gallery It’s Time to Unleash Some Casey: My Favorite John Casey Scenes

The Bubble Scenes

The grunts, the growls, the anti-lady feelings colonial, who used very colorful one liners while staring at the face of danger or listening to Chuck and Morgan argue over sandwiches on a deserted island, but under that tough exterior is a gentle giant waiting to be released. The man who challenged his inner George Peppard. Yes, Chuckaholics it’s time to unleash some Casey.peppard-reuters_1521801c 6a18420b8b56a1d5aa199febc39a34f6

There are many John Casey scenes that provided comedy, uncanny advice and had the biggest change from the moment we met him in the club to when he left to find Verbanski. The only exception would be Morgan.

Casey’s journey was rewarding because he went from a stone cold killer to loving father and friend. The start of his journey was only one way follow orders, defend the country and nothing else matters. The perfect soldier, but it all changed once he discovered he was a father.

The focus of this series will show how a killer can change and become humble as he was forced to become domesticated. A struggle that would literally take all five seasons to set in. His relationship with Chuck would be an interesting one as John becomes a reluctant father figure in a world that would eaten up the innocence that was Chuck Bartowski. The arrest of John Casey So, let’s begin analysing Colonial John Casey shall we,

A early indication on the kind of person John Casey was during the early part of season one comes in the form of blending comedy with a hardcore edge. There was  bitterness from Casey towards Sarah as he felt Walker was a hired gun. It’s funny coming from the NSA’s best marksmen, but what soured Casey on Walker comes from her unpredictable nature.

Thus, when word came the CIA’s Bryce Larkin went rogue, who was the partner of Sarah was sent to clean up Larkin’s mess. Casey believed Walker may not be so innocent. It also didn’t help her cause being CIA.  Chuck102-00315 (2)Casey and Sarah arrive at Dr. Zarnow’s car bomb crime scene, and Casey’s on the phone with Beckman. The general feeds into Casey’s concerns about Sarah by telling him keep an eye on Bartowski and Walker. Chuck102-00322John Casey’s stare into Sarah tells you what he thinks of her, and Agent Walker returns the favor in a classic staredown. Both agents believe the other has something to do with Zarnow’s death. The victim in this chess game would be Chuck. Chuck102-00324Chuck102-00325

#55 and #54

Chuck vs The Helicopter Season One Episode Two


Adam Baldwin showed his comedy range, when he comes to the Buymore and was greeted by Big Mike, who would ask Chuck how was customer service training going.  Casey gave the viewer a first glance at things to come with a line so cleverly delivered. Big Mike’s “The better my employees are trained, the less i have to work,” which opened the door for Casey, “A regular call to arms.”

The way Big Mike responded to the comment showed  how much Adam’s timing was great. The truth  was Morgan, Casey and Chuck would be the best assets for Mike as the series moves on. Chuck102-00351 Chuck102-00350

While we saw the comic relief from Casey, we were quickly reminded of the kind of person Casey was.  The opportunity came for Casey to become Agent Casey when everyone was out of listening range. He quickly told Chuck not to trust Sarah. The seriousness in Casey’s eyes gave the viewer an inkling into fun time was over despite the sarcastic remark he gave Mike. Chuck102-00358In the movie XXX, Samuel L. Jackson had a line in the movie that best fits Casey in Season One. Samuel said, “You ever watch lions at the zoo? You can always tell which ones were captured in the wild by the look in their eyes. The wild cat. She remembers running across the plain, the thrill of the hunt. Four hundred pounds of killing fury, locked in a box.” The fact is when you look at the above screencap, Casey still has the killer in him. Chuck102-00361

The man lives for the hunt, which is why this assignment was something a killer like Casey hated because he was bona fide babysitter. For Casey, the quicker he can solve this assignment the better. He waits for Big Mike to return to his post, and when he does Casey strikes. Chuck102-00364 Chuck102-00365He orders Chuck to stay away from Walker, but when Chuck asks why we get another classic line from Casey, “No problems,only solutions.” It’s fitting because the words Casey uses will return in a different form later in the series more on that when S4 articles returns.

While Casey was grilling Chuck, Bartowski saw Sarah email him to come to the Wienerlicious. So, when Chuck hurries over to Sarah. He asked Morgan to teach Casey how the Buymore works.

