Rewatch Week Thirty: Season Two Episode Seventeen: Orion comes to town

Chuck vs The Predator 

In Lethal Weapon, we learned a man named Orion was the mastermind behind the Intersect program, now Chuck will get a visit from the man himself. This episode was fun and entertaining episode. We will continue to explore the development in Beckman’s need for Chuck as a spy. One of the series best as the episode incorporates comedy and action quite nicely.We will also start to see Sarah’s balancing beam between the agency and her loyalty to Chuck become more on the side of Chuck.

A new baddie will join the fray as the  High Priest Imhotep from the Mummy will join the cast for the remainder of the series. Arnold Vosloo will be known in Chuck as Vincent. wpid-Arnold-Vosloo-360x400-26kb-media-1379-media-83044-1059668702Arnold Vosloo also connects Chuck to 24 as Vosloo played Habib Marwan in the fourth season. He was quite impressive in that series as he took on Jack Bauer and came very close to winning. HabibMarwan

There are a lot of sequences of action and comedy in this series that work well, but in Predator we watch a triple Buymore robbery all for an Orion Computer classic comedy that includes most of the cast. So, let’s get to it shall we.


The episode opens with Team Bartowski walking into the courtyard. They were dressed like plumbers as the latest mission called for them to obtain intel that would require them to do some plumbing.  Chuck and Sarah told Casey no more plumbing on missions. It’s a great start to the episode because of Sarah’s eyes, body language and attitude are starting to mold into a woman coming to terms with her feelings.


Before she says anything to Chuck, she elects to wait for Casey to go into his apartment, and we get a conversation that wasn’t your prototypical handler/asset discussion.  Chuck’s mindset isn’t on their relationship right now. He is focused on Orion. The light is at the end of the tunnel for him and he was letting Sarah know about his concerns on the lack of progress he was getting from Beckman. Chuck217-00015

Normally, Chuck wouldn’t mind taking a shower in Casey’s apartment, but Chuck had work to do.  He was conducting a  web search for Orion, but Chuck still inquires about Beckman’s progress on searching for Orion. Sarah’s voice wasn’t the handler talking to her asset. The tone is soft and much like a girlfriend would sound, Walker assures him everything will be fine. Chuck217-00016Chuck217-00018Chuck217-00019When Chuck voices the importance  of finding Orion, Sarah’s eyes show concern for Chuck, but not because of Orion but because Chuck seemed flustered with this, Chuck217-00024 Chuck217-00025 Chuck217-00027 Chuck217-00028

Chuck has never been this focused on anything, but when Chuck felt desperate, it changes a man’s outlook on things. Sarah doesn’t know how to answer his question. She was reduced to telling him about letting the team of brilliant analysis conduct the search for Orion.  It also gets personal when she says Chuck “deserves to go back to his life.” they all wanted it. When Chuck asked Sarah, she says of course, but her eyes are not convincing. Chuck217-00032 Chuck217-00034The reality is if Chuck gets the Intersect out of his head the chances of them being together would go by the waste side. She knows this because Sarah isn’t going to walk away from something she has known all her life and what woman would? She has been with the CIA for many  years. So, Sarah was thinking selfishly when it comes with the idea of Chuck losing the intersect. Chuck217-00041Chuck217-00042

It’s amazing to watch how much when the end comes in sight how people’s true feelings on the issue come to be. Chuck is ecstatic while everyone else on Team Bartowski isn’t. We shall see why later.

Chuck goes into his room and while he keeps analysing the Tron Poster a light on Chuck’s web camera comes on.  and ever so slightly shifts into the direction of him. It almost seemed like someone took possession of it.  Chuck217-00049 Chuck217-00050While Chuck was waiting for result of his latest web search, the noise from the camera drew Chuck’s attention to it, and wondered why the camera was on. The reason was someone from another computer was watching.Chuck217-00057

The scene would shift to Hong Kong, where we see Chuck’s face on a monitor with a man in a hat watching.


As the man was typing he heard voices coming his way, and blacked out the computer, put some liquor in a glass and made a run for it. Agents would storm into the room, but were disappointed in finding the room empty. The leader would point out ice was still in the drink which meant he was just there.  He said, alert Fulcrum Orion was on the run again.Chuck217-00075Chuck217-00080

