth.

Cameron Cake will make his final appearance of the series, which is a damper as I have rewatched Cole Barker several time, and the more I do the more I feel Cole was a good character. In his brief stay, Cole had some memorable quotes, which I will discuss in depth later. Robert Picardo will make his appearance as Perseus. Robert Picardo comes from the Star Trek Franchise.

Why is this worth mentioning you ask? Well, one of Chuck’s producers/directors Robert Duncan McNeill worked with Robert on Star Trek Voyager.  Robert Duncan and Robert Picardo in Star TrekLet’s dive into the Lethal Weapon,

The episode opens with Cole getting beaten to a paulp. He is hung from the ceiling as two Fulcrum agents were in the middle of working him over. It’s not a pretty sight, but Cole was managing as long as he could.Chuck216-00002 The leader of the pack asked Cole, how did the CIA know about Perseus and who was the human Intersect. Cole still had his wits despite the torture taunted him. This made the agent  grab a pipe. A bigger brawly guy would attempt to do some damage to Cole’s face, but the spiteful Englishmen said “Oh, no not the face.” Chuck216-00004 Chuck216-00008 Chuck216-00010 Chuck216-00015

Cole still wasn’t giving up information. The Camera would shift to Chuck’s bedroom, and they are still sleeping, if you recall at the end of Beefcake, Sarah advised Chuck about not breaking up and also would be required to move in together Cole being picked up by Fulcrum. Sarah’s role was to protect him under 24/7, but there is some noteworthy scenes to mention in these set of scenes. Chuck216-00020

First, Chuck was being classic Chuck. He is nervous as hell. The moment reeked of nerd. He has the blanket curled up to his head and he looked like he didn’t sleep a wink. The song of the scene was also well played as Blitzen Trapper’s God & Suicide would play. 

Conversely, Sarah seems to be enjoying this moment. As she is sleeping, and when the alarm goes off Sarah was rather giddy about being able to spend the night. She was practically smiling, while Chuck was nervous as hell.Chuck216-00023Chuck216-00028Sarah jumps out of bed with eagerness like she just won a championship game. It almost seemed like a dream come true for Walker, but before we go forward we need to hit the pause button. Did  you see the shirt Sarah wore? Of course you did, but did you remember where you saw the shirt before? Chuck216-00035The shirt was the very T’shirt Chuck wore at the end of Seduction as he was strutting to Sarah’s hotel room. Chuck's shirtIt was nice to see Sarah was wearing his clothes. It was almost like they had a passionate night minus the sex, but you couldn’t tell from Sarah’s point of view. Walker saw Chuck was a bit nervous about this  situation and tried to lighten the mood, Chuck216-00038

Sarah: You know, I know this whole 24-hour supervision thing isn’t exactly great, but when the CIA finds us a new apartment, at least we’ll have separate rooms.

Chuck: Sounds great.

Sarah: I mean, consider yourself lucky. At least you didn’t have to move in with Casey, right? Yeah. Lucky me.

Chuck216-00039 Chuck216-00042

What makes this scene fun was Chuck’s initial reaction to Sarah wearing only her unmentionables while in bed with him. When Chuck saw this, he struggles with not looking south of the border. It’s great to see. It only makes Chuck pull up the blanket even more.

The second part of this set of scenes comes from the bathroom scene. I understand Sarah’s job sometimes calls for her to strip articles of clothes if it meant getting closer to a mark, but the truth is while she is working as Chuck’s handler. Her relationship with Chuck is considerably different. This is a woman who wore his T’shirt, in her unmentionables and positivity giddy with spending the night with him. She is all smiles and extremely comfortable with Chuck being in her presences wearing nothing but a towel is a clear indication on where Sarah’s mind is when it comes to Chuck. Chuck216-00051 The chemistry displayed in the bathroom between Yvonne and Zach made it feel like we are watching real life. Chuck talking about the flavor toothpaste he prefers and work related discussion about Cole. Chuck’s question about being worried about Cole is a valid one, but Sarah gave a cliche response with her “Her relationship with Cole was strictly professional.”

