gallery The Astronaut Wives Proves Women Can Deliver

All summer long we witnessed a television show that may go down as the greatest group of women ever assembled for a television show. Seven women that took over Thursday nights and made the viewer marvel in the beauty and talent these extraordinary women have. Chuckaholics have been aware of the greatness Yvonne Strahovski has done in the past, but the series offered so much more. Six other women Chuckaholics will be proud to help promote as these six women have become family here.

THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB - "In The Blind" - Astronaut John Glenn has his sights set on a political career and hits the campaign trail with wife Annie and Rene Carpenter by his side as he runs for the Ohio senate, while Alan Shepherd quietly grapples with a personal matter that could ground his career forever.  Meanwhile, Betty Grissom receives an unsettling letter regarding Gus that challenges their marriage, on "The Astronaut Wives Club," THURSDAY, JULY 23 (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Cook Allender) YVONNE STRAHOVSKI

The world is witnessing a revolution and there is nothing anyone can do to stop the progress that is being made. The revolution is women are no longer going to sit back and let men rule the landscape, and as a man I don’t mind it at all.  Women as CEOs, Women running for high profile offices and even better women are being casted for what are usually male dominated roles. Astronaut Wives Club has proven all summer with the right cast and production crew seven women can deliver a great story, seven women of different shapes and sizes proves they can be leaders and entertainers, which made me keep coming back for more.

For those that missed out on Astronauts Wives missed out on a great story with great acting from everyone involved. My wife and I sat every Thursday feeling pain and trepidation for Louise Shepard as her husband stepped out on her, but to remain strong and true. Louise may had been attracted to the reporter, but she didn’t follow through on her desire. Cursed NASA how they grounded Deke because of his wife’s past. Marge Slayton’s history of being a divorce woman. in Today’s world, a divorce isn’t as taboo as it was in the 1960s. Thus, the backlash put the breaks on Deke’s turn to orbit. However, while he wasn’t able to fly, he did become commander of the unit as his great service didn’t go unnoticed. At first, Trudy Cooper comes off as a well let’s keep it clean shall we, but Gordo proved he loves his wife when in front of reporters vouched for her in front of reporters, which would be a reason for her to let him out of the bathtub.


Women like Dominique McElligott and JoAnna Garcia Swisher are becoming household names and real Hollywood Stars. Odette Annable and Zoe Boyle all shinning through the diamond that was set forth for them. All of them should have leads in future projects. 530ca4936f922odette-annable-14377 joanna-garcia-swisher-580x333 SNN16TV02J---532_1376683a azure-parsons

Actress Erin Cummings, from the film "Bitch Slap", poses for a portrait during the 62nd International film festival in Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 13, 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Seven great women that took on roles that would put the men in the back burner and depicted the real women the best way they could and brought to life the way things were behind the cameras, which i appreciate more than the glamour and glitz. The real day to day struggle of being a celebrity. regular women thrusted into the limelight because of a battle between two nations and other astronaut wives like Gemini.

Seven great women that had to balance the family life with that of being responsible for making sure their husband’s minds weren’t on anything else but beating Russia to the moon.  Men that loved their wives just as much as being the first men in space. Scott Cooper prefered to move on from NASA if it meant telling his wife to pipe down about what NASA was doing.  Her decision to support John Glenn despite NASA’s protest on him running for Senator.

A bond between these women grew as each episode went by the more stronger they became in standing up against the higher ups when it came to how they delivered the news  about their husbands dying. The refusal to allow the Vice President in their homes. The depiction was tremendous, and I for one enjoy Astronaut Wives Club every week. I enjoyed seven great women  and at least for this author’s opinion worth more than one hour per week.

Thank you ladies for a great summer, and if ABC doesn’t renew. I will purchase the DVD and relive the magic these seven women gave us for ten weeks. Thank you Josh Schwartz, while I knew you were great when you produced Chuck, but you hit a homerun with this series.

In closing, Chuck fans let’s help AWC go out with a bang tonight. Let’s help trend these great actresses tonight as we say goodbye to them…….








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