gallery My Favorite Ellie Bartowski Scenes: 55- 51

While we put the lovely Sarah Walker to bed, we should explore the rest of the cast starting with Eleanor Faye Bartowski. Ellie was played by the beautiful Sarah Lancaster, and each time we see her , she seems to become even more so over time.

I admit it took a long time for me to come around on her. At times, I want to just shake her up a bit because of her tendency to go overboard when it came to protecting Chuck. Grant it! she raised him since she was a very young girl, but nonetheless Chuck wasn’t a teenager, and her belittling him often doesn’t help the situation. The badgering often creates even more self doubt especially when she is the only family he had. No man in the house until Devon came along, Ellie had to play father and mother. A task not easy because she was just as young., but Ellie found herself stay grounded despite of not having a choice.

We often talk about how difficult Sarah Walker’s childhood was, but it was not a cakewalk for Ellie either. I suppose that’s why Ellie and Sarah got along so well. They could relate to being the overprotective lionesses especially when it came to the wellbeing of  Chuck.

This list will be similar to the one we did with Sarah. 50 scenes with my take on the moment and sprinkle some philosophy from a real world perspective. We also shall begin with five bubble scenes just to get the juices flowing again. If this first volume goes well. There could be a second volume it all depends on you.

So where to begin,


Chuck vs Tango Season One Episode Three

Chuck103-00153From the Start, Ellie comes off to be a control freak, but with a eagerness to see her brother move on with his life. She has gone through a tough time trying to instill some confidence into Chuck after a five year ordeal of being down in the dumps. Chuck101-00175“It’s been five years, time to move on.” How could he? When the topic keeps resurfacing. The constant battles between his sister and Morgan could lead to overload and Chuck response the only way people can by shutting down, but it doesn’t mean Ellie and Morgan don’t continue to squabble about his future. In the process of there bickering, they become oblivious to Chuck’s disinterest in this conversation. He is doing everything from reading a magazine, eat a cupcake and finally call it a night.Chuck103-00162

Only if Ellie knew the truth could she understand how her brother was beginning a new life with a far more challenging and stressful job then a simple Nerd Herd tech order. During the first two seasons

Ellie detests Morgan and it has to do with Morgan’s enabling nature of allowing Chuck to slip into what she defines as the Morgan years. In Tango, Ellie and Morgan have a spat about the goals of Chuck. Chuck103-00165Ellie doesn’t back down, she has been down this road with Morgan, and her eyes and gesture of a joking matter makes it seem it’s all fun and games until goals becomes the topic. Chuck103-00167 Chuck103-00170The fact that Chuck went to Stanford, and almost finish is the motivation factor behind Ellie’s nagging, but she also doesn’t understand Chuck’s point of view. One or two years to recover from being kicked out for something he didn’t do isn’t something you get over in a short time frame, but five years is long enough and Ellie knows it. However, Morgan has a point about Chuck’s record being tainted regardless if he was innocent or not, but we are talking about Bartowskis here.

Unlike the people in the Buymore, who saw Chuck as a god. Ellie wasn’t afraid to tell Chuck how it is. She comes off as a strong, woman, but we know she cares as well. Especially when he was preparing for his date with Sarah. Ellie possesses a beautiful smile at times, and even better her eyes have a sparkle in them. Chuck101-00659

It shows that she sees potential in her brother, and she was willing to help him get over by making him look good and gave him flowers to boot. All with great intentions on seeing something go right for him even if it was for one night.


Chuck vs The Pilot Season One Episode One


Ellie: I’m a girl, I know what girls like

A stern voice, but not trying to be demeaning. She more then makes up for her tone of voice with a pat on the back and a reminder ” The no girlfriend rule.” Sarah Lancaster plays this role perfectly, she has the audience engaged with the idea that we are install for a nasty woman, who wants Chuck to do things her own way. She doesn’t want to listen to his concerns, but shocks you with sweet things like giving him flowers to take with him. Chuck101-00684We also know at this point, Ellie is Chuck’s sister and when she says a quote from their father. “Aces, Charles.” we get the sense their father isn’t with them, but also maybe Ellie doesn’t really quote their father much. Chuck “A dad quote, I’m impressed” would indicate so from the start.  Chuck101-00686It’s a great moment between brother and sister. One that shows how close Ellie and Chuck are. How close brothers and sisters should be when it comes to things like a date.

It’s also a key point that Ellie is the first person to notice Sarah’s interest in Chuck from a real perspective. So, when Chuck says Sarah was too high strung for him. A puzzled Ellie wants to know why? However, Chuck can’t speak of what really is going on. Chuck leaking just a minor part could cause drastic measure from his handlers, but Ellie just wants Chuck to be happy even when he is spiraling.Chuck103-00870Chuck103-00876The classic sister move, she wants to know the details without hearing all the details.  Ellie wants to know just enough to make sure her brother isn’t in too deep, but when Chuck lists the qualities Agent Walker possesses Ellie couldn’t comprehend. Furthermore, when Chuck isn’t willing to elaborate more. Ellie became hostile to his reluctantness and assumed he would talk to Morgan. Chuck103-00880Behind that over protective exterior, Sarah Lancaster displays a great deal of love behind her eyes. It softens the harsh lectures we will witness over the course of five seasons. This moment and #53 symbolizes the brother/sister relationship.


Chuck vs The Tango Season One Episode Three

Chuck103-01149One things for sure Ellie understood Chuck’s abrasiveness when it came to his sister. Ellie wasn’t going to press the issue, but classic sister tactics wouldn’t allow it when her expression speaks volumes on her dislike of Chuck withholding from her.