It’s easy to understand Why Chuck feels that Sarah was interested in Cole. Whats not to like the quintessential James Bond. The ability to risk himself for the sake of others, but if that didn’t do it how about something like this. Chuck215-01135While a lot would say Sarah was into the kiss, but was she? Chuck215-01136From Chuck’s point of view it looked like she did, but its hard to gauge Sarah here. She looks like she enjoyed it but it’s not convincing like let’s say this, Chuck202-00071Sarah’s eyes are closed here, she is embracing the kiss. Here is another kiss with Chuck, the same episode Chuck202-00387However, when she kisses Cole it just doesn’t have the same passion behind it. The look is more of a OMG, Chuck215-01141Now that I digressed enough, let’s return to the episode at hand. Chuck showed a slight smile finally with Sarah being in the room with him, but Chuck couldn’t resist the temptation to ask about Cole. Chuck216-00057

Chuck: Sarah, can I ask you a question? About the toothpaste? Uh, no.
Are you, you worried about Cole?

Sarah: Uh of, of course I’m concerned about Cole.
But Agent Barker can certainly take care of himself.

Chuck: Yeah, I get that. It’s just, you know, you guys had this connection.
I mean, he saved your life and you shared a bit of torture.

Sarah: Uh, our connection was purely professional.

Now let’s dig a bit in this “our connection was purely professional.” Sarah uses this in attempt to defend her relationship with Chuck. In fact, during the episode Seduction , Roan had a similar discussion when it came to kissing, but Sarah’s tone and attitude was far different then, take a look at Sarah in Seduction compared to here in Lethal Weapon.

Lethal Weapon:

Chuck216-00070 Chuck216-00071There is no feeling behind her response. it Just a quick short answer. Now let’s rewind to Seduction. Chuck202-00588 Chuck202-00591There was enough emotion in her response for the seduction master to tell Chuck “The lady doth protest too much.” Sarah doesn’t rebuff Chuck’s question. She is being honest here in Lethal Weapon.

The last part of this comes at the breakfast table. Ellie is super excited that Chuck and Sarah are moving in together. Devon supplies some male humor with his “Let the worm wiggle free” bit. It was certainly unexpected from Chuck’s perspective. Chuck216-00076Chuck216-00077 Chuck216-00079Chuck216-00085After Devon’s worm remark, Chuck was already on the edge with all of this. Especially when Ellie decides to poke fun at what they should leave in Chuck’s room during the move. Everyone giggled which made Chuck look at everyone in the room. Chuck216-00087 Chuck216-00093 Chuck216-00094 Chuck216-00095 Chuck216-00096Chuck was in an awkward situation. He is moving in with his handler who he can’t be romantically involved. He has his older sister giving him a ribbing about his room like she always done, but when the mention of the Tron poster comes to light we get a very interesting reminder on who gave Chuck  that poster. The Bartowski’s siblings father gave Chuck the poster, which would curb the humor with the seriousness in Chuck’s tone. Chuck216-00099 Chuck216-00100Ellie would follow up by asking Chuck if he was able to locate their dad, which drew an interesting look from Sarah. What do we know of Sarah Walker? She likes to be included in all of Chuck’s adventures both work and in life. Sarah has positioned herself as the only woman for Chuck whether she admits it or not. Sarah’s expression here tells the viewer why am I hearing about this now. Chuck216-00101 Chuck216-00102 Chuck216-00103Sarah’s tight lipped and eyes are startled by the news, which is a normal reaction from someone who likes to be informed. The tension in the room caused Sarah to change the discussion. Sarah asked Chuck did he tell Morgan he wasn’t moving in with him, but Chuck said no because he didn’t have the heart.

