gallery My Favorite Chuck Bartowski Scenes 55-51

While we conducted my favorites for Sarah Walker and Ellie Bartowski, it’s time to take a look at some of their male counterparts. We begin with the talented and daring amongst nerds. The man that doesn’t like martinis but his alter ego does.

The man that uses the Morgan as a means to get out of trouble when trying to avoid getting his crotch and face hit with an approaching baseball bat. The man that can act like a buffoon one moment and be able to defuse a bomb by using fruit juice the next. Yes, my friends it’s time to take a look at the man himself Charles Irving Bartowski. Chuck204-00514

As we know Chuck was played by Zachary Levi, and let me tell you the more we watch what he does off camera the more we see Chuck and Zac are one in the same. In fact, Zachary has been on record in saying his role as Luke Collins in the latest installment of Heroes is a complete one eighty from his days on Chuck. Nonetheless, Zachary Levi makes it work. Zachary Levi puts smiles on everyone when we watch Chuck from the Pilot thru Goodbye.

This list is my favorite scenes I enjoyed Charles Bartowski the most, and we shall see how some of his decision he made in the series was beneficial from a real life perspective while others not so much. The list would consist of the same elements Sarah and Ellie have. fifty scenes and five bubble scenes to start. All in an attempt to get the juices flowing.

Chuck Bartowski, what can we say about him? He is a ravishing tall man and each season had different hairstyles. The best was season four. Chuck401-00051The clean shaved look  was golden in my view, and the closest to looking like James Bond.  The confidence was pronounced and dignified, but with the bulk of the on screen time this list will be extremely taxing as a result.

We begin with one of his early signs of comic relief.  A time when a customer had no idea who he was barking at. A customer that would refer to Casey as big Johnny.  Chuck can see trouble was a brewing, and went to save the life of a soon to be dead customer.Chuck112-00079The funny thing was Casey losing his cool. There was so much that could go wrong if Casey did stop the customers heart by striking him in an impressive fashion. For example, police inquiring on why a NSA agent was working in a Buymore. Thus, Chuck goes underground, and explanation would be forthcoming with Beckman and Graham.

Chuck having to balance the storefront by being the supervisor of the Nerd Herd, and protecting the secret that now exists within the Buymore often is a burden for Chuck because the lines become crossed creating a on the fly remedy if you will. So, to be colorful, we shall call it quicksilver, and #55 is one of those times.


Chuck vs The Undercover Lover Season One Episode Twelve

Chuck112-00082Chuck can see Casey was ready to burst. So, he runs across the store and wedges himself between the growling dog behind him, and the soon to be in excruciating pain customer. The kind of pain that would make him cry to his mommy. Chuck inserts himself into the conversation and becomes a hero as a result. Chuck112-00084Chuck112-00086Casey distraught over the memory of Ilsa Trinchina gave the customer the evil eye, but was thankful Chuck came to prevent a terrible situation from happening, but what was funny was Chuck’s comic remark afterwards.  Chuck112-00090 Chuck112-00091

Chuck: Just breathe, Casey, breathe.
Breathe or growl.
Growling also works.
Very good.
Very, very good.

It’s a simple scene, but the relationship Casey and Chuck while may be bumpy at times in S1 were starting to bond in this episode. Especially, when Chuck takes an interest in Casey’s life with Ilsa.

Another moment between Chuck and Casey would occur in Chuck vs Helicopter, Chuck would be the center of a huge battle between his now handlers. Tension was high between Casey and Sarah, and poor Chuck was in the middle of it. It’s not the ideal situation if you think about it. Chuck is rather green to how the spy world works, and when his agents are fighting amongst themselves.

Chuck’s trust becomes even more cloudy. Casey makes it a point to lure Chuck away from the Buymore so he could abstract Chuck out of fear Sarah went rogue.

First, Chuck gets a service call in which Jeffster doesn’t take because they are Mac artists. Thus, Chuck would have to answer the call. However, when he arrives on site, a vehicle rams him from the back. Casey calls Chuck which would make Chuck freak out and the chase was on. Chuck102-00507Chuck102-00516It’s only the second episode and we can begin to see how much pressure Chuck was under.  A service call would turn into a car chase that would lead to a nice moment between Chuck and Casey that would end up with an explosive situation.


Chuck vs The Helicopter Season One Episode Two

Chuck102-00521 Chuck102-00536Chuck jumps out the Nerd Herder and attempts to charge Casey, but retreats on the other side of the car keeping the vehicle between him and Casey.  He tries to sell how Sarah wasn’t to be trusted and even said “What did he know about Sarah.” The same tactic Sarah tried to sell Chuck  about Casey. Chuck102-00542It very understandable on why Chuck has a hard time trusting his handlers the gamesmanship between the two agent was becoming even more stressful for Bartowski as you can see in his face expression. However, Chuck would listen to the both of them as long as he came out alright. Chuck102-00545Casey’s plan worked and he had Bartowski ready to listen to Casey, and he went in the car with John.  Before they enter the truck, Casey had turned off Chuck’s phone, but before he started the truck. A cellphone went off. The same phone that killed Dr. Zarnow. the two would run out of the car and after a few seconds the car exploded.

Chuck was on board with Casey now, and asked why would Sarah do this. and Casey explained she was cleaning the operation. Chuck102-00549 Chuck102-00547Chuck102-00577 Zachary Levi’s acting here gives the viewer the idea about how much of a transition into this new game it would be for Chuck.  His expressions of shock and confusion was well done. It’s a wonderful thing to watch when Chuck didn’t crack under this kind of pressure. He has to shield this new life from all those around him or risk his freedom.

