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Season Three Similarities: Part One

The beauty of Netflix offers viewers the chance to binge watch television shows without commercials or interruptions from politicians we don’t care for. The opportunity to analysis stories and witness different styles in writing and the performances that deliver the writing for us to watch. Arrow-Cast-Members-Tease-Season-4


Sometimes when you watch a season(s) closely enough you could find common ideas between two vastly different television shows, but nonetheless the writing still seemed to have parallel storylines and guest stars between both Chuck and Arrow. Chuck and Arrow offer their fans two different shows.

Chuck is a spy story with romance. Arrow is a story of a superhero navigating between being Oliver Queen and being the Arrow, but both main characters strive to be a hero. They both want to protect those around them while taking punishment for not being able to help everyone. The idea of falling in love with their co-workers, but still mastering their respective crafts.

The first obvious similarity would be Brandon Routh appearing on both shows in their third seasons. Both revolving around a murdered fiance/wife, but the two characters reacting very differently towards the concept of revenge. One would allow the emotion to consume him, while the other used that revenge as inspiration in helping others.

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer
chuck305_00093 (1)
Brandon Routh as Daniel Shaw

As Chuckaholics know, I am a fan of Brandon and had no qualms with Sarah being with Shaw nor did I see Ray Palmer as being evil because he pursued Felicity. I believe the damage between Chuck and Sarah was done well before Shaw and Hannah come into the story. The same can be said for Olicity. Oliver said he couldn’t be the Arrow and have a relationship with Felicity because the burden would be too deadly. Wasn’t that the same rationale Sarah was telling Chuck in the first two seasons. but what Arrow did correctly was introduced Brandon from episode one.

The mistake Chuck made was dropping Daniel Shaw on the fan base without explaining his purpose, but they did by evident of Daniel paying close attention in the Intersect function properly. Shaw’s arrival in episode four was not easy for the viewer to accept because of the cluster muck of Charah dealing with their personal issues after the events of Prague, but we put those ideas to bed once Sarah returns home despite that glimmer of hope Chuck and Sarah were far from being square when Shaw entered the story.

When Ray Palmer enters the story, he meets Felicity Smoak, who was working in a store similar to the Buymore. He was acting as if he was a customer, but really was meeting his mark. He assumes the role of Sarah Walker by asking questions about a satellite frequency communicator. Sarah asked Chuck how to fix her phone. 02750272The meeting between Ray and Felicity was done on purpose as he was trying to hire Smoak because of her expertises in computer sciences. but most specifically her hacking capabilities. The same way Sarah was in the Buymore probing on how connected were Bryce and Chuck, but it didn’t take all episode for Felicity to be blindsided by Ray like Chuck would find out the truth about Walker much later.Chuck101-00378Chuck101-00374Oliver and Felicity were under the impression that Oliver was taking the lead position as head of Queen Consolidated, but Felicity was caught by surprised by the customer she thought was a hacker would end up being the rival for Queen Consolidated. A position Oliver wasn’t sure if he wanted. Sound Familiar? Doesn’t Chuck Bartowski struggle with taking the assistant manager position in the Buymore. A position everyone else believes he could perform with the best of his abilities.0492

0554 0556

The problem for Oliver and Chuck is the second job requires a lot of time and energy. Oliver as Arrow and Chuck as a spy. They both put the lives of others before their own which makes the two fun to root for. It also helps how both Stephen Amell and Zachary Levi are always approachable with their fan bases.

Oliver and Chuck are cut from the same cloth when it comes to friends and family. Chuck may be more open to having friends over Ollie, but when it comes to their sisters nothing can be more important than protecting them from knowing who they really are. Chuck401-011611182The dangers of a top villain causes games to change. The League of Assassins and The Ring came to close. Thus, the double lives were secrets no more. Thea and Ellie had to know the truth which Thea embraced better than Ellie. Thea recognized that Oliver was helping people, but Ellie thought she wouldn’t be able to protect Chuck from the dangers of the spy life.

0226 0228 0271

The difference between Oliver and Chuck was how the sisters found out about their brothers’ secrets. Oliver showed Thea what he was hiding under her club, which like Castle was also in a basement. Castle was under the yogurt shop. Both legitimate businesses are used as fronts from what was really going on. As a result, Thea was able to accept Oliver’s secret life by hugging him. 0273However, it was not the same case for Ellie and Chuck. First, Chuck never told Ellie about his secret himself. Devon was the one who slipped about Chuck’s secret. chuck318_00399 chuck318_00400As you can see, Chuck was not thrilled with seeing his sister in the building because as Ricky Ricardo would say “Chuck, you have explaining to do.” Ellie still was confused on Chuck’s reason for being in a CIA building. Ellie would return home and ask Devon how to help Chuck who was being held by the CIA. Ellie’s frantic nature caused Devon to slip, and  inadvertently informs Ellie about Chuck being with the agency for years. chuck318_00646 chuck318_00647The fact is the truth didn’t come directly from Chuck, which demonstrated how two similar situations have different results. Chuck and Ellie have their conversation, but after trying to save him from Shaw and his men. chuck319_00227 chuck319_00288

Chuck’s convictions against killing would come to the forefront in Season Three whereas Oliver gave up that aspect of crime fighting  after the first year as the hood. Oliver does have blood on his hands, but with time comes responsibility and also comes time to compromise against one’s principles.