In the Buymore, the band of misfits were all gathered at the nerd herd desk, and they all were cracking jokes about Big Mike and Morgan’s mother doing the nasty, which prompted Morgan to come to work earlier.  As Morgan walked up to the laughing crowd, Morgan retaliated by threatening to not invite any of them to their housewarming party. Chuck216-00123 This would change the band’s tune as they all composed themselves. Chuck216-00125Chuck would arrive at the Buymore and beelined for Morgan. He told Morgan he need to talk to him. Morgan said, he found a place and it’s what they always talked about, but before the conversation could continue John Casey pushes Chuck towards his “office.” Chuck216-00135

As they went to Castle, Casey was explaining to Chuck how Fulcrum picked up Cole Barker and they believe they were torturing him about who the intersect was. Casey said, Langley feared when Cole talks Fulcrum will be coming for him. Sarah walks in and says they were taking Chuck off grid. Chuck’s follow up question would be about the danger facing his sister, but his handlers told him he was the priority, but assured him once he was safe they would come and check on everyone else, but as they were ready to leave Castle’s alarm went off. Chuck216-00144Chuck216-00149 Chuck216-00153They head for the door with guns drawn as they wait for whoever was behind the door. Chuck216-00159The door opens up and falling to the ground was Cole, he stumbles into Castle and said, “Don’t worry I didn’t say anything.” Chuck216-00165It’s hard to understand Chuck here, didn’t he see how badly Cole looked. Sarah was attending to Cole for his injuries. Something a decent human being would do. In other words, Sarah assisting Cole had nothing to do with feelings. Both Casey and Chuck were shocked to see Cole managed to escape Fulcrum even more so for Chuck as he watches Sarah assist Cole.Chuck216-00172Chuck216-00173Chuck216-00175

“It’s not my first dance, Walker”

After the credits, Cole was going over with Sarah how he escaped Fulcrum, he talked about how he took out eight to nine guys, which Chuck balked at the idea of a tortured man taking out nine guys, but Casey confirmed Cole’s story by saying its doable. Chuck216-00204 Chuck216-00207 Chuck216-00208Sarah asked why come back to Castle, Cole’s explanation was to make sure Chuck, Casey and most specifically Sarah was safe. It wasn’t an option to let Team Bartowski come in the crosshairs of Fulcrum. Chuck216-00209 Chuck216-00213Over the course of the closing moments of Season Two I will be giving tons of credit to Orion for shaping the man Chuck will become, but Chuck’s education in becoming a man comes from Cole. The british agent could of went home and called it a day, but he decided to fight along side Team Bartowski to take down a formidable size threat.

In the Buymore, Anna comes hugging Morgan and proclaims him to be the sexiest man alive. Morgan was confused when Anna handed him a gift. Morgan asked about the no gift policy they agree too, but silly Morgan left Chuck and Morgan’s apartment application documents in the fax machine. This of course prompted Anna to think the document was for them, but sadly those documents as we know weren’t even going to be for Chuck and Morgan as Chuck was set to move in with Sarah. Chuck216-00222 Chuck216-00223

After Anna went off to call her parents, Jeffster joined in by asking they thought he was moving in with Chuck? It just dawned on Morgan what just happened. Morgan said he has a problem now if he told Anna the truth there would be no more sex for him. Chuck216-00239

Lester’s advice was epic here and one of my favorite Jeffster moments. Lester advises Morgan to convince Anna moving in with him was a mistake. Operation Repulsion was on.Chuck216-00252Morgan asked how was he going to do it, but Lester said, Jeffster was perfect at repulsion. Chuck216-00253Back in Castle, the team was briefing General Beckman on Cole’s findings while being tortured. Cole would let the team and Beckman know about Perseus. Beckman would explain,

Beckman: Thanks to information provided by Mr.
Barker, we now know that FULCRUM is protecting a man that goes by the code name Perseus.
Perseus is the head scientist behind FULCRUM’s effort to build their own Intersect.