Words started to appear on the computer screen which read, Chuck217-00081Chuck217-00083From the outset, Orion seemed to be a computer wiz. His ability to talk to them from a far was great, and how he gained access to Chuck’s computer was a tell this may be an IT genius. Orion would finish his discussion with the agent by saying, Chuck217-00085A rumble could be heard and bright light would grow brighter and brighter as it approached the room. It would make the Fulcrum agents flee the room, but the leader just stood their to symbolize this agent has no fear, and could be a major player.Chuck217-00089The episode would shift to the Buymore when we see streams of toilet paper thrown throughout the store. Chuck walked in and asked who did this? Chuck217-00096A group of Buymore employees would walk into the store, and trash talk about the Burbank location. they believed since they were the flagship store they should get the Roark 7 computer, but Big Mike and Emmett said that was hogwash. Chuck217-00102 Chuck217-00114 Chuck217-00120 Chuck217-00122 Chuck217-00130At the end of the scene, Big Mike said, if you think Morgan is tough wait to you see this guy, Big Mike pointed to Emmett who tried an attempt at growling, but Big Mike said he needed to work on it better.  Big Mike told his team don’t retaliate against the Beverly Hills store be calm and collected, and to clean up the store.

Chuck sits at his computer desk when the computer screen turns black, the words “I know your secret” appear on the screen. The tactic was Orion’s method from Hong Kong, but  Chuck doesn’t know who it is yet. Chuck217-00146 Chuck217-00148 Chuck217-00152 Chuck217-00156Orion says to Chuck he knew his secret, and when Chuck thought it was a gag. Orion types “your the Intersect.” what appeared to be all fun and games no longer was a laughing matter, Chuck asked who was doing this and Orion says who, and insisted they meet. Orion would terminate communication as he said the computer was not secure. He finished by saying he was sending him a computer to use for future communications.  Chuck217-00157 Chuck217-00163Chuck wanted to know why they needed to meet, but before he could get a word in the screen went blank. While Chuck was staring at the computer, he didn’t notice Sarah was approaching and as she says hello to  him he jumped up which caused Sarah to ask what’s wrong. Chuck217-00172Chuck217-00173Chuck said he needed to tell her something, This would cause Chuck to let the team know about his search which didn’t go over well at least it appeared it didn’t.

In Castle, we hear Beckman saying What,  Chuck told the general he found Orion. Beckman wanted to know how was it possible. The general’s question made Chuck come clean about his search for Orion which pissed off Casey who said he wasn’t allowed to conduct his own operations. Chuck217-00177 Chuck217-00178From the viewer’s perspective it looks like Chuck was in trouble, but we will find out later why he wasn’t with Beckman. Her protocol type answers were classic Beckman. She explained the depths of how dangerous Orion was. She also wanted to know what he said, Since Chuck’s conversation with Orion was so brief, there wasn’t much details ascertained from Chuck’s perspective, which he informed the team the very little details. Beckman’s eagerness about Orion sending him a computer. was a very different kind of  where? The particulars of Orion’s computer and Chuck’s ability to find Orion was basically an eye opener for Beckman. Chuck217-00179 Chuck217-00191Chuck217-00190Chuck217-00192

Sarah may have been impressed with the search Chuck put together, but once she found out Orion knew Chuck’s secret even Sarah became upset with the search Chuck undertook. When Chuck mentioned the computer was coming, Beckman ordered the computer to be under lock and key and she explains why,

Beckman: I want that computer under lock and key.
Orion’s computers are nextgen, capable of overriding military defenses, even hijacking computerized weaponry.
God help us if it falls into the wrong hands.

The seriousness in Beckman’s voice was without saying, but as Beckman was talking about Orion, a delivery arrived for Chuck Bartowski. Lester was manning the fort when the computer arrived. Lester thinking it was the Roark 7 couldn’t resist the temptation of being the first to use the computer. Lester signs for the package by impersonating himself as Chuck .  Chuck217-00206

After the credits, Chuck and Sarah rush to the Nerd Herd desk to see if the computer came, but came up empty. What happens next is a favorite of mine as we get to see Sarah show her real feeling on Chuck not telling her about his search. Yes, it was dangerous, but this is bigger than that.  Let’s take a look at what Chuck did, which would become a eerie deja vu

He went on his own to search for Orion, doesn’t it remind you of another event?  Didn’t Bryce do the same thing? This is a woman who loves adventures and when Chuck searches for Orion on his own, it must of been a deja vu moment.Chuck217-00242When Sarah checks the delivery list and doesn’t see Chuck’s name on it, she slams the clipboard down and tells Chuck her thoughts on his search. Sarah never had the opportunity to hash out her feelings with Bryce because he was presumed dead, but Sarah wasn’t going to let it happen this time around. Chuck217-00247

Sarah: Why didn’t you tell me? Um Chuck, your search for Orion was a rogue operation.
Do you know how dangerous that is? Very

Chuck217-00248Chuck217-00249Chuck217-00250We also should take in account where this conversation took place. it’s not in front of Casey or Beckmen. There is no Nerd Herders around.  This conversation falls in an intimate setting. Two people hashing out a disagreement. I respect it because this is what communication should be like. Sarah said her piece on and let Chuck know about it, and Chuck did get a word in.

