My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes Volume 2: Our Second Trip with Sarah Walker

The Bubble Scenes


We are about to embark on our second tour in My Favorite Sarah Walker Scenes . Volume Two of this series was completed on Buymore Chuck formerly known as The Chuck Project, but instead of following that list. I will construct a new list for the Chuckaholics that follow this blog.

The set up is the same as the first Volume, We have 50 scenes that helped developed the character. A journey through romance that really falls into each stage of how a relationship is built, and finally displays Yvonne Strahovski’s amazing acting ability. This first article will showcase the 5 bubble scenes in which are great in their own merits, but as Chuck once said to Morgan, there are always scenes that are better. Chuck303-00916

So here are great scenes that just didn’t fit in my top 50 of Volume 2. Chuck412-00121

What makes a great scene to be worthy of a top 50 list, It takes emotion, dialogue and how the performer uses her surroundings as a tool in that performance. We often look at the characters as simply transforming words to actions, but its deeper then that.   it’s not giving the performer the proper respect. Chuck201-00322

The ability to make a role come to life doesn’t only consist of great training from a school. It comes from within. When an actor can make you forget your watching a television program means the performer did their job in spades.

What Yvonne Strahovski did for Sarah Walker was allowed the character to come to life. For example, When she was able to let the viewer not only see Sarah Walker’s inner turmoil but to feel it and embrace it. The more we watched the more the viewer becomes in awe of  Yvonne even more.  When Walker saw she was losing control over her asset, the moments when she she showed restraint from exposing her feelings in front of her bosses, Loyalty lines drawn also created great scenes as well. Words one speaks often are not needed when emotion can be delivered with flair. Chuck112-01090

The first bubble entry comes from the lines between being true to the agency while  showing faith in her asset which comes to the forefront in Tom Sawyer.  Sarah shows how the agency couldn’t  make her lose faith in Chuck no matter how drastic the situation could become. No matter how bleak the idea of a video game being the savior of Burbank.

I call Tom Sawyer a stand alone that revealed some positives for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. While we saw Sarah defend Chuck’s contingency plan, we also saw Sarah assert herself in his personal life. Chuck has helped her in so many ways, it was time for Walker to return the favor. Chuck205-00541

The theme we are dealing with is faith in Chuck both personally and professionally from Sarah’s perspective.. Ellie and the agency have a similar outlook on Chuck when it comes to purpose.  Ellie sees Chuck as the same underachiever she has witnessed over the course of six years, and the agency sees a man who happens to have the Intersect, but in Sarah’s mind its quite different. Sarah witnessed the lack of faith in Chuck from the agency and Ellie which prompted Sarah to stand up for him.  When Ellie finds out that Chuck would be hanging with Jeff. Sarah gets to witness how Ellie views Chuck.  Chuck205-00352 Ellie voices her concern with the idea of Chuck slipping back into the Morgan years. The late night gaming and what not, but Sarah knows what Chuck really does.  Sarah also knows the truth about would be Chuck’s degree situation. Chuck205-00358

Ellie gave Sarah the credit in seeing a glimpse of Chuck snapping out of it, but Sarah was being modest in her answer “I can’t take the credit.”  Sarah was use to the agency putting down Chuck, but this would be the first time Sarah hears it from Ellie.

The fact is Sarah knows the truth about what Chuck does and what happened at Stanford. This gives Sarah an edge over his sister, but Sarah also is the only one in his life that sees the potential in Chuck while everyone else dumps on him. The line “Chuck is like a Duck.” comes with a bit of truth in it. While on the surface he seems to be just coasting through life, but underneath the mucky water is flapping feet. It’s a good example from Walker’s perspective, and she finishes it with a positive statement  Chuck205-00447

Sarah:  Deep down, I really think Chuck is an incredibly mature and responsible guy.

What makes the words Sarah use believable comes with her expression. She believes it what she said. her eyes and features indicate that she wasn’t choosing words carefully. which leads us to no 55,