Chuck216-00257Cole explained he spent the last year and half trying to get close to Perseus, but only the inner circle of Fulcrum have access to him. They handed Chuck a file, but no flashes. Chuck216-00261Chuck216-00263Chuck216-00264The general would tell the team about the intel they have about Perseus attending a a formal event at the Swiss Consul’s office. The State Department has arranged invitations for the two of you. Chuck offered his services to attend Walker to the function, but Beckman would deny him that chance with Fulcrum looking for the intersect Chuck wasn’t going to the event nor was Cole for that matter as the rogue faction was looking for him too. This meant Casey and Sarah were going to the event. What is funny about the ending of this scene when the general gave her orders, Chuck was pleased that he wasn’t told to stay in the bunker, but Casey ended that wish with a “You heard the general, stay in the bunker.” Chuck216-00270 Chuck216-00273

What also is interesting about this scene was Sarah’s facial expressions as Chuck and Cole battle for the right to accompany Walker. She doesn’t seem thrilled with the two lobbying for her affection, and to be honest it’s never an attractive thing from a woman’s perspective. I could only imagine if Bryce was in town on a regular basis.

We return to the Buymore as Operation Repulsion  begins, Jeffster and Morgan are playing Wii Tennis when Anna suggested for Morgan to show her their new pad, but he said he was up next. It gets gross as Jeff takes off his jacket he wore to show a sweaty body. He puts his arm over Anna which was grotesque for her. Chuck216-00303 Jeff then went to chest bump Lester and Morgan, but he was denied there too. Chuck216-00307The episode shifts to the mission,

Chuck216-00313Casey and Sarah were sweeping the grounds while Cole and Chuck quarterback from Castle, Chuck and Cole bond in this scene which was really cool.  Cole and Chuck compliment Sarah on her choice of dress. Cole said there was too many cooks in the kitchen and told Chuck to monitor Casey and he would get Sarah’s view. They both coach their agents. Chuck still didn’t flash.  Chuck216-00316After Sarah dealt with the Prime Minister from Italy and Chuck showed the right crab cake for Casey, the bonding moment between Cole and Chuck would take place. Casey asked which room they should sweep next and Chuck suggested by the ice sculptor. As they are walking towards the room, Chuck flashes on a man standing by it, Chuck216-00320 Chuck216-00323Chuck216-00362Chuck216-00364

Chuck’s flash said, Chuck216-00366

Chuck: Oh, okay, I just flashed. The shorter balding gentleman in the sweater wearing the glasses– that has got to be Perseus.

Cole impressed

Chuck: His name is Howard Busgang.
He’s a research scientist with the Department of Defense.

Sarah would say good job Chuck as she walked towards the room. After Chuck reported his flash to his team, he asked Cole so “nine guys?” Cole would say it was easier than it sounds. Cole said go for the knee.  Chuck216-00371Chuck216-00377Chuck216-00385

The Fulcrum agent who tortured Cole bumped into Sarah and Casey. He apologized, turned and knocked out the feed which made Cole and Chuck lose visual, but before it happened Cole pointed out who the man was. Chuck216-00388With the signal out Casey and Sarah were in this alone now, Sarah made contact with Perseus. It was a meet and greet type thing, but when the discussion turned towards government projects. The Fulcrum agent and his team closed in on Sarah/Casey and Busgang. Do you notice Casey’s expression listening to Busgang’s work classic Casey.Chuck216-00433Chuck216-00441

Meanwhile, Cole was preparing to become the cavalry. He told Chuck they needed to go to the consulent and save his friends. However, Chuck said this wasn’t a good idea. He said shouldn’t they contact Beckman first, but Cole said, no. Cole provided Chuck some tips in improvisation. He also told Chuck the essence of what it means to be a hero. The lesson Chuck learns here brought me back to what Sarah said at the end of Helicopter. Cole puts his own anecdote on the subject.


Sarah: Some people want to be heroes and others have to be asked.
So chuck,are you ready?


Cole: It’s not about wanting to be a hero, Chuck.
It’s about needing to be.