Chuck: Okay, you’re right.
Completely and totally right.
But, Sarah, I want to get this thing out of my head so I can go back to my old life and have a chance at a real relationship.
Do you really think the NSA and the CIA are going to be cool with that? Chuck217-00256 Chuck217-00257 Chuck217-00259 Chuck217-00260

Jeff’s Office Door

Sarah closes the discussion with “You should’ve trusted me.” Sarah’s tone and reaction comes from life experience and for a sense of adventure, but there is no mistaken Sarah was bothered by not being included, and this won’t be the last time Chuck does this either.

Meanwhile, Lester went to get Morgan so they could play with the new computer.  Jeffster figured with Big Mike boning Bolonia, he wouldn’t come down hard on them. They open the computer, but it’s password protected.  Chuck217-00274The computer would ask for a ID. Morgan thought it would be a good idea to say can’t identify, The computer would follow by asking “Why, are you in danger.”  They would type in Yes, the computer would turn into a computerized map asking for an address. Morgan puts in the store’s location. Chuck217-00311A drone would head towards the store. Chuck and Sarah return to Castle only to hear a drone with the signal similar to the one in Hong Kong was headed to the Buymore. Casey thought Orion was sending the drone to kill him. Chuck217-00315 Chuck217-00316Team Jeffster and Morgan realized blowing up their own store wasn’t a good idea, but instead redirected the game to destroy the Beverly Hills store. This of course was seen by Team Bartowski. Casey asked why would Orion want to blow up the Beverly Hills store? Chuck said, he wouldn’t but he knew who would. Casey and Sarah would go to the Buymore to search for the computer, but when they get to the store they can’t find Team Jeffster and Morgan. At this point, it was safe to assume who had the computer. Chuck217-00324

Chuck would call Morgan and when he does finally pick up. Chuck told Morgan to stop playing with the computer. Morgan would let Chuck know they were in Jeff’s office. It’s quite comical because it was the battle of Castle vs Jeff’s office. why are we blowing up our store


Casey and Sarah conducting a pineapple, Chuck217-00347Chuck217-00351 Chuck217-00359What I love most about this scene was how Chuck was assuming control over his handlers. He’s giving clean crisp instructions to his handlers and they don’t question like good soldiers.  Love Casey’s line here,

Casey: No sign of Morgan, Jeff or Lester.
Those morons have the computer, don’t they? Which one dies first?

When Chuck enters the bathroom he storms into Jeff’s office. There was a prison rules brawl for the computer. Lester tried to escape from underneath the door, but was dragged back in.  Chuck was able to regain possession of the computer and aborted the predator. We have another funny moment when Casey and Sarah walk into the bathroom. Chuck217-00379 Chuck217-00382 Chuck217-00386

Chuck: Sarah, you’re in the little boys’ room.

Chuck217-00394 Chuck217-00395

When everyone comes out of the bathroom, Big Mike was standing outside and couldn’t believe what he saw. He asked if the computer was the Roark 7. He says this is a major deal, we can’t screw this up. We are being watched people. The only question I have about this scene was where was Sarah? I look at the group of people standing around Big Mike, but there was no Sarah. Chuck217-00407

Emmett says we have “Such ne’er-do-wells we have here.”  Big Mike asked Emmett to stay overnight to watch the computer. As Big Mike was giving Emmett his mission, Jeffster stuck their heads out from the corner of the wall, and on the other side we saw Team Bartowski.  Lester says he was drawn to the computer. Team Bartowski said there mission was to rob the Buymore.

While Sarah thinks there was no one else looking for the computer. Vincent asked his superiors if he could go to the Buymore and retrieve Orion’s computer. They said, no . Vincent said, he would go anyway. Chuck217-00416 Chuck217-00423 Chuck217-00446The writers set up the triple robbery perfectly, the blend of action and comedy was performed beautifully. It all starts with Emmett walking down an aisle. He is in his usual tough guy bravado. Chuck217-00452 As Milbarge patrols the grounds, Team Bartowski enters the store from the Home Theater room. Chuck asked them what the plan was, but Casey rebuttaled saying Bartowski got them into this mess, why doesn’t he come up with a plan. Chuck217-00469

Chuck: You two distract Emmett with your super spy skills while I go hit Big Mike’s office.
He keeps the combination of the safe in his desk.


