gallery Chuckaholics Welcomes Arrow to the Site.

Once Netflix added Arrow Season Three to the series, I begin to binge watch the season this past weekend. I found myself saying to both my wife and myself how the story was closely related to Chuck’s season three.

Thus, the wheels in my head started to turn and came with a decision. A decision that will shake up this site for sure, and hopefully introduce the two series to both fan bases because starting today Chuckaholics will include Arrow to its content.

Stephen Amell, who stars as Oliver Queen has ties with the Chuck community as he appears at Nerd HQ every year and he has one of the best panels of the weekend. Here is one example of that,  

Like Zachary, Stephen also is tweeting quite often which always helps keep him fresh in people’s mind.

Arrow’s content will be the same as Chuck with episode articles scene comparisons and the like. So, let’s welcome Arrow to the site once again.



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