In essence, Cole was reiterating what Sarah said before, it was time for Chuck to take action and save his friends. It’s time for him to be a hero. This conversation is the beginning of this arc. Cole and Chuck show up at the Consulate. Chuck was going over with Cole what Casey and Sarah usually do. Chuck suggest they be dentists, but Cole shot it down he prefered entering as spies and knocks out the guards. Chuck216-00421Chuck216-00429Once on the grounds Cole and Chuck scanned the house and found Fulcrum leading TB and Busgang up the stairs. Chuck said, does he plan on knocking all them out, Cole said they needed to find a better way in. When they do, Cole’s stitches started to bleed again as he was about to climb a ladder, but Chuck stepped in when he saw the blood. Chuck216-00456Chuck216-00458Chuck216-00462 Chuck216-00468Once on top of the roof Chuck heads for a window and sees Sarah, Casey in a room surrounded by Fulcrum. Busgang no longer was being protected by Fulcrum as they planned to kill all three of them. Busgang didn’t understand why the hostility. He believed the people he was working for was a government agency. Busgang also would reveal the name of the leader as Duncan. Casey would tell Busgang the people he was working for were terrorists. Duncan didn’t like being labeled a terrorist. He said, the people of Fulcrum were patriots willing to do whatever it takes to protect the country. Chuck216-00474Chuck216-00489Chuck216-00490Busgang said he was just a scientist, they told him he was helping the country. Chuck went to tell Cole he found them. Cole told him to give him  20 seconds and start taking guys out. Chuck was hesitant about this as he said he never fired a gun. Cole insisted Chuck to just point and click. Cole was a bit harsh here. He clearly sees Chuck as a spy, but he doesn’t know the extent of Chuck’s training he has, but we also can see it from Cole’s perspective. They don’t have much time. Chuck’s team were going to be killed. There was no other choice. Chuck216-00497 This is how one could be forced to change. The fact that Chuck was the one who had to make the save, but we are talking about Chuck here as he fumbles the shot. Chuck216-00508 Chuck216-00509Chuck216-00510 Chuck counted down the seconds and in the process of trying to shoot stumbled into the window. A shot went right into Busgang’s knee. The window came crashing down on Chuck’s ankle. The chaos was a big enough distraction which helped Casey and Sarah take out the Fulcrum agents around them. Busgang made a run for it. Casey told Sarah to go find Busgang while he attended to Chuck who was still down.  Chuck216-00523Sarah runs down the hallway, but as she reached the stairs, a Fulcrum agent was waiting there with gun ready to fire, but before the agent could shoot Sarah, Cole comes out of no where and makes the save, but not without injury as the bullet went into Cole again. Chuck216-00530 Chuck216-00532 Chuck216-00535Chuck and Casey would catch up to them, but Chuck was limping along the  way needing to lean on the bannister for leverage. Sarah saw the gun shot and once again attended to Cole’s injury much to the dismay of Chuck. Chuck216-00548 Chuck216-00550This was one of the parts of the episode that was starting to get to me. Chuck did have a legitimate injury, but he was able to walk on his own power. Cole has taken a beating in this episode, but all Chuck sees is Sarah helping Cole and not him. It really is misguided jealousy. It also was worth noting Duncan and his team was able to escape.

At Castle, Sarah was cleaning up Cole when we really begin to see revelation. The form of revelation comes in the means of Sarah beginning to open up about her feelings, Cole says it feels good being treated by someone not basing him on name rank and serial number. Sarah said. she know what he meant. Sarah is still not acting on Cole’s advances which Cole was looking for the chance to kiss again, but Walker resisted even with Chuck walking into the room.Chuck216-00560Chuck216-00581Chuck216-00584Chuck216-00586The situation becomes awkward as the three looked at each other, but thankfully Casey came to get them for a briefing with the general.

Back at the Buymore, Morgan’s latest attempt at repulsion came in the form of a Morgannuptial in which they were rules and regulations Morgan was setting for their apartment. He wanted her to sign it before moving, but Anna didn’t bite. She told Morgan she loved him and would sign anything. Chuck216-00614

In Castle, Beckman was in the middle of acknowledging the heroic efforts of Barker saving Walker, Cole thanked her for the kind words, but said Chuck was the one who deserved more of the accolades as he put himself in danger as well. Casey made light of how Chuck was clipped by a windowsill. While the boys were making fun, Sarah brought the team back to focus when she asked the general for intel on Busgang. Beckman said something very important here which sets up this late season 2 arc, Chuck216-00649

Beckman: We now know that the man Chuck identified last night, Dr.
Howard Busgang, is in fact codenamed Perseus.
He is a former DARPA scientist who worked on the original Intersect.