Casey was stunned Big Mike would keep the combination in his desk, but Chuck reminded him this was the Buymore. He also told the team “As annoying as Emmett is, you cannot shoot, tranq, or karate chop him in any way.” Chuck217-00476 Chuck217-00478 Chuck217-00479Team Bartowski prepared to make their move. Sarah looked out for Milbarge and off they go. Crisscrossing behind Emmett. Chuck started to make  a play for Big Mike’s office. Chuck217-00482 Chuck217-00484 Chuck217-00488 Chuck217-00490When we reached the front of the store, we see jeffster in black attire crotched down. Chuck217-00496Chuck217-00500Lester was nervous because he knew if Emmett caught them. They would be fired. Jeff claimed he could throw his voice, which he did, but it did anything butt.  Lester asked if he threw his voice.  Meanwhile, Jeff’s diversion attempt didn’t work for them, but it certainly did for Chuck. He runs across the store into Mike’s office.

After Jeff’s failed attempt at throwing his voice, Team Jeffster split up and what would happen has to be one of the funniest moments of the series. Lester inadvertently thinks Casey is Jeff and Jeff thinks Sarah is Lester. Chuck217-00514Chuck217-00523

While Jeff was behind Sarah he saw her hair, which made Jeff run for his life, but not before he says he thought he wet himself.

Meanwhile in Big Mike’s office, Chuck was going through Mike’s desk. He finds the combination and attempts to open the safe where the computer was being held. Chuck217-00524 (1) Chuck217-00527In the next room, Vincent lowers himself into the buymore. Chuck217-00530 Chuck217-00531Chuck takes out the computer, but when he turns he gets a rude introduction to Vincent. Chuck217-00535Chuck217-00537Because Chuck had the Fulcrum programming in his head, he flashed on Vincent and saw his file. Vincent is no joke. He is  a highly decorated in the chain of command. A Bryce type for Fulcrum. In other words, he makes Tommy and Mauser look like amaetur hour.  Chuck tried to lighten things a bit with some comedy.

Chuck: What are the chances? Two burglars robbing the same place? What a funny coincidence.

Vincent: Hilarious.

Chuck217-00542 Chuck217-00543

Jeff finally found Lester, but when Lester saw Jeff behind him. He wonder who was talking too. When Lester realized this was a real robber, they ran for their lives and into a can of mace being sprayed into their eyes from Milbarge. Chuck217-00556Chuck217-00563 Chuck217-00569Milbarge believes the coast is clear until he walks into a meat hook from Casey. Sarah tried to remind Casey of Chuck’s order, but it would have to wait as Vincent lead Chuck to them. Chuck217-00570Chuck217-00572 Chuck217-00574Vincent asks for the team to drop their weapons, but Chuck said, his spies weren’t packing. Vincent said, “why would you do that.” Chuck217-00588Sarah ran to Vincent, but before Walker could do anything Vincent took a pill that apparently killed him.

The episode would shift to Morgan’s home, and we hear Big Mike and Bolonia going at it much to the dismay of Morgan. The phone would ring which was sweet music to Morgan’s ears. Big Mike told Morgan get dress there was a problem at the store.

In Castle, Casey plants Vincent’s body in a holding cell, and they went over what happen. How did a Fulcrum agent know Chuck was about to find out some answers, but before he could  even opened up the laptop.Beckman said, “Don’t touch that computer.”  What was interesting about this was where was Beckman? She wasn’t in her office has the bookcase isn’t there. Chuck217-00614Chuck217-00618Chuck217-00620Chuck asked why, and Beckman said  Chuck wasn’t contacted by Orion. Chuck was confused and asked who then. Beckmen said, Fulcrum.  Chuck said, he didn’t think, which really opened the door for Beckman to  rip into the team, but the ripping may not be as real as you think. Again, if we just pay attention to details we will see Beckman was on her way to Burbank.

Beckman: No, you didn’t think.
None of you did.
And you put this entire operation in jeopardy. Chuck217-00621Chuck217-00624

What made this scene work so much was two things. First, Casey knows the importances of this mission with Orion if the General is coming from Washington. Casey’s expression on the news is very telling. This is where the landscape of Chuck has change and it started with one word O R I O N.Chuck217-00644Chuck does the other thing that is worth talking about. After Beckman steamrolls the team about the computer, Chuck elects to ask Sarah for assistance. The viewer can understand the perils Chuck was under, but we also lost sight on what Chuck just did. He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Beckman is fuming and in the mean time  Chuck put Sarah in a bad position here.  Look at Beckman’s expression when Chuck’s says Sarah’s name. What would happened to Walker if she gave a slight chance of shift in loyalty?  Chuck217-00640Chuck217-00636Chuck217-00638Tensions are flaring, but it gets even better as we move on. Beckman gets the final word in when she tells Chuck. If Fulcrum really is behind this, pack your bags Chuck. “You’re coming with me.”  Chuck217-00646