Both Oliver and Chuck were faced with decisions that would make them compromise their beliefs. Here’s how, chuck313_01113

chuck313_01106chuck313_01110Chuck Bartowski didn’t believe in using a real gun. He made it a mission to carry a tranq gun to prevent bad guys from doing their dastardly deeds, but when the love of his life was in danger all options are on the table including using a real gun. Daniel Shaw was prepared to kill Sarah Walker, but Chuck’s love for her made him pull a real trigger.

Likewise, Oliver’s love may be for Felicity, but Arrow’s love is Starling City. 105Arrow1230Oliver realized killing was not a great option as he would be no different than those he deemed as failing his city. It also would keep the police hunting him so he changed. However, when a dangerous group of assassins known as The League of Assassins, who has a familiar face when it comes to the Chuck family. Nyssa Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul was played by Katrina Law. 1245

Katrina Law as Alexis in Chuck S2 vs Beefcake

Katrina was also in Chuck as an equally tough Fulcrum Agent Alexis. She has a battle with both Arrow and Chuck Bartowski. Take a look at her fighting skills and well torturing skills. Chuck215-01009Chuck215-010080895 0894 0901It’s an epic fight because of the friction between Arrow, Nyssa, and Supervillain Malcolm Merlyn. Revenge is fueled behind this encounter and it stems from a woman vidal to both Oliver and Nyssa. Sara Lance was killed by a drug induced Thea Queen. As Chuckaholics opens doors to a new series, we will explore the Arrow characters in do time.

Oliver’s compromising situation comes in the form of crossing over to the darkside in order to defeat Ra’s, which was not a popular decision as his team and sister were against the working relationship between Oliver and Malcolm.

Does Oliver want to work with Malcolm? absolutely not, but he had no choice much to the dismay of John Diggle and Felicity. One would never question Chuck’s decision to fire bullets into Shaw, but Oliver’s decision to keep his team in the dark made him lose their trust by not filling in his team a little more than he did even though his reasoning was rational.

Before we conclude this portion of the article, we need to discuss a very similar reason Brandon Routh’s character was operating on. Both Daniel Shaw and Ray Palmer have reasons on hunting the Ring and taking on bad guys. The common reason was to revenge his wife/girlfriend’s death. However, Shaw would turn on the CIA once it was revealed who shot Eve. There was no doubt how his Fiance was killed.

Ray reveals what happen to his fiance.

The army of Mirakuru-enhanced individuals broke Ray’s leg and killed his Fiance. The way this history was revealed was the same as in Chuck’s Season Three. The reactions from two women who ultimately would become love interests, but as I said, Arrow’s way of introducing Brandon was better for the eyes to see then how Daniel and Sarah become involved. It’s hard not to feel for both Shaw and Palmer when losing a beloved. chuck305_00982 chuck305_00983chuck305_00984 0473The hook set forth by Brandon’s characters sets the stage for interest from both Felicity and Sarah, but the issue is Felicity wasn’t responsible for Anna’s death like Sarah was the direct reason in Eve Shaw demise. The information Shaw learned would send him spiraling to The Ring.  The word betrayal comes to mind which is used very often in both series.

Shaw informs Sarah on the identity of her first kill.

However, Shaw’s interest in Sarah would change once he learned Walker was the one who pulled the trigger on Eve.  chuck313_00159

Shaw used Sarah’s state of mind to manipulate trust, which would carry over to Shaw killing Sarah if it wasn’t for Chuck arriving with perfect timing. The idea was instilled Shaw could be trusted and everything was peachy between the two, but they weren’t as he said “Did you really think I would be alright with you killing my wife.” chuck313_00970 chuck313_00974

Shaw has revenge and hatred in his eyes. He has turned and Sarah was all alone. A plan worked to perfection except Chuck was not far behind as mentioned above.

In the next article, we shall continue our discussion between the two shows and also welcome the Arrow fanbase to Chuckaholics.

Up next would be comparing Oliver Queen with Chuck Bartowski as both men want to help people, and stay true to friends and family. They may go about it differently, but Oliver and Chuck are one in the same.



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