#54 Begins

Chuck102-00391As Chuck was headed to the Wienerlicious, Casey was stuck with Morgan, and if you look over Chuck’s shoulder you can see the well decorated soldier is not up for this. As Morgan was trying to explain procedure, Casey’s expression never changes.  When Chuck returns to the Buymore, Casey is piping mad. Skin’s red and his eyes have bits of rage in them. Chuck102-00436

Casey had to listen to Morgan for the duration of Chuck’s excursion to the hotdog shop. Most specifically, Chuck went over to Sarah even though Casey told him to stay away from Walker. A direct violation of Casey’s order something the then major does not take lightly.  After having enough of Morgan’s sales training, he proceeds to pieface him to the ground. Chuck102-00441Casey then would grab Chuck and demanded Chuck to tell him what she said. He tried to get information out of Bartowski, but Chuck didn’t give in which made Casey take matters into his own hands and went to confront Walker about it. Chuck102-00444Casey is a smart man, and the only way Casey and Sarah could work together was to end their animosity towards one another. The only way they knew how was to fight, and boy do they. Chuck102-00458After their intense battle. They developed a respect for each other and the two would become a formidable team. in fact, the next two scenes shows how short of a time Sarah and Casey became a unit.

First, we get the first infamous unleash the Casey moment. It’s hard to think this was an unleashing based on the circumstances, but when Casey and Sarah were tying to help Ben Lo Pan, the guard wasn’t interested in hearing what the two agents had to say.


Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp Season One Episode Five

Chuck105-00369While standing in the doorway of the club, the guard points a gun at them and frisks them. They tried to play nice by being diplomatic, but one nod from Sarah and Casey was unleashed. What’s interesting to note would be Casey in this scene. The usually serious mannered man no longer looks flustered working with Walker in fact they appear to be partners. One bout in the wienerlicious changes things Chuck105-00373 Chuck105-00377 It’s fun watching two adversaries come together because if they remained rivals the job would become that more stressful. The only one that suffers is Chuck in this case. The focus should always be on protecting Chuck not trying to out do the other.  The second moment came in Chuck vs Alma Mater.

As Chuck went to get help, Casey and Sarah were pinned down behind desks. They shared a bonding moment that often gets forgotten.


Chuck vs The Alma Mater Season One Episode Seven

Chuck107-00863Casey lets Sarah know he was low in his clip. Sarah would try to calm Casey down by saying she had a half left. Casey did calm down and also said something that was really interesting “I hate long goodbyes.” It’s a far cry from “The CIA skirt, you can kill.” Chuck107-00949 Chuck107-00956

After six episodes of a pure solider mentality, Casey shows humanity here when he suggest if this was it. They go out blazing, which is fun to watch in my view, but when Casey learns that Sarah only had one shot left. Casey was glad the cavalry came in the nick of time. Chuck107-00962

The final scene would be one of his  classic lines, but with the amount of better John Casey scenes. It would be suitable for  it to be the #51 scene on my list.

When Chuck and Sarah went on their honeymoon, Casey and Morgan were put on task in finding them. Morgan asked the Colonel about the whereabouts of Chuck and Sarah.Chuck314-00203


Chuck vs The Honeymooners Season Three Episode Fourteen

Adam Baldwin has the ability to deliver a line with the blend of timing and execution. Here’s his line,

Casey: He’s going to need a walker when Walker’s through with him.

Chuck314-00204 (1)
They are having Intercourse, Idiot.

Morgan didn’t catch on with the sexual innuendo with what Casey was referring to when it came to the suddenly AWOL  Walker and Bartowski. It also shows how Casey and Morgan’s relationship was starting to take shape after all Casey was ordered by Beckman to locate Chuck and Sarah using Morgan as a resource. Something Casey rejected at first, but here the two are conversing like chumps.

We shall continue down the developing relationships when it comes to Morgan, Chuck and Casey as the three would bond over time. The killer from within would soon be as Samuel would say become boxed, but not without disgruntlement.

This concludes the first five scenes on our journey through John Casey, A solider through and through, but with a gentle giant blossoming before our eyes. It should be a fun ride.

Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage and most of all its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t

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