Chuck was going over what he would say to the general, but when Casey and Sarah arrived they told him the general didn’t want to see him. Furthermore, the computer was locked up in Castle. Chuck217-00667Chuck217-00669

The arrival of Beckman made his team tell Chuck to wait in his room. Chuck apologized again about his search. Sarah assured Chuck she would explain it to her. Chuck does what Sarah asked of him. The general arrives and didn’t wait in asking if the asset was secure. Chuck217-00672 Chuck217-00675The presence of Beckman may be short in stature but believe me Beckman has bite and it’s apparent in her first line. “Wake up Casey, the eighties are over.”  The other interesting thing to note. The general seemed to cool down a bit on her flight as she dosen’t have anger in her voice like she did on the flight.Chuck217-00678Chuck217-00755Chuck217-00756Meanwhile at the Buymore, Big Mike and Morgan make it to the store, Emmett is telling them about the robbery. He exaggerated the amount of people involved, Chuck217-00684Jeffster join the party and act like they were called in, but Big Mike questioned them being there. They said bennigan’s closed and saw lights on.  Morgan told Big Mike about the number of laws broken here which prompted Mike to see how bad the damage was on Emmett’s face. The mark Casey left was not pretty at all. Chuck217-00689 Chuck217-00692Emmett threatened to call the police, but Mike told him to put the phone down. Mike says this was the work of the Beverly Hills store and they would be calm and collected until they burn the Beverly Hills  mother loving store to the ground. This would lead to a tribute moment. As Big Mike, Jeffster, Morgan and Emmett walk  out of the Buymore like they did in Armageddon. However the slow motion walk also was in another movie Top Gun also has a similar slow motion walk. Chuck217-00714Chuck was laying on his bed. his computer screen goes black as Orion is trying to contact Chuck. When the computer screen didn’t work. Orion calls Chuck. Orion asks Chuck where was  his computer. Chuck would tell him it was under lock and key. Orion requested for Chuck to go and get it. Chuck217-00733He tells Orion about how his handlers thought he was Fulcrum.  Orion simply denied the allegation, but Chuck wasn’t biting as he said he was on the fence too. Orion told him to look at his computer and suddenly a symbol appears. Chuck217-00743When Chuck saw the symbol. Chuck would flash. He asked how did he know it was in the Intersect. Orion said he put it there. This would confirm the person Chuck was talking to was indeed Orion.

Meanwhile in Casey’s apartment, Beckman takes a shot at Casey’s obsession with President Reagan by telling him to “wake up, the eighties are over.” This would garner a look from Casey.  It didn’t take long for Beckman to come clean. She told Casey and Sarah how she lied to Chuck about Fulcrum. Remember when I said in Lethal Weapon,  The truth is Beckman’s outlook on Chuck has changed.

The general who was willing to eliminate him earlier in Season Two now can’t afford to lose Chuck. Sarah would voice her opinion about how important Orion was to both Chuck and this project which would make Beckman growl.

Beckman: Important? Don’t think for a second that you can tell me what is important, Agent Walker. I’ve had an army of analysts and spies hunting for Orion since before you were in a training bra.

Chuck217-00759 Chuck217-00761

There are a lot of firsts in this one particular scene. We have Beckman continuing her warpath in which no one was safe. We always have seen Beckman on the monitor, but we never seen this side of Beckman before. She is putting boots to ass verbally. All because of one name O R I O N.

Beckman will also state her need for Chuck now, Chuck was the only one who found Orion and for that reason alone Beckman realized the weapon she has with Chuck. In a sense, Chuck became a victim of his own search. Chuck217-00764Chuck217-00763Chuck217-00772Chuck217-00774Beckman: After the first Cipher was completed, Orion purged his personal records and disappeared. We’ve been looking for him ever since. So has FULCRUM. Neither of us has been able to lay a hand on him. Until now.Until Bartowski.

Chuck was still on the phone with Orion. He told Chuck to leave now, but Chuck insisted he inform his handlers about who Orion was, but Orion told Chuck he couldn’t trust his handlers. Chuck started to protest Orion’s statement, but Orion again told Chuck to go to his computer.

Orion would play a feed that would show Beckman, Sarah and Casey all talking about Chuck and how adamant Beckman was in Chuck not meeting Orion. This is  where we start to see Beckman turn from a general that wanted to eliminate Bartowski to a general that saw potential in the weapon that was designed for the intersect. Chuck217-00789Sarah would ask,

Sarah: General, what if Orion can help Chuck remove the Intersect, erase it from his mind?