Chuck vs Tom Sawyer Season Two Episode 


Before Beckman decides blowing up a missile launcher off the coast of California was their best option. Team Bartowski heads to Mr. Morimoto  to talk to the video game designer. Sarah dresses as a Nerd Herder. She is simply glowing with the mission in classic Agent Walker style. She has the men at Atari eating out her hand which gave Chuck and Casey clearance to head upstairs. Chuck205-00581 When Beckman said the only option in preventing a missile being exploded over the state of California was to shoot it down with acceptable casualties.  Both Chuck and Sarah show this wasn’t a smart plan or acceptable unlike Casey who was willing to push the button. Chuck205-00687Sarah seems fine with listening to Beckman’s orders. We get a very different Sarah Walker here, this scene shows how far Sarah has come from her company girl persona when compared to Casey. Chuck205-00694 Chuck205-00699 Chuck205-00702 Chuck205-00711So, when Chuck figured out where Farrokh was located Chuck relied on his trust in Sarah to take down the terrorist while he played Missile Command to get the kill screen. Chuck and Sarah working as a team which showcases the faith we are talking about. While Casey was prepared to follow his orders, Sarah went to stop Farrokh and buy some time for Chuck to get the code but not without protest from Casey. Chuck205-00849 Chuck205-00850 Chuck205-00858Sarah’s words echoing throughout Castle, ” I trust Chuck.” It’s a loyalty issue, but nonetheless a great moment for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. After Chuck does save the world , Sarah enjoyed the moment just as much as Chuck did because Sarah’s faith in him was proven to be right. Chuck205-01090While Sarah shows Chuck faith in Tom Sawyer, she seemed to lack faith in him in Chuck vs Tic Tac which offers a very telling scene.  There is no secret Sarah was voiceless during the first twelve episodes of S3, but in this scene Sarah used the intimate surroundings as a way to voice her fears of change.

Sarah’s disinterest in Chuck becoming a spy can be boiled down to her own trepidations. When we are fueled by our own experience negative or not, we as humans base our reasoning off of these measures, and why not? Our knowledge is based off life experiences. So, when Casey goes rogue. it’s up to Chuck and Sarah to save John, but before they could do that Sarah hopes Chuck remembers the meaning of team and the very selflessness was still the number one priority for him .

After the colonel gets pinched, Chuck comes to Casey’s apartment looking for Sarah. He tells her he wants to help prove Casey’s innocence but there wasn’t much time to formulate a plan.Chuck310-00372 Chuck310-00376 Chuck310-00378

Sarah would remind Chuck on the act of treason they were about to commit and any future as a real spy could go up in smoke, but Chuck said “It’s Casey,” which was music to Sarah’s ears. Chuck310-00385 Chuck310-00388 Chuck310-00391

Sarah’s expression indicates she was hoping Chuck would say the words she heard. This was about the team and Casey was a friend which leads to #54, it should mean Chuck didn’t change, but when one is set in their own ways its hard to break them from that . Again, it comes with experience and all Sarah can base her concerns is on her experience. How does a Con man’s daughter become the CIA’s personal enforcer? By nature con artists aren’t violent people. Remember “A theft has to leave town right away, a con man can leave whenever he wants.” So, the CIA has trained a non violent person into becoming the best spy in the world.


Chuck vs Tic Tac: Season Three Episode Ten


While Sarah and Chuck were preparing to find Casey, this scene would mark the first time all season they were in a intimate surrounding. The opportunity came for communication to break through at least from Sarah’s point of view. There were no possible interruptions that could prevent Sarah from voicing her concern about change. Chuck310-00623

Its like a trigger went off in her head. The time for Walker to speak her mind was now. If one pays attention to Sarah’s actions here. She is thinking about voicing reservations  about Chuck changing. As you can see Sarah’s eyes tense up, they become focused a as if she wants to say something. Chuck310-00625

Sarah: I know that you want to be the perfect spy, and I know what it means to you and what you’ve sacrificed to get there.
But please don’t lose that guy that I met three years ago.
Don’t give up on the things that make you great.

What makes this part so great is what Sarah was doing while she was speaking. She was thinking about when they first met which made a smile come about. The guy he was three years ago was the man she fell for not this man before her.Chuck310-00629Chuck310-00636Chuck310-00640

Her eyes are begging for Chuck to please don’t change like Casey, Bryce and including herself did. The question of faith returns as if Sarah lost that faith during this arc due to her experience and not seeing how much things change things always remain the same.

Another scene in which Chuck and Sarah’s relationship was tested  came in the form of Carina in Chuck vs Wookiee. While Carina had no interest in Chuck other than  getting under the skin of Sarah. it would work because the early signs of Sarah’s jealous streak would come to be. First, the idea that Carina and Chuck would meet after she left bothered Sarah to no end. Chuck104-00543Sarah’s default comes in the realm of her training and not compromising themselves with that being said. Sarah could of gotten away with her lie about Bryce if it wasn’t for Carina. Her former Cat squad teammate took it upon herself to let Chuck know about Sarah’s secret In Particular, Bryce and Sarah being more then just partners which didn’t go over well with Bartowski, but it also didn’t go over well with Walker either. Chuck104-00555

Walker didn’t know how to respond. She never was compromised by a fellow agent so maliciously, but when they arrive at Peyman’s party we get the birth of Sarah Walker’s jealous streak. Chuck104-00560 Chuck104-00565