The original intersect which of course made Chuck as a follow up question,


Chuck: Uh, why was that information not in my flash?

Beckman: As a safety precaution, anything about the creators of the Intersect was redacted from our files.

The information Chuck just heard is key to what Chuck’s focus will be about from here on out. The opportunity to get rid of this nightmare, but that isn’t the noteworthy part of this scene. The reaction from his team and Beckman is worth talking about. As eager as Chuck was to now find Busgang, Beckman didn’t sound too keen on the idea of the intersect leaving Chuck’s head look at her reaction to Chuck’s question about Busgang being able to remove the program. Chuck216-00653The reaction the general gave wasn’t a look of happiness as she is in midst of a battle with Fulcrum and she has the most powerful weapon at her disposal of course Beckman doesn’t want it out of Chuck’s head. Sarah’s reaction to hearing the news of  the Intersect possibly being removed also caused a reaction from Walker, Chuck216-00655The reaction Chuck makes made it seem like a lightbulb went off in his head, and the importance of Busgang became personal. It’s usually the case when something hits home. Chuck216-00660Chuck216-00663Upon hearing the news, Chuck went to the monitor to scan the event again. He figures he could flash on something else or a clue on where Busgang could be. Cole would join him. Chuck216-00674Cole would praise Chuck’s work, but Chuck responded with typical modest answers. He would further the modesty with “I can see what she sees in him.” but Walker would break up the meeting of the minds with a briefing call. Chuck216-00690Chuck216-00694In the Buymore, Operation Repulsion hit a snag as Jeffster and Morgan were coming up with ideas to repulse Anna, but that would all end when Chuck finds out what Morgan was doing with Anna. Chuck216-00712Chuck puts it in perspective for Morgan,

Chuck: Are you crazy? What other things could she possibly be loving you for? I mean, honestly, buddy. You know that I love you, but-but you’re lucky to have a girl in your life who loves you for you, even though you are, in fact you.

Chuck216-00722Chuck216-00724Chuck216-00729Chuck: I you don’t stop testing her, she’s going to choose to be with someone else.
And then you will have realized, and unfortunately, too late, that you lost the catch of a lifetime.

Lester continued to try and convince Operation Repulsion was the right play, but Chuck’s advice won as Morgan said, Lester wrong.

Chuck went home and when he entered the apartment his sister saw him struggling. Ellie rushed over and assisted Chuck, but he was trying to be tough like Cole. Awesome and Ellie weren’t having it. Chuck216-00755They sat him on the couch and decided to take Chuck to the hospital, which was a good thing.

Sarah was cleaning Cole’s wounds again, and we get a sentimental discussion this time. After Sarah finishes up, she tells him to rest up, but its not the resting Cole had in mind and we get the first of two admissions here. The second one will occur later. Chuck216-00768Chuck216-00781Chuck216-00782Chuck216-00783

Cole: You know, I meant what I said earlier about being around people who really care about you and who you really care about.
It doesn’t happen often for people like us.

Sarah: No..It doesn’t Chuck216-00785

Cole: What if we’re lucky enough to find that person? We’re supposed to just walk away? Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Sarah:  No. Because it isn’t.


What makes this scene so good is Sarah’s reaction to Cole’s advances in the closing minutes of the scene. Sarah isn’t biting and the best part is Sarah doesn’t show interest at all. Her heart  belongs to someone and the clinical disinterest of a beautiful woman is showcased. Chuck216-00796