Chuck: Yeah, yeah. Good question, Sarah.

Beckman: That’s exactly what I don’t want. Chuck Bartowski is absolutely vital to national security. He can never meet Orion. Do you understand that, Agent Walker?

While we love what Sarah did here from a Chuck Perspective, Sarah’s questioning and hesitation in responding to Beckman caused some suspicion on her loyalty to the agency. From Chuck’s perspective, Chuck saw he was in this alone and elected to listen to Orion. He told Chuck he had forty second to sneak away, which Chuck uses to make his way to Castle. Chuck217-00792 Chuck217-00794Chuck217-00828Once in Castle, he sits in front of the computer, and we get a very cool scanning of Chuck’s face after the scanner confirmed it was indeed Chuck, a digital face with a muffled voice would appear on the screen. Chuck217-00836

Here’s what they said, Chuck217-00837 Chuck217-00838

Orion: Hello, Chuck.
It’s good to finally see you face-to-face.

Chuck: Yeah.
Yeah, same here.
Can I can I ask you a question?

Orion: Of course.

Chuck: The Intersect that’s in my head right now

Orion: You want to get it out, don’t you?

Chuck: Yes, yes, I very much do.

Orion: We need to meet first.

While Chuck and Orion were making plans on meeting, the body bag holding Vincent started to move. The zipper was starting to unzip as Vincent would awaken from his apparent slumber.  Chuck217-00841Chuck217-00850

Orion told Chuck to meet him at the address that appeared on the screen. As Orion would finished telling Chuck to meet him in one hour, Vincent was out of the body bag. Chuck217-00856 Chuck217-00859Chuck217-00861Vincent asked for Chuck to not scream because he had a splitting headache, and would take Chuck and Orion’s computer hostage in the process, but as Chuck stood up, he stumbled into the table and shifted the computer towards the cameras so the address on the screen would be seen. A smart move from Bartowski. Chuck217-00877

Meanwhile, we can hear Beckman explaining to Casey how she doesn’t care what Bartowski wanted. Sarah was seen sitting  on the steps, and she heard every word come out of Beckman’s mouth about what she wanted from Chuck. Sarah finally reached the end of her rope and spoke up for the first time, which also woould be the reason behind the 49B as questioning Beckman’s orders was a no, no. Chuck217-00879 Chuck217-00880 Chuck217-00881

Here is what they said,

Beckman: I don’t care what Bartowski thinks he wants. I want Orion.
Sarah:  General.

Beckman: What is it, Walker? Chuck217-00885

Sarah: I need to say something. Chuck Bartowski has risked his life for this country.
But he’s not a spy, and he knows it.

Beckman: He’s a spy until I say he isn’t. Chuck217-00887Sarah: General, Chuck knows that Orion is out there, and he is not going to just sit in his room and do what we say.

The exchange was great, but in midst of their verbal jousting, it dawned on Sarah how the room was missing someone. Sarah would ask the question “Where’s Chuck?” Chuck217-00890Sarah said Chuck would of made an attempt to speak with the general, but him not being there made Sarah wonder. They checked his room, but his watch had him in his room. Sarah and Casey weren’t convinced of that being the case. They would shift the camera’s feed to Castle, and they saw Chuck walking up the stairs with Vincent behind him. Vincent would knock out the camera. Chuck217-00895 Chuck217-00901 Chuck217-00910 Chuck217-00911

Casey was ready to pounce, but Sarah said wait. Walker knowing Chuck thought he would of left them a clue, which he did. Orion’s address was where they should be. Sarah’s eyes really begin to tell the story of when the infamous Day 564 takes place.

Spoiler Alert,

if one takes that particular video and take a look at the hairstyle alone we could pinpoint the exact time, but I do believe it happens between this episode and Broken Heart. Sarah never would question the general the way she did in this scene, and this is why Suburbs should of aired before Beefcake.  There needs to be a starting point from when Sarah realizes she is indeed in love with Chuck. She says she doesn’t know what to do about it, the ending of Suburbs makes one think did it spark leaving the house or was it Cole making her realize a cover boyfriend may not be one after all.

Or the realization of Chuck thoughts on living together would be too much for her too? So, many questions. I would love to hear from my readers what your thoughts on this are? Leave me a comment on my twitter or facebook page. I will response.