He gave her a chance to seek answers to millions of big sister questions about Sarah, but only after she point out how Sarah’s glances were enough for Ellie to see how much Walker was into her brother. Ellie was the first one to notice Sarah’s real feelings were beginning to surface. It would make Chuck wonder. Chuck103-01168follow by Ellie saying, “I just know what an incredible guy Charles Bartowski is and and sometimes I’m not so sure that he knows it.”  A moment in which if you have a sibling can only booster confidence. Chuck103-01186 Chuck103-01187 Chuck103-01198 Chuck103-01209 Chuck103-01212Chuck wasn’t the only one who would be put in their place by Ellie. Sometimes it can come off as brash, but when you put your heart out on your sleeve and the makeup of having to be strong makes Ellie a inspiration. Especially when it comes to Morgan. Chuck102-01236

Ellie’s relationship with Morgan stems from his desire to bed her.  His flirting and cheap come ons often disgust her, but it’s deeper than that. Ellie blames Morgan for Chuck’s underachieving mentality.  The late night gaming and settling for the Buymore so they can work together often makes Ellie uneasy, and ignore the positives Morgan has done, but Ellie being a Bartowski always comes through when the situation deems itself.  Chuck105-00342

When Chuck and Ellie were supposed to be spending their special Mother’s Day together, which Chuck’s job keeps him from. Ellie and Morgan found a common ground in the form of missing Chuck. Chuck105-00924


Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp Season One Episode Five

Chuck105-00941it’s hard to fully understand when a bond begins to blossom, but one things for sure Ellie appreciates Morgan’s presence here. The moment is perfect. Morgan is being mature for once and he enlightens her of his ordeal. The dreaded sales competition was weighting heavy on Grimes’s mind. He does get help from a Bartowski in the form of Ellie. Chuck105-00945 Chuck105-00947 Chuck105-00952 Chuck105-00955 Chuck105-00965For the first time Ellie sees Morgan in a different light. Yes, she still will prefer Chuck hanging out with someone else, but one night of missing Chuck can do wonders. Chuck105-01115 Chuck105-01117 Ellie no longer has a get away from me gesture. She has begun to accept Morgan as equals, and for that Ellie and Morgan’s relationship takes an interesting turn. Do they desire each not even in the realm of possibility but even Ellie understands the significance of  Thanksgiving.

Chaos and holidays go hand and hand when Bartowskis are involved. Sometimes it’s their doing, and others are unfortunate circumstances like Anna coming to dinner. What was interesting was the news Morgan was bringing a date for Thanksgiving. A very interesting expression occurs. Chuck110-00423When Chuck mentions it’s a she,  Ellie’s eyes pop open. It would be believable at this point Ellie might have a slight jealousy complex here. Ellie may have not have interest what’s so ever in him, but it still was nice to be pursued. When Chuck says she, we see Ellie’s opinion on the issue. A case of shock and awe on the idea Grimes was dating.Chuck110-00425However,  when Chuck also reveals Anna knew about Ellie and Grimes. Ellie becomes confused understandably so. Chuck110-00427Which leads us to the final entry of this article.


Chuck vs The Nemesis Season One Episode Ten

Chuck110-00439Remember Ellie and Morgan bonded a few episodes ago, and Ellie saw Morgan enter the apartment with another woman. Ellie was kind of happy for Grimes. A woman took an interest in Morgan, but it would all change when Anna becomes jealous of Morgan’s pleasure in eating side dish number two. Friction from at least Anna’s part made the scene worth it.  Chuck110-00444The evening begins sour when Anna called Ellie a “hussy.” Naturally, Ellie would give a inquisitive expression of  what the muck. but Chuck would kindly remind his sister about not being his fault.

Next,  the dinner arraignment was a bit odd. as Anna was sitting across from Morgan, but if we see the scene closely. All the current relationships were across from each other. Sarah was in front of Chuck, and Devon across from Ellie. It’s really bizarre because there is tension between Chuck and Sarah with Bryce back, and Anna has reservations of being in a house of her boyfriend’s obsession. Chuck110-00446Anna brought green bean casserole, and when it was learned that Ellie forgot to put Marshmallows on top of the Sweet Potatoes , Anna took the opportunity to voice bitterness towards Ellie by saying “Thanksgiving is ruined.” Chuck110-00457Ellie was caught off guard by Anna’s remark and showed how things were ready to unravel. What I enjoy most is Sarah Lancaster’s expression of “Are you kidding me?” Chuck110-00456As the dinner went on, you can see Ellie beginning to lose her patients with Miss Anna Wu. Chuck110-00465However, Ellie doesn’t really help the situation when Morgan and Ellie share a brief moment of pleasure. Morgan tasted Anna’s casserole, and nearly heaved from the taste, which bothered Anna. Furthermore, Morgan’s sense of orgasim of eating Ellie’s marshmallow sweet potatoes  was the end of the line for Anna and she stormed off. Chuck110-00592 Chuck110-00595 Chuck110-00599It’s understandable from Anna’s perspective. Her boyfriend was salivating over the woman he has obsessed over for years, and what makes it worse Ellie was feeding into it. If you stop and analysis the scene there is purpose here. Anna has been poking her with her cheap hussy remarks, and Ellie took advantage of the situation. Chuck110-00601Sarah Lancaster did a great job here, she sells  the scene with a “what” expression, but she knew it would get to Anna because Anna walks away from dinner. it’s innocent enough, but the point was made as a result. Ellie has look of victory afterwards, but was this worth it. Chuck110-00606This didn’t have anything to do with Morgan, but Ellie simply putting Anna in her place. In other words, Ellie could have Morgan if she wanted just remember that Anna.

This ends this addition of My Favorite Ellie Bartowski Scenes. The next 16 scenes worth talking about are up next.  Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this.

Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage and best of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

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