Meanwhile, Chuck was given a cast for his foot which Chuck questioned, but his sister and doctor insisted not only about the cast, but she went to go find some crutches.Chuck216-00803Chuck216-00805Chuck decided to take a stroll around the hospital and when he does he hears a familiar voice, in which Chuck heads in the direction it came from. As Chuck passes a door, he looks inside to see Busgang being attended by a doctor. Howard is piping mad at the doctor and was refusing medical attention and the doctor informing him he had to call the police since he was shot. Howard wasn’t being cooperative. Chuck216-00812Chuck would call Casey to tell him he found Howard. Casey said he would send in a team to get Busgang, but Chuck can hear Busgang attempting to leave. There wasn’t much time as Chuck got his second chance at being a hero Cole talked about. It’s not wanting to be a hero, it’s needing to be. Chuck216-00818 Chuck216-00821 Chuck216-00823Chuck said he was going to follow Busgang, which he does. Chuck would follow him to his lab, but what Chuck didn’t realize was one of Duncan’s men was also waiting.  This meant Fulcrum, Cole and Team Bartowski all were converging to Busgang’s lab. Busgang enters his lab and rushes over to get papers and traveling needs. Chuck entered the lab as well and was looking around for Howard. Chuck216-00891 Chuck216-00893Howard would find Chuck and point a gun at him. He would recognize Chuck as the man who shot him, and offered to return the favor. He made Chuck sit down. Downstairs, Fulcrum came walking in and killed the guard. Cole and Team Bartowski entered the building soon after and saw on the monitor where Fulcrum was headed. Chuck216-00912Chuck tried to come up with the right words to ease the tension between the two, and what would happen would bring the Intersect to the forefront.  Chuck would insist he wasn’t trying to harm Howard, but Chuck was seeking answers about the Intersect. Chuck216-00914 Chuck216-00916It’s important to understand what Chuck is doing here. This was no longer about the mission, Chuck was proceeding on a personal level for the first time. Howard asked Chuck how did he know about the Intersect? but, Chuck didn’t need to say anything because when Chuck looked at the table across from him a word was on a file. The word was Orion which triggered a flash Chuck216-00918 Chuck216-00920Chuck didn’t need to say anything because Howard asked if he just flashed. Chuck said, he did Chuck216-00923 Chuck216-00925Fulcrum made it to the door of the lab and was about to enter.  The exchange between the two men would set the table for the final part of the season,

Busgang: Did you just flash? Cover the stairs.
You’re the one they’ve been talking about, aren’t you? I didn’t believe it could be true.
A human Intersect. Extraordinary.

Chuck: Maybe for you.
But you have to understand, for me For me, it’s a nightmare.
Living with this thing in my head is ruining my life.

Chuck would ask Howard if the program could be removed. Busgang said,

Busgang: Can it be removed? Possibly.
I don’t know.
Only Orion would know.
Orion? Who is Orion? It was his idea, his vision.
Everything is based on his work.
He put the team together, he drove the research, until he realized

Before Howard could continue Duncan ordered Busgang to drop the gun. Chuck would become adamant on knowing who Orion was. Team Bartowski would take care of the baddies in the hallway. Cole would be the first in the room. Duncan was able to get a shot off and killed Howard Busgang in the process much to the dismay of Chuck who still had questions. Chuck216-00966Cole went flying into the air to take down Duncan, but again the Fulcrum agent got the best of Cole. Duncan stood over Cole and was ready to shoot Barker for the third time, but Cole reminded Chuck to sweep the knee. Chuck swung his crutch and struck Duncan in the the knee and then in the head.Chuck216-00975Chuck went to attend to Cole, but forgot to get the gun. Chuck went flying to the floor as Duncan stood over both of them, but Sarah made it to the room in time before Duncan could inflict anymore damage. Walker came rushing to the two men. Chuck assumed Sarah was there to help Cole, she said, she was there for both of them. Chuck216-00981 Chuck216-00985The problem of course is Chuck knows who created the Intersect. This would be a very bad thing from a government perspective. Beckman already gave an inclination of not liking the idea of Chuck not having the Intersect because she is seeing the greatestness in him. It’s going to get better from here.

In Castle, Beckman was praising the team, but did mention how they would of like to have obtained Howard alive, but by capturing Busgang’s work. They significantly setback Fulcrum’s attempt in creating their own Intersect. Chuck would ask the general about the name Orion, but of course the general would say there was no leads on the whereabouts of Orion.Chuck216-00995Chuck216-00997Beckman said, their medical unit was on standby to take Barker back to the U.K. Cole would claim Chuck was a very special person he ever work with which made Casey chuckle at the idea of special. Casey also would ask Barker if he was being accurate about the nine guys, but Cole said it was really 12

Remember when I said, Cole had another lesson for Chuck. He says it here, but this lesson would also hit home with Sarah. Cole said good luck on trying to get the Intersect out of his head,

Cole: Good luck with getting that thing out of your head.