I digress,

A break from Team Bartowski, as we see Big Mike entering his store’s code into the Beverly Hills store. The team walks in and right away we see a vastly different Buymore. As Emmett would say, a clean and vibrant store. Big Mike was ready to destroy the store, but Morgan thought it would be best to talk some sense into Big Mike. Chuck217-00918 Chuck217-00930Chuck217-00936 Chuck217-00937Big Mike said there had to be revenge for what they did to Emmett. Morgan agreed and said for Milbarge to have his moment. Big Mike would surrender his fiddle and gave it to Emmett to take a crack at the ones he believed punched his face. it was comical at the attempt Emmett did. A swing and miss. Chuck217-00944 Chuck217-00949 Chuck217-00956

The second attempt was even funnier as Emmett hit the Buymore sign, which would cause a train of events that was very funny. He knocks the sign into the shelves which would act like a domino effect in which all of the shelves would fall to the floor. Chuck217-00958 Chuck217-00961One of my favorite Buymore shinagens of the series. The result of Emmett’s hit cause the crew to run out of the store.

We then come up to a very key scene. A scene in which I give a ton of credit to the writers for this one moment. We often overlook scenes when the baddie talks to a main character, but here Vincent talks about how Fulcrum has taken notice of this particular teams actions. Most specifically in making Orion come out of hiding. Vincent also knew the name of Carmichael. It means the higher ups in Fulcrum knew who Carmichael was. They may not know he is the Intersect, but they know of him.  He even wanted to offer Chuck a reward, but it would be unprofessional not to kill Chuck.Chuck217-00980

Vincent would ask what was his secret, but before Chuck could answer someone was approaching on the east side.  Vincent instructed Chuck to stand in the window. He wanted Orion to see him. Chuck217-00991Chuck217-00995Orion would ask Chuck if it was safe. Chuck didn’t want to answer until Vincent threatened him. Chuck217-00999 Chuck217-01003 Chuck217-01005Chuck would respond with ITS SAFE, a man would come out of the shadows.  Orion would type downstairs and began walking down the street. Fulcrum didn’t wait long to pounce and boy did they. Agents surround Orion and while he put up a fight the amount of bodies around him were too much. Chuck217-01019Around the corner came Casey’s Crown Vic, it stopped short and out comes Casey and Sarah. Casey has a shotgun in hand. Chuck’s partners look up at the window and wait for Chuck to move from the window. Chuck217-01027 Chuck217-01028 Chuck217-01029Chuck moves out of view from the window with Vincent’s back to the street. This gave Team Bartowski the opening they were waiting for, and the agents opened fired. the shot broke through the glass causing the window to implode sending glass flying in their direction. it was an enough diversion for Vincent to escape and for Chuck to grab the computer and headed for the roof where Orion was being loaded on a chopper.

Chuck rushes out of the room into the waiting arms of Casey and Sarah, but they couldn’t contain him. He rushes up the stairs they ordered Chuck to stand down, but he told them this could be his final shot. He reaches the roof as Fulcrum finished loading Orion onto the chopper and up they went. Chuck217-01051Beckman would let Casey know about another drone headed in their area. Sarah and Casey try to get Chuck to come with them. He said, he could save him and tried to override the drone, but it was denied. He attempted a second time but same result. Orion was blocking Chuck from saving him. Chuck217-01055 Chuck217-01065 Chuck217-01070Sarah’s plea of not being able to save this one is written all over her face, but Chuck wasn’t giving up. Suddenly, a missile came flying over their head. The missile struck into the helicopter. The impact made the chopper explode much to the dismay of Chuck. Chuck217-01077What happens next is where the series planted the seeds for Season Three. As I mentioned at the top, Beckman flying to Burbank had nothing to do with what Chuck did. It’s what he did for his future. We all have been down this road before. When you impress a person in a position of power enough changes are coming. The changes that require Beckman to make in person. This is Beckman’s team, but much like the Colonel answer to her. Beckman has her own bosses. What would happen to her team if her bosses realize how great Chuck was becoming. We need to pay attention to detail of the scene.

Sometimes the scene can tell you a lot if you pay attention. We do we see in the meeting of the minds. Chuck217-01080

The first thing would be most of the lights are off. A big tell on this being a player’s meeting only. The only room with lights on is next to them, but the door is shut. Beckman begins her manipulation of Chuck by trying to explain what Orion’s motive was, but what Beckman doesn’t know was what Chuck saw earlier when she said “she didn’t want Chuck to meet Orion.”

As Beckman finished playing spin doctor,  Chuck’s backbone grew. “General, you don’t want the Intersect out of my head, do you?  This was where this episode is really good. Beckman looks at Chuck, and her normal demeaning expression isn’t anything but, Beckman has the look a employer has when it was time to promote. Chuck217-01085 Chuck217-01086His team squawked at Beckman’s no, which would provide the  real reason Beckman came to Burbank.  Once again Sarah questioned Beckman’s decision, which really wasn’t doing her any justice at all.  The amount of times one questions a boss you start to wonder when the boss will take action, but while Sarah voiced her opinion for a third time. Casey even chimes in, which made Beckman crack. Chuck217-01089

The other thing was Sarah’s tendency to protect Chuck was not the time for her to come out with  her concerns. Beckman would counter with this, Chuck217-01090

Beckman: Agent Walker, you want to protect him.
But playtime is over. Chuck, I hesitate to say this.