What’s worse for Sarah is Chuck calling her out about her lying skills, and it hits home with her as she feels exposed by Carina. Chuck104-00578 Chuck104-00580

As I mentioned in Volume One, there are times when we witness growth and here we don’t Sarah isn’t upset because she lied. She is upset because she was caught in a lie. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel bad about lying to Chuck, but she isn’t going to apologize either, which leads to number #53


Chuck vs The Wookiee Season One Episode Four


Sarah’s jealousy streak began here. She has her guard up because she sees Carina all over Chuck, and Sarah knows Carina’s tactics, but it doesn’t mean Sarah was alright with it either. Carina basically came on Sarah’s turf and started to ruffle Sarah’s feathers. When Sarah confronts Carina about interfering with her mission, Carina  wanted Sarah to focus on the mission and leave her lovelife out of it for a change.Chuck104-00617When Sarah goes to check on Chuck, he gives her a bit of a ribbing for lying to him. First, a classic line.  Chuck informed Sarah of the cameras they have around the compound in which Sarah would ask did he Flash? Chuck104-00629

Sarah: Did you have a flash?

Chuck: No, they sell them at the spy shop in the Buy More Plaza.

The bickering between the two would continue all the way  through until they get to the diamond room. Here is the birth of Sarah’s jealousy would come to be. If Sarah was worried about Chuck’s safety wouldn’t Carina be more than capable in protecting Chuck if things went wrong? No, Sarah isn’t worried about that. Ever since Carina arrived she has been in Chuck’s ear. The touching and whispering in his ear was getting to Sarah and for the first time we see jealous begin to spark. Chuck104-00727Chuck104-00728The expression isn’t one of anger because Carina was taking control of her mission. She knows CArina’s reputation. She even said it herself on how Carina likes to improvise, and if the idea was just Carina compromising her mission then a jealous expression wouldn’t be needed nor would the twirling of her hair. The twirling of the hair was the tell  Sarah is trying to distract herself from what was going on in the diamond room. The twirling of the hair was used as a way to keep her mind of things, but the expression says otherwise.  Chuck103-00092

We will close with two season that show the playful side of Sarah Walker,  Sarah may be his handler but it doesn’t mean she wasn’t going to have some fun either. Sarah Walker will in Chuck vs Tango.

#52 and #51

Chuck vs The Tango: Season One Episode Three


 When she enters the Buymore, she scans the store for Chuck and when she finally lays eyes on him, she smiles from ear to ear. There is genuine happiness in seeing her asset. Her happiness would increase as Chuck came closer. Chuck103-00098Sarah’s fun comes in a test of sorts. She puts Chuck on the spot by just coming out with a request for a kiss. It’s enjoyable to watch because Sarah was giving Chuck a shot here, and boy does he act like a nerd would. Chuck103-00101He was hesitant because he was caught off guard. He wasn’t sure if she was being real or not, but it’s really hard to gauge when she slides her hand down to his in a very flirtatious way. Chuck103-00103 Chuck103-00105 Chuck103-00108

While she was testing him here, there was no question on Sarah’s feelings when they discuss Carmichael. Once again, she is smiling and enjoying the moment she has with him. The conversation is work related, but it doesn’t mean she was enjoying his company. Chuck103-00294

While Sarah knows what happened to Chuck at Stanford through a file, but it doesn’t give the story justice what Sarah was getting here was the truth from the horse’s mouth. The details of the story was put into perspective and in a intimate surrounding communication was making it’s presence felt. Chuck103-00304She isn’t judging him nor is she making comments either. She simply asked did he steal the tests. It’s a smart play from Walker because if she shows any signs of judgment she may lose him from the outset.  After Chuck said did he look like the type that would steal tests, Sarah made an honest remark, “We all make mistakes.”  Sarah is no stranger to mistakes as we will learn about her past as a con man’s daughter and even poor judgment in partners at times, but deep down Sarah knew Chuck wasn’t a bad guy. Chuck103-00306 Chuck103-00308Sarah’s expression afterwards would be one of “I know Chuck.” I believe you. Chuck103-00311What would follow would be a discussion about the mission at hand, Chuck naturally would be nervous about his first mission, but Sarah for the second time in this episode would make body contact as a form of calming him down. it’s wonderful what intimate surrounding can deliver for these two. Chuck103-00318

Well that completes the bubble scenes of this second volume.  The next too articles in this latest series will be the top 50 scenes. Like always, feel free to leave some comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Buymore Chuck.

Until next time Chuckaholics, remember this is your site, so play, engage and most of all remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

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