Chuck:Thanks, but, uh, I’m beginning to think that’s never going to happen.

Cole: You know what? I got a not-so-secret secret for you.
You want something bad enough, don’t ever take no for an answer.

Watch as Sarah reaction to the last part of the discussion. Chuck216-01030Chuck216-01031Chuck216-01032 Chuck216-01033

One could could say maybe Chuck’s handlers and the general may not be thrilled with the idea of losing Chuck. They all have their own reasons, but Chuck was beginning to become essential in this battle between good and evil.

The “no” aspect of things hits Sarah because the advice Barker gave Chuck was the persistence nature of Cole, which was not working on Sarah at all, and it was time for Walker to cool his jets on the the idea.

Chuck was on his way out of Castle when he made a stop in the breakroom. Morgan saw the cast and asked did Ellie go to work on him, which he did. Chuck wanted to continue the talk about not moving in, but Morgan beat him to the punch. He told Chuck he wasn’t moving in because he wanted to move in with Anna. He felt Anna loved him and he had to take a chance. The news was splendid for Chuck, but they did close with a comical moment. Chuck216-01075 Chuck216-01076

 Morgan: Hey, and, uh, you and I, you know, we’ll still be friends?

Chuck: As opposed to what?

Morgan: That’s an excellent point.

As Sarah was working on a computer, Barker walks in what would be his final attempt to lure Sarah on a vacation with him, but once again Sarah denies him, but admits to him her heart belonged to someone else.

Cole: What’s the matter? I thought you were a girl who liked adventure. Chuck216-01104

Sarah: I guess I’m not the kind of girl who cheats on her cover boyfriend.

Cole: Is that all he is? A cover? What do you mean? I saw the way you looked at him when his life was in danger. I’ve been doing this a long time, Agent Walker.
Well, who’d have thought it. Cole Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski.

Sarah: When you meet somebody you care about, it’s just hard to walk away.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Chuck216-01110 Chuck216-01111 Chuck216-01112

In the closing minutes of the episode, we see Chuck walk into the courtyard to an awaiting Sarah. She has the love in her eyes now as she sees him, but the issues of moving in together comes to light.

The song Signs plays during this scene which was performed by Bloc Party. 

It’s an important scene in its context. Here we have two people longing for each other but can’t find a way to get past their insecurities. Sarah just admitted to Cole she cares for Chuck, but she can’t find her voice when it comes to speaking to Chuck.  Meanwhile, Chuck is able to speak freely. The difference in characters are amazing, but what Chuck said about being crazy about each other and not being able to act on it would be insane, but while that would be crazy. We also get to see where Chuck’s attention was going to be for the foreseeable future. As the Tron poster is not just a gift from his father, Chuck has been keeping a record of everything that has been going on and now the addition of the name who started it all ORIONChuck216-01206 Chuck216-01207Chuck216-01220

While we now know who the creator of the Intersect was. Will we get to meet the man, we shall find out as rewatch continues.

Overall Thoughts of Lethal Weapon 

Cole’s presences in this episode was the first peg in the maturation of Chuck. Unlike with Carina, Barker’s idea of improvisation stems from game changers like Casey and Sarah being in trouble not taking control of  a mission to look good. Cole’s wisdom on not taking no for an answer will start to have a ripple effect as Chuck and Sarah will learn how that applies to them.

Morgan also has a growing experience as he learns just how much Anna loves him, and no matter the repulsion Morgan throws at her. Anna was willing to move in with Morgan. As for Jeffster well there’s no changing them.

Lethal Weapon is the catalyst of things to come, the next episode is a top ten episode for me as we take a trip on a predator. Chuck searches for Orion and the man himself comes to Burbank. Chuck217-00850

Well, this was the finishing touches on Lethal Weapon next up Predator. Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage and most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

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