Chuck: Please, please, hesitate.

Beckman: We are in the midst of a secret war with FULCRUM.
And I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders. Chuck217-01092Chuck217-01094

Casey: Oy.

Chuck: No, listen to the man. He’s right. I’m no spy.

Beckman: Do you know how many agents I’ve lost to FULCRUM? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you have found a hole in their armor. See, I can’t lose you, Chuck.
I need you. It’s time for you to become a spy.

It’s the line at the end, I need you. This is the complete turn around from Beckman’s point of view when it comes to Chuck.  If we look back at the first season of Chuck, Beckman didn’t like Chuck too much. She thought of him as a guy that happened to be the Intersect. Look at her response when Chuck dumped Sarah, the idea a woman would be interested in Chuck was shocking to her, but one night in finding Orion. A man by her own words eluded them for twenty years changes all of that. Chuck217-01107

The final part to the Buymore story comes with understanding the Buymore way, Big Mike and crew return to the store, but not without Barkley and his men coming right behind. Barkley complained about the Team Burbank’s tactics. he threatened to call the police, but Big Mike said, he wouldn’t do that because it’s not the Buymore way of doing things.

Big mike explains what that is, Chuck217-01116

 Big Mike: No, you won’t. It ain’t the Buy More way.
You know the rules. They cut their prices by 10%, we cut ours 15.
They give away toasters, we give away microwaves. They put their hands on one of ours, we find their assistant manager and You get the picture, don’t you?

After Barkley left, Big Mike would thank Morgan for not letting him lose his cool back there, and everything was fine.

When Chuck returned home, he  layed  on his bed and felt a crunch under his pillow. When he looked under his pillow, he found a clear ziploc looking thing containing cards and a disc. Chuck217-01164Chuck would play the disc and the same video feed Orion used earlier would play. It was a recording from Orion.

Orion said, Chuck217-01167

Orion: If you’re watching this, Chuck, it means something happened to me.
Probably something not so nice.
Well, I hope we were able to meet, I hope I was able to tell you my real name.
The cards you’re looking at are the schematics for the new Intersect.
I stole them from FULCRUM.
Show them to no one, but study them.
You will need to understand that computer if you want to get the Intersect out of your head.
And yes, it’s possible.
If you can find FULCRUM’s Intersect, if you can get inside, you could get your old life back

Chuck would pick up the cards left for him to see, and he was puzzled on what to do with them, but Chuck wasn’t able to continue looking at them because Sarah came through the Morgan door. Chuck217-01182Chuck217-01174While Sarah went to sit on the bed, Chuck pushed Orion’s cards out of view, which is a strong indication Chuck was losing faith in Sarah because it’s something we never seen from Chuck before.Chuck217-01198Sarah tried to explain how Beckman operates, but Chuck wasn’t listening, Walker went as far as asked if he still trust us. The word us is a strange choice of word, but with everything that happened during the episode it was best if Walker did say us. Especially when the boss is watching. Remember when I said the questioning and constant seconding guessing from Sarah would eventually get her into trouble. It does in the form of Beckman asking Casey if Walker was on board with this mission.

Casey tried to tell the general he had no quarrel over her ability in handling Chuck, but Beckman wasn’t convinced and requested Casey to hand over all recordings and unedited reports, which begs the question why didn’t she get the video log more on that when we get to  Season Five.

Beckman would look at the monitor and while she saw Chuck reading a comic,  Bartowski knew they would be watching and was really looking at the Intersect cards. Chuck’s own personal mission vs the world was about to take a very interesting turn, but first Beckman has to make sure her team isn’t compromised, which sets up the next rewatch article Chuck vs The Broken Heart.

Final Thoughts on Predator

I posted a question over at Buymore Chuck  whether Chuck’s success in finding Orion would be the pandora’s box for his future. A man that wanted to be free from the agency would be forced to stay on as Beckman saw how the Intersect and the man were becoming one.

His ability to conduct a scan that would lead to finding Orion was amazing, but it seemed to easy. As a man that has skipped out for twenty years suddenly was found. Highly! suspect. We shall see in the coming episodes if Chuck set himself up to be imprisoned in a job he wanted to be free from. Something tells me Bartowski will have a change of heart.

Until next time…..Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play engage and most of all it’s truly hard to say goodbye

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