We should marvel about Chuck on how he wasn’t your average nerd. When growing up, nerds were associated with the likes of Steve Urkel from Family Matters or Screech from Saved by the Bell, but Charles Bartowski was a different kind of nerd. A nerd that wasn’t going to let Sarah and Casey dictate terms or let them push him around. He had a backbone. After all none of this was his fault, he wasn’t working with Bryce, and he let them know it too.


Chuck vs The Pilot Season One Episode One


As the two agents were discussing what to do next, Chuck overheard Sarah say something about his sister, and the perplexed Chuck was now a defensive one, and he didn’t sugarcoat anything. Chuck101-01121

He would demand them to leave his family and friends out of this. Casey would indicate that Chuck didn’t have a choice, and one of my favorite moments, but with the amount of other scenes forthcoming now was the appropriate time to discuss this.

Chuck: Look, Bryce sent that e-mail to me.
I’m the one remembering your secrets.
Which means you have to listen to me, both of you.
And right now I’m going to go home.


When Casey attempts to stop him, Chuck says you need me. It stern to the point. This wouldn’t be the only time Chuck doesn’t back down from his handlers. We shall see other times when Chuck becomes forceful with Casey and Sarah as we go along.

The backbone Chuck had also showed up with Sarah, and what we will classify as Man Up Moments, and the next two symbolize what a man up moment is as we wrap up this first edition of My Favorite Charles Bartowski Scenes.

#52 and #51

Chuck vs The Crown Vic Season One Episode Eleven

Chuck111-00378Chuck isn’t shy about speaking about his feelings, he has charisma and sometimes that could get the best of him. Chuck and Sarah shared a magical moment at the end of Hard Salami, but there was not much time for the two to discuss the particulars of the kiss, and for Sarah I am sure she was happy that Bryce returned to put the topic to the back of the list of priorities, but with Bryce gone the much anticipated kiss discussion was still looming from Chuck’s perspective. Passionate Kiss 1

However, Sarah was in no mood to discuss it, and it culminates when Chuck was going to ask her in the courtyard, but her cold expression made Chuck reconsider. Chuck111-00225Bartowski is no fool, he can see Bryce is still on her mind, but how could he not? She believed Bryce was dead and moved on. She had a chance to leave, but elected to stay with Chuck, but a regular decision like the one Sarah made often angers a person and no matter who it is will feel the wrath of that decision. It’s nothing personal, but it’s how humans respond to conflicts like this one, but at the same time Chuck is reading the situation perfectly.

She is being cold and standoffish. You can tell he doesn’t like the awkward feeling  because of his hesitation and breathing in air when he arrives at her hotel room. Chuck111-00359She doesn’t give him a chance to knock when Sarah says it’s open. He walks in he and sees the bed not made and a knife in her alarm clock. Sarah still bitter over her own decision is still cold with Chuck. He recognizes how beautiful she looks in her black gown. Chuck111-00370However, it doesn’t get to last long because she continues with her tirade. He’s trying to make her smile by claiming this mission should be fun, but her cold “It’s work” finally made Chuck say enough was enough. Chuck111-00375Chuck111-00376As Sarah went to fix his tie, he stops her. What do we know about Sarah? If you have read any of my articles about Sarah. Walker, you would know how she loves to fix his tie, and when Chuck stopped her she didn’t like it. 

Look at her expression afterwards, Chuck in all sense and purposes told Sarah cut it out with her attitude.  This would mark as man up moment one. Chuck111-00380The next one happens in the same episode. After Casey moved in too quickly on Lon after Chuck’s flash, Casey and Sarah would get benched. It angered Casey enough to ask Sarah if she was compromised. When she gets to Chuck’s apartment. All hell breaks loose.

#51 Begins


Sarah attacks him about letting his emotions get the best of him. Walker would claim Chuck faked a flash, which opened the floodgates. Sarah would claim things between them have been a bit off since the incident. Chuck111-00709Chuck: Really? And what incident are you referring to, Agent Walker, huh? Could it be the incident where you planted a kiss on me right before a bomb was supposed to go off, ending our lives? That same kiss right before your boyfriend, Bryce, came back from the dead, that kiss?

Sarah was tired of hearing the word kiss, and asked Chuck to stop saying kiss, which Chuck obliged without one final question. Chuck111-00714

Chuck111-00719Chuck111-00714Chuck111-00719Chuck111-00723Chuck: Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die, and mine were the most convenient lips around, or was it actually about me?

What I love about this second Man up moment was how Chuck just laid it all out there. Sarah wasn’t escaping tonight without discussing the issue. A very real issue. A kiss did happen and they couldn’t ignore it. Sarah’s anger about discussing it was telling because she called it the incident whereas Chuck called it what it was a kiss.

I wonder did they forget where they had this discussion. In the living room of Chuck’s house where I don’t know cameras and listening devices were around. Talk about a mucker of a situation.

What Chuck showed the viewer here was Chuck isn’t going to let Sarah have her way with him. He was stern and to the point, and  threw Sarah through a loop as well.

A great moment to close out the first five scenes of My Favorite Chuck Bartowski scenes. I hope you enjoyed this, but don’t worry we still have fifty great Chuck Bartowski scenes to discuss. So, get your cheeseballs, pineapples, and Chicken Pepperoni ready. This ride should be fun.

Until next time Chuckaholics remember this site is yours. Play, engage but most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

On tap next,

Some more Chuck Bartowski, Ellie Bartowski and Sarah Walker favorite